So I now have permission to make a disclosure here. It will be interesting if any readers here can guess at or recognize this connection.
But Kelly Dean Jolley, the philosophy professor who writes about Chuck at his blog here;  IS the fan fiction writer Zettel, whose first work I previously recommended in my last fan fiction post. He did not want the connection made prior to his first story being finished.
If you’ve ever thought about fan fiction and waffled, or even if you haven’t thought about it before, this might be the time to check out a story. Zettel is a good writer who tells a fun story. Its called “Chuck vs The Beautiful Creatures” and is sort of a mash up with the 2013 movie “Beautiful Creatures”. But the characters are all Chuck (so its not actually a “crossover”). In many ways calling the Intersect “magic” makes more sense than what we saw in canon! And you remember all those times we discussed “Sarah” and “Agent Walker” like they were two different people? Well Zettel makes good use of his setting to make that almost literally true.

Really, Check this out!

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A New Chuck Website!

sort of…

I’ve recently encountered a website by a fellow Chuck fan that takes a fun and in-depth look at a few fan favorite sort of questions from the show. It’s the sort of analysis that Ernie Davis, if he’s still living, would love!

But the site isn’t really a fan site at all.   It’s the personal musings of a philosophy professor at Auburn University, one Kelly Dean Jolley. Who is apparently a Chuck fan!  This link will take you to  the Chuck posts at the site.  There is really some fun stuff here, especially sorting out Season Three and the Finale.  The writing goes into good depth without being too difficult.

Bonus points, Professor Jolley has also written a book, “Chuck: Real Love in the Spy Life” and includes links to multiple free formats. There is plenty of material here to keep a Chuck fan interested and entertained. Check it out!

~ Dave 


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Fan Fiction Again

One thing with fan fiction output slowed way down, it almost seems like less is going on than actually is.  I was surprised the other day when I took a look at my favorites list to realize there were quite a number of stories I’ve favorited in the last year.  So I guess that means its time for a new post! Continue reading

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Where were you? 10 years ago today…

Today is the 10th anniversary of the first airing of the Chuck pilot.  Over the last couple years the show has finally started to fade from the forefront of my thoughts.  But it’s still had the biggest impact on my life (and spare time!) of any show I’ve seen.  And no, I’m not trying for any silly “how Chuck changed my life” sort of testimonial here; I only mean to say it was the largest hobby any television show ever has been or is likely to be for me.

So this anniversary just has me fondly remembering that first viewing and first experience.  I can’t swear I saw it Monday night.  Not only is Monday always a gym night for my wife and I, but of course, this is football season.  So really good chance I actually watched it on Tuesday.  But I sure do remember that first viewing!

My wife always insists she had read about the show in a magazine or something and told me about it. I mostly just remember the previews during Sunday Night Football.  It’s always a good sign when I laugh several times in a preview.  I had no doubt this was something to check out. And it sure didn’t disappoint.  I’ve said here before, Chuck may have been the most completely satisfying pilot I ever saw.  I have had many favorite shows over the years, and I still have a few that I eagerly look forward to every week.  But dang Chuck was something special.  I still can’t believe how much I enjoyed this show.  Every week I was excited.  Even when I was steaming mad at the choices the writers made there was never even a question of missing an episode*.  It had a hold on me!

To this day I read Chuck fan fiction, even if the amount of new stuff has slowed way down. I still hope for a movie some day.  And I still miss the daily discussion/celebration/argument at this site. That was the most fun part of the whole experience!

Sorry if this didn’t deliver the sort of deep analysis and retrospective this show may have deserved on its tenth anniversary.  But feel free to correct my failing in comments below!  Once again, I would love to hear from old friends and new fans.

~ Dave 

* – such absolute statements do not apply to rewatches; complete, thematic or otherwise!

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Is the CIA Operating in Northern Michigan?

Processed with MOLDIV

You be the judge.

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Fan Fiction Update

Hi I’m Dave and like to welcome you all to this new web site…

I think we just set a record for longest period between posts here at Chuck This. Sadly, this may be the new normal.  I still have a couple ideas percolating in my little brain, but for now things will likely remain slow.  But, as I’ve said before, don’t mistake slow for completely dead (!).  And since there is still a trickle of new fan fiction being published I thought I would take that as an excuse for a new post.

So once again, after the jump… Continue reading

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Guest Post: Music for Chuck

We’ve offered this forum from time to time to guest writers.  And now seems like a great time to make that offer again.  Many readers may already be aware of Anthropocene from his regular comments here, and his outstanding hypothetical Season 6 of Chuck at  So many of you may realize how big a role music plays for him as a fan.  With no further ado, Anthropocene on Chuck Music.

Do You Still Hear Them?

Music was a defining characteristic of Chuck, right from the iconic opening credits sequence set to an instrumental sample of “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” by Cake. The complex soundtrack by Tim Jones—finally released to eager fans just a little more than a year ago—fit the dramedic nature of the series like a glove: at times playful, at times deadly serious—always authentically “spy,” with just the right hints of Bondian chords. Over the course of 91 episodes, the Tim Jones soundtrack was skillfully interwoven with hundreds of eclectic musical cues, selected by the celebrated musical director Alexandra (Alex) Patsavas. The playlist leaned heavily on alternative/indie rock songs, frequently by artists somewhat out of the mainstream, but once in a while we’d hear a classic Neil Diamond or Journey ballad, a Western-movie showdown theme by Ennio Morricone, or a rowdy Oingo Boingo tune. Episode 2.5, “Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer,” was essentially plotted around the eponymous hit by Rush. Continue reading

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Chuck in Overview: The Complete Series, Part 2

So another re-watch is complete, and we’re all several years older.  How have perspectives changed?  How does the show still effect us?  Why do some of us still visit this site?!

After the jump let’s take a brief look at Chuck, a few years on…

Continue reading

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Episode of the Week: Chuck vs the Goodbye (5.13)

NBC Synopsis: CHUCK’S FINAL MISSION BRINGS HIM BACK TO HIS ROOTS AS HE FIGHTS TO SAVE HIS FUTURE – ANGUS MACFADYEN AND LINDA HAMILTON GUEST STAR — Chuck (Zachary Levi) enlists his family, friend and some unexpected allies as he races to stop Nicholas Quinn (guest star Angus Macfadyen, “Braveheart”) from destroying everything Chuck has built over the past five years.

Chuck This Ranking: 38
Dave’s Ranking: A little lower

First Impressions: Chuck vs Sarah and Goodbye – First Impressions

Full Write-Ups: Chuck vs the Goodbye (5.12) by Dave and Joe
A Grief Observed – A Hope Retained (Chuck vs The Goodbye) by Thinkling
Coming to Terms with Goodbye by Dave
Chuck vs Goodbye (Review) by Faith

Alternatives: Finale Alternatives and Epilogues by Dave


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Episode of the Week: 5.12

NBC Synopsis: SARAH MUST KEEP A SECRET FROM CHUCK IN ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH A MISSION — ANGUS MACFADYEN GUEST STARS AS ‘NICHOLAS QUINN’ — After a harrowing mission, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) returns to Chuck (Zachary Levi) with a huge secret. Meanwhile, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) are presented with a new opportunity that could change their lives.

Chuck This Ranking: 26
Dave’s Ranking: Much Lower

First Impressions: Chuck vs Sarah and Goodbye First Impressions

Full Write Up: Episode 5.12 by Dave, Joe and Thinkling

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