Hello world!

I’m creating this blog as an outlet for my fan-boy obsession with NBC TV show Chuck, which is in hiatus until the start of its 3rd season.  That’s currently set for March.  Since season 2 ended in early May, it’s been a long wait.

So what’s up with this? Here I am a 55 year old married male with a wife and granddaughter, a career, a house and a car and I’m admitting to being obsessed like a teenager with a freakin’ TV show???

Well, it’s that good.

But more to the point, the wonderful NBC run board that I had been using to communicate with fans – and use an an outlet for said obsession – has been effectively taken away from me by a rather petty moderator, who has mod’ed several of the board best writers and supporters out of existence.

Almost. This is a creative bunch, after all, and many have started their own blogs, podcasts and used twitter more than effectively. I’m just joining the crowd.


About joe

In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. amyabn says:

    I am glad you started this. I have bookmarked you and will participate. Amy

  2. joe says:

    You’re #1, Amy! Thanks!

    And you just helped me to get the settings right. Now comments will appear immediately.

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