Frustration as a fan

Hello fellow Chuckaholics, I wanted to talk about the frustrations I’ve been feeling with NBC, the host network of my favorite tv show, Chuck.  You see, I am one of those fans.  I have participated in the Finale and a Footlong campaign, the Have a Heart Renew Chuck American Heart Association campaign (and it’s successor, the birthday greetings for Zachary Levi campaign), support the podcasts, etc.  I am a Chuck cheerleader, for lack of a better description.  It is because of this heartfelt view and commitment that I feel frustrated with the lack of effort on the part of NBC to promote the show.

Word of mouth and fan efforts such as ours were what contributed to saving the show and giving us a <shortened> 13 episode season 3.  The show won’t premiere until March 2010, but NBC says it will used the Olympics to hype the show.  NBC has gone so far as to give fans an offshoot website,

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Not really when you peel back the onion.  The main NBC website hasn’t been updated in months, and the ChuckMeOut site has added very little content.  Add to that a hostile moderator on the main community board who has successfully quelled conversation for months, and the little show that could is being left to frustrated fans to promote.  I’m fine with continuing with fan efforts, but throw us a bone already!  I took heart when reading Mr. Jeff Gaspin’s resume when he took over for Ben Silverman as the head of the entertainment division at NBC.  He has served as the President of NBC Universal Cable and Digital Content.   I hoped for a fresh approach and a lot more on the web page front.  I don’t know how else to ask NBC to help the fans keep the buzz alive!

Here are my suggestions:

1. Update the websites.  There are plenty of other sites generating great buzz about Chuck.  Why arent’ you?  I would think that the corporate page would want fans checking its site and thus maybe sticking around and checking out what else NBC has to offer.

2.  Work to unblock the IP address issues so our international fans can at least see the extras (webisodes, etc) that have been promised.  Fans have demonstrated their loyalty by exceeding the 1 MILLION streams in roughly a month and a half of that campaign on ChuckMeOut. As of right now, fans have streamed 1,168,087 episodes of Chuck!

3.  Relook and revamp the NBC board rules.  If any publicity is good publicity, then let the fans talk!  As long as fans aren’t verbally attacking one another or making racist/sexist remarks, then just about anything should go.  Board volume/traffic dropped dramatically and it isn’t because of the summer holidays.

4.  And finally, post the rest of the episodes online.  The Chuck Me Mondays crowd continue to watch Chuck on Mondays and twitter.  They have been very successful in getting Chuck to “trend” and thereby keeping the buzz alive.

Please, NBC, help us help you!  Chuck is a great show and it deserves the buzz we are continually trying to generate and keep alive.


About amyabn

My name is Amy and I'm in the active Army as my profession. I love the show Chuck and want to see it succeed for many seasons to come. My twitter handle is amyabn.
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8 Responses to Frustration as a fan

  1. amyabn says:

    Just a quick update for suggestion #4. EW just announced (19 Sep 2009 01:18 PM ET) that will be streaming more episodes. See below.

    Some good news for ‘Chuck’ fans (and non-fans)
    by Michael Ausiello
    Categories: Chuck, News, Southland

    No, the show’s tentative March premiere hasn’t been moved up. Not yet anyway. But sources confirm to me exclusively that NBC will begin streaming old episodes of Chuck on this Monday. The move will give new and lapsed viewers a chance to play catch-up prior to the launch of the show’s third season. Episodes being streamed include the Chuck pilot and the entire second season (rolled out five episodes at a time).

    And wait, there’s more… will also stream the first season of Southland beginning Oct. 9, two weeks before the drama’s Oct. 23 second-season premiere.

    Bottom line: Watching two of TV’s best series just got a whole lot easier!

    Hope to see you all at Chuck Me Mondays so we can keep the buzz alive!

  2. Gord says:

    Very well said, I am amazed that in the past few weeks, Chuck has won an emmy for the stunt work, and 2 Ewwy’s at, one for the show and one for Zach, yet not a peep on the Chuckmeout website or the NBC Chuck site.
    The “weekly” poll question hasn’t changed for at least 3 weeks, nor have they put up anything new since they streamed 1 Million episodes.
    Yet you go to,, TV Guide and numerous other entertainment/Chuck fan sites and we are getting all sorts of news.
    NBC needs to rethink it’s public relations/marketing strategy. Not just for Chuck but for their whole network.

    • amyabn says:

      Gord, I completely agree. I’m not sure how else to get NBC’s attention at this point. I have adjusted my attitude (I got a bit worked up at the spoiler bits about potential love interests, etc) and am anxiously looking forward to Season 3. I guess I should have addressed it in my article, but when I try to promote Chuck to friends, the usual response is, “never heard of it.” Now you add a LONG layoff and while there are pros and cons to that, you will have more people saying, “never heard of it.”
      I don’t appreciate NBC not doing their part by marketing the show. It would be premature to do any commercials, but web content is vital, and I would bet they have their own in house team so there isn’t an added cost. I thoroughly enjoy Chuck and want many seasons to come but I don’t think it should be left to fans for potentially another “Save Chuck” campaign when they clearly aren’t investing in any of their shows (other than Leno).

  3. atcdave says:

    While I’m also frustrated by the long wait and lack of activity, it is so long til S3 starts, and they have a regular fall TV season to get going; so I kind of understand why not much is happening. If it is well promoted during the Olympics, it will be the biggest audience Chuck has ever been exposed to except for the Super Bowl. Given that NBC is currently the last place network, I think they could do more good in the two weeks of Olympics, than the six months before.
    It would be nice if they let some of us more excitable posters back on the forums. They have to know they’ve lost a lot of energy there. Maybe someone was told to cool things off, naturally I think that was a mistake.
    Did I mention I don’t want to wait six months either?

    • amyabn says:

      my biggest issue is that I don’t feel NBC is good at promoting anything. I think that because they are the last place network people aren’t going to see the tv commercials-except during the Olympics. That is why I feel it is so important for them to help fans like us keep the buzz alive. There are other, awesome sites that feed us news, but the main site (NBC) should have a vested interest in garnering new viewers and web content would do that, imho. And yes, they need to straighten out their forums!

      • Rick Holy says:

        Agreed. I don’t think they excell in promoting their own programs. Maybe there was a lot of hype about Leno because it was such a huge gamble, but the other shows? Not much. Especially Chuck.

        How is it that a show can have two of what I would consider the most talented young, “hot” stars of the future on it and yet NOT appear more frequently (if at all) on all of the 150 talk shows that NBC now has under their belt. Even SNL would be an ideal “launching pad” for S3 with Yvonne and Zach doing a tag-team hosting. It’s all within the NBC family after all. But, no. Let’s put on Neil Patrick Harris again – or soemone from another show (maybe Hugh Laurie) that are in direct competition with CHUCK. Let’s promote the OTHER network’s shows on our late night shows. Great formula for FAILURE. And it shows. One appearance of Zach & Yvonne on a strong night of Leno or Conan – or especially SNL – will do more than all the “fan sights” (however fun they are) combined. Let’s see if NBC figures that out in time.

      • amyabn says:

        I think they need to get whomever did the British Virgin 1 Network ads. They are hillarious! Try these:

        One of them is a NBC ad, but they are all good. Now they just need to give Yvonne lines and they’ll be even better!

      • joe says:

        I can’t agree more, Rick. SNL is the perfect vehicle for Zac, Yvonne and Adam.

        Oh, wait. That’s wrong. Sarah L., Josh G., Ryan M. Mark Chistopher L., … wouldn’t they be great, solo or in any combination, too???

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