Zac On The Today Show

The Promotion Continues

For your viewing pleasure, here’s Zac Levi’s interview on NBC’s Today Show this morning, Dec. 2nd.

Between this appearance and his appearance at the Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center this evening, Zac Levi and NBC are doing all the promotion we could hope for, and I am elated!  The only possible way to improve it is to GET YVONNE INVOLVED!!! ;>

Keep it up, NBC!


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20 Responses to Zac On The Today Show

  1. Fake Empire says:

    Thanks for putting this up Joe! My hat is tipped to NBC for their promotion of Chuck. A little bit of good news in that interview for us shippers, too. I am so ready for S3!

    • joe says:

      Oh yeah – I caught that good news. But honestly, it’s nothing I didn’t expect. It’s just good to hear the words spoken aloud, though.

  2. Gord says:

    Things are coming together for Sarah and Chuck? Tell me it isn’t so. I mean just when we thought the bromance between Chuck and Morgan would finally take off, there goes that third wheel Sarah getting in the way again.
    This is going to drive all the bromance shippers crazy.

    As much as I hate to see this kind of angst, I’m still going to watch Chuck in S3. I’m sure I wont like it, and will be very upset with the writers, but I will just have to learn to put up with the Chuck/Sarah romance.

    I will definitely need Old Darth and the other calm ones to talk me down from the ledge though. Come on guys its time for an intervention.

    • Rick Holy says:

      I am in COMPLETE and TOTAL agreement! They’re going to RUIN the show with this Chuck and Sarah Stuff!! D**n them! 😉

    • atcdave says:

      Too funny, it really struck me how casually positive he was in tone. I think they’ve finished 9 or 10 episodes now, so that may be some indicator things start really looking up by then. I thought it interesting though, how he kind of caught himself and added the rubber band line, like he forgot what he was supposed to be saying.

      I know I’m making too much of it.

  3. OldDarth says:

    Fans will no longer be able to point at NBC for Chuck’s woes.

    The fate of the show rests with the showrunners and fans now. The showrunners have to deliver the product and the fans have to drum up the interest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Almost, Lou. It’s been great so far, but it’s incumbent upon NBC to keep up the promotion. Even more, during the Olympic break they need to continue.

      I’m still hoping to see Zac or Yvonne or Josh Gomez on SNL, too. They do that, and then I’ll be willing to say it’s up to the show-runners and fans. I’ve got a lot of faith in both, and I’m starting to have some faith in NBC about this.

      I never quite bought it when some fans were saying it seemed like NBC wanted Chuck to fail. It looks more to me like they’ve left the show in one of the toughest time-slots of the week because they think Chuck can make it there. If it’s a competition, they think Chuck is one of their toughest competitors.

      And it is a competition.

      – joe (Sorry! Wasn’t logged in when I added this.)

      • atcdave says:

        Hey Joe, I hate when it does that!

        We do need everything to come together, but so far so good. The previews look good and many of our worst fears have been reduced; so NBC is doing their job and the production itself seems ready to deliver too. Hopefully enough of us are still excited enough to do our part too. I know I’ve been energized by seeing the previews and interviews popping up, I’ve started getting co-workers interested and think I have a few new viewers lined up; I’ll try when I see family this holiday season too, but I know that will a tougher sell (shocking uh, my interests and tastes are more like my co-workers than my family’s).
        There was so much discouragement and outright disgust this summer, I hope enough of us are still pushing to reach potential fans. I am certain word of mouth and TV previews together have a multiplying effect, not just an adding one; so it is huge for us to do our part!

    • Gord says:

      NBC is certainly off to a great start, and from the content in the promos, I think the show runners will deliver the goods. S3 looks amazing.
      I also think having the premiere on a Sunday night is a brilliant move. All those people in the habit of watching other shows on Monday nights will get a chance to see what Chuck is all about. I have only met two kinds of people, those who love Chuck and those who have never seen it because they watch House or something else.
      On Sunday night, with football over, there will be no real competition for viewers so I think premiere ratings should be spectacular.
      I think we should have a special Chuckmesunday event on twitter. Two hours before the premiere we watch the last 2 episodes of Chuck S2 and twitter like we do for Chuckmemondays. Maybe use a hashtag like #Chuck2niteNBC. I’m sure we could trend and perhaps get a few more viewers to tune in to the premiere.
      Oh of course we will all have to get our subway footlongs on Jan 10.

      • joe says:

        The 2 hr. Sunday premier *is* a masterstroke. Thanks for pointing that out, Gord. I don’t think we’ve recognized that properly!

        And the idea of a ChuckMeSunday event is brilliant, my friend. You’re on a roll here! We need to pester DarthRazorBack about that.

    • Fake Empire says:

      I agree guys, it’s critical that we get new viewers to Chuck. History is against us in that no show that has been renewed due to a fan campaign has ever been picked up for additional seasons. Chuck has the chance to be groundbreaking, and for it to succeed we must do our part.

      I met this computer tech two days ago while in I was in Baltimore on business. I knew that Chuck would be up his alley. (uh-oh. Am I profiling now??) He had never heard of the show. After explaining the general plot, the Matrix-like 2.0 – and maybe mentioning Yvonne in passing – he agreed to give it a shot on 1/10 because nothing else is on that night. I think tapping into those who liked The Matrix will help Chuck.

      I’ve gotten just about everyone in my family on board, except my sister and stepmother (but my father enjoys it). They’re stubborn, but so am I.

  4. ReadySet says:

    uh, folks, look at the schedule. Jan 10 is also the 20th anniversary special for The Simpsons on Fox, the premier of the new season of Big Love on HBO and the Desperate Housewives night on ABC.

    • joe says:

      Besides the fact that Desperate Housewives sort of jumped their shared a couple of seasons back, I don’t think that either DH or Big Love shares a demographic with Chuck.

      The Simpsons is another story. I detect some overlap there. But not a whole lot. Despite the fact that Bart is about my age by now, I suspect their audience is younger.

      I have a feeling that many newcomers to the show that arrive that night will come by way of football game. That may seem odd at first, but think about it. Yvonne in a white bikini, anybody? Adventure? Comedy?

  5. Rick Holy says:

    Agree with the above comments about WE/US having to continue to work to “get the word out.” No doubt about it. Have been and continue to do so. Facebook, twitter, Mass emails with the Season 3 preview link from YouTube – whatever.

    And I STILL say that even though S2 won’t be out on DVD until AFTER Christmas, you can still give S1 – because there are a lot of people who we know who may now just be hearing about CHUCK – thanks to all the recent promotion by NBC – but may have never actually watched it – so S1 would be a perfect introduction. At least they’d have time to watch SOME of it before Jan. 10/11.

    I’m also hoping that Subway will be involved in some kind of promotion. It would only make sense. You know how many Subway outlets there are? A CHUCK poster in all of them would provide massive exposure.

    Oh, well. It’s going to be make or break time. And no matter when CHUCK comes back, when it will air throughout the season, etc., we can always point to something else that is on at the same time and say “UH OH, We have to go up against THAT!” Bottom line, there’s not getting around it – there will always be SOMETHING that’s an obstacle, challenge, source of competition, etc.

    Chuck is either going to survive – and hopefully THRIVE – during this season and return next season, too – OR it won’t. Simple as that. I think as long as the first 6 or so episodes are good, if we can get people tuned in, it’s a good likelihood that they’ll stick with it.

    Truthfully, how many people do you know that have seen CHUCK (for more than one episode) and said, “It sucked. I’m not going to watch it!”??
    Probably not many. But I’m sure – like me – you’ve come across a bunch of people who’ve never watched it. People to whom you’ve mentioned “CHUCK” and have given you the confused/puzzled/duh/what are you talking about kind of response. So that’s going to be KEY – getting folks to actually tune in (so that they can get “turned on!”).

    So…… We need to get people to tune in…..BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! 😉 NBC has done an admirable job so far – hopefully there will be more to come!

    • joe says:

      Love the spirit behind that! We need a slogan – something like:
      “Come for the blonde, stay for the adventure.”
      “Come for the blonde, stay for the excitement.”
      “Come for the blonde, stay for the romance.”
      “Come for the blonde, stay for the nerd – uh comedy!”

      Pick any one!

    • ReadySet says:

      Father Rick-
      Sadly, I DO know people who have sampled Chuck and don’t like it. Folks who should love the show and just shrug their shoulders. Strange (and sad) but true.

      And you can’t ignore the numbers. The pilot was viewed by 8 million people. By the end of season 2, with the reviewers raving and the Net buzzing, the numbers had shrunk to 5 million. Now some of that loss is undoubtedly the decline of viewing live on TV. Let’s say that is a million. That leaves two million, an almost 30 percent hit, that saw Chuck and didn’t like it enough to continue.

      NBC clearly thinks it sees the problem — Chuck wasn’t James Bond enough and couldn’t get the girls — hence the No More Mr. Nice Spy promos. I don’t know if they are right, but it doesn’t matter. As a network, NBC is tanking so promoting Chuck on a network no one is watching is like the sound of one hand clapping.

      And my point about the competition on Jan 10 was not to suggest Chuck should get an “easy” ride somewhere on the schedule, but to point out that Jan 10 is not necessarily a place where it can find new viewers.

      Worst of all, if we’re honest with ourselves, NBC’s new-found commitment to Chuck is not because they love the show. It’s that they are desperate. They literally have no programming. As a fan, I’ll be thrilled to get 3 hours of Chuck in two days. But burning through about a sixth of the show’s 19 episodes in 23 hours is a desperate programming move, not a sign of strength.

      • Rick Holy says:

        ReadySet. I see your point. It’s definitely valid. NBC IS desperate – no doubt that has a lot to do with the promotional push regarding CHUCK’s return.

        It’s really hard to explain – at least for me – how the show hasn’t caught on. Killer time slots, episodes that could have been make or break in terms of attracting new fans (i.e., 3D) which turned out to NOT be very good overall. Who knows?

        Maybe because in a way CHUCK is so “different” from most TV fare, and people like watching what they’re used to watching – medical dramas, cop shows, “fun” and competitive fare like DWTS, Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, etc.

        Television is changing, that is for certain. I think one really upfront question we should ask is this: Is CHUCK really a major network-type TV show? You look at the shows that are a little different – outside the box – like CHUCK and like those that are on USA, TNT, Syfy or some of the other cable networks – and they succeed in terms of viewing audience/populatiry (at least relative to what is expected of the non-major networks).

        Perhaps when it comes down to it, CHUCK is a show that was really geared to the niche of “Non-major network” programming, because it’s not the typical “schtuff” that people tune into major network channels to watch.

        I wonder – would Sons of Anarchy, Burn Notice, Saving Grace, The Closer, etc., etc. have made it through one season on a major network? Yet they either surivived for a number of seasons (thrived actually) on these non-major networks – and some are continuing to thrive or survive.

        You look at shows like CHUCK, TSCC, and others that are “atypical.” Is putting them on major network TV really just dooming them to fail?? Even if the major networks really DO try to promote/market them.

        One thing that gives me some confidence about CHUCK – especially looking at the dire straights that NBC finds themselves in – is that Subway – a MAJOR advertiser – felt confident enough in the show to get behind it. There was a formula with CHUCK’s audience that worked. Go to Subway – they sponsor CHUCK – eat their sandwiches and let them see a REAL return on their advertising investment.

        With so many shows no being watched on DVR with people skipping the commercials, maybe it’s not so much giant ratings numbers that matter to advertizers, but returns on their advertising investments. Perhaps there’s a formula for CHUCK’s survival on major network TV with this Subway deal. It seems to be unlike anything in recent TV history.

        Anyway, I’m going to enjoy this season of CHUCK. It’s a season I didn’t expect that we’d get, and we did. If it makes it through all 19 episodes, that’s 19 more hours (or 45 minute blocks) of CHUCK fun to enjoy. S3 is a bonus – a gift – as far as I’m concerned. An S4 would be a miracle – but I’d take that, too!!

      • joe says:

        Fr. Rick: “I wonder – would Sons of Anarchy, Burn Notice, Saving Grace, The Closer, etc., etc. have made it through one season on a major network? Yet they either surivived for a number of seasons (thrived actually) on these non-major networks – and some are continuing to thrive or survive.”

        Coincidently, I happened across this, which proves your point in reverse.

        Re Monk: “ABC almost immediately regretted the decision to drop the show and exercised an option to air repeats of first season episodes only days after they ran on USA. Judging by the reader mail I got at the time from viewers who had no idea it was actually a cable show, it fit in just fine on a traditional broadcaster.”

        It seems like the lines between cable network programming and regular network programming have darn near disappeared. I hazard that this means the ratings bar for “success” has been lowered significantly.

        They say that Chuck was barely renewed. I still see it differently, mostly because it was a profitable scripted show for NBC, and remains so. They don’t have many in their line up that can make that claim. Even more, Ben Silverman stated outright that he recognized the fans strong engagement with the show. Apparently, that does count for something.

  6. OldDarth says:

    Chuck! Season 3! And he is staying longer and starting sooner. Just like a good Carmichael would!

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