Two New Seconds

The Promotions Continue

It’s gratifying and always surprising to say that NBC continues to do a fabulous job (in my opinion) promoting Chuck. Here is a new promo, which I gather is scheduled to start airing immediately. For your viewing pleasure, other promos are available at that site.

There’s not much in the way of new scenes. The big exception is about 2 seconds, if that much, of Chuck being trained by Sarah on the use of the quarterstaff. (In Tae Kwon Do, the weapon is called bo.) The anger in her voice is much more apparent than it was in the segment we saw earlier.

It’s a good thing that Chuck has always been much better at handling an angry Sarah than I would be!

I’m becoming convinced that all the clips we’ve seen to date are all from very early in the season, nearly entirely from the first episode. They may be a sop to the fans, but I prefer it that way, personally. I liked the surprises that came our way in season 2, and despite the time I spend thinking about the possibilities, I hope for more in season 3.


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12 Responses to Two New Seconds

  1. ReadySet says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if, when sarah says, “Show me your attack skills!”, Chuck drops the bo, grabs her and kisses her? Not only would that be an “attack skill” we haven’t seen from Chuck, it would move the story along, too… Not gonna happen, of course, but it would have been nice…

    As for the timing of this, I’ve been trying to make out the timeline, too. One scenario that might be plausible is that the tae kwon do scenes come early in episode 1. It’s then decided that Sarah isn’t the right trainer for Chuck, which leads to the departure clip we see under the awning at the Hotel Praha. Then comes the other stuff that we’ve seen in episode 2: Carina helping Sarah get dressed, Sarah going to see Chuck while Chuck is doing the laser dodging…

    If nothing else, the Sarah blue-dress/Chuck laser clips ARE from episode 2 because it is Carina helping Sarah get into that dress and we know Carina is in episode 2.

    You know, before Chuck premiered in 07, NBC and/or Warner leaked the pilot on the Net. I wonder why they haven’t leaked at least some good chunk of what is coming Jan 10/11 to the Net. After all, having us chew over what we’ve seen is better than the speculation. Sort of like how much people talk about a football or baseball game the next day….

    • joe says:

      Hum… Just re-watched vs. the Seduction. Sarah seems quite sincere when she tells Roan that sometimes women prefer a guy who’ll take a back seat. So when she says “Show me your attack skills!”, let him keep it strictly business. He bests her. She proceeds to attack him about the lips with hers. That’s the way I’d like to see it go.

      Good catch about Carina. I noticed that it was a woman behind her, but I never got my eyes of Sarah long enough to realize who it was.

      • ReadySet says:

        As I said in an earlier post, the relationship has only gone as far as Sarah was prepared to let it go. And that is fine by me, although they can only continue to have Chuck as the waiting party for so long, too. At some point, if this show is to retain its credibility, Chuck is going to have to be a bit more proactive.

        As for timing, well, women notice fashions as well as bodies, so the Carina catch was easier for me. 🙂

        And I think all of the Devon stuff we’ve seen comes from the fourth episode, which we know is where Angie Harmon goes after him.

      • ReadySet says:

        BTW, the underwear scene with Yvonne and her putting the knife in the shoes is also from episode 2. Those are the shoes she is wearing with the blue dress.

  2. OldDarth says:

    My money is on the bo scenes being in 3.02. Too much going on in 3.01 for any training montages.

  3. Gord says:

    I can’t believe it, they actually set that promo up so it could be viewed outside the US.
    Finally get to watch some Chuck content. Every promo makes Chuck seem better and better. By the way, I’m almost positive that when Chuck takes out the 3 bad guys to protect Capt Awesome, he is using tranq guns. The sound being made from the guns is all wrong for a 9 mm and there were no silencers on the guns.
    As for which episode that training scene is in, I don’t care, I just know I’m going to enjoy watching it, whatever episode it is in. Is it January yet?

    • joe says:

      Glad you could view this one, Gord.

      BTW, your consistent enthusiasm for the coming season is really infectious. It is the Advent season, a time for anticipation of good things. A day of Christmas Carols has put me in the mood! I think that Christmas this year is going to last until Jan. 11th.

      • Fake Empire says:

        Hopefully until 3.19 in May, Joe! 🙂

      • Gord says:

        Speaking of Christmas lasting until the 11th of Jan, in Canada there is a fairly good sized Ukrainian ethnic community. Ukrainian Christmas is around the second week of Jan (based on the Gregorian Calendar) if I’m not mistaken. I recall returning from a 6 month military deployment in early Jan and the family had a big Christmas dinner, joking that we were celebrating Ukrainian Christmas this year.

        As for my optimism being infectious, I hope so. I have been trying my best to ween some of the fans off the negativity that has been plaguing Chuck boards since Comiccon.

        I know I had a brief period of pessimism after Comiccon myself, but after some relection I realized how great the show was and just because there were a few less than stellar episodes in S2 there was no reason to think the show would turn to crap. I would say that at least 30 of the 35 episodes in S1 and S2 were great, and even the worst episodes of Chuck have been better than episodes from a lot of the crappy shows out there in TV Land. There is only one new show this season that I really enjoy watching – that’s White Collar, with our old friend Bryce Larkin. I don’t mind NCIS LA, but it is not a show I go out of my way to watch. The dramas and comedies that all the networks have put out this year have not interested me in the slightest.

  4. OldDarth says:


    PS Gord – as a fellow Canuck you may want to look into HotSpot Shield to address those annoying out of country messages.

    • Gord says:

      OldDarth, actually I do have hotspot shield, but I don’t like to use it because I find I am inundated with pop-up ads when I do. So I will try viewing the promo first without it, and then if that doesn’t work, I will usually wait for someone to post it on You Tube.

      I did use Hotspot shield for the first long promo with the guitar playing scene. It had been so long since I had seen any new Chuck scenes, I just couldn’t wait.

      Lately, NBC has been making the promos available for fans outside the US. I’m not sure if this is on purpose or that they accidentally forgot to set up their controls. But personally I think that it makes good PR sense to do so. Especially since most of the sponsors for Chuck are global businesses or at least North American. Lets face it especially us Canucks are likely to watch Chuck from the NBC station on our cable/satellite, and I have been doing my best to support Chuck sponsors. If the sponsors are making money off their ads, they are happy to continue giving their ad money to NBC. Everyone wins. Also I would think the more global interest in the show, the more foreign sales the show makes, the less NBC has to spend for the show. I am not an expert on the TV business, so there could be some flaws in my reasoning.

      Speaking of good things at NBC, it seems that my moderator review period is over. I have been able to post real-time since last night.
      I had no message from the moderator about it, so it could just be a glich in their software, but I will take advantage of it while I can.

      I never have knowingly posted links to “unauthorized spoilers”, but I definitely have to be more careful to vet the text of previous posts when replying. That is where I have been burned twice.

      I also noticed that the problem they were having with text being squished into either the left or right margin has been fixed.

      • atcdave says:

        I’d noticed your stuff was showing up more quickly. Between that and the formatting issues being straitened out, its like someone is finally paying attention to the forum again. Maybe that means they actually want participation now that they’ve started the PR run up to the season premier. I can’t be quite as completely upbeat as you’ve become, but I am feeling better about where things are heading.

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