Twitter Says The Darnest Things

Posted Today, By One Adam S. Baldwin

Who ever he is.

What Are They Celebrating?The question floating around the tweetosphere this afternoon has to do with this picture.  Not, “Who are they?”, obviously. But “Why the heck are they dressed like that ???

Is it a party?  Is a big sale being held at the Buy More?  Or possibly a wake? Is Big Mike being initiated into the Mafia as a Capo???

Everyone, but everyone, is thinking the word that is not spoken. It starts with M. Thou shall not speak it, for fear of undoing the future.

And who, prey tell, are the objects of this – this celebration?  Care to hazard any guesses?

Patience, my friends. Patience.  Until we find out, I am intrigued!

– joe

Added: Yet another pict, from the same event, this time from the big man himself.


About joe

In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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6 Responses to Twitter Says The Darnest Things

  1. Gord says:

    So you think Big Mike is marrying Morgan’s mom? I hope they don’t ruin the show. We need a few more years of Big Mike /Bolognia angst.
    Then again maybe it is another couple on the show, but who could it be?

  2. Ernie Davis says:

    While I don’t tweet I do check some of the sights on occasion. From the look of it twitter was abuzz last night with potential spoilers, news, and announcements. I’ll wait for someone who can actually decipher that mess to figure out what is going on.

    • joe says:

      I’m seeing that right now, Ernie, and trying to figure out what’s going on. So far, nothing but tweets that seem to smile from Grey Jones.

      I’ll post when I find anything.

  3. OldDarth says:

    Marriage never crossed my mind. Interesting idea though.

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