TV Guide Plays 20 Questions, Misses – Updated

They Only Get In 10 Questions For Zac

Well. This seems to be the day for “quick hits” and very slight reveals. I believe the term for this, used something like 150 years ago, would be “coquettish”.

TV Guide does its part. Tell us about Chuck’s new love interest in Kristin Kreuk.
Levi: Kristin may well be one of the most adorable girls in the world. She’s a, super nice, and b, really talented. It’s tough when you only have one thing to go off of when you’re watching somebody to get a feel for what their acting level is. It’s only Smallville—and not to downplay Smallville— but she’s got more range than you can even see from her previous stuff. I saw a whole different color and shade to her when she came in to play Hannah on the show. Last, but not least, just gorgeous. She’s Dutch and Chinese, so I guess that’s how you make ’em. Wooden shoes and chopsticks…both wooden, though! So I guess it’s a wooden thing. Also, her and Rachel Bilson, just put me in your pocket small. She did a great job and I felt like we had a great chemistry. Is her character a bad guy or a good guy?
Levi: Part of the fun of any one of these guest stars that we have is not knowing where it’s going to end up, where there’s going to be a turn. Rachel Bilson’s character, for example, didn’t turn out to be bad, she just happened to be getting illegally imported hard salami from the Greeks. Jordana Brewster was Fulcrum and bad, but also kind of redeemed herself, too. So people will have to watch and see.

I guess we will!

There’s more of course, so read the whole thing.

If you can’t tell already, my feelings on PLIs and “angst” have pretty much mirrored what we see in the boards, but tending to the optimistic side of the spectrum. As much as anybody (raging ‘shippers included), I want to see episodes (plural) of Chuck and Sarah together in a mature, adult relationship with drama provided mainly by the adventure and spy part of the story. I firmly believe that’s where the creative talent is taking us, too.

But I don’t need to see that on any particular time table, and I certainly would never consider imposing my conception of the story’s direction on them. Indeed, I still think that getting there is more than half the fun, and I’m in no hurry to see the end of Chuck and Sarah in the process of discovering each other. The introduction of Kristin Kreuk’s character, Hannah, seems less troubling to the denizens of the NBC Chuck boards these days, which is a sign that a health perspective is taking hold, I think. But the idea of Hannah never bothered me any more than Rachel Bilson’s character, Lou did.

Finally, you all know that the NBCChuck twitter account showed this some nine hours ago as I type.

Very exciting day in our little #ChuckonNBC world. Keep it here for more details!

So far there have been no “further details”, but we’re intrigued!

– joe

Update: NBCChuck now says that more information will come tomorrow (12/10).

Final Update: The announcement has been made.

“Chuck” already has a huge online fanbase. Now, NBC is hoping to harness the power of the nerd masses to help hype the show’s return.

The network tonight is launching “Mission: Chuck Me Out.” a social media-based game in which Chuckaholics can win prizes and other rewards by spreading the gospel according to Bartowski.

Seems to me that fans have already started hyping the return of Chuck. Certainly, it shows in both the number of excellent posts to the NBC boards and in the tone.


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6 Responses to TV Guide Plays 20 Questions, Misses – Updated

  1. Rick Holy says:

    I’m with you, Joe. I can do without excessive, unnecessary angst. Some logical angst, sure. I think alot of the “stuff” that was leaked out earlier on was either intentionally misleading or plays on words, etc. At least that’s what the optimistic, hopeful side of me thinks.

    With that being said, does it mean that Chuck and Sarah will suddenly be this perfect lovey-dovey couple? No. They’ll still have their issues and difficulties. As long as they’re handled maturely by TPTB & writers, it should be fine. If not, then that’s another story.

    Whatever happens, I’m a Chuckaholic, so I won’t be able to “stop” watching. And I AM excited about the guest stars this season – especially K.K. Loved Smallville – still do – even in its 9th season! They’ve found a way to still make it somewhat interesting. Hopefully I’ll be saying the same about CHUCK when it comes to S9!! 🙂

  2. Fake Empire says:

    I agree with you: the Hannah character doesn’t trouble me at all, nor did Lou. With Lou, Sarah had just hurtfully misled Chuck under truth serum that they had no future together. Enter Lou. That doesn’t equal infidelity in my book. Now, if Chuck betrays Sarah with Hannah after there is a mutual exchange of feelings, I would have a problem with that. I can’t see Chuck doing that to Sarah. The key will be the mutual exchange of feelings for one another, which seems quite difficult for these two.

    I believe Hannah will be an enemy agent, but seem to be in the minority in thinking Shaw will not be. I think Chuck’s pursuit of her will be an assignment and nothing more. If so, I can’t wait to see how Sarah copes when the shoe is on the other foot.

  3. OldDarth says:

    I go with the play on words. The vast majority of fan angst has been self generated.

    As long as a logical progression of the relationship continues I have no qualms.

    Be of good cheer, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    • joe says:

      Oh, I think so! When I wrote the line “I’m in no hurry to see the end of Chuck and Sarah in the process of discovering each other.” I really should have added “But is there any doubt that it will come to an end?”

      But I get too wordy as it is!

  4. Gord says:

    None of the characters announced for this season bother me much. Except for the fact that I am getting really anxious for the show to begin.

    As for the big announcement, they probably didn’t get the contract finalized today, so they have to wait until tomorrow to announce that Anna will be back for the final 6.
    OK that’s a hope, I don’t have inside information.

  5. atcdave says:

    I’ve never cared for any of the outside love interests, Lou still strikes me as an utterly pointless diversion. That said, Hannah concerns me only a little. Shaw concerns me a little more, but not as much as he concerns some. I’m with Fake Empire in saying I think Hannah will be dirty, and Shaw will not; but my confidence level is low on both.

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