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Ah! So much news overnight.

TV by the numbers reveals that FOX has decided to move up the season premier of their #1 rated script drama, House, by two weeks to January 11, at 8:00. It’s being perceived as a direct run at Chuck. From the comments:

Bill Gorman says:
December 16, 2009 at 9:43 pm

Chuck is clearly too much of a threat and must be stopped, at any cost!

Yes, it seems so. I’ll repeat what I’ve said before: House is a great show but Jumped the Shark several times last season with Kutner’s suicide, House’s institutionalization and now, Cameron’s departure. And speaking of a formulistic show – wow. And lastly, if you want a romance that’s going nowhere, I really suggest House and Cutty.

Last season I recorded House and watched later. I’m not sure I’ll even do that this time around. In other words, strong as it is, ratings-wise, I think House is on it’s way out, with or without a Chuck competition.

Strategy wise, I’m not sure I understand this move. Oh, I understand going head-to-head on Mondays, but why premier on the 11th when Chuck is putting on two (not one but, count ’em, 2) episodes on the 10th? Something tells me that fans will be locked in by the time 8:00 pm EST Monday rolls around.  I know that because some people have seen the first five episodes, and some of them talk. Everybody talks.

So… how would I rate the first 5 episodes of season 3? After one viewing of each:

Ep. 1: Great
Ep. 2: EPIC!
Ep. 3: Good.
Ep. 5: Superb!

How about if I compare it to the first five of seasons 1 and 2? Much better than the first five of season 1. Better than the first five of season 2.

So far, season 3 is the best of the series. 🙂

You shouldn’t hold back like that, Magnus. Tell us how you really feel!

Fans, you really, really want to read DarthRazorback’s review. There may be one minor spoiler contained therein, but you will enjoy this.

Update: Oh yeah – the rest of the news. There’s going to be an 8 hr. Chuck Marathon on the SyFy (formally, the SciFi) channel on Thurs. Jan. 7th.

– joe

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19 Responses to Clear The House – Updated

  1. OldDarth says:

    Facing House was inevitable so the two week move up of House will have little bearing to the long term future of the show.

    What is more important is the 2 hour Sunday premiere which is still looking good as there is nothing else major happening that night. That is where the momentum must be built!

    Also having Big, Bang Theory moved to 09:30pm is the real bright spot of news on Monday nights as it and Chuck share the same audience. Especially with the current numbers that TBBT is drawing now.

    Comments on the screeners sent out have been very positive. Very exciting.

    Come on January!

    • Rick Holy says:

      I agree that HOUSE was going to eventually factor in – there was no getting around it. If enough people watch the Sunday premiere episodes, and if enough people are starting to get “Housed” out, maybe it won’t have too much of an impact, but that’s my wishful thinking. Generally extremely popular shows go out on their own terms, not due to fans “turning off.” I would put HOUSE in that category.

      As far as the Sunday premiere competition, I think I heard that FOX will be airing a Simpson’s 20th anniversary special that will overlap/go head to head with Chuck’s 2 hr. premiere. Simpsons may be no “HOUSE,” but it still pulls in a pretty good following – at least I think so. If that IS in fact, the case, there’s no doubt FOX isn’t ignoring the return of CHUCK.

      I’ve watched maybe a dozen or so episodes of Simpsons over the years and have found them funny – but I’ve never gotten hooked on these “cartoons,” even if they are adult-oriented. I know it may be good, quality humor, but 20 years?? It seems like it would be wearing out it’s welcome by now. Hopefully – for CHUCK’S premiere sake, it will. However, it seems like Simpsons is ingrained as part of the popular culture. CHUCK doesn’t have that luxury.

      Of course, if I’m wrong on this Sunday night premiere matchup, then just disregard everything I just said! 😉

    • joe says:

      TBBT is great and getting better. Last week’s episode was one of the few TV half-hours that had me laughing non-stop. It really deserves all the kudos it gets, and so does Jim Parsons.

      If comedy is king, then yes, TBBT is a much bigger threat to Chuck than either House or The Simpsons. Fortunately, Chuck also has drama and adventure (and the comedy is just as good, even if there’s less of it). I love the Penny-Leonard romance, but it’s obviously way secondary to the comedy – TBBT could easily survive without it (and in fact, did).

      The world is big enough for both types of shows, but from a ratings point of view, I’m glad it’s on at 9:30 now.

  2. OldDarth says:

    Yeah the Simpsons special will hurt but after 20 years not nearly as much as when the show was in its heyday.

    • atcdave says:

      Yeah, I agree. The Simpsons has been a guilty pleasure of mine for all 20 years. But I don’t believe it does so well in the key demographics anymore. At any rate, you know my DVR will be recording two shows at that time; but Chuck is the one I’ll be watching live, I might even have rewatch Chuck before I get around to Simpsons.

  3. Gord says:

    Its hard to believe anything could be better than the first 5 episodes of S2. But if anything could be better, it would have to be Chuck S3.

    Between Darth Razorback and Allan Sepinwall, I’m super stoked about S3. Over at Chuck they have pictures from episode 1, 2, and 3 plus a new promo.
    I have never had an anxiety attack, but I’m thinking they feel somethink like how I am feeling right now as I wait for S3 to start.

    As for Simpsons, I haven’t watched the show in years, and it seems the only time I have watched it was catching a rerun, sitting in a hotel room before heading down to supper. Also with respect to House, a friend of mine who was a big House fan mentioned at the end of last season that he was getting tired of it.

    I think Chuck will do great this season and I’m looking forward to S4.

    By the way folks, I’m headed to my parents for Christmas and I’m not sure if I will manage to get on-line. So I hope you all have a great holiday season. I’m looking forward to a Chucktastic New Year.

  4. OldDarth says:

    Right back at you Gord!

    • joe says:

      Whoa! Thank you, Miranda! Those are great photos.

      As for the weekend, looks like I won’t have to shovel snow tomorrow.


      I’m dreamin’ of a white Christmas… La la

      • atcdave says:

        I’ll be driving your way Wednesday. I hope Pennsylvania and Maryland know how to plow!

        Of course, Michigan keeps cutting the budget for such luxuries, so maybe I should more worried about just getting out of town.

        Anyway, a little more than 3 weeks to go, very cool. I recently finished watching S2 with a couple of newbies. Lots of fun hearing and seeing their reactions for the first time. One got so excited, she bought the S1 DVDs and got her whole family hooked. I guess her mom was annoyed the S2 DVDs weren’t out yet, and wanted to get ahold of my iPod. (That’ll never happen!)

      • joe says:

        By Wed. it’ll be all over but the shouting, Dave.
        Watch out for the traffic jams either around the Baltimore Beltway or on US 270 south of Frederic.

        Good luck with that!

        Drive carefully.

        Oh! And it sounds like you’ve achieved your Chuck Quota for the month. [Salute type=Casey]Good job, soldier[/Salute].

      • atcdave says:

        I don’t go quite that far, just to Westminster. So traffic is never a big concern; snow and ice in the mountains though….ugh, no fun.

  5. OldDarth says:

    Love that all the sneek peeks are noting that the relationship is being dealt with in a mature manner and that the characters are tackling issues head on.


    Even more encouraging is that the storylines and action and comedy are better than before.

    S3 is going to be EPIC! Have I said that before? 😉

    • joe says:

      Truly! My expectations have always been high, and what I’m hearing starts to sound like my expectations will be met. And then some!

      Both Mo Ryan and Sipenwall have used the word “grin” to describe their reaction. I like that. It describes a kind of contained satisfaction combined with “I knew it!” bragging. It’s a mature way of being very pleased and letting the world know you want to giggle.

      I really need to find my calm center about this, and just let the first three episodes roll over me.

    • Gord says:

      Well I managed to get hooked up with a wireless connection at my folks place so other than not having as much time to comment, it looks like I can keep going on the Chuck boards/blogs.

      As for the comments from those who have been blessed enough to see the first 5 of season 3, they certainly go a long way towards assuaging the fears of many shippers. On the NBC boards even the Angst Vs True Lies forum has been a lot more positive lately. I even started posting there again.
      I didn’t really need their comments though, I could see just from the still pictures, casting announcements and promos that have been coming our way for the past few months that S3 was going to be great.
      Although it is nice to get some confirmation.
      I just have one question, how come I didn’t get the first 5 episodes in the mail? OH I know, probably because I would be so excited I would talk about everything I saw and ruin it for everyone else.
      I think that those who have received the discs have shown remarkable restraint.

      • joe says:

        No, Gord. It wasn’t because you’d talk. EVERYBODY TALKS!!! ;>

        Heh. Seriously, I don’t think I want any of those lucky people to spoil it for me. And just think. Between now and March 1, these guys only get to see 2 episodes they haven’t seen. We get to see 7 new ones! They will come to envy us!

        I think ;>

        Glad to see you made it and got online!

  6. OldDarth says:

    Heads up.

    ChuckTV has their spoiler light review of the first 5 episodes up:

    as does Chuckgasmic:

    All systems remain green!

    • joe says:

      Lou, I have no idea why this wound up “waiting for approval”.

      Everyone, please let me know if you experience any problems posting.

      – joe

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