Good-bye to Chuck Forums

I think this just became my only outlet for Chuck discussions.   I had another post edited today on the NBC forums for “revealing spoilers” about something I actually knew nothing about (yeah, I know, that’s pretty much everything).    Our beloved JD put me in moderation, so I sent her a fairly nasty reply.   Given her history of intolerance and megalomania I’m guessing that’s the end of atcDave at   I’ll keep you all up to date here, I’m sure I’ll hear soon.  

 As you may have guessed, my enthusiasm for all things Chuck is fairly low right now.   I don’t expect that to last, less than two weeks to go;  I do expect to have a good time.    And I always look forward to the next blog by Joe, and the discussions that follow.

About atcDave

I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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23 Responses to Good-bye to Chuck Forums

  1. Ernie Davis says:

    Dave, so sorry to hear about this. As I’ve said I have little experience with this, but with the new threads up I’ve noticed a certain moderator being a bit heavy handed in attempts to direct the discussion along very narrow lines. It looks like any speculation is considered a spoiler. That pretty much limits the discussion given all we have at this point is speculation.

    Start a discussion thread here is the answer, lets speculate away!

  2. atcdave says:

    Yeah, that’s my thought exactly. I will miss the community and larger user base, but not the heavy handed moderating. After all, the best writers are already here!

    • Zsjaer says:

      Yeah sorry to hear that, but please reconsider. In the topic of the Season 3 or the other one about the angst, i think the moderators are more tolerate..i hope you comeback to the forum.

      • atcdave says:

        Right now it isn’t even my choice. I’ve been placed in moderation, apparently for guessing something too close to what will actually happen (I’m pretty sure it was speculation about a discussion between Sarah and Carina). I was pretty ticked and sent JD a nasty e-mail; so I doubt the moderation is likely to be lifted. I expected to be banned but never heard anything. I suppose that means there’s hope, but JD is not known as the forgiving sort, so I think I’m done.

  3. Ernie Davis says:

    As I said in my last epic post I think I’m done with the S2 angst and ready for the fresh new S3 angst. I keep wondering if the inconsistencies in the Ring will be explained in some of the first few episodes. It would go a long way to restoring my faith in the writers if they at least made an attempt. And I’m totally fine with the concept that these explanations might make things worse in the short term. The part that kills is not understanding why the characters are doing something so uncharacteristic.

  4. OldDarth says:

    The NBC boards are brutal in regards to building fan support. Why they fail to create a clearly marked Spoiler zone is incomprehensible. Instead of creating fan support they kill it.

  5. joe says:

    Dave, NBCs loss is most definitely my/our gain.

    It never fails to amaze me that JD is so expert an zeroing in on the most vibrant parts of the conversation and killing it. That’s quiet a talent she has there.

    Now I have a dilemma. I really want to do better than the conversations they have there. I’d like to not replicate the topics under discussion at the NBC boards, but that’s hard. The topics are either timely (the current episode), generic (Zac L. Yvonne S, Adam B, etc) or unavoidable (care to guess which that is? ;>). What I enjoy discussing, besides those, are the larger themes in the show. But that’s me. I also like thinking about the craft involved in creating a good show, and the politics of making it successful. Silverman and Gaspin are fair targets, as are JS & CF. Other than that, I’m always looking for stuff that grabs my imagination, like moods and memories and music.

    If you (or anyone!) have something they’d like to discuss that’s at all Chuck-related, you have the floor!

  6. Ernie Davis says:

    Well Joe, maybe we can do a slight twist on something I’ve been thinking about and made a few posts on the 3.1 thread. It also comes straight out of the Ring discussions. OD has made a few good posts about this too.

    The one thing that I’ve thought really humanizes the Sarah Walker character is her relationship with Chuck and how she treats him. This can humanize her both sympathetically and unsympathetically. You and I have opposite views of Sarah’s in the Ring. I generally think she’s progressed past a certain point largely because her emotional involvement with Chuck has helped her understand and get over some of her obviously damaging past. You seem to be of the opinion that her inability to open up shows she is still pretty damaged and still needs a lot more growth and healing before she can really trust someone enough to open up and expose herself to more potential heartbreak.

    This is a larger story than any one episode, but I think we are going to get a lot of discussion fodder for this topic in the first few episodes. While we could really use Liz James and Amy weighing in I think the people most into this type of discussion are already here.

    Thoughts anyone?

    • amyabn says:

      Hi Ernie, thanks for not forgetting about me! I will do my best to contribute from here (Qatar), but it is challenging. I am actually planning a Chuck-a-thon this week (we get a couple days off!) and to get fired up for Chuck!

      As for the boards, I haven’t been to them since I deployed. I would love to continue to poach the great talent like we already have (you guys are awesome!) and just use this forum. You all know how I feel about a certain moderator and NBC is doing itself a disservice by employing such shrill trolls.

      I hope to get up to speed on all things Chuck very soon. I’m still looking for the season pass on iTunes (it is the only way I’ll be able to see Chuck) and once I do, I’ll be back as much as I can.

    • atcdave says:

      I recently re-watched the Pilot, and the whole “baggage handler” bit struck me as funny; largely because we’ve now seen just how much baggage there really is. I had sure hoped in Colonel we were mainly over it, which does make The Ring forever hard to interpret. I know the “proposal” conversation is the biggest problem for you Ernie, and while I agree I never liked it, I am willing to overlook some awkwardness (I do consider it an out of character moment, but real folks have those too, so alone it isn’t that big a deal). To me its the whole miscommunication (from the proposal to the end of the episode) that’s so frustrating, its almost a parody of itself. We’ve heard reviewers say things will be handled in a more adult way this season, that is required. Of course, a lot of what we’ve heard is that things will be in an unpleasant adult situation. I watch TV to enjoy myself (I know, dreadfully shallow, but that’s me), so my patience will be limited with that. The situation with JD and her moderation the last couple days reminds me of something, I don’t know what my breaking point will be; I had thought I would be more patient with the way things operate over there, but the pure stupidity of the moderator set me off, and I’m no longer patient. The same applies to the show itself, I think I’m fine with more roadblocks as long as things are handled in an adult way, but I don’t know, a stupid enough moment could end it for me.

  7. OldDarth says:

    I am game! I think Sarah is on the cusp ie she is in a place between where Joe thinks Sarah is – is that your take Joe? and is ready to move to the place that Ernie is describing.

    How’s that for a wimp out? 😉

    To add further to that – I believe Sarah will fall back into the Joe view in the first few episodes before cautiously and timidly working up the nerve to go to Ernie’s place.

    Hmmm, that did not come out right but I am sure Ernie won’t mind the inference. 😀

  8. Rick Holy says:

    I know these blog sites are a lot of fun – but what matters most is the show. So to heck with ’em. Let’s just bring on the episodes so we can enjoy all things CHUCK again. It’s sink or swim time. Hopefully we stay afloat through to a S4!!

    Keep promoting the show to friends in any way you can – and don’t forget to support Subway. Some folks are downplaying their role in the show, but I still say they helped make S3 possible – so let’s not forget to show our appreciation.

    Take care, all – and have a Safe, Happy & Healthy New Year!!

    And BRING ON THE CHUCK!! It’s going to be a two day Chuck-a-thon at the rectory, that’s for sure!

  9. lou federico says:

    Sorry Dave. Been there. They even suspended me after being placed on probation for typing “Attica, Attica, Attica on my next post. i thought it was funny they did not. It was so much better BBB(before big brother) and we filled up so many pages of great conversations mostly started by you and Joe. I tried to reinvent myself (different name) but it is just not worth it. Remember you can always use us as a sounding board and we will fill your craving for more chuck. You wonder when NBC is going to change from (No body cares) to (no body beats Chuck) Not when they have more rules that place you on double secret probation and are more strict than the Third Reich. I say Screw you NBC Boards

    • atcdave says:

      Well, its good to have company in misery!

      Part of what I asked her was what sort of oversight she had; because I couldn’t imagine anyone trying to promote a show letting her get away with her heavy handed approach.

      Funny I didn’t get an answer.

  10. Gord says:

    As someone who has been under moderator review twice at the NBC boards and had a 10 day suspension on top, I can understand how you feel. All 3 times it was because I responded to posts that had links to “unauthorized” spoilers in them. Do you recall how the boards went dead shortly after comiccon because so many of us were getting caught up in point/counterpoint we failed to realize that some of the spoilers linked were unauthorized because they came from sources that were not on JD’s approved list. What I found amusing was that the Chuckmeout website started linking articles to various fan blogs. I left a tongue-in-cheek comment once on the chuckmeout site telling them they were in trouble for using unauthorized spoilers.
    JD was quiet for so long, I was hoping that he/she moved on, but I guess JD is like a bad penny.
    I guess I decided not to let the JDictator get the satisfaction of ruining it for me. I do admit that I enjoy the fact we have more freedom on this blog and on ChuckTv than at the NBC boards. That being said, I hope to see you back at some point. My biggest fear is that the NBC boards will dry up and visitors will take that as a reflection of how good the show is.

    • joe says:

      It’s a valid fear, Gord.

      Remember how vibrant it was in May, before (and just after) we learned Chuck was renewed? I do. I also remember how hard it was to stay away!

    • atcdave says:

      Yeah, I was hopeful for a while she was gone too. As I said above, I do miss the larger community; but this site has become fairly active in its own right, and many days its all I can keep up with anyway!

  11. herder says:

    I was wondering where everybody went from the NBC boards, I’ve been under moderation since the announcent of the January start date for telling people that they could find the NBC trailer at a site that rhymes with zoo-tube. I’m canadian and as most of us know NBC blocks the clips and I was just trying to help those who couldn’t acess it on the NBC site. So for the last seven weeks it has been like writing diary entries as anything is posted too late for anyone to see. I have wanted to reply to a number of your posts, but there didn’t seem to be any point. Lately I had thought that there must be a lot of people on moderated posting as I thought the traffic was low for the week before the new season and had thought of requesting the moderators to tell me how to remove my account as it was pointless to continue on a board that I could not fully participate.

    • joe says:

      Nice to see you here, Herder.

      Please feel free to chime in here. Since we were all victims of a moderator who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are JD, I really have an allergic reaction to censorship and heavy moderation.

      Your opinions are always welcome.

    • atcdave says:

      You found some of us! I think people have scattered to a number of independent sites, but we’re always happy to see another familiar face here (new ones too). This site has become pretty active in the last few weeks, everyone is getting pretty excited. You won’t have to worry about being moderated here, and if there’s any other regular forum posters you’re in touch with, let them know about us too!

    • lou federico says:

      You even can say booger!! (Old WKRP in Cincinanti joke)

  12. atcdave says:

    Just an update. Not about my moderation; for now I’m not even trying to post in the forums, maybe if JD ever goes away…

    But since 3.02 aired I know what I was moderated for. I predicted the Sarah – Carina conversation, while they were getting dressed pretty closely (I suspected that was it, since it was the part edited out of my post). I don’t know if there were spoilers floating around about it or not. But my blind guess nailed it pretty close, someone must have thought I was cheating. Maybe that’s now SOP over there; if you guess something too close, you’re done!

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