Chuck and Sarah-Wait it Out

Hello Chuck fans, I’m back briefly as my duties allow and have many thoughts to share with you about our favorite couple.  I beg your indulgence as I may be covering topics that our other fabulous blog writers may have covered, but I wanted to roll up as many of my thoughts on S3 and in particular, Promo Number 13, as possible.

I’ve watched and re-watched that promo and am struck with our couple’s grand dilemma.  And as I am only intermittently allowed to have the luxury to try keeping up with all of what has transpired here (I’ve given up on the NBC boards!), I’m just going to give you my perceptions.

I think the season will have role reversals and growth-real emotional growth.  Chuck will have made his decision to re-Intersect and I think he will be disenchanted as he sees the toll it takes on his relationship to Sarah.  I think Sarah will recoil from Chuck, both being upset that he just tanked her (albeit un-communicated) plan to leave the spy trade and settle down and that he is growing cocky with his new abilities.

I truly believe that Chuck and Sarah will actually have an adult conversation.  I think we will have a full acknowledgement of both of their feelings-which will be a very pleasant development.  That doesn’t mean that the obstacles won’t be in the way.  Chuck will grow and realize what he has taken on.  There is no whining about being sent the Intersect.  There is a realization that the greater good is costly.  I think we will see Chuck on a pendulum of these emotions as he swings between the right, which is reminiscent of Casey’s speech to Sarah in Crown Vic and then back to the left after he and Sarah work through some of the glitches and work together.

Sarah will be angry and will have to come to grips with the fact that she hadn’t communicated her plan to Chuck and has given mixed signals throughout their under the undercover relationship.   She will have to do some soul searching and figure out her feelings:  whom did she fall in love with?  Chuck was the smart, kind, funny guy next door, who happened to turn out to be a decent spy.  The original Intersect only added to his skills, I don’t think they superseded them.  Now Chuck has the new Intersect, which has skills and presumably Intel as well.  We know it was designed for the narcissistic Bryce Larkin and the test of the man will be to retain his, well, Chuckness for lack of a better word.

I found a song by one of my favorite artists, Imogen Heap.  I think this song captures the limbo our couple finds themselves in.  I’m listing her lyrics below for the song, “Wait It Out.”  You can listen to it here:

“Wait It Out”

Where do we go from here?
How do we carry on?
I can’t get beyond the questions.
Clambering for the scraps
In the shatter of us collapsed.
It cuts me with every could-have-been.

Pain on pain on play, repeating
With the backup makeshift life in waiting.

Everybody says that time heals everything.
But what of the wretched hollow?
The endless in-between?
Are we just going to wait it out?

There’s nothing to see here now,
Turning the sign around;
We’re closed to the Earth ’til further notice.
Clambering for the scraps,
Clambering in the light.
We’re closed to the Earth ’til further…

An all-out one, only one street-level miracle.
I’ll be a an out-and-out, born again from none more cynical.

Everybody says that time heals everything.
But what of the wretched hollow?
The endless in-between?
Are we just going to wait it out?

And sit here cold?
Look, you’ll be long gone by then.
And lackluster in dust we lay
’round old magazines.
Fluorescent lighting sets the scene
For all we could and should being
In the one life that we’ve got.

Everybody says that time heals everything.
But what of the wretched hollow?
The endless in-between?

Are we just going to wait it out?
Just going to sweat it out?
Just going to sweat it out?
Wait it out.

I think we will see Chuck and Sarah in a sort of limbo, waiting it out.  The torture of knowing that they love each other but not knowing how to proceed.  They need the relationship to be “theirs” and nurtured to further intimacy as they decide what they want together.  Devon and Ellie may be held up as a mirror for them as hopefully they continue to integrate family into the story.  We’ve seen them fight and make up, and Chuck and Sarah have yet to really learn that skill.

I agree with those who speculate that both Shaw and Hannah will be missions and Casey will be providing them top cover from Beckman.  It probably won’t be implicit, but rather in Casey’s oh so subtle way.  A grunt here, a one liner there, but in the end, he wants his partners, or dare I say friends, happy.   I think we will find all this out at the end of the season, as our couple has been maintaining the under the undercover relationship all along.  We have 8 days to see, so until then Chuck fans, enjoy waiting it out!



About amyabn

My name is Amy and I'm in the active Army as my profession. I love the show Chuck and want to see it succeed for many seasons to come. My twitter handle is amyabn.
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18 Responses to Chuck and Sarah-Wait it Out

  1. OldDarth says:

    Interesting thoughts. I could see variations of what you posted playing out except for your very last one.

    I doubt, and certainly hope not, that Chuck and Sarah will be carrying on an undercover relationship all along. If they are in one, it must beshown. Not inferred. Anything less would be a diminished payoff to the setup and journey of their relationship.

    • amyabn says:

      OD, I think they could milk it for a while, with the little looks, moments, etc, that fuel it. I respectfully disagree that it would hurt the journey. It would show that they actually are on a journey, together, against all the odds being thrown at them.
      I guess what I was getting at, and let me see if I can be more articulate, is that we know they are having the relationship, slowly at first, and they think they are fooling Casey. The whole idea of them being together while pretending to be playing a cover (when they hang out with Morgan, Ellie and Awesome) is part of the wink to the audience. I hope that makes sense. They have their missions-Shaw and Hannah, but at the end of the day, we know they want to be together. Hope that clarifies things a bit. Cheers!

  2. OldDarth says:

    Yes that does. I thought you meant it would be hidden from the audience as well until revealed late in the season.

    While I understand the notion of an undercover relationship appeals to a great many, in the longer view, I am not in favour of it. The reason for that is the same one people have complaineded about with the relationship in previous seasons. An undercover relationship would divert too much focus away from the main episode storyline.

    Instead of watching to see the main storyline to see how things will be resolved, viewers will be focused on finding those little tell tale moments.

    Been there. Done that.

    My preference, and one I believe serves the show better, is have their relationship grow out in the open in a honest and organic manner. That way the focus stays on the missions when the viewer watches. The relationship payoff moments are then reinforced by the missions naturally instead of vice versa.

    The difference may be subtle but the dynamics of how the viewers perceive each episode is vast. Instead of impatiently waiting for each mission to end so Chuck and Sarah can steal another moment the viewers will be engrossed in the missions to see how they create the circumstances that allow Chuck and Sarah to have those moments.

    Instead of viewer impatience the open relationship approach would foster viewer engrossment which would be to the betterment of the show. And ultimately a more rewarding viewer experience.

    Chuck and Sarah have had enough difficulties navigating cover and real relationships. Lets put them in a place where everything that happens between them is real going forward in Season3.

    That is how I would structure the show anyhow. 😀

    • atcdave says:

      Dang OD, its not often I agree with your reasoning so completely! I do see some appeal to a secret relationship and stolen moments, but for the reasons you mention I prefer things stay more open. The main downside to your thoughts is it almost guarantees some unpleasant episodes. Conversely, the appeal of Amy’s idea is that things may never be that bad for Chuck and Sarah, and I can see where it could be fun to see the indicators of what’s really going on. But in the end, I do prefer that the main focus stays on the missions and the humor; which would be more difficult if the relationship becomes too complex and tricky to follow.

      Before it gets lost in the shuffle, I do want to say how good I thought Amy’s post was. I agree with most of your points. I think they will have a few adult conversations this year. There are lot of issues they need to address, from expectations and dreams, to practical how to make things work sort of stuff. I am also hoping there will be good reasons for Shaw and Hannah, and neither of our leads will truly stray; although I’m currently not sure what that may involve.

      • OldDarth says:

        Well it is a New Year! 😉

        As for moments of unpleasantness – there’s the old saw – gotta go through hell before you get to heaven!

        I do not mind bad moments because they make the triumph that much more meaningful and poignant.

        Also, wish to reiterate Dave’s compliments to Amy’s post. Job well done.

  3. Lucian says:

    I would be a “happy camper” with either of your plot lines, but my preference is for OD’s for all the reasons he gives. I can only hope the showrunners are as insightful as both of you.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I’ll pile on and say great post too, and great to hear from you again Amy. The whole reason I checked out this blog was your posts and signature over on the NBC boards. Finding Dave and Joe were here also was a godsend (they both got the literary joke in my first ever post), so I want to thank you for that.

      You also have pointed out what I think will be a major theme, perhaps the major theme when it comes to Chuck and Sarah next season. Sarah will have to come to terms with two conflicting emotions. Anger at Chuck for torpedoing her plans to have the normal life he’d been dangling in front of her, and the realization that maybe it was her fault, that she blew her chance by not opening up to Chuck about her feelings and what she wanted sooner. Chuck has been hers for the asking, with a few detours after she either told him there was no future or pushed him to get closure with Jill. I think this will be the big catalyst for Sarah’s emotional growth. She’s always hidden behind her job and cover as a way to keep from being hurt, but that hiding came with its own costs which might be far greater. Looking back the “proposal” scene in the Ring certainly would have given Chuck the impression that he had no future with Sarah outside the spy world, and she never corrected that impression. Is she aware that she might be the reason Chuck re-intersected? So not only is she mad and upset that her normal life was snatched away, and possibly by her own indecision and her fears, but now it may be that her own mixed signals not only cost her the happiness she wanted, but pushed the man she loves into doing something he never would have done and into a world where everything good about him is a liability and may be destroyed in his quest to do what he thinks he needs to in order to win her heart. Fresh new angst for season 3.

      As for Chuck, well I’m working on a post that is far too long and involved, originally conceived as a companion to Joe’s Sarah post(s), so I’ll keep my powder dry for a bit.

      I promise, no more than 3,000 words… per part. I hope.

      Just as a quick bleg, does anyone know where I might find transcripts or scripts of episodes online? I found this one:

      But it is woefully incomplete. I only have my old laptop on vacation with me (not nearly powerful enough for streaming video) so getting the dialog and scenes is a bit tough right now.

  4. joe says:

    Zounds! Great post, Amy. Several good points here!

    After listening once again to that promo, I have to ask – “I love you enough for the both of us.” are sung. Who’s singing? Sarah or Chuck? or both??

    Have you noticed that Hannah and Shaw have almost disappeared as major concerns, both on the boards and here? I know they have in my own mind.

    And Amy, you have me asking one new question that in my imagination becomes a big one. You reminded me that the intersect 2.0 was designed for Bryce. What if Chuck has to become more like Bryce to operate it properly? What if Sarah fears he’ll become more like Bryce, in the worst ways, or that he already has?

    Wow. The last time we saw whiny, bumbling, insecure and fearful Chuck was in Beefcake. Since then we’ve seen him face down Vincent (“That would be unprofessional.”), Roark (“What the hell do you want?”), Casey (“I don’t care.”) and Sarah (“Good for the cover.”) in fearlessly devastating ways. Now he may be Bryce.

    The time for them to have that important, adult conversation is coming quickly.

  5. Rick Holy says:

    I “have faith” that whatever is in store is going to be GOOD! I just hope, hope, hope that people will tune in – or all the “goodness” may be for naught.

    A fellow Chuck-a-holic from “out East” reported seeing the movie Avatar – and that there was a CHUCK promo prior to the movie. I also rec’d in the mail today the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly which features a write up on CHUCK as well as featuring CHUCK on the cover! (the BACK cover, but it’s a cover nonetheless).

    Kudos to NBC for all the promotional efforts. Just hope it pays off!

    Come on January 10th!! BRING ON THE CHUCK!!

  6. Rick Holy says:

    And by the way, also in agreement with O.D. et al. – Whatever is in store for Chuck & Sarah, let’s “keep it REAL” relationship-wise this season. THAT way, at least the angst (which we KNOW there will be) will be less painful and more “productive” in moving the relationship forward, forward forward!!

    And keep posting on Facebook and/or email about Jan 10th & 11th. We need ever viewer we can get. And remember SUBWAY, too!!!

  7. joe says:

    That’s an excellent point.

    We all know how important Subway advertising has been to this show. It’s not everything, but their support was a critical part of Chuck‘s renewal last spring. And they did it because of us.

    Let me tell you what I think that was about. Subway saw a couple of things. Publicly, they said that they absolutely noticed the increased sales due expressly to the “Finale and a Footlong” campaign, an increase that did not disappear entirely over the summer. They also said they were most impressed by fan “engagement”. That’s the word that NBC executives used at the time. Fans didn’t passively sit in front of the tube when they watched the show, but thought about it, wrote about it, WROTE SUBWAY ABOUT IT, and spent monies, time and treasures to see it continue. There have been fan efforts to save shows before (and yes, I was a small part of the save Star Trek effort, the granddaddy of ’em all), but this was indeed unprecedented.

    Even if you don’t like Footlongs, it’s worth the time to go to that link and just tell them that their support is appreciated. When I did this, I also mentioned the location of a specific Subway outlet, just so they knew I was sincere. And engaged. I think it helped.

    E-mailing advertisers that you notice is an inexpensive (and effective!) way to show them their dollars are not being wasted.

  8. lou federico says:

    Welcome Back Amy!! First of all I wanted to say that I love Got my Chuck season 2 today…. release date my butt.

    I think as usually all the points made are really good. As i pondered the uncoming season I ask myself what pissed you off about last season and what made you kept watching. Most of my issues came from the relationship point of view, all of the half finished sentences and the interupted conversations. I want an open honest relationship.. no hidden relationship.

    I always tell people that first your have to see the elephant in the room (id the problem) before you can figure a way to deal with it. With that promo I believe Sarah has now shown Chuck all of cards and everybody’s hand is on the table meaning no more misunderstanding no more screaming at the TV Just spit it out man!!!

    I think this promo is an extreme positive for their relationship. We now have Sarah not agent Walker envoking her will. Obviously somebody that emotionally constipated will not deal with rejection very well but sometimes a step back is needed to more two forward, so Agent Walker will return in beginning but Sarah will be back. Question is who is right Roan “A woman wants a man to take control” or Sarah ” some women perfer a make who takes a back seat”. I think Sarah is going to be in the back seat alot. I guess we will find out in 8 days. Got to go more Chuck season 2 to watch!!!!

  9. Gord says:

    Excellent post Amy, and my take on S3 is fairly similar to yours. With respect to whether the relationship is open or cover, I see something in between. It is open to everyone, but Gen Beckman (and I guess Shaw when he becomes their team leader). That Casey actually conspires with Chuck and Sarah to keep it from Beckman. In a way, he did that at the end of Colonel anyways.

    I don’t think they would have to dwell too much on the hiding of the relationship, but could use it for some comic relief during occassional mission briefings/debriefings with Beckman.

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