And Torturous!

That’s Yvonne’s description of what’s going on in S3.

Fear not, ‘shippers! If the reporter is at all worthy of his craft, Yvonne laughs as she says “torturous”, which is about (P) love interests and the dreaded WT/WT.  And since no one has ever accused Yvonne Strahovski of taking particular delight in teenage romantic antics, I suspect the laughter was genuine.  It’s an another indication that we’re going to enjoy this.

“Bubbling”, btw, is not about the champagne!

– joe

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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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23 Responses to Bubbling

  1. Faith says:

    LOL. She’s always been on our side so I agree. 🙂

  2. atcdave says:

    I don’t know about on our side, but she certainly seems more likely to just be honest and less likely to play games than most of the others. Her description of some of it as torturous isn’t quite what I look forward to in an evenings entertainment; but at this point we’ve seen enough really good news I’m willing to ride it out. I’m sure the show will be fun, and the outcome worth it, even if there are some rough spots to get there.

  3. OldDarth says:

    Looking forward to it. Real curious to see if the show can bring in these new PLIs, make the Chuck and Sarah relationship grow closer because of it; all while not angering the fan base.

    If they can do a story arc that not only does not anger the fanbase but leaves them with a Rocky like euphoria; it is going to be a heckuva season!

    Totally pumped!

    • joe says:

      There will always be some that become angry, Lou. You know that.

      Now whether or not they succeed in making the audience believe the relationship between Chuck and Sarah is stronger because of it is entirely up to the creative talents of the writers, director and cast. Right?

      Wanna guess which way I’m betting on that? ;>

      • OldDarth says:

        I know Joe. Lord I know. Anger is inevitable.

        I am a great believer in going through Mordor before getting to the Shire so this season is mapping out most excellently for me.

        Dollars to doughnuts Shaw has lost a partner that was either a lover and/or a betrayal to him. The parallel to Sarah is too enticing to resist, too dramtically rich to sidestep. Yvonne’s interview nails it for me. Shaw and Walker are going to have had parallel spy and personal experiences. It will make for great drama.

        And yes. It will be epic! 😉

  4. Lucian says:

    Sounds to me like our favorite couple does some hooking up with others, while their romance is “bubbling”. I am too old to enjoy that kind of romance. Alls well that ends well…..

    It will be epic!

    • joe says:

      Well, I’m not sure about how much “hooking up” they’ll be doing (and from what I’ve heard from the youngins, this “hooking up” stuff is a pretty bogus substitute for dating anyway). People still contend that Sarah had a “thing” for Cole, when she had nothing of the sort, even if Chuck thought so. It’s in the dictionary now under “Much ado about nothing”.

  5. Lucian says:

    Joe, I respectfully disagree with you on Beefcake. Sarah was “smitten”. It didn’t take her too long to figure out he wasn’t what she wanted IMO.

    • joe says:

      That’s always allowed, Lucian!

      And we do agree that even if she was smitten (hence, the kiss), she changed her mind quickly.

    • atcdave says:

      Yeah, I’ll weigh in with Lucian on that one. He was the same sort of guy as her dad and Bryce, so I think smitten is exactly what we see in the middle part of Beefcake. But she gets over it fairly quickly; in her time with Chuck, I think she’s discovered she likes nice guys (or at least one in particular).

      So its certainly among the concerns going in to S3; how far will things go. This latest interview with Yvonne indicates something will be there. Hopefully, there will be even less than there was with Cole. I am sure, when the dust settles, Chuck and Sarah will be closer than ever. What I’m not so sure of, is how watchable it will be in the meantime.

      As I’ve said elsewhere, I expect this season to be a lot of fun. But, as with any show, there is always the possibility of great disappointment.

      • joe says:

        Hum. Daddy issues. Weird I hadn’t thought of that before!

        Interesting too, that in TBBT Penny is revealed (incredibly humorously!) to be full of ‘daddy’ issues. I detect a pattern!

        Dave, you have me wanting to wax poetic about “the possibility of great disappointment.” You’re right, of course. But I always remember that lesser shows can only disappoint me less. The heights from which they fall is far less, and when you get down to it, I just care less about them.

        Right now, I’m just excited to be able to watch characters again that I *do* care about, and to watch a show that makes me feel alive. It can’t last forever, I know. But I’m glad it’s here now.

        5 days and counting!

      • atcdave says:

        I do agree about your take on the disappointment. On a show that’s only marginally interesting, its easy to just dismiss bad turns with a shrug. The more invested one becomes in a show, the bigger a deal it is when they do things we don’t like. Many of us have been writing about Chuck non-stop for many months (8 months without a new episode, and still going strong; I really thought I would have gotten bored by now) because we are massively invested. Between loving the mix of action, adventure, and humor; not to mention the characters themselves, this easily the most addictive show I’ve ever seen in my life. I think the level of investment so many of us have involves placing a certain level of trust in the TPTB. Which is of course why there was so much panic over the idea this trust might not have been well placed. Recent reviews and interviews have brought many of us back around, but we won’t really know until things unfold. I think it makes both excitement and tension levels very high right now. I’ll be jumping up and down happy if a couple months from now things are in a very good place (kind of like if the Bears ever win another Super Bowl!); but I’ll be pretty crushed if the characters behave in such a way that I no longer even want to care how things come out.

        I think that all just means that a very high quality show has a heavy burden to maintain that quality and please its supporters.

      • joe says:

        Dave, what you say is “+2 Insightful!”

        In my head I just heard Chuck himself say “Don’t freak out.” ;>

      • lou federico says:

        I agree with you Super Dave. Every time they hit a low point they jump higher. Season one went from bryce to the kiss and the anger to the Save you later line with a tear. Season 2 for first date to seduction to down with the Jill and the Cole arch to even higher with the motel scene. One step back two forward. Dave how do you think they are going to handle the last 6 episodes? I thinking a nice Casey and Sarah kidnapping arch with Chuck saving the day.


      • atcdave says:

        Funny you would ask, I’ve been thinking about the final six. I have no idea what the story may be, except we’ve been told they will stand apart from the initial 13. If the start of the season is heavy on “The Ring” I’d like to see some more fun episodes; much as I liked S2, I missed a lot of the family and friends moments we saw more of in S1, so more of those would be nice. JS did actually say the romantic “sub-plot” would be resolved this season. Its hard to know exactly what he means, but I do think it means Chuck and Sarah in a good place for those final six. I’d also like to see Anna come back. Not to mess with Morgan mind you, I’m too much the hopeless romantic for that, I’d rather see a big reunion and reconciliation for them. I don’t believe we’ve heard anything about Orion coming back yet, I’d love to see him make a re-appearance.

        A kidnapping story could be a lot of fun, it could work with Chuck as the victim too. A lot of people have discussed the idea of Chuck being seriously hurt at some point. That seems a logical story, and could be loaded with drama that isn’t some variation of romantic angst. At some point, Ellie needs to find out what Chuck’s really been up to; I’ve always thought that would kind of be an end game story for the show, so if ratings are weak (perish the thought!) they need to address that. Hopefully, ratings will be strong as the season finishes; and we’ll see the next phase of the battle against KAOS (sorry, The Ring) unfolding, and maybe an engagement (I think they could tease us by promising a wedding, then having Big Mike and Balonia elope).

        Dang, I guess I had more thoughts on this than I thought I would!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I think the plan was that the first 13 would stand as a season, but set up the second 6 as sort of a mini season. It’s not clear to me which part of that 19 episode season will resolve the Chuck and Sarah subplot. Given statements before the final 6 announcement and the recent backing off of referring to PLI’s I’m guessing they planned to milk the angst for another season, planned another cliffhanger end to get fans to support renewal, and now that they have a back 6 and have been sufficiently chastened by fan reaction plan to wrap things a little neater this season using the final 6.

        I know this is going to sound a bit odd given I’m so disgusted by the standard Hollywood formulas being re-used, but I was thinking along the lines of Chuck getting hurt (so Sarah could stay by his side or go rogue to take revenge or stop a second attempt) or kidnapped, but frankly the show would lose a lot if Chuck were missing or in a coma for an episode or two. I therefore settled on a compromise. Give Chuck amnesia. I know, I know, but come on, the guy has had his brain overwritten 5 times! If there anyone in any show that you can make a case for some sort of unexplained amnesia it’s Chuck. With his new powers and the intersect it could be both interesting and hilarious. He wouldn’t know who he was, but he’d know everything else, including how to kick butt. You’d have the drama of Team B needing to get to Chuck before anyone else, Chuck not knowing he was in danger but being well equipped to respond if it becomes apparent. You’d have the possibility that Awesome and another might have to cover his absence. It could be fun.

      • atcdave says:

        I think one of the fun things about Chuck is how they can use cliched TV formulas to humorous effect. Obviously, most of us are way past tired of the WT/WT dance, but other well worn stories like amnesia, evil twins, and rumors of pregnancy could be exploited in different and amusing ways.
        I don’t recall if you were an SG-1 fan or not, but for their 100th episode they did a “clip-show” of things that had never actually happened. Proving that even the most despised and worn-out devices can be a lot of fun if approached in a clever tongue-in-cheek manor.

      • Lucian says:

        From comments in two interviews, Yvonne indicates that Sarah finally gets some action on the side this season. I have always thought there was no way they were going to have Shaw as a love interest for half a season and not push this relationship as far as they could (just not in their DNA). It would have been a far more logical direction, IMO, if her love interest were someone outside the CIA (a new manager at the Orange Orange; in essence, the Chuck she once had). I could probably write a fair bit on why a relationship between Sarah and her supervisor is a really stupid direction, but I won’t, as it would bring out my sarcastic dark side. I am curious to see how they handle this, but I am not expecting to be impressed. Impossible to know what I’ll think of the characters when the dust settles.

  6. Lucian says:

    It is the “magic” of Chuck that we really do care about these characters and want good things for them. I’m curious to see how much longer the spell can last (at least for me). I’m hoping Hannah/Shaw aren’t the end of it. No other tv show has come close to pulling this off as well as they have so far.

  7. lizjames says:

    Sorry, folks, they’ve lost me. As I feared, the writers can’t bring themselves to write about an adult couple. I never felt Chuck and Sarah needed to be together. But the problem with keeping them apart is the writers use it as an opportunity to play the kind of silly games that Schwartz made famous on The OC and elsewhere.

    I’ve got teenage kids. WTWT (whatever they decide “it” is) is something I have to deal with every day. I don’t need it, don’t want it, and won’t watch it, in my television.

    And I suspect most of you folks who say you can stomach it AGAIN will find it dull and repetitive when actually confronted with it.

    Too bad. Chuck was thisclose to being a good show about spy buddies fighting the system (the implication of the pilot) or spy lovers (the implication of Colonel). The OC with fighting sticks and ziplines interests me not at all.

    I hope the rest of you find happiness with the show. Enjoy. Have great and wonderful lives! I’m moving on. Thank you, Joe, for having created such a wonderful forum.

    • joe says:

      Forgive me for having the last word on this, Liz. I can only hope that you see it.

      All the best to you and to your kids. Ultimately, I fear they’ll find that the problems of being a teen are not avoidable. Thankfully, they’re not usually fatal, either. We each come to handle them in our own way, and mostly successfully, too. Human beings are like that.

      The show’s nothing more than a diversion from real life. But it’s been a good one because we’ve seen ourselves as we want to be in it.. We see our struggles, and our loved one in it. Sometimes that’s painful. Mostly, it’s very satisfying.

      And if it’s not for you, we may not understand, but we can accept.

      Many thanks for your contributions and comments, Liz!

    • atcdave says:

      Liz, you do touch on the issue that is most annoying to me. I enjoy Chuck as an escape; it actually angers me when they have fun with issues that are pointedly not fun from my own experiences. I shared on the NBC forums a couple weeks ago about an old friend whose husband is cheating on her (actually, he’s an old friend too); I know Chuck and Sarah aren’t married, but the whole triangle thing rubs me wrong. I find nothing fun or entertaining about it. I suppose, if I were in life and death situations everyday, I might find the whole genre unpleasant. I’m not, so the action is fun escapism. When the romance is pleasant and played for fun, its good escapism too. But when they play with themes that are painful to a large number of viewers it is a lot less fun. I know there are shows that are quite successful in exploiting unpleasant themes. But Chuck has been, for the most part, fun. It has built an audience of people who want fun. Darker themes will damage Chuck in ways they might not damage another show.

      I’m confident (mostly) we will get a good show this year. But with the sort of themes they’ve been discussing for S3, it is not surprising to me that we are going to loose some viewers. If the show actually does dwell on PLIs, I imagine we will loose many more viewers.

      Liz, I hope you give the show a chance. But I really do understand if you can’t.

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