Merry Chuckmas

Season 3 begins at last. The night we’ve all been waiting for, even before we knew the actual date. With 3 hours of new Chuck in only two days we’re bound to have a lot to talk about Monday and Tuesday. So before we get swamped we here at Chuck This thought we’d do a combined post with each of the contributors contributing their views as they see fit on what we should watch for in the first three episodes, or season 3 in general. This could get slightly spoilerish so read the rest after the jump.

Ernie Davis has opinions.  Will wonders never cease?

Don’t Freak Out

The Dance Continues.

It sounds like Chuck and Sarah are due to break up.  Both fake break up their pretend relationship and actually admit that they have enough of a relationship outside the cover to break up.  Don’t worry, it never lasts.  I expect that as usual Chuck will be the one in pursuit, again, but for a change it will be Sarah that breaks it off.  This is actually progress, albeit of the two steps forward one step back variety.  Remember that in season 2 Chuck and Sarah never seemed quite so close as when they broke up.  I think we’ll get a pretty quick upgrade of Chuck and Sarah to a new level of understanding their mutual feelings, then a breakup, and for the rest of the season the dance continues, two steps forward, two steps back, just like last season.  Standing in for Chuck’s status as Sarah’s asset keeping Chuck and Sarah apart and leading to other PLIs will be Sarah’s effect on Chuck’s ability to use the intersect.  Wow, what a leap of originality.  They can’t be together because Chuck is the intersect.  Way to think outside the box guys.  Sorry shippers, TPTB just seem too in love with polygons and angst to make it easy on us, but I look for the end of the front 13 episodes to have a Colonel like game changer, without the re-wind this time.  Our reward will come in the back 6.  I’d love to be proved wrong.  Courage.

Carmichael. Charles Carmichael.

Agent Carmichael v3.0

As in season 2 we’re due for an upgraded Chuck.  In the words of Josh Schwartz season 2 was about the boy in season 1 becoming a man.  Season 3 will be about the man becoming a spy.  The previews show an even more mature Chuck far more involved in the running, jumping, shooting part of the spy world.  We all want him to still be Chuck, not Bryce Larkin.  The pre-screeners largely agree that is the case.  The action and spy stuff is bound to play a bigger part of this season now that the title character’s growth is so tied to that aspect.  But how far from the lovable nerd we met will he stray?  Can he become too confident?  Too much of a spy?  Can he get one more make-out session with yet another petite brunette before Sarah reels him in?   Look for a lot more physical comedy from Zach.  I am actually pretty psyched about this part of the new season.  Chuck has often been a bit of a doormat, mostly because he didn’t see himself as the equal of either Casey or Sarah.  A new badass Chuck will likely shake up team B a bit and allow for some great drama and comedy scenarios.  Also shaking up Chuck and Team B will be Shaw.  I’m taking a modified wait and see approach on that aspect of the new Chuck.

You don’t bring a gun on a real date.

Sarah. With the Eyebrow Dance and the Guns. Sarah Prefers Real Guns.

I love Sarah.  We all love Sarah.  But come on, the girl has got to speak up every so often.  If she really wants Chuck all she has to do is say so.  Is that so hard?  Apparently.  So it’s about time to start explaining why.  From pre-screeners it seems that Sarah finally has a little more background filled in and maybe a few things are explained a bit further.  We all know she is not good at relationships, but if she ever wants one there was never a better time for a crash course.  In addition it sounds like Sarah finally finds her voice regarding Chuck.  Sounds like Yvonne is going to have plenty to sink her teeth into this season.  My only wish, maybe a few comedic moments?  And for god’s sake can she be happy for an episode or two?  Unless it’s with Shaw.

I don’t like feeling like Team Chuck’s little fat kid!

John Casey, civilian?

Sorry Casey, but I suspect you get benched by Shaw for some of this season.  Don’t worry, you still have Buymoria.  Based totally on a limited number of spoilers and hints I think something happens that gets Casey suspended or fired for a time.  He may not get back to the spy world until close to the end of the season.  This is the possibility that worries me most.  Casey versus the Buymorons is always funny, but Casey, Chuck and Sarah are Team B.  Already I don’t like this Shaw fellow.  This could be harder on me than polygonous relationships and PLIs versions 5 and 6.  My hope is that Chuck stands up for Casey and makes sure Casey knows he’s still a part of Team B no matter what.  Why oh why do they keep throwing this relationship angst at us again and again, and again.

That’s Mr. Morgan Grimes, if you’re nasty.

Morgan Grimes, spy?

We all know by now from the spoilers another of Chuck’s friends, family or co-workers learns of his double life.  My money is on Morgan.  If you follow twitter David Coleman aka kentuckysocal who is both a friend of Zach Levi and a prop-master for Chuck posted this little gem.  So Casey is a spy, Awesome knows Chuck is a spy, and Morgan, well I think this is pretty good proof that Morgan gets dragged into the spy world.  This is also one of those things that leads me to believe Casey gets the boot at some point and is reduced to spying with these guys.  In addition I think it’s pretty evident from some set photos and previews that Morgan is once again ass-man, but to Big Mike this time.  It will be fun to see the demise of Emmet.  I think.

Family Time (AKA Dave’s paltry addition)

No spoilers here, just a simple hope we see more family and friends moments.   We saw these quite often in S1, more rarely in S2.    Some of that is bound to be deliberate.   As Chuck is more committed to the spy life, and especially more involved with Sarah, his time with Ellie and Morgan will, and should shrink.   But it really shrunk a lot in S2, I hope to see more in S3.   We do know we’ll see more of Chuck and Morgan together, but sadly that isn’t what I mean.   I hope we get the extended gatherings, with everyone having fun.   As mentioned above, Sarah in particular is too serious, too often; let’s see her (and the whole gang) laugh and have a good time together.   It will be too long if we have to wait for another wedding to see it.

Joe Adds

I’ve found it hard to list things to watch for. So much news, so much speculation and so many spoilers have come out that my biggest hope is that I’ll be surprised!

Still, there are a number of things that I want to see addressed, and things I’ll be looking for. Here’s a partial list:

  • Things that were “dropped on the floor” in S2 may be picked up in S3; Most notably, the RIOS “virus” that Roark released into the wild, and the bracelet. My prediction is that both will return.
  • Answers to questions that were raised in S2. What happens in the Buy More shake-up? What happens to the idea of the store closing? What happens to Big Mike and Morgan’s mother? What about Emmett? We know Anna won’t be there, but is her absence explained? I confidently predict that Big Mike is going to have a brand new relationship – with Morgan! I not-so-confidently predict that Anna will return, but not in the first 13 episodes of S3. Emmett is toast!
  • Two words – Omaha and Prague. We know Prague figures early in S3. Omaha? Not so much.
  • Stephen was lost. Stephen was found. Is Stephen going to be forgotten, or is he just deep in the background? I predict that he remains in the background for now; mentioned occasionally, but unseen.
  • We have threads that have never been followed. Will they be in S3? In there any news on the missing mothers? I predict that there will not.
  • Ever since S1, we’ve wanted to know more about Carina and her history with Sarah. Is she Sarah’s friend, or Sarah’s sister? I predict that Chuck will discover a major secret about Carina, but not that she’s Sarah’s sister. Did I word that subtly enuf for ya?
  • Zac reminded us in an interview that Awesome knows he’s a spy and that “We shall have another.” Whom might that be? I predict, based on no information at all, that it will be Ellie.
  • In Dream Job, Chuck found out that he has some ability to force a flash. Does this carry on with the intersect 2.0? Is it enhanced by the upgrade? Is his learning to control the flashes something important in S3, or merely tangential, compared to the other spy skills he must learn? I predict that, yes, Chuck can now force a flash, but not completely reliably, and that this new ability is something of importance in S3 in making him a spy. But it is not as important as his Chuckiness.
  • We know Chuck’s new abilities are affected by his emotions. But are the new flashes caused or inhibited by them? I predict that we’ll find out Sunday that the only answer is “both”.
  • More popular culture references. I predict that by the end of the first 13 episode, we’ll see a side of Chuck that reminds us of Robert Downey’s sardonic portrayal of Tony Stark, the Iron Man, and before long we’ll see references to scenes from that movie.
  • Sarah told Chuck at the high point of S2 that “It is real.” Is it? My prediction is yes, yes it is.

Watch for Sarah and Chuck to tell Casey to “Stay in the car!” I want to guarantee that!

I’ll be looking for a deepening relationship between Chuck and Sarah, but not finality. I don’t expect to see the last chapter written about their “courtship” in S3, or not at least in the first 13 episodes. Josh Schwartz and NBC like shows with evolving story lines, and Chuck will continue to evolve faster – and more – than most any other show on television. For me this means that someday we may indeed see Chuck and Sarah as a committed couple fighting The Ring, and probably General Bechman, together (as if this wasn’t their best description already). But this part of their journey is just too good to let go of just yet. Soon, but not yet.


About Ernie Davis

I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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13 Responses to Merry Chuckmas

  1. OldDarth says:

    I actually think the dynamics in play around the new Intersect are quite clever.

    Wrote a couple of articles awhile ago over at ChuckTV:

    It was written back in August so some things are dated and incorrect now but the main premises still resonate for me.

    Enjoy! Or not…..

    • joe says:

      Lou, I just saw that this fell into the moderation bucket, and I have no idea why. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

      If anyone notices a problem getting your comments to show up, please notify me using jmj(dot)buckley(at)verison(dot)net

      Every post should show up immediately.

    • joe says:

      Great articles! I wish I had seen them back in August.

      I really like the idea that Chuck & Sarah have complimentary effects on each other. Chuck needs to learn to control his emotions. Sarah needs to learn to express her feelings. Looks like a match to me!

      And it fits in with the gist of this article, too. This is the kind of thing I’ll be looking for – and hoping to see hints of early.

      As I type – 20 hrs and 2 minutes to go!

  2. herder says:

    Leading into season 3 I had thought that two of the most important quotes were from Bryce and Jill. Bryce saying to the professor in vs the Alma Mater “you can’t put Chuck out in the field…he won’t last out there…he’s too good a person…” and Jill’s “don’t let them change you, they changed me…”. The idea being that Chuck is between a rock and a hard place as a spy, he can’t survive the way he is and he won’t like the person he becomes if he changes.

    I had thought that a big part of this season would be Chuck learning how to be a spy but not losing who he is, the every man, the normal guy. Not just learning it but convincing both Sarah and himself that he can do it. With some of the things that have come out lately I have added to that, now not only will he have to learn these things but he will have to show/teach Sarah how to relearn the same herself.

    • atcdave says:

      I think you’re exactly right about what the basic issue for Chuck will be; but I kind of think Sarah will be taking more of a lead in helping him find the balance. Its just the feeling I got from the Televisionary interview Yvonne did a couple months ago, she talked about Sarah’s main concern being how the spy world was changing Chuck. We’ve seen, right from the beginning, Sarah has struggled with that balance herself; so she may be the right person to help Chuck be aware of the pitfalls.

  3. Gord says:

    Merry Chuckmas everyone. Less than 12 hours to go until we can open our presents, and the only Turkey you should be having tonight for dinner in a footlong from subway, although I think I will go with Big Mike’s favourite tonight – Chicken Teryaki.
    Great posts guys.
    I am so excited about Chuck coming back, I am having the Satellite company over this morning to run an extra line and install an HDPVR receiver. I have a DVD recorder but it doesn’t record in HD nor surround sound. I figure if I am going to rewatch a Chuck episode I might as well do it in the best way possible. This should keep me happy until the S3 blu ray set comes out next fall just before the S4 premiere in late Sept. I doubt NBC will make the mistake of leaving Chuck off the fall roster again and I’m feeling positive we will get an S4.

  4. Rick Holy says:

    It’s almost time. BRING ON THE CHUCK!! Email/Facebook – do whatever to spread the word. Last minute notices/reminders can help.

    And to heck with FOX. (They cancelled “Firefly” after all, didn’t they?)!!!

    HOUSE? Bring him on. He’s over the hill anyway! The best seasons are in the past.

    24? That show has started to go stale, too. They’ve even had to bring in “Starbuck” from Battlestar Galactica to try to revive it!

    CHUCK rules!! Spread the word in these last hours. And don’t forget to “Subway” it tonight (and tomorrow, too)!! Show Subway some love for the love they’ve shown to us!!

    Peace all! And ENJOY tonight (and tomorrow)!!

  5. atcdave says:

    You know, I was really hoping some good football would help the weekend pass more quickly. But every game has been pretty bad. Now I’m to Packers-Cardinals; kind of the marquee game from my perspective, and the Cardinals jump to a 14 point lead in the first 4 minutes. Swell.

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