Season Three on iTunes

The big news is, I have no news.

Sorry about that.   But the issue has been discussed here in a few threads, so I wanted to open a post where the situation could be discussed and easily located when news actually comes available.

There is a rumor on the internet that there is some sort of impasse between Apple and NBC over fee structures.   This is not true.   There was a big blow-up between the two parties in 2007, and as far as I can tell the current story going around is simply the result of old news being recycled.

If I had to guess, I would say the delay probably has something to do with the premier date being moved forward two months.   They may be arguing over how to sell 3.01 and 3.02 (as one episode or two).   Or it may be a pure mistake.  

 I had the season pass last season, and for reasons that were never explained, Suburbs was five days late in coming available (I think one other episode was a day late too, but I don’t remember which).    TV shows usually come available the day after they air.   Movies and music are normally released on Tuesdays.    So I’m thinking the most likely scenario is that Chuck will start showing up on iTunes some Tuesday in the near future.   I just hope we don’t have to wait until March 2!

I will post an update here when news comes available.


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13 Responses to Season Three on iTunes

  1. AngelTwo says:

    Joe, it’s clearly not about Apple and NBC/Warner because’s Unbox doesn’t have any of Season 3 yet, either… It’s where I’ve bought all of my S1 and S2 digital stuff and Chuck was reliably fast into Unbox in the past…

  2. Matt says:

    A couple of sites have a Twitter from Josh Schwartz saying that it “wasn’t up to me”. No one is taking credit for this because the people are not happy. NBC says its not up to them, and WB hasn’t said anything. iTunes can’t sell what they don’t have. The yahoo site with questions has thousands of hits on this question. I have a feeling the episodes of Chuck when they hit iTunes will be #1 thru whatever number of episodes are out at that time. Chuck was a great seller last year. With ratings going up, I have a feeling sales could go up as well!

  3. amyabn says:

    Well, I appreciate this thread. I’m stuck deployed and iTunes is the only way I can get Chuck. I raised the question privately to my co-blog conspirators, but I don’t understand why NBC/WB would turn down cold hard cash in iTunes subscriptions. I am one of THOSE fans-when we were doing the Chuck Me Mondays, I would watch from the Chuck Me Out site to boost numbers for them, and twitter away. I had all the episodes already, because I have iTunes, but that is how I showed my support. I can’t be the only fan like that out there.
    Perhaps you could tell me I’m acting entitled, but I feel like I was in the proverbial trenches with all of you to save the show and now I’m doing my duty (both for my country and by recruiting new Chuck fans 🙂 and I’m being kicked in the gut. I’m not asking for anything for free-I’ll drop whatever for the HD season pass. I really would like to see what kind of money they (NBC/WB) make by watching the streams.
    I appeal to Chuck fans to keep the pressure up for a season pass option. There are a lot of Chuck fans out there like me! Thanks for listening!

    • lizjames says:

      If you can access a slingbox, we have one in our office and we’d be honored to help you out and get you access… You can contact me a lizjames (at) and we can work out details.

      liz james (otherwise in Chuck blog-posting retirement because the show has lost A LOT off the curveball)

      • amyabn says:

        first, thanks for coming out of “retirement” and responding! I miss your commentary!
        Now I must be honest, I have no idea what a slingbox is. I’ll shoot you an email and I appreciate the kindness you are showing me.

    • joe says:

      Liz, You’re still Aces.

  4. joe says:

    Amy, they are like squabbling children, apparently. And sad to say, YOU are caught up in the crossfire. Bah!

    The only good news is that they do see they’re bleeding money, and they can’t let it go on much longer.

    • amyabn says:

      I wonder if we couldn’t rally troops (so to speak 🙂 ) with one of those petitions. I’ll see if I can research how to set one up, but if you guys have any ideas, I’m game. I think, based on your comments referring to various sites, we could advertise the petition and show NBC/WB how many people want it. maybe I’m crazy!

  5. atcdave says:

    I’m about to be stuck in the crossfire too. Because of a minor glitch, I’m getting a new DVR this week. Obviously I won’t miss anything. But I won’t be able to re-watch the first four episodes again until something is sorted out. I just hate streaming video, I’m not really set-up for watching TV at my computer. Hopefully things will get settled with Apple soon, it isn’t the first time they’ve had a spat!

  6. joe says:

    Awww – Hulu and Fancast aren’t so bad. Are they?

  7. atcdave says:

    Michael posted over on “In Appreciation” that Chuck S3 is now available on iTunes Canada. If an agreement has been reached, it could show up on US iTunes 2/9/2010; let’s hope……

    • Michael says:

      Strange thing is, it doesn’t turn up under “shows just added” or “new and noteworthy”. For whatever reason, I just typed “Chuck” under search and it came up. You can’t buy a season’s pass, just episode by episode.

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