When did you know?

Given the current tone of things on our favorite show, I thought it would be fun to remember what we all do like about it.    I know this post will likely get buried quickly with the excitement of new episodes coming weekly, and all of us posting fast and furious, but here goes…

We have, on occasion, reminisced in a variety of scattered threads, about when we first knew we were hopelessly hooked on Chuck.   Many new posters (and old friends from the NBC forums!)  have found their way here in the last couple weeks.    So, if you’re reading this, take a moment to post your own memory of when you first decided this was more than just another show.

For myself, I was hooked from the Pilot.   In summer of 2007, it had been some time since my previous favorite show, Stargate:SG-1, had gone off the air.   There were certainly other shows I watched and enjoyed, but nothing I got really excited about days ahead of time.   In July of that year Burn Notice premiered, and I was one happy camper.   It was fun, funny, and exciting; all the things I like most.   It was my favorite show for six weeks.    Chuck caught my attention with previews shown on Sunday Night Football, it looked like a good time.    I was excited from the first 10 seconds of the Pilot.   Sneaking out of one’s own birthday party was certainly something I could relate to, and things got better from there.   Chuck was my new favorite show from the start.    But it took a while longer for it to be my all-time favorite.   I’m sure no one here will be shocked that I never like love triangles.    So, although Truth was a very funny episode, my main reaction was a big groan.   I was grumpy enough about it, that by the time we got to Crown Victoria, my wife and I discussed deleting it and being done halfway through.    Of course, the ending of that episode is excellent and ended any such talk.   And the next few episodes were very good.   So, at the end of S1, I still thought Chuck was the best thing currently on TV; but a long way from my favorite ever.

That changed early in S2.   It was the day after Cougars, I found myself thinking about the episode all day.   I’m truly a sap for happy, warm and fuzzy endings; and that one really got to me.   The next week, Tom Sawyer left me feeling the same way.    I didn’t care for the preview, but they’d earned enough goodwill at that point; I knew Chuck was the best thing I’d ever seen.    I’ve written at length elsewhere about all the things I enjoy about this show, the list is long.    But the bottom line is, when things are working well for Chuck and Sarah, this show has a hook like no other!


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I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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21 Responses to When did you know?

  1. joe says:

    Oh my! What a great question!

    I’m having a hard time with the chronology, because I saw only a few of S1 and missed a few at the start of S2 prior to becoming an addict. I know that after Santa Claus I was NOT going to miss another episode, but it wasn’t until Suburbs and maybe even Beefcake (!!) that became conscious of my situation. I was mainlining Chuck by that point, even participating in “The Boards”.

    If I think about it, I know that I saw Nemesis (I remember “Pineapple” from the episode!) and even Truth when they aired, and I fell in love with the Buy More crew and with Ellie/Devon in those episodes. Everyone else knew I was a Chuckaphile after I saw the end of Best Friends.

    Early on, I was amazed by Charah, of course, in the – I can think of no other way to describe it now – shy way it their love was developing. That’s me. I don’t need to be slammed by the fireworks of a hot romance from the beginning. The bracelet scene was probably my downfall, although I didn’t know it at the time. By the time Chuck is holding Sarah’s head to him in Suburbs, I knew it. I should have know I was hooked in Best Friends, but I’m slow about these things!

    Then I went back and saw what I had missed. Had I seen it, Sarah’s scream in First Date would have done it.

    And I can’t put this down without noting that what I just reviewed wasn’t even the best of it for me. That comes with Stephen (the character with whom I identify most). That’s when Chuck goes from being the best thing on TV right now (a low bar, indeed) to the best thing ever on TV for me.

  2. Ernie Davis says:

    I got hooked on episode 3, the Tango. By the end of Breakup it was a full blown addiction. I was watching minimum 4 episodes a night just to see how it ended. This was all in about a one or two week period at the beginning of August last year.

  3. NoWayOut says:

    The pilot–but for the wrong reason. I thought the show was going to be about offbeat spy buddies fighting the bad guys–and the government. I loved when they had the Graham character (a government operative) say “Kill him!” I loved the putative weakling nerd solving the problem with a sharp decision and then tell off the government agents by reminding them they needed him and couldn’t push him around. And I loved the beach scene where Sarah warns Chuck about the fact that the government was as much as a danger as the bad guys.

    As the episodes went on, I got hooked on the Sarah Walker character. She’s a great character sketch fleshed out by a great character actress. We’ve never seen a character like Sarah Walker on TV: pretty, of course; passionate but unable to express it; smart; strategically and tactically brilliant; and a total basket case when she tries to be a real person.

    To be brutally honest, Chuck (that character) bores me now. They made him weak and whiny. But Sarah fascinates me.

  4. Gord says:

    I enjoyed the show right from the beginning, and couldn’t miss an episode. But I didn’t realize I was a Chuckaholic until I bought the Chuck S1 DVD with a gift card I received at Christmas and started watching the episodes over and over again. I realized that if I could watch an episode of a show over and over again and still get enjoyment from it, I was hooked and hooked bad.
    My biggest regret about S2 was I didn’t have a recorder until late in the season, so I didn’t have all the episodes to watch.
    Another fan I met on the NBC Chuck boards was kind enought to send me season 2 in windows video format this fall, so I could at least watch the episodes on my PC/laptop. To make up for my sin of watching these computer files, I went out and bought the blu ray of S2 as soon as it came out. I must say it is much better in hidef on the big screen.
    This season, I got a HD PVR receiver for my satellite service, and I am recording every episode to watch over and over again. I have watched episodes 1 to 3 three times already. But dont worry WB/NBC I will be buying S3 blu ray soon as it hits the streets.
    Hi my name is Gord and I’m a Chuckaholic.

  5. Rick Holy says:

    O.K. I’ll try this again. The first time it disappeared into cyberspace!!

    Anyway, I didn’t know anything about the show. I was channel surfing and happened upon the scene from “Vs. the Truth” from Season 1 where Chuck walks into the Wienerlicious and gives Sarah the talk – “we’ve gotta break up because the person I’m fooling the most is ME!” That one scene hooked me big time. Ever since I’ve been a raging Chuckaholic!

    And I also find the character of Sarah extremely interesting. Credit it to the writers, credit it to the wonderful acting chops of Yvonne Strahovski, credit it to whatever. I enjoy Chuck’s “journey,” but the complexities of Sarah make the show for me. Maybe that’s why I’m a “shipper” and not ashamed to admit it! It’s not ALL the show is about for me, but it’s the key component upon which all the other great aspects of the show revolve – at least for me.

    That’s one of the great things about this show. There are different aspects that can be “the hook” for you! As much as we might criticize TPTB or the writers for certain things – that’s all minor when compared to the praises and kudos that we give them for creating such a great show. We might not SAY IT often, but ACTIONS often speak louder than words – and our devotion to and advocating of the show I believe – at least in “TV Land” – are the highest forms of praise you can give.

  6. weaselone says:

    Wait, I’m not hooked. I can quit any time I want.

    I watched the Pilot, but I can’t say I was drawn in from the outset. It probably happened during the summer following the end of the first season, when I stumbled onto episodes on the NBC website. From then on I was captured by the show and the characters, but in a completely healthy way.

  7. Ernie Davis says:

    Right now my biggest addiction is to writing about Chuck. I’m down to only watching episodes 3 or 4 times before I feel the need to share. At great length…

    I can quit any time, yeah, in fact I’ll take today off. D’OH! Too late.

  8. herder says:

    I don’t really know, it was a gradual progression and I can’t pinpoint the time when it went from a liking of the show to an obsession. I started watching from the beginning as a result of a couple of reviews that I had read. I liked the show and started watching it not only on Mondays but on Saturdays too (NBC used to rebroadcast the show) then the writers strike, I searched the news to see if it would come back or be pushed off to the fall.

    I was thrilled with the Chuck ads during the Beijing Olympics and that fall started recording episodes as it wasn’t on Saturdays. After Santa Claus I found the NBC boards, also tvbythenumbers because I couldn’t wait to find out the show’s results due to the cancellation threat. On occasion I drove to work in the evening (only a mile) to catch a subway preview as I had dial up at home and I couldn’t wait to see it at work the next day. Also during the summer I bought a second set of season one as I had lent it out and they lost it, not to mention the Subway subs last year and this.

    So yeah, somewhere in there a line has been crossed, where exactly that line is I’m not sure but it is definitely behind me.

  9. kaybee2517 says:

    I was WAAAAY behind the rest of you. I’d watched the Pilot and enjoyed it, but it didn’t really hook me and fell off my radar quickly (even though it had an actor I liked, who I thought of at the time as “that guy who’s always a cop, or a military guy in everything” aka, Adam Baldwin). Then last May after finally watching Firefly, I realized that Baldwin (who’s name I made sure I learned after seeing FF) was on Chuck. That week the season 2 finale was on and I made sure I watched. I fell and fell fast. I was on NBC.com as soon as the episode was over watching the previous episodes, signing up on the boards to discuss the show, and joining in the Save Chuck crusade.
    One of my favorite things about the show is the pop culture refrences; from lines, to character names, to stuff on the BuyMore tv’s in the background.

    • atcdave says:

      You’re not the last one to get hooked, but yeah that was an exciting period. The boards were frantically busy for weeks after the season ended. I know Ernie didn’t come on board until 8/09, so you’re a long way from the newest fan here. Its great to have you on our site, keep on commenting!

      • kaybee2517 says:

        Amyabn had actually told me about this site months ago. I read some posts then but today was the firs time I’ve played along on here. I usually am on the nbc boards and I’d been wondering where you and Amyabn have been since S3 started, then I remembered this site 🙂

  10. ND2488 says:

    I am late to the game. I had a friend recommend the show to me so I rented the first season. After watching the first three eps I went out and bought season 1 and 2 and watched them in a marathon session with my wife. I am a huge fan of Chuck’s friendship scenes with Morgan and Chuck’s heart in general. Best show on TV. This Blog rocks as well.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Welcome. I got hooked the exact same way. By episode 1.3 I bought season 1 DVD and got the rest on iTunes to hold me over till the S2 DVD came out recently.

  11. joe says:

    I too would like to welcome Kaybee and ND. I really enjoy having newcomers share their reactions with us.

    You’ve reminded me that the newest viewers are often the most observant.

    Heh! I always felt that I came in late myself, having seen only parts of season 1 and not really hooked until well into season 2. Now I have a 2 episode a day habit. ATCDave says he can quite any time, but we have our doubts.

    Anyway… I suspect it’s the little scenes that are the most memorable. Sarah’s wordless half-smile at the end of Lethal Weapon, the whispered “We have to run.” in First Kill, or Chuck saying “Yeah, you do.” Is there anyone who can’t identify those three words as being from the end of Best Friends? Those are the things newcomers see and react to, and those are the things that are enjoyable every time.

  12. Emily says:

    My cousin is who I go to when I want something new to watch or new music to listen to. I remember the day she first mentioned Chuck. We had just watched the first ep of the Big Bang Theory and it hadn’t hooked me at all (probably because I thought that the main characters were unattractive – I was superficial back then.) so when she started describing this show about a geek who works at an electronic store I groaned. ‘Give me an attractive male lead!’ And I thought that it was entirely implausible that an attractive CIA agent would fall for a geek. So I avoided Chuck and watched Reaper and Pushing Daisies instead, two other shows that she had recommended.
    That changed a few months later when I decided to look it up on the net one day after I had just seen my cousin. I google imaged it and instantly fell in love with Zachary Levi. ‘Okay, so the male geek is hot, maybe this show aint so bad…’ I thought. So I watched the pilot…and loved it.
    But the moment I knew I was hooked came when I got to the season 2 folder and realised that she only had the first 6 eps! I freaked out for a few moments, and then proceeded to watch the rest of the season online (not all at once, mind you!)

  13. Erin says:

    About halfway into season 2 I overheard two of my friends discussing Chuck. I was curious so i asked them to explain the concept of the show to me and was fascinated. Over that weekend i managed to watch all of season 1 and catch up on season 2 in time for the new episode (i can’t tell you how hard it was to have to wait a week between each episode from that point on).
    I loved Chuck so much from the beginning because of the characters. They’re relatable, funny, and well, awesome. It also helped that Sarah is an absolutely incredible character and Yvonne plays her unbelievably well.
    My real OBSESSION faze started a few months ago but only really hit it’s peak a few weeks ago when after days of convincing i watch season one and two with my sister. Since then i have watched and re-watched every moment so many times i sometimes question my sanity (well, i don’t, but friends certainly do).

  14. kg says:

    I vaguely recall those promos on Sunday Night Football and thinking that looks like a cute show. Unfortunately, it didn’t translate into the next night. And didn’t the writers’ strike shorten the season. In short, TV sucked back then.

    I’m in the Pacific Time Zone, Las Vegas, so the Monday Night games start just after 5:30 here. I frustratingly turned off another blowout around 8 early in the fall of 08 praying for something good on the Tube.

    Much to my surprise, it’s that computer nerd who becomes a reluctant spy show I’d heard a little about. Hot, young blonde. Yeah baby. Adam Baldwin (My Body Guard, Independence Day) I remember him. I’ll give it a shot. Michael Clarke Duncan. Interesting.

    I was hooked like the rest of you in vs The Seduction. Great episode. Larroquette was awesome. From then on I couldn’t wait for Mondays and scrambled to catch what I had missed ASAP.

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