Early Returns – Updated

And In The Mass. Senate Race…

Ha! Fooled you.

Early returns for last night’s episode of Chuck are in, but I’m having difficulty interpreting them.

Chuck pulled a 4.8/7 household rating/share. Last week in the same preliminary metered market numbers Chuck garnered a 4.9 rating.

These are not “Neilsen’s”, apparently, and they are preliminary. But given that Chuck was up against the two hour premier of 24 (uh, no ratings slouch, that…) getting nearly the same numbers as last Monday’s episode is not bad.

In fact, it’s downright good. This bodes well.

When more final numbers appear later today, I’ll post them here.

– joe

Update: As promised, here are the later results, and more importantly, the results in the all-important 18-49 demographic.

Chuck averaged a 2.5/6 adults 18-49 rating, fourth place in the 8pm hour.

That’s on-par with last year, or perhaps a smidge better. Heros is really hurting.


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5 Responses to Early Returns – Updated

  1. Rick Holy says:

    Slight drop off for CHUCK – down to 2.5 in the demo and 6.6 million viewers. Looks like a repeat of last season numbers-wise. The competition is tough, no doubt. I think we’re going to be on the bubble again – so it’s likely it will be a nerve-wracking season. But at least we’re still doing better than anything else NBC has put in that time slot – which says something. If holding onto last year’s numbers is good enough for a S4, then we might just get an S4. If Gaspin decides for a total house cleaning, we may be saying good-bye. BOO!

    Will be interesting to see what happens when Dancing with the Stars and House return to their normal Monday nights against CHUCK. Will DWTS take away more viewers from HOUSE or CHUCK? Will CHUCK still be able to hold to the 2.4+ demo number and 6.5 or more million viewers? Will be interesting to see.

    Don’t forget, people. If we’re “bubble” again, keep up the Subway visits on Monday nights. Could be the boost we need to survive, just like last season.

    With all the promos leading up to the return, it still seems like we’re where we were at last season – a little discouraging. But we can take SOME consolation – our numbers aren’t as bad as HEROES or “Howie Mandel” or whatever other show NBC has tried in the 8 p.m. time slot. Maybe that’s enough. Maybe that’s all NBC is looking for (at this point in their dismal overall performance) from CHUCK.

    “Do better than anything else we put on that night in that time slot” and that’s good enough. And of course, make us a profit, too!-

  2. ReadySet says:

    I don’t want to make too much a big deal of this, but: A couple of months ago, I was driven off this site by Old Darth because I challenged his desire to lose 16 percent of the fan base that he apparently didn’t like or disagreed with. He assured everyone here that there was nothing to worry about because he KNEW there were hordes of new fans just waiting to take their place.

    Well, you know what? In just four episodes, Chuck is now back to the ratings it had last year, before NBC’s all-out promo effort. Sadly, there ARE no new fans and I suspect a lot of fans have drifted away because of the repetitive nature of this year’s episodes.

    I wonder if Old Darth can now tell us where these new fans he promised are? Or maybe at least apologize for driving those of us who valued EVERY viewer off this and other sites.

    • atcdave says:

      ReadySet, you know I’m on the same page with you; Monday nights in particular are so packed, there just aren’t many new fans to be had. But given the way NBC has been in free fall lately, just holding steady is a minor victory for Chuck. Last season, Chuck routinely finished quite a ways behind Heroes; now, with only slightly better numbers, we’re well ahead. I don’t mean to say we can rest easy, but I think this is closer to good news than bad.

  3. Rick Holy says:

    New viewers are hard to come by – that’s why mainting your current viewership is so important.

    NBC did a great job (imho) promoting S3 – but a return to the same time slot was going to be difficult in taking viewers away from other shows in that time slot which are very, very popular.

    Perhaps the best bet would have been to chose another day/time for CHUCK. That’s why I’m thinking that NBC pretty much new that any “new” viewers were simply going to be a bonus. They looked at how everything else performed against that Monday night competition and figured if CHUCK could “hold it’s own” (i.e., maintain last year’s numbers), then that would be “good enough.”

    Again, purely speculation/conjecture on my part. But I can’t believe that they would actually think that putting it back Monday’s at 8/7 would somehow draw a significant number of fans away from shows that they already were hooked on (like we are with CHUCK).

    Perhaps there’s still a chance that the numbers can go up slightly. I’d just hate to seem them drop to the low 2’s. Mid 2’s and there’s still a chance for surviving for another season – even though THAT is still 4th place overall.

    We’ll see what happens. And hope for the best!

  4. weaselone says:

    Hopefully, these numbers will bounce back next week. 660k and .2 could easily be a week to week fluctuation, or an artifact of this weeks schedule, or the holiday weekend.

    I’m looking forward to some spies on a plane action with possible greeting of Chuck in Paris by Sarah. Yeah, I know. It’s not going to happen, but we’re not likely to see much romantic action between Chuck and Hannah at this point either. Let’s just hope that while Chuck’s away, Sarah and Shaw don’t start to play.

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