All The Chuck News Fit To Pixelate

Darth Razorback at Chuckgasmic has put up his latest podcast, and it is something you should not miss. It’s the best ever. Under discussion; Zac’s appearance at the NBC Store, Chuckfest, and of course, Operation Awesome. Excellent discussion on Shaw’s purpose, and the effect he’s going to have.

Guest ‘caster, Bailey (aka, Little Chuck Fan) steals the show. Friend of This Blog, OldDarth (aka, Lou) tries to steal it back! Rachael and Wendy go gaga over Zac, and Yvonne all but air-kisses Magnus. You can’t go wrong with that!

I was very remiss December and early January by not paying enough attention to Chuckfest. I knew I couldn’t attend, and I was totally oblivious to the great thing it turned out to be. The cast of Chuck got it though.

In other news, Michael Ausiello continues his spoilage, which is his wont, and gives a tiny one for Sarah, something we all knew, really. Her real name will be revealed in episode 8, which is the episode immediately following the Olympics.  Are we ready for a Sarah-centric episode?

Is the sky blue?

Finally, Zac is making the day-time rounds, big time.  He will appear on Ellen DeGeneres, Monday Jan. 25 at 2:00 PM eastern and The Bonnie Hunt Show, Noon eastern on Tuesday Jan. 26, both on NBC.  Yvonne is not appearing on my show at the same time.  Sniff.

– joe


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One Response to All The Chuck News Fit To Pixelate

  1. weaselone says:

    Wow. Those guys really have high opinions of themselves, don’t they? They’ve done really good work for the show and the American Heart Association, but their degradation of an entire segment of the fan base and tendency to lump vast portions of non-shippers into the category is somewhat disgusting.

    Wendy’s Zac segment was excellent. She’s nearly as big a fangirl of Zach as the shippers are of the Chuck and Sarah relationship. One thing I do regret is not having the freedom to just take off across the country to attend Chuckfest. I’m sure it was a blast for everyone that attended.

    I enjoyed the discussion of the episode and agree it was one of the better ones. Had no problem with the relationship between Chuck and Sarah being placed on the back burner with the emphasis placed on other character interactions and show aspects. I’m ambivalent about Shaw. He’ll definitely be a catalyst, but I think the commentators either threaded in too many details from interviews and spoilers into their assessment of Shaw, or are guilty of bringing in a lot of preconceived notions. There wasn’t much evidence in this episode of Shaw being particularly charming and relatable like Chuck, although the other aspects were certainly on display. I also find it curious that nobody mentioned the irony that Shaw was willing to leave Chuck on his own after implementing a plan with no consultation, but depended on Chuck and Devon to assist him under similar circumstances earlier in the episode.

    I hope they’re incorrect about Devon being drawn completely into the spy world. I’d like him to remain on the periphery. There are more than enough characters that need to mature professionally and emotionally over the season. Plus, it would be nice if Devon retained his honesty and isolation from the spy world so he could be utilized as a fixed point by which to measure Chuck’s progress and corruption.

    Out of curiosity OD, you keep lecturing people on the importance of the journey, but there was a heavy focus on the end point when they were raking the crazy shippers over the coals. There was a comment that the shippers wouldn’t be happy even if a spoiler came out showing Chuck and Sarah’s wedding. Well, that would only be the case if the shippers actually cared about the journey, because if the destination were the only thing important they would be ecstatic. So which view do you personally hold, are the crazy shippers endpoint focused, but simply unwilling to be satisfied no matter the endpoint, or are they concerned about the journey?

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