Chuck vs. First Class – Canadian and US Edition!

Spoil Us All, Great White North!

Chuck realizes he left the water running

We can take it! If you’ve seen the episode, if you like it, love it, hate it, or agonize over it, LET US KNOW! First impressions can always be revised, but you can never get ’em back.

Please consider this an open thread. And of course, if you HAVEN’T seen it yet, beware, ya landlubbers! Thar be spoilers!

– joe

Update: Okay – I just saw it, and I must say I’m grinning from ear to ear. The mate’s reaction? I WANT ANOTHER HOUR OF CHUCK!!! I’m not going to be able to get back to write more until later tomorrow, so please take this chance to let me know your reactions here!


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108 Responses to Chuck vs. First Class – Canadian and US Edition!

  1. Faith says:

    yes spoil me please 😉


  2. herder says:

    Saw the episode tonight, I enjoyed it and would rate it on par with or slightly better than Angel del Muerte(sp). My only complaint is the set up for the love trapazoid as I don’t understand why Chuck or Sarah would be interested in others in light of their connection to each other. It’s hard to be too definite as I get the impression that we clearly don’t have all the facts about past and present events, and I’m not sure that the facts that we do have are all accurate. I realize that I am being cryptic, but I don’t want to spoil it for others and I am interested in their impressions untainted by my suspicions about what we are being told.

  3. Faith says:

    I never really bought into the love trapezoid spoiler. Sure it’s out there but with the progression Chuck and Sarah has had, not to mention the indications that has been present in the early episodes it seems unlikely that either will go crazy and just fall for someone else.

    It’s far likelier that others (in the trapezoid) will feel something for our heroes and they won’t return these feelings and remain committed to each other.

    But then again I haven’t seen epi 4, or the rest of the “angsty” epis to come.

    -ChuckNewbie8 aka Jem

  4. herder says:

    One point I will make is about the music, this show does a tremendous job of tying the music to the mood of what is on the screen. Near the end there is a scene of Chuck and Hannah on the plane and the music (show score, not indie pop) doesn’t seem to fit, I’m not sure if this is poor editing or if it portends some sort of plot point, I would be interested in other’s opinions when they have seen it.

  5. Gord says:

    I watched it tonight after the game. Here’s your spoiler – Saints won.

    Actually it was a good episode. I enjoyed it. I think 3.04 was better, but still a good episode.

    Hannah was actually quite sweet in this episode, but while you could tell Chuck liked her, I didn’t get the sense it was in the romantic way. More of a lets be friends way. Maybe that is just my optimism creeping in, but at the end of this episode I just don’t see a real Love trapezoid between Shaw/Sarah/Chuck/Hannah. Also from the 3.07 synopsis I saw at, I am getting the impression that this whole PLI thing is about cover/mission rather than real feelings.

    One thing we see in this episode is an explanation of the ring Shaw put on his finger at the end of 3.04. I wont say what it is.

    We also found out that when Sarah was going to run away with Chuck she took a little detour to Lisbon. Shaw questions her about that and her explanation for that is rather interesting. Whether it is the truth or not I can’t say.

    Also I usually don’t like much of the Buy More antics, but so far this season the few that they have done, I have really enjoyed.

    For Casey fans – Morgan gives him a pay raise and a new title.

    I’m tryig to keep my spoilers cryptic, so you will all have something to look forward to tomorrow night.
    I will say that I didn’t see anything that looked like real angst to me. So I think the shippers can relax and enjoy this episode.

    Of course I will state that this is just my opinion, and there are probably those out there that would disagree.

    You will just have to watch it for yourself.

    • joe says:

      Gord, just saw it, and I have to say that I agree with everything to tried to hint at!

      The Buy More stuff was great. Hannah was sweet. Sarah was sweeter. This is getting more intense.

      And so far, I have to admit I like Shaw. I like what he’s doing and I like how (and even why) he’s playing “the grown up” in a way that Beckman hasn’t been able to do remotely

      PS Hey Gord! Did you hear – you got a mention (at about the 36 min. mark) of vs. the Podcast #37??? Congrats!

      • Gord says:

        Wow, I guess I got my 15 seconds of fame. I feel cheated, isn’t supposed to be 15 minutes?

        By the way I have created a new Chuck fan because of this episode. A guy at work who was into wrestling watched it because I told him about Stone Cold Steve Austin being a guest.
        Funny for months I tried to convince him to watch, I even offered to lend him my S1 DVD set. Well today he finally took me up on the offer. He loved every minute of the episode.

        If he gets a blu ray player he can borrow S2 from me as well.

        I think its amazing that someone who has never seen the show, can watch an episode in the middle of the 3rd season and love it.
        Sometimes I think we fans are taking the show way too seriously and have lost sight of all the great things in this show.

  6. Gord says:

    I should add – with respect to angst, my recorder decided to stop recording just as Hannah was walking into the Buy More, so I based my opinion about Hannah/Chuck relationship on what transpired on the plane. I will just have to wait until tomorrow night to find out if something big happened in that moment.

  7. herder says:

    Brandon Routh said in one of the interviews that Shaw and Sarah start something outside of work in his third episode. Some are now speculating that he is not in 3.06, that would make 3.06 & 3.07 the angsty Chuck/Hannah episodes and 3.07 & 3.08 the angsty Sarah/Shaw episodes. Worse yet, it would leave the Olympic break on an angsty romantic cliffhanger, bah humbug.

  8. Emily says:

    I just watched the episode and though it wasn’t as good as its predecessor, I still enjoyed it. I don’t know, but Chuck and Hannah together were actually really sweet. If they have a thing together – well, I’m not sure I’ll mind all that much. I really like Hannah’s character.
    I don’t, however, like the idea of Sarah and Shaw together. I took an instant liking to Shaw, but Sarah is irritating me this season. The only way she will annoy me more is by hooking up with him. Because then she really will have gotten involved with every guy she’s worked with (except Casey. Although now that would be interesting…:P) I suppose it’s not really fair of me to let Chuck have a fling but not Sarah. What I would really like to see is Sarah fall for a normal, non-spy guy, a lot like what Chuck used to be. Talk about angst!
    I loved watching Casey involved with the Buy More this ep. And Lester is one bad-ass!
    And on Sarah’s Lisbon detour – I won’t reveal anything important, but I’m inclined to believe she is lying – because how would she have gotten access to what she mentions? (I know that is very cryptic and I’m sorry.)
    SPOILER ALERT – Chuck doesn’t get to use his nun-chucks. And he’s very disappointed. Also, someone gets hypnotized, and someone gets trapped inside a teddy picker!
    Disappointing – No Ellie or Awesome or Big Mike this ep!

    • joe says:

      Welcome, Emily! Great thoughts. We’ll have to explore why Sarah is irritating you so far. The reaction from the guy’s side of the table (well, okay, *my* reaction) is that she’s showing a lot of what she’s been keeping inside, and the more of that Chuck sees, the better!

      • Emily says:

        Thanks for the welcome! The problem is that Chuck still isn’t seeing these feelings from Sarah, because she’s very reserved around him now. And he won’t let her get a word in edgewise 🙂
        I think I’m just irritated by Sarah because she has gone back into her shell, put her defenses up. It was like in the Crown Vic, when she was almost angry at Chuck for most of the episode, and I did not like seeing that side of her. That episode is not a favourite of mine. But in her defense (with regard to this season), she did have her heart broken, so i guess i could be a little lenient with her.
        I am loving Hannah though!

  9. compromisedcover says:

    I did’t realize this during the first 4 episodes, but with this particular one, I’m starting to worry that I’ll sorely miss our good ol’ Chuck Bartowski, the nerd/tech guy/articulate schnook; our everyday man who just happens to be a spy every once in a while. I know that Chuck’s supposed to be confident with his skills and it’s good that he’s standing on his own, but I just can’t help longing to see Chuck again in his room with his video games and comic books. That’s the character that I fell in love with and the reason why I friggin’ love this show. Chuck’s being inept as the conventional spy is, for me, the primary reason why I care so much when he screws up but eventually redeems himself by just being his nerdy self.

    But with this episode, the training wheels are so off, and I’m worried that I wouldn’t care as much as I did for Chuck because the Intersect 2.0 will most likely work and he becomes the traditional spy in combat that we usually see.

    And I really, really, really do hope that Chuck Bartowski better not act like such an a**hole because this episode gave me the impression that he may have a crush (maybe just a crush) on Hannah, while Sarah Walker just proved to us (again) that she’s one helluva spy and the coolest woman on the planet.

    • joe says:

      Welcome, Compromised. I know what you mean. But at the same time, I was getting annoyed with the old Chuck, the one I saw too much of in Beefcake. I don’t want to see 100% Charles Charmichael, either. It’s been a good balance so far, I think.

      • compromisedcover says:

        Thank you, sir. Maybe I kinda, sorta missed the old Chuck because this is his first time being physically on his own. And I do really enjoy him being a badass himself. But now that I think about it, maybe what I really miss is the Team Bartowski trio, the Casey-Chuck-Sarah dynamic, since our boy’s handlers were not physically around. They have their respective skillsets and complement each other’s weakness. Oh well, this is Chuck’s first solo mission anyway, so maybe with the next episodes I wouldn’t miss the old Chucky much when the Team B trio is back.

    • atcdave says:

      Yeah, I really agree with your last compromisedcover. So far, we Sarah as devoted and capable as ever; and Chuck acting like a bigger weenie than ever. We don’t know where this heading, but my initial thought is that I’m very disappointed in Chuck; the too affectionate gazing at Hannah seriously rubbed me wrong.

  10. AngelTwo says:

    Oh, my god. It’s ALL a set up. Shaw is either running a GIGANTIC extended training camp for Chuck (even Sarah and Casey don’t know) or he’s in charge of the Ring himself.

    You’re supposed to get that from what Lester says about Morgan. It’s exactly the same as all the soliders said about the Manchurian Candidate whose name was SHAW!

    I’m leaning to Shaw is training Chuck. Hannah belongs to him, of course. And he “killed” Sydney with a blank (the blood was a squib).

    • NoWayOut says:

      Wow! This makes sense. It would explain why Shaw didn’t seem to care about the “Ring” agent who first kidnapped Devon, why he killed Sydney and even why Beckman inexplicably allowed Chuck to go home with the Intersect in his head.

      Meanwhile, why does Sarah have (or had) Larkin’s ashes? And I assume she does/did (even if she didn’t go to Lisbon with them) because it would be too easy for Shaw to know if she’s lying.

      Should have seen the Manchurian Candidate angle coming when the character’s name was Shaw.

    • ReadySet says:

      And it would explain why Beckman was begging the then off-screen Shaw to let her tell them. And by then she would have meant Sarah and Casey, not Chuck.

      If this is what is actually happening–Shaw is training Chuck with phony “Ring” scenarios–it would explain Hannah conveniently appearing on the plane and conveniently appearing at the BuyMore. She’s the emotional part of the training. And Shaw himself is going to be pointing himself at Sarah using the “Ring killed my wife” story, which you know would affect Sarah.

      I think this is clever. If it is what is happening, a LOT of fans are going to be unhappy that they’ve been “tricked”

    • lizjames says:

      I actually got the Manchurian Candidate line from Lester, but, my stars, I didn’t connect it with the name Shaw until you wrote it, AngelOne.

      You might actually be right and Shaw is running a secret test of Chuck with phony missions. And let’s think about the missions: E4 tests Chuck’s ability to perform when his family is at risk. (And, conveniently, Devon can “save” Shaw from the shooting since Shaw would have set up the scenario.) E5 tests Chuck solo. E6 is going to test managing his own asset. Hannah is there to try to get Chuck off Sarah. Shaw is playing Sarah with a dead spouse story that would pull at her commitment to being with Chuck in a spy life.

      And then we come to E8, where we can maybe assume Chuck finds out that Shaw’s been testing him with phony missions. Hence the decking scene. And his confidence in Sarah is shaken because he thinks she was in on Shaw’s subterfuge. He goes off on a “nothing is real rant” which leads Sarah to do the name reveal to assure Chuck that at least she is real.

      E9 we know is about Morgan and E10 is about Casey. And suddenly we’re at E11, the final exam.

      Could fit.

      • Emily says:

        That’s a brilliant theory!!! But Bryce must have been in on it as well, as he is the one who mentions ‘the Ring’ to Chuck at the end of the last episode of season 2. But then why did he die? Unless it’s the second theory, that Shaw is the leader of the Ring itself, bringing team B down from the inside. Or the baddies in that ep were just fulcrum, and bryce, on his deathbed, set Shaw’s plan into motion. Either way, drama, drama, drama! (Ooh and I’m also looking forward to Chuck punching Shaw :))

  11. weaselone says:

    OK, I’m officially a Hack fan. I mean, imagine a woman that openly and honestly expresses affection for Chuck and using words no less. Unfortunately, I think Chuck just has a little crush on Hannah, because she’s sweet and emotionally open as opposed to closed off and emotionally constipated so she’s probably going to leave disappointed.

    • Lucian says:

      She is definately not his type – he only goes for women who like to kick him in the privates (except Lou, but he ended that pretty quickly).

      • weaselone says:

        That’s a good point.

        Does that mean if he and Sarah ever develop mature relationship based on honest communication, mutual respect and love that they’ll no longer be compatible?

  12. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    How can you be a Hannah-Chuck fan? That’s like a cardinal rule in the Chuckaholic by laws! haha, jk.

    Seriously though I’m getting worried here. Is Chuck+Sarah done for?

    • weaselone says:

      Sorry, I’ve been over at the boards and Chuck’s getting raked over the coals by a few members for what seems to be some sort of friendship/crush/I wish Sarah could talk to me like this desire. He can’t help that he finds her appealing, it’s how he handles what he’s feeling that’s important. Given that Morgan shows interest in Hannah at some point, I’m going to guess they keep things friendly, but not romantic.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I’m thinking they don’t read it as, “friendship/crush/I wish Sarah could talk to me like this desire.” It’s not outside of the realm of possibility Chuck wanders really, he’s done it before because he didn’t see any hope for him and Sarah. If that’s the case this time around then he is the douche the boards call him lol. Because Sarah imploring him to not go on a solo mission obviously for fear of his health…is pretty major emotional stuff. Now I’m starting to put stock in the whole Shaw will use Chuck’s betrayal to draw Sarah into his web.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      OD great read. I have some comments though but will wait until I actually see the epi to post them.

      But totally great read.

    • joe says:

      OMG, Lou! Faith is right – that’s a great read. I’m going to have a hard time coming up with something that’s any more insightful!

    • atcdave says:

      Good recap OD, and some good insights. I like your “caged lioness” metaphor, it is perfectly apt. Agree Sarah is probably being both honest and deceptive about the Lisbon stop. And I too think the wedding ring is a set-up; designed specifically to rattle Sarah. I disagree with Shaw’s assessment that the team has been holding back Chuck for two years; how could they possibly have treated him otherwise when for two years, he was the civilian idiot who got a program stuck in his head. Now, if Shaw wanted to claim their past baggage with Chuck was causing them to be overprotective now, he might have a case (especially regarding a certain caged lioness); but as stated, he was way off base. Kristen Kruek was indeed charming in her part, but I don’t care for that aspect of the story. It can be redeemed if Chuck realizes anything with her isn’t really what he wants (and likely a set-up to boot) long before things go too far.

  13. IHateInsurgents says:

    I thought this episode was hilarious. A good return to a great natured Chuck story with a pretty great B-story, mostly because of the use of John Casey, who is killing it this season.

    I’m looking forward to the next episodes, all the drama it’ll create. I’m happy with the direction the creators and writers are headed and I’ve got a firm belief that they love their characters and show just as much or more than the fans.

    I do have one question. At the very end of the episode, Shaw says something to Sarah after she looks in the envelope that made me wonder. And for those of you who have seen the episode, you know to what I’m referring. Who exactly is Shaw referring to when he is talking to Sarah, Chuck or Bryce? I believe it’s Chuck, but there is a compelling argument one could make – especially based on the discussion about Lisbon – that Shaw believes it’s Bryce. I just wanted to see if anyone else caught or thought the same thing.

    I love reading posts at this site, it’s always thought provoking. You all keep it up.

    • joe says:

      Oh good! I thought it was just me. I laughed harder in this one than I did in Op. Awesome when Chuck was explaining how Devon “helped” Casey. Hilarious!

      I assumed Shaw was talking about Chuck at the end, since Sarah referred to Bryce as her “first partner”. Maybe I missed something, but I thought it was pretty clear that Shaw thinks/knows Sarah is in love with Chuck. I’m certain Sarah took it that way, too.

      Thank you for the compliment. We always enjoy a good discussion here, and would really like to know your opinions too. Consider this a personal invite to join in freely!

  14. atcdave says:

    Overall a mixed bag for me. A major come down after the last two epis. There was some good funny stuff. Morgan being terrorized by his employees, until figures out the right buttons to push in Casey; that was very funny. Casey generally showing a lot of concern for Chuck (pretty much all season, that’s been a real treat), and providing helpful advise when Sarah couldn’t, good stuff. Didn’t really care for the fencing on the plane, it didn’t seem choreographed to their usual high standard. And I guess I have to line up with the very hard core ‘shippers on the ending; even my wife let out a disappointed groan as
    Chuck gazed longingly at Hannah. Bleccch.

    Now I admit, we don’t know how this will play out yet. It may be Chuck is nothing more than friendly with her (I’ll try to write more about this tomorrow); and certainly it won’t be anything long term; but, as always, I have zero patience with the “mind cheater”. Especially in an episode where Sarah seemed pretty fiercely loyal.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      major props for the return of the “mind cheater” phrase.

      It does seem like we’re back to Chuck 1.0 doesn’t it? Where Rachel Bilson (whom I actually liked in those epis) and Bryce return…but this time around we don’t have sizzling shrimp to keep us satiated.

    • weaselone says:

      It’s been 7 months, he’s allowed a little crush as long as he recognizes it for what it is. “Mind Cheating” is a lame term. It makes it seem as if a man is supposed to lose all appreciation for the qualities of the opposite sex if he’s in any sort of relationship.

      • weaselone says:

        This holds for women as well.

        Unless all those men and women watching the show who have crushes on Zach and Yvonne are all single.

      • atcdave says:

        First of all, “mind cheating” is an homage to the show we love. Secondly, I do understand Chuck isn’t getting much satisfaction from Sarah right now. But that is clearly a work in progress, and they’ve had some good sweet moments in the previous episodes; so the longing gaze at the end here completely rubs me wrong, especially, having seen the promo of home theater room scene. As I said, we don’t know the context; it could be cover/mission oriented. It could even be for Morgan’s benefit if Chuck (or Hannah for that matter) is simply trying to scare him off. But at this point I’m uneasy about where things are going in the immediate future.

      • weaselone says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I love the mind cheater line, I just would prefer not to get bent out of shape by what I saw in 3.5. I felt it was a great episode and I think the look of longing has less to do with Hannah herself, but what Chuck wants out of his relationship with Sarah.

        As for the kiss, I’m not too concerned with it because it lacked even the chemistry that we’ve seen between Chuck and Hannah so far. It’s either done for ulterior motives, the result of an Intersect flash, or Chuck realizes the moment it happens that he’s made a mistake.

      • atcdave says:

        I’m hoping you’re right. And Chuck thinking about what he wants with Sarah might work. As I said, we are currently lacking context. The last scene rubbed me wrong, that’s all I can say for sure.

    • herder says:

      I did like the episode, but the part of Chuck crushing on the new girl when Sarah was as you said “fiercely loyal” was out of character. There were a lot of interesting things set up for later episodes. I noticed there seemed to be an interesting difference in terms of reference of Chuck, Shaw, talking to Sarah called him “your asset”, but later between the two she called him “my agent”.

      I thought that it was clever the way that Shaw said “I beleive every word you said” but Sarah never adressed Shaw’s accusation that here being in Lisbon was about Chuck, I don’t think that Shaw believes that Sarah has told the whole truth about that trip off the grid.

      The “I like my secrets” comment may as well be made into a tee shirt for Shaw as I think that there are a bunch more secrets yet to come. That and I don’t think he is anywhere near done with his assertion that these two are the problem.

      I still don’t get the music part, when Shaw is telling Sarah about his wife we get the swelling emotional score, that continues when Hannah asks Chuck if she can show him the Eiffel Tower, but changes to ominous music when he gives her the card for the Buy More if she needs a job and the views of Paris, is this connected to Hannah or the model given to him by his father.

      I think we have seen the start of Casey’s antipathy to Shaw, his efforts in putting down the insurgency at the Buy More could later be mirrored by his own insurgency against Shaw.

      Over all much more of a set up episode than the last two, almost as if they were a breather after the initial reset in the first two episodes and this one is the start to the rest of the season.

      • weaselone says:

        How is a crush out of character? The Hannah character is someone Chuck would normally be attracted to. It doesn’t suggest that he’s unfaithful or plans on being unfaithful to Sarah.

      • atcdave says:

        Sadly, I agree with Weaselone on this statement. It isn’t particularly out of character for Chuck, this has consistently been the ugliest part of him to me; he distracts easily. It was extra painful with Sarah being so loyal.

        And I agree with Herder, I don’t think Shaw completely bought Sarah’s Lisbon story.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I can’t wait for Shaw to get decked. That will be a red letter day in my household.

      • weaselone says:

        We saw Sarah’s longing glances at Cole’s files as she pulled the espionage version of Google stalking so she’s guilty of it at least to the same extent as Chuck.

      • atcdave says:

        You’re right about the Cole thing Weaselone, and that’s a big part of why so many of us hated that episode.
        But anything after Colonel and Three Words is going to be magnitudes worse.

      • Faith says:

        One of the things I disliked about Beefcake wasn’t just the idea of “beefcake” it was the fact that everyone acted out of character in that episode. I mean even Casey was encouraging Chuck lol.

    • Rick Holy says:

      I thought it was a strong episode overall – but, as usual, I’m with you atcdave on the situation with Chuck regarding Hannah. He seems smitten with her – and just to see his reaction when she appeared in the BuyMore at the end of the episode had me not saying YUCK, but let’s just say a word that isn’t too far from it.

      Honestly. If Chuck has a “crush” on Hannah, it will show him to be pretty damn shallow. We’ve just gone from the reason I became a spy is because I love you to now possibly being enamored with the next hottie that walks in??

      Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the episode GREATLY. I love Kristin Kreuk and I thought “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was a great addition as well. But if what I think I think is happening, then Chuck is swimming in the SHALLOW end of the pool – if you catch my drift. And like you said – especially in an episode when Sarah was EXTREMELY loyal.

      I’m just hoping what seemed at first glance to be taking place re: Chuck and Hannah wasn’t, in fact, what was actually taking place. I had hoped we were beyond that stuff already. Truthfully, with LOU, it was understandable. Sarah had just told him that they wasn’t ever a chance of something happening between them. If now he’s smitten with Hannah, it’s – sorry folks – inexcusable.

      So….. I’m hopin’ what I thought I saw at the end of the otherwise GREAT episode WASN’T what I thought I saw. If so, it retards Chuck’s development substantially. Not as a spy, but as a human being.

      So, PLEASE – let me be wrong!

      • weaselone says:

        Crushes are by definition shallow so I’m not sure why Chuck being attracted to Hannah is exactly a poor reflection on his character. It need not lead to anything, particularly if he acknowledges it for what it is and doesn’t allow it to develop into anything else with the possible exception of a friendship.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I think the idea of disloyalty is more of a zinger than anything. If we are to assume that Chuck’s eye is easily turned to every pretty girl that goes his way then I too am losing respect for Chuck. It’s a matter of character and less about whether or not he will do anything.

      • weaselone says:

        So he’s disloyal if he finds any woman other than Sarah attractive?

      • compromisedcover says:

        Upon first viewing of the episode, my reaction to the last scene was, “What are you doing, Chuck Bartowski!?”. Then I watched the whole episode again, then realized that Chuck may just be fond of Hannah, maybe he just have a little crush. After all, one would react the same way if you meet someone that almost mirrors you personality-wise.

        I have faith in the writers that the final scene is really not what it seems, and that Hannah’s character has a higher purpose, not just an innocent likeable girl. Our Chuckster is better than that. Like what Bryce said, he always do the right thing.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Disloyal to find her attractive? No.

        But everything else from the connection they implied to Chuck’s “everything stays the same” and the look at the end speaks volumes. That smacks of disloyalty.

      • joe says:

        Stunning how our reactions to this potential (not actual, yet) crush reveals more about ourselves than about the characters. Yes?

        Faith, I made a mental note of the line “Everything stays the same.”, and promptly forgot where I placed it! 🙂 There were tons of things in this episode just like that. They are going to demand re-watching. I really can’t decide that I know what Chuck was thinking when he said that line, and I’d like to know!

      • Rick Holy says:

        Bottom line for me. Chuck hurt Sarah. He KNOWS that. He admitted it – and admitted that he loved her.

        So does that mean that we expect Sarah – who as we know is emotionally damaged goods – to just suddently “re-embrace” Chuck so soon after her hurt her when she put herself out there probably more than she ever had in her life? NO! And based on their converation in the courtyard after Morgan’s party, I think Chuck REALIZES that. They “made a mess,” and it needs to be fixed.

        What is the/a definition of love? It’s PUTTING THE OTHER PERSOON FIRST! Chuck may have SAID “I love you,” but Sarah SHOWED in the most powerful way that she could (run away with me) that she loved him.

        So if he REALLY loves her – as he says he does – he WORKS at “fixing the mess.” One doesn’t do that by oogling (is that a word) over the next attractive woman one encounters.

        Sorry to put on the priest collar, but there’s such a thing as fidelity – and I just hope that the writers haven’t taken that character quality away from Chuck in regard to Sarah when it comes to the introduction of Hannah.

        I “have faith” (and hope) that this won’t be something that hurts Sarah (again, she’s still trying to “recover” from Prague). We’ll see what pans out.

        Again – I did enjoy the episode greatly – thought it was one of the best so far this season. But the side of me that has seen Chuck and Sarah find ways of hurting each other over the past two plus seasons remains a little weary.

        Sorry, but that’s just me.

        Until Monday, KEEP ON CHUCKIN’ everybody! And don’t forget SUBWAY, either!!!

      • joe says:

        Wow! Good points, Fr. Rick. Consider, though, that neither we nor Chuck can expect Sarah to re-embrace their relationship just yet. So far as he knows, he’s just has a professional relationship with her, and it’s going to remain that way indefinitely. Oh yeah, it’s a mess!

        He’s not being disloyal, but he is being faithless. Well, not yet, but it just oriented himself in that direction. No steps have been taken, yet.

        Worried, are we? Yup! Just like we were when we saw Sarah kiss Cole.

      • weaselone says:

        I think you’re looking for ogling. The difference between us is that I don’t really see things going any further on an emotional level. Hannah will likely end up as a friend with her own crush on Chuck while Chuck will remain emotionally attached to Sarah. That’s something we see in the next episode when Chuck is clearly agitated over Sarah’s ministrations to his asset.

      • Rick Holy says:

        weaselone – I’m hoping you’re right!! 🙂 Like I said from the beginning: PLEASE, let me be WRONG!!

        Thanks for everyone’s input/take on all of this. I’ve never been so “involved” in a show like I have with CHUCK. I LOVE LOST, loved ALIAS, enjoy Burn Notice, and continue to hang in there with Smallville in its 9th season. But CHUCK, for me, is a completely different animal.

        My name is Rick. And I’m a Chuckaholic! (and I’m glad to be in such GREAT company!)

        Rock on, Everybody. Let’s hope for some good ratings numbers for last night’s episode. Stable or a slight increase would be AWESOME. A drop – especially when there were two (actaully with Brandon Routh, three) well-known guest stars – would be a disappointment.

      • atcdave says:

        I’m hoping Weaselone is right about nothing developing; and I can pretty much say ditto all to Rick.
        One way this may yet play out is; in spite of Shaw telling Chuck he had a chance and blew it; Sarah may be the one to realize she blew it by not saying anything after Three Words. Perhaps that will play into the name reveal in 3.08. Hope it doesn’t take that long though!

  15. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    Ok after finally seeing the epi I can now ably react. (Is ably a word? lol).

    Chuck’s “crush” is worrisome. I think the very idea after just a week of very strong emotions he’s back feeling this spark for Hannah is worrisome. I really shouldn’t have expected anything different because even with Jill he just seemed too easily swayed. Granted at the end of the day he picked Sarah but there were moments there that you totally believed and totally accepted that he would bury his feelings because of upset/lack of confidence/lack of hope/sign from Sarah and he will run off with Jill. That pisses me off.

    The mama-cub thing is spot on. I am a tad peeved that Chuck all but ignored her wishes yet again, but I do acknowledge that he didn’t really have time to respond or take a moment and reassure her it’s got nothing to do with her. I do take exception on the idea that Shaw is the only one that thinks he can do this—implying that Sarah doesn’t believe in him. I’m beginning to think that his reasons (the one he said in 3 words) are a lie, and that his reason (the one he said in pink slip) is the real reason he chose to be a spy. It’s because of him…selfish him. Bah-humbug.

    I’m usually not the nitpicky, pessimistic viewer but this episode totally rubbed me the wrong way. I hope the rest improve my disposition but for now there are things to dislike and be down about.

    Best part of the epi is the Buy More antics and I usually hate those. Really funny stuff.

    • atcdave says:

      We’re totally on the same page here. But I do want to re-iterate that we’re still lacking context. We can hate the ending, for what it was; Chuck being more that a little distracted by the next cute brunette who come along, while forgetting the woman who will happily kill or die for him. It feels a lot like Truth, or The Ex; but it is possibly even worse than that because Chuck and Sarah are at a FAR different place. He has confessed his love for Sarah, and while she hasn’t responded in words, her actions have been devoted, warm, and caring. And then Chuck moves on. Huh?

      I don’t believe it will play out so badly. The moment I object is the ending with a distracted Chuck. In the next few episodes, we will hopefully see Chuck do the right thing. We have good reason to think things will change for the better by 3.08 (or 3.13 at the latest). I’m just hoping I still like our hero at that point.

      • Emily says:

        The problem is that I don’t think Chuck sees Sarah’s actions being devoted, warm and caring. In 3 words Carina told him Sarah loved him, the Chuck poured his heart out to Sarah, only to have her say ‘lets be friends’ in the next ep. And after that, he hasn’t had all that much interaction with her, and what he has could be misconstrued by him as her not believing in his abilities, and not the over protectiveness that we see. For all we know he could be thinking that Carina was lying, and Sarah really does want to be just friends. So why wouldn’t he act on a spark between him and a sweet computer nerdette?

      • joe says:

        Well said, Emily!

        ATCDave captured my first thoughts exactly, with the idea that it may not play out so badly. TPTB love to make it look worse than it is, especially during episode/season breaks 🙂

        But there’s that chance. Myself, I have a real love-hate relationship with the idea that Sarah is being so obviously overprotective. It *is* a great sign of loyalty, and she really has to cut that out! Chuck doesn’t need a mother any more (Ellie did a pretty good job). He needs a life-partner. Hannah fills the bill pretty nicely.

        The only question, which has not been addressed, yet, is whether or not Sarah can see Chuck as a partner, the way she saw Bryce. Or is he stuck being “her” asset?

      • atcdave says:

        Good points Joe and Emily. It is true we know far more about Sarah’s feelings than Chuck does; of course, that has ALWAYS been true. As we were discussing earlier, that is one of the things that is officially way past stale. It is presumably one of the things that will get sorted out in the next episodes, although from the look of things, I would guess things will get worse before they get better. Sorry to bring this up in the wrong thread, but I really don’t think I like were they’re heading with characters or story next week.

  16. Emily says:

    is it Hack or Chunnah? Either way, I’m warming to this relationship…

  17. weaselone says:

    The Future Sarah Bartowski, Orion’s Wife

    Chuck’s taken a lot of hits from fans for his attraction to a cute, charming, smart, and emotionally open Brunette who actually apprises him of her interest in him. Apparently, after a 7 month estrangement from Sarah, Chuck being happy to see his female version walk through the Buy More doors is the equivalent of sleeping with her and sending Sarah the video tape. And after all the loyalty Sarah showed Chuck this episode. Personally, outside of whining on the mission during 3.2 and Chuck Lebowski in 3.1, I’m fairly fond of the Chuck character this season. Sarah Walker, not so much.

    I must have caught a different version of episode 3.5 than most fans, because I missed most of the loyalty Sarah displayed towards Chuck. I suppose Sarah didn’t denigrate and undermine Chuck while she was being grilled by Shaw, but in 3.5 we were largely treated to formidable displays of her protectiveness. Sarah was playing the role of mother bear, or the lioness guarding her cubs. She pushes it too far, particularly early in the episode when she runs the risk of undermining Chuck’s confidence. Chuck is a spy now, Shaw is his boss, and Shaw gave Chuck a mission. Coming up to him right before the mission and asking him to reconsider leaving is unprofessional, and arguably somewhat cruel given that Chuck doesn’t really have a choice, a fact reinforced by Shaw moments later. Apparently we’re back in season 1 territory without the light heartedness. Sarah’s emotions may be far more visible, but she’s expressing her love for Chuck through her responsibilities as Chuck’s handler, a job she no longer has. What’s missing is a lot of the sweetness and fun that characterized the relationship in Season 1.

    It’s no coincidence that fans keep describing Sarah as a dangerous animal with offspring, because that’s really where Sarah’s relationship stands with Chuck at this point in the season. She’s Chuck’s overprotective to the point of stifling mother. She’ll comfort him when something tragic happens and show up for family dinners but more intimate physical contact, flirting, and fun interaction seem to have little role in their relationship at this time. On the flip side, she’s unwilling to allow him to assume any risks in the spy world that would further his development. It’s too dangerous for him. Stay in the Castle and mommy will glance at you disinterestedly across the table or beat you with a stick. Hannah’s interaction with Chuck casts a harsh light on the relationship between Chuck and Sarah, and it is found wanting. It’s still a union of asset and handler as opposed to equal partners, the fun and light-heartedness has been drained from it, there’s longing and sadness as opposed to joy and fulfillment, stagnation instead of growth, and an inability to honestly share feelings and emotions.

    At this point, Sarah would make a better match for Stephen Bartowski than his son. He and She could stay isolated from the world, watching Chuck from a distance and meddling in his life in order to keep him safe.

    • weaselone says:

      We have met mama Bartowski and her cover name is Sarah Walker.

      I have to say, she looks remarkably good for her age, or any age for that matter.

      • Emily says:

        Exactly! Exactly! Sarah has been irritating me this season as well, and I tried to explain it above and failed. But you’ve really nailed it! It’s exactly how I feel as well. That’s why I’m team Hack – for now at least (don’t get me wrong, deep down I’ll always root for Chuck and Sarah). But the Chuck and Sarah relationship has lost the fun. And doesn’t Chuck deserve some fun?

      • weaselone says:

        Apparently not, given they can’t even permit Chuck a day in Paris. Sarah and Bryce can lounge around on the beach in Cabo, but no Eiffel Tower for Chuck.

    • lizjames says:

      Uh, hello… I feel compelled to mention that Sarah was right: Chuck wasn’t ready for the mission and would have been killed had it not been for several interventions by the on-the-ground team.

      The problem with the shows so far is NOT Sarah or Chuck or even the concept of the change in where they are going with the show now. It’s the violence they are needlessly doing to the canon and the characters, which is important if you want an active fan base.

      The obvious one in First Class is this: Shaw’s speech about the team being dysfunctional for two years and Chuck being coddled is twaddle. Chuck hasn’t wanted to BE a spy for two years. Casey and Sarah were SPECIFICALLY put there to protect him, not to train him. That was the entire storyline in S1/2: Chuck wasn’t a spy, didn’t want to be and needed Sarah and Casey’s help as he strugged to get OUT of spying.

      They didn’t have to go there. They could have and should have simply had Shaw say that it was time to test Chuck on a solo mission. The same drama would have been built up.

      That’s why this show infuriates me now. In changing the concept, which is fine, they are rewriting the backstory and the canon, which is death for a show that relies on an active fan base.

      But I think Ernie Davis is the most persuasive voice we have on this topic and I await his comments.

      Sadly, these characters are now growing anymore. They are being mutated and it makes intelligent analysis of their actions, feelings and traits nearly impossible.

      • weaselone says:

        By that line of reasoning Sarah and Casey are also not ready for solo missions as they have relied on the team and Chuck to get them out of tight spots. It’s not fair to hold Chuck to higher standards.

        I also think Shaw did a good job of clarifying his earlier statement in this episode when he noted that Sarah failed to push her asset. Even though Chuck didn’t want to be a spy during the first two seasons, he certainly wanted to contribute to the team in some way, hence his chafing at having to stay in the car. He wasn’t even pushed to use his own skill set and at times even stymied. Beefcake is one example. Chuck even steps up and offers to use his skill set and gets shot down. The search for Orion is another.

        And Chuck’s got the secrets of an entire nation in his head, so why wouldn’t they teach him self defense, or how to resist an interrogation or other skills that would assist him in defending himself and the information he carries?

      • lizjames says:

        You’re a smart person, your posts show that. But trying to ret-con what we’ve seen the past two years to fit what they are doing now is not smart.

        And you said it, Chuck was “an asset” not a spy. His spy life is exactly five episodes (and seven months by show chronology) old. You can’t “blame” Sarah and Casey for not making Chuck into a spy over the previous two years when the storytellers were SPECIFICALLY telling you he was trying NOT to be a spy.

        But, honest, my point is not that we should be arguing over the finer points of Sarah’s protective instincts of whether Chuck should be judged as spy for two years or seven months. It’s that we CAN’T argue about them because the characters, scenarios and backstories can no longer be trusted because the writers are no longer constructing a logical world within the context of the show parameters they defined.

        You can say to-may-to and I can say to-mat-oh, but then TPTB will come in and say, “That’s an orange now…” You can’t argue when nothing is EVER real or respected by the writers.

        It’s nearly impossible to have what we want (adult dialogue) when the show is all about images reflected in funhouse mirrors.

      • Lucian says:

        Liz, you are spot on (IMO). Hard to say how much I’ll empathasize with these characters in a few weeks. They did that so well for two seasons.

      • weaselone says:

        Liz, I certainly see you side of things.

        I just found it irritating during the 2nd season when the team dismissed Chuck’s own skill set, so my views aren’t purely a new development on my end. I actually defended Chuck breaking into the chip following the episode and suggested that Cole and the team were the idiots for walking into an obvious trap.

        In the Chuck Premier, Sarah let Chuck disarm the bomb, and in Tom Sawyer he was trusted to get access codes for the satellite. Then everything seemed to change. During Beefcake he isn’t allowed a try at breaking the encryption and when he wants to assist in finding his father, he’s told simply that the best and brightest of the NSA are working on it. There was a whole series of episodes where Chuck suddenly seems to be regarded as simply a flesh covered computer.

      • Faith says:

        Is it fair that Sarah interjects with her own fears and her own emotions just as he is to go on his biggest mission to date? No, she more than anyone knows how difficult it is to go on missions but here’s the thing, she’s not herself. She hasn’t been herself since she’s asked Chuck to run away with her.

        Oh and speaking of that keep in mind that she asked him to run away with her and he turned her down. If he still doesn’t understand after all this that she has feelings for him, and thereby is free to sow his oats he will never get it…I sincerely doubt anything Sarah ever does will convince him. Maybe it’s really his insecurities that needs to be examined. Every girl that smiles at him is fair play. It’s funny we get all gung-ho about Beefcake et al and yet it’s Sarah that has always remain stedfast in her feelings for Chuck while Chuck conveniently uses every discouragement as reason to hurt Sarah.

        And while she hasn’t expressed dissatisfaction at what could very well be (I fully acknowledge) just a friendship with Hannah…I find it interesting that Chuck would even question Sarah’s trust and belief in him. Who has always had his back? Sarah. Who has always believed he can be a spy? Sarah. Who has always told him he was a good guy and a hero? Sarah. So slighting her and her belief on him because she’s fearful for him is shortsighted and frankly undeserving of Sarah Walker (the awesome person she is).

      • lizjames says:

        I will certainly agree with you that S1/2 had some wobbly storytelling and some problems. But, generally speaking, the overarching nature of the reality was clear: Chuck was unwilling to be a spy and unwavering in his desire to go back to “normal.”

        The writers cannot ignore that. If they are going to recast, ret-con and replay every scenario, the show cannot continue to work. Because we’ll have EXACTLY the kind of problems we’re having no in divining character motivation and reaction. If every episode in the S3 reset discards and actively trashes what went before, the show is gobbeldegook.

        That’s my point, really. Not that any of your arguments aren’t valid, but that almost any argument can be valid now because the writers are shifting the reality in absolute contravention of what is indisputable.

        I’m pretty sure that the writers didn’t want you to find Sarah an overprotective mother in E5. I think they were going for genuinely frightened lover.

        But you can make the other case specifically because they are throwing out canon for no reason.

        That’s the danger here. Chaos because TPTB are honoring nothing about what went before. As Ernie has consistently argued since this season started, the same stories could have been told without trashing the accepted reality of the first two seasons.

        And let’s be honest: The casual viewer or new viewer won’t be bothered by all of this. They’ll take what is served up to them as the truth on an episode-by-episode basis–and stay or go on an episode-by-episode basis.

        But WE active fans care about it and Chuck has survived because of the active fan base. You already see folks drifting away because they are unhappy how Chuck and Sarah’s relationship is being handled–or leaving because it is STILL being chewed on endlessly to the detriment of other aspects of the show. Some are drifting because Chuck’s essential character–loving, trusting, loyal–is being changed.

        The trick in a show reset is to bring in new viewers without losing the old. By sloppily playing with the canon for expedient storytelling is the mark of a show in real trouble.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Well stated all. I think we are still dealing with the hangover of an ill considered and poorly executed reset. They took the relationship and Chuck and Sarah individually to some very dark, weird, and inexplicable places in the attempt to, like it or not, admit it or not, try to play relationship angst with PLIs one more time. Now we’ve paid the price with not only a bad season opener and a weak second episode, but in having damaged the characters to the point where one, the other, or both are often unsympathetic.

      I can just about guarantee that their original intention was a replay of last season where Chuck and Sarah would find their way together very close to the end of the season and potentially broken up in the finale in another ambiguous cliffhanger. The only saving grace is that the fan reaction happened before they finished the front 13 let alone the back 6 and there is a chance they can salvage something. It seems pretty obvious to me that TPTB are trying to walk it back from their original plan, they are essentially to the point of begging the fan base to stick with them through the season, practically divulging entire plots in the back 6 to be wet sloppy kisses to shippers. Rather amazing for such tight lipped spoiler-phobic types, wouldn’t you say?

      And this is where they totally missed what most of the shippers wanted. It wasn’t Chuck and Sarah happily married right away, or even together right away, it was characters we could still like and root for and a story that was fun, moving, and rang true to the characters they’d given us rather than one last flog of the remains of that one trick pony. Now I fear that they’ve over-reacted and will rush to put Chuck and Sarah together AGAIN in a way that harms the characters and story, AGAIN.

      At this point, and I both hate and hesitate to say it, I fear we’d be better off if this is the last season and they wrap things up well in the back 6 so at least we get a complete story worth having on DVD and re-watching every so often.

      Yes, yes, I know, I should just quit watching if I feel that way…

      Edit: Sorry all, forgot to log in. Ernie

      • atcdave says:

        Thanks for that Ernie, good post. I’ve also found the release of details about the back six interesting. If only we still care when we get there…….

      • Faith says:

        Don’t hit me but I actually like the dichotomy that season 3 has brought in comparison to the previous seasons. I enjoy the fact that there’s a certain reversal of roles when it comes to wants/views of spy life-normal life when it comes to Chuck and Sarah.

        And while I didn’t like the premiere, taken with 3 words I was momentarily mollified by the direction they chose to take the Chuck and Sarah relationship. In fact it gave it a credence of real and lasting love, and true growth for me.

        But this? This I totally do not feel good about. I think it’s expected to be a bit of an uphill battle after what happened in Prague and obviously they will have to scale some mountains (not to mention the “mess” they themselves talked about) to be together but I had hoped they’d stay true to their characters and go about this business without seeming immature and disloyal—though like I said I shouldn’t have been surprised really. Time will tell I suppose. There’s always room for hope. 😉

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Don’t get me wrong I actually like some of the new Chuck aspects too. My main complaint is that the character reset they handled so deftly in the S1/S2 transition they mangled in the S2/S3 transition because they were so focused on breaking Sarah and Chuck up so they could replay that part of the romance. In the process they turned Sarah into a complete flake and basket case rather than someone with a painful past to overcome and they turned Chuck back into a 13 year old boy rather than the focused adult and reasonably competent though untrained spy he’d become.

  18. Faith says:

    Honestly I’m happy he didn’t get to enjoy Paris with Hannah. I’ve been calling for some kind of vacation since the hiatus from season 2…and if there’s anyone he should enjoy Paris with it’s Sarah. But that’s just me 🙂

  19. compromisedcover says:

    Wow, this conversation about the “reset” really got me thinking. For me, I’ve always attributed the motivations of the new Chuck, who’s really digging the world of espionage, to the S2 finale specifically his epiphany when Bryce died. He’s ‘that guy’ and wants to be good at it (being a spy).

    But it sometimes turns me off that he’s embracing his destiny too much, just after 7 months. That scene in E5 where he readily agreed with Shaw that Sarah and Casey may have stifled his growth as a spy (“Let me out of the car!”)? C’mon Chuck! You’ve only had +/- 7 months of irregular training. You didn’t even say to Shaw, “Are you sure I can do this?”, after learning you’ll have your first solo mission. Talk about overconfidence.

    But I forgave him when it’s clear during the mission that he still needed Casey and Sarah, and acknowledged it when he got back. I just hope Chuck wouldn’t stray too much from who he really is, or at least the Chuck we know and love.

    I owe CC a personal apology for this one – this post was in the spam folder for reason’s unknown! I’ve simply not gotten in the habit, like I should, of making sure the spam traps in WordPress are working properly! – joe

  20. compromisedcover says:

    Wow, this conversation about the character “reset” really got me thinking. That scene where Chuck readily agreed with Shaw that Sarah and Casey may have stifled his growth as a spy (“Let me out of the car!”)? It turned me off. He didn’t even say to Shaw, “Are you really sure I can do this?”, upon learning he’ll heve his first solo mission. Uh, Chuck, remember you’ve only had 7 months of irregular training? Talk about overcnfidence, man.

    I know our Chucky’s supposed to be a hero, but sometimes, he seems to completely stray from the Chuck we know and love from S1/2, sometimes there’s no reluctance at all. But I forgave him when it’s clear during the mission that he still needed Sarah and Casey and acknowledged it when he got back.

    • lizjames says:

      One of the many things wrong with the scenario last night was that Chuck DID NOT defend his team. He could have said “Let me out of the car” while saying he never questioned Casey and Sarah’s devotion to keeping him safe.

      That was the Chuck we saw at the end of the mission, but it also should have been the Chuck at the beginning of the mission, too.

      Chuck, as Casey once fiercely protested, never betrayed his team. He did to Shaw…

    • weaselone says:

      He readily agreed, but initially seemed very surprised by Shaw’s pronouncement. Chuck feels a need to prove himself because right now he’s still treated more like an asset than an equal member of the team.

    • atcdave says:

      I remember writing just a couple days ago that maybe we wouldn’t see the cocky Chuck many of us were worried about in the off-season. Well, last night was close, and it looks like worse may be ahead. It was very disappointing to me how casually Chuck turned on Sarah and Casey in that scene. Now, that is a failing that clearly does have a context; Chuck is so eager to prove himself, and be accepted as a spy, that he will jump at any opportunity. And I really liked Casey casually muttering “idiot” when Shaw rendered his verdict; at that moment, I would say Casey was the only sane person in the room. Sarah was clearly hurt, and we would expect her to be by that.
      So far, this season, we’ve had two episodes I had absolutely no interest in rewatching the next day (Pink Slip and First Class). That’s something that never once happened in S2; this is not a good start. And yes I know, that is purely a personal opinion. If others really like this episode, good for them. But if we didn’t have good reason to expect better things ahead, I would now be seriously considering removing this show from my “to do” list.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I had my existential spy crisis the premier night. I had no desire to re-screen either Pink Slip or Three Words and was on the fence about even watching Angel of Death, glad I did though. I agree that 2 out of 5 is not a good sign, I’m still hoping that 2 out of 54 will be closer to what we get.

        I’ve only watched this episode once, so I can’t form a real lasting impression yet, but in order from Awesome to Awful I’d say it’s Operation Awesome, Angel of Death, First Class, Three Words, and Pink Slip.

  21. weaselone says:

    2.5/6 6.94 million

  22. Lucian says:

    Given that Chuck is potentially the world’s most dangerous spy and that virtually every U.S. secret is locked in his head, do you think someone might give him a clue regarding what is up there? He seems to have to guess/hope that he has a particular skill set. Not a particularly effective training technique, IMO.

    This season was supposed to be about Chuck’s transition from man to spy and the relationship moving from “like” to “love”. So far, they haven’t pulled either one of those off with a much grace.

    The episodes are entertaining, but the characters seem to be becoming caricatures.

  23. Lucian says:

    Chuck’s inability to figure out how to lie about Paris was season 1 stuff.

    • weaselone says:

      It’s not quite the same thing here. Chuck’s learned to lie in order to conceal his spy life and protect his family. Lying for the purpose of concealing his lack of experience with first class travel and trips to Europe is a different matter.

      Chuck actually does manage to lie fairly skillfully to Hannah where it matters. He wasn’t sent on a trip to Paris to perform and install for a wealthy Buy More client.

  24. Lucian says:

    You’re right – he pulled that off quite well.

  25. Lucian says:

    Given that Chuck and Sarah are on year three of their relationship, and they have had about 30 minutes of “real” relating, is it any surprise that they would be attracted to Hannah and Shaw? It would be a stretch if they weren’t.

    • atcdave says:

      I don’t think its fair to count three years. You know my bias, I will never like any triangular shaped story element. But even so, Colonel should have been the game changer; CF himself called it a point of no return. Obviously, he lied.
      But, Chuck just told Sarah he loved her two weeks ago. No matter what her response; Chuck being ready to move on in two weeks does not reflect well on his character.

    • Rick Holy says:

      Oh, my friend. I’d say there’s been A LOT more than 30 minutes of “real relating.” I haven’t seen that Sarah has been “attracted” to Shaw in any “real” way (at least not yet), but Chuck is – at least by all appearances – attracted to Hannah.

      Under ordinary circumstances, I would say “right on!” But not after all of the sacrifices he has made for Sarah (and she for him) and especially after his profession (or confession – depending on how you want to phrase it) of love for Sarah.

      Maybe we’re just seeing this from different perspectives, but to me, it reeks of shallowness on Chuck’s part. I’m not anti-Chuck at all. I guess I’ve just come to expect (hope for) better – at least better than what APPEARS to be happening.

      And like I said previously, I HOPE I’m wrong!

      • Lucian says:

        Fr. Rick – I am not suggesting that this is the way it should go, or I would prefer it went. I really would like to see these characters move forward, and find some happiness in their lives. But, their relationship has been two years of “it would not be professional” to a short period of huge miscommunication resulting in deep pain; and now we are at “lets be friends and see what happens”. As someone who advises lots of couples, don’t you get to a point of saying that it probably is a relationship that doesn’t have much of a future?

        My guess is, if they came to you for advice, it would be, “you two need to sit down and figure out what you want out of life and if that reasonably can include each other. If not, find someone you can be happy with.” Yes, they have both suffered a lot for each other, but, shouldn’t a healthy relationship include more than suffering?

        (and the bottom line, how entertaining is it to watch?)

      • herder says:

        No, I think Fr. Rick would say “before either of you make any big decisions you have to talk to each other and determine what you really want”. Not to put words in his mouth.

  26. Lucian says:

    I think that is pretty much what I am suggesting. Chuck and Sarah’s dilemna is pretty common (though the context is unique); the ability to balance career issues and personal ones. So far, they don’t seem like they are able to figure that out. Chuck seems to be stuck in high school, so I am not sure when he will be mature enough to get this to work.

    • atcdave says:

      Now that’s something I agree with entirely. It would show some serious growth if a few weeks from now we see them both seeking the healthy balance between love and career.

    • Rick Holy says:

      I’m back. The bottom line is that love is a choice, not just a feeling – and these two people (Chuck and Sarah) by their ACTIONS have shown that they’ve made the choice to love each other. Their problem is that neither (although Chuck may be slightly better at it than Sarah) is any good at expressing that love in words.

      Chuck managed to get out “I became a spy because, Sarah I love you.” But why did that happen. I think in the context of the situation, he thought he was going to die with the gas coming in to the vault room and not knowing what was taking place on the other side of the door with Sarah.

      These people love each other – they’re just inept for numerous reasons at expressing that love in words. THAT’S why I find it disappointing, shallow or whatever for Chuck to suddenly be smitten with Hannah – so soon after he actually WAS (although it came under duress) able to finally express his love for Sarah in words.

      I think we all know how this will end up – at least how we hope (or at least I hope) will end up. But like a lot of other things people have mentioned in regard to Chuck (himself) this third season – “It’s season ONE stuff!” If it turns out that he IS smitten with Hannah, add that to the list of “Season ONE stuff!”

      Great conversation all! Peace!

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