Season 3: Perceptions, gripes, and wild guesses

Well friends, I am back from my deployment and have powered through all of the Season 3 episodes to date.  I was able to keep up with the blog, but I still wanted to jot down my thoughts to this point and share with you where I think TPTB are going with S3.  I know my co-bloggers and our readers have made excellent points throughout, but I hope you don’t mind indulging my perspective as I’ve survived waiting to get home to watch our favorite show!  Please forgive the scattershot approach to this post, but I have a lot to get out!

Taking all of the episodes in one lump has given me, perhaps, a different perspective than those of you who were fortunate enough to watch week by week.  I see this journey evolving much as I have previously:  Sarah and Chuck need to find the middle ground and what real means to them.

Chuck has embraced trying to be a spy.  He has progressed from eager beaver to slightly over confident “1 Mish” to feeling the weight of making hard choices.  The good thing is that he hasn’t totally lost himself-yet.  I hope that won’t happen, but even his choice to tranq Manoush in Sampler was in reaction to Casey aiming his pistol at Manoush.  I think he has grown since Sandworm in understanding the threat to the world that a new, uncontrolled Intersect would pose.  The good thing is that he is struggling with it.  He has managed to use both his own intellect (tweaking the Ring phone) as well as the Intersect to be successful.

Sarah put her heart on the line and got stomped for it.    She reverted to Agent Walker, but Carina was able to quickly get Sarah back, in spite of her exclamations to the contrary that spies don’t fall in love.  She has softened and is concerned that Chuck is losing himself.  I hope, as some have speculated, that she is working to undermine Shaw’s influence and to help Chuck.

Shaw is a character that I don’t like thus far.  He loved, he lost, and now is bent on making Chuck into, well, Bryce.  His singular focus completely misses the mark and fails to see the goodness in Team Bartowski.  The whole is definitely stronger than the sum of its parts but that is lost on him.  I don’t trust him, even if his motives are good.

Hannah is a little too perfect for Chuck.  It parallels Sarah’s speech about how to ingratiate yourself with a mark.  She would know-and I’m referring to her grifter days more so than her spy work.  As a con artist, Sarah and her father used a mark for themselves whereas spying is supposed to be for a greater good.  I think it is an important distinction.

My gripes are few, but I think they are valid.  Sarah now claiming that she and Chuck can’t be together because they are spies flies in the face of her previous assertion that she couldn’t be with Chuck because he was an asset.  Chuck called her on her relationship with Bryce once-I’m waiting for him to do it again.  I get and understand she is hurt, but I’m glad that she saw his explanation via Carina’s video.  We still can’t get them to truly talk to one another so we have to fix their relationship by proxy.  Both BG Beckman and Casey have said they don’t care what has happened between them, and I think Casey will be part of bringing them back together.

I am finding Devon more and more annoying.  I appreciate that he doesn’t like lying, but his over the top reactions are wearing on me.  For a guy who loves adventure, I would think he would react in a “cooler” fashion.

I know everyone has a different opinion on the whole journey concept (and it has been rehashed to death), but I have to voice that I am not having as much fun because Chuck and Sarah aren’t either.  I don’t like the heavier tone all the time and I’m hoping we turn a corner very, very soon.  We are about at the “hump,” the middle of the original 13-episode arc, and I don’t think they would write the shortened season with our favorite spies ending up apart at the end.

I predict that they will quickly find middle ground.  Chuck will realize what he stands to lose by trying to go it alone, and Sarah will become more comfortable with Chuck and his skills.  If the writers can continue to balance Chuck using his own intellect with a smattering of cool Intersect skills, and the two finally have a real conversation, they can figure out what they want together.  Nothing I’ve seen in previews or spoilers leads me to believe that things are as bad as we initially thought they were going to be.  Maybe I’m just an optimist!

Oh, and if you can picture me squealing at the computer, they used “Wait It Out” by Imogen Heap in Pink Slip.  If you recall, I had written an entry on the song.  I wonder if TPTB read our little blog?!



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My name is Amy and I'm in the active Army as my profession. I love the show Chuck and want to see it succeed for many seasons to come. My twitter handle is amyabn.
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45 Responses to Season 3: Perceptions, gripes, and wild guesses

  1. lou federico says:

    Not really a guess but the next one to find out about Chuck being is spy is ******. It was on the trailer after the two hour season premire. You have to be quick with the pause button but you can catch it. This weeks episode will reveal it.

  2. lou federico says:

    Amy rate the episodes in order of your liking. Mine are 4,3,6,5,2,1,

    • amyabn says:

      I have to be honest, I need to watch them all a few more times to really rank them. I found things in each that I really liked and felt they moved things in the direction I would like them to go, but then they threw in the dreaded angst with a dump truck, and have dampened some of my enthusiasm.
      I really enjoyed the family aspects of Angel (all of them at the embassy, not to mention Ellie calling Sarah out on her feelings) and the dancing. I thought the kiss in Pink Slip was the most real I’ve seen between the two of them (not so hit and miss). I hope we get our key moment soon, so our faves can turn the corner and get back to being a true team, to rebuilding the intimacy that was shared and now seemingly dumped by misunderstandings-it shouldn’t be that easy. They have done a lot to trivialize their feelings this season and I don’t like it.

  3. joe says:

    So good to see you back, Amy!

    Man, I agree with a lot of the things you say, especially about Devon. I like the guy who tells Bryce (not knowing who he is) that “I’m a thoracic surgeon, and if there’s one thing I know about, it’s the human heart. If you ask me, she’s in love with Chuck, dude.” The guy who freaks out trying to cover for Chuck – not so much.

    Oh – and you doubted that we have influence with the highest of TPTB? Why, just today I was telling Josh Sc^w^59. to ##&@*7%$^%^^^… transmission terminated by orders of BG Beckman…

  4. lou federico says:

    This coming episode is the biggest in the future of Chuck. You have to go out strong before the Oly. break. Hopefully, NBC will still promote Chuck during the Games. Second biggest episode is the one coming back. 3D was a terrible episode after the Superbowl hype and it went downhill from there. Chuck has to at least bump up a little to 2.5 and hopefully come back with a 3.0 after the Games.

  5. herder says:

    Good to have you back, I just saw the new preview of Chuck and Sarah bickering jealously on the Chuckmeout site. Good to see them express feelings for each other even if in a less than ideal way. Hopefully the “love paralellogram” will be more for humor than hurt.

  6. OldDarth says:

    Sarah and Chuck are having a hard time masking their jealousy.

    How appropriate:

    • Mike B says:

      I like that Casey turned off their mics with Shaw listening in.

      • amyabn says:

        I liked that too. It’s kind of his tacit way of supporting them without being annoyed. I’m sure he’d be happier with them together and bludgeoning them with his quips, grunts, and one liners!

      • atcdave says:

        I liked what Casey did, but I’m not that nuts about the scene. We’ll have to see how it plays out (I mean, bickering can be fun if they both end up laughing about it, otherwise I’m not really a fan), but I’m really hoping for a little warmth between them at some point. I know, I probably have to wait ’til after the Olympics. I normally really enjoy the winter games, but I think this year I’ll be counting the days….

    • joe says:

      Oh that’s cute! Maybe I shouldn’t be chuckling at their mutual display of jealousy, but it’s endearing. You want to say “Awwwww – they *care*.”

      I’m sure Casey is saying to himself that the two dummies are barely noticing that.

      • Gord says:

        First of all welcome back Amy.

        As for the jeolousy scene, when I saw it, I had a flash, I mean flash back (I knew I shouldn’t have bought those sunglasses) to Hard Salami in the trunk of the car.

        I personally love this little exchange, in a way it confirms that they are warming to each other again.

        As for Devon freaking out, I thought it was not that great in the Nacho Platter, but I loved it in Operation Awesome – his attempts to lie to Ellie “the cat was a bear”. I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.

        I still like the idea of Awesome not being able to lie and freaking out , but I think they went just a little over the top at the end of Nacho Platter.

        Overall though, this past episode is my favourite to date of the season if not the entire series. Angel and Operation Awesome are up in my all-time favourites as well.

    • ReadySet says:

      Oh, boy, now we can have another pompous and self-important Old Darth article about how the “journey” requires Chuck and Sarah to be jealous of each other before they can be together. I can’t wait.

      • AngelTwo says:

        Please don’t give him any ideas.

      • AngelTwo says:

        Wow! The post I was commenting on and agreeing with above has mysterious disappeared. I guess it’s not allowed to puncture the ego of insufferable “big name fans” who are, by constrast, allowed to beat up on others and try to ram their Bizarro World views down all of our throats. I’ll not post here again, that’s for sure.

      • lou federico says:

        I can’t believe that. The one of many things great about this website it is free from the tyrannical oppresion of the NBC PC thugs and you can express all of your views her safely. I hope you kept on posting because we need to balance the ying with the yang and bring the light of reality into the great hall of Chuck sometimes. I can say NBC SUCKS with being waterboarded.

      • lou federico says:

        sorry I ment WITHOUT being waterboarded

      • joe says:

        Lou, there’s some truth in what AngelTwo has said, and I take the responsibility and blame for it.

        But AngelTwo really is not the injured party, and shouldn’t take offence. She is always welcome.

        I guess a public statement is warranted, and honestly, I feel awful, ’cause I was put in the same position that caused me to create this blog – my dissatisfaction with the NBC board’s moderator. Sadly, I handled it no better (and yes, Chuck burning an asset haunted me in a dream last night, seriously).

        I felt the post was clearly abusive and otherwise added nothing to the discussion. I e-mailed the poster and removed it, but did not ban that person. My mistake was weeks ago, when I should have done something similar to another post that was construed as abusive, but didn’t. Two wrongs don’t make a right, so permitting this recent one would only make things worse.

        I clearly have a blind spot with people I agree with.

        All I can do now is say this. We all have been amazed and gratified that so many passionate people have respectfully stated their opinions. But that means that anything that comes close to a personal attack stands out, and can be perceived to be “over the line” by some, even if it was intended to be merely “clever”. We all have blind spots (especially for those with whom we agree), so Amy, Dave, Ernie and I have to cover for each other that way. No one will have posts removed if only one of us has a problem with it, and we’re all agreed that it’ll take a lot.

        And with the 1000s of comments I’ve seen, I want to say again that the quality has been amazing.

        Personally, I’d like to keep this a place where Marcus and his diatribes could pass muster with Bailey’s mother. That’s probably not possible.

      • lizjames says:

        I guess the bigger issue, Joe, is why you continue to protect the person who created this problem for you in the first place?

        He always beats up on people who disagree with him–he did it yesterday at when a poster called him out on his inability to understand what the ratings are saying about this season’s decisions by TPTB–and continues to put up the most inane drivel about the show. And when someone here makes the obvious comment–that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and continues to do it at excruciating length while telling anyone who doesn’t agree with them that they’re not smart enough to understand his profundity–you remove THAT post.

        I know you to be an honest and honorable person. But you seem to be protecting the one person who you SHOULD be censoring. He’s the problem. Not the posters who point out the elephant on the blog. (OK, not a good metaphor, but you get my point…)

        My two cents worth. Take it for what it is…two cents worth.

      • atcdave says:

        Liz, if I may answer a little for Joe; we are trying to keep everyone involved, and value everyone’s input. We don’t want to cross the line into personal attack. But that can be a fine line to see. Disagreeing with someone is not grounds for censure, neither is getting annoyed. We’ve all been there, and I’m sure it will continue. You know I’ve been involved in some disputes.
        If someone insults or demeans you, let one of us know, we will try to facilitate an acceptable outcome. We hope we can be accused of trying to protect all of our posters, we want this to be a place for the exchange of thoughts and ideas related to our favorite show; without the heavy handed moderation of the NBC forums. But we want this place to be civil and fun too; and hopefully safe ground for younger fans, and old coots with fragile egos like me, all at the same time! And for the record, no one has been put “in moderation” or “banished” or anything else. We really hope all parties involved will continue to post and give their honest opinions.

      • joe says:

        You’ve asked us to take down your post but both Dave and I find it worthy, Liz, and very much of value for the future. I hope you reconsider and let us keep it up.

        Let me know.

      • joe says:

        Liz and everyone,
        The four of us, Amy, Dave, Ernie and myself have decided that removing ReadySet’s post was the wrong thing to do. We decided to put it back with apologies, but ReadySet has asked us to drop the whole matter and to get back to discussing Chuck (to which I reflexively respond, hear hear!)

        Clearly, there’s history here that goes back before today, and looking at that post in isolation caused more hard feelings. I let a small problem become a big one by not taking action or even making myself clear weeks ago. So for that, I also owe you all an apology too. The level of enjoyment just dropped for everybody, and that is truly my fault.

        I understand that we are passionate about this show and our opinions are precious to us. I know first hand what it feels like to be disrespected and even more, I know what it feels like to be treated unfairly by moderators. That’s what created this blog. I’m caught between not wanting to remove posts for any reason, and wanting to keep this place safe and pleasant for everybody.

        I don’t feel the need to remind people to keep it civil – the track record here has been stupendous (and that’s a tribute to you all). Still, if you find someone merely “annoying”, I ask you to read generously and post gently.

    • herder says:

      From the looks of it this clip seems to be fairly early in the episode. If both Chuck and Sarah know the other is jealous about Hannah/Shaw, it is hard to see either of them persuing anything unless it is intended to provoke more jealousy or to intentionally hurt the other as a result of some percieved hurt caused by the other.

      In the past, Chuck has been insensitive about what he says about other women in front of Sarah (particularly with Jill) and Sarah has retaliated by being intentionally provocative towards Chuck (again with Jill) in return, so there is the possibility of misunderstandings brewing up to bigger things. I think what we will get is Sarah seeing Chuck involved with Hannah, but not seeing him stop it, by saying he loves someone else and Sarah saying that she loves Chuck but him either not hearing at all or not hearing it all and misunderstanding. This will lead to the punch and a strained 3.08.

      Also I think the situation has been set up with the Shaw/Hannah characters being the idealized past interests of both Sarah and Chuck and the writers want to show a definite break from the past for both of them. This will require some genuine interest for the other by both of them and a definite choice to reject the easy comforts of the past for both of them to choose the harder path to be together. This is a rather long winded way of saying be prepared for some difficult scenes ahead.

  7. atcdave says:

    Great to have you back Amy! Great post and agree with most of your impressions. I think seeing the episodes one at a time raises the angst even further; but hopefully things will start looking up soon.

  8. Faith says:

    Hey welcome back!

    And how did you keep up with the blog? I’ve been here all along and I’m lost lol, jk.

    Good thoughts as well. You and ACTDave are definitely my Charah perspective soulmates.


    • amyabn says:

      It wasn’t easy keeping up, and even harder not being able to watch the new episodes and comment. I could only drink in your perspectives and try not to drool on my keyboard in anticipation of my return. I got home at 0300 on Sunday and once I was up that same morning, I powered through most of S3. I’m still upset that there is no iTunes season pass.

      Anyway, it is fabulous to be home and being able to have such great conversations with all of you!

  9. Big Kev says:

    Great post Amy…..nice to have you back!!
    Now that they’ve finished re-running Season 2 on Fox 8, and I’ve had a chance to watch them in conjunction with Season 3, I think you’ve nailed it about Chuck and Sarah having to define what’s “real” for them. For me, the Season 3 theme for Chuck and Sarah is “Making it Real”.
    The more I watch the transition from Colonel and Ring into Season 3, the more I come to one conclusion – the breakup and separation to start Season 3 was not only inveitable, it was necessary.
    Sarah wants out of the spy game, and a “normal” life with a “normal” man. That man is Chuck. But in a flip from the fountain scene in Breakup, in reality it’s Chuck who will “never be normal”. Sacrifice is in his genes after all, from Stephen, who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his family. He also has an extraordinary brain, and natural leadership abilities…….and he has a heart that always does the right thing. The irony is that no one has done more to push Chuck towards a recognition of his gifts and his destiny than Sarah – a point that he makes explicit in 3 words.
    So reintersecting at the end of Ring, and accepting his destiny was a completely normal and predictable response to my mind, even if the turnaround was forced by events, and maybe rushed a little in the execution of the episode itself.
    But in reintersecting, he destroys the rationale for he and Sarah to be together at that point….which is “normal guy, normal life”. Sarah knows it, which is why she begs him to run….but in truth, what we have are 2 characters that love each other, but never really understood each other, mostly because they still don’t understand themselves – and no quick fountain scene at the end of Season 2 is going to fix that.
    Season 3 is about them coming to that understanding….literally burning their model home to the ground, so they can rebuild it based on a complete knowledge of the emotional needs and sacrifices of the other. It’s going to be hard watching at times – but I can’t wait for the payoffs to come.
    Don’t get me wrong – I will never really “enjoy” watching Pink Slip, because of the holes it has in it and the agonies contained, and the pivotal “Prague” scene, to me, was butchered – or at least it was unless they come back and fill in some holes in a convincing way – but from 3 words, this season has been some of the best TV I’ve watched.
    To me, this is a season that’s been written for long-term fans. TPTB have made a decision to go deep into the characters, and explore their motivations and needs more intensely than at any point in the series. In fact, more intensely that in virtually any series. In short, to make them have “adult conversations” – which is what we were all clamouring for in the hiatus. Only the fans who have invested in these characters from the beginning will get the full reward of that decision. And to combine that level of emotional intensity with wit and comedy and all the things we love – and to make that synthesis convincing – is, to borrow Joe’s phrase, where this series becomes art.
    I don’t know if that’s a commercially sensible decision – because I completely agree with those that say this story is not one that’s going to attract new viewers – but I think there’s an emotional honesty to the progression and the decision that I really respect. I know some don’t – but I have to respectfully disagree.
    I can’t deny that it’s not as much “fun” as the old Chuck – but personally, I’m finding it more rewarding than ever.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Great post Kev. And I agree that what you are outlining is pretty much what I and many others see as the path TPTB chose for the show. I’ve written about it myself at some length. My main objections are that I thought they (TPTB) pulled it off very poorly, and in the process did a lot of violence to both the story so far and the characters they’d developed. Some of that hangover is still making for a lot of unhappy viewers. Also as you rightly point out, they have no basis or right to think that a change in the show of this magnitude is going to do anything to draw new viewers (especially in the US where Chuck shows opposite some VERY popular shows on other networks) or please long term fans. In short it was a risky proposition from the start, and I think handled very poorly. To me there is one good episode where there were some really bad moments (the Ring), one bad episode (Pink Slip) and one decent episode with a lot of baggage to try to clear up from the previous missteps (Three Words). Now that we’re past that my only objection is that they seem to think they need an entire season to pull off these character developments, but they aren’t even letting the characters interact? Where is the growth? They brought in Hannah and Shaw to supposedly act as foils for Chuck and Sarah to play off of for the purpose of moving the characters and story forward, but other than First Class where other than the last minute save Shaw’s role could have been done by Beckman, Sarah and Casey at various parts, neither has been that important to the development of the characters. This last episode Shaw wasn’t even there for the most important step for Chuck so far and Hannah may as well not have been for all she did. Now I understand that they will both probably play a larger role very soon, but I’m still not convinced this was the best way to go, let alone the ONLY way to go.

      Could they have pulled off the reset with a fountain scene? Absolutely. They’ve done it before and it is still one of the most popular dramatic moments in the whole series. Go to the Ring, drop the whole “proposal” scene. Have Chuck find out Sarah was SUPPOSED to leave with Bryce when he gets Bryce at castle (feeling betrayed she didn’t say anything), but in the heat of the moment he can’t do anything. Gun battle, second wedding, reception, pretty much everything up to there is the same, and Chuck is still put in the intersect room in the same way and makes the same decision. Sarah still hasn’t said anything, so after the intersect room he essentially makes the same speech as in the vault in Three Words, but maybe drops the three words since he knows he has to leave her. Skip the whole running scenario. It is so full of plot holes and unexplained character lapses that even after they try a backward reveal or retcon it still won’t make much sense, and could actually be made worse. Chuck goes to spy school, Sarah stays heartbroken. Chuck still flunks out, comes back, tries to re-connect with Sarah and can’t. The heartbreak is still essentially because he chose being a spy over her. It may not be traumatic as what they wanted, but it rings true to the characters. Sarah unwilling to tell Chuck what he wants to hear, Chuck stepping up and being that guy, and paying a price for it, without the mind-boggling character lapses. We save about an episode of useless angst for angst sake and are pretty much where we are now, maybe slightly ahead without the need for so much damage just so you can repair it.

      • Lucian says:

        Six episodes in it would seem their approach is not a big ratings success, nor a big hit with many of the hard core fans (but I may be projecting my own sentiments). As you mentioned, they did such a great job with the reset last season, I was hopeful they could have done it with similar skill this year. Even the “dark” aspects of the hero’s journey can be inspiring and entertaining if done well.

        The good news is, NBC has such poor ratings overall, it won’t take much to get to season 4.

      • Big Kev says:

        Agreed, Ernie. I’ve probably over-stated my case if I’m implying that this was the “only” way to go – and your scenario is absolutely plausible. The running scene and Prague will never sit well with me, even with the knowledge that Sarah “got on the train” and to a large extent I’ve written that episode off.
        With regards to Hannah, I don’t think she’s there purely to be a foil for Chuck and Sarah development. We may have been played a little on that one. It’s her scene with Morgan, after all, that illustrates the depth of his hurt at being left out of the loop in Chuck’s life – and acts as the catalyst for him to start his investigation. That’s a pretty significant development.

  10. jason says:

    I am a relatively new fan. I saw some episodes on sci fi in january 2010, then some on the internet. I was devastated by 3.1, made no sense as I am a huge shipper. I think 3.8 is going to be the hard one to understand, if sarah is a willing participant in pairing up with shaw.

    I do think there is a chance by the end of 3.8, CS will talk, for real, what they really feel. But if that happens, I have a little difficulty figuring out what the show will do with the two of them and shaw, for 6 more episodes until 3.13, when most predict they will either couple up, break up, of use that F word – friend,

    would love for casey to hit shaw with a bus right b4 the olympic break. also, I wonder, with chuck and sarah’s relationship at an all time low and the ‘kiss’ coming up in 3.8, what will they promote or advertise during the olympics, do they really want the shaw – sarah kiss to be the face of the show ‘chuck’???

    • atcdave says:

      I don’t consider myself a ‘shipper, but apparently everyone else thinks I am one; but I also strongly disliked 3.01. I think they’ve made a terrible mistake by going darker this year. One of the best parts of this show, from the beginning, was the chemistry between Levi and Strahovski; so now we have a situation where they hardly interact at all. They have spent WAY too much time on an ill-conceived reset. Seriously, I don’t believe this should have been done in the first place. The forums were an ecstatically happy place last April when S2 wrapped up, now a majority of fans are pretty down on the show. That is very poor planning for a show that’s been on the bubble anyway.
      I’m pretty sure 3.08 will start in a pretty rough place, but end in a pretty good one. I think the use of the dreaded “F” word was poorly handled in 3.03, and won’t actually happen again. But that Shaw/Sarah kiss does concern me, I really hope we don’t see it too many times during the Olympics. That would be a terrible downer for many fans of the show.

      • jason says:

        and remember i am a new fan, less than 30 days, I have had about a half doz friends and family members watch it for the first time this season, they don’t get it, they don’t see / feel the chemistry. I had one of them watch the pilot, the delorian, and the heart break one – she said, oh, ok, i get it now, followed by who in the world wrote the 3rd season. I think this type of fan is VERY different than the OC crowd, not so sure the staff in charge gets it? lets hope so, the NBC board is abuzz with SS being serious and for the duration of agent shaw’s arc, if so, it is going to be a long 3 mos until 3.13.

  11. weaselone says:

    Uh-oh. It looks like it’s time to move the furniture to the edge of the living room and break out the foam bats.;)

  12. jason says:

    I was doing some research on SS’s relationship’s seriousness and came upon your site and really liked it, hence I posted – did not mean to cause any problems? have not yet gotten an email – I assume it was me who got pulled? I am new to the show, but have posted a great deal on the nbc site the past few weeks, have not even gotten a black bar & my posts have generally been well taken and responded to by veteran posters – what did I do wrong in my post (I probably could guess just want to make sure)???? again, looks like you have a nice thing going here, but I will let alone, good luck

    • joe says:

      jason? Um… Did one of your posts go missing? If so, that’s really inadvertent and strange.

      We have a tempest in our teapot that I’m struggling actively and with a lot of clumsiness on my part to deal with. You’ve posts have been great. I’m sorry that I’ve distracted to engage with your comments directly, but they’ve been a good read.

  13. Faith says:


    Sorry just trying to lighten things up.

  14. Rick Holy says:

    I guess I sort of missed out on the ruckus – not having seen the post in question and not knowing who the other party is that is being referred to (sorry to end the sentence with a preposition).

    I found this site after I was “moderated to death” at another site – not the NBC site – but another Chuck site. I still visit that site, still enjoy the work they’re doing, but don’t post on it any longer.

    Joe – not to butter your bread or anything – but I think you’ve done a great job with this site. People have freely and openly exchanged differences of opinions, likes and dislikes, hopes and disappointments.

    I think what we all need to remember – myself included – is that we’re all people with FEELINGS. If we should happen not to agree with, criticize or even (unfortunately) not to respect each other’s viewpoints from time to time, then so be it. But let’s remember to respect each other’s feelings and have that be what controls what we say and how we say it. Not trying to be a namby pamby here, but just trying to put things in perspective. We expect that much from our children, so we should expect that much from ourselves as well.

    Bottom line is that CHUCK ROCKS (even when it drives me crazy and even when I think that it should be “different” than it’s currently playing out) and this site ROCKS – and I think we can say that we all are appreciative of Joe and Company’s efforts in starting and keeping up such a great forum to discuss issues and express ourselves.

    Let’s just make sure we remember to consider each other’s feelings when we disagree and then put those disagreements into words – and let there be peace in the “Chuck valley.”

    • joe says:

      Thanks, Fr. Rick. Appreciate it.
      As for ending a sentence with a proposition, allow me to quote Winston Churchill:

      “That is a rule up with which I will not put.”


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