Truth Is Spoken Here – Part 1

It took me by surprise when it was mentioned in comments that the Fountain is a place where only The Truth ™ is spoken. Yes, I slapped my forehead and said, “Of course.” Our friend Liz James pointed out that this is a well known literary device. It is. And the fact that I was never an English major has nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t know that sooner!

We thought it would be great to go through the fountain scenes to uncover these truths. Of course, that turned out to be a bigger task than I thought, especially when I realized that there are some very important speeches made far from the fountain. Some of these scenes tell us things that are very obvious to us, although some have acquired their meaning over time. All of them were snippets that carried significant meaning for me. Some just made me smile as I saw them again.

Here in part 1, I’d like to list the places that I found the truth being told to us, plain as day for us to see in season 1. You may remember other places too, and if so, please chime in!

In the Beginning

We can go fairly quickly through the early episodes, where characters are introduced. As early as The Pilot where we get our introductions, the fountain is the location from where we learn of Chuck’s story and see things that are now obvious to us. At the fountain, we learn Chuck works at the Buy More as a Nerd herder, went to Stanford, he’s working on a five-year plan, and Bryce Larkin was his roommate. Someone named Jill is important to him. There is, at the end, a true fountain scene with Chuck and Ellie, where she tells him that he must move on. These are the first truths we learn about Chuck Bartowski.

In Helicopter there is no true fountain scene, but we do learn from Sarah something important about the direction Chuck’s life has taken. “Some people want to be heroes and some have to be asked. So, Chuck? Are you ready?” Yes, he is.


Chuck gets his first taste of what being a spy is like from the inside. He learns right away what the downside is to this glamorous new world. Not many people can know about it. That’s a truth he hadn’t considered before.

Sarah: Congratulations on your first mission. You did really good, Chuck.
Chuck: Stop it. I’m not really a spy. Your computer ended up in the head of a guy who only knows how to fix them. Nothing else.
Sarah: You survived a near-death experience under the threat of torture, and apprehended one of the world’s most elusive killers. I’m not sure what you think most spies do, exactly. But most of us consider that a pretty good day.
Chuck: Okay. Sure. So today, I helped take down a major international arms dealer. But tomorrow? Tomorrow, I still gotta go clock in at Buy More. I mean, what’s the good of being a hero if nobody knows about it?
Sarah: You know. And so do I.
Chuck: If we were really dating, this’d be the part where I’d be forced to kiss you good night.
Sarah: Forced? Would it be so bad?
Chuck: I’m sure I could suffer through it.
Sarah: Me too.

From the very start, we hope that will be enough for Chuck. For now, he’s right. He’s not a spy.


The truth is always told at the fountain, but sometimes the truth is about a lie. Chuck and Sarah must tackle the details of being a fake couple. All of them!

Chuck: Yeah, well, speaking of details, there were a couple of those questions we could’ve done better with.
Sarah: Which ones?
Chuck: You know, those questions. THE questions.
Sarah: The sex questions?
Chuck: There you go!
Sarah: Morgan did well with those too!
Chuck: Well, what exactly is our cover for that topic?
Sarah: Uh, we’re taking it slow.
Chuck: Right, yeah. We’re being prudent, aren’t we?

That works. It’s frustrating, but it works.

You never know who might be compelled to speak Truth ™ at the fountain. Sometimes it’s a third party.

Carina: I don’t get it, Chuck. I thougt you and Sarah were on the outs.
Chuck: I made a mistake. I’m still getting used to how you guys need to lie about who you are.
Carina: I’m feeling like a knife fight. You analysts don’t know what it’s like for us field agents. It’s our job. We shed identities like people shed clothes.
Chuck: In your case, that’s quite often.
Carina: We try them on, like them or leave them. After a while, it doesn’t even matter.
Chuck: So you don’t let anyone know who you really are?
Carina: Can’t. Might have to leave them in five minutes, or shoot them in the head. Trust me. A spy doesn’t want you to know anything about them that’s real, no matter who you are.

Chuck has just found out why Sarah has been such a mystery to him, and why the truth seems to be such a slippery concept when she’s involved. He’ll hear that one again.

Sometimes Chuck’s not even involved when Sarah is being mysterious. If someone is going to tell the truth, maybe Chuck isn’t the one meant to hear it.

Sarah: As much as I hate your methods, there’s never a dull moment, right?
Carina: Well, If you want a dull moment, just check out your cover life!
Sarah: Well, you know, we have our adventures.
Carina: Right.

The Truth can come at Chuck from point blank range, or rather like an on rushing train, especially when Carina’s around.

Carina: Sure you don’t wanna come back to my hotel room?
Chuck: Um… as flattered and intimidated as I am by your proposition, why me?
Carina: Well, you’re sort of cute-ish. But, um, the real reason is I love taking what Sarah wants.
Chuck: Wa.. me? No, Sarah — Sarah doesn’t want me.
Carina: Yeah, she probably doesn’t even know it herself yet. But, um, I do.

I’m sure that gave Chuck pause.

The Sand Worm

The fountain is not the only location where a sign is tacked up saying “Only The Truth is spoken here.” One of those signs is in Chuck’s bedroom. When Chuck walks in Sarah is waiting for him. Chuck knows the right background music – Arcade Fire’s first album. Sarah shows him something that sure looks like it’s the truth.

Chuck: Why were you waiting for me in my room, anyway?
Sarah: Well, I wanted to surprise you. Um… (shows him the picture) Uh, it’s us at Comic-Con. What do you think?
Chuck: It’s — it’s great. Uh… But we’ve never actually been to Comic-Con, have we? Wow. We actually look like a real couple.
Sarah: Well, we are a real couple. We’re just a different sort of a couple.
Chuck: That, we are.

Well, the picture of Chuck and Sarah at Comic-Con may be a lie, but they are a real couple.

Later, in Chuck’s room, Chuck has to face the fact that Intersect or no, his judgement is not infallible, and the consequences are quite serious.

Sarah: Hey! You look nice.
Chuck: Thanks. I feel like crap. I screwed up. I severely pooched the Laszlo situation last night.
Sarah: Yeah, well, today you have a job interview. (Sarah straightens Chuck’s tie).
Chuck: Do you think I care about making lower management at a Buy More? Are you kidding me? I aided and abetted the escape of the next Ted Kaczynski, Sarah. I just… I can’t believe that I was so wrong about that guy. No wonder you bugged my room. I’m an absolute idiot.
Sarah: You know, just because you trust people… that doesn’t make you an idiot.
Chuck: Yeah, well, I should have trusted you guys a little more. I’m sorry.

That, of course, is what Sarah’s been telling him from the start.

Later, at the fountain, even when a direct lie is being told, it still has a way of being the truth. From the mouth of a con-artist:

Ellie: Chuck – how did it go?
Chuck: The short version is that I kinda skipped out on the interview.
Ellie: What???
Sarah: It’s – my fault. I, uh – I had a personal emergency, and Chuck really came through. He probably wouldn’t admit it, but your brother is kind of a hero.

And that’s the truth.

The Alma Mater

Chuck was not aware of everything that happened at Stanford, especially the part that concerned him. In his bedroom, Sarah allows him to see it, as recorded on Professor Fleming’s data disk.

Sarah: You didn’t think they’d let you keep that, did you?
Chuck: I need to know, Sarah.
Sarah: Okay, Chuck.
Professor Fleming’s record: Test subject 0326, Bartowski. This will be his first interview. Send Chuck in.
Bryce? This isn’t a good time. I’m waiting for another student.

Bryce: Chuck Bartowski? He never got your message.
Fleming: What are you talking about?
Bryce: You put Chuck on the CIA recruitment track?
Fleming: It’s not up to me, Bryce. They want him for the Omaha Project.
Bryce: That’s a military operation. They’ll turn Chuck into –
Fleming: I’m required to send all the top test results to the Agency.
Bryce: I want my friend out of this.
Fleming: He’s a perfect candidate. Keywords in his essay responses correlate to 98 percent of the subliminal messages in the exam.
Bryce: You don’t get it. Chuck’s a good person. He’s got too much heart for this kind of work. He’s no operative. You CAN’T put him out in the field. He won’t survive.
Fleming: The Agency is not gonna let go of a recruit this promising. The amount of information he can retain…?
Bryce: They’re not gonna give him a choice?
Fleming: He’s in no matter what.
Bryce: If he cheated on the exam, copied all the answers, it would invalidate all the results, wouldn’t it?
Fleming: Yes.
Bryce: Good. Now you’re going to help me, professor.
Chuck: Bryce framed me, for cheating, to save me. Why didn’t he just tell me that to begin with?
Sarah: He couldn’t. They had already recruited him.
Chuck: If he had a good reason for getting me kicked out, maybe he had a good reason to break into the Intersect too.
Sarah: And maybe he had a good reason for sending it to you.
Chuck: I just wish I could talk to him. It must have tore him up to not be able to tell me.
Sarah: No one can know about this. For your own safety. Okay?
Chuck: Sure. No one would believe me anyway.
Sarah leaves, closes the door, looks at the data disk and cries.

Don’t look back in anger, Chuck. This kind of Truth is hard to take, because it undoes everything you thought you knew.

The Truth

Not all Truth comes out because of a vial of pentathol. There’s a cover for Chuck and Sarah to maintain, and it’s a very tiny cover at that. Chuck’s come prepared with candlelight and music, but it goes awry when he has difficulty maintaining his composure, and our couple has a fight.

Sarah: Oh? Well that’s real nice. What is the matter with you tonight, anyway?
Chuck and Sarah turn away from each other in anger.
Ellie and Devon argue in the other room.
Chuck: We’re starting to sound like them, aren’t we?
Sarah: A little. Are you okay? Is there anything you want to talk about?
Chuck: What exactly are the rules with our – Like, you know, our thing?
Sarah: What do you mean?
Chuck: What I mean… hypothetically speaking, are we allowed to see other people?
Sarah, using her Agent Walker voice: Well, uh, our cover is boyfriend-girlfriend, so tactically that would be challenging. Plus, any prospective date would have to endure a rigorous vetting process to determine her motivation.
Chuck: Wouldn’t her motivation be love?
Sarah: Ideally. But you’re a very important piece of intelligence. And you have to be handled with extreme care.
Chuck (sarcastically): Well, that sounds very nice.
Sarah: Chuck, I don’t have to be a spy to piece together the clues here. You’re interested in that Lou girl, aren’t you?
Chuck: Well.. I…

The truth is that Chuck believes Sarah when she tells him it’s just a cover, and he finds that hard to take. By the end of the episode, Sarah is on the outside, looking in.

The Imported Hard Salami

Did you realize that The Truth sometimes comes out at the Buy More?

Sarah walks up to Chuck in the Buy More, who’s trying to call Lou.
Sarah: Won’t call you back?
Chuck: Yeah – I think her voice mail is broken? It’s very, very common…
Sarah: I wanted to apologize for last night. I suppose I jumped the gun a little and I didn’t mean to interfere with your date.
Chuck: Yeah – I’m not sure it qualifies as a date when you’re bugged with CIA microphones and infiltrating an arms importer, but, hey, I’m new at this.
Sarah: Well, it’s hard to have a real relationship in this line of work.
Chuck: Apparently it’s hard to have a fake one as well.
Sarah: Well, if it’s any consolation, I never felt like our time together was work.

It’s nice of Sarah to say so. There is one thing that’s important when Chuck and Sarah speak honestly to each other, one thing only. Their relationship. And it doesn’t matter if they’re speaking of the cover or the real one.

Chuck often learns about his relationship with Sarah because of his relationship to someone else.

Chuck: I know that you are so sick of hearing this. But I’m really sorry. I’ve acted like a jerk.
Lou: Can I ask you a question? This whole time, did you ever really like me?
Chuck: Honestly?
Lou: Yeah. Let’s try that for the first time since we met. Ha.
Chuck: Lou, you are everything that I’m looking for. I just can’t look right now.
Lou: Well, thank you for being honest.

Does it make it easier for you when you stand in Sarah’s shoes, Chuck? I hope so.

The Nemesis

Veritas (Inter)rupus. The truth sometimes doesn’t come out, even though it seems like it’s about to. This is the case even at the fountain. Is it true that Sarah’s leaving in the morning with Bryce?

Chuck: So are you and Casey gonna go after Bryce?
Sarah: No. Bryce is probably halfway around the world by now. It’s, uh, someone else’s job to find him.
Chuck: Sarah, this is Bryce Larkin we’re talking about here. Your old flame. My old nemesis. We have to do something.
Sarah: We each have our own assignment.
Chuck: Right. and I’m yours. So, what – what does this mean for us?
Sarah: Nothing. You’re protected.
Chuck: No. For us, our fake relationship. I mean, you and Bryce were… You’re really not making this easy.
Hey! Hey, sis.

Ellie: Hey! Hey, Sarah. It’s good to see you.
Sarah: You too!
Ellie: Are you coming to Thanksgiving?
Sarah: Of course!

Oh, so close. Now we have to wait to find out if she stays, or if she goes. I start to wonder, though, why Sarah refused to hear the question the first time. Chuck had to tell her what he was asking about. “No. For us, our fake relationship.”

And so will Bryce. In the car, Bryce and Sarah have this conversation.

Bryce: Are we good?
Sarah (looking back): Yeah, we’re clear.
Bryce: No, us.
Sarah: I have my assignment, Bryce.
Bryce: You were never good at this – the saying-your-feelings part.
Sarah: Well, I don’t like to talk much.

We sort of knew that, Sarah. We also now know that you hear what you want to hear, at least a little.

Crown Vic

Sometimes The Truth ™ comes from very unexpected places.

Morgan: She’s a liar. Not to be trusted.
Chuck: What’s that?
Morgan: Women! They’re so elusive. So unknowable, okay? They wrap you in this wool sweater of lies, and it keeps you warm but it makes your neck all itchy.
Chuck: Who – who are we talking about exactly?
Morgan: Anna. By the way, never trust a woman who’s name is a palindrome. Okay?

Speaking as a guy, I think every guy should know that about palindromes.

One obvious truth is that Chuck has a little bit of a jealous streak. It goes along with being insecure. In this case, Chuck is feeling insecure being next to a rather wealthy and corrupt yachtsman, who happens to be Sarah’s mark, Lon Kirk.

Chuck: So, uh, what did you and Kirk talk about?
Sarah: Uh, he invited me to his yacht tomorrow afternoon.
Chuck: Okay. What time should I be ready?
Sarah: No, just me.
Chuck: Oh, just you, alone on his yacht. Kind of disrespectful to your boyfriend.
Sarah: Chuck, Bryce is not my boyfriend, and even if he was, he’d understand this kind of work.
Chuck: I meant Carmichael, actually. But don’t worry. Carmichael’s booked up tomorrow, anyway. Very, very busy schedule, so good luck and good night.

Sarah just told us a truth. She thought Chuck was jealous over Bryce. The truth is she’s torn between Chuck and Bryce, not some mark.

Sarah sometimes needs to hear the truth herself. There’s nobody braver about confronting her with it than Chuck. It’s possible that Chuck make a mistake. It’s also possible that Chuck made a scene when he saw something – disturbing. Is it possible that Sarah is just a little self-conscious when she has to seduce a mark? You betcha.

Sarah: Ellie or Awesome home?
Chuck: No. They’re at work, and hello to you too.
Sarah (angry): What the hell happened today?
Chuck: I don’t know. I don’t get it. I had a flash.
Sarah: Right when I went below deck with Kirk. It’s pretty convenient timing, I would say.
Chuck: What are you talking about?
Sarah: Just when you thought I was getting intimate with Kirk, you decided to have a flash.
Chuck: What exactly are you implying? That I faked a flash? That I’m a flash faker?
Sarah: I think we need to discuss the fact that you let your emotions get in the way today.
Chuck: My emotions?
Sarah: Things have been a little off since the incident, Chuck.
Chuck: Really? And what incident are you referring to, Agent Walker? Huh? Could it be the incident when you planted a kiss on me, right before a bomb was supposed to go off, ending our lives? That same kiss right before your boyfriend Bryce came back from the dead? That kiss??
Sarah: Stop saying kiss! It happened, okay? What’s done is done. Can we just not talk about it, please?
Chuck: Okay, fine. Absolutely, of course. Just answer me one little thing.
Sarah: Chuck –
Chuck (angry): Did you kiss me that night because you thought we were going to die, and mine were the most convenient lips around? Or was it actually about me?
Sarah: What happened was a mistake. – One I will not make again.

Ouch. The look on Chuck’s face tells you that wasn’t easy – either to give or to take, and the consequences of such honesty can be severe. Chuck’s hurt, but Sarah might as well have been hit by a two-by. As it is, she’s truly affected. After Casey and Sarah are benched because Chuck’s flash didn’t pan out:

Casey: Bang up job, Walker. I’m going to give you one chance to come clean. Did you or did you not compromise yourself in the intersect?
Sarah: Do you ever just wanna have a normal life? Have a family? Children?
Casey: The choice we made to protect something bigger than ourselves IS the right choice. Hard as that is for you to remember sometimes.
Sarah: I’ll talk to Chuck. If I can’t fix this, I’m going to ask for a reassignment.

That comes from left field. For the first time (but not the last), Sarah is reconsidering her calling and knows her emotions have gotten in the way. The only question now, is she willing to do the hard work necessary to NOT let them get the better of her. Christmas parties are a good time for the truth.

Chuck: Hi. I’m glad you came. I got you something. Ta-da! New alarm clock. Merry Christmas.
Sarah: You shouldn’t have.
Chuck: Ah, come on. They’re on sale in home electronics. Which reminds me, I should probably scan that thing before you leave the store with it…
Look, it’s also kind of a thank you, for believing me, when you had good reason not to.

Sarah: Well, it’s my job, you know. It’s what I do. It’s the one thing I’m good at.
Chuck: Really? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure you’re good at a lot of things.
Sarah: Well, as you can see from everything that happened with Bryce, I’m – not so good at relationships.
Chuck: I guess that makes two of us. And then that makes me good at pretty much nothing, I suppose.
Sarah: Chuck, you’re good at your job too, and not just here, fixing computers. You know – the one where you risk your life to save others, the one you didn’t ask for, but were supposed to have.
Chuck: Friends?
Sarah: Yeah. Friends.

She’s going to try. It’s a good thing for us that Chuck was not the only person she was encouraging to stick it out for the right reasons.

The Undercover Lover

En Vino, Veritas. Casey’s apartment is a good place for Truth ™ too! While Neil Diamond’s Love on the Rocks plays, Chuck gets an earful about Casey’s idea of the American dream. He also learns more about his large friend.

Chuck: Ah – a little scotch, and a little Neil. Everything okay, buddy?
Casey: Just enjoying myself a little R&R. Heh, heh!
Chuck: Mm-Mm.
Casey: Wanna drink?
Chuck: No- no. Thanks, though. I really appreciate it. No, uh, just thought I’d check in on you, you know, what with Ilsa getting married in an hour and…
Casey: Thanks for reminding me. (Chuckles) Here’s to John Casey, dodging another bullet! (looks at Chuck). It’s not like I want the wife and kids, and the little league practice and the minivan and the Costco runs.
Chuck: Ha-ha. Yeah. Really? You don’t? Cause I – it seems to me that you’d kind of be into the whole American dream.
Casey: Nah. I do what I do so all those other slobs out there can have it.
Chuck: What – ah – what would you say your dream is?
Casey: You’re looking at it. (Casey takes a bite of his Hot Pocket).

That’s Johnny. He really knows his place in the world.

Ellie, however, is not quite so poetic when she’s tipsy. She does succeed in getting her point across, though. She’s a bit confused about her inability to communicate with Devon about their gift to each other.

Ellie: Sarah! Hi. I’m so glad you’re here!
Sarah: Yeah -me too.
Ellie: I’m having a little wine. You want some?
Sarah: I’m actually fine, but you go ahead.
Ellie: Okay. Ellie drinks more wine.
Sarah: Um, is Chuck here?
Ellie: Uh-uh. No, it’s um, just me tonight. Um, home, all by myself. Ha!
Sarah: Oh – um. Are – you okay?
Ellie: Mm-hm. (sobs)
Sarah: Ellie, are you sure you’re okay?
Ellie: It’s just that I have both feet in and Devon has one foot in, so then it’s just me taking care of three feet. And I want it to be us, taking care of four feet. Do you understand what I’m saying?
Sarah: Completely.
Ellie: Of course you do. Of course you do.

And so do we.

The Marlin

There are an incredible number of great scenes in Marlin where Chuck has to face the truth, and Casey and Sarah have to figure out how to present it to him so he doesn’t freak out. The Truth ™ is about The Big Picture.

Chuck: I’m gonna stick around here and try to find my sister’s ring.
Sarah: Hey, Chuck? No ring came up in our inventory.
Chuck: What do you mean – No ring came up in your inventory? You guys robbed the Buy More, didn’t you? What happened to Awesome’s great-grandmother’s ring?
Sarah: We kinda have some bigger-picture concerns right now.
Chuck: What could possibly be bigger than me ruining the chances of my sister getting married?
Sarah: The receiver may contain information indicating that you’re the Intersect.
Chuck: Say it. Say what you’re not saying.
Sarah: If we don’t locate the receiver in the next 24 hours…
Casey: You’ll be stored in a bunker for so long you’ll forget what fresh air smells like.
See? That was very gentle.

It’s so very important every time someone says what they’re not saying.  But that’s just a lead-in to the rooftop heliport, where only the biggest of truths gets spoken.

Sarah: Long Shore!
Conway: Is there a problem, Agent Walker?
Chuck: Sarah,Thank God you’re here. Listen. I don’t wanna go yet. I ca..
Sarah: Agent Casey is tracking the Fulcrum mole, and he should have her in custody soon. So we can hold off on the Chuck transfer, for the time being.
Conway: If there was a change in the operation, I would have been contacted. I have my orders.
Sarah: We don’t have to. This is a judgement call. Okay? We can hold Chuck here until we know for sure.
Conway: His cover was blown. He’s gone.
Sarah: No – I – I will take full responsibility. Chuck is my asset. He’s my guy. Just – just give us more time, please.
Chuck: I’d appreciate it. I really would.
Sarah: Please don’t do this.
Sarah slowly reaches for her gun.
Conway: Okay. You got one minute. One minute!

Chuck: I’m not ready Sarah. I’m not ready to disappear.
Sarah: No, I know.
Chuck: I need you to talk to Ellie. And to Morgan, and my friends. And – and -and tell them… I don’t know. Look, if I’m supposed to be dead, just say something that will make it okay, that will make them feel all right. Just make sure they know how much I love them. You can do that, right?
Of course you can. You’re Sarah. You can do anything.
And hey, there’s a silver lining to this too, you know? Because we’re not working together anymore, which means we can go on a date. You can come by my cell and we can hang out. And you can tell me who the president is. And maybe, uh, maybe we can see how we really feel.

Conway: Time’s up.
Chuck: Goodbye, Sarah.
Sarah: Chuck? I’ll save you later.

He’s her guy? Oh yes. We all heard the truth – The words ring out. Sarah could hardly keep it hidden.

Yet, there’s one last place where Sarah tells the truth for all of us, and for Chuck to hear, in the final confrontation with the Pita Girl.

Pita Girl: I don’t think you’re in a position to bargin, Chuck. I have two guns. What do you have?
Sarah: Me.

Truer words never spoken.

– joe


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85 Responses to Truth Is Spoken Here – Part 1

  1. amyabn says:

    Bang up job, Joe. It is interesting to me how we are coming full circle. Chuck is embodying all the things that Sarah has been saying all along. I never bought that she said those things as his handler-after all, only truth is spoken at the fountain. The Carina comments have come full circle as well.

    At the rate the two of them AREN’T communicating, I think it will take Casey to wake them both up. Could be funny. Imagine that Casey makes a comment about Sarah being able to withstand pentathol. What if he hands Sarah some video footage (ala Carina) of Bryce warning Chuck off Sarah, so she sees Bryce’s role in keeping them apart? Or even seeing Chuck’s explaining to Roan that Sarah was worth dying for? That could be some great foreshadowing for the Hero episode. Just wild thoughts this morning!

    • herder says:

      I don’t think the not communicating part is going to end soon, certainly not in Fake Name. I think Fake Name is going to be about Sarah, why she is the way that she is, why she can’t commit to Chuck and why she may see Shaw as an alternative.

      The Beard is going to be more of the non-communicating as Chuck feels that he is all alone. I can see Sarah starting to feel disillusioned with Shaw, I suspect that she will find that being on a mission with him is very different from being on a mission with Chuck.

      3.10 is where I think things start to change, Sarah gets to go on a mission with Chuck and no Shaw around to interfere. I can even see a role reversal, Sarah wanting to talk about personal issues while on mission (Three Words) and Chuck saying not now.

      If Casey gets involved to wake them up I suspect that will be in 3.09 and 3.10. I see Casey’s actions being more along the line of criticizing Shaw “nice job moron, you broke the intersect”.

      • amyabn says:

        I really hope it doesn’t take that long to get them moving. From what I’ve seen written about Fake Name and Beard, I think Beard is where he embraces all of his abilities (Chuck and Intersect) and sees himself as a whole spy. At this point (after moping, etc), our hero emerges. I don’t know much about 3.10-3.13, so I can’t speculate on how the arc will finish, but this season hasn’t been as fun, so I hope they turn the corner soon.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do you say Sarah “can’t commit to Chuck.” At the end of Ring, she was going to stay with him. And in Pink Slip, she engineered a runaway with him. What do you want her to do? Kidnap him and go into witness relocation in Kansas?

        Season 3 is about Chuck deferring his dream of being with Sarah to become a spy and then figuring out how to get Sarah back and, I assume, convincing her they can be happy together as spies.

        I just don’t understand this general Sarah bashing in the fandom. Chuck made the decision to be apart at the beginning of season 3. No matter what else TPTB are doing, THAT much should be clear.

        You may agree with Chuck that running away with Sarah in Prague wouldn’t have been the right thing, but you can’t suggest Sarah wasn’t committed.

    • kg says:

      Great thinking Amy, but seemingly Carina’s gift has done little except cause Sarah to cry.

      I thought as far back during season two if such video did exist that your examples are excellent. But then again, wasn’t Carina’s as well? And what has that example wrought?

      • kg says:

        And another thing. Did you folks see the synopsis for vs the Beard?

        Chuck gets benched because he can’t flash? This show is falling apart.

        What happened to the training wheels coming off? Have any of these characters paid attention to how Chuck has proven himself in the field without the use of the intersect?

        Benched. LOL. Reminds me of Wookie and Crown Vic. First Chuck and then Sarah and Casey.

        This has to be a Shaw call. Part of his manipulation. Doesn’t really believe in him and probably a residual reaction for Chuck popping him in the face. I hate that guy.

      • atcdave says:

        I think its part of the destructiveness of the last few episodes. It makes Three Words a worthless lie of an episode. Chuck and Sarah have NEVER even worked on “cleaning up their mess”. They have seemingly each gone their seperate ways, JS says that emotionally they’re “not in the same place.” Utterly unacceptable to me, unless it all turns out to be a con, this season fails the stink test.

      • joe says:

        I think Carina’s gift only gave Sarah certainty the knowledge that she already had – that Chuck loves her. Doesn’t make it easier though (which is why she cried).

        For the longest time, early in S2 I think, I’ve been feeling like C&S are walking a mine-field. One false step and BOOM! They’re so cautious sometimes, and so fearful of making a mistake that the pace is excruciating. But the only reason for them to be so cautious is because they’re determined to reach the end.

        My favorite example of this is at the end of Predator, when Chuck hides the information Orion gave him from Sarah. She’s so careful of her words. She’s trying to be comforting (Chuck thinks Orion and his chances for a “normal” life are gone), but knows that he’s not ready for anything like an intrusion into his thoughts at that moment – not even from her. I got the idea that if she so much as held his hand at that point, Chuck would have thought she was lying to him as if he was one of her marks.

        They do have their own pace, and it’s slow.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I think Carina’s gift could mean something else to Sarah. We see how Chuck is slowly (or not) starting to wonder how much of their history was her handling him, even though he knows that at some point it was real. So Chuck’s uncertainty and him starting to realize just what he was to her, at least at first is causing him to pull back, and Sarah is seeing the consequences of that. In addition Sarah is seeing the consequences of her own actions, building Chuck up, convincing him he had a duty, a calling, and could be someone who could change the world. How much did she believe it? We think a lot, but what she sees at the end of three words is that she doomed the whole scenario of Chuck running. Her handling Chuck had consequences. She is the reason he chose his path.

      • Waverly says:

        I’m speculating that the reasons Chuck can’t flash are twofold.

        One is Morgan getting involved in his spy life. I don’t see any reason why Morgan couldn’t “handle it” like Devon did, but maybe there is, at least in Chuck’s mind. And maybe Chuck has been noticing that Devon hasn’t really been handling it lately, so he’s concerned about Morgan, and not just the usual fear for safety from the bad guys.

        That would also leave Ellie as the only important person in Chuck’s life who doesn’t know.

        The other reason for Chuck to stop flashing might involve how the relationship with Hannah was resolved. Or, from some points of view, how the problem with Hannah was solved.

      • kg says:


        With the exception of Bryce opening Sarah’s door at the end with poor Chuck wearing a white dinner jacket and holding a single rose, The Seduction is my favorite episode.

        As you know, I did compliment you on your choices and the way you were thinking, but I conveyed it with some skepticism.

        I’m seriously rethinking that now using the conversation Chuck had with Roan as the center piece of my flipflop to the positive.

        I basically argued that Carina’s tape had little effect moving Sarah and Chuck closer, although well intended I thought, why would your examples make a difference?

        Upon further reflection, you were right and they would make a big difference and I hope it plays out how you outlined it.

        Sarah was obviously moved, we saw her break down, hearing that Chuck chose to be a spy not as a rejection of her, but because of her and for her.

        Ernie was also correct in that part of Sarah’s emotional outburst due to the video was her feeling some guilt for her role in pushing Chuck in that direction.

        We know that Sarah is an action oriented woman. Mere words from a man, even Chuck, I think are not enough to move her to express herself and put herself out there again.

        To sincerely mean “she’s worth dying for” would require an incredible amount of action on his part. And she’s seen that from Chuck a lot since she’s met him.

        But coupled with him admitting that to Roan she would have a clearer understanding of the many examples of his heroicism like jumping off a roof.

        I recall her being appreciative at the time, but possessing that knowledge would have to be extremely moving.

        Roan was good. No, no. The lady doth protest. Trust me.”

        Chuck was great, too. After admitting to Roan exactly what Sarah means to him, the spy is skeptical obviously and Chuck shoots back, “I guess I’m not a spy, and you’re not much of a legend.”

        Sarah and Roan in the truck sparring were hilarious.

        And the look of horror on Sarah’s face when Chuck was getting mauled by Sasha said it all.

        So, absolutely. That new aforementioned knowledge or Bryce’s role in backing Chuck off would set up Hero nicely.

        I’m with you now. One-hundred percent.

  2. Waverly says:

    Great job writing up all those scenes!

    Are written scripts for all of the episodes available? It would really help to be able to search for common things (“Prague”?) and interesting patterns.

    • joe says:

      I haven’t found them (yet).

      Hey, Ernie! Didn’t you once say you found a lo-fi version somewhere?

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I have about seven episodes, I got them here. I think there were a group of fans trying to make up transcripts on the NBC boards, but I rarely get over there any more. Unless someone has a way to get scripts it seems like a lot of work. Perhaps there is a way to pull closed captioning out for some enterprising geek with a lot of time on their hands. The other possibility is if someone has voice to text software that can handle it, but my understanding is that the technology isn’t quite there yet. It would be really nice to have them. I think Joe will back me up on this, about the most time consuming thing in one of these posts is getting an accurate transcription.

      • joe says:

        Voice to text would be a dream!

        You’re absolutely right about making accurate transcripts being time-consuming. But the real problem was making myself skip over scenes. Didn’t want to. Wanted to watch every single second. Again.

        Man, I gotta get a life! 😉

  3. Jason says:

    sarah season 3 lie detector test, she looks to the right when she tells the truth, left is a lie, starting with the carina bracelet scene (which is shot in a mirror)

  4. ReadySet says:

    Ok, you got MY attention. Any way you can elaborate with some lines and some head movements? And are you talking in ALL episodes from Two Words on? Or just Mask?

    • Jason says:

      I responded at the bottom in the wrong spot, I went thru the sarah line sort of starting in the gas filled museum, watch them for especially the times she ‘jerks’ to the side

      If you get a chance, look at the bracelet scene with carina, I thought if disproved the theory, then realized they were shot in a mirror

  5. kg says:

    A lot of you folks were right about Routh in Superman Returns. What a drone. The more I think about it, the more I enjoy Kevin Spacey (Luthor) kicking his ass all over that kryptonite island.

    • atcdave says:

      Funny thing is, I liked Superman Returns, and I thought Routh was fine in it. But since his arrival on Chuck the “fun” has been sucked from the show completely. To me, the dynamic of Team Bartowski (that’s Chuck, Sarah, and Casey) was a favorite part of the show. Shaw has destroyed that interplay in almost every way. No matter how you spin it as “growth” or whatever, it isn’t fun. Even the episode Routh wasn’t in in this period fails the fun check. I blaim the writing, not the acting. Which of course is worse. They’re deliberately changing the tone of the show for a season long arc, while the ratings slide downhill.

      • Waverly says:

        I agree — I think Routh has been a fine actor in this role. For example, he was great in his office when we first saw him in action for real.

        The problem is that the character is supposed to be limited or constrained.

  6. Jason says:

    the first sarah shaw conversation, she has no expression,

    she lights up when he confesses his interest,

    then each time she speaks, she looks left, not at shaw,

    except when he goes, well then I’m glad we had this conversation – she looks right at him and goes – ‘yea me too.’

    during the debrief with shaw ‘chuck your not going to have us forever’ – looking dea left

    ‘make sure u are ok’ at him

    ‘we are not going anywhere yet’ to the right

    ‘shaws right at some pt I am just going to be standing in you way and not just professionally’ – her head just about jerks off to the left when she goes and not just professionally

    ‘I shouldn’t have given you are hard time’ straight ahead

    she’s great straight left

    ‘what can I say I have a type’ – big time right

    • amyabn says:

      I got the feeling in that scene that she was trying to acknowledge to Chuck that they were being listened to by Shaw, via surveillance. I don’t think they have cameras all over Castle, but I’m guessing microphones strategically placed. Chuck does a head thing too. I also think Chuck was using the “slip her hair behind her ear and look at her lips” training that he learned from Sarah on Hannah.
      I’m going to have to rewatch after the hockey game (Go USA!).

      • Michael says:

        Watch Sarah and Casey in the last 10 minutes as well, up until the part where Chuck and Sarah have their conversation. You’d think there was something on the table that they’re referencing.

      • Jason says:

        another con thoery, sarah talks to her watch as shaw moves around her right at the end, of course casey had just left, given chuck was in ‘conference’ the signal would have had to been to casey – thing is none of the pro reviewers or spoilers have even hinted of a con, closest thing is ‘they are not is the same spot emotionally’ and I think schwartz may have made one other vague reference to ‘reading between the lines with sarah’

    • ReadySet says:

      I think what we’re actually looking at is a con (or many cons) and what will happen in episode 8 is that Sarah can handle them and Chuck can’t. (Hence Schwartz’ “they are not in the same place emotionally” line, which you are supposed to assume is about Chuck and Sarah’s relationship but really isn’t.)That leads to Chuck’s distress in 9 and all of the plot-changers that the reviewers are now discussing…

      I’m going with my friend Liz James’ theory here: Chuck and Sarah are basically fine and it is the plot (under the guise of the PLIs) that is changing fast.

      But if Liz is wrong and either Chuck or Sarah have a real emotional bond with Hannah or Shaw, I am SOOOO gone. Not because the writers aren’t allowed to tell the story they want, but because I have the right not to watch anything that doesn’t entertain me.

      I can take being conned or misdirected, that’s the fun of TV. But if they want to send Chuck and Sarah off in different romantic directions for a few more episodes and then bring them back miraculously in e13, well, I ain’t buying…or watching.

      • atcdave says:

        I’m not going to be so dogmatic about it has to be a con; but I have a hard time imagining how any other explanation would be acceptable. I will see how things play out either way, but my disappointment is already so deep, I’m not optimistic about this can be resolved.

      • JC says:

        Yep if there’s not something else going on and the season ends with some dramatic “I love you” moment and they end up together. I’m done with the show.

    • Jason says:

      more left is lie for the sarah lie detector, thought I would look at 3.3 for sarah tells, two scenes would be relevant, at the ball, where ellie asks two direct questions about sarah and chuck to sarah, she looks staight left,

      the other scene is a little hard to interpret (I don’t find you totally disgusting – looks left for example), at the juice bar, when they decide on cover friends, but eyes left is a lie, give it a try, I have asked this on a couple of forums, have not had anyone refute it, possibly noone cares enough to look???

    • cholitau says:

      I’m watchign the ep now… i’ll be on the lookout for the Saran Lie Detecctor test 🙂

  7. andpred says:

    Great article; it must have taken alot of time to put all of that together, kudos. I think that it has been deliberate to avoid many “fountain” scenes this year. Chuck and Sarah are a broken couple that was clear in Pink Slip. Chuck made his choice and Sarah was deeply hurt. Even though Sarah understands that he made the choice for the greater good, and because she helped to mould him into a hero, Sarah is still too deeply hurt to just throw that out and start over with Chuck. Also, I think that there is a lot more going on under the surface. This show loves to weave in secrets that do not reveal themselves until much later. Think Bryce’s reveals about Chuck, Stanford, and Orion in “Ring”. Sorry if my comments about negativity upset some people. It has been a long time since a show engage me this passionately and I forgot that the Buffy and Angel Boards had this kind of passion both positive and negative back in the day.

    • joe says:

      Thanks, Andpred.
      You made me notice something. Sarah *does* understand that, even though it hurt her terribly, what Chuck did was for the greater good. She had to understand, because that’s exactly why she was so careful to keep him insulated from her emotions in S1.

      Scratch that. She was careful to keep *herself* insulated from her emotions. It didn’t work.

  8. Faith says:

    A couple of years later and that Marlin rooftop scene still makes me cry. Important sidenote on Marlin though, truth got spoken yet again at the fountain. With Sarah and Chuck on the outside looking at Ellie and Awesome they have a conversation which ends with Chuck asking her in—aka be a part of my family—which she turns down saying, “it’s a family thing.” At this point in time she was still on the outside looking in and didn’t feel capable or ready to embrace what she wants most in the world and that is to belong.

    Fast forward to vs. Ring and you see her not only as a Bridesmaid but you see her talking with PapaB at the reception, you see her helping Ellie with her dress. She belongs. She’s no longer on the outside looking in and that truth, that dream she had about a normal life and love became self-actualized.

    But I have to say that perhaps the biggest contrast to the truth is the lie in “truth” (no pun intended). And the subsequent breakup at the wienerlicious.

    Scripts and stuff you can look <a href=""here. Or you can download the subtitles here. You can open the .srt file in word or text/edit. Now they’re not always 100% accurate but they’re pretty close. And if you want to read the original pilot let me know and I can send it to you by email.

    • joe says:

      Whoa! Thanks, Jem. I appreciate the link!

      You’re right about the last scene in Marlin. Anything about Sarah and family is important to know about in S1, and the only reason I left it out was because I was getting tired! 🙂

    • herder says:

      I like that scene because it is the first use of “I know” that Chuck answers when Sarah says it is a family thing. This whole bit is revisited in Santa Claus when he gives her the bracelet.

    • ReadySet says:

      Marlin is when I first realized WHY Sarah tries to repress her emotions. When she lets them out, she’s a crazy person. Look at Crazy-in-Love Sarah’s actions in the first two seasons: Pulls a gun on Chuck to try and make him run away from the “bomb;” prepared to off Longshore to keep Chuck with her; tries to go at Colt by herself when she thinks Chuck’s been thrown off the roof; assasinates Mauser when he taunts her about Chuck; breaks orders to “find” Papa Bartowski; then commits treason by running away with him in the set up to Colonel.

      And Season 3 starts with her trying to engineer their disappearance.

      Sarah only has two settings for her emotions: Off and Crazy high…

      • Big Kev says:

        You’re right ReadySet…..and I’m not sure that she’s progressed much in Season 3 so far. She’s pulled a gun on Shaw to go and rescue Chuck in Operation Awesome, and run around like a caged lioness in First Class.
        The only exception seemed to be in Mexico in Pink Slip, where she seemd to manufacture the “stupid lock” excuse to give Chuck an opportunity to use his skills to get them out of trouble. Maybe at that point in Pink Slip she was angry enough with Chuck to put her emotions on hold a little?
        How do you think this is going to play out? If she’s going to learn to control her emotions in this season, she’s going to have to learn pretty quickly – or maybe the point is that once Chuck becomes an equal in the spy game, she’ll be confident enough in him that her emotions won’t go haywire – part of Liz James’ “Charles in charge” scenario.

      • amyabn says:

        Let’s hope she can finally unleash that passion (on Chuck of course). I have to admire the way she tries to put Chucks needs ahead of her own. Whether the way she does it is healthy or not is debatable. But if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

      • joe says:

        I think you’re right about that, ReadySet. The buttons are labelled “off” and “Crazy-High”.

        There was a line in M*A*S*H – BJ is indulging on one of Hawkeye’s homemade martinis, and he offers Radar one. The kid takes a large sip and it almost knocks him over, it tastes so bad. “Hey! I thought you guys drank to feel better!” Radar says. “No.” BJ answers. “We drink to feel nothing.”

        That’s the way Sarah looked to me in Pink Slip, when she was on a mission – seducing Gilles in particular. For her, the mission, the seduction, the adrenaline; it was more numbing than anything else.

        Sarah doesn’t start to feel until Chuck comes back.

      • Waverly says:

        Actually, Big Kev, I don’t think in Pink Slip Mexico that was an exception. I thought it was a legitimate case where Sarah was unable to pick the lock. Of course she would be frustrated/angry about that.

        Joe, I think that’s insightful: Sarah likes being in love for real, despite all of the professional problems that that supposedly brings. The question is how much loving being in love with someone is confused in her mind with being in love a particular someone. That’s part of the growth process.

      • Merve says:

        ReadySet, that reminds me of one of my favourite lines from Better Off Ted: “Wow, you either don’t care at all or care a hundred and crazy percent.”

        Coincidentally, that line was said to an American character played by a blonde Australian.

  9. SWnerd says:

    All this revisiting of the sweet Chuck/Sarah scenes makes me want to watch some old episodes. I really miss those moments. 😦

  10. cholitau says:

    Joe, Thanks for putting this together. While reading your ariticle i remembered back to all those moments in the show… i miss them. Thanks to all here for giving allthoughts and impressions off them. Before finding this site i felt i was the only one paying so much attention.
    I’m finally right now giving Mask another view. I think refreshing my memory about all these special Chuck/Sarah moments has given me the positivism ineeded to watch it again.
    One more week and we are on!

    • joe says:

      You’re welcome, C. I’m a little embarrassed by the typo’s though (I actually DO know the difference between “you’re” and “your”).

      I feel a post coming on. People have mentioned that they have little desire to re-watch S3 episodes, and some have said that what’s happened has even made S1 and S2 episodes less appealing. I understand that. I had the very same reaction for a couple of weeks.

      But the way the characters have progressed, especially in S3, is surprisingly edifying. What seemed dark and depressing in S3 is coming across as much deeper and richer now, after seeing S1 and parts of S2 again.

      The early episodes are exactly the way I remember my storied youth. Full of fun and vigor and challenges and I have absolutely no desire to re-live them. What I remember has an aura about it now. My adult hood has been a never-ending struggle with jobs and responsibilities and relationships and the physical aches and pains of middle age. It’s also been the best time of my life. Wouldn’t change any of it.

      • cholitau says:

        I think our aversion to S3 is the fact that we have no idea where the show is being takenm why it seems our beloved heroes are acting OOC, and how what we saw in Colonel seems to be being negated from Ring on. The rite of passage fro Chuck we are seeing in S3 is good and necessary, but like most, we miss the funny/sweet stuff. Like it’s been said before, i’m sure TPTB had to take a gamble since they originally were only given 13 eps to work with. I’m starting to feel better and actually enjoyed wtching Mask last night (i still didn’t get to watch the last 10min…it was late). The schene of C&S working together to repalce the Mask is my favorite. You can see Sarah trusting Chuck w the dangerous operation.

        I’m sticking to the con for now. In the scene were Hannah comes on to Chuck, they kiss, but then Hanna catches S and Shaw on the screen: My thoughts here are: if she’s a spy she doens’t know Chuck in the Intersect and doesn’t imagine he will take off, maybe she just wanted to show him Sarah being with someone else. CHuck runs, and when he and Sarah run to the vault he uses his little computer to take over the syste,and jam the doors. He didn’t seem to care too much that he was screwing her over.

        I guess what i’m trying to find here is proof that Chuck is in the con and has figured out Hannah. I have to believe he is not that naive anymore if trying to start a relationship with a civilian.

      • atcdave says:

        I don’t agree with the “necessary” part. Life lessons can be learned a lot of different ways, and I don’t see any compelling reason why the writers “had” to choose to make Chuck’s journey dark and alone. To me, every lesson learned so far would have been better if Chuck and Sarah had clearly learned it together. Especially since we know Sarah is on her own journey about learning to love and trust. If Chuck and Sarah had embarked on this journey together, it would have allowed keeping the light and warm feel to the show that many of us signed up for back in S1. Eliminating Shaw and Hannah entirely would have also allowed for more screen time for Ellie, Devon, and the Buy Morons.

        I’m also hoping for the con theory, but my confidence level in it is going down. I don’t ever envision enjoying most of this season, although, depending on how it plays out, I may stop whining about it.

      • cholitau says:

        I’m with you dave, in that the show didn’t need to be darker to the point that we lose all the lightness, the sweetness and the fun, but i think seeing Chuck and Sarah go through some tough moments shouldn’t surprise any of us because their situtaion has changed to a more “darker” one, professionally and emotionally. I too would have preferred to see C&S going through all this togehter ane expression their thoughts and emotiosn to each other clearly, i feel that by now they should be able to, so that’s why the con theory is a appealing… i hope they actually have matured and are talking, but we are just not being shown.

      • atcdave says:

        The funny thing is the difference could come down to very few moments. The most obvious change being if Sarah had simply joined Chuck at the end of Nacho Sampler. I suppose Mask could have been easily improved by truncating the last 15 minutes and airing an infomercial instead; see, simple.

      • Stef62 says:

        I don’t believe that Chuck is on any con that is going on, (and i’ve doubts on that too).

        But if there is a con going on I think they’ll have it backfire on Sarah, and we’ll end up with the ‘dark chuck’ that has been hinted at here, and elsewhere. That’ll lead into the events of ep9

      • cholitau says:

        I’ve wondered about when it could have been that Chuck and Sarah planned a con (if there is one, of course…) an di imagine it could be at the end of Nacho Sampler.. if Sarah did actually go see Chuck while he was alone drinking. I don’t see how they could have planned anythign before that moment.

      • atcdave says:

        I agree, Nacho Sampler is an obvious point when they could have met and talked. For the record, I’m currently leaning away from that theory, but as you can tell from my posts, I’m not happy about it.

  11. John says:

    Great article.

  12. Gord says:

    Interesting article, but I would argue that we have seen lies at the fountain.
    The biggest lie was the Breakup.

    So does the fountain really mean truth?

    • atcdave says:

      And in 1.04 Sarah said she and Bryce were just partners, but it was nothing personal.

    • JLR says:

      Was the breakup a “lie”?

    • Big Kev says:

      I’m happy to concede Dave’s point about Sarah and Bryce (although I always got the impression that Bryce’s feelings for Sarah were always a lot deeper than her feelings for him – at least until her reaction to his death)…..but Breakup was all about truth.
      Chuck told Sarah she was the best thing that had ever happened to him, but that he couldn’t see a future for them together. Not a word of a lie in that. The truth of it is written on both their faces, and it is in fact, the essential truth of that scene that makes it so powerful.

      • atcdave says:

        I think The Break-Up was one of the most nuanced scenes of the entire series. The lie was that either of them was accepting what was being said, even if the words themselves were true.

    • Faith says:

      I’m pretty sure Joe will get to Break up and how the truth in S2 becomes a fickle thing around the fountain. But here’s my view, I think the breakup is fake but the words are true. The scene ended with both of them looking at one another knowing that regardless of what was said the feelings they have for each other lives on and that although the words hurt, they had to be said.

      Chuck’s famous words: “Sarah you’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you laugh at all my stupid jokes and you have this horrible habit of constantly saving my life. The truth is you’re everything I’ve ever wanted and more. And for the last few days all I can think about is our future together. About what it’s going to be like once I finally get the intersect out of my head, how we can finally be together, for real. No fake relationships, no covers, no lies. But the more I think about it, the more I realize you and I can never have a future together. I fooled myself into thinking we could but the truth is we can’t. Because even if we had a real relationship it would never really be real. I’d still never know anything about you, your real name, your hometown, your first love, anything . And I want more than that. I want to be able to call you in the end of a day and tell you something funny that Morgan did and not find out I can’t because you’re somewhere in Paraguay quelling a revolution with a fork. I’m a normal guy, who wants a normal life and as amazing as you are Sarah Walker we both know that you will never be normal.”

      Roughly a year and a half later and Chuck is getting close to completing that list, he knows her hometown (Cougars), maybe her first love (Bryce) and now he will soon (hopefully, maybe, who knows) find out her real name. In a perfect world they’re working towards that real relationship. I hope. (Sidenote: no, you’re not experiencing de ja vu, I did just post that earlier today in the NBC Boards lol).

      • Faith says:

        whoops. I forgot to make it a hyperlink. Sorry.

      • lizjames says:

        I agree with most of what you say here, especially about Chuck needing to know about the “real” Sarah. That is why his gallant statement at the end of Cougars is gallant, but not actionable. You have to know someone to love them and now that Sarah has declared she wants a “real” life, he needs to know the real Sarah. I assume that part of episode 8 is his learning more about Sarah’s real life.

      • kg says:

        (sob, sniffle) Ya know, someday when the intersect is out of your head and you have the life you’ve always wanted, you’ll forget all about me.

        I seriously doubt that.

  13. lizjames says:

    I don’t think the truth is fickle at all in fountain scene in Break-Up. That’s why the fountain is where truth is spoken.

    This is what they actually believe at the moment. Chuck is literally hopeless here. Sarah is crushed by Chuck’s conclusion and thus hopeless, too. That the truth has kept changing since that moment does NOT undermine the truth of the scene. At that time, at that moment, all of the lies were stripped away and they actually spoke the truth to each other.

    Chuck, for all he loved Sarah, wanted “more.” Sarah, for all she loved Chuck, was going to let him find “more.”

    In fact, this truth-telling at the fountain in Break-Up IS the state of affairs essentially until the next big fountain scene at the end of Lethal Weapon. That’s where Chuck decides that WHEN he gets the intersect out, he will live his life WITH Sarah. And Sarah, who was going to settle for the fake live=together scenario, says “I do” to Chuck’s pronouncement of what he wants to be happy.

    So if you go from fountain scene to fountain scene in Season 2, you see the truth of the upcoming arcs being revealed. In Break-Up, Chuck wants normal and he doesn’t think that includes Sarah. Then we see Jill come back, the phony life in Suburbs, the racheting up of friendship in Best Friends and the Cole flirtation. By the end of Lethal Weapon, he still wants normal, but insists normal must include Sarah, “the girl I love.” And that’s what we see from that point until the end of Colonel.

    In other words, not only is truth only spoken at the fountain, it lays down the markers for the next developments in the plot.

    Which is why, until I see another fountain scene this season, I refuse to believe Chuck and Sarah are anything but “good here, for now” and working on “the mess.” That was what was announced in Three Words. And unless and until someone tells me different at the fountain, I assume everything else we’re looking at fits that pattern, no matter how well, er, masked…

    As Joe shows–brilliant work, sir!–truth is told at other places besides the fountain. But the fountain is THE TRUTH and how TPTB have driven the story so far.

    • joe says:

      Wow. Liz, I felt like I was taking a trip down memory lane doing this post, merely pointing out the places where our footing was most secure. I was noting the markers where we could trust our own eyes. They’re not always obvious in shows about the spy world. (We sometimes lose track that, despite the comedy and romance, that’s part of Chuck too.)

      But this, this is brilliant.

    • atcdave says:

      Again Liz, I’m hoping you’re right; because if not, everything since Three Words is a total waste. They parted with saying they would “clean up the mess”, and they haven’t done squat. If we do discover a con of some sort is taking place, it may redeem the episodes 3.05 – 3.07 (and probably 3.08-3.10) in my eyes; but otherwise the middle part of this season is a complete waste of time.

      • Merve says:

        I know that I’m splitting hairs here, but the conversation at the end of “Three Words” went something like this:

        Sarah: “That’s quite a mess we made.”
        Chuck: “Yeah, I’m really hoping we can clean it up.”
        Sarah: “Maybe, but you’re on your own with the courtyard.”

        Neither of them made a commitment to clean up the mess. Again, I know that it’s splitting hairs, but it illustrates that neither Chuck nor Sarah is willing to commit to anything at that point in the series, just that they hope they can get back to a point where they can commit. This makes it all the more difficult for me to believe the con theories. If Chuck and Sarah can’t even make simple commitments then, how could they magically be in a place where they’d be comfortable with coordinating a con a few episodes later?

      • atcdave says:

        Which only makes the entire season that much more distasteful. You’re right there was no real commitment, just a statement of hope. But the hope, the hope of the major part of the season, has been abandoned.

        As I’ve said many times, I do believe they will “make nice” by the end. But the road to that end has not been a fun one, and I wouldn’t ever choose to go this way again (or re-watch most of these episodes).

      • cholitau says:

        Sarah says “Maybe, but you’re on your own with the courtyard.” The fact that she says that Chuck is on his own in regards to the courtyard means to me he’s not on his own in regards to their mess, but it’s true that we have no proof that they ahve been working at anything. The use of the word “maybe” i think comes out of Sarah still being hurt, and it’s also just hopeful. Only a con can save us now!

  14. kg says:

    BRAVO. Now bring on 3-8 already.

  15. cholitau says:

    This fresh from twitter by Televisionary. A review of the 4 upcoming eps:

    • Jason says:

      that does not bode well for the shippers, sounds like shaw and sarah are coupled for the 4 episodes reviewed?

      • atcdave says:

        Well, it also talks about Chuck/Hanna as an on-going concern, which we know must resolve in 3.08. But over-all the tone is not encouraging. Maybe I’ll just take March off.

    • Mike B says:

      Based on Jace’s past reviews I reserve judgement. We are not on the same page when it comes to past episodes.

      • atcdave says:

        Actually, that’s exactly what concerns me. He’s liked the last few episodes that I didn’t, so if he likes the next four, its likely I won’t. Of course, it is possible he’s simply more patient than I am, and is now pleased as things resolve, and I will also be pleased with the resolution.
        But he does accept as fact the TV cliche that no couple should ever be happy together. Never mind the number of shows and movies that have clearly shown that to be wrong. I would also say it goes back to the journey/destination arguement. I can never swallow that simply “being together” is a worthy destination. Rather, that’s the part when the journey gets interesting. So they choose to keep us in the boring and tedious part of the journey. I think of this stage as the “waiting at the toll plaza before you can get on the turnpike” part of the journey.

      • SWnerd says:

        I pretty much never find myself on the same page as critics so I usually disregard what they say. I find it sad that I’m not necessarily looking forward to these next episodes. I would describe my mood as more anxious of how bad it will get.

        And the not coupling for fear of losing the sexual tension has really become a cliche. Plus I’d say they’ve done a pretty bang up job of losing at least some of that tension already with their lack of screen time. So in trying so hard to not lose sexual tension by not putting them together, they’ve lost it by…not putting them together. Fantastic.

      • atcdave says:

        I agree 100%.

    • Jen says:

      I’ve decided to just make as I didn’t read that, since I disagree w the anlysis of what the fans like n how the article still brings up that dumb comment made by one crazy person about boycotting the show. I don’t know what is coming, if there is a con or not, if CH n SS are real, but, or how tbtb will bring it all together. I just want to remain positive, stay openminded, n enjoy the rest of the season. The article does mention that ZL performance is great, that the comedy is on, so I’m looking fwd to that.
      I don’t want to wait til 3.13 to see C n S together, it’s so long, so I hope all aht happens between now n then helps us understand what tptb has in mind.

      • Jason says:

        I sort of feel toward the series chuck, like sarah feels toward shaw end of 3.7, I’m sort of stuck here waiting around hoping to at least like my time until the old ‘chuck’ gets his head out of his butt and returns to save the day, but with each passing episode, that ‘old’ feeling seems more fleeting?

      • atcdave says:

        Too funny. The thing is, all of us here are hard-core. We are hooked on the show, and generally know what we like or hate about it. I always worry about the casual viewers. I hope enough of them stick around until Chuck gets his head out of his butt.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I think it’s our burden to bear to try to stay positive through the rough patch. From the original Sepinwall interview we learned that 3.8 is not a quick fix. But I’d hoped that that didn’t mean we’d be subjected to continued torture and it sounds like we will be. Still must maintain hopeful. Until it’s here and it blows haha, jk.

      • Mike B says:

        Mo Ryan’s interview on Chuck Me Tuesday gave me some hope. Not immediate, but hope just the same.

  16. Gord says:

    Yes most of the words during the breakup were true, but the actual break up was a lie. That is not how Chuck felt about Sarah. I’m pretty sure that her being normal is not a condition of his love.
    It was just another sacrifice Chuck was making for the “greater” good.

    Don’t get me wrong, the fountain scenes have been poignant, and have had elements of truth in them. I just don’t feel they have been the whole truth.

  17. Pingback: Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Tango (1.03) | Chuck This

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