The Question

Point Blank

We’ve seen the trailer for upcoming episodes, and it’s inevitable. Chuck asks Sarah, point blank, an important question. Face it. As far as we’re concerned, it is The question. “Sarah, do you love me?”

Wanna drive yourself crazy? Ask yourself how she’ll answer.

Sarah, do you love me?

Can Sarah say “I don’t know? – I need more time?” Carina knew two seasons and three years ago. Isn’t that enough time?

Can Sarah say no? How possibly could she do that? We know when she’s lying to us (even under pentathol). Chuck knows when she’s lying to him (and when the kiss is actually about him). And Sarah even knows now when she’s lying to herself. If she doesn’t, Ellie will tell her, and so will Casey. Who is left to lie to?

Can Sarah say, “Yes, but…”, the way Chuck did to Lou? You’re everything I’m looking for, but I just can’t look now.”? Why not? Is it still so complicated? Just how does Chuck make things any more complicated for her?

In fact, doesn’t choosing Chuck make them simpler?

Even though it seems we’re travelling at a breakneck speed, there’s obviously a long road ahead of them still. Hannah and Shaw bring consequences along with them in the story, as do real people in real life.

Amyabn wrote in a comment that if this is the season cliff hanger, she’ll be ready to storm the studio gates. I imagine about 6 million other fans will be ready to join her. But even so…

How can Sarah say anything but yes?

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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212 Responses to The Question

  1. Ofer says:

    I think another question would be, is this before or after Hannah? Maybe the answer Sarah gives is just enough for Chuck, for now.

  2. sd says:

    In a season of cliff hangers…I think this will be the last frame of this episode…the wait continues—

  3. Faith says:

    What if she doesn’t say yes or no but she kisses him? Now on the one hand you can imply, “yes, unequivocally yes!” in the non-verbal sense but any person who knows love will tell you the words are magic for a reason.

    “I love you, Chuck” or bust!

    • amyabn says:

      I could work with that.

    • joe says:

      We should take up a collection to rent the GoodYear Blimp. We could have it fly over Burbank (or the Warner Bros. studio, wherever it is) with the lights flashing “I Love You, Chuck! – Sarah”.

      That’ll get their notice.

    • Faith says:

      In this day and age we’d be better off spamming their twitter pages ha.

      How do you think Betty White got the SNL gig? lol.

    • herder says:

      Really it depends on where this scene comes from, 3.08 and the answer is probably no or something unsatisfactory. If it is in 3.13 it is probably yes and they are on the train running away as Sarah wanted in Pink Slip.

      • atcdave says:

        I think you’re exactly right herder. We know the question will be answered this season, we just don’t know the how and why of it. I would add, this clip actually tells us nothing. If its from 3.08, she likely answers no (or gives some variation of a “best friend” answer); if its from 3.09-3.12 its probably ambiguous (or something dramatic happens before she can answer); if its from 3.13 or later she’ll say yes.

        How’s that for a flakey answer!

  4. amyabn says:

    As far as character development goes, I don’t think she’ll have any thing to say but “yes, I love you Chuck, but it’s complicated.” It gives us shippers something to cling to while keeping the angst factor up! I still can’t figure out why they are keeping them apart. We’ve gone from “we can’t be together, you are the asset,” “we can’t, I have to protect you,” to “you’re a spy now, you have to bury your feelings.” This despite the fact that she had already admitted that her relationship was ok with Bryce Larkin, super spy.

    Pitchforks anyone? (I hope you all know I”m kidding, right?!?).

    • Faith says:

      damn, have to go back to home depot to return my pitchforks then!

    • joe says:

      Hey wait! I was going to make a fortune selling pitchforks too all the Chuck fans. Don’t back out on me now, Amy! 😉

    • atcdave says:

      That’s been a problem since the start of this season, their obstacles have grown transparent and tedious.

    • Paul says:

      Well the handler/asset hurdle was real. So was the ‘I have to protect you’ to some extent. The whole you’re a spy thing is a defense mechanism and smokescreen Sarah is using to hide her fear of opening up again and being rejected.

  5. weaselone says:

    I’d be happier if she steals a line from Jill. She can tell him she loves him a little later.

  6. Waverly says:


    • joe says:

      Waverly? Are you Turning Japanese on us?

    • Waverly says:

      If she can’t say yes because she’s being watched (but hopefully not recorded), and if we postulate that she has to say something (instead of being in a state of ardor interruptus), she could say something meaningful and positive that Chuck would understand, if and only if he flashes.

      I don’t know if what I wrote conveys the right ideas, though.

      • atcdave says:

        Actually, that’s a pretty good idea. I like it!

      • Jason says:

        my theory is she answers in klingon

      • Waverly says:

        Well, I don’t know Klingon, but Sarah could say:

        jIH muSHa’ SoH

        If it’s possible to say “I love you” in Klingon at all.

      • joe says:

        Doesn’t that translate “I want to break your spine”? Oh wait. I guess in Klingon it’s the same thing.

      • atcdave says:

        But if Sarah knows Klingon, she must have been taught by Bryce. Not to reopen old wounds or anything!

      • Jason says:

        byrce? could get so cheesy with some of this stuff – how about chuck asking sarah, did byrce teach you kligon?, sarah, no, you are the only man I’ll ever speak klingon with? so bad …… yet …. remember, jenny burton was a complete geek in HS

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Sorry, but in Nemesis we find out that Sarah doesn’t speak Klingon (unless she decided to learn after that). She has to ask Bryce what he said to Chuck.

        But then she does have a knack for languages, and I’d love to find out she spent three weeks before Prague at Klingon camp learning.

      • atcdave says:

        Sarah at Klingon camp, that’s a scene I need to see!

      • amyabn says:

        I think it is fair to assume that since Chuck now can speak Thai, he can probably speak Polish. How about a subtitled, “Yes, I love you but we are being bugged, so play along. Meet me at my place so we can talk” and then tells him NO with a wink and some lame excuse for them not being together as more than friends. Next scene is them in her apartment!

      • joe says:

        I would love it if Sarah spoke to him in Polish and Chuck flashed on it!

        – especially if that’s how they got out of a jam.

        Great idea!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I think it would be far funnier to see Sarah suffer through Klingon Camp surrounded by the nerdiest of the nerds.

        In fact going forward this is comedy gold that has hardly been touched. As Sarah tries to fit into a more or less real life she actually DOES go to Comicon with Chuck, or get involved in a Call of Duty tournament. Whether she sucked or kicked ass it would be a hilarious interaction with the lifelong gamers. Toss Casey in for a two on two Call of Duty marathon, I’d watch.

      • Jason says:

        seems like there is a huge disconnect among the fan base and / or critics, i read all this serious stuff and just wonder what show some of these so called experts are watching, it is the lamest of all shows, sans comedy and all the chemistry that goes along with the interactions. But when the geek tries to be a spy and / or the spy tries to be a geek, the result had been priceless. From what I can tell, that show is over, gone, finito – what we essentially are left with spy writing quality of ‘the spy who shagged me’ meets the ‘OC’ trying to be ’24’. Still, all and all, probably an ok show, but not the one it was.

      • atcdave says:

        Couple of great comments today; I agree Ernie, I would love to see more of the humor of Sarah trying fit into Chuck’s world. So far, the show has mostly been about Chuck trying to fit into her world; which increasingly is not funny.
        And Jason, I agree entirely. So much has been lost this season. But it sounds like we may get some of it back in the episodes ahead, at least 3.14 on. We can always hope.

  7. Big Kev says:

    No You Tube at work for me……but that’s my lunch hour taken care of!
    And seriously, if she doesn’t say yes, I’ll be cheering for the next brunette who walks into the Buy More. Three years of denial and self-sabotage is enough.
    My bet? 3.13 closes with the question – and then 3.14 opens with Chuck and Sarah waking up together on the train in Spain!

  8. Faith says:

    I don’t know what it is, but at third viewing (I can’t stop!!) I want her to say no 🙂 (someone check my temperature!) . Or “I can’t.” No hear me out!

    I’ve always likened Yvonne’s lie/line delivery to that of Julia Robert’s Notting Hill acting of the line, “Good decision, good decision.” A scene in which the voice says one thing and the face shows utter devastation and heartbreak. It’s a duality in character that not many actors (both men and women) can pull off. Which makes it all the more powerful. So for me and the shipper that I am I want her to say, “I can’t.” and then later on, maybe 5 minutes later say, “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” Ek, I love that movie!

    • joe says:

      I haven’t seen Notting Hill, but I get what you mean. It’s the same power we see in the last scene of The Break-Up, too, when both Sarah and Chuck have to smile through the tears.

      When Sarah’s words can be in sync with her thoughts and moods, then she glows. Think – the oft remembered breakfast scene in Suburbs. It’s what we see in the The Colonel.

      I just convinced myself. I’m with you on this, Faith. I want to see both.

    • Faith says:

      Good god, I think I’m starting to like the angst. *runs around the room screaming*

    • weaselone says:

      Do you also want Chuck to respond, “Sorry, I can’t” to the Knotting Hill line? I mean, once we get the angst ball rolling, why stop? Let’s see if Levi has the acting chops to pull off that sort of duality.

    • Faith says:

      IMO Zack does. He certainly did in Break up.

      As for what I want him to say lol, I don’t know. At some point the angst train has to stop right? Since I brought up Notting Hill I’ll continue. Say before she says “I’m also just a girl” she says, “what would you say if this person, Ms. Walker realized she’d been a daft prick, got down on her knees and begged you to reconsider would you in fact, reconsider?” Then Chuck can say, “yes, I believe I would.” Then kiss, make up, happily ever after! Hooray!

      The phrasing of course would be a little different but the essence remains the same.

      • weaselone says:

        I think scenarios like that would be nice, but I can’t help the nagging suspicion that if they tried something like that on the show there would be a weeks time between the two scenes.

    • Marvin says:

      This reminds me of the look that Sarah gives as Chuck is walking away after delivering the “If I have to see you with anyone…” line. And it really comes down to just how good an actress Yvonne is. Was it “I’m sorry I had to do that”? with a side of resignation? Was it musing over a cute puppy dog? It’s possible to read so much into a tilt of the head and the heave of a sigh. Was that the shadow of a smile I saw there?

  9. Waverly says:

    For those of you who like it cruel:

    She pulls out a coin and says “Heads or tails?”

  10. herder says:

    Don’t get me wrong, this trailer has re-energized my entouhsiasm for the show, but I don’t like the look in Sarah’s face when Chuck asks her if she loves him. I can see a sequence, Chuck and Sarah come back to his apartment after the mission in Fake Name, suprise Hannah who is trying to suprise Chuck in a romantic way (the bath robe), she leaves saying that she can’t be involved with Chuck when he and Sarah still love each other. After she is gone, Chuck asks Sarah if she loves him, she says no (a lie, some how related to her past) and that is what devatates Chuck leaving him unable to flash and thinking that she has moved on to Shaw and that he has blown it with both women.

    A grim angsty plot right up JS’s alley and plays on our knowlege that they are going to get together at some time.

    The strange thing is that our knowing that it is a lie could make it bearable and not bring out the torches and pitchforks.

    • Fabiano says:

      good guess and Chuck still falling on the old advice to Casey, turning on Jhonny Walker Black but I still think about it:

      Chuck: Sarah, do you love me?
      Sarah: (thinking: Now has Pentahol I hold). It’s complicated, but love you so.
      Chuck: Prove it!
      Sarah: Well, my name is ……..
      Sarah: Chuck, did you flash?

      This does not mean they can be together at that time. And actually, but love did not fail but it is difficult to express feelings and now then it will be more cautious. But it must be honest I think this an ideal time for this.

      Forgive my English in Brazil!

  11. herder says:

    Or for a less upsetting version Chuck and Ellie suprise the spy Hannah trying to seduce information out of Morgan. After all she does come between Chuck and Morgan.

  12. Fake Empire says:

    Exciting new trailer! IMHO, Chuck deserves to have Sarah initiate an “I love you” versus having to fish it out of her. So, in some weird way, I hope that is not the moment it occurs – whether it’s due to interruption or Sarah’s avoidance.

  13. Rick Holy says:

    I’m hoping Sarah responds not “yes,” but
    “HELL, YES!!”

    Now howz about THEM apples!!


    • joe says:

      Oh, don’t hold back like that, Fr. Rick. Tell us how you *really* feel.


    • Jason says:

      rick, here is my fanfic hope for that scene:

      would love the leaked chuck i love you scene to be late in 3,8, with sarah’s expression never changing, she answers in klingon something, then says ‘spies don’t fall in love chuck’, chuck looks suprised by the klingon and dejected on the no. we are left to guess what was said in klingon …. sarah gets up and says I better go ….. pan to shaw watching on the monitor, with an evil smirk, the klingon going right over his head. I love writing fanfic.

      The klingon translation you ask? – how about (sarah walker’s real name) loves you chuck

      Of course this would mean our boy chuck went from moving on to I love you sarah in about 45 minutes of tv time, so it unlikely will not be the case, although 3.7 set precedence for just about anything.

      • amyabn says:

        Love the Klingon idea. it was funny when Chuck and Bryce were using it.

      • cholitau says:

        That would be cool =P Jason,kl if you write somethign with that idea let me know 🙂

        In that scene doesn’t it look like they are in comfy clothing? PJs? is that a Guitar Hero guitar hanging from Chuck? they must have been talking about something serious by the expression on their faces. I’m hoping this would happen in 3.8 but i’m not holding on to hope for that.

      • Jason says:

        never tried ‘real’ fanfic, limit myself to the 3 or 4 liners I can rattle off on the forums, I am too fired up about the direction the show takes anyhow, writing my own direction probably would only make matters worse, but I have to say, the minute long spoiler sure added to the fun for this week at least!!

      • atcdave says:

        I’m thinking they may be trying out the “friends” cover, Sarah’s actually spending the night playing video games with Chuck.

        Or how about this; she’s staying over while her apartment is being repainted, but can’t quite get to sleep on the sofa because Chuck is making such a racket playing Guitar Hero, and she just pounded on his door to tell him to keep it down, when Chuck springs the question on her. That look on her face was deciding how to say “you’re an idiot” without breaking the intersect again.

        Wow, I can be creative too!

  14. JLR says:

    I have a feeling people are going to be disappointed after 3.08. Don’t get me wrong, the promo looks good (full of stuff I wish we would’ve seen the first 7 eps.), but many might expect all the promo’s puppy dogs & sunshine to start in the Fake Name… Most accounts seem to clear on the fact we see no plot movement until 3.09 at the earliest.

  15. Gord says:

    Maybe her answer will just be “its complicated”.

    Probably not, but probably not a simple yes either.

    • atcdave says:

      I think you’re right Gord; I didn’t get a good vibe from Sarah in that shot, I doubt its an epic moment (I’m hoping I’m wrong about that). My bet is, she won’t admit it in words until she’s proven it with actions (going back to my theory, everything since Colonel has been a waste of time, that was the moment).

    • Rick Holy says:

      Disappointed after an episode of CHUCK? Never! (NOT!) 😉

  16. lizjames says:

    I think, if this at the end of 3.08, you have your name reveal. I will assume that we have been told Sarah’s real name by Shaw. And, in fact, we even may know that Chuck knows it–if there is a backward reveal to the end of Colonel.

    Either way, if this is from episode 8, it’ll go something like this, IMHO:

    Sarah, do you love me?

    Chuck, you should know by now that spies don’t fall in love. But the next time you’re in the real world and meet [Sarah’s real name here], ask her.

    • atcdave says:

      That would be a nice scene, but I’m thinking we won’t get anything that good for a while yet. Somehow, Chuck has to come out of episode 3.08 broken.

      • JC says:

        If this scene happens in 3.08, she’s going to say no.

        Now maybe this is me over analyzing things. But Chuck’s hair seems to be longer in those other clips and he’s sporting the short look during this scene.

    • Rick Holy says:

      Liz – I’m diggin’ that vibe. Something like, “No, Chuck. Sarah Walker doesn’t love you. But (fill in her real name here) DOES!”

      That would ROCK!

    • Big Kev says:

      I reckon “Sarah, do you love me?” is defintely 3.08. It would be a direct callback to “Sarah, I love you” in 3.02 which, as Liz says, is one of Ali Adler’s writing tricks.
      Do we know for sure that Sarah’s name reveal is in 3.08? Or could the name reveal in 3.08 be someone else…..and another example of misdirection from TPTB? Which would leave room to reveal Sarah’s real name in 3.13, as part of the final reckoning.
      I remember the last scene between Graham and Jenny Burton in Cougars, where he mentions seeing her birth certificate….and she interrupts him. I’ve always had a suspicion that the intent of that scene is to let us know that “Jenny’s” family name is significant in the spy world, even before she became an agent. In fact, it could explain why she was hired. A mother, or the mythical sister as an agent maybe? Just a thought.

  17. MrHobbes says:

    Just have Sarah responded in Klingon then proceed to make love with him that end with physical injuries (beat the crap out of Chuck affectionately).

  18. Yves says:

    Most likely, I think armaggedon will burst out just the moment Sarah is about to answer.

    Moreover, is Chuck able to dump Hannah so soon after they got together? What about Shaw for Sarah? If she has a plan for him, she can’t let it go.

    I don’t know if Hannah is going to stay on the show, but I hope so. Althought, her way out is way clearer than Shaw’s. Step one: She spends the night with Chuck (or have a romantic date, or anything like this), then, Step two: Sarah comes across and drops a life or death matter on hChuck, so he can’t not go. Step 3: Hannah sees her boyfriend getting out with his ex right after their special moment and realizes “He’s definitely not done with her”.

    Besides, there is one other way to work out this situation. I have no cristall ball, but I can quite well see Shaw wandering around Sarah, waiting to make his move. On the other hand, I can very well imagine how this can trigger Chuck’s jealousy. He IS with Hannah (Or maybe not, maybe she will have already gotten back at him), and asks her the Question. I believe more in the second one, in fact.

    Urged by both, Sarah would be entitled to scream “Time out, boys. I’m not the prize of your ego competition. Get lost, both of you.”

    I thought about this with the “What are you all doing in my room?” line. But, when you look at it closely, characters in the room are neither Shaw or Chuck. maybe it was just a cover thing and, hering these words, my mind got carried away.

    In my opinion, The cliffhanger about Sarah and Chuck happens at a bad moment, right after Hannah’s episode.

  19. Yves says:

    Oh, and I forgot: there is a Jeffster gig!

  20. amyabn says:

    the more I watched Sarah’s facial expression, the more I kept thinking about her expression when Chuck told her that he would get the intersect out of his head and be with the girl he loves. It took her that split second. I feel like they cut that shot just shy of seeing that smile. I will be mad if they drag this out.
    I could see her replying with “I always have” or “how could I not” or “I broke the cardinal rule of spying.” Sarah saying ILY would be epic, but I don’t know that she can say it at this point.

    • Jason says:

      I have seen cases made for this scene to come anywhere between 3.8 and 3.19, with all due respect to how the question was written, to me the big question is when was this question asked? The earlier asked, the more murky the answer will probably be. If this is the big ILU moment, it is waaaay undersold – but yet, it would be remarkably warm and fuzzy, not the super cool spy couple, but the pair of high school nerds who really are both quite insecure and shy? I don’t know?

      • weaselone says:

        Actually, I believe this clip only contains scenes from episodes 3.08 through 3.11 so that narrows the choices significantly, but doesn’t invalidate your point and that of others that when this question takes place will have a strong impact on the likely answer.

        I really don’t know what the answer will be, regardless of the episode timing. Agent Walker doesn’t like to be put on the spot and her first impulse would be either to deny, dodge, or kick Chuck in the nuts and run without answering the question. Of course, Agent Walker doesn’t appear to be the one present in this scene. It’s exceedingly casual and appears to take place in Chuck’s apartment. I’m fairly certain that Chuck has a guitar hero controller strap resting across his shoulder and both characters are extremely casually attired. Chuck in a tee-shirt that seems destined to be slept in and Sarah in what appears to be a conservative pair of pajamas. So if it is indeed Sarah or Jenny Burton standing there, maybe we’ll get a yes.

      • Jason says:

        weasel – I am pretty sure the promo is for nearly all season, televisionary was asked this ? on twitter and used some words like ‘far more’ than just 3.8 thru 3.11 (he was one of the screeners) – someone listed all the scenes (were like 20 of them in the 60 sec promo) – I wish they all were from 3.8 to 3.11, my guess is many were not?

      • joe says:

        Jason, you just said something very important here.

        This show won’t be about a super-cool spy couple. It never was.

        What we have are two people we thought were impossibly great – Sarah the agent and Chuck the intelligent nice guy. But layer by layer we’ve gotten to see their flaws and humanity and – humanness. They’re still super-cool, but they’re also those high-school nerds you mentioned, insecure and shy. 3-dimensional. We can admit it. They’ve become more real to us than any other character in television.

        Now the show isn’t about two super-cool characters. It’s about us and our friends and family.

      • Paul says:

        The clips from the Promo cover 3.08 through (very likely) 3.16. There is a shot from 3.15 in there (the tiger).

    • Faith says:

      Amy, rewatching truth and I gotta tell you I see similarities to that line/scene. *biting fingernails anxiously, grinding teeth*

  21. JC says:

    Well the scene with the Tiger is for sure from the back six. And I would guess the one with Yvonne and Southern accent is too.

    • weaselone says:

      You’re right. The tiger is in 3.15. Still, most of the episodes with the exception of the tiger and southern accent shot seem to be from the front 13. I also suspect they left out the final two episodes in the original season.

  22. sniderman says:

    We had better not see this cliche pan out:

    “Sarah, do you love me?”

    “Chuck, do you even have to ask?”

    They kiss, there’s a fade-out, and everyone is happy. But Sarah/the writers never really answered the question, giving a non-answer and offering the wriggle room they need for future angst.

    • atcdave says:

      I’m thinking Sarah may try that. If the scene is from the next couple episodes, that’s all Chuck will get too. The later in the season this is, the more likely her answer will be acceptable.

  23. OldDarth says:

    The moment of truth for Sarah. Can’t wait to see it play out.

    The question is when does it play out? I am almost of the belief that we see this at the end of 3.08 but it seems too soon. The sooner the question is asked the more likely the answer is to be some variation of ones no one wants to hear.

  24. kg says:

    It’s difficult to predict when the question is asked.

    However, watching it several times, I can see the earnest and emotion in Chuck’s eyes.

    I believe prior to asking her he’s had a rather long conversation with Sarah. He might have even said he backed off because of Bryce’s talk, reluctantly allowed her to be with Shaw, etc, etc.

    The point is I think he manned up and finally told her those three little words he had been unable to utter in the past (not I’m crazy about you, or you’re everything I ever wanted), got the typical Sarah reaction (non verbal but plenty of feeling and emotion in her facial expression).

    Then with that earnest look in his eye asked, “Sarah, do you love me?”

  25. BillAtWork says:

    If it’s at the end of 3.08, the answer will be either no or an avoidence of the question.

    My guess is that it is mid point in 3.09. We know that Chuck can’t flash at the beginning of the episode. And in Zac’s interview with Kristin, he directly related the intersect being effective to the love that he felt from Sarah. And we know that he is effective later in the episode. Simple algebra tells us something happens.

    I see some people say that this is the season ending cliff. Don’t think so. They haven’t shot 3.19 yet. So they wouldn’t have a scene from it. And 3.13 was designed to be the possible series finale. If they were going to end the series with that scene, wow. It would make them evil beyond belief.

    • herder says:

      Welcome Bill, it’s strange, 3.09 is the one episode that I don’t think it would be. He’s benched because he can’t flash, they’re out on a mission, Morgan and bad guys arrive, Chuck flashes and saves the day. I don’t see time for a convesation with Sarah before he regains the ability to flash.

      My own guess is that it is in 3.08 and he gets a bittersweet answer – yes but that is not enough for us to be together we have to move on. Failing that I could guess any of 3.10, 3.11 or 3.12.

      • Jason says:

        it is really a great spoiler, because it seems hard to put ones finger on, most of what I have seen is chuck moving on 3.5 – 3.7, sarah ‘pining’ for chuck and reluctantly moving on too, now chuck in a setting that ‘feels’ to me like 3.8 / 3.9 asks her if she loves him, and they appear to be doing the ‘what do friends do’ dance at the time, playing guitar hero, etc

        her reaction ‘seems’ very season 2 – like – i.e. says no but we want to read more into her face and are mad that chuck can’t get what we can?

        I’m going to guess, end of 3.9, which had routh not impressed TPTB so much, would have been the end of his story line. I have no idea what the answer is going to be, pretty sure of two answers it won’t be 1 – no, 2 – yes.

        If I were writing it, I would have done it end of 3.8, and tied the fake name into the scene.

        anything later than 9 would be hard to know, but it could be end of 13, originally the answer was going to be yes, kiss, and end of series, with the extension – to be contnued with no answer ????

      • BillAtWork says:

        This scene might very well be at the end of 3.08. In that case, I suspect that Sarah will avoid answering.

        It’s pretty clear that something happens mid 3.09. Chuck starts off benched. Completely ineffective. Later in the episode we see scenes of him kicking butt.

        Have you watched Zac’s interview with Kristin when they were shooting 3.09?

        Zac directly related the intersect to the love (or lack) that he was feeling from Sarah. He also said that C/S couldn’t be together but broadly hinted that things would “smooth out”.

        Also have you listened to the Chuck You Tuesday poscast with Mo Ryan? She was careful not to spoil anything. But she gushed about 3.09. She called it a sampler of everything that we always wanted from the show. Hard to imagine that not including and C/S move.

    • joe says:

      Hi, Bill. Good to see you here.

      There’s something that’s always been in the back of my mind – Part of Chuck’s basic DNA is his insecurity. He’s never really going to believe Sarah loves him if he’s the Intersect. He’s going to think that it’s the things he can do because of the computer, and not him.

      I’m 99.9999% certain that he’s going to have to prove himself without being able to flash. I’m not sure Sarah’s demanding that. I’m sure he is.

      • BillAtWork says:

        Thanks for the welcome eveyone. It’s always fun to talk Chuck.

        I have a hard time trying to get into the character’s heads. Because they are fictional. The way they behave doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes they act in odd ways to meet the demands of the story. That was our problem with Mask, right? We didn’t recognize Sarah.

        So when I speculate, I’m more apt to take what the show runners and actors tell us. And even that is perilous. Because they intentionally mislead us. And they are never going to tell us plainly what is going to happen (and we wouldn’t want them to). We have to read between the lines.

        Having said all that, there are some things that they have said. JS said that they realize that Sarah is key to the intersect being effective. And since we see signs that the intersect becomes really effective starting around 3.10, I’m guessing that they have figured that out and they are on a path towards a real relationship. That’s one main reason why I’m pointing to 3.09 as a turning point.

      • atcdave says:

        Hey Bill, let me add my great to see you here.

        3.08 is hard to get a handle on right now. We tend to expect good things from Ali Adler, but if the episode ends with Chuck broken it can’t be very good this time around. Perhaps Sarah reveals her real name to Chuck, but because he’s messed up from everything (Hannah, Shaw, career, maybe even his Morgan and Ellie difficulties) he doesn’t flash or react much at all. Later (perhaps 3.09) something triggers a flash, and he suddenly realizes what Sarah told him. Sounds Cheezy, but I don’t know how to reconcile the tidbits we know about the next couple episodes.

      • compromisedcover says:

        Adam Baldwin sort of spoiled in an interview that the Intersect itself has a flaw. It works in and out in a single flash, it fluctuates, which is not good when in the middle of combat. He said it needs a “reboot”. So far we haven’t seen that glitch play out because Chuck has been successful continuously when he manages to flash.

        This could mean that in 3.09, Chuck got benched not entirely because he’s an emotional mess brought by whatever happened in 3.08. It could be that he was just left behind for his own safety, and for the meantime, he has to figure out how to go around this flaw in the Intersect.

  26. Waverly says:

    Given the talk about how slowly the relationship between Sarah and Chuck is likely to progress, I think a more plausible answer to Chuck’s question to Sarah is: “I did. Perhaps I can again.”

  27. OldDarth says:

    My inclination on when the, ‘do you love me?’ scene happens is landing on a moment near the end of 3.09.

    • Stef62 says:

      The way its been edited there could be a follow up question from him missing….something like….’or have you always been playing me like a mark?’

      • BillAtWork says:

        A lot of this depends on how you interpret Chuck’s body language.

        Is he vulnerable? Pleading with her to love him?

        Or does he already know the answer and is gently confronting her.

        I’ve heard both sides from people I respect. I would guss the latter.

      • Stef62 says:

        Was kind of leaning toward that tired look of resignation, if this comes directly after him popping Shaw

      • atcdave says:

        I can’t see this being right after the punch, they seem too relaxed (down, but relaxed). I think something significant transpires between them between now and this scene (not just Chuck dumping Hannah, or punching Shaw; I mean something between Chuck and Sarah). Last we knew Chuck was trying to move on, so somehow he will come to realize he doesn’t want to move on.

    • Faith says:

      If that’s the case it could either fix him or break him altogether. I’m so feeling for him either way. Don’t want to see another cheeseball eating, beard growing, bathrobe wearing depressed and despondent Chuck.

      • cholitau says:

        I think it would be cruel for Sarah to downright say no to Chuck and i dont’ knwo how the show and CS could recover from that one… there is only so much damage a relationship can take. I don’t see any reason why Sarah woudl lie to Chuck, but since we know she has a problem speaking up and explaining herself, she may go the route of evading answering him, rather than maybe tellign him yes and then explain why she feels they can’t be together.

        My wish, of course, is that the answer is apositive one and that we can see them having a real conversation.

      • amyabn says:

        I sure hope she doesn’t drag this out. I maintained in another thread with Liz that Sarah is the one in the drivers seat. Chuck just put her there with that question.

  28. BillAtWork says:

    I’ve always had this theory that one of Sarah’s prime motivations was that she didn’t want to endanger Chuck. And having feelings is dangerous for a spy. That’s why she is trying to move on with Shaw. She is encouraging Chuck to move on. To make him safe.

    What I believe will be the turnaround is when she discovers that she was wrong. The way to make Chuck safe is to make the intersect effective. And the way to do that is to allow herself to get close to him.

    I think that transition begins in 3.09. Not sure how long it takes. There are other complications to them being a couple.

    If that “do you love me” question happens past 3.08, it almost has to have some sort of positive result.

    I think that’s the story they are telling. C/S have to be a team (both professionally and personally) to be effective.

    Once Sarah gets to that emotional decision, I can see things moving pretty fast.

    • atcdave says:

      Bill, you do have a knack for putting things in the best light; I’ve been expecting several ugly episodes ahead, but this could mean a faster turn around than anticipated. Even if the scene is from 3.08 I don’t see Sarah saying no though, she’ll do something to evade, and get back to him once she realizes they need to be together. The question then is, how does she convince Chuck she isn’t just “handling” him again to improve mission performance? Increasingly, I’m thinking Sarah’s name reveal doesn’t come in a way most of us want to see; we know it happens in 3.08, but Chuck will still be broken at the start of 3.09, so either Chuck doesn’t learn it at all (until later), or he hears it from Shaw (that would be painful).

      • BillAtWork says:

        I was always hoping that the turn around would happen in 3.08. Doesn’t look like it.

        So how does the name reveal work? They have made such a big deal out of Chuck wanting to know that it’s hard to believe that it won’t be Sarah telling Chuck. But it might be in the context of how spy life has changed her. And now she sees those same things happening to Chuck. And she doesn’t like it.

        If you’re feeling anxious about 3.09, I’d strongly encourage you to listen to Mo Ryan’s comments on the Chuck Me Tuesday podcast. It’s the first one that I have listened to. But I was impressed. Anyway, Mo called 3.09 one of her favorite episoides ever and described it as a sampler of all of the things that we want from the show.

        I’m not trying to be a Pollyanna. But all of the things that we’ve heard point me to the conclusion that 3.09 will be the turnaround that everybody has been talking about.

      • weaselone says:

        I’m beginning to come to this way of thinking as well. My suspicion is that she’ll confirm Chuck’s worst fears. Admit that she loved him, but tell him she’s moved on. It combines just enough truth with an exceedingly painful lie to pass muster with a Chuck who must obviously think he’s seeing something from her.

      • weaselone says:

        Oops, the prior post was supposed to be in response to Bill’s post.

        As an add on the lie would combine three of the things that make a lie believable, it’s big, it contains an element of truth and it plays on the desire/fears of the target.

    • herder says:

      In one of her interviews Yvonne had spoken about the similarities between Shaw and Bryce. Then she said as time went on we would see more similarities. Perhaps Shaw uses on Sarah and/or Chuck Bryce’s line that they have to let each other go because feelings can get you killed (Break Up).

      The other similarity that I can see happening is to hurt Chuck in service of his perceived best interest. This is the “you had your chance and you blew it” situation.

    • Faith says:

      I like these ideas (only disagree with Sarah moving on) and yes I agree that the further away it is from 3.8 the better but I don’t think it will be.

      It just makes the best sense on why Chuck and the intersect would be broken for epi 9. What greatest kryptonite can there be than Sarah telling Chuck she doesn’t love him. Now that would really be dark.

      • herder says:

        Also look at how Sarah has reacted when underemotional pressure, either she shuts down completely crushing Chuck or she wants to run away with him. We’ve seen him crushed in Crown Vic, Suburbs and the Ring. She has run or wanted to run in Marlin, Colonel and Pink Slip.

        I don’t think she is in a place where she would ask him to run now, so does she crush him again or has she learned some and is she willing to talk. I know he has crushed her in the past too, this isn’t about a balancing of wrongs but how the character that we know is likely to react to being put on the spot emotionally.

        The expression on her face in the clip reminds me of her expression when the General said “you and agent Larkin are leaving for Zurich in the morning”.

      • Faith says:

        Exactly! Thanks herder. I question Sarah Walker’s psyche at this point. Has she healed from putting herself out there and leaving devastated? Has her emotional maturity progressed to the point where she is willing to do so again? Will her real feelings find their way to the surface and not just stay in the buried and under armor status quo?

        And what if any will the con role (still believe in that) play in her answer?

  29. Jason says:

    I have found my conclusion that season 3 is not the story I wanted to hear to be quite liberating. I really don’t care as much since then. Now it is TPTB’s job to convince me, to win me back, not mine to convince myself. I still care more about CS than castle – beckett , just not near the way I did prior to season 3 or prior to 3.7’s last ten minutes. I am ever increasingly skeptical about 3.8 and have moved my he promo optimism toward 3.9. The promo confirms the show I wanted to see all along is going to be a great one. I guess I am not smart enough to know why ten bad episodes of ‘journy’ are required to entertain me with what I wanted to see, especially given the show’s life excpectancy of 13-19 episodes when said decision was made?????????????

    • atcdave says:

      It is possible when we get to 3.13 we’ll see why all this painful set-up was needed, but I doubt it. I think I’ll always regard it as a creative mistake to do so many unpleasent episodes for a show that built its core fan base with a large number of people who were looking for something light and fun (ahem, like me); especially when said show was in a shakey position to begin with.
      I’m fine with the idea of darker, more serious missions and dire consequences; but I really require Chuck and Sarah to be the fun center of the show (yeah I know, I’m a broken record).

    • John says:

      well said. I posted pretty much the same thing on Chucktv forums and they banned me lol.

  30. Ofer says:

    Just had an idea. Would they be so cruel as to parallel “vs. the Wookie”? Chuck asks, Sarah fumbles, delays etc. and as Chuck gets up and leaves she whispers in the affirmative.

    I probably shouldn’t watch the promo at work, but no one can catch me speculating…

  31. Ernie Davis says:

    I think the answer will be along the lines of “Of course I do, but that’s never been our problem. And this is why I’ve never said it. Figuring out what to do about it is where we both keep screwing up.”

    I’m leaning toward 3.09 as when it is asked and answered. That would be enough to get Shaw out of the picture and while it might temporarily kill the intersect eventually just knowing would settle Chuck enough to function for the final spy arc.

    • Rick Holy says:

      I’m not sure, Ernie. I’m leaning more towards a one, two or three-at-the-most word reply from Sarah.

      Anything from, “I don’t know” (sucks) or “Not anymore (sucks worse) to “Yes” (rocks) or “I ALWAYS have” (REALLY rocks).

      If it’s a “treatise-type” response to a straight-forward question, I’m not going to be digging it.

      There’s an old saying that I’m sure I’ve quoted in the past on this site because it so often applies. “Sh*t or get off the pot!” It’s time already for these two. One already said it. It’s time for the other!

    • Faith says:

      If we’re shooting for 3 words why not go for the universal 3 words: “I love you” although adding a fourth wouldn’t hurt, “Chuck.”

      another thing we have to consider is who is writing this particular epi. Each writer kind of have their own tendencies in terms of dialogue, degree of emotion packed in the scenes.

    • joe says:

      How about this? (It sort of explains Sarah’s something like ‘pained’ expression).

      Sarah is really angry that Chuck hasn’t gotten it yet that she does love him? And she’s even angrier that she hasn’t said it aloud yet, and that he’s forced her to say it now?

      What comes out is something like – Don’t you understand yet that I have from the moment I first walked into the Buy More?

      • Rick Holy says:

        Joe. That’s where my “I ALWAYS have” hoped-for answer kind of jives with what you’re saying.

        I tell you what, it it’s a LAME answer, if TPTB think the “shippers” are p.o’d NOW, the you-know-what is REALLY going to hit the fan!

      • joe says:

        Well, maybe. What I was thinking was Yvonne expressing the same level of exasperation that the fans have expressed.

        Maybe if she grabs a pitchfork…

      • Waverly says:

        Remember how in First Date she made him say what he was implying?

        But the mood was different then….

      • joe says:

        I remember First Date, Waverly. That was a great scene.

        But I’m thinking it’ll be something more like the mood in Marlin when Chuck finds out he’s going to be embunkered in 24 hours. Say it! Say what it is you’re not saying.

      • atcdave says:

        I could easily see something like “do I really have to say it?!”. To which Chuck would say “at least once.”

        I really don’t see her saying no; but something along the lines of “ask me later” is another possibility.

        Funny, I think we’re getting near that moment, but I kind of can’t imagine it ever really playing out.

      • amyabn says:

        Joe, I’ll loan you my pitchfork 🙂
        I think she could say something like, “ever since you blew me off for the ballerina.” That scene is SOOO sweet!

  32. Merve says:

    I don’t think that this scene occurs for a while. From a practical standpoint, if I were making a promo like this, I wouldn’t want the big dramatic finish of the promo to be something that would resolve itself in the next episode; I would want it to be something that fans were talking about for the next few weeks. Secondly, I don’t think that Chuck would make such a quick 180 from attempting to move on to confronting Sarah like that (but stranger things have happened on the show, such as the events of “the Mask” or Chuck magically pining for Jill again at the beginning of “the Ex”). Personally, I think that this happens some time in 3.11, perhaps after Chuck passes his final spy exam. (I’m assuming that’s what “Final Exam” is about.) Sarah and Chuck might be quietly celebrating, when the discussion turns to their futures and how they may not be working together anymore. Then Chuck asks the million dollar question. That’s how I see it going down.

    That being said, I don’t think that the Intersect being “broken” in “Beard” has much to do with Sarah. I think that it has more to do with messing up the mission in the previous episode and after being taunted by Shaw, realizing that Shaw might not be such a good mentor after all. And after seeing the scene of Hannah in a towel being confronted by what appears to be Chuck and Ellie, and seeing Hannah’s awkward reaction, I’m guessing that they weren’t expecting her to be showering there, leading me to believe that she somehow got involved with Morgan. (OMG teen angst!) I think that this is what’s going to break the intersect: a fight with Morgan.

    (Sorry, that last paragraph was completely off-topic.)

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Well, why shouldn’t Hannah be as flakey as the rest. Making out with Chuck in one episode and sleeping with Morgan the next…

      • Merve says:

        Well, my other theory was that Hannah was a spy sent by Buy More corporate to investigate why Chuck was filing so many installs that weren’t accounted for, but that plot seems a little too silly, even for this show.

    • atcdave says:

      Actually Merve that sounds like a reasonable guess. I agree the scene is unlikely from 3.08; but I wouldn’t be shocked it was a part of the “rebuilding” process that must start in 3.09. The one thing I’m sure of is, Chuck and Sarah seemed to be relaxing together, so some time must pass.
      I hope you’re right about the broken intersect having nothing to do with Sarah, but I’m betting you’re wrong there. I think she’ll be part of everything that goes wrong in 3.08; if there is any reason for hope at the end of the episode, it will likely be something we know, that Chuck doesn’t.
      Hannah being involved with Morgan would make me laugh, that would be an amusing end to this diversion; I’m sure a serious fight with Morgan is brewing either way.

      • Merve says:

        Yeah, what I proposed seems pretty unlikely, but if Chuck was trying to move on in “Mask” and seemed relatively okay with Shaw/Sarah, I don’t think that unless Sarah crushed him in some other way, that the Intersect breaking would be mainly due to her. It might be a contributing factor, but I don’t think that it’s the whole story. It seems to me that it’s going to be a whole combination of stresses in Chuck’s life that lead to his inability to flash.

      • atcdave says:

        Everything coming apart at once, yeah. Doesn’t exactly make 3.08 sound like fun entertainment to me, but I’ll watch, once. If its well done the rebuilding process will be satisfying.

    • wdm0744 says:

      That last bit about a fight with Morgan breaking the Intersect is interesting. Makes a lot of sense with 3.9 being “the Beard”. Good call.

    • herder says:

      We’ve all been taking the idea that Hannah “isn’t what she appears to be” to mean that she is a spy or someone with some agenda. Maybe what she isn’t is sane, maybe she is some sort of crazy stalker lady who wants to punish Chuck for standing her up by sleeping with Morgan. Unlikely but at least it would be a new twist for the show rather than every romantic interest being a spy.

      • atcdave says:

        That would be different; again, I hope Chuck has chosen Sarah before he knows Hannah is a spy/stalker/psycho/whatever.

  33. wdm0744 says:

    I’m really hoping for just a straight and honest “Yes”, but I don’t like my chances.

    I think the theory of Sarah saying something that only makes sense to Chuck at a later time (ie, crushes him for the start of 3.9 but then encourages him and gives him power thereafter) makes a lot of sense. I’d be cool with that, especially if it involved Klignon, Sarah’s real name, or some kind of flash.

    One thing troubles me, though:

    Several of you have said that “Chuck and Sarah may love each other, but they can’t be together”. I think someone up their even referenced a Zac interview with something to that effect.

    I get that dynamic (I think it was the same one we had in Season 2), but I’d hope we’d now move past that with Chuck’s question.

    If this is true – if they have no plans to allow C/S to be together (or at least close to that) this season, I will be very disappointed. Not enough to stop watching, of course, but I’ve really gotten my hopes up.

    Ever since hearing about episodes 3.14 and 3.15,and after reading hopeful and positive comments from OldDarth and the Subway campaign lady, I’ve really been hoping that C/S would get together for good in 3.13 and that 3.14 would start with them as some variation of a “spy couple” (preferably even Mr. and Mrs. Carmichael).

    What do you guys think? Is this way too optimistic? Do we have any intel one way or the other (besides the stuff I’ve mentioned)? What are our realistic expectations for Chuck and Sarah?

    But, as for the promo – very, very awesome.

    • atcdave says:

      I think you’re right wdm0744. They will put Chuck and Sarah together as a real couple by 3.13 at the latest. I think any additional delays will end the show. Enough people are already annoyed with the game; I know if I didn’t believe the WT/WT was ending I would have already quit, and I think many others feel the same way. Certainly not all, but on a show with such marginal ratings, loosing 20% of their core audience would be fatal.

    • Faith says:

      Wd, one thing that’s keeping warm at night (ha) is th knowledge that even they know they can’t keep at this forever. Even GG or OC (maybe it has to do with the two letters lol) had it’s time in the limelight for it’s shippers. But like Dave says, will I care by then?

    • Marvin says:

      Could be, could be…”Chuck vs. the role models” gives some weight to that supposition…What it does to the dynamics of the show comes into question then. There are successful shows that held their stars apart for years: Stargate held everyone in suspense with occasional gifts for more than 10 seasons…Mal and Inara only gave us 12 episodes of tension, and need I mention Mulder and Scully? But for these shows, the sexual tension was a appetizer to the meal. In “Chuck”…Well, it depends on whether one is a ‘shipper’ or not, I suppose…

      • atcdave says:

        The romance is certainly more central to Chuck than on the other shows you mention. I do know people who aren’t ‘shippers at all, they really watch the show for action and humor only; but even they want some completion to the romance, so they can get back to the other stuff they enjoy. In a way, I’m with them entirely, but I have to admit, the central relationship has become emotionally important to me in a way it isn’t to some of my friends.

      • Marvin says:

        Judging by the stuff I’ve found on Youtube, the romance is definitely a big draw…It’s really amazing the stuff on there…I’d recommend the one with Take That’s “Patience”.

      • joe says:

        I used to think that there were fans who only watched for the action and spy-stuff.

        I also used to believe in the tooth fairy. 😉

        We’re all ‘shippers now.

    • joe says:

      Several of you have said that “Chuck and Sarah may love each other, but they can’t be together”. I think someone up their even referenced a Zac interview with something to that effect.

      WDM, there’s an old saying about the stock market. The market goes up when the last bull dies. In other words, when pessimism rules, nothing positive happens until the last of the optimism is beaten down.

      I don’t think TPTB are that cruel, waiting for the last of the optimists like me to believe it’s never gonna happen before they allow Chuck & Sarah get together (That’s preposterous!). But it’s probably very true that they wanna tamp down my optimism a bit 😉

  34. JC says:

    If she does say yes, I expect an Alias S2 like cliffhanger.

    • atcdave says:

      They have talked about another major game changer for the end of the season. But more than words can say, I hope they’ll show a little more respect to their fans this year, and give us an ending that would be an acceptable series finale. We really don’t know what NBC might do yet; of course, if a renewal is announced before they’ve shot 3.19, all bets are off.

  35. Faith says:

    any thoughts on what song they will be playing during “the question”? My money’s on Imogene Heap’s Wait it out. It’s been their song this season.

    • amyabn says:

      Well, I’ so glad you asked! LOL! You know I have a suggestion for you! And my caveat is that it only works if she says yes, and I think it would be a great love theme song for them: “Everything Between Us” by Liz Phair. I was going to do an article on it, but work is consuming me. Anyway, the song fits for the touted bathtub scene (if it goes the way I’d like it 😉 ), their time together on the train, etc. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

    • Faith says:

      Ooh. More than words by Westlife/Extreme! That would rock.

  36. herder says:

    Ausiello has his set of spoilers, one of which is that there will be massive amounts of Chuck/Hannah kissing in monday’s episode. Cue the angry angst. If the question happens on monday I can see a hurt and angry Sarah shooting him down hard with I did but seeing you with Hannah the way you have been has shown me I was wrong. If Shaw sees that type of exchange on tape it could well be the subject of the “you had your chance and you blew it” comment leading to Chuck being unable to flash.

    • atcdave says:

      I can’t imagine the question coming so soon. I don’t expect this episode to make my favorites list.

    • Faith says:

      Here’s the link

      I’m resigned to throwing up or throwing stuff at my tv for an hour on Monday.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah, I’m not quite sure how I’m going to sit through this one. I really do have quite a list of Chuck episodes I’ll never watch again, and they’re all from this season. I don’t know how 3.09 can suddenly go lighter, it doesn’t sound like it from the write-up, but I hope they pull it off.

      • herder says:

        I’m a little bit curious about the break up hint, these things are usually misleading. Maybe the break up is the Chuck/Morgan bromance, because of Hannah, let’s face it this is one of the many rocky relationships that Chuck has at the moment. Of course the obvious inference is that it is Chuck/Hannah but that seems too easy.

      • atcdave says:

        I think its got to be Chuck/Hannah, we know its her last episode.

    • weaselone says:

      So what? Sarah gave her blessing to the relationship, she doesn’t have any right to be ticked off by Chuck kissing his girlfriend. If she doesn’t want him to kiss Hannah, she could step up, and perform that particular activity with Chuck herself. That doesn’t mean she won’t be upset, but beating up on Chuck for pursuing this new, Sarah endorsed relationship would definitely call in to question Sarah’s character particularly as her witnessing of the kisses would probably be the result of deliberate stalking on her part.

      Besides, what if this confrontation comes first? What if Chuck decides to give Sarah one last chance to kick the puppy and once more she can’t help but deliver a swift, rib shattering kick to the side of the little sucker?

      I’m sorry, but Sarah’s already gotten to be mad and even lash out in a manner that borders on physical abuse, but Chuck’s not the only one who’s responsible for this mess. Sarah’s had her chances and also epically squandered and blown them. It’s time for Chuck to fight back again and stop being a doormat.

  37. JC says:

    It could be careful wording because I can’t get past that scene with Hannah in the promo. Something just isn’t right.

    • wdm0744 says:

      I agree. I’m nearly convinced that’s Chuck and Ellie walking in on Hannah in the promo. And Hannah’s reaction isn’t right. If she wasn’t caught in something bad she would be offering that nervous smile/laugh of hers.

  38. Jason says:

    you asked how can sarah say anything but yes? well, if the ? is asked in 3.8 or 3.9, my answer is pretty easily.

    just read where in 3.8 there is lots of chuck – hannah kissing – my opinion chuck really has not had much to do with sarah since 3.4, he has moved on.

    as painful as it will be to watch, who can really blame sarah for showing some interest in shaw’s cheesy come ons.

    but what might be more painful, will be to hear chuck ask sarah if she loves him in 3.8 or 3.9 if indeed that is when it is coming, I am hitting a point where I have no problem with her answer being ‘screw u’ and smacking him square in the jaw – maybe even quote shaw’s ‘you had your chance and you blew it’

    this is coming from a huge shipper, but the act for me is rapidily going past ‘wearing thin’ straight to total indifference

    • SWnerd says:

      Uh oh, indifference is the ultimate mark of failure for a storyteller. Ouch. Unfortunately I can’t say I’m not there with you. The hopeless romantic side of me is still hanging on though, if only by the fingertips.

    • Jason says:

      been so negative, joe’s going kick me off pretty soon, here is a positive thought, sarah do you love me question occurred after the sarah reaction, i.e. we see her reaction to an earlier part of the same conversation – would JS ever do that to shippers (I was going to say us shippers, but I am not sure if i am allowed to go to the meetings any longer)?????

      • joe says:

        Naw. I have a reaction to personal attacks, but I haven’t seen any of that from you, Jason. Feel free to state your opinions. Feel free to repeat your opinions. Feel encouraged to discuss it, but please remain open to other’s opinions also.

        It’s weird about ‘shippers. I consider myself one, and have since somewhere in the middle of S2 – maybe Best Friends. There’s no doubting we’re never happy when the C&S relationship is in trouble, because there’s no doubt we’re ecstatic when they’re together. It shouldn’t be surprising that this can come across as impatience, pessimism and even despondence, which makes the biggest fans seem like they’ll be the first to stop watching the show. But that’s the way it often does come across, even when it’s absolutely unintended. I know, ’cause as a naturally optimistic kind, I’ve been hit from both sides.

        Your choice of words above, Jason – “total indifference” – are especially powerful to me, because I recognize the significance. But at the same time, I can look at the number of page views this modest little blog has gotten of late, and be amazed – stunned – at the interest.

        It ain’t my writing, that’s fer sure. People have a real need to express themselves about the things they’ve seen in Chuck and I don’t think it’s the spy-stuff. I don’t think it’s the humor, and I don’t even think it’s Yvonne Strahovski in lingerie. What it tells me is that there’s no such thing as a Chuck fan who isn’t a ‘shipper, really.

    • atcdave says:

      A few things Jason; first, I don’t believe the question is from 3.08, and probably not 3.09. The scene really looked to me like Chuck and Sarah were fairly relaxed together, Chuck was not frantic or desponent, and Sarah wasn’t irate. So I’m thinking Chuck is well over Hannah, and possibly Sarah is done with Shaw. This may be the start of Chuck getting his mojo back (mid 3.09 or later).
      I don’t think either Chuck or Sarah will explode in anger as a result of this conversation; the worst likely outcome is, Chuck is disappointed again. Somehow, I always expected Sarah to finally open up to Chuck in a dire situation. But just maybe they will have a discussion like two adults.
      Don’t worry about being kicked off this site or loosing your ‘shipper card. We haven’t kicked anyone out yet, and the only a post will be pulled is if you get nasty with someone. I think us ‘shippers are the most irate of all fans right now, because the show is so far from what we want.

  39. Marvin says:

    Well, if Sarah has grown at all, then the only reason she would say yes is if she really loves him for what he is, regardless of situation. In seasons one and two, any desire Sarah had to be with Chuck had to do with the key word: Normal. It reached the peak at the train station when she took his hand and said “this is real, this is normal” and Chuck spurned her.

    Will she, Won’t she. It depends greatly on what kind of future she sees with Chuck in it. If she’s gotten over her desire to live a ‘normal’ life, then it will be an interesting response.

    • joe says:

      You make a good argument for the question coming later, rather than sooner, Marvin.

      If she really loves him for what he is…

      Well, what is he? Is he the Chuck she met 2 years ago, or the Intersect? And is there a difference any more? Chuck is definitely a work in progress right now, learning to be a spy. It’s a big question for Sarah – for us.

      The video clip of their “inner thoughts” that Ernie posted in comments was real disheartening; when I see it I don’t find any room for the “con” theory. But those thought bubbles seem right. They’re begging each other to find a way out of this. Clearly, we were supposed to be left feeling this way at the end of The Mask – a bit hopeless, looking for any life-preserver to grab onto. It’s not accidental.

      If you think about it, every time we’ve seen this kind of thing, relief comes quickly. Even I, in my optimism, have to admit, though, that I can’t see how it’s going to happen soon this time, and it’s certainly not promised in the reviews I’ve seen. It’s either fabulous story telling or a big mistake.

    • Faith says:

      The thing is Sarah never wanted to normal for the sake of normal, she wanted Chuck. And Chuck turned her down.

      It’s kind of a reversal of Jill in a sense in that Chuck is Jill and Sarah is Chuck. She’s just now healing from that and it wasn’t easy to open up to begin with.

      Think about how many times Chuck said “I want a normal life,” “life I want with the girl that I love” all throughout season 2. Too many to count that it annoys me now seeing it. Chuck changed the game, he can’t expect Sarah to just jump hoops because he broke her heart. What he needs to do and what he should have done is been patient, proved to her he still loved her (and no fainting while saying it, and then not doing anything after)—actions for Chuck speak louder than words (opposite for Sarah) and NOT MOVE ON! Ugh. Idiot Chuck.

      • atcdave says:

        I do agree with “idiot Chuck.” That’s what I’m least looking forward to in 3.08, it sounds like a lot of idiot Chuck on display.
        I think part of the problem with the whole reset for me is, they grossly overplayed Sarah’s hurt. I mean in a manipulative, for impact only sort of way. She went from claiming in S1, that her job was the only thing she’d ever been good at; and spent most of two seasons trying to convince Chuck he was good at it too. Then Chuck decides he wants to enter her world, and she’s furious because now she’s decided she wants out.

        I think her reaction on the train platform should have been, “phew, I was afraid I was going to have to quit my job for you; this way I get it all!”

        OK, maybe not; but I do think Sarah’s wrath was overplayed.

      • JC says:

        What kind of normal life could they have if Chuck had ran away with her. On the run from the CIA, NSA , etc. Changing names and away from the family life that made Chuck normal. That was the con artist reaction in Sarah.

        Plus Chuck did think he was talking to her(ILU moment) through the door and she still asked for a transfer. I would guess Chuck was heart broken at that moment too.

        So I would say the ball’s in Sarah’s court.

      • Marvin says:

        I really don’t think that at the beginning, Sarah saw Chuck as any but a way to have an normal life. Her hangup is that she’s never had a normal life. Chuck was her way out.

      • lizjames says:

        I know you have real trouble with this, Dave, but in fairness to TPTB, they have ALWAYS positioned Sarah as a reluctant spy. It was in the first pilot (the dialogue was cut), it was inferred in Wookie and she outright said it as early as Crown Vic.

        That’s why, IMHO, Three Words is so poignant. At the end, Sarah sees Chuck using her words as the reason why he inadvertantly hurt her. Sarah has horrific abandonment issues and when the guy she loves “abandons” her, it’s for something SHE told him to believe in–even if she didn’t fully believe the sentiments herself.

  40. sd says:

    I keep returning to the scene where Shaw, Sarah and Casey tell Chuck they wouldn’t be in his life forever…that the intersect was meant to work alone.

    So–I think the question is asked when that day is scheduled to arrive…the team is spliting up and he asks the question knowing she will soon be gone…

    Of course tranq gunfights and hilarity ensues and no one goes anywhere—except Shaw.

  41. BillAtWork says:


    Seeing a lot of pessimism and frankly, anger. Here and almost everyplace that Chuck fans talk. And I’m not going to try to talk anyone out of that. I mean, I hated Mask as much as anybody.

    *** I’m not sure what the feeling is on spoilers here. So be warned, there are some major ones coming. ***

    But I do think that I see where they are going. And the key scene in Mask was one that nobody is talking about. It was the one where they said that the intersect was designed to work alone.

    They are going to find that isn’t true. Chuck needs Sarah to be effective. Sarah is going to realize that she is not standing in his way by loving him – she is protecting him and making him powerful. My hope (and expectation) is this question is the beggining of that process.

    Yes, we’re at a low point in the story right now. We will be for another week. But think of what’s coming. C/S are going to be a team. A kick ass – take no names – team. On every level. And it’s going to start very, very soon.

    Just think of what we think we know about 3.13.

    Imagine the symbolism. Chuck nearly got to experience both Paris and true love with Hannah. But was stopped just short. He will experience both with Sarah. And if they get married in Paris or not (I think so), it is still going to be a wildly romantic deal.

    So, I would like to gently suggest that we grit our collective teeth, wade out the next episode, and look forward to the great stuff that we know is coming.

    I’m honestly excited about where the show is going. And I really don’t even think that I’m speculating. They have told us many times and in many different ways what is going to happen. But we’re too myopic looking at the vision of Shaw rubbing Sarah’s back to see it.

    Don’t let it get to you. Hang in there,

    • weaselone says:

      We already know the Intersect wasn’t designed to work alone. That’s why Bryce was going to have an entire team, including Sarah back him up. They just sort of swept that under the rug for dramatic effect at the end of 3.07.

      Otherwise, I’m fairly certain that things have grown increasingly upbeat since the release of the new promo materials by JS via twitter.

      • BillAtWork says:

        I disagree. I think that was the key phrase in Sarah’s speech.

        “Shaw’s right. I’m just going to be standing in your way. And not just professionally.”

        This is the plot that they are pursuing. The intersect was designed for an emotionaless Bryce. How to make it work in Chuck? Make sure that his emotions are in a good place.

        That’s why Sarah is going along with Shaw. She wants to get out of Chuck’s way.

      • Stef62 says:

        On that point. I can see the point of the intel part of the Intersect for a spy like Bryce.

        But apart from the guitar playing there’s been nothing in the 2.0 a real spy probably wouldn’t have at least a working knowledge of

      • weaselone says:

        Was Bryce going to work with a team or not? How is an emotional Chuck going to be better off working solo than an emotionless Bryce? If Chuck’s along and his emotions get the better of him he has no backup and nobody to talk him down.

        I’m not quibbling about what was said at the end of 3.07, just pointing out that it’s a complete rewrite of what was implied at the end of season 2. Just one more example of the complete abandonment of anything resembling good story telling that took place at the end of the episode.

    • Stef62 says:

      That’s a very valid point, and I hope you’re right with it.

      If there is anger, or discontent from people, it’s down TPTB bashing on for so long that it’s about ‘the journey’, and that ‘journey’ isn’t that satisfying to many people. Then they flip-flop to say keep your eye on ‘the destination’ it’s worth it.

      • John says:

        Yeah the whole flip-flop irked me. During the beginning of the season people defended TPTB with “don’t worry about the journey, its the destination that counts” and after 3.07 it’s “Focus on the journey, forget about the destination for now”.

      • BillAtWork says:

        Ok. Now this is something that I have some first hand experience with, lol. If any of you have ever read my fanfic, you’ll know that they are icky sweet, Charah filled fluff. A valid critism of my work is that they are too fluffy.

        I recently wrote a chapter in Sexy Handler where it was implied that Sarah might have to sleep with a mark. OMG, the flaming reviews I got. But they didn’t bother me. Because I knew in the very next chapter everything was going to be ok. And it was.

        And that’s exactly what JS/CF said to Sepinwal. We understand that it is painful right now. But we know where the story is going. And once we get there, you’ll feel good about it. So have faith.

        They are telling a melodramatic story. There has to be some tension. There has to be a low spot. And we’re in it right now. But they’ve also promised a happy ending.

        I predict that two weeks from today, the mood here will be entirely different. Because that ending will suddenly feel possible. And I admit, it doesn’t right now. But it will. I’m positive.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Bill, I absolutely understand your point regarding fiction. In fact in the very interview we had this staterment

        Chris Fedak: Who closes the book after chapter seven? That’s the thing.

        Well, I have more than once. If the story seems to be meandering and getting tedious I’ll quit and move on to something more enjoyable. With a book you can also skip ahead. With a TV show in addition to their duty to tell a story they have a more important primary job, to get people to want to tune in EVERY week so that the network can sell time to sponsors and pay for the show.

      • Waverly says:

        I absolutely agree, Ernie. Ultimately, money is the primary determinant.

        This problem with serials is why it has been more enjoyable to watch several episodes at a time than to watch weekly. It’s easier to miss or ignore problems with the plot when you don’t have a week to think about it. That’s why it’s great that books let you keep reading until you drop.

        What’s more, I do give up on books if the first few chapters don’t hold my interest. I bet everyone does.

      • atcdave says:

        Not only have I put down books that failed to hold my interest, I’ve even stopped watching TV shows I previously really liked after two seasons or more.

        It is worth reiterating things are likely to take a good turn in the near future, but its kind of nuts we have to keep encouraging each other to watch a show.

    • amyabn says:

      First, a welcome from me. I don’t do the NBC boards anymore but always liked your posts.
      As to this post, I agree with most of what you have outlined.
      Chuck has bought off on Shaw’s way of becoming a spy, and because Beckman put him in charge, Casey and Sarah have as well. I am just waiting for the grand epiphany that Shaw’s way isn’t right for Chuck. Chuck isn’t Bryce and he and Sarah work so well together. My only fear is they will play out the “Sarah is handling me rather than being with me because she wants to” angle for at least part of an episode.
      I’m not going anywhere-I’m sticking with the show and will be crossing my fingers for a season 4, but the ride this season has dampened my enthusiasm quite a bit. Many others have stated that we are supposed to grit our teeth and enjoy the destination, but the ride could have been a lot more fun. Just my 2 cents.

    • atcdave says:

      Bill, I just want to echo some of the comments from Ernie and Amy. Most of us are sticking around because we are confident of the outcome. But after hearing for months and months “its a journey, enjoy the journey;” many of us are beyond annoyed at a journey that is dark, manipulative, lacking in humor, and damaging to characters we’ve come to like and respect.

      I actually have thought about this very issue while reading some of your fiction. Several of your chapters have ended in unpleasant places, that would have really annoyed me if you stayed there long; but your stories typically focus on what Chuck and Sarah can accomplish as a team, and return to that theme fairly quickly. We’ve had WAY too little time this season of Chuck and Sarah together; and even when they’re together they’re emotionally estranged.
      I think the big problem is quantity. They’ve simply not given us enough of the things we tune in for (I know, not everyone feels this way). So we feel cheated and shortchanged; not to mention the possibility of this being the end of the series, so we may finish out the run just getting back to the point we thought the season should have started at.
      Think about it; how much time do you spend in your stories on the angst filled awful moments, compared to the happily married Chuck and Sarah scenes.

      • BillAtWork says:

        I think that it’s perfectly ligitmate to be frustrated. I’m frustrated. But just because we’re frustrated, doesn’t mean that we should ignore the signs that it’s about to get better. They’ve pretty much told us when – and even how. And i see a lot of posts here that seem to ignore that. Or put it so far into the future as not to matter.

        I see some wildly exciting things comming. And if I didn’t, I’d give up. Watching Shaw and Sarah is as painful for me as it is anyone. But, we have to admit. A lot of this is because we’ve been fearing it for 6 months. It’s really not as bad as it could be. This is the dark before dawn. And I’m not accusing anyone of giving up. But my advice is – cheer up. We’re not guessing it gets better. We’ve been told that it does. In more specificity than usual.

        As far as my fics, I’m pretty sensitive to not staying dark for very long. I have a rule. I never post a dark cliffhanger until I have the next chapter already written. But that’s just me.

      • atcdave says:

        I think that’s why the mood has lifted here so much in the last couple of days; we’re finally getting that sense that the end is in sight.
        But that leaves a couple of concerns that I think are legitimate and won’t just go away (of course I think that, because they are mine); first is how much damage they’ve done to the characters, Chuck and Sarah are harder to like, respect, and sympathize with now than they were last season. I’m not saying that can’t be fixed, but I do question the need for it in a show that drew so much of its charm from its characters, the two leads in particular.
        And second goes back to ratings and longevity of the show. Many of us know casual viewers who have given up or are teetering on the edge. I know of at least three who are still watching only because of what I’ve told them. The show was a much easier sell in S1 and S2, when I usually just had to show people a couple episodes and they were hooked. Now I have to convince people to watch in spite of what’s on screen. That’s kind of a problem for a bubble show.

      • BigCheese says:

        BillAtWork mention: “Watching Shaw and Sarah is as painful for me
        as it is anyone.”

        But it’s not true. It’s not only Sarah, many may think this way
        but also Chuck is painful with Hannah.

        “D) massive amounts of Chuck-Hannah kissing”

        Well, 308 WORSE than 307.

        Damn last 10 minutes. Now we got 1 hour to get out of this.

  42. Jason says:

    I can reunite CS in ep 3.9, would take about 10 minutes of plot time, right up to the do u love me, in sequence here goes:

    1 – morgan finds out about chuck / sarah = spies
    2 – chuck / morgan stuck together alone with nothing to do but talk
    3 – morgan asks chuck about CS, chuck honestly tells all
    4 – morgan in true shipper form, sets chuck straight – sarah is real, sarah is crazy about u we all know it,you are crazy about her, we all know it, ellie misses sarah, I miss sarah, yada, yada, yada
    5 – chuck says doesn’t matter anymore, she is with shaw
    6 – morgan / chuck escape, save the day whatever important spy stuff they must do
    7 – liitle cupid morgan then seeks out sarah
    8 – says to sarah, chuck is in a funk, I can’t help him, he really needs a ‘friend’, just go over, bring along some food, video’s and hang out with him – here I bought it all already (notice who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer)
    9 – sarah knocks on the door, armed with all the right ‘friend’ stuff
    10 – CS hang out, eat, fool around with the guitar
    11 – then chuck gets serious – pan to the sarah ‘oh no’ face in the promo
    12 – chuck tells her exactly how he feels, 100% honest
    13 – chuck asks her ‘sarah do you love me’

    to be continued

    • BillAtWork says:


      Nice post. I’m not sure that a lot of this isn’t how it happens. Zac told Kristin that The Beard had a dual significance. It refered to Morgan. But also to the cover. What couple would have to hide anything? C/S are the only one I can think of. And who would they have to hide from? Shaw is again, the only thing I can think of. I can see Morgan acting as C/S’s beard.

      I like your points. I would just reorder some. I think that Chuck gets something that tells him that Sarah loves him before they leave on the mission. And that’s why he can flash and save the day later. So when Chuck is asking the question, he sort of already knows the answer.

      • atcdave says:

        I’m still hoping 3.08 isn’t as completely dark as we expect. Perhaps Chuck gets his token from Sarah at the very end of Fake Name; but Shaw knows nothing about it, at we start 3.09 with Shaw wrongly assuming Chuck is still broken (nah, too complex).

      • lizjames says:

        I think people are improperly linking Fake Name and Beard. I think Fake Name essentially ends on an upbeat note (much like Awesome and with the same ambiguous kind of upbeat) because it is the end of the second part of this year’s three-part arc. E9 begins the big mythology/Ring part of the arc.

        My take on why Chuck can’t flash in e9 is because e8 seriously damages his relationship with Morgan and Ellie. That’s enough to mess him up…

        In a typically perverse twist, Chuck may have to perpetrate a fake relationship with Hannah to keep Ellie and Morgan safe/offguard.

        Think about it: Chuck and Sarah do what they have to do at the end of e8 and get right “for now.” But Chuck keeps telling everyone he is now with the unseen Hannah while Sarah is presumed to be with Shaw. All new “fake” relationships, which would be a clever twist on two years of a “fake” Chuck/Sarah relationship.

      • Jason says:

        liz – I want your con theory to be right almost as much as I used to root for CS, right now, I’m sort of numb to all of it, 3.8/3.9/3,11/3.13/3.19/never reset – noreset – my guess is this show is not going to be written in such a manner that I was hoping it would be, BUT if the con is one, just maybe ….. maybe ….. my guess is you are going to have a great big laugh at all of us if you turn out right – we can only hope!

      • lizjames says:

        You are never going to like how they are telling this story this year (I don’t care for it much, either) but I can guarantee you that very little that we are seeing can be taken at face value.

        One more example that just struck me this morning: How come Chuck used the same word to describe himself to Hannah (“safe”) as Shaw used with Sarah. Who pitches themselves to a potential lover as “safe”?

    • Faith says:

      To sum: I’m getting so tired of the wait that even bad is good.

      I’ll take a 10 minute, Wha-huh? of Chuck and Sarah back together at this point (much like Mask, but a reversal). 🙂

  43. Matt says:

    I think the best bet for renewal is the moving of Chuck to Sundays to start up just after the end of Sunday Night Football and running straight through to the end of the season, with the possible exception of Easter evening. NBC needs a good show to fill that spot and they already have a built in audience from football season.

    If JS and CF can right their “shipper” ship, Chuck has the possibility of running many more seasons in the Sunday night slot.

  44. herder says:

    Another question coming from the promo video, we have all seen what appears to be Awesome tackleing Shaw into the window. The question is why would Awesome have such anger towards Shaw that he would hit first and talk later if at all. Awesome is somewhat frightened of Chuck and his world, but his dealings have been with Chuck and to a lesser extent Sarah and Casey, almost none with Shaw, so far.

    It would seem that the only thing that could enrage Awesome (a pretty mellow guy) is a threat to Ellie. My guess is that Shaw involves Chuck’s family again, this time putting Ellie in danger. This may be the reason that Chuck confronts Shaw, and Shaw tries to blame Chuck’s failure of a mission for his having to put Ellie and Awesome in danger. Or maybe it is in a later episode, but there has to be a reason Awesome goes after Shaw.

    • JC says:

      Well there was that pic of Casey, Morgan and Awesome in stalker gear. And I believe that was from Ep 3.12.

    • Faith says:

      Did he look angry though? When I get a minute I’ll slo-mo it for myself but it could just be he’s trying to save Shaw. We’ve seen him act heroic-in-a-tackle way before in Santa Claus. Shaw did have a gun to his back.

      I hope we get to know Shaw’s deal pretty soon. I’m torn between being sure and being unsure on whether he’s a good guy, a good guy that does bad or a plain out bad guy. I want him to be a bad guy so bad! 😛 Knowing that would help us pretty much figure out the hows and whys of not just Awesome’s but Chuck’s sniper rifle/sound-thingy actions.

  45. Faith says:

    Dont quite know where to post this but here goes:

    Ausiello’s spoiler about the casting of a little Chuck and little Ellie for a flashback sequence in the finale.

    That’s gonna be some emotionally charged epi with the flashback and all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me be the first: Jump the Shark…

      • joe says:

        Well, I donno ’bout that. I think it’s pretty safe to say that, so far, the fan’s favorite episodes have indeed featured flash-backs to the character’s younger selves.

        That would include Tom Sawyer too, right?

      • atcdave says:

        I think someone’s looking to get a rise…

        Not enough information there to have a strong opinion. I’ve certainly liked most of the episodes that relied heavily on character backgrounds.

    • JC says:

      Mama Bartowski.
      The first Intersect.
      The birth of Orion
      There’s more to Chuck then we know.

      Interesting that a flashback will be a huge game changer.

    • SWnerd says:

      I really hope that if this turns out to have anything to do with Chuck’s mom, she is not an enemy agent. I loved Alias; I don’t want to see a knock off of it.

      • Faith says:

        I want her to be bad! I really do. Then you kind of get a distorted but powerful way to showcase what can go wrong when love takes a dark turn. Not that I’m saying going through this path will lead either Chuck or Sarah into perdition but I think there’s something to be said about not having that person in your life that changes things and distorts priorities.

        I’m trying to write a story in my head on how MamaB would have turned evil, but all I’m coming up with is in her attempt to get him into safety (maybe she was his handler too?) she turned to bad to save him to her own peril. In Chuck’s case not having Sarah to keep him tempered would probably end up luring him into bad unwittingly…(no solo Chuck!) incongruent mirroring but lol, I’m not the writers.

    • herder says:

      If the flashback is when Chuck and Ellie were 7 & 11 then it is before Mama B left, as Chuck said it was when he was in grade 5 which would make him 10 or 11. Perhaps it could be some big development that lead to making her and Papa B’s lives becoming more difficult and three years later her having to leave. The seeds of the problem as it were, her becoming a spy, him starting to work on the intersect. Maybe something that one of the kids did or a talent that they had that gave him the idea.

      • BillAtWork says:

        I’ve had this theory for a long time. And it comes from Dream Job. Remember when Roark captures Chuck and Orion. He greets Orion with a throw away line.

        “You were always good with the machines. And I was always good with the ladies.”

        The look of pure hatred that Orion flashed said something. Did Roark seduce MamaB away?

        It could be around that time that the affair started.

      • joe says:

        I always thought he did, Bill.

        Hum… a while back we made a list of unanswered and unaddressed questions from S2. That one wasn’t on the list, but it should have been!

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah, I’ve thought about the Roark/MamaB possibility too. It will be tricky though to pull that off without being too cliche. I still hope mom will just be a sad, but normal part of Chuck’s life, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be that way.

    • Mike B says:

      I think little Chuck meets Jenny Burton at Comic Con in San Diego.

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