Alternate Realities

Among the issues that occasionally come up on the blog is what is canon and what isn’t.   I think the best answer is “only what ends up on screen.”   But that doesn’t mean other tidbits from the Chuckiverse are without value.   We have all discussed deleted scenes and interviews as ways of understanding what’s going on in the show or the character’s heads.   We string together theories of what may happen next from the vaguest of hints and clues.   Speculating probably fills more space here than any other single topic of discussion.

Which leads to the most extreme expression of speculation, fan fiction.    I’m sure many posters and commenters here are well aware of the volume and quality of Chuck themed fan fiction that’s available on the web.   Given how many of us are disappointed by the current tone of the show, this seems a good time to mention this resource for any who are interested.   One websight in particular,, has over 1700 titles under the Chuck theme.   Whatever your interests in the show,   you can find a writer who has a similar interest.   I’m sure no one will be surprised that stories of how Chuck and Sarah finally get together are a very popular theme.

Quality and length vary greatly.   So let me plug a writer who has begun posting here the last couple days.   BillAtWork is currently posting his 19th story.   I believe he’s brought Chuck and Sarah together six or seven different ways,  and I do mean different.   His stories emphasize teamwork, friendship, and family.

Bill’s homepage is

Feel free to comment on other stories or other writers as well.


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11 Responses to Alternate Realities

  1. Faith says:

    I’ll give it a try, thanks!

    Op-ed though, it peeves me when people have to go “there.” I mean I know it’s not a family show but to put it to the lowest common denominator when we don’t actually see it, is pretty annoying. Whether Sarah does or not (sleep with whomever) is none of our business. But I guess in the TMZ, et al era everything is at play. Sorry just something that’s been percolating in my brain for weeks now since it became this big to do in the NBC Boards.

    However something I can and do get behind is plot speculation. I still haven’t given up on the “Sarah is on a con” theory. But I must admit it’s probably on its last legs lol.

    • atcdave says:

      My standards are fairly conservative; part of the appeal of BillAtWorks writing to me is Sarah is usually a pretty faithful character; sometimes at great difficulty.

      If you prefer a woman’s touch another excellent choice is Sarah vs. the Long Flight by gochuckgo. It was writen shortly after S1 ended, and we know a lot of things now that would make it an impossible story, but the main plot twist is inspired. I believe Bill even has her story tagged as a favorite so you can find it from his page.

      • BillAtWork says:

        On a totally unrelated note. GoChuckGo and another author, NorCali, got together in real life as a result of meeting on the writer’s forum at TWoP. I think they are still together. Even though neither has written anything in a while.


    • weaselone says:

      I don’t really care one way or the other, get involved in it because it seems like a group of fans requires that Sarah,a character who despite her lifelong involvement in the criminal and spy world where she has lied, cheated, betrayed, seduced, killed, etc. to be virginal. I think it’s an unfortunate and honestly sexist pedestal to place the character on is it’s not particularly a realistic view point. Chuck and Sarah are supposed to fall for each other despite their flaws so propping Sarah forward as some sort of modern day Athena, virgin goddess of defensive warfare is somewhat silly. Besides, this leads to a double standard regarding her and Chuck’s sexual activities on both the fans and the show’s writers.

      • atcdave says:

        OK, I really never meant for this discussion; I also like when Chuck behaves in a decent honorable way. For the record, I’m currently more annoyed with Chuck than Sarah. The opinion I was responding to was someone’s beef with gratuitous sexual activity for cheap thrills. Perhaps I should have just stated sexual activity is not particularly graphic in the work I was recommending. The faithfulness I was referring to was present tense. As I mentioned, most of the stories deal with how Chuck and Sarah finally get together; I think most readers would agree faithfulness is desired in an ongoing relationship. How Chuck and Sarah deal with this on a variety of missions is a recurring theme in Bill’s stories.
        We all know Sarah has a rather colorful background; I don’t need to know all the graphic details, and I believe Faith was saying she didn’t either.

        I am certain, if you prefer racier material, you can find it too.

      • weaselone says:

        My apologies. I wasn’t trying to relay and graphic details, or suggest that such details were necessary.

      • Faith says:

        yeah sorry I sort of went on a tangent there based on the title.

        And Weaselone I don’t disagree I just think in the great picture of things that’s one of those things that really people needn’t go to. JMO.

      • atcdave says:

        No problem weaselone, I always enjoy a good discussion!

  2. AdmiralK says:

    I enjoy Chuck fanfics. BillAtWork is one of my favorites, I would also recommend Mikki13, her Full Circle arc is nothing short of amazing.

  3. TailiaInten says:

    I spent one day building a simple blogs. Could you give me some suggestion?

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