The Possibly Spoilerish Fake Name Reaction Post

Canada gets the jump on us one last time, so careful when you read if you hate spoilers.  Post your reactions after the jump.

Was it the Chuckopalypse part 2?  Not so bad?  Loved it?  Hate it?  Have your say.


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I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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297 Responses to The Possibly Spoilerish Fake Name Reaction Post

  1. eaglemmoomin says:

    Err Canada will air at the same time now I think.

    • herder says:

      No, for this week only it will air at 7pm eastern then next week it moves to 10 pm eastern. Citytv also airs the bachelor and the season finale airs tonight causing the schedule change.

  2. Faith says:

    Yes bring on the spoilers! Bring it!

    BTW major props to Canada for the Vancouver Olympics. I am now considering being Canadian 🙂

  3. joe says:

    So, thinking of the hockey game, I unthinkingly tweeted to Canadian OldDarth “We always seem to come in 2nd to you guys.”

    Without missing a beat, he replies “Not always.”

    He’s knows every line of every episode.

    • Faith says:


    • weaselone says:

      *sighs* As a native of Michigan and now resident of the northeast, I love hockey nearly as much as the average Canadian. I was still drinking milk out of a bottle the last time the US won a gold medal in Hockey. I would be nice to see them win another before I once again require nursing.

      • lou federico says:

        Hey weaselone, you will always have the LIONS oh wait the RED WINGS oh wait The Pistons oh wait. Down year for Michigan sports but we will always have Omaha or my favorite name of any city in America… Hell, Michigan. real city

  4. herder says:

    Not the Chuck apocalypse some were predicting, I think they have learned something from Beefcake, overall a much lighter tone than I had expected. I guess that I’m not a “crazy shipper”.

    We all knew that they were going to go this route, and they have started a real relationship between Sarah and Shaw. A few things that I didn’t like, her telling Shaw her real name and the obvious item, her going to Shaw in the end.

    It was funny having other characters talking about the WTWT part of the relationship. Oh yeah, no reveal about Hannah, she is what she appears to be, they did have him sleep with her which although understandable, I was a bit disapointed to see. I’d put it at a mid level episode, not great not horrible. A few hints for future episodes, Chuck flashed, presumably on one of Casey’s names.

    Oh yeah, I still don’t like Shaw.

    • Faith says:

      Pineapple!!! Wait, what? No need? 😉

      What specifically makes Shaw contemptible in this epi? Also Ouch.

      • herder says:

        Because in the fight scene Chuck is in character trying to save Sarah and Shaw, while Shaw, in the know is really fighting Chuck, taking the chance to get in some shots.

    • Zsjaer says:

      Is her real name the only thing Sarah gives to Shaw? or the worst scenario happened?

      • Mike B says:

        Once again the episode ends with Chuck alone. The episode ends with a Sarah Shaw make out session so I guess they leave it to your imagination.

    • Gord says:

      If anything I thought Shaw was a little bit psycho. It looked like he was really trying to kill Chuck.

  5. Zsjaer says:

    That is so sad really.

  6. Mike B says:

    Alot of scenes from the promo were in this episode. They were definetly mocking the shippers.

  7. Jason says:

    I’d say they slept together twice, once right before the punch, once right as things closed up, had she not gone to him right at the end (much like the last episode) it wouldn’t have been that bad, she probably talked with him 3 or 4 times more real than ever with chuck. chemistry wasn’t even that bad between SS, maybe bryce like, not cole like, she told shaw her name because she liked him essentially

    • Mike B says:

      If they slept together before the punch that must have been a

    • herder says:

      That is essentially the problem, I don’t understand why she likes Shaw, he is everything she claims that she doesn’t like developing in Chuck. Also they didn’t sleep together in the hotel, not enough time. Chuck left the goombahs, went to the hotel, then when he and Shaw were fighting the assasin made the same trip, the times should be the same.

      • Faith says:

        Maybe it just comes down to what Ernie posted (you’re looking like a genius now Ernie 🙂 ) and that she needs a connection, an anchor and she doesn’t care or realize it’s a douche she’s fostering that connection with.

      • Mike B says:

        Exactly. But they definetly left the end to your imagination. I actually thought Chuck discussing his relationship with the goombahs was pretty funny. Although Sarah totally opening up to someone she just met a fews weeks ago is totally OOC.

  8. sd says:

    I actually liked this ep better than the mask if for no other reason than it didn’t give me whiplash in the last ten minutes.

    But what a kick in the gut that after three years Chuck has to learn Sarah’s real name through headphones right before she kisses another guy….and a guy she actually reveals things she hasn’t said to Chuck that needed to be said to Chuck…oy.

    Tell me this is rock bottom

    • Faith says:

      it’s rock bottom.

      • joe says:

        I agree with that.

        And that is absolutely a good thing.

      • Zsjaer says:

        not in my book Joe..not in my book..Chuck wasn t this…i didn t need such a drama and such a heavy story. It wasn t what atracted me to this show in the first place
        I m just sad.

      • joe says:

        It’s a good, honest reaction, Zsjaer. I felt more sad for all the characters last night (including Lester!) than I have in quite a while – maybe ever.

        The only difference between me and you is that I asked for it.

  9. Rick Holy says:

    I really loved this episode. It was too bad, however, that Chuck dumped LOU, especially the day after he – who supposedly loves Sarah/Sam so much slept with her.

    And that Cole guy is great, too. Sarah/Sam finally found someone she could identify with and reveal her “true” self to (after only working with him for what? several months?).

    Overall, great “been there, done that BEFORE” story telling, with just a twist added so it’s not COMPLETELY identical.

    Now pardon me while I go heave up the Subway I was eating during this episode.

    Sorry to be blunt. But just when you think it can’t get anymore pathetic (like after “Mask”), it does. It’s like NOTHING FROM THE FIRST TWO SEASONS MATTERED! Chuck bangs Hannah after supposedly being “in love” with Sarah/Sam? Can’t say he doesn’t deserve the same thing in return.

    If episode 9 sucks as bad as this one, I may start my 12 step program and bid this once fun, entertaining program a fond “farewell.”

    I wonder how the Bachelor and How I Met Your Mother were tonight??

    • Hans says:

      Even though I haven’t seen the ep yet, I suppose that if even mr Holy, who I have come to ‘know’ during my Archive Binge of the comments on this blog (I would’ve finished by now if you all didn’t post so damn much! haha) as a rather positive-thinking and upbeat chap, is so thoroughly frustrated…
      Let’s just say it’s disheartening, mr Holy, to see your usual “BRING ON THE CHUCK” replaced by an interest in other programs.
      I wonder how many others share that sentiment?

    • Lucian says:

      They only have to pay the writers half if they can take a previous script and revise it slightly. What you are seeing is the direct result of the budget cuts.

    • lou federico says:

      I didn’t know priests could say “banged” You are one cool padre !!!

    • joe says:


      I tell you what’s different. This *is* the first time that Chuck has understood he’s lost himself. He’s said for 2 seasons that he didn’t want to do that, he did it anyway, he’s become a master liar, and I absolutely enjoyed that he had done that. I absolutely enjoyed him being a real spy.

      And now I hate myself for it.

      Chuck doesn’t realize yet that Sarah’s lost herself too. I’m guessing he’ll find out real soon now.

      By the end I was feeling empathy and feeling sympathy for just about everybody, and trust me on this, at the end of The Mask, that is precisely what was missing. Chuck may be in the same hole that was sung about at the end of Fat Lady, but it’s deeper now. And Sarah’s in that same hole because of him.

      He may also be dragging down Ellie, Devon and Morgan. Hannah’s the only one who sees the way out.

      This – THIS! – finally looks like a bottom to me. And it seems fantastic.

      Oh – the wife’s reaction – “We have to watch this one again!” She never says that!

  10. sd says:

    They even re-used a song from a couple eps ago…

  11. John says:

    I found it disgraceful that they intentionally mocked the shippers throughout the episode.

    • Mike B says:

      Not a smart move for a show on the bubble that will be asking the fan base for renewal support. I guess they hope everyone has a sense of humor.

      In Ali we trust..NOT

  12. sd says:

    Maybe Sam will at the very least reveal her last name to Chuck…we got that hope to hold onto 🙂

    • Waverly says:

      No, Sarah heard Chuck calling her “Sam” when talking to Shaw. That caused her to realize that Chuck heard their conversation.

      Not that that stopped her from hooking up with Shaw.

      • Waverly says:

        Ooops, I misread what you wrote.

        Still, there’s a possibility that she was lying about her name really being “Sam”.

  13. Ernie Davis says:

    First impression. Yep. Rock bottom. Chuck heard all his worst fears confirmed. Sarah was apparently willing to open up to anyone other than him. Then Chuck’s fundamental decency kicks in, and he refuses to do to someone else what he thinks Sarah did to him. More later, but I didn’t hate it.

    • Hans says:

      Maybe -just maybe?- it’s actually the fundamental heart of this whole mess/matter/sh*tstorm/younameit *exactly* that Sarah is willing to open up to anyone *but* Chuck? Maybe that’s the whole problem, stemming from Sarah’s fear of really committing herself to the one person she wants to commit herself to; maybe she opens up to Shaw because he is ‘expendable’, ‘just a co-worker’ (and this time that’s actually true, as opposed to when she says it about Chuck) and therefore, safe?
      Or is it too late for these kinds of rationalisations.

      (Apologies if that was incoherent or incomprehensible. I am nowhere near as eloquent as you fine folk.)

      • Faith says:


      • joe says:

        Not incoherent at all, Hans. It’s quite possible that Shaw may be “expendable” in Sarah’s eyes, and that’s a great thought.

      • Paul says:

        No, not incomprehensible at all, but mirror my thoughts about Sarah’s character all along: she is an emotionally damaged litle girl beneath that tough spy exterior. She has never really learned what true friendship and love is until she met Chuck…and he CRUSHED her for it (albeig unintentionally). She is not comfortable opening herself up for real, and easily falls into the old habit of physical relationships with no real emotional attachment. That is why being with CHuck is so hard and scary for her, because to REALLY be with Chuck she has to make herself vulnerable to being hurt.

  14. Jason says:

    Had hannah not been in chuck’s shower, and they not slept together, nothing would have changed, had sarah not revealed her name to shaw, and had her vest still been on in the hotel and she not been in the bedroom during the punch and all disheveled, and had she not gone back to shaw and went for him with that last kiss, well, I don’t think the episode changes at all, it would have been wonderful – this way TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN angst is what we had – too bad

  15. Rick Holy says:

    Give me an L – “L!”
    Give me an A – “A!”
    Give me an M – “M!”
    Give me an E – “E!”

    What’s that spell! Truthfully, it actually spells a word that starts with s and ends with t, but decor won’t permit me to “spell it out” for you.

    I think I previously remarked after “Mask” that the episode would have been more appropriately titled, “Chuck vs. the Big Pile of Crap!”

    Well, let’s just say that continuing in that mode, this one can go by “Chuck vs. the Bigger pile of Crap!”

    My God, can’t they think of anything other than rehashing what they’ve done before? Even if there is “something else” going on here, what good is that strategy as they drag the “we really know what’s going on and you don’t” smug approach – as fans begin to tune out and turn off. Yes maybe they’ll get to what’s really going on by episode 13 and it will be something different than we think. Problem is by then our demo will likely be not a 2.5 but a 1.5.

  16. Marvin says:

    I came away from this episode thinking that Chuck was showing some serious mojo, spy-wise, but was an absolute idiot, relationship-wise. As the spy-stuff is often moronically fake, while the relationship stuff is “real”, TPTB are not batting .500.

    Ellie is becoming a bit of a pain. How many sisters would be as intrusive as she is? Granted they are close, but sheesh…And this “I can’t tell lies” crap of Captain Awesome is becoming tiresome…He’s a doctor, right? He steers around confrontational truth every day, it’s part of his job.

    And finally, how could Chuck be such a self-centered ass as to break up with a girl in front of her parents? He’s a nice guy who really cares about Hannah, but instead he’s making himself out to look like a turd.

    Now, Sam(antha) Lisa? Sorry, don’t go together. Unless that’s fake, too. And why tell Shaw? What has he done to earn the trust to reveal her innermost secret? There’s a deep logical divide here…

    Granted that reality is suspended for this show, but there needs to be some kind of anchor that makes a kind of sense, otherwise the audience drifts. In this case, drifts away. Granted an audience wants to have some tension as to what happens next. But, there is a point where we no longer care what happens next, because we know it won’t make sense.

    Are you listening TPTB?

    • joe says:

      Good point about Devon, Marvin.

      And you’ve hit exactly on the problem with Chuck & Sarah. They’ve lost themselves. Chuck has become a lying turd, and Sarah is so turned around she’ll she’s liable to say the stupidest things to anybody. She’s liable to trust anybody. She still calls herself a spy?

      It’s cost them more than each other. They don’t know who they are. It’s cost them their souls.

      [A tiny voice speaks up from the back of the room. “Uh, I think I know how they can start to climb out of this…”]

    • Paul says:

      No logical divide. Shaw understand Sarah’s past, where she came from, and what she had to give up in becoming a spy because he’s a spy too and went through the very same things. Chuck has not…yet. That is what was meant by the spoiler earlier in the season that Sarah will feel more comfortable talking to Shaw about some things.

    • MrHobbes says:

      Could her middle name “Lisa” as a short version of “Elizabeth”? or “Elisabeth”?

  17. Viridis says:

    I’m still not convinced that the Sarah/Shaw thing is legit, in that I think Shaw is taking advantage of her emotional state to try distance Chuck from her. We’ve seen time and again (especially this season) that everyone in the Spy World believes that Chuck needs to have a calm, emotionless center to be effective. Obviously Chuck will have to prove them wrong.

    I liked this episode overall. It is a foregone conclusion that Charah (or do we need to call it Cham now?) will happen eventually. But like Sepinwall said, if characters in the Chuck universe notice the WTWT dance, it’s time to put them together. Plus, we have Chuck finally getting a glimpse of what Sarah dislikes about him right now, him being semi-competent without needing the intersect, Casey being badass, and Shaw still looking like an idiot jackass. What’s not to love?

    • joe says:

      Hi, Viridis. I don’t recall seeing your name before. Welcome to the discussion.

      In case you can’t tell by the 5 or 6 comments I left already above, I think you’re exactly right.

      • Viridis says:

        Yes, I in fact was just introduced to Chuck last week, but I’m all caught up now and excited to see a more drama/romance in the show, for better or worse. Thank you for welcoming me; it’s fun to take this series more seriously than necessary :).

        Nobody has mentioned this yet: Morgan is at a leadership seminar? Didn’t Fulcrum recruit via leadership seminars? Or am I being paranoid with the foreshadowing, given the promo for the next episode and the title?

    • lou federico says:

      Welcome.. It almost looks like Casey and Chuck are closer to getting together then Chuck and Sarah So should we now focus on Casuck

  18. herder says:

    Wow, mildly chastising review from Sepinwal and pretty harsh one from Mo Ryan. Perhaps someone more skilled than I am with links would do that.

    • Faith says:

      Here’s Mo Ryan’s and I would consider her a shipper.

      • herder says:

        Yes, but those were pretty harsh words from someone who usually is one of the shows biggest boosters. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with almost all of what she wrote, but those comments sound more like what is showing up on the boards rather than a critic’s review.

      • Faith says:

        I actually feel like she’s channeling me so you have a very valid point. But we forget sometimes that these people are people too and that in essence they shouldn’t be unbiased and a puppet for TPTB. The way in most cases Sepinwall is (personal opinion).

      • Mike B says:

        Excellent article. She hit the nail on the head!

      • Jen says:

        I think Mo Ryan’s was right on.
        Still, i don’t hate the ep. At least we got some honesty from out dear C&S.

    • Rick Holy says:

      If even two of your biggest “professional” television “experts”/critics are giving less than glowing reviews, it has to tell TPTB SOMETHING!

      However, I still think there IS something “else” going on here that THEY obviously know and WE don’t – and in their smugness they’re “hee-heeing” at all the negative fan reaction.

      But like I mentioned, the problem is that by the time they get to the true “REVEAL” there might not be enough people watching.

      Honestly, this season could/should have been so much better. What a terrible waste of fan support, Subway sponsorship, and NBC buildup for the show prior to its return in January.

      Sad – or rather PATHETIC, really. This was once a show that I looked forward to seeing every Monday night. Now it’s like I’m still watching it (but after this episode just barely and perhaps not any longer) and each episode wondering “what stupid thing are they going to do next?”

      There’s an old saying, “Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it!” Well, we well-intentioned fans fought (and spent) for CHUCK to get a S3 and what did we get for it? C-R-A-P-O-L-A (even if the next few episodes are somehow “redeeming,” most of the season will still have been crap).

      Yep. Be careful what you ask for, ’cause you just might get it. That’s why I’m no longer asking for an S4. If it comes, so be it. But I won’t be lobbying for it. Not anymore.

      O.K. I’ve let off enough steam. I’ll shut up now.

      • Faith says:

        Rick, Mo Ryan paints versus the Beard as up there with Colonel so there’s hope 🙂

      • Mischievous says:

        To be fair Sepinwall said “Which isn’t to say it wasn’t a good episode. It was, I thought – one of the best of the season, in fact.”

    • Faith says:

      And here is Sepinwall’s. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t like the dude. Well I don’t really care one way or the other but I don’t often find myself agreeing with him.

  19. lou federico says:

    WOw but at least it went from a bag of crap last week to a piece of crap this week. Look Mom i can drive around in circle going nowhere Whee!! I am a writer and I think my audience is a bunch of moronic fools. Whee!!! Just drive it off the cliff and be done with it. Epic! my ass

    • Marvin says:

      Remember what happened to Beauty and the Beast back in the 80’s? Great show, incredible chemistry, but lagging ratings. Rabid fans got the show back on the air for another season, and that season was so bad the fans begged for it’s cancellation. Be careful what you wish for, indeed.

  20. lou federico says:

    Everybody just calm down. Chuck is sick and the show needs a Doctor. Doctor Kevorkian!! I am tired of the idiot writers stripping the gears of my Porche. “sometimes it is just hard to walk away for something your care about” Really Sarah or Sam or whatever the hell your name is. (A sound of footprints is heard) fade to black!!

    • lou federico says:

      Sorry Footsteps

    • Faith says:

      This is gonna sound pretty stupid but are you being sarcastic? Sarcastic never translates and I’m often confused lol.

    • Rick Holy says:

      Obviously for religious reasons I’m not a fan of “Dr. Death.” But in this case, my brother Lou, I think I’ll make an exception.

      Put this crap out of its (or rather OUR) misery!

      • lou federico says:

        Father Rick I have always followed your posts and I never thought that they would darken your always sunny disposition. Damn them.

  21. lizjames says:

    First of all, friends, an abject, unreserved apology: Old Darth was right about everything, I was wrong about everything. He was right. I was wrong. When it comes to Chuck, he should be listened to. I should not.

    Second, an apology to the rest of you. I thought these writers were clever. I took their clues and did my homework and worked their threads and thought out several plausible scenarios. They were all wrong. If I gave you false hope, I am sorry.

    Finally, I am done with this show. I have never been a “shipper,” but a logical character development person. (I don’t think logical-development fans have a pejorative name yet.) This show now makes NO sense at all. Let me give you just a few reasons why:

    1) In her desire to tweak the fans, Ali Adler literally walked away from her own writing style. All of her solo episodes have followed a wonderful, lyrical pattern of leaving the Chuck-Sarah relationship with a lovely grace note. This episode, specifically to tweak the fans who she mocked for the entire 44 minutes, she brought us to the grace note moment and then spit in our eyes instead. It’s her right. My right is not to watch this show anymore–and never to watch anything she writes again.

    2) They have made even the horrific Pink Slip a lie. Sarah said nothing in the spy world was real. Well, she’s apparently wrong. Hannah, who had spy written all over her, is real. If Hannah is real, then Sarah is wrong.

    3) They have made the fountain and Three Words a lie. Up until this episode, Chuck and Sarah always told the truth as they knew it at the fountain. But not anymore. Sarah and Chuck mutually agreed to work on their mess. They didn’t.

    4) They have turned this show into one of those teen-angst pieces of trash I don’t even let my own teenagers watch. They have the right to do it. I have the right not to watch. I choose not to watch anymore.

    5) Chuck, formerly a sweet guy, is now a jerk who apparently doesn’t know what he feels about the love of his life for the past two seasons until AFTER he sleeps with someone else. AGAIN. The once-strong and silent Sarah is now a blithering idiot–and not even blithering to the one she loves.

    6) I am simply tired of Chuck and Sarah NEVER once having a real conversation. Done and done. TPTB have taken a once-cute, then-serious issue and turned it into a convenient plot device to pull out any old hack story line.

    7) In her rush to make fun of us, Ali Adler inadvertently made fun of herself and TPTB. She gave poor, hapless Jeff the wisdom to know what Adler and TPTB don’t: That Chuck and Sarah should be together. And she gave Paulie Walnuts (er, Tony Sirico) the line of the night: We hate this WTWT stuff. Paulie Walnuts knows what Ali Adler and TPTB don’t. And that tells you all you need to know about Chuck.

    I’m going now. To Joe, Ernie Davis, atcdave and Amyabn, thank you for letting me be part of what was great fun. To all the other posters which whom I have shared words, thank you for the community and the intellectual stimulation.

    And for those of you who still love Chuck, enjoy. Thanks for letting me part of your world. This is my stop now. But we’ll always have Omaha–and Colonel.

    • Rick Holy says:

      Liz – if I could kiss you without (if you would allow me the honor) and if I could do it without “causing scandal,” I’d do it. You put into logical, reasoned, mild-tempered words the things that I could only express with frustration.

      Excellent, excellent observations. Too bad YOU aren’t writing for the show.

      Take care, my wise friend. This is truly a sad day/night.

    • weaselone says:

      5) Chuck doesn’t break up with Hannah because he finally remembers he’s in love with Sarah, he does so because he relearns the lesson that spies and civilians shouldn’t have relationships as they would always be at least partially built on lies.

      7) I’m pretty sure Ali put those words in Jeff’s mouth on purpose. She wasn’t just poking fun at the fans, but also at the writers and producers of Chuck.

      Other than that I pretty much agree with you, although I didn’t think the episode was horrible enough to stop watching over.

    • OldDarth says:

      Liz! Don’t leave now! Trust me, next week’s episode will win you back.

    • Jen says:

      Dear Liz,
      I feel your pain and agree 100% with your points. You explain them so much better than i ever could. Still.. don’t leave us! we are al pissed off.. we don’t know what the heck TPTB are doing with te characters we love and we are all so frustrated, but we love the characters and the show and the cast, plus all sings point towards great stuff coming next. You leaving the show and this board would be a great loss.i just got here, but i can tell 🙂

    • Faith says:

      As one who is always with you and agrees with mostly everything you say I hope you don’t leave.

    • Metajoke says:

      Ladies/Father Rick:
      Trust me, Liz is gone. I’ve known her since First Grade (Sister Mary Thomas, sweet Dominican) and she’s not the creative director of our company for nothing.

      She dotes on quality and honoring our customers by giving them our best work. She’s convinced TPTB aren’t giving us quality and that they clearly think we’re fools for caring.

      She’d forgive a quality lapse, but not the snarky stuff that Adler threw at us tonight. Me, I’ll stick with this show for another episode or two, but I don’t care much for a show that has traded sweetness and love for nastiness and angst.

      • atcdave says:

        Well put Bruce! That’s exactly the change we’ve seen, I used to love how happy and warm I felt after each episode, now I just feel sour.

    • ReadySet says:

      Uh, folks, Liz has given it up. She sent me her post before putting it here–plus some other choice comments that she wouldn’t publish. Since I’m on the west coast, I didn’t read it until after I saw the episode myself. I understand where she’s coming from. As metajoke said, she can’t abide creative people taking their audiences for granted.

      • Faith says:

        That’s a shame. Tell her that I for one will really miss her and her voice here.

        I hope someday she forgives them and finds her way back.

    • Mischievous says:

      I really didn’t feel like we were being taunted at all. I felt like it was there as a firmly tongue-in-cheek way to say “Hey, we know what we’re doing, please just hold on”.

      As a recent poster but long time reader, I’m sorry you felt talked down to and made fun off. Your voice will be missed.

      • Mischievous says:

        Just to add to this I’m going to cite Sepinwall’s review as he says this much better than I can:

        “Generally, when shows that play with US start having other characters make meta references to how the two characters in question should get together already, then it’s time for those characters to get together already. My enjoyment of “Chuck” doesn’t hinge on seeing Chuck and Sarah together, but my patience does wear thin when we reach a point where the couple is clearly apart only because the creative team is reluctant to end the will-they-or-won’t-they dance already.Now, I don’t think that’s exactly what Schwartz, Fedak and company (here with Ali Adler on script) are doing. I think this recent arc (going back at least to “Chuck vs. the Nacho Sampler”) about Chuck turning himself into the man he thinks Sarah wants – when in fact Sarah wanted the old Chuck and is alarmed by what he’s becoming – is pretty smart, and has been very well-played by Strahovski.”

  22. Lucian says:

    I think they have answered the “flake vs. fake” question quite definitively.

  23. weaselone says:

    Personally, I didn’t hate it. Sarah was a little out of character and I don’t think they had to have Chuck sleep with Hannah or dump her over dinner with her parents, but I liked most of what he did throughout this episode both on the spy level and on an emotional level. In a way this is a low point, but in being true to himself and shoring up things with his sister he’s already on the way back up even if it cost him personally.

    A lot of people were worried that Hannah would turn out to be a spy or something driving Chuck back into Sarah’s arms, but in the end with a little prompting from a conversation with Sarah he remembers that dating a civilian won’t work and does the right thing even if he had the world’s worst timing. He also starts to come as clean as he can with Ellie, although he can’t give her specifics he makes her understand that he has been lying and that he’s sorry for it.

    Also, the Chuck and Casey interaction in this episode is great and the spy story is interesting if filled with obnoxious plot holes.

    Sarah and Shaw. Well, the relationship was a little less creepy this time, but it certainly took off like a flash particularly in the emotional department. It’s a TV show and given Chuck slept with Hannah without even having had a real date you can’t rag on Sarah for the make out session that took place off screen before Chuck interrupted. Yeah, I know we didn’t see it. She was obviously disheveled because they were hanging drywall. The other major disconnect as other noticed is Sarah seems really concerned about the changes in Chuck, but decides to explore her own changes by jumping the guy she thinks Chuck’s turning into, the guy who decked a prisoner for tweaking his ego.

    Overall, not my favorite episode of the season, but most of my cynical comments came early in the episode when Chuck, not Casey was selected as the assassin fill in.

    • weaselone says:

      One more thing. Chuck likes Hannah, he knows he loves Sarah. What happened with Hannah was not about him realizing he loved Sarah, but relearning the lesson that spies should not date civilians, not necessarily because of the danger, but because the relationship will by necessity be built on lies and nurtured with falsehoods.

      • Rick Holy says:

        Hate to differ with such a nice person as yourself. But the bottom line is he banged her. Did he LOVE her? Not possible. REAL love doesn’t happen after that short a time no matter how overly “romantic” one may see things. That’s LUST, not love. What he has/had with Sarah, despire all it’s difficulties was or is LOVE: putting the other person first. Sacrificing for the other person. The only thing Chuck put first when it came to Hannah was his you-know-what.

        That makes him a heel and a shit – and so if Sarah/Sam goes down the same stupid, lame road with Shaw, one can hardly shed any tears for the previously “nice guy” Chuck.

      • weaselone says:

        I agree with sleeping with Hannah was over the top, but I suspect that has to do more with the morality of the writers and producers than how we should view Chuck.

      • weaselone says:

        Perhaps I should clarify. Chuck’s a fantasy version of JS. JS would sleep with Hannah, so Chuck sleeps with Hannah even if the character of Chuck as he has been established would not.

      • atcdave says:

        Great comment Rick. I’ve thought the last few episodes reflected very poorly on Chuck, and this one did from beginning to end. I’m not amused by his cocky arrogance, or his obvious pursuit of Hannah.
        But I do think the good news is those are both over; and they made a point of Chuck not liking what he was becoming either. He heard Sarah’s concerns; and Hannah’s accusations. So now perhaps he’ll think about what he’s become. I liked that we saw Sarah’s concerns about Chuck clearly spelled out (not that throwing herself at the man who was largely responsible for ruining Chuck made all that much sense); and I think it lays the groundwork for their reconciliation. As you all know, I utterly despise the writing that led us to this point, but the end is now in sight. I don’t just mean that by the episode numbers; we saw some things from both Chuck and Sarah that will bring them back together. Now if I can just find some way of scrubbing all images of Shaw from my mind!

      • Jen says:

        Chuck psychs himself into relationships… he’s been doing it for the past 2 seasons =O What he did to Hannah was wrong, but unfortunately not far from what happens in the real world. He was lying to himslef that it was fine, but he finally realized how horrible it was what he was doing and he stopped. He is a good guy… finally coming out of the “douche” haze. Unfortunately, he hurt Hannah in the process

        In regards to him breaking it off with Hannah, i do think it is becasue he realizes he loves Sarah. He didn’t need to tell thins to Hannah, but it’s the truth. It’s what he realized while he heard S and S talking and what he came to talk to Elloe about… unless im just confused or too sleepy right now to remember right.

        I need to goto sleep… yaaaaawn.

      • atcdave says:

        I think you’re right Jen, Chuck realizes he loves Sarah; and that he can’t run away by building a relationship on lies. I look forward to seeing him come around, and now I’m eager to see Sarah come around too.

  24. Jason says:

    I am a little sick of the term shipper, my guess is 30% of the chuck fans are CS-centric, another 40% are CS – closet fans, and only 30% are indifferent. This episode pretty much said FU (pardon me father holly) to 70% of the fans, and I do’t think the other 30% (alan spienwall being one) are all that happy either – his comment was when Jeff gets it, then its time to end the WT/WT

    • Rick Holy says:

      No apology necessary, my friend. I think you put it quite accurately. Why waste words when you don’t have to (sort of like, why waste EPISODES when you don’t have to?). YOU obviously get it. TPTB/Writers of CHUCK don’t. So ROCK ON mi amigo!

      • Gord says:

        I disagree with you Padre Rick. I saw this episode much differently than you did. In my opinion there is much more going on than meets the eye. I wont say it is my absolute favourite, but I think the characters had to hit rock bottom before they could climb back up.

        As for the WT/WT joke, maybe its in the Canadian phsyche, but I don’t mind a little laugh at myself. I also think that beyond being a joke it was a call to action for Chuck.

        Maybe I’m just too much of an optimist, but I see this building to something really great.

      • Mike B says:

        The nonsensical risk TPTB took was that once they put Chuck and Sarah together no one would care. I have to admit, I’m there. A month ago this episode would have evoked a WTF? Now, I’m like oh well, let me put on the WWE the story lines are more believable.

  25. Gord says:

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I liked this episode. Not my absolute favourite, but I liked it.

    A few observations I have – Jeff/Lester/Big Mike talking about Chuck’s hot women was funny and also loved how we get the truth from Jeff of all people.
    He realizes that Sarah is the only one that matters.

    John Casey being Alex Coburn – this will probably be explored more in 3.10.

    I thought we really got to understand how Sarah is feeling. She wouldn’t be so despondent about Chuck changing if she didn’t still love him – she just does not see that fact because of where her head is at.

    I thought that Shaw was acting like a psycho – first him going in to hit the assassin, then it looked like he was really trying to kill Chuck.

    When Sarah thought that it was her last moment on earth she looked at Chuck.

    Loved the Chuck/Ellie moment at the end.

    Chuck is really hating what he has become, just as much as Sarah does and I think that is all about to change.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the Shaw/Sarah scene at the end. Although I would prefer a Chuck/Sarah scene, I think considering where both characters are emotionally it would have been to soon.

    While it was an angtsy end to the episode, I thought it was handled much better than 3.07 and I also thought it left us with the promise of things to come. I believe in the next few episodes we are going to see Chuck reverting back to more like the Chuck he used to be.

    Sarah is going to see that, is going to realize that she still loves him and going to realize that Shaw is a manipulating bastard that is trying to take advantage of her vulnerability.

    We may even see an Ellie/Sarah talk come up soon, now that Ellie knows what Chuck is going through.

    I see this all building to something really great.

    • joe says:

      Gord, you saw exactly what I did.

      Even when we (the ‘shippers) were being tweeked with Tony Sirico’s WT/WT line, I have to admit, I snorted my coke through my nose. It was FUNNY! I took no offence.

      • Jen says:

        I found those moments funny too.. that and Jeff. I dont’ take offense and i actually take is as meaning that this whole WTWT is over, cause really, if Jeff gets it and Ellie sees it, it’s gotta end.

        I enjoyed alot of things of this ep… didn’t like that C slept with H while being in love with Sarah or that Sarah is still acting crazym changed er mind and went for Shaw, right afgter she tells him they should keep it professional. Why?? cause he punched that guy? Shaw’s a bandaid for the Chuck-pain.

    • atcdave says:

      You know, I really hate the Shaw character. Maybe that’s the point, I do remember Routh saying he would be hated. But its not just moving in on Sarah, its so transparently taking advantage of her. I’m really looking forward to that preview scene of him watching Chuck and Sarah through the restaurant window.

      • joe says:

        Yeah – I’m starting to rethink that Routh isn’t a good actor. I’m starting to think that what’s he’s done is create a character that’s just barely believable as a good guy, and just believable as a real a-hole. Not easy.

        We need to hate and distrust the Shaw character. And we do.

      • Zsjaer says:

        Well Dave don t blame only Shaw…blame Sarah too..after all she is a very experient spy…she isn t the innocent Chuck..she was and is a very experienced person, she isn t a teenager so i blame her also.

  26. ReadySet says:

    You know what this episode reminded me of? Community. Lots of funny lines but I couldn’t give a crap about the characters.

    Never seen a television show go off the track so fast. But it sure does remind me of Star Trek: TOS. Fans worked like hell to save that show, too, and the season 3 they got was trash.

    • Gord says:

      I actually felt the pain that Chuck and Sarah were in tonight. I thought they both did a superb job.
      But I can’t tell you how to feel about this episode, because I know we all have our own interpretations.

      I consider myself lucky that I liked it, but I can understand how others feel.

      • Jen says:

        I’m with yu Gord… i felt it too. Zach and Yvonne were excellent in their unspoken show of emotions, what C&S really felt.

        Yvonne’s face when she’s looking at the dinner surveilance? wow.

    • Emily says:

      I love Community! And at the moment, I’d rather watch it than go through all this angst with Chuck. It’s just not fun anymore – its hard work!. That being said, I’m not giving it up. I’m with it till the end (esp. since everyone has been raving about the next ep! )
      At least Community hasn’t messed up the WT/WT thing – yet. Maybe because it’s more subtle, and it doesn’t drive the show.

  27. JC says:

    I actually liked the episode. Don’t kill me. Even the angst was handled good.

    The name reveal didn’t bother me. Its the lack of chemistry between S/S that makes it somewhat unbelievable. Yvonne did her part wonderfully as usual.

    I do think the PDA between C/H was over the top. And this episode did make Chuck seem like an incredible dbag.

    Shaw is nuts, honestly I think he’s gone off the deep end. I don’t know if Sarah reminds him of his wife or what. Maybe he killed her because the Ring turned her or she played him.

    My only worry is this sets up Chuck crawling back to Sarah. I’d like to see him have to crawl back to each other.

    • Gord says:

      I listened to the Chuck podcast with Mo Ryan this afternoon after work. I must say that I found her comments about the next 4 episodes interesting. I also noticed that she acknowledged that there is absolutely no chemistry between Yvonne and BR.

      I guess the question is do TPTB intend for us to see this, or is it just these two actors don’t gel the way that Yvonne and Zach do?

      She did have mixed feelings about tonight’s episode but thinks the next episode is the best of the 4. Wouldn’t you know, I actually have to go out next monday night so I wont get to watch it until later.

      Personally I liked this episode, not an absolute favourite but I thought it was a very good episode. Maybe that’s just because compared to 3.07, I thought they handled the angst much better.

    • joe says:

      I keep forgetting about the Chuck/Shaw fight scene. He DID seem to go a little nutz. Is it possible that Routh did a *great* job of acting here?

      Many are going to hate me for saying it, but I start to think so.

      • JC says:

        He completely sold that scene, maybe the whole wooden thing was an act too. Someone trying too hard to hide the psycho within.

      • Jen says:

        I think he really meant the “you had your chance and you blew it” line to mean Sarah.

    • Jason says:

      joe he is an actor afterall – I think the ‘beef’ with him is how can he not have any chemistry with yvonne, I think she could turn on a stone – I have to admit, I like that he has no chemistry with her, sort of makes him a parody of cole / bryce rather than cole or bryce

  28. atcdave says:

    Let’s see; I feel sad, hollow, and like I was punched in the gut. So pretty much what I expected. The self referential humor (Jeff’s observation about Sarah; and the hoods comments about WT/WT) was insulting at best. Chuck broke up with Hannah for reasons I mentioned shortly before the episode on another thread, so I guess I can’t argue with is reasoning, only his dreadfully bad timing. The manor of Sarah’s name reveal was crushingly disappointing; but at least she only revealed a first name, hopefully leaving the rest for Chuck, later.

    I really wasn’t as upset as I expected to be. I’m very disappointed, but not angry (that may come). For now, I’m just going to try to forget this, and see if things get better next week. It just can’t come soon enough now, I need to get this taste out of my mouth.

    • Waverly says:

      Inoculated, eh?

      I think it’s interesting that the earlier reactions were very negative, but that the more recent ones have been moderately positive.

      • atcdave says:

        I’m only positive I didn’t like it! But seriously, it wasn’t as aweful as I feared; I didn’t find Sarah so much out of character, as desperately wanting something else, so the horrible part was seeing her turn to Shaw to try to find it. I didn’t enjoy having to watch Chuck’s self discovery either, but its been building all season (so eager to be the spy, and loosing himself in the process), and I’m pleased its finally come. Now the good stuff should start, digging out from this hole.

  29. herder says:

    I didn’t find it as bad as many apparantly did. I got a kick seeing Zach do a Ray Liotta impression for much of the episode. The goombahs were funny, there was a decent amount of Chuck and Ellie talking to each other and Ellie wasn’t crazy sister doctor. Hannah was sweet, but her dumping was mean.

    My problem is the same as always, I don’t see the attraction for Shaw by Sarah. He slapped Chuck in the face to make a point, he puched a chained up prisoner in the face, he continued fighting Chuck long after he knew that Chuck was in character. This is not a nice guy, he is a fanatic and borderline psyco.

    That and TPTB’s desire to go to – as Ernie coined it – the kick the puppy moment. It wasn’t enough that Chuck saw Sarah and Shaw together, he had to hear her confide in Shaw something that she had denied him.

    Earlier today I had posted something about how I couldn’t figure out why there was a four episode arc with Hannah if the only thing Chuck was learning was that you couldn’t date civilians as that had already been done with Lou. It seems that the purpose of Hannah was to create some sort of moral equivalence between Chuck and Sarah for the Angsty arc they wanted to do with Shaw and Sarah. It manages to be both manipulative and unimaginative at the same time.

    • weaselone says:

      That’s a good point. I managed to get past Chuck sleeping with Hannah after zero dates by attributing it to a combination of Hollywood morals and a reflection of Chuck being a fantasy JS and there was no way JS was going to pass a romp in the hay with Hannah even if it didn’t fit the Chuck persona. Your theory fits quite well. Sarah can do anything with Shaw and act crazy out of character because no matter how horrible her actions Chuck slept with Hannah.

    • atcdave says:

      They were SO proud of themselves for a “love trapezoid.” Wow; it sure was genius in action.

      My wife, who was reading through most of this episode by the way, it didn’t really hold her interest, said “they sure managed to suck every last bit of fun out of that show.”

  30. John says:

    The episode was meh. I’ve finally hit the point where I have grown fully apathetic to all the characters. Plus, as I’ve said earlier, was all the mockery necessary?…It’s like they’re giving the finger to their fans (the shippers).

  31. Jen says:

    Season 3 feels like a big Season 2 “eraser”, which bothers me to no end!!! I can’t say i hated the ep… i think the performances were great. I enjoyed thre Buy More and how in tune they are w Chuck and how he looks at Sarah. Zach was amazing, i love the guy and he was awesome tonight; his facial expressions were perfect to show was what he really feels, which contradicts his current actions (getting it on w Hannah). Yvonne too, but we know the girl is incredible. She again, to me, expressed so much more with what she didn’t say.

    Chuck… had his head up his behind, trying to cure the Sarah blues with another chick, which i can only imagine makes the pain get worse and not better. With Hannah he only looks like a guy that is so desperate for affection that will psych himself into another relationship. I don’t want to have this view of Chuck, but this is what they make him look like.

    Sarah then pulls a Chuck and decides she should give Shaw a try, might as well.. Chuck is doing it too.

    I just want to smack them both! It doesn’t make sense to me why their separation must be so prolonged and they have them acting so… grrrrh! anyway, i could get into a psyclogical analysis, but are we supposed to?

    In the end, we all can see how deeply they care for one another, the ep is full of facial expressions of concern and heartbreak. Ex, Sarah watching the dinner on the screen. Chuck’s face while Hannah is toasting. C&S know they are both lyign to themselves and know exaclty how they feel about each other.

    At least, at the end, i think we see a more determined Chuck. maybe he can finally accept how much he still loves Sarah, sased on how much it must be hurting him to have heard and seen the scene in Shaw’s hotel rool. I wonder what he’ll do next… and how things will change, since the ep ended w Sarah being the new Chuck going head on into a relationship w Shaw.

    What do you guys think made her change her mind? could it be Casey’s comment that Chuck had gotten lucky and Chuck just whistling away showing it?

    OK… i meant to write only a little bit and got carried away.

    • joe says:

      Chuck didn’t look so much “determined” to me at the end as “defeated”, Jen. And Sarah, thinking that Chuck has lost himself has lost herself. She’s liable to do nearly anything that is un-Sarah like.

      I also think that at the end, Chuck actually has started the process of finding himself. At least he sees that he’s at the bottom of the hole.

      If Sarah starts to come out of the hole next episode, I’ll be very happy. If Chuck’s the one that pulls Sarah out, I’ll be ecstatic.

      • Jen says:

        You are right Ernie.. he’s defeated, given up on lying to himself.

        The last 2 eps for me have shown us desperate actions by desperate people who end up going to the wrong place for comfort. Seems Chuck has realized this now; just when Sarah decides to pull a chuck and lie to herself about Shaw. I wonder what will case the shift back to C&S together.

        I hate PLIs… i don’t want a repeat of this!

      • JC says:

        I don’t think Sarah has hit rock bottom yet. And her revealing her name to Shaw and Chuck knowing will be it. All her talk at the train station about this being real and she never really opened up to Chuck not even her name. Once that hits her, look out.

      • Jason says:

        joe – I really hope sarah pulls ‘herself’ out of her funk, I agree chuck seems to be moving back upward, I want sarah to want chuck for at least a little while, with chuck not taking the bait, at least immediately, make her beg a little – it also could return a bit of humor to this really failing love trapezze – if shaw was pining for sarah, sarah for chuck, and chuck kind of indifferent, might even give shaw a chance to be funny, right now when he shows up in a scene, it is like your smelly drunk uncle showing up at your kids birthday party, sucks all the fun right out of the room

      • weaselone says:

        Joe, regardless of the professional and perhaps Sarah related hits Chuck takes at the beginning of 3.09, I would have to say he’s already hit bottom and actually started on his climb back out of the hole.

  32. Chris says:

    Wow, I don’t know what to say after watching that. Right now I have to say that I don’t like Chuck or Sarah that much anymore as characters. I feel quite indifferent about either of them. I am really not sure that I will care when TPTB finally put Charah back together. That is a sad thing. I really feel TPTB pushed this beyond what they should have.

    Really, with all the relationship issues and dark cloud that has brought to the season, it has made me too irritated to enjoy the comedy. It just does not seem fun anymore. I really miss that feeling from season 2.

    I though Ali Adler twittered a while back that to wait and let her fix what happened in “mask.” Or maybe I am remembering wrong? It has been a long 3 weeks since “mask.” In my mind, especially with that last scene, she made in much worse.

    These are my immediate thoughts after seeing the episode. Maybe I just need some time to calm down.

    • John says:

      apparently fixing means taking jabs at shippers.

    • SWnerd says:

      Oh she definitely did tweet that statement. But like many things this season, we were let down. Whatever. I don’t care anymore. I’m now at 100% wishing it would have gotten canceled last season. Does that make me a traitor? Probably, but when the team you sided with betrays you, what else is there to do?

      Chuck and Sarah were my favorite characters on the show. They were my favorite characters on television. But now, I feel nothing for them. I still love Casey though. And I like Ellie and Awesome (I know people complain about Awesome being a wimp but I think he plays it really funny). And I actually didn’t mind the Buy Morons this episode because at least I can count on them to be consistent. Plus they provide a break from all the angst.

      • atcdave says:

        I agree entirely swnerd. I’m really sad we got an S3. They obviously were completely out of ideas, they weren’t just joking at Comic-Con.

      • Paul says:

        You guys DO realize that by the time 3.07 aired, the writing, filming and editing of 3.08 had been DONE months ago. Ali would not have been able to “fix” this. Buuuut, what is the next episode that Ali wrote? 3.13. Could it be that she was referring to the fix in THAT episode..???

      • herder says:

        The tweet that I find myself thinking about is the one where she says that “the WTWT isn’t random”. Maybe not random in the end but certainly omnipresent.

    • atcdave says:

      Yeah she did twitter that a while ago, it actually gave some of us hope for while. What an utter waste of an episode, and a formerly good show.

      • Rick Holy says:

        Now you, just like your better half – are right on the mark, too! An “utter waste” and a “formerly good” show. You’re batting a 1.000.

    • Jason says:

      she really went silent tweeting the last week about the episode, I think the 3.7 reaction, really caught their team off guard, followed by an oh shit moment, realizing 3.8 was going to be pretty ugly too, i think what magnus did was unethical, since it was not his decision to make, but I do think he helped the show because I think the reaction would have been worse without pretty much knowing it was coming.

      • atcdave says:

        I think he actually helped me a lot; I had zero hope going in.

      • herder says:

        Reading that bit by Darth Razorback is probably why I am not so upset by this episode, I had sort of processed what was likely to come and was prepared to see the good bits despite the other stuff.

  33. Jen says:

    Mo Ryan’s review are my thoughts exctly!

    I wanted to say… we were all wondering of Chuck would just chose Sarah by default or really decide she’s the one. I think we got the answer in this ep and he has decided she is the one, that he is in love with her and being with anyone else is just a lie.
    I like the lyrics of the song playing while he spoke to Ellie (well, she spoke. I would have wanted to hear Chuck’s explanation) and while he broke up with Hanna. The song said something to the effect of “i’m a good guy, but i lie”, i’ll have to rewatch the ep to get the exact words. It was perfectly fitting.

    • atcdave says:

      I do agree that part of it was not a total disaster. But I will always resent having to sit through that.

      • Jen says:

        I think we need psycohlogy degrees.. or at least minors for S3 to get to understand all the motives for the characters’ actions! Either we take them at face value and wait fro the “payoff”, or we try to analyze and drive ourselves crazy.
        Chuck comes off douchey… and Sarah like what she said she didn’t want to be… the chick that gets it on with all the guys shw works with. Makes me sad. I guess we can chalk it all off to C&S just being really messed up.

        I still didn’t hate the ep though and at least we should be almost out of the dark tunnel.

      • Waverly says:

        Jen, I doubt any professional knowledge would help because these are not real people — they are just made-up characters for entertainment.

        Just like the spy world — nothing is real.

      • Mischeivous says:

        @Jen: Hah! Funny that you say that as I actually do have a psych minor and have had little problem with the way they’ve handled the characters from that standpoint =)

        @Waverly: They may be fake characters but they’re written by real people trying (with varying degrees of success depending on who you talk with) to make the characters feel real.

        As a side note, I think it helps to remember Casey’s line in Operation Awesome when Chuck has to learn to handle his own asset which went along the lines of “Chuck, you’re Sarah.” He’s taken Sarah’s place in the show and Hannah has become Chuck, which is why I think they made her so similar to his character. With the Hannah relationship turning out this way he finally gets to see a version of Sarah’s side of the relationship and why she was so against starting a real relationship while he was just coming into his new life. At least that’s the way I’m reading his journey this season.

      • Faith says:

        Jen, I’m with mischevious, you’re gonna laugh but I’m actually currently getting a psych degree (or on the way there, I’m like only 3 classes in lol).

      • lou federico says:

        Have one even a PHD and it makes it harder to watch because it is not a logical character development. It is like a child that has had too much sugar that just pushes buttons at random. No method.. no realistic flow.

  34. Jason says:

    i also get real sick and tired about the bloggers who say they watch Chuck because it is a great spy story, reminds me of college aged guys who used to say there were really good articles in playboy – right boys, well, in 3.8 it was about as lame as it gets, I will repeat and go slow for those who have literature degrees – the spy stuff is g – e – t – s – m – a – r – t – 2 – 0 – 1 – 0. plus super agent shaw had trouble beating up chuck non flashing, and when the bad guy showed up, shaw didn’t fare much better than sarah, who by the way better get her game back pretty quickly or she is not long for this world. Plus, Sarah has a smile on her face from what I can tell when shaw cheap shotted the bad guy with his hands behind his back

    • Paul says:

      There are really good articles in Playboy.

      • Mischeivous says:

        Gonna have to agree, there are some really well written pieces in Playboy… Sure there’s trash in there but to dismiss all of them only show’s personal bias more than anything else.

  35. OldDarth says:

    Very good episode.

    Sarah got her Chuck confession in 3.02 and now Chuck has his Sarah confession here.

    Much tighter plotting and motivations supplied for the characters to explain their actions this time.

    The ending is left ambiguous so the viewer can decide whether Sarah and Shaw sleep together. I’m fine with either outcome ie whether they do or not.

    The ending was all about what drove Sarah to that moment that matters. And everything she felt in 3.08 can be traced back to one source.


    And that is the only point that matters.

    Casey is BADASS!

    • Jen says:

      Sarah’s actions to me are just a desperate attempt to have someone, much like Chuck’s relationship with Hanna was about making up for the absence of Sarah.
      She’s having trouble with Chuck’s transformation into a spy, so she goes hooks up with a spy? Shaw is just a band-aid. At least we know though how deeply she’s hurt.
      Both Zac and Yvonne were awesome in this ep. I like the depth of theemotion they showed.

      Yeah… Casey is a BADASS!

      • Mischievous says:

        That’s pretty close to how I read it, only I think it’s more about her line to Shaw about how she’s trying to remember what it was like before the spy world. She see’s Chuck moving on (and isn’t privy to Chuck breaking up with Hannah) so she then tries to move on to something she thinks would make her feel normal (i.e. a relationship). Shaw is there, he’s interested and has been nice enough to her, she thinks she can’t have Chuck now, so why not? Completely believable to me.

        Shaw as band-aid though? I completely agree.

    • weaselone says:

      I thought the episode was decent, but I don’t think what Chuck overheard was the equivalent of what Sarah heard in 3.02.

    • Zsjaer says:

      OD what confession did Chuck got from sarah?

      • BigCheese says:

        She cares about him?

      • Zsjaer says:

        i thought he already knew about that?

      • atcdave says:

        I think its another sign of sloppy writing if that is a revelation to Chuck.

      • Mischievous says:

        Well the revelation seems to work two ways.

        One: although she didn’t mean for him to hear it, Chuck now clearly see’s how his change is affecting her as a person. I do agree that they really need to sit down and talk to each other for once though.

        Two: It served to bring into stark relief (both to the audience and himself) the fact that he still loves her, hence the “lie” he can’t live with in the end. That covers both the fact that he’s a spy, and the fact that while he may like Hannah, he has and always will love Sarah and thinks Hannah deserves to be with someone that can love her fully.

      • OldDarth says:

        That Sarah loves the person he was. Not the person he is becoming.

        It is somewhat unfair though because all previous partners are what Chuck thought she was looking for in a man and what he is trying to become.

  36. herder says:

    Ok quick question, when Chuck bursts into the room and accuses Shaw of stealing his girl, says no one steals from Rafe Gruber and says Sam’s name, Shaw comes back with the “you had your chance and you blew it”. Is Shaw playing along with the story Chuck is spinning or is he actually trying to hurt him, emotionally and physically. If he is playing along, why doesn’t he stop fighting Chuck while the real Rafe has time to get to the main floor of his building run a few blocks and take an elevator to Shaw’s apartment.

    • Jen says:

      That whole fight had a double meaning. i’m convinced both Chuck and Shaw meant what they said to be in regards to Sarah

    • Waverly says:

      They don’t know about Gruber being free.

      Chuck was only playing for the two jolly friends.
      I don’t think Shaw was playing.

      Sarah was certainly surprised, particularly when she realized Chuck had heard what she had said to Shaw.

  37. Zsjaer says:

    You guys are still enjoying this show?

    • SWnerd says:

      Nope. Unfortunately I seem to be stuck on the roller coaster and it keeps going around and around and I’m feeling really nauseous. If I can muster the strength, I may jump off.

    • Jen says:

      I have to say yes, because i love the characters, and cast of this show, and because i feel such loyalty to it. I also know that i still do becasue it seems we are finally coming out of the darkness. If the darkness wouldn’t be almost over, if it already isn’t, i would be done.

      I still hate the reset though. I miss S1 and S2.

      • Zsjaer says:

        I understand that…but i think i won t feel what i expected to feel about Charah outcome.I probably will be happy but not like before.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah, I’m with you Zsjaer. I still expect to be pleased when we get things sorted out; but they really could have had an epic story this season if they’d continued in a more linear path from Colonel. But, like most TV writers, they are scared of taking that chance and writing an adult relationship, so they put it off until its too late, and the moment has passed. This can still be a good show; but they’ve already fumbled the opportunity to do something beautiful and special.

    • Mischeivous says:

      Yup I am =)

    • Faith says:

      I’m not sure anymore. It’s definitely far more real and dark than the characters I initially fell in love with.

      • Mischievous says:

        I totally agree Faith, the show has certainly changed and can understand why some if not most people would resent it for doing so. Thing is I find myself really enjoying how much the show is trying to explore this new found reality and the changing characters. Must be the psych minor in me XD.

        It’s changed from a show I merely had fun with on Mondays, to one that I also find myself intellectually and emotionally (well, more than simply wanting Chuck and Sarah to get together anyway) engaged in.

        I’m sure other’s will disagree quite adamantly, but that’s where I am.

      • Jen says:

        It is, and we will have to accept this new Chuck…. i do hiome things lighten up from here on. Could all this have just been a phase?
        I don’t want to feel anymore that S1 and S2 have been erased, but that it all lead to this season, where the magnifying glass has been placed over C&S and their changing circumstances (their inability to deal woth them) and how human they are. In showing us their mistakes and the angst that causes they are making them more real…that brings the darker tone.
        I have kinda forgotten the feel of the old Chuck, and i miss it. If what TPTB wanted to show us is how really messed up C&S are and how people can make so many wrong choices, or i guess,… what the effects of insecurities and fear can be, i think theyve done a good job =O Now that we have hit the floor, i really want the show to pick it up. I really want to see C&S happy already, or at least on the road to recovery.

    • OldDarth says:

      “You guys are still enjoying this show?”


      Was 3.09 painful to watch in spots? Definitely. As it should be. Chuck and Sarah are going through a painful process trying to find themselves in new worlds for each of them.

      Chuck and Sarah have never been more real as characters than they were last night.

      I love that.

  38. herder says:

    One of the other things that bothered me about this episode is how Sarah had a longer conversation about her feelings about things with Shaw than she has had with Chuck all year (perhaps all series). Aside from the train station in Prague, has she expressed any of these concerns to Chuck at any time this year, these concerns that had her close to tears the whole episode.

    She won’t mention these to Chuck, the object of her affections and concern but will open up to a comparative stranger. This is writing for the angst rather than writing that is true to the characters.

    • JC says:

      But look at her face when Chuck says the name Sam. She realizes what she did, maybe not the magnitude of it just ye That could be the spark for her to open up.

      I’m not defending what the writers but I can see how it might play out.

    • Jason says:

      jc that is the real crime of this show, had she not went to shaw in the end, had she realized what she did at that moment the rest of the crap we were fed could have been forgiven, 3.8 would have been ok, those last few seconds, when she brought shaw food, when she leaned over and initiated the kiss, when the scene panned black, that’s where “ali jumped the shark’

      • atcdave says:

        I agree Jason; strange to say, but it would have been a happier ending if she’d gone home and cried.

  39. Faith says:

    I apologize in advance because this is going to be long.

    Ok finally saw it, so here goes…

    I don’t know how I feel about this episode. I’m not quite sold or sure with the things that happened in this episode but I’ll get into that in a moment.

    I’m gonna be honest, I am an Ali Alder fan. She may not write the best ending or give the shippers the slightest hint of hope with certain heartbreaking scenes (Breakup, Truth) but she writes emotions very well. Brilliant doesn’t even begin to describe it. I was in tears at the end with “Living a Lie” and Chuck and Ellie talking. It reminded me so much of Truth and the Breakup that happened in that episode. I feel almost silly but I feel like I just lost a part of myself, that I blew the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel like Chuck.

    Chuck isn’t just realizing that he’s becoming who he promised himself he wouldn’t be (I thought that didn’t get delved into enough—instead I’m to take it in faith that he came onto that epiphany only after realizing that he’s losing Sarah) he’s also coming to realize that he’s given up the best things in his life. Sarah’s revelation (will also get into that later) was a splash of frigid cold water. Not because he needed to know, or not because they have that oh so complicated relationship but because it’s the clear cut sign of his disconnection. He’s disconnected from his family, his friends, himself. I’d have liked it more had they ended it with him looking at himself in the mirror but I’m not a director or a screenwriter so I’ll leave that to the pros (haha).

    Sarah is brilliantly crafted. I’m just gonna say that from the get go. She’s all at once vulnerable, strong, powerful, weak, needy and self-reliant. The difference is this is no longer the Sarah of old. More and more she’s finding herself more needy than self-reliant, more vulnerable than strong (Shaw is a monster creep for working on her vulnerability, giant 6 letter word that start with D) and more sad than unaffected. The scene where she’s on the outside looking in to Chuck and his family…something she has long since (from the beginning of S2 IMO) adopted as her own is utterly devastating. There isn’t a character in television more in need of an emotional connection than Sarah and in that one shot it’s illustrated perfectly her aimless disconnection from that essential component to her emotional development. The thing is, it’s like being transported through time. Back to Marlin where she was on the outside looking in like an orphan in need of a family, except this time around it’s much more painful and much more devastating because now she knows and for a little while (Ring wedding) she thought she belonged.

    Chuck didn’t just break her heart in Pink Slip and all that happened in Prague he emptied her out and now she’s left looking for scraps to fill her empty existence. No Sarah, you will not find it in Stalker Shaw (that creep! that douche!).

    Now onto my problems with the epi. Unlike last week I thought this was overall well written. I think Ali Adler outdid herself in crafting the emotional aspects of the story (like I said) but and this is a big but…she wasn’t able to undo the damage that was done in the previous epi. What I mean by that is this: yes we’re supposed to believe that Sarah is so disconnected she’s grasping at straws and any and all connection but the way it happened still doesn’t make sense to this day. Why is she telling Shaw she doesn’t want to be [i]that[/i] girl and yet she turns around and becomes that? Why does she confide and reveal to Shaw (note I’m talking about before the name) things that she normally would agonize only to herself (at best to Casey? Remember season 2?)? If I’m to believe that Shaw has become her confidant after all that I have seen and the story up to this point, I’m sorry I don’t buy it. I understand she needs that connection but that thing just doesn’t happen. You don’t go from needing to talk to someone to just talking to random strangers about your concerns. From the van where she talks about her concern about Chuck and she starts off with, “he’s changing”—I love the commentary I don’t understand the events leading up to that.

    Shaw and Sarah have no chemistry. It feels forced and it feels almost pornographic in the sense and not at all loving and sweet. If they do have sex (which I doubt) I would like for TPTB to play “Keep Yourself Warm”—incidentally that was missing in the beginning of this epi with all that Hannah-Chuck stuff. Because you can’t find love in a hole (although…ok I’m gonna stop there).

    I am a crazy shipper. I’ll just get that out there. Well that and I think people that say they aren’t crazy are the crazy ones! haha. But I can see where they’re leading up to in this episode. They purposely broke down both Chuck and Sarah. We knew that Chuck was gonna face his demons, maybe become Darth Chuck and we knew that Sarah was gonna fall from grace (didn’t like it but it happens) so it’s only logical that they at their lowest point find their way together. I’m not worried about that, never have been. My only worry has always been will I care by that point? Will the journey taint the joy of the destination? I don’t know, can’t tell you. But this certainly feels like rock bottom to me and rock bottom is not a nice place but I don’t hate it. I could have done without the excessive PDA. Thank you for twisting the knife TPTB, you did your job. But enough is enough. They can only go up henceforth.

    • Mischeivous says:

      Very well written piece Faith, I’m a new commenter but I’ve always enjoyed your writing.

      Just going to touch on a few points here:

      – I’ve seen plenty of people just start talking to random people about important things in their life that they wouldn’t normally talk about with people they know. Just this weekend while I was at the theater the man sitting next to me started up a conversation about how he was forced to retire from his job due to downsizing, how he’s struggling to find work, and how he’s really trying to find a way to start over. I didn’t even attempt to lead the conversation down that road but it just came out. It’s a common thing for people to just need to talk or vent, and it’s often easier to do that with a person you have no “real” connection with as it alleviates the importance of their reaction. It’s less depressing if a stranger is disappointed, angry with, or pities you than if your friend is.. does that make any sense at all?

      – I agree that the way they got here vis a vis the last episode could have been handled better.

      – I would say pornographic would be the wrong term for it. Unwanted maybe, uncomfortable sure, but this definitely isn’t being done with titillation as it’s only goal. There’s a reason even though we may not like it. I do agree that they lack chemistry, though comparing anything to what Zack and Yvonne share on screen would be like comparing a student’s art portfolio to the collected works of Monet XD

      – I’m generally more a journey than destination kind of viewer so It hasn’t been much of a big deal for me this season, but I can definitely see where people’s concerns are coming from.

      Wow I wrote way more than I intended! Apologies =)

      • Faith says:

        No feel free, you’re doing great 🙂 And thank you.

        I meant pornographic not in any graphic sense, I just meant in the going through the motion sense. Even their kisses didn’t make me feel warm inside and really at this point and how angry I was initially with Chuck (that articulate schnook) I was almost accepting, although dreading of whatever she would do with Shaw. I only cringed once during the kiss. But I suppose that’s the point. We’re not supposed to believe this is anything real and that could really lead to something. It’s like the song…keep yourself warm on every level.

        I had a problem with the randomness because although we are changed people when we fall in love, we don’t necessarily become out of bodies of ourselves. That man in your example was probably always a revealing person, Sarah has not and has never been. She may desire that connection (as stated) but I would buy it more if she searched for that in another, a lot more leading up to it manner. You know technically had this been Carina and not Shaw, I’d have bought her emotional word vomits a lot more. She really needs Ellie IMO. Well she needs Chuck but we know about that…

      • Faith says:

        I agree with Weaselone about Sarah’s revelation to Shaw versus two years with Chuck. But even outside of that she has gone to Casey before, I’m baffled why she didn’t this time.

      • Mischievous says:

        Ah I get what you’re saying about the randomness. Having watched the episode again I can say my initial example was a bit off the mark.

        The point I’m trying to get across though is that after three years of trying to suppress everything she “needed” to vent which I can completely understand. Sure I think she chose the wrong person to vent to, but since she was asked if she was OK with the Hannah thing, she took the opportunity to discuss her feelings about Chuck changing. She could do this with Shaw (and not Casey – who doesn’t want to hear about it anyway)because he is her boss, so her feelings and concerns about the mission are in his domain. It would be kind of like going to a supervisor to talk about an uncomfortable situation at work.

        She did slip however with her name, but I see that as her getting caught up in her emotions and letting her guard down. That’s exactly what she had been trying to avoid before Chuck broke through her defenses. Note how it’s concern for Chuck changing that leads to the reveal! Regardless of the fact that it was to Shaw, the cause was Chuck’s influence on her which is huge.

        Shaw’s the one to blame for changing the situation into a romantic one as he saw how vulnerable Sarah was at the moment and exploited it. Wow, I just realized how much of a manipulative slime Shaw can be!

    • joe says:

      Faith, you just wrote my words almost exactly.
      And Keep Yourself Warm was *exactly* what I was hearing. I linked to it twice above.

      I’m almost embarrassed now by my analyses now of the past few weeks. Most of what I latched onto was relatively unimportant. You found the important stuff (and I think it answers your concerns too, btw).

      I can’t believe how defeated Chuck looked. I can’t believe how lost Sarah seems, and it’s all because she believes Chuck has lost himself. Her actions don’t make sense because she *is* so lost, and it *is* because of what Chuck has done.

      And yes, I think Chuck has hit bottom. Some have already said here that they think he’s started to climb out, and I don’t disagree. But I’m not sure that he knows completely yet what he’s done to Sarah. I am sure that he’s about to find out.

      I’m gonna get flack for this, and debate for sure, but I am certain that Chuck is going to be the one who saves Sarah from this hole. Forget the imagery of Chuck saving the damsel in distress. That’s not it. Chuck will save Sarah by showing her who she is.

      Sarah tell Shaw her “real” name will be meaningless by comparison.

      • Faith says:

        don’t be, you, Dave, Ernie, Amy, Liz, and everyone here have helped me come to this conclusion. And really while I’m sad at the state of Chuck and with the reality that’s creeping in, I’m also intrigued at how this will all lead to a climax.

        I agree, Chuck has yet to realize how far he has driven away Sarah and how much him choosing to become who he is has messed her up. I think that happens in 3.9 and I hope that they will find a way to save each other.

        Did anyone else have a problem with her getting Chuck back in gear at the bar when he was panicking? It was off to me because just moments ago she was talking about how she dislikes the change and now here she is encouraging it.

      • Mischievous says:

        Well Faith it really was a do or die moment. Had she not told him to get back into gear the whole operation would have been blown. Once again she did the job and suppressed her feelings which is completely in character no?

    • JC says:

      Can I add one thing. Is she so broken that she overlooked such random violence on Shaw’s part.
      From punching Rafe while handcuffed, to the choking of Chuck when they were clearly in no danger of being seen. He’s become borderline obsessed with her.

      • weaselone says:

        Shaw is still creepy and now scary in a violent, imbalanced way. I can’t help but think that he’s somehow fixated on Sarah as his lost wife and is reacting accordingly. Sarah’s feeding into his delusion of a second chance by looking more and more willing to give up the spy world, something Shaw’s wife was unable to do and ultimately caused her demise.

      • JC says:

        The look on his face when Rafe was making comments about Sarah was crazed. The guy has clearly lost it on some level.

      • Faith says:

        Actually yeah…although in this case broken isn’t exactly the exacting phrase. Disconnected is more like it.

        She’s literally grasping at straws here, looking for that connection she lost with Chuck.

        I said yesterday after having read Ernie’s piece that I thought she would, this disconnection would make her fight harder to keep Chuck and her family but with Chuck and Hannah and the dinner and all…she believes that’s past and that door is now closed to her.

        Chuck and Sarah had a full on reversal of role. To the T. She is now the insecure schmuck who makes these god awful decisions because she can’t see anything different from being far too emotional. And Chuck? Well Chuck is a jackass.

        There is hope though. Shaw is definitely a creepy douche and she’ll discover it sooner rather than later.

      • weaselone says:

        That’s not really fair. We only evidence that Chuck WAS a jackass. As of the end of 3.08, we can hope that remains permanently in the past tense.

  40. BigCheese says:

    You know what’s funny? CH just break up. Let’s see how long the angst with SS will last.

    And there we go till 313! EPIC. ^^

    I could be wrong but they will not lose this opportunity.

    • herder says:

      My guess is for at least three more episodes (3.09, 3.10 and 3.11) Shaw doesn’t have to appear in the episode to cause angst. TPTB aren’t going to let go of this without a fight.

    • John says:

      They will take this opportunity and run with it. S/S til 3.13

    • atcdave says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say I think Sarah will be romantically done with Shaw in 3.09. They really thought 3.13 was going to be it for a long time, so I think they mean to allow time for some rebuilding of the Chuck/Sarah relationship down the stretch. They are really in an aweful place right now; and it wouldn’t be very satisfying if they just suddenly had Sarah say “gee, I think I prefer Chuck” in the season finale (3.13, the original finale).
      I don’t mean Chuck and Sarah will just run into each others arms next week, I think Chuck will have to show he is still the good guy she fell in love with. And I think that requires A LOT more Chuck and Sarah time than what we’ve getting.

      • joe says:

        This sounds very right to me, Dave.

      • herder says:

        Sarah might be done with Shaw by the end of 3.09, but Chuck won’t know it and will remain jealous until at least 3.11.

      • joe says:

        You know, herder, I don’t think that “jealous” is the right word. I didn’t see jealously today the same way I did when Bryce reappeared, or when Chuck saw Cole kiss Sarah. It seemed – different.

        Not sure what fits, though. I saw defeat, maybe even self-directed anger at the end. What I’m almost afraid to say I see is that Chuck seemed to be heading toward a decision, when he had his little talk with Ellie. That sentence seems too definitive, though.

      • Mischievous says:

        I get where you’re coming from Joe. It definitely wasn’t jealousy this time. To me, watching Sarah talk to Shaw and hearing just how much his decision has affected her served as a huge revelation to himself about how much he still cares about her and how he’s still hurting her. To me it felt more like him realizing he made a mistake when he chose to run from the relationship rather than fight for it.

        I think “decision” is perfectly apt to describe what happens at the end as well. Talking to Ellie helps push him to decide to pursue fixing his relationship with Sarah and end things with Hannah. I really didn’t see defeat at all in Chuck at the end, rather determination while acknowledging he has a tough battle ahead of him to win her back.

        Makes me really antsy for the coming episodes!

      • weaselone says:

        Mischievous has made some good points throughout. I saw Chuck’s journey slightly differently then many others in this episode and I think Mischievous probably is the closest to my position.

        We’ve had a tendency, fed by the writers to view and interpret Chuck’s actions through the views of others. We get commentary on Chuck’s lies and other spy related activities from Ellie, Awesome, Morgan, and Sarah along with a big heaping servings of their biased views of Chuck’s internal workings. This commentary overwhelms the brief glimpses that we receive from the actual source through Zach Levi’s facial expressions. The result is that we, like the characters around Chuck seem to have come to the conclusion that Chuck is losing himself.

        I’ve come to a different conclusion based on what I have interpreted from Zach Levi’s expressions. While Chuck has indeed become more adept at the spy work including its lest savory aspects, he’s still largely the same guy inside and he’s suffering an enormous amount of pain and internal conflict because of it. Until he hear Sarah’s words, he’s managed to keep this struggle buried, partially because he’s placed becoming a spy as his highest priority and partially because without Sarah he has nobody he can really talk to about it. I don’t see his wake up call in this episode so much about him realizing that he’s changed and not liking it, as realizing that spying should not trump his devotion to his family and his morale compass.

  41. kg says:

    I liked the episode. Found it funny in a lot of spots. Chuck was humorous and quick thinking.

    I haven’t given up on the idea that Sarah’s playing or conning Shaw. Chuck is definitely not in on the con and yes, a dufus with ALL relationships. Poor Hannah. She really was an innocent.

    It was painful, but Chuck did the right thing breaking up with her. And not only because he loves Sarah (LOL even Jeff sees it). It is for her own good and safety.

    I HATE Shaw more than ever.

  42. Metajoke says:

    Forgive me, I’m new here, but I have read every word of this blog in the last week since I found it. And I have watched (and rewatched) every episode of Chuck since the pilot premiered.

    The poster who has made the most sense to me has been lizjames. And again tonight, her post makes the most sense to me. If Mask is taken at face value, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with Fake Name.

    But Mask can’t be taken at face value if you want to believe in the first two years of the show and even if you want to believe in the awkward storytelling in Season 3.

    At this point, for your two main characters to be off in their own private Idahos, in various degrees of despair, and they never ONCE have talked honestly with each other, well, that is inexcusably dumb storytelling.

    I can’t accept it. I actually believed that Fake Name was going to be where Chuck and Sarah TALKED to each other about the decisions they were making.

    You can’t sweep that fatal flaw under the rug AND accept that the showrunners are making fun of you, too, and claim, well, okay, it gets better from here.

    It CAN’T get better from here because there is no reality to these characters.

    To pick up from a thread this afternoon, Chuck and Sarah are now pantomime Princess Margarets.

    Why in the hell would I want to watch the “loves” and “lives” of a pair of pantomime Princess Margarets?

    • Rick Holy says:

      THAT’S what SEEMS to be being overlooked by some of the good folks on this thread. It’s like Seasons 1 and 2 don’t even matter – like they could have “started” the show with the premiere of S3. And the rehashing of old formulas this season (i.e., stuff previously used during S1 and S2) is just sad – no, make that lame – no, make that pathetic.

      So since rehashing “old stuff” seems to be acceptable, I’ll beat a dead horse again, too. Compare S3 to S2 (or even S1) episode for episode and S3 is a failure. Your third season should be better than your first two. Not in this case. Not by a country mile.

    • Mischievous says:

      I beg to differ. Seasons 1 and 2 have HUGELY informed who Sarah and Chuck are right now. Note that she’s no longer the ice cold professional spy and Chuck has found purpose. Without Chuck coming into Sarah’s life and breaking down her emotional barriers, and without Sarah constantly telling Chuck how much of a hero he is and can be, this season would never have happened. I posit that you can draw a direct line from episode one season one to now when you look at the ways in which Chuck and Sarah have changed one another over time. Do we have to “like” the characters they’ve become? Absolutely not! But to say that this season completely invalidates the first two is way off in my opinion.

      As to “rehashing”, I see it as juxtaposition or mirroring. They’re using similar events to different ends. Here, Chuck has just broken up with Hannah (or Lou if you prefer) “despite” thinking Sarah has moved on, whereas he ended things with Lou because he got reinforcement from Sarah. Sure the end result is the same, but the context is extremely different! You know the old saying, The Devil Is In The Details.

      • Rick Holy says:

        I DO see where you’re coming from. But I still think this season could/should have been much better if handled differently. I would refer back to lizjames earlier post in this thread. I think she hit some key points very accurately.

        My point re: S1 & S2 was that especially after “Colonel,” everything was SUPPOSED TO have changed re: Chuck and Sarah. It appears, however, that nothing has changed and that they haven’t moved forward, but have instead regressed. Chuck sleeping with Hannah and Sarah falling into the arms of a spy she barely knows? No matter how you slice it, that’s not character development. It’s character retardation/regression. You can say that “because of what happened between Chuck and Hannah that ….” or “because of what’s happening between Sarah and Shaw…..”

        But honestly, what this is leading up to (the …..) could have been accomplished in a much more intelligent fashion that respects the characters and what transpired between them during S1 & S2 – especially at the end of S2. In this one little old person’s opinion, the story telling this season has fallen woefully short of building on that.

        I can’t believe that “this” (what we’ve been subjected to this season) is best or only way to have moved the characters forward – because it hasn’t.

        Truthfully, I don’t see character development. I think – as someone else has stated in their post on this thread – it would have been much more interesting to see them go through what they’re going through during this third season TOGETHER rather than apart. Now THERE would have been an opportunity for character development.

        Let’s face it. The Chuck/Sarah dynamic is huge thanks to the fantastic chemistry between Levi and Strahovski. It’s been a shame that we’ll have gone through most of this season without having taken advantage of that.

        Again, look back to S1 & S2. There were so many more Chuck and Sarah interactions or “moments” that were outstanding. This season they’re woefully missing. And that’s a shame.

      • Marvin says:

        The problem with this analysis is that Sarah was never the ice-cold professional, until Chuck turned her down in Prague. Sarah showed more warmth and conflict about who she was in 104 than she has this whole season. The ‘name reveal’ showed all the conflict of choosing a pack of gum at Piggly Wiggly. Not convincing.

        Show me one true thing…

      • weaselone says:

        I don’t think you’ll find many people on this blog who think things have been handled optimally this season. They could have provided us with a more interesting season just by shaking up the love polygon. Bring Hannah in as the team’s new boss and Shaw (played by someone less beautiful, more talented and who has better chemistry with Yvonne) and we would have had something new. Chuck explores a relationship with a spy while Sarah dabbles with someone normal while they both realize that they only feel complete when straddling both worlds and umm *coughs* each other.

      • atcdave says:

        I think there is one important “meta-detail” here that’s been overlooked. First, the obvious fact, many of us felt when Colonel aired, “its about time.” So right from there was an attitude, and even expectation that the stupidity was behind us, and going forward the show would be more fun; with our protagonists taking on the world (and personal problems) together. Then the key detail, we were told by CF, that Colonel was a “point of no return” for the relationship; which solidified everyone’s expectations. Either he was lying, or is easily confused by the English language; but either way, it leaves many of us, who went this same story-line last year, very unhappy with this season.

      • Rick Holy says:

        Again, Dave. You hit the nail right on the head.

      • Mischievous says:

        I don’t think we are ever going to see eye to eye on this so I’ll just put it this way, I believe that things HAVE changed, though maybe not in the way we wanted or in the most obvious manner. I stand by my belief that everything Chuck and Sarah are doing stem directly from their interactions in S1 and S2 and to say that this season invalidates or requires ignoring the previous ones is off the mark. Having said that however, being the “journey over destination” guy that I am, I’m fine where they’ve taken this season.

        I do agree that it has been far from a perfect season (which is a little much to expect) and not how I would have wanted things to go, but I still find plenty to enjoy each week in addition to Chuck and Sarah. I still laugh with this show (cupcakes!) like nothing else on TV right now, so I’m in for the duration. Luckily it seems like most every critic that has seen the next episodes say vs The Beard ranks as one of their favorite Chuck’s ever so I have some hope.

        In regards to the Chuck/Sarah moments, I’ll agree that they’ve scaled WAY down on the big, broad, showy emotional moments from S1/2, but they’ve traded those in for many more subtle moments which I tend to prefer. Sarah and Chuck in the bo training room, Sarah and the tape at the end of 3 Words, the reactions on their faces and body language at the “friends” moment, every look on Sarah’s face when she see’s Chuck changing as a spy, the “entire moving on” conversation. Those are moments easily missed but are huge from an acting perspective and I’ve loved them.


        Maybe Ice-Queen was the wrong term. My point was that she was emotionally unavailable pre-Chuck, and her current state of emotional upheaval is a direct result of Chuck breaking through to her.
        Although she may be trying to hide her emotions this season it’s clearly not working. Again look at the bo scene in episode 2 or when she wants to get pulled off the team because she thinks her emotions have been compromised with regards to Chuck, the entire hotel sequence last night stemmed from her concern for Chucks change, etc.


        Yup I agree it could have gone a different way and I’m sure most Chuck/Sarah fans really would have preferred that. At the same time I know at least 6 people I got watching at the start of this season that like the direction this show went. Just airing my opinion that I’m ok with how things have gone, though I don’t expect anyone else to agree with me.


        The thing is the “point of no return” can be interpreted differently. A lot of people seem to have come down on the side of that meaning they would be together from that point on. My take has been that he was talking about their emotional impact of that moment on their personalities could not be undone. That that they could never go back to being “just” friends or partners, and in that respect he was right. Even though on the surface they look like they are back at square one, contextually and emotionally they are in very different (and to me interesting) places this season compared to Colonel.

      • Jen says:

        Mischievous, i agree with you on the assesment of the “point of no return”. I wish it would have meant that C&S would be togehter from there on, but that wans’t it. In view of the events of S3, now i see that that moment in Colonel solidified their relationship as “real”, there could be no denying it from there on and they can never go back to just being friends.

  43. Merve says:

    I’m going to go with bullet points here:

    – For the most part, I liked this episode.

    – I know that sometimes the silliness of the spy plots can work to the detriment of the show, but here, the fact that the spy plot was so ridiculous made the episode work.

    – I know that there are going to be lots of debates over how real or fake the Chuck/Shaw fight scene was, so I’ll throw in my personal opinion: Chuck was fighting Shaw in order to maintain the cover. Shaw was just being “crazy psycho Shaw.”

    – I still don’t understand Sarah/Shaw at all.

    – I felt as if more should have been done with the crock pot plot.

    – I’m curious to find out more about Casey’s alias, Alex Coburn. They took care to mention it several times; I hope that it doesn’t end up a dropped story line.

    – Lester’s “I’m so lonely,” wins Line of the Night. I don’t know why, but I also laughed at the thought of Morgan at a leadership conference.

    – Devon’s lack of “awesomeness” is starting to wear a bit thin. I liked it better at the end of season 2, when Devon had trouble lying, but was also able to calm down and come up with a suitable lie.

    – I don’t really understand why Sarah is so uncomfortable with Chuck becoming a good liar. Chuck has been a good liar since season 2. Furthermore, I can only think of two instances in the entire series when Chuck has lied to Sarah: once at the end of “Predator” when Chuck hides the Intersect plans from Sarah (not an outright lie) and again in “Dream Job,” he doesn’t explain how he knows that Roark is building an Intersect (again, not an outright lie). Unless Sarah is thinking that Chuck will start lying to her, I don’t see where her discomfort is coming from.

    – Not to open up a can of worms, but fan reaction seems to be divided on this one. Not as negative as for “Mask,” not as positive as for “Operation Awesome.”

    – Overall, an alright episode. Not my favourite, but not my least favourite either. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

    • John says:

      The only reason why the reaction wasn’t as negative as with the Mask is because everyone was warned ahead of time. Everyone pretty much has zero expectation coming into the episode.

      • Merve says:

        I thought that this was much better than “Mask.” It was way more fun. It also made more sense to me.

      • atcdave says:

        I think it was both a better episode than Mask, and I’d been warned to have no expectations. I actually laughed a couple times; “are these sterile?”

      • Mike B says:

        “I like a good cupcake”…lol

    • Mischievous says:

      I’ll attempt to address some of your bullet points with some of my own =)

      – Although I don’t like Sarah/Shaw, I think I get where it’s coming from as I’ve tried explaining in other areas of this thread.

      – Line of the night to me has to be the Cupcakes! It was just so Chuck.

      – The general trend on Devon seems to be people want him to change and be a good liar even though he has always said he hates it, and they dislike that he hasn’t changed enough. At the same time people hate that Sarah and Chuck are changing. It confuses me.

      – To me, it’s not that she think’s he’ll lie to her, it’s the fact that he’s losing the innocence she fell for in the first place and that she’s partly to blame for it. Lying is only one part of it. Honestly though I could probably spend an entire post dissecting this one bit.

      • JC says:

        See but I haven’t seen that innocence being lost. Or at least the writers haven’t sold it good enough. He’s becoming more competent but I don’t see him not being Chuck. A cocky d-bag version of Chuck but still Chuck.

        Even his burning of Manoosh, the guy was bad. Sure at first they made him out to be a parallel to Chuck until he tried to sell the glasses to the highest bidder. The guy belonged in a cell.

      • Mischievous says:

        A few things he’s learned to do:

        – Lie “without batting an eye” to his loved ones. Sure he did it before but he always had reservations about it. Now it’s par for the course and no big deal.

        – Manipulate a person into doing what he needs and then burning them. Just because Manoosh deserved what he got doesn’t change the fact that Chuck hated doing it.

        – Compartmentalize his emotions which he was never capable of doing pre Sarah.

        – The cockiness is a side effect of he newfound self esteem. Hopefully that gets reigned in now that he’s seen what he’s starting to become.

        Specifically on the innocence note, maybe this is a better way of putting it. Since season two we’ve known that Sarah wants a normal life. Now she see’s Chuck embracing the life she wants to get away from. She know’s now (after seeing the tape at the end of Three Words) that she’s partly to blame for him taking up the responsibility, and it’s killing her emotionally to be a part of teaching him do it. Hence why she tried to get pulled from the assignment at the beginning of the season. Again it’s not just the lying she has a problem with, it’s the whole scenario.

        You can say that the writers haven’t made this clear enough. I for one am glad they left it up to us to pick up on rather than spoon feed us.

      • JC says:

        His ability to lie to his family is just a natural evolution over three years. Its become easier sure but its to protect them. I don’t see this as a negative.

        Manipulating a criminal, not a regular guy. And your right it still bothered him. Sounds like Chuck to me.

        Well he still can’t compartmentalize when it comes to someone he’s in love with. But I will agree this one is up for debate.

        And her ideal of normal life was a lie. Her whole plan in Prague consisted of of one big lie. Fake names and on the run. Away from that normal life, family and friends. And yet she’s upset he’s doing the exact thing she wanted him to do months earlier.

        I’m not asking to be spoon fed anything, the writers tried that already with the ending to the Nacho Sampler. I just wanted to see real negative changes in Chuck not small ones blown out of proportion.

      • JC says:

        Just wanted to follow up that I realized that reply sounded somewhat heated and that wasn’t my intention at all. I’m sure we’ll just have to agree to disagree on things.

        Oh and welcome Mischievous

      • weaselone says:

        I think Mischievous covered you points fairly well, but I have to add that from my perspective Chuck is no happier telling lies than he was before and I think Levi’s facial expressions have been excellent at relaying this. He’s become more adept at lying, but he’s still not truly comfortable with it.

      • Merve says:

        Mischievous, that’s an excellent point about Sarah’s reactions to Chuck’s lying. But Sarah has also seen that Chuck doesn’t like lying. I mean, it’s not as if he gets a kick out of it. Is she so bad at reading Chuck that she can’t see how much it still tears him up inside to lie to his family and friends?

      • JC says:

        Well if you think he’s become darker thats fine. I guess we all have different definitions of what we see as a dark Chuck.

      • Mischievous says:


        It’s not that I think he’s growing darker, he really isn’t. I see him becoming very competent in fact.

        It doesn’t change the fact that from Sarah’s POV he’s changing into the person she didn’t want him to become, and she had a big part to play in it.

  44. JLR says:

    I’m shocked I didn’t hate this episode…in fact, I liked it. Now, to be sure, I kinda sorta followed Ernie’s cue & re-set my expectations & swallowed the bitter pill of disappointment over what this season COULD HAVE BEEN. After the abomination that was the ending of the Mask, what the characters did at least made sense to me. They are changing, folks. We’re gonna have to re-learn Sarah’s character a bit, IMO. I refuse to call her by that other name…even though I can understand why it played out that way, I HATE how the name reveal was done…even though many have spec’d she would tell Shaw.

  45. JC says:

    So my g/f and I just watched the episode again. And we’ve come to a mutual agreement on three things that need to happen.

    1. The name reveal has to be used again, whether it becomes an emotional realization for Sarah or Chuck calling her out that she’s never shared anything with him.
    2. Sarah has to do some chasing, doesn’t have to be much but something. It just can’t be all Chuck.
    3.She has to say I love you, no its complicated BS.

    Her reaction shocked me, I thought she would hate Chuck but she really hates Sarah, nearing Marissa Cooper levels. I actually had to convince her to read some of previews about 3.09 for her to stick around. I can’t post what she said but it shocked me that I sympathized with Sarah and she didn’t at all.

    • John says:

      1. Can’t see that happening. The name reveal happened already and, unfortunately, it will have no emotional significance the second time around.
      2. I don’t see Sarah chasing Chuck (especially after seeing the DYLM scene in the preview)
      3. I strongly believe her answer to the DYLM question will be it’s complicated.

      • Rick Holy says:

        The only way I can see a repeat of the name reveal being of ANY value, is if “Sam/Samantha” ISN’T her real name.

        I mean, you have to ask yourself, no matter how “vulnerable” she might have been feeling, (1)She’s a spy – and in Casey’s words: a professional (2) She doesn’t know squat about Shaw except – truth or not – he has a dead wife (and does she really know him well enough to trust that “truth?”)

        I’m beginning to wonder if “Sam” is just another of those fake names. After all, the episode was titled “Chuck vs. the FAKE NAME.” Maybe the “fake name” that is being referred to ISN’T “Sarah Walker” (which we all already know is fake), but “Sam/Samantha.”

        Just a thought. I’m trying to find something redemptive in all of this. Still can’t believe it would be Shaw to whom she would reveal her “true” identity/name. You would think that would HAVE to be for Chuck. At least I’m hoping the writers have enough sense to save it for Chuck.

        If it turns out that her real name IS Sam/Samantha – and it’s Shaw not Chuck to whom she opens up so much, then chalk another royal screw up to the writers.

      • weaselone says:

        Well, she hasn’t actually provided anyone with her last name, so Sarah’s complete name is still a mystery.

      • JC says:

        I’m going to have to disagree. Look at her face when Chuck says the name Sam. She knows all the trust Chuck had in her is gone and that’s the one thing that hadn’t been broken yet. We’ve seen Chuck hit rock bottom now its Sarah’s turn.

  46. lou federico says:

    I am now focusing on Casuck. When will Casey and Chuck get together?

    • Rick Holy says:

      You are something of a prophet, my friend. “suck” is definitely the word of the moment – and of this season.

      • lou federico says:

        i know father rick that we should be forgiving but after that? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. It won’t happen a third time.

      • Jason says:

        the treatment of the fans reminds me of the little schwartz who cried wolf (WT/WT), you know what happened to schwartz and the villiagers

      • Rick Holy says:

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you mentioned the “fool me once/twice” saying. I just got done emailing that to a friend (and poster on this site). So I’m with you all the way, bro.

        Forgive? Nothing to forgive, because they’ve committed no “sin.” They’ve merely goofed up – imho – and we’re ALL susceptible to that at one time or another.

        I’m just saddened because I think they HAVE the skills and abilities to have put together a season 3 that could have been so much better than what we’ve been given – especially after all the hard work and $$ spent.

        I think we had a previous thread, “What a long strange trip it’s been,” which I believe is attributed to the Grateful Dead.

        Well I’m going to quote an Allman Brothers Tune. “Whipping Post.” Right now it feels like it’s ME whose tied to the “Chuck” whipping post. So for now, I’m untying myself.

      • lou federico says:

        I hear you my friend. You are wise beyond your years ft Rick. I guess that is why I like NCIS. The Ziva/Tony angle has been well played. That is why it has been on the air for almost 6 years and remain the one of the highest rated shows around. They all work well together and they do not feel the need to bring in other actors to mess with the great chemistry they have. I hate to say it NCIS is now my favorite show. I think Ziva could take Sarah.

      • atcdave says:

        No doubt, Ziva is far more likely to fight “dirty!” I think there’s a big difference in approach; NCIS only rarely focuses on the characters personal lives, while on Chuck its very much the main theme. So Tony and Ziva can stew, going nowhere in a hurry for many years, and most people don’t mind too much. But Chuck and Sarah are very much in the spotlight on Chuck; so replaying the same tricks every season gets very old, very fast.

    • lou federico says:

      Good Point dave

      Does that mean the NCIS has more substance than Chuck so it does not have to weight heavly on the relationship factor. The angst is more a comedy relief than life and death like Chuck and Sarah.

      • atcdave says:

        Lou, I don’t know if I would call it substance, but I think I agree with your point. I’d call the difference plot-driven versus character-driven. On NCIS the characters are normally the comic relief or “B” plots. On Chuck, its all about Chuck (& Sarah).

  47. ReadySet says:

    This thought struck me as I got up this early LA morning: As each episode of Season 3 shows Chuck and Sarah increasingly lost and screwed up, it proves AGAIN that the smart storytelling move would have been to have Chuck and Sarah together going through it.

    The angst would have been better. The drama would have been better. Even the pain would have been more exquisite. Not to mention that they would have been able to capitalize on the Levi-Strahovski chemistry.

    I think it is clear at this point that TPTB chose this entire season’s story line because a) All Schwartz knows is this teen-angst OC garbage; and b) They wanted to “prove” to the fans they know better.

    Well, we’ll see if they know better. The ratings will be in soon.

    • Rick Holy says:

      Amen! But the “real” ratins “reveal” will be in the coming weeks. Will people have had enough to tune out? My selfish self says I want a fourth season in the hopes that TPTB will tell the story in a much better, more mature and intelligent way. The p.o.’d part of me says to end this crap after this season and allow the Levi and Strahovski – two great young acting talents – to move onto something else more worthy of their abilities. (And I don’t mean Alvin and the Chipmunks II or The Canyon).

      • lou federico says:

        If you love something you have to let it go. I love the actors a lot better than the show at this point. FREE THE CHUCK 3!!! FREE THE CHUCK 3!!! FREE THE CHUCK THE 3!!! ATTIAC!! ATTICA!!! ATTICA!!!!

    • atcdave says:

      I do think the story we’ve been subjected to this season is all about the hubris of JS. No matter what “truth” we saw on screen at the end of S2, he was determined to do it his way, screw the fans.

      Apparently, the ratings were up slightly last night. The episode was well acted, and funny in places, so hopefully any new viewers will give it another chance. It would be good if started a gradual surge in these next couple months, perhaps renewal isn’t as remote as we had thought.

  48. whoisbartowski? says:

    Having watched the episode all I can say is that if I were Chuck I’d kick Sarah to the curb and move on with life – the autonomous intersect agent aka “no more Mr. nice spy”. The poor guy has been pining for her over three years and she reveals her name to a guy she’s known for a few months? All this “Chuck’s changing” bullshit and she conveniently runs into the arms of another spy. To tell you the truth I’d rather the writers focus on the Chuck/Casey dynamic which was AWESOME in the episode. Used to be a C/S shipper but it lost me in the 3.07 debacle.

    “Aren’t you sick of the will they/won’t they?” – the mob boss. Well to JS/CF, I am; let Chuck move on with his life – more Chuck and Casey teamwork against the Ring, and Buymore (Morgan and Jeffster). B

    • weaselone says:

      I do think the Chuck and Casey dynamic was excellent this episode particularly given the relative cheesiness of the spy plot. I’d like to see more of that. It seems like Casey actually gets Chuck a lot more than Sarah this season who I think is a little too wrapped up in herself and her fears to see what’s REALLY going on with Chuck.

      • herder says:

        Do you see Casey actually saying something to Sarah about this or does he shun his lady feelings too much to speak?

      • ReadySet says:

        The obvious “cheesy” point they will eventually make is that Chuck and Sarah literally cannot exist without being together. Sarah needs Chuck because even though he trashed her in Prague, he’s the only guy who actually does love him. Chuck needs Sarah because she’s the only who can be his compass and moral center.

        But we KNEW that after Colonel. We’ve learned NOTHING this year we didn’t already know–and we’ve blown some hard-core promotion by the network and we’re back at last season’s on-the-bubble ratings.

        I hope Ali Adler’s jibes at the fans keeps her warm when she’s trying to peddle that next pilot because I don’t think there’ll be a season four of Chuck for her to make fun of us.l

      • weaselone says:

        I’m not certain. I suspect anything he says will be in the form of quips, but given 3.01 that’s not necessarily a guarantee.

      • weaselone says:

        Not sure how Chuck trashed her in Prague. He certainly took an action that broke her heart and gave insufficient explanation, but Sarah’s as much responsible for what’s happened since that point as he is.

      • herder says:

        I was thinking of something late in 3.10 after Chuck and Sarah save Casey’s A**. I think he might be compelled or honor bound to point out something obvious that the two of them are missing..

      • weaselone says:

        Will he inform them that Morgan “borrowed” Chuck’s condom again?

  49. whoisbartowski? says:

    Having watched the episode all I can say is that if I were Chuck I’d kick Sarah to the curb and move on with life – the autonomous intersect agent aka “no more Mr. nice spy”. The poor guy has been pining for her over three years and she reveals her name to a guy she’s known for a few months? All this “Chuck’s changing” bullshit and she conveniently runs into the arms of another spy. To tell you the truth I’d rather the writers focus on the Chuck/Casey dynamic which was AWESOME in the episode. Used to be a C/S shipper but it lost me in the 3.07 debacle.

    “Aren’t you sick of the will they/won’t they?” – the mob boss. Well to JS/CF, I am; let Chuck move on with his life – more Chuck and Casey teamwork against the Ring, and Buymore (Morgan and Jeffster). But we all know how it ends don’t we – a C/S hook-up which has sadly lost its significance. Oh well, a guy can dream. . .

  50. Ernie Davis says:

    Hey all. Lots of good thoughtful comments and some good venting going on. I may do a whole post on this, but I thought I’d expand on my previous brief take.

    I liked this episode. It was well done, some of the acting was outstanding, it was well paced and did set up much of what I think is to come. Here’s the problem, I don’t care.

    If I can risk sounding a little boastful I think I’ve established that I get it. I know where the writers are taking this and why they feel they have to do what they are doing. I think I’ve also established that I think the direction they chose was a mistake. My contention has been that by doing this they risked two solid seasons of character development for the sake of one more go around on an overused Hollywood plotline. Even if you could, as I’ve tried, establish reasonable motivations for the characters to develop in certain ways the risk was that it opened up other aspects of the characters, with possibly unpredictable consequences. The big risk was that those characters could become a lot less compelling and real to us. That’s what has happened to me.

    I may need to think on this a bit, but I think I can probably point to three separate posts here where I decided to lower my expectations so I could keep enjoying the show. At this point, and it could still change, I’m finding myself not very interested in the story they’re telling and not much caring about where it’s going. I’ve seen it before and they don’t seem to be telling it better or going anywhere nearly as compelling as I thought they would based on past seasons. The journey has become an interstate and the destination a Holiday Inn.

    I’ll keep watching. The acting is top notch, and it is still a fun show, but I find less and less reason to forgive all the things I used to forgive. The payoff just isn’t there anymore, and I’m a guy who likes serious drama when done well. I don’t need to fell happy or upbeat to be moved. But I have to at least care.

    • Rick Holy says:

      If not “perfect,” that’s about as close to perfect as an accurate summary of where TPTB have led us this season. As usual, Ernie, well done. Thanks for expressing what a lot of us are feeling but didn’t quite know how to express (other than being royally p.o.’d/disappointed) in the manner in which you did.

      It’s harder and harder to watch when (1) you wonder what dumb thing is going to happen next (re: the writing); and (2) because of the accumulation of dumb things, your concern for the characters – whom you previously had such passion and care for – is waning.

    • whoisbartowski? says:

      My sentiments exactly. Started watching Chuck last November and was emotionally invested in the characters – specifically Chuck and Sarah. That all ended after the Mask. Its still a good show nonetheless but I thought the quips and throwbacks towards a portion of the fan-base in this recent episode with regard to the C/S dynamic through the mob boss is regrettable to say the least; considering the fact these people contributed towards Chuck’s renewal. They should just bury that angle and move on like I said in my post.

    • Lucian says:

      As always, Ernie, you are spot on, with the exception of your interstate / Holiday Inn analogy. At least an interstate goes somewhere (even if it is a Motel 6). We seem to be driving around the block in a neighborhood we already know. Yes, they are pointing out different shrubs this time, but that doesn’t make for a compelling story.

    • sirisaac says:

      I think you have absolutely nailed it. They have taken a show that caused so many people to be so heavily invested and turned it into a way to waste an hour on a Monday night. Obviously there are many that still care based on the number of posts here and on other sites, but it is starting to feel like the overall interest is waning. For me, I have no problem with the direction taken by either Chuck or Sarah’s characters. I think it was inevitable that Chuck would have to start dealing with and struggle with the issues regarding the spy world starting with the choice he made to re-intersect in “The Ring”, and Sarah has been fighting her own desire to let her real self show for a very long time. Now she finally lets her guard down, but it is to the wrong person, and to me the show can never get that back. Yes, Chuck and Sarah will get together in the end but again, to me, it just won’t be as satisfying because of what has happened leading up to it. It seems like there is so much more to be said, but the words are escaping me. My wife has said for years that I don’t “care” about much of anything and has been shocked at how “obsessed” I have become with Chuck over the past few months as it is very out of character for me. I am afraid that obsession is now over no matter how epic the coming episodes may be. Sorry for rambling…

    • atcdave says:

      Well Ernie, I had hoped when we were on the same page again it would be for better reasons. I will also continue watching, with decreasing enthusiasm.

  51. Jason says:

    I have not rewatched it, amid all the other lapses, was it not interesting that after the casey ‘5 men in the world’ shot, the camera pans to sarah, shaw, chuck then if I recall the scene cuts …. of all the WTF moments – I mean what happened then, did they all go here own way – if TPTB & some bloggers want me to think sarah was lookin at chuck as she was going to die – well then what when she lived, did she jump into shaws arms? becasue within 10-15 minutes of tv time, that indeed is what she did. at least chuck realized from that point on what he felt, but oh well anyhow – really too bad – I think of a fan like liz who really invested into the nuisances of the show, then to be given this crap – well anyhow – enough rant

  52. kg says:

    I too will miss Liz James, but you have to respect her decision and integrity.

  53. Mike B says:

    For the most part I liked this episode. What I find unforgivable is the name reveal. TPTB know that this was a hot topic of discussion amoung the fan base since Wookie. To have it come out this way is clearly TPTB telling us it is their show. They are right it is their show. All I have to say to that is good luck on trying to get your show renewed on your own.

  54. AngelTwo says:

    Out of all the great comments on this thread, I noticed this stunning and brilliant pronouncement from lizjames:

    I am simply tired of Chuck and Sarah NEVER once having a real conversation. Done and done. TPTB have taken a once-cute, then-serious issue and turned it into a convenient plot device to pull out any old hack story line.

    HELLO, FOLKS, THIS IS THE KEY. Everything else is unimportant. While TPTB mock us and tell us they have to tell the story they have to tell, they are lying. They have created this gigantic pothole in the story and whenever they want to do something stupid, they resort to “Chuck and Sarah don’t talk” excuse.

    Well, you know what? That’s not storytelling. That’s tripe. That’s hackery. ANYONE can write an angsty story full of twists and turns when the lead characters are never allowed to talk.

    I call BS. Chuck jumped the shark last night. I don’t care how much ANYONE loves the show, you have to admit that there is this big gaping hole in the middle of it now. How many more times are you going to sit there and watch Chuck and Sarah drive off a cliff and have the writers explain it away by saying, “They don’t talk”?

    Well, I won’t talk anymore, either. I’ll just walk. There comes a time when your intelligence can’t handle the insults anymore.

    • Rick Holy says:

      Again, one more person right on the mark. And I’ll say it again, this season sucks. Period. Can it be resurrected? Possibly. But it’s so late in the game that even if they could pull it off, it probably won’t matter.

      • atcdave says:

        Rick, you know I agree about this season; but we also both believe in resurrection. After all, didn’t Martha warn, Lazarus was so dead he was stinking!

  55. BigCheese says:

    After wake up this morning, I was thinking about 308, and here it is:

    Communication issue with CS. Shaw got more in 4 episodes from Sarah than Chuck in 40+! That conversation with SS should have happened a long time ago but with Chuck! Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

    What’s next? Sarah will ask Shaw to marry her? New PLI for Chuck is Casey’s daughter?

    Everything is worse than what you expect. 😡

    • Rick Holy says:

      No, what will happen is that Sarah will discover she is a Lesbian – just in time for Anna to reappear on the show and for her to reveal her “real,” “true self” to the one that she’s always loved from the first day she walked into the BuyMore.

      Absolutely ridiculous? You bet. But, sorry to say, not outside the realm of plausability with this season.

  56. herder says:

    Well for those of us who still want a season 4, last night’s numbers of 6.7 million viewers and a 2.5 demo seem reasonably good. A major controversy, three weeks and virtually no promo and it came back slightly ahead of it’s season average. Now it remains to be seen how the rest of the NBC schedule, especially those in the same boat as Chuck do. Is there some sort of rising tide at NBC due to the Olympics and has Chuck over performed or underperfomed. Also I think Dancing With the Stars returns next week. Ironically with Chuck in the same place it was last year with Leathal Weapon, the lowest rated episode of the year.

    • Rick Holy says:

      I’m hearing 2.4 from TVBTN. And if I remember right, a 2.4 is what I was expecting/hoping for.

      I think if that 2.4 number holds, there will be a Season 4 – and hopefully a GOOD Season 4.

      Problem will be: the return of HOUSE from reruns, and the return of the dreaded DWTS. That’s a LOT more tough competition.

      If CHUCK holds a 2.4 through all of that, I would think S4 would be a lock.

      Time will tell. I think the reality is, is that this will always be a “bubble” show. And each season will always bring speculation as to whether or not it will be the last.

      If it does come back for an S4, it would be interesting to see if it’s moved to a different night and/or time – and what, if any, difference that would make.

      Looking forward to a hopefully AWESOME episode next Monday – which many have been claiming it will be. After 3.7 and 3.8, there needs to be a massive dose of AWESOME right now.

      • lou federico says:

        Padre Rick is back on the Chuck bandwagon!! You always have a first class seat whenever you want it. Fingers Crossed that you trip may be full of good times and that the Chuck flag will waive high in your courtyard or compound.

    • Faith says:

      I expected as such especially considering it is after the olympics and they did show a promo during the closing ceremonies of the olympics.

      My biggest worry was not whether they would tune in but they would tune in and see Fake Name.

      After last night, I hate to disagree with most everyone because I feel like I’m being a traitor to my people…but I think it’ll continue to rise. The people like intense crap like this.

      • herder says:

        For what it is worth I understand the demo was 2.5 in the first half hour and 2.4 in the second. The opposite to the way Chuck usually builds.

      • atcdave says:

        It does worry me a little that numbers dropped. That’s kind of exactly what I was afraid of with this episode. I wish they hadn’t promoted it at all, it wasn’t great one to start on.

        Although, it was funny on and off; and obviously well acted, perhaps we can build from here. As Brig.Gen. Teddy Roosevelt said when his infantry division was landed at the wrong beach on D-Day, “We’ll start the war from here.”

      • BigCheese says:

        Note: House was a rerun right?

      • Faith says:

        I have no doubt of that Dave. By most critics account (granted I think they’re full of ish) this is the lowest of the next 4. I trust Mo Ryan when she says that at least.

  57. Zsjaer says:

    OD respectfully your speculation about this episode was wrong …you know that i was hoping you were right but your prevision didn t happen..the storyline went to a completely different path..the worst scenario did happen Chuck making sex with hannah, Sarah doing the same with Shaw, her teling him her name (if she initiated a RS with him its obvious it is a physical one they are not teens), but you keep defending the storyline no matter what path it goes IMHO.
    This may have some sense but Chuck wasn t about this. This is a completely different tone and its the wrong one

  58. eaglemmoomin says:

    I respectfully disagree. I think the show does need to go in a different direction. This is one of the few shows where the characters grow and change. Its why people get attached to the show. I avoided the show for a full year because I read the synopis and thought, cliched, nonsensical and lightweight. The first year was light weight to be honest until late on. The second year was much better and this year the depth is even better and theme of identity in a sea of intrigue and I suspect the redemptive power of love is I think a fascinating one. If Chuck wasn’t becoming a b*st*rd and Sarah a ‘real’ person who reacts to emotional heartbreak and pain in the way that one us would then the point of the season being about identity and redemption becomes a token gesture and pointless.

    I was totally wrong about the show because I let my hard set expectations shape my opinions without even trying. So I missed out on year one. People boycotting the show are being silly imho.

    • joe says:

      Eagle, this is the third post I’ve seen this morning that’s used the words lightweight or depth in a description, and stated at the same time that the new depth they see has piqued their interest. Each has implied that this is a recent change of attitude.

      It starts to seem that a lot of us were led reluctantly down this path, some, very reluctantly (and kicking and screaming…). Where we’re at – it’s not comfortable. But now there’s a recognition there’s no turning back. They say you can’t return to the Garden of Eden. So you go forward.

    • atcdave says:

      I think most of us here fell in love with show during those first two seasons. It always had more character development and depth than any other show that could call itself an action/comedy. To me the biggest draw was the strength of those characters; a decent, ordinary guy trapped in a frightening double life; who is protected by a heroic agent that finds herself drawn to him as the first really good guy she’s ever known.

      To me, this season has irreparable damaged the theme and the characters. There are still parts I can enjoy, but it isn’t currently even among my five favorite shows.

      I’m glad the show can still find new fans, maybe it will be enough to keep it running a few more years; but I will always mourn what was lost, a beautiful, perfect story with characters I liked and respected.

      • Jason says:

        dave – the longer I think about 3.8, the more pi$$ed I am, think about how 3.5 ended (SS and CH), 3.6 (no shaw, chuck alone sipping whisky), 3.7 (ss and CH coupling up) and 3.8 (sarah really aggressively going for shaw, like she never did for any guy, even / especially chuck) and chuck broke up with hannah in a somewhat brutal way & then all alone) – the guy who dug out the definition of drama hit it on the head, the series is now a drama – I’ve been trying to stay interested in the series, but again, I think I am fighting a losing battle

      • atcdave says:

        I agree Jason, but we do have reason to think the tone will soon lift some. I think this was rock bottom for Chuck, and hopefully for Sarah too. As I’ve said many times, I resent this whole leg of the journey; but I think in the next couple weeks we’ll finally get to where the season should have started.

        I think we’ll even see good comedy again. Its not like they’ve forgotten how to do it; if you look back earlier this season, Angel of Death was a very funny episode. Its really just gone very dark with the arrival of Shaw. So I’m thinking; maybe when he’s no longer an obstical for Chuck and Sarah, or certainly when he’s gone from the show; we should get some better humor back. There really was even some good stuff in 3.08, its just the overall theme was so bleak it was sort of lost.

      • JC says:

        I don’t know Dave, we might not have seen rock bottom for Sarah. Might be the next two episodes.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah, that’s why I said “hopefully” for her. I do fear it will get worse, but I’m fairly sure by 3.10 things will start looking up for both of them.

      • Jen says:

        I think you are right Dave… i see clearer skies ahead! i hope so, cause i miss the sun!

      • JC says:

        You though Dave from a character standpoint, she kinda deserves it. Chuck’s seen the consequences of being a spy. Now maybe will see the consequences of not being able to open up emotionally.

        Chuck’s been the relationship villain since Prague. Now its Sarah’s turn to shoulder some of the responsibility.

      • Zsjaer says:

        Dave again your feelings are exactly like mine.
        I watched and rewatched every single episode of S1 and S2.
        This Season to me is a nightmare. Exactly like you said…there are parts i can enjoy..but its not like before..and some of those good parts even lost some of their meaning like in vs the three words.
        I m sad that TPTb didn t have enough imagination to give us fans another plot to this Show..instead they have chosen the easiest way with this forced LT and PLI.

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