The State of the Union

Are we headed for another loop, or maybe a ring?

So while the anticipation builds for another new episode of Chuck I noticed a lot of discussion on where TPTB will put Charah by the end of the original 13 episodes.  Also how will they do it without giving us whiplash. I always assumed that given a certain misinterpretation of what the fans want the plan was the same as before.  Start them out together, break them up, a PLI each, broken off so that they can slowly come back together in the final push to the big finish.  Just before the season finale there would be some sort of Colonel moment, then an ambiguous event that will leave all options open for the next season.  Since we got the back 6 and some of the fan reaction plans may have been modified.  Lets have some fun and get a snapshot of opinion after the jump.

My take, I say we get the full Bartowski.  Married.  I may be reading too much into some spoilers, but I see TPTB working frantically to correct some mistakes and set up a new direction for the show.  Married in 3.13, the back 6 will serve as a preview of what the show will look like going forward.  Opinions may vary, so lets take a poll and discuss.

Addenda:  Since this is more about speculation and everyone likes to do that, let’s make an attempt to limit the spoilers on this post.  Thanks, this is something I should have mentioned before, so I apologize for any misunderstanding.


About Ernie Davis

I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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54 Responses to The State of the Union

  1. JLR says:

    The boo birds can come after me, but I don’t want to see them married….. I’ll refrain from discussing my life philosophy here. 🙂 [you’re welcome]

    I merely want them communicating so the show can be a little more “fun” again. Drama is great and all, but I just don’t feel Chuck (the show) does drama all that well. Besides, I’d like to see some effort put into the spy side of things for once.

  2. HenryH says:

    I think you left out two possibilities: an engagement and Chuck inexplicably pitching a vacation again, a la Ring.

    We know from the Ustream video Zac Levi shot on the set of e14, Strahovski is in costume and is wearing a ring. But, of course, it could be a mission. I’ve lost count of how many fake marriages there have been so far. And the title of 14, versus the Honeymooners, would indicate that Chuck and Sarah would be meeting honeymooners on the train (meaning one) and end up in a Honeymooners TV scenerio with Morgan (meaning two).

    From a storytelling perspective, season 1 ended with Ellie and Awesome’s engagement in Marlin and season 2 ended with Ellie and Awesome’s wedding in Ring. So by logic of that, episode 13 would probably have an engagement or wedding. And e13 does take place in Paris. And aren’t there two conventions about TV shows and Paris: All apartments and hotel rooms have a view of the Eiffel Tower and there is romance.

    So my bottom line: I have no idea.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I figured engagement fell under the couple scenario.

    • joe says:

      Henry, that’s quite a big reveal here. I haven’t seen that Ustream video – can you point us to it?

      What is the costume that Sarah is wearing, please? It’s not a wedding gown, is it?

      Naw… I got my hopes up there for a second.

    • atcdave says:

      My guess, if there’s a wedding, its cover. Maybe an actual engagement in 3.13; but probably not until 3.19. If we get an actual marriage anytime prior to S4, I’ll take it as a complete apology by TPTB for screwing up this season.

    • Jason says:

      Am I missing something about a wedding? As far as I know, there are no spoilers what so ever about that. if lucky, they will be something approaching a couple by end of 3.12 or 3.13, the screeners have pretty much told us what is happening with them in 3.10 & 3.11, and it ain’t romantic, not bad, but not romantic. We have quite a bit of info about 3.12, and 3.13 has to solve the spy story they have been promising all season long – I don’t get where all this is coming from??????

      PS: thx for the wonderfalls tip – loved it, not even sure why??

    • Faith says:

      have to go with Ernie…engagement = coupledom.

      And Joe the ustream vids were live via Zac Levi’s account (he announced it on twitter) but he didn’t save the videos so if you missed it, you can’t watch it. But if I’m not mistaken there are some old recordings he has kept in his account. Sent the spoilers if you consider the ustream vids spoilers via email.

    • Paul says:

      Realistically, I don’t see C/S getting engaged or married by the end of teh 3.13 arc. I DO see them together, most likely as a reset back to vs the The Colonel/The Ring point in their relationship (a couple starting a “real” relationship).

  3. Merve says:

    I expect that Chuck and Sarah might make the crazy impulsive decision to elope, and part of the drama of the back six might be dealing with the fallout of that decision.

    • atcdave says:

      That actually wouldn’t shock me, but I sure hope, at some point, the relationship can be played for fun and humor instead of angst. (I know, fat chance…)

      • Merve says:

        I think that a lot of hilarity would ensue if Sarah were to move in with Chuck and Morgan. Morgan would probably always be walking in on them at inopportune times…

      • AngelTwo says:

        Merve: It was added that spoilers are requested NOT to be posted. So all I can say is check out spoilers elsewhere (hint, hint, the french chuck site) and you’ll see the Chuck-Sarah-Morgan Honeymooners scenario will be played…

      • Jen says:

        Aaaa Merve, I’ve also thought of the same! I don’t need them married right know, hut together n happy… And if Sarah moves in w Chuck n Mirgan that would I’m sure provide many hilarious situations!

  4. Lauren says:

    As cute as I think it would be for them to go the whole married spy couple working together route, I don’t want it to happen yet. For them to be married at the end of the original 13 would be almost a complete 180 a la Chuck vs. the Mask and would make me feel a little dizzy. That being said, if it happens I’ll probably get over it pretty fast and cheer. Stupid hopeless romantic side.

  5. metajoke says:

    If you look at the work sheets on your own spoiler page (which was first published on the french site), Sarah (Strahovski’s production code number is 3) is spending a lot of time in Chuck’s bedroom in episodes 14 and 15. So it looks like 1 (Levi’s production code number) and 3 are doing a lot, well, you know…

    • Stef62 says:

      Setting aside the obvious. It would be more likely we go back to S1/S2, where after the fountain, the place they did the most talking was in Chucks room.

      Think it’ll be the same again the back 6

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I was going to keep this page less spoilerish in case there were a few people not wanting to be spoiled. Of course you never know, Sarah used to be in Chuck’s bedroom all the time when they were cover dating.

    • joe says:

      I am so far behind in the spoilers!

  6. Waverly says:

    I assume you proposed “married” just to be somewhat controversial. I haven’t seen any evidence for that, but maybe that’s because you have seen/read a lot more spoilers than I have.

    It seems way too wild for them to be married in 3.13. There would need to be a lot of stuff going on leading up to that, and they couldn’t fit it in the episodes while doing it justice, or they would be losing out on a lot of opportunities for interesting plots.

    But if they do get married in 3.13, they’ll probably get divorced in 3.19. That way TPTB can have lots more PLIs both this season and next season.

  7. herder says:

    I think that they are going to be put together in some way, perhaps they agree to try being a couple as they are miserable apart. Perhaps they have some sort of marriage of convenience, perhaps they have a cover that they are together to hide something from the General, I don’t know. In any event my suspicion is that the coupling in 3.13 will somehow be incomplete and the back 6 will be the completion of that coupling.

    I just think that TPTB wanted to keep the option of continuing the “tension” between Chuck and Sarah so I don’t expect things to be resolved at the end of 3.13.

  8. JC says:

    I’m going with a reset of their own. They both admit the mistakes they made and decide to try again. Some talking and maybe even yelling at each other. But the ILY moment won’t happen until the back six, probably 3.16.

  9. Rick Holy says:

    Married? Highly unlikely. But “paired” as SOME KIND of couple – after having “THE TALK’ had BETTER be where we’re at after episode 13.

    If it isn’t, the sham will have gone on a season too long – back 6 or not.

    Please, catch this. The point is not to have them “a couple” just because “shippers” want to see them as a couple. The point is to have them as a couple because it would open up so many more options as far as good storytelling in the episodes to come (if we’re lucky enough to get a Season 4).

    If the Merry-go-round (or gravitron) just keeps spinning round and round regarding their WTWT, on again/off again relationship, I think I’ll be jumping off the ride finding my way to a different amusement park.

    The ball is in the court of TPTB. Hopefully they won’t blow it. There’s still too many good stories that could be told.

  10. atcdave says:

    The even bigger question to me is, will we buy it? We’ve already seen Chuck do his 180. Will Sarah have a satisfying, similar moment? Will she convince us whatever she had with Shaw had nothing to do with love? Will she convince us she’s been madly in love with Chuck all along?

    While it seems likely all this should be a definitive yes, my concern arises simply from the episode descriptions. Why does Chuck need anyone’s help winning Sarah back as late as 3.12? That strikes me as the pivotal episode. And apart from the fact the synopsis is amusing, I also find it troubling.

    • herder says:

      That was my reaction to the synopsis too, unease at the possibility of whipsaw moment, crushing Chuck then suddenly a dramatic about face (ala vs the Ring).

    • JLR says:

      [shrug] I’m so distrustful towards TPTB at this point that I doubt I’ll buy the C/S reunion/reconciliation. But that’s my cynical side talking. By all rights, I shouldn’t have cared enough about this show to be complaining over the last 6 months anyway. I kinda poke fun at some fans when I say that C/S being together will cure all issues for them, but I have to admit, I can be heart-warmed too. If they can find a way to get that magic back, I’ll be all in again like every other sucker. Though there are some grudges I’ll continue to hold on to.

    • JC says:

      This has been my worry for awhile and the 3.12 synopsis didn’t help. I’m still thinking it might be misleading though and it has to do with a normal life together as spies.

      But if I’m wrong and it really is about winning her back from Shaw. And she chooses between the two on a romantic level well for me the C/S romance is dead.

    • atcdave says:

      I’m thinking the most acceptable solution might have to do with Sarah’s previous statements about getting in Chuck’s way; professionally and personally. So perhaps the issue is to convince her she is wanted and needed on both counts. My guess is we will soon find she really has little interest in Shaw (I’m not saying none mind you; just that Shaw will never hear the “love” word, Chuck eventually will)

      Again, I think we need something along these lines to avoid a dramatic black hole causing the end of all life as we know it (does anyone read this stuff?)

      • JC says:

        Its going to be a real test for the TPTB to pull it off. I think the biggest problem with Sarah showing real interest in Shaw is they have zero chemistry and he’s been shown to be a psycho. So that makes it even harder to believe she has any interest beyond hiding her feelings about Chuck.

        I do like the the theory about convincing her she’s not standing in his way. I still think at end of 3.11 we’ll find out she’s quitting the CIA and training Chuck was her last mission.

  11. AngelTwo says:

    I can’t speak to exactly what form the “happy ending” will take in e13, but I have this guess:

    In episode 11, Sarah helps Chuck become the agent he’s always wanted to be (because TPTB think we’re stupid and forget Seasons 1/2 when he didn’t want to be a spy). Then she might even admit that she loves him.

    But what she says is that she is leaving because 1) Now that Chuck is an agent he doesn’t need her; and 2) She wants a real life and doesn’t want to be a spy anymore.

    Chuck won’t have to win back her love in e12, he literally has to win her and convince her to stay with him and stay as a spy.

    That storyline not only will wipe out any question about Shaw (he’ll probably be dispatched with a single line by Sarah, much as Chuck did with Hannah in Beard), it’ll give validity to this season’s whole silly storyline. And, of course, it’ll add one more bit of angst coming into e12. After all, Chuck becomes an agent in episode 11, but TPTB won’t allow that to be a victory. “Winning” will come at a price–losing Sarah–which Chuck will have to address in e12.

    That is consistent with the way this entire bizarre and unpleasant season has unfolded.

    • sd says:


      I think you are on to something…it would make sense especially based on an earlier ep where the team says the intersect is meant the be a “solo act”. And given TPTB’s penchant for using titles with double–sometimes triple meanings…I bet ep 12 is all about getting Sarah to continue as a spy.

      She does apparently “shed a tear over Shaw”–so perhaps that was “real” relationship that we are supposed to buy.

      • JLR says:

        I’ve got zero issue w/ “buying” Shaw as a legit LI, but TPTB have to at least TRY to sell it to me!! The whiplash of the Mask didn’t do it for me or many others (obviously). I see so many comments on the boards saying things like “well obviously, Sarah is [this, that or the other]” to explain the whole Shaw thing. Those comments are stated as fact, which makes me cringe. People convince themselves of the strangest things. I need to see it on the screen, otherwise it’s no more canon than are those cheesy Chuck spy notes on

    • metajoke says:

      Boy this DOES make sense for a whole mess of reasons:
      1) It balances Pink Slip. That’s where Chuck leaves Sarah just as she’s about to get what she wants (a real life). So in e11, Sarah leaves Chuck just as he’s about to get what he wants (a spy life).
      2) It flips First Kill, where Chuck and Sarah run away together before the big reveals and action of Colonel. Now Chuck and Sarah will be apart for the big reveals in American Hero, which is the equivalent of Colonel in that it is the penultimate episode before the finale.
      3) It lays the “angst” for the mini-arc and maybe even season 4. Now Sarah is the relucant spy and Chuck is the pro and, after the happiness of e13 and e14, it bubbles up in 15 (Chuck and Sarah see their future) and 16 (Chuck has to see a shrink).

      • Lucian says:

        It does make a lot of sense, which is pretty much why I doubt it will happen. I have lost all confidence in their interest in telling a coherent story.

      • Patty says:

        I think that they will be together as a couple by the end of 13.
        My theory is that Chuck will have to kill someone to save Sarah (possibly in 15) and needs a shrink in 16 to cope with the guilt.

        I also think that Shaw wants to use Chuck for something morally questionable and that this is why he is pushing him to develop so quickly. He also does not like Chuck.

    • atcdave says:

      Angeltwo, that seems like a probable scenario. Could be acceptable in the long run, but may make for a long week between 3.11 and 3.12!

  12. pandachuck says:

    Man, they better not get married. That would seriously piss me off. Maybe they plan to and something goes terribly wrong. I dont care just dont marry them this quickly. That should be in the series finale in like 5 years or something.

  13. AgentChuck says:

    Everyone says mission. Based on what I saw in that photo doesn’t look like a mission ring to me. A plain gold band with and no diamond ring is not a very good mission Ring.

    I also LOL at people who are getting pissed off at Charah eloping. Hello we want them together. JS said the WTWT will be resolved. Dating is not resolving anything. Also I guess Josh was right. He said the direction that they take Chuck and Sarah will please some but there will always be people that don’t like it.

    I think he was referrring to the Charah resolution. If any shipper gets pissed off at Charah marrying then they are crazy. lol

    Magnus was right, he said the Charah shippers could see Chuck and Sarah get married and still complain about them and Shaw. Based on reading these comments he is dead on.

    Me I will have a huge smile on my face because this show may only have six episodes left and I don’t want them wasted on dating. we saw them cover date for how many years. How is real dating different.

    Look Chuck has maybe one more season left if we are lucky. I say lets see the Bartowski’s kick some bad guy but. Once they are together you will not heard a complaint out of me. Bring on the resolution.

    • Jason says:

      I think you will have trouble finding many shippers who will be mad if they get married, even in the 1st 5 minutes of 3.10 with no explanation and shaw and hannah best man and maid of honor respectively. I am just surprised it has been brought up, I (a huge shipper)see no evidence that is where 3.13 is headed.

    • JC says:

      Your logic is backwards.

      Most people here would like something that makes sense and getting married after what has happened this season doesn’t. Being together doesn’t have to equal marriage.

      Crazy shippers want them married no matter what. They only care about the resolution. Sound familiar?

    • Jason says:

      i 100% agree with you, I made no attempt to reveal my own opinion, simply that I see no evidence of marriage, if you pay attention to the board, I have been consistent about that, but if being logical, why would you hold the chuck sarah marriage to any higher standard of logic, which essentially was none – sound familiar??????

    • atcdave says:

      I have no entertainment problem with Chuck and Sarah eloping and getting married in any given week. I’m on record going way back as saying I think the show would be better in every way with them finally, completely together. I mentioned a couple days ago; I think the best place this show could go is Chuck and Sarah as a happily married couple fighting baddies and saving the world on a regular basis, while trying to live something like a normal life between mission.

      But, there has done a lot of damage done this season both to the characters and between them. We need a balievable transition. I don’t honestly know how quickly it could be done; but I think a little time is needed to go from pursuing other interests and barely talking to each other, to married. We know Chuck has now decided he needs Sarah; so that just leaves her. How much of an entanglement is Shaw? We may find out tonight in Tic Tac; or it may be another week before we know. I’m hoping he’s not really that big a deal from here on out, but I fear he still will be. Ideally, Sarah will tell him to take a hike in 3.11; and 3.12 will be more about if Sarah wants a spy life at all anymore. If that’s the case we could conceivably see a quick elopement in 3.13; but my money is on simple coupledom, with a proposal in 3.19. I think the second most likely scenario is an engagement in 3.13 and a wedding in 3.19. Scenarios involving elopements and cover weddings are also in the running.

  14. BigCheese says:

    “Look Chuck has maybe one more season left if we are lucky. I say lets see the Bartowski’s kick some bad guy but.”

    And they WASTED 8 episodes of this “last” season with Shaw. What can be better?

  15. Merve says:

    To make the marriage theory more plausible, maybe a lot of time passes between 3.12 and 3.13. (They haven’t exactly been clear on the timeline this season.)

  16. Stef62 says:

    Would it not be simpler, assuming they’ll show that Sarah wants to quit. That if Chuck fails the final exam, he’s then told the next time he fails he’ll eliminated as a bad asset.

    So she decides to stay to protect ‘her guy’.

    Changes the show dynamic, and keeps the JS/CF angst up, as they’ll be constantly looking over their shoulders

    • metajoke says:

      Season 3 is about making Chuck the hero. So he has to succeed as a spy AND get the girl. Sadly, you’ve fallen into the lizjames hole of thinking the writers are smarter and more clever than they are.

      This year is straight ahead to Charles the superspy, complete with hot girl sidekick.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I would agree for the most part that the story is not too deep or layered, yet. We did start to get one of what I thought was a major plot hole filled in. The Ring assassin from Angel of Death still out there with Devon’s identity, and why they seemed to mistake Devon for a spy. I’m now thinking that they knew Devon was a civilian, but knew Chuck, Casey and Sarah were spies from the party at the consulate. The Ring decided to use Devon to infiltrate Team B. When Team B didn’t do the obvious and set Devon up as a mole (like Shaw wanted) the Ring’s likely plan to turn into a double agent or to feed him misinformation was foiled (by Chuck). The Ring then switched tactics and went after Casey, as we saw at the end of Beard.

        This is similar to the pattern from S1/S2 where we were well into the season before Bryce came back and revealed Fulcrum (S1) or before Chuck learned of Orion (S2). So I’m thinking the major spy arc reveals will come pretty quickly now.

        I agree it seems they wasted a lot of time and money on Shaw this season, but my guess is we’ll now find out how much of a tool he is (heh). For the storytelling that is.

    • Jason says:

      I agree about simply plots for CS, I think sarah’s low point will be 3.9’s end, where shaw almost killed chuck. I think in 3.10, we will hardly know 3.7,8,9 ever happened for sarah or chuck (3.1 thru 3.6 either for that matter). in terms of Chuck / sarah, it just will be a slow ramp up thru 3.13, one step forward, no steps back to borrow on that tired metaphor.

  17. amyabn says:

    I think they will be together (as a couple). I’d take engaged but marriage might be a stretch. I’m not sure at what point Awesome and Ellie are supposed to potentially go to Africa. Maybe we get C&S to a certain place, A&E leave, we fast forward with a scene like, “I can’t believe 6 months has gone by so fast. Ellie and Awesome will be home tomorrow” as they cuddle on the couch in their apartment.
    I am also one of those (like ATCDave) that thinks they should have been together through all these trials and tribulations rather than tearing them apart, making them unrecognizable (ok, maybe that is a stretch, but certainly out of character), and then (and only then) can you put them back together.
    Another poster had suggested in another thread that they will get married but then no one believes them. That could be comedy gold for at least 2-4 episodes. Sigh. Is it 8 p.m. yet?

    • atcdave says:

      I don’t see Morgan being fooled for long; but it would be funny trying to convince Devon (no really, we’re not kidding anymore…)

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