Love, Hate and Indifference

We see a lot of that around here lately.

Opinions vary.  That’s a bit of an understatement.  First order of business, damn we’re good.  I mean all of us.  As an NBC board refugee I just have to say the level of the discourse and the civility we’ve maintained is a testament to all of you.  Any discussion that can range from Tolstoy to Country Joe and still make sense it one I want to be a part of.  The fact that no flame wars have broken out is nothing short of miraculous.  We have the best readers and posters in the world, I’m convinced.  So thank you all for making my hobby worthwhile and enjoyable.  Now onto the boring part where I take a few polls and gather some opinions after the jump.

I don’t want to act like a professor (I have been in the past, my essay tests were killer), but I’m going to ask for a little something extra if you are willing to participate.  Since we have the best, most insightful, and most articulate readers and posters in the world I thought I’d take advantage of that little blessing.  While a general negative tone may have taken over the blog, largely I think because of the big ratings drop and the sense this could be the last season (and the feeling it has been largely squandered) I still think it is important to address the negatives.  So, in addition to my occasional season 3 scorecard, I’m including another poll.  Name your least favorite episodes (up to 3) in addition to your (up to 3) favorite.

And now the mission, should you choose to accept it.  In the comments if you care to identify your choices, expand on that.  What did you like most about your top 3?  Was it something in common or different for each episode?  Likewise for your dislikes.  Was there something in a favorite episode you disliked?  Something in a hated episode that might have saved it?  As much or as little as you want to add, go for it.

You know the drill, pick up to 3 favorites.

And now your chance to rage against the machine, pick up to 3.

Production of season 3 is set to wrap this Friday.  Depending on the ratings next week, the call may soon go out to mobilize to save the show again.  I wasn’t around for the last one, but my one thought is we need to be clear about what it is we want to save, and what we wouldn’t mind losing.  I can’t help but think that we’re dealing with the aftermath of a tremendous misunderstanding.  People loved Chuck and Sarah, so TPTB assumed it was what they wrote, a WTWT dance, complete with your standard jealousies, angst, and sexual tension.  But that wasn’t what I saw.  Call it the chemistry, the subtext, whatever, I saw more of a story of star crossed lovers.  They weren’t jousting with each other or denying their feelings, they were looking for a way to be together in within a world that seemed determined to keep them apart.  Two against the world is the kind of story a lot of us wanted to see, and probably will going forward, so I’ll at least be clear this time.

Oh, and can we make it fun again?


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90 Responses to Love, Hate and Indifference

  1. Ernie Davis says:

    Oh, and just to clarify, I know I used the words love and hate, but feel free to put your own spin on it. I didn’t “hate” three words, but it was one of my least favorite 3. Vote however you feel inclined to vote.

  2. kg says:

    There’s been a ton of speculation about TPTB and what they were thinking.

    Ernie, I agree, it might have simply been a misunderstanding all along. They didn’t see what we did. They weren’t purposely messing with the fans. They thought it was their writing and not the great work and chemistry of their stars.

    I’ll buy that. And just keeping moving forward and hope for the best.

  3. herder says:

    The three that I liked the most, Angel del Muerte, Operation Awesome and the Beard were fun and exciting. The three that I liked the least were Pink Slip, very down episode, crushed both leads with little reason for optimism. Next Three Words, still very down, anoying Chuck on the mission and cold Sarah to boot. Fake Name was both Chuck and Sarah in different ways acting mean.

    I find it hard to believe that in my three least favorites I have included Carina’s episode and one written by Ali Adler. Although in Ali’s case I suspect her job could be described as “if you can’t hide it, decorate it”.

    • Stef62 says:

      I’ve re-watching s1/s2, and thought that ep’s that she was involved in usually left C/S in a worse place by the end of the ep. Scott Rosenbaum usually left them/us in a better place, if you think about it

  4. weaselone says:

    I’m going to go with most enjoyed and elicited the most WTF comments.

  5. kg says:

    I chose Three Words, Beard and Tic Tac as likes. Not everything in these episodes mind you, but as you all know there isn’t much to choose from this season.

    On the bad side, the two choices were easy. Pink Slip and Mask stand out. I don’t need to remind many of you why.

  6. JC says:


    Tic Tac- I love episodes that show us something new about the characters and how they ended up where they are. It was darker but it never felt forced like some of the season. Also even though Casey hates lady feelings when he does mention them, they speak volumes. Sarah was back to being sexy and hardcore. She even talked to Chuck. Loved her dropping down from underneath the truck. Casey and the cigar, breaking Patrick’s neck in pure rage. Top five episode ever for me.

    Fake Name- I loved Johnny Messner as Rafe, gotta give Schwartz credit for all the OC alumni. The scene with Casey and Chuck at the restaurant nice balance of Comedy and Action. Levi was great in the episode, especially when he went from acting like Rafe to freaking out while talking to Sarah. The name reveal didn’t bother me at the time.

    Angel de la Muerte- It felt like an episode from the end of season 2. The Chuck and Sarah dance, Casey and the mustache. Devon and Ellie involved in the spy plot. Its hard to put into words but everything was clicking.


    Nacho Sampler- I know I’m in extremely small minority when it comes to this but I thought the character reactions to Chuck burning Manoosh were overblown. Maybe if they hadn’t had him try and sell the Intersect glasses to highest bidder I would’ve felt different. The dark ending felt forced to me like it was telling it was bad without showing it. Also this was the episode where I felt the season wasn’t working me. One positive though my g/f is a proud owner of a Frak Off t-shirt now.

    Mask- The episode wasn’t bad in fact it was an average episode of Chuck. Maybe some bigger spy plot holes than normal. But the ending well we all know how that went. I really stand by first reaction to it, I felt like my intelligence had been insulted. This was also the episode that made me realize that the season was being extremely rushed.

    Fake Name- How can it be the best and worst. The ending and nothing being made of it. Sarah telling Shaw her name, opening up to him while Chuck watches. The look on Sarah’s face when he says Sam. It seemed like the setup for something big.
    And no reaction from Chuck or Sarah in next episodes. That completely blows my mind. It also convinced me that all the big emotional scenes have been nothing but plot movers that have no real character impact. And looking back it makes me realize how disjointed this season is.

  7. Paul says:

    My faves were 3 words, Op Awesome and Beard.

    3 Words was melancholy, but it showed some great depth to the characters and the emotional connection between them…both good and bad.

    Operation Awesome and Beard were just plain fun all around, and seeing the fish out of water device with Devon and Morgan were great.

    It was a hard choice because Tic-Tac was really good too…but I could only pick 3.

    I didn’t really hate any eps, but Pink Slip would be low on the list, only because it took a bit too long to get things going. And Mask because it was a little rushed and slightly disjointed (if it had 30 more minutes to tell the story, it would have been great).

  8. wdm0744 says:

    First of all, I should say that I haven’t been one of the fans who disliked the darker direction of the season in general. Like Alan at “What’s Alan Watching”, I felt like the show couldn’t continue as it had been and that the characters needed to grow and the stakes needed to get steeper.

    That said, like many others, I have had some problems with the execution of this story arc. I too have been bothered by the many out of character (OOC) moments and the general soap opera-zation of the series this season.

    I’m more than willing to ride it out. I love “Chuck” I’ll be a loyal fan until the end (whenever that may come), but I do feel like much of this season as a whole, so far, has been a waste of potential, even though I have enjoyed most of the episodes individually.

    I just hope the ratings will come back up and that TBTB can get their act together and deliver the awesome the way we know this show can. Seriously, if they could just make every episode as great as Tic Tac, we’d never have anything to worry about.

    Here’s hoping for a fourth – and better – season, and that we’ll all look back on this first half of season 3 as a failed experiment (or the result of a misunderstanding as Ernie wisely guessed).

    Okay, on to the episode poll:

    Unlike most here, I didn’t really hate Pink Slip, but I definitely preferred the latter half of the premiere. I chose Three Words as one of my favorites this season for a couple of reasons:

    1. I enjoyed the scene at Stromberg’s house. Casey’s speech was funny and Sarah kicked ass pretty good. I didn’t like how Chuck was acting so annoying and insisting on having a heart-to-heart with Sarah mid-mission.

    2. The housewarming party was great. Enjoyed Jeffster and Morgan in this scene.

    3. I really, really like the last few moments, when Sarah checks the security feed and hears Chuck’s explanation of why he left her in Prague. Not only was Yvonne’s acting spot-on here, but I thought Chuck’s words really explained his somewhat OOC actions in Pink Slip.

    I could related with Chuck in these two episodes. I’ve commented before how I felt like him leaving Sarah at the train was not a bad call, but rather a hard decision. He chose to deny what he truly wanted for the good of the woman he loved, his family, and his country. He wanted to become a spy to protect the ones he loved and do honor to all Sarah tried to teach him.

    I get that. I felt that. Great bit.

    My second choice for favorite episodes was First Class:

    1. I could have done without the wrestling guest star, but I thought he did well enough, and Hugo Panzer is a kickass name.

    2. Of all the PLIs, I thought this episode was Hannah was by far the best

    3. Great action mixed with great humor throughout. I loved how Chuck finally found the nunchucks and didn’t get to use them because Sarah had remotely taken care of the bad guys already. It reminded me of a similar scene with Kurt Russell in “Big Trouble in Little China”.

    4. Brainwashing Lester was funny

    Third choice for favorite, “Tic Tac”. This is likely to be a popular choice:

    1. Team Bartowski working together well

    2. All three got their action on with extremely well-choreographed fights. Nice to see Sarah take out 5 dudes in 20 seconds.

    3. The scene with Fitzroy was well-written and well-acted by all.

    4. Enjoyed and believed the Casey back story (although I did think it contradicted some stuff in Santa Claus and de le Muerte .

    5. Really liked the last scene with Chuck and Casey. I appreciated that Casey has come to love Chuck and Sarah enough to care about their happiness.

    6. Ellie and Awesome stuff was better than it had been in a while

    7. Still didn’t like the talk about Shaw.

    Okay, as I said, I haven’t been happy with a lot that’s gone on this season. A lot of the episodes, including Operation Awesome, de le Muerte, Fake Name, and Beard had a lot of good stuff, but never clicked as completely as my 3 favorite choices.

    I didn’t really HATE any episode, but if I had to choose a least favorite, I’d go with Mask (big surprise).

    Everything up to the last 10 minutes was pretty sweet (again, we all know this). And I really don’t have as big a problem with what they did as how they did it. As we have all been saying, each character acted so OOC and their changes of heart were so drastic and fast, that we all got whiplash.

    Nothing in those last few minutes was really believable, and it left a bad taste in all of our mouths for the 3 week hiatus. Fail.

    I know this response is so long it could qualify as a post itself, but I just want to say, in closing, that I almost picked Beard as another favorite, but some of the Buy More stuff was just silly enough and the rehash of Chuck saying he loved Sarah (again) was just redundant enough, that I chose otherwise. Great episode over all, though.

  9. JLR says:

    I applied the “love” & “hate” labels, so I only came up w/ 5 total episodes to fit those extremes. I “loved” Angel of Death & Beard. The S2 formula (that has worked so well regardless of what TPTB or their supporters say) was in full effect. I “hated” Pink Slip, Mask & Fake Name. Melodramatic drivel those three were. The other episodes ranged form merely “o.k.” to ineffective to me, but not worthy of “hate.”

    • JLR says:

      I forgot to add that I was actually one of those fans desirous of a slightly darker direction. I wanted to see character growth, and did feel the series was a bit too cartoonish at times. HOWEVER, that does not mean I wanted to do away with C/S chemistry, Team B teamwork or humor in general.

      I feel a bit dumb to realize I thought I could get what I wanted w/out eviscerating the basics of the characters/show that I loved so much. If anything, I am guilty of having too much faith in the creative team; I thought they could deliver a truly great show. Epic fail by them, and me for believing in them, regardless of how they rush through things over the next few episodes to give us the results so many wanted. I’ve said it many times before: I worry more about the C/S reunion than fissure, and likewise, I worry now that too many things are gonna be swept under the rug once we get the holy grail of C/S togetherness.

  10. John says:

    I went with Angel, Tic-Tac, and Beard as likes. Beard was just fun and helped break up the tension…I think I like it more because of when it came during the season than any other reason though.

    I love the episodes where the three main leads can play off each other and spend time together onscreen. Which they should do every episode…but that is why I like Tic-Tac and Angel the best this season. Those are like season 2 episodes. Get the three main characters together more, that is what we…or at least I…tune into see.

  11. amyabn says:

    I loved 3 Words, Angel of death, and Tic Tac (going with only picking three). Didn’t care for First Class, Mask, or Fake Name. The irony in my choices is that, imho, a few edits would have saved the episodes. Mask has been dissected to death. Those last few minutes took a great episode (Shaw is incompetent, Sarah and Chuck as a team again, etc) and flushed it with OOC choices. I put Tic Tac in the like column, but I didn’t like the pill scene. Yes, sign me up as one of the folks who thinks Sarah snapped Chuck out of it, but that drug makes you fearless, not murderous (yes, I’m repeating myself again, sorry).
    TPTB have wasted precious time going back to the angst well and dampening fan enthusiasm with tired obstacles and unclear motivations. I really have no faith that TPTB are going to turn this relationship around in the remaining 3 episodes of the original run. I’m trying to be optimistic here, really I am, but we all (notably LizJames) have come up with great, plausible “ways out” that would have made their choices logically more palatable, that the angst was worth it. There is no indication from those out there who are “in the know” that this will be the case. I really hope they use a time jump between one of the episodes because to me, time is the only thing that will heal their relationship, get Casey back as an agent, etc. Sorry, rambling again. I’ll stop now! 🙂

  12. John says:

    Best (in no particular order):

    Three Words: Sarah and Carina in lingerie, enough said.

    Angel de la Muerte: reminiscent of season 2

    Tic Tac: same as above

    Worst (in no particular order):

    Mask: self explanatory, most contrived last 10 minutes of an episode.

    Fake Name: self explanatory…wasted name reveal.

    Pink Slip: frankly, it was boring and a disappointing season debut, especially coming off the season 2 cliffhanger and all the pre-season hype.

  13. JAB says:

    I have no real “love” for any episode yet this season. 3.02 and 3.10 were O.K., 3.09 was good.

    Really, we could have gone from 3.06 to 3.09 without missing much. Not everything just not much.

    If your going to take out the heart of the show (their words), throw it to ground, stomp on it, and feed it to the dog, you need to replace it with something (like a good spy story arc)to keep the viewers engaged. This is where S3 is lacking for me.

    The two leads aren’t intercating, and the Ring arc is being held until the absolute last second. We don’t even know the “goal” of the story but where told to “not close the book on Chapter 7” and (my favorite) “wait it well get better”

  14. atcdave says:

    I know I’m pretty transparent in my likes and dislikes. While I was drawn to the show by its mix of action, adventure and humor; the strength of the characters and all their relationships has become the emotional keystone of the show. So I’ve been generally unhappy with this season primarily because of the major disruptions in all the main relationships; especially the team Bartowski dynamic (I REALLY miss the Chuck, Sarah, Casey interaction both on and between missions) and, of course, Chuck and Sarah (I know many will consider it dreadfully shallow, but I simply will not be happy with any episode dwelling on outside LIs. I don’t want to see it, and it makes me angry. Not much more to it than that)
    My like/dislike response the specific episodes ends up with three categories.

    1) Like. Angel of Death, Operation Awesome, Beard, and Tic Tac. The first two come closest to a S2 feel and are the only S3 episodes I completely like. I also voted for Tic Tac, I was so happy to get some of the team vibe back; and Sarah kicking butt always makes me happy. I liked Beard, it was fun and we see Chuck start his climb out of the hole; but no team interaction.

    2) Dislike. Pink Slip, First Class, Nacho Sampler, Mask, Fake Name. No brainer here. Pink Slip is just too dark, no fun. The others all feature Chuck falling for Hannah. Nothing against her personally, but for four episodes I was seething mad at Chuck. I’m not quite as seething mad at Sarah because I’m still not convinced she actually has fallen for Shaw, but Mask and Fake Name turn my stomach for Chuck and Sarah’s behavior. I know many will find me shallow or silly; but for me its a pretty simple formula, PLI= bad episode. Not really much room for discussion.

    3) indifferent. Three Words. I really liked this episode when it ran. It seemed to repair most of the damage from Pink Slip, and was quite funny in several places. But it ended with a lie; Chuck and Sarah taked about cleaning up their mess, but in 8 episodes since have made no effort to do so.

    • John says:

      Ok Dave your last entry hit a nerve with me.

      Three Words, and many other episodes this season, annoyed me simply because it left us hanging out there and nothing that happened made any difference in the following episodes. In that case Sarah heard Chuck say he loves her and she cried and then it is as if that never happened. Likewise, Chuck has realized he loves Sarah for the last three episodes consecutively and has done nothing and seems to need to come to that realization again and again and again. When Casey says what he says at the end of Tic Tac, Chuck looks at him stunned…shouldn’t he have said ‘yeah I know I am working on it’ or whatever at this point? Are the writers of each episode aware of what their colleagues wrote in the previous episode?

      It is almost like an episode of early South Park except instead of Kenny dying every episode, Chuck discovers he loves Sarah every episode and then we reset with Kenny safely alive and Chuck ignorant of his feelings next week.

      Sarah has always been the silent one who lied and ran away and avoided…but in season 3 Chuck is joining her. At least in Seasons 1 and 2 Chuck could vocalize what he felt and usually would “man up” when needed. That, to me, made the relationship believable and tolerable. It made the relationship have a tragic air where these people really care about each other but circumstances are keeping them apart, but they are doing the best they can and hoping they can change the circumstances so they can be together. Now the problems with the relationship are self-inflicted and Chuck is joining Sarah at being silent and emotionally stunted. It simply makes me less sympathetic to them. If the intersect keeps them apart that is one thing, but emotional immaturity and an inexplicable lack of interest in talking about things? Well then they are becoming more pathetic and loathsome and less a couple I can root for.

      Are the characters really developing or are they regressing to adolescence?

      • weaselone says:

        Chuck tried to continue talking with Sarah in this episode. She shut him down. Then one hour after completing the Casey mission, she’s on Beckman’s plane for DC. Maybe Chuck simply hasn’t gotten his chance to go after Sarah.

      • John says:

        I should give the writers credit for that one. Do not get me wrong I was glad to see it.

        Still Chuck did try to talk to Sarah and she shut him down. I find it hard to believe any woman would do that to the man she cares about in those circumstances. It is equally less likely a man in love wouldn’t insist he be heard. I understand there were circumstances, but they had a trip to take to the CIA base so they had plenty of time. It was just not a scene that gave me much respect for the characters.

        Further, he already knew Sarah felt like she did, he overheard her telling it to Shaw. Why did he only now need to reassure her he was still the same guy? Does she hide out someplace between missions? Last season he could just walk over to the Orange Orange and talk to her if he felt it was important. Now he realizes he loves her and is freaking out she is falling for another guy and doesn’t?

        Anyway it was not just that one scene, it has been the entire season.

        The season 1 and season 2 Chucks seemed more courageous and self-aware than season 3 Chuck, which doesn’t make alot of sense since he is supposed to be maturing and growing as a character.

      • atcdave says:

        You worried me John with your “hit a nerve” opening. Recently that seems to mean I’ve annoyed yet another poster.
        It would be funny if it wasn’t so frustrating how dreary and dragged out the show has been this season. I do think we’ll get past it soon, but I’m expecting one more of the soap opera scripts this week before we finally see actually change. My mantra all season, they will end where they should have started. I had however hoped “end” would mean more like 3.10 or 3.11; now its looking more like the “very very end”.

      • JLR says:

        You know Dave, I’m struck by how often I agree w/ you b/c I am pretty certain that had we been here pre-season, you & I would’ve been at odds. We look at the show from different angles, yet we seem to have the similar issues (regarding fundamental things that matter) w/ the show as currently presented. Not on topic, but I find that interesting.

      • weaselone says:

        True, but the Castle is now occupied by Poochie and I think that Chuck made it fairly clear he doesn’t want to talk with Poochie around, so that probably restricts his opportunities somewhat given Shaw’s hiding out when he’s not jetting off to DC. Plus, maybe Chuck doesn’t want to come a knockin’ because he fears the OO might be a rockin’.

        You’re right though. Unless we assume that Sarah’s been overnighting in the Castle with Poochie and Poochie took off only moments before the beginning of the last episode, Chuck should have been able to corral Sarah at some point. Of course, maybe he has been trying to do just that and Sarah’s been unwilling to hear him out. We just don’t know.

      • John says:

        That has been my Mantra to Dave but man…I am not sure how much more of this I can take. I am not really looking forward to ‘Final Exam’ because I get this feeling we will be rehashing the same territory once again. ‘Oh my God, I love Sarah!’ ‘Oh my God, Chuck is changing!’

        Yes that was fun the first time writers…getting a little tired after 10 episodes.

        I have hopes for 3.12 and 3.13 and hopefully you are correct that we can move on from season 2 FINALLY in 3.14 and move the series forward.

      • John says:

        You are correct Weaselone we just do not know.

        Which is frustrating we are just left to speculate as to why the out of character and inexplicable is happening.

        Would it be too much to ask to have Chuck say something like ‘Yeah I have been trying to talk to Sarah but…’

      • JC says:

        This has been one of my major gripes this season. The emotional scenes are just plot devices to move the story forward and nothing else.

        The scene in Tic Tac would’ve been nicer, had Chuck not heard it before. Or had he mentioned its nice you can finally open up to me. It really annoys me that Chuck is a walking doormat when it comes to Sarah.

  15. Mike B says:

    My 3 favorites, in no particular order:

    Tic Tac – No Shaw. Chuck and Sarah working together with Sarah actualy able verbalize her feelings to Chuck without being interupted.

    Beard – Chuck climbing out of the dark hole and Morgan’s reaction to learning Chuck is a spy. You knew he would be stoked.

    3 Words – Carina. Chuck tells Sarah he loves her, although Sarah never says it, Carina says it for her that Sahrah. What ruined this episode is the subsequent episodes that failed to follow through on the feelings that were expressed and “cleaning up the mess”.

    My least favorites:

    Pink Slip – Absolutely absurd reset for no good reason but to breakout the old PLI story lines again, and again.

    Mask – The last 10 minutes and of course Shaw.

    Fake Name – Although I liked the WTWT conversation with the wise guys, the name reveal to Shaw was an outrage. IMO that was TPTB and Adler(whom a lot of fans put their truat in) sticking the middle finger at the loyal fan base.

    And now they want the fans to organize. All I have to say to that is “WE told you so” but what do we know we are only the consumers of your product.

  16. BDP says:

    I’ve neither loved or hated any episode this season… hmmmm

    I’ve liked op-awesome/nacho sampler and tic-tac the most though.

    Dont think there as good as most of season 2 though.

    • BDP says:

      oh yeah i missed the bit at the end.

      it would be nice if we can see Chuck and Sarah being chuck and sarah again.

      and it’d be nice to end an episode with a smile on my face… more fun as it were.

    • John says:

      I loved each and every mission Chuck, Sarah, and Casey went on. Their chemistry and personalities just made it fun.

      That was the strength of the show. Somebody decided less of that and more of…something else…was what the show needed for some reason.

  17. Jason says:

    from looking at the polls, the Olympic break was not a good break for the show. other than the decision to tell the angst filled WT/WT story they told, the extension of shaw was probably the single worst mistake, I think without him in 10, 11, 12 & 13 the ship would be sailing pretty smoothly already & viewership would be starting to stabilize. Right now shippers are not happy, and still showboys won’t even acknowledge anything is wrong so the fan base is fragmented – tough hole to fight out of, especially since neither side seems willing to budge – Father Rcik – whats that line from the first great story written about a house divided?

  18. Merve says:

    Top 3:
    Angel de la Muerte – A whole lot of fun to watch. Casey and Sarah kicked butt. The dance scene at the consulate might be my favourite scene of the entire series.

    Operation Awesome – The only part of this episode that I disliked was Chuck’s freakout in castle at the beginning. Everything after that was pure gold. Shaw had a great, dramatic introduction (that fooled me for a second into thinking that Beckman was evil). Chuck used some non-spy skills. Morgan grew a pair. And Brandon Routh shot Angie Harmon. Plus, “I had to decapitate the bear” will never stop being funny. Ever.

    Nacho Sampler – The drama on this series often falls flat for me, especially when I can see the twists coming from a mile away, or when the drama relies on contrived plot or character situations. But the drama in this episode felt like a natural extension of everything that had happened up until that point. It was a roller coaster ride that delivered a lot of hilarious moments and a lot of dramatic ones. Yvonne and Zac both showed impressive range. (And they actually let Yvonne be funny!) The episode might have been a bit of a downer, but it proved to me that TPTB didn’t need to go to the PLI well in order to maintain drama between Chuck and Sarah.

    Bottom 3:
    Pink Slip – It had really weird pacing. It wasted time showing Emmett’s death in slow motion, yet it rushed the scene where Casey explained the mission at the restaurant to Chuck. A huge chunk of the episode was spent showing Chuck’s beard-growing phase, but the Prague scene felt as if some of the explanatory dialogue had been cut out. Another problem with this episode is that there weren’t enough jokes. It failed to make me laugh even once.

    Three Words – Admittedly, it was a tossup between putting this one in the bottom 3 or putting in “Fake Name,” but pretty much everything in “Fake Name” that didn’t involve Sarah was awesome, so I decided that “Three Words” belonged here. There wasn’t anything fundamentally wrong with the episode, but a lot of little things annoyed me, and they added up:
    – Chuck was being a whiner while on mission.
    – It’s funny when Sarah gets snarky, but when she makes hurtful comments to Chuck, she just sounds petty and vindictive. I kind of wanted to punch her in the face when she asked Chuck is he was stalking her, and when she implied that Chuck would be “the happiest man in the world” to marry her.
    – The vault scene was lame. I didn’t care for it.
    – The bo staff training scene was too melodramatic.
    – Dramatic irony can be funny in small doses, but Jeff and Lester’s antics at the party just dragged on for far too long.
    – The scene where Chuck talked Karl down also came across as lame and melodramatic.
    – The scene where Carina and Sarah talked while getting ready for the party made no sense. Why does Sarah ask about how it would like if it were all “real?” What in the world is she talking about? And what the heck does it have to do with her relationship with Chuck or her desire for a normal life?

    Mask – I know that I’ve said elsewhere that I only had issues with the last 10 minutes of this episode, but I’d like to retract that; Shaw’s actions made no sense throughout the entire episode. I almost feel guilty putting this episode in the bottom 3 because what was good about this episode was very good: the fight scene above the vault was a great combination of comedy and action. The Morgan and Ellie subplot was hilarious. Casey provided a bunch of great one-liners. But what was bad about this episode was just awful. Also, minor gripe: why couldn’t they just include a throwaway line about how Vassili got away? The lack of such a line made everyone look sloppy.

  19. Matt Simons says:

    I would have preferred Bryce stayed alive and have him running the team. Sarah had already chosen Chuck over him and the angst this season would be greatly reduced. I realize that Matthew Bomer (Bryce Larkin) has his own show, but he could definitely be a guest star without too many filming problems.
    I realize TPTB have the story that they want to tell, but using characters we know and can expand on is preferable to the overuse of unknown characters, like Shaw.

    • atcdave says:

      And, as I’ve made it clear I hate triangles; but even I would have to admit, that where Bryce is concerned there’s some legit history, and I could see an epic battle for Sarah’s heart. But with Shaw I get nothing but angry.

    • SWnerd says:

      Never thought I’d say it, but I really, REALLY, miss Bryce Larkin.

      • JC says:

        People really didn’t like Bryce? Even after Alma Mater, that shocks me.

      • SWnerd says:

        It’s not that I didn’t like him, I just mean that the “stick in the mud” character has made me appreciate Bryce’s character more than I did before.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I’ll even take back Cole Barker at this point *shudders*

      • Jason says:

        I’m glad it was not bryce or cole, I’m glad shaw is loser, if the relationship was working, it would really be hard to take

    • Merve says:

      My problem with Shaw is that he seems like two characters rolled into one. The Shaw from “Operation Awesome,” “First Class,” and “Beard” is an intriguing, controversial superspy. The Shaw from “Mask” and “Fake Name” is an annoying, creepy, wooden love interest. Frankly, the former Shaw is a far more interesting character, and I would have liked to have seen more of him.

      The two Shaws don’t even share the same personality! I understand that there can be many facets to the same person, but it isn’t a good idea to fill a temporary character with contradictions if there are no compelling reasons for such contradictions to exist. Shaw could have been a better character. He didn’t need to be Bryce 2.0. But instead he’s a hypocritical mess. It’s kind of interesting, I guess, but it’s also needlessly confusing.

      • JLR says:

        That’s my “problem” w/ Shaw too Merve. After his entrance, I was REALLY looking forward to his impact on Chuck & Team B. All he has done since then is monopolize screen time. Such a wasted chance at doing something interesting & ENTERTAINING w/ that character.

  20. JLR says:

    I really enjoyed reading all these explanations for why people ranked the episodes they way they did. Most have provided great detail, whereas I didn’t. Guess that means largely “indifferent.” 🙂

  21. Gord says:

    I had a hard time just picking 3 favourites. There are 5 favourites for me, but out of those 5 I ended up picking those that I think made a major impact in the overall storyline.

    My first pic was Nacho Sampler – great humour, some insight into Sarah’s feelings, flashbacks to the pilot and a watershed moment in Chuck’s development as a spy. Yes it was a dark ending, but I thought a powerful one.

    My second pic was Beard – again some great humour – I loved the Iwo Jima reference, some great relationship stuff – mostly Chuck/Morgan, but I really liked that scene where Sarah was pleading for more time as it reminded me of the rooftop scene in Marlin (S1). Also once again a major game changer with Morgan finding out and how that has turned Chuck around.

    My third pic was Tic Tac. Wow Casey with a love child. Sarah and Chuck working together and a great exchange albeit abrupt in Castle when Sarah expressed the cause of her turmoil “I thought you had changed”. Finally, loved Casey’s shipper moment “I chose love of country over love of a woman. Now you have to decide. Sarah Walker is a good woman, it’s not too late” (I’m probably made some mistakes in this quote but you know what I mean). The one thing I didn’t like was that the angst continues. This episode should have been a turning point on that front. I didn’t expect it to end with Chuck and Sarah as a couple, but I was expecting Sarah’s turmoil to subside.

    Personally, I could accept Sarah being an emotional train wreck, as well as Chuck losing himself for a while, and it taking some time to bring the two of them back together, but they have stretched this out way too long.

    Now for the two favourites that I didn’t pick because I could only pick 3. Angel de la muerte and Operation Awesome. I just found these episodes enjoyable. They reminded me of early S2 episodes. By the way in my mind, Operation Awesome and Beard were the only two episodes so far this season that had a truly happy ending. In Awesome it was the dinner scene, in Beard it was the Nintendo Duck hunt scene.

    No for the 3 I hated: There was only 1 I voted for – Mask. Even in that episode there were some good moments but they were completely negated by that last 10 minutes of crap.

    As for the rest – I liked them – even Pink Slip. They weren’t my favourites, and there were some bad moments in them, but overall I felt like I enjoyed the hour when they were over. I don’t know if I can really explain why I liked them, it certainly wasn’t because they were angst free, or that they were light and fun, but they grabbed me for some reason.

  22. Big Kev says:

    Favourite Episodes…..

    1-Tic Tac. Perfect mix of drama and comedy. To go from Chuck’s goofiness in Castle to dawning horror, to one of the most dramatic single scenes in the series as Casey pleads the fifth is an example of the sort of brilliant switch that only this show can pull off. Casey’s backstory is compelling and believable, giving him depth and humanity as a character. His pep talk to Chuck towards the end is pitch perfect, and I would love to see something similar given to Sarah in 3.12. We also get Chuck and Sarah reconnecting and some great fight scenes, and potentially life altering choices for all our characters. I’m prepared to forgive the unconvincing pill storyline, and the angsty ending because the rest of the episode works so well, and I can see the endgame for Chuck and Sarah.
    2-Beard. Loved the change of pace and emphasis after the angstfest of 7 and 8 – back to the “old” Chuck in some ways, but still with wonderful drama and plot movement. Morgan’s handling of Chuck’s revelation was perfectly handled, the Buy More comedy was integral rather than being an add on (Jeff with the chloroform!), killer lines from Casey – and Jeffster!!!
    3-Angel of Death. The episode that really kicked the season into gear. Still the best integration of Devon into the spy world, humorous (non-angsty) references to Chuck and Sarah, Chuck beginning to settle into being a spy, Casey doing what Casey does, team B working together pre-Shaw. Just an all round great episode.

    I also enjoyed Nacho Sampler, Operation Awesome and Three Words – although I found First Class to be a bit of a filler. That brings us to the bad stuff.

    Most Disliked….

    1-Mask. Even before the last 10 minutes, I found this episode poor. When the comedic highlight is a laboured sight gag about closing doors, you know pickings are slim. The spy plot was thinner than ever, the so-called Superspy Shaw merely incompetent and annoying.
    And the last 10 minutes? I would have called that out as bad writing if I’d seen it from a sixth form English student. I love Klemmer’s work normally (Suburbs was one of my favourites) but he’s written the only Chuck episode that, to me, is completely unwatchable.
    2-Pink Slip. I’ve said in other posts that I was expecting that Chuck’s decision to reintersect would drive a wedge between him and Sarah at the start of the season, as the darker side of becoming a spy took centre stage. I was ready for that. I wasn’t ready for Fedak and Miller to take a pickaxe to CS and smash them to smithereens. For a show on the bubble, trying to attract new viewers on the back of (finally) some decent publicity to come out with this episode first up was inexplicable to me then and remains so now. The Prague scene was horribly misconceived (if nicely shot and beautifully acted) and as others have said, the pacing of the whole episode was off. This is also the episode where the holes in plot and timeline annoyed me more than any other, because they were so significant.
    3-Fake Name. There was actually a lot to like about Fake Name, but the damage this episode did to Sarah was immeasurable. Watching Sarah lose herself, and question her life and become unglued as Chuck drifts away from her is an interesting premise, if they’d set it up over the preceding episodes. They didn’t do that, so instead of Sarah gradually losing her moorings we got Sarah as instant blabbering train wreck. The name reveal therefore had no emotional impact because it wasn’t believable, and because she gave it to Shaw. All it did was cheapen the whole premise of Wookie, which had previously been another favourite episode. And they have so far compounded the error by not mentioning anything from this episode again.

    Overall the season is still in credit for me, and by the looks of the remainder of the 13 and the back 6, there’s plenty of great stuff to come. The big difference, to me, has been the consistency. There were very few missteps in Seasons 1 and 2, in my view. There have been some horrendous ones in Season 3.

    • atcdave says:

      Interesting how we agree on most of the individual episodes but draw different conclusions on the season as a whole. (Just an observation, no big deal).

      • Big Kev says:

        Dave…..I’m guessing that comes from our different takes on the question of the need for the reset, and whether Chuck and Sarah should have been together after the events of the Colonel and the Ring?
        I do think you’re being proved right purely from a commercial/showrunning point of view. A show on the bubble probably should have played safe with its fanbase, and maximised its assets, namely Levi and Strahovski. They chose not to do that, for reasons which have been heavily debated, and if their aim was to bring in new viewers, they’ve clearly failed.
        Having said that, if the remaining 9 episodes are up to the standard of the last 2, and if they head in a more Chuck/Sarah direction, I really believe that most people will be on board for Season 4. The question of course is, will it be too late?

      • atcdave says:

        Oh yeah, I’ll be on board if things play out well; but I am concerned about the late hour of it. I think 3.11 will be the last real downer of an episode this season, which should make it easier to draw people back in who have liked the show in the past; hopefully a good upward trend in the last weeks of the season will be enough.

      • Jason says:

        zach helped the show a bunch by directing 3.9. the show is now in zach and yvonne’s hands, the ban on chuck and sarah appearing in the majority of the scenes together was lifted in 3.10 & it worked great, it almost looks like 3.11 will be ok for yvonne and zach air time – in terms of renewal, their on screen chemistry (and how it pours into the B plots) is the #1 weapon – forget the shippers (crazy or sane) nothing with shaw sarah can hurt anymore (the shark arleady got jumped for them) – the positives of the show just gotta be played up – only way for renewal is great shows from here on in

      • John says:

        Yes Jason the margin for error is slim.

        However I am starting to become optimistic they can still deliver 9 quality episodes in a row.

  23. Faith says:

    I’m late to the party but no less excited to be invited 🙂

    I went with Three Words, Operation Awesome and…Fake Name as favs. I know surprise but re-watching it, if I took away all the angsty parts, I really liked the emotionality of it. I felt like I got to know really where the characters are coming from and hitting bottom really resonated with me. And although I hated how it came and went, I liked the writing part of the story. It was well written. I don’t know maybe my friend is right, maybe I secretly like the angst lol.

    My other choice would have been Pink Slip. Having said in a previous post why I’m not gonna expand on that. Beard and Tic-Tac was great but I’m starting to wonder if I think they’re great because I’ve gotten desperate or they’re just really great. So I didn’t pick them for that reason. Otherwise? Def top 4.

    My least favorite? It’s no coincidence that they’re in the arc of suck. In a season of dark, three stands out as the beginning of the end for me. Starting with First Class. I hated Chuck there, I hated that he would return to that 13 year old whose eyes can be turned every which way when a girl comes into his radar. Of course it all crashed and burned in Mask.

  24. Ernie Davis says:

    Well since I started this post I guess I owe some input. I’m going to start with most hated, since that’s the way I was introduced to this season.

    Pink Slip – No surprise. It took everything I disliked about Ring, magnified it to ridiculous proportions on far thinner premises than ever before, made the entire series turn on a dime on those fraying threads, and there was absolutely no payoff whatsoever. Sorry, a zip-line, Casey with a mini-gun, and a clever pop-culture reference aren’t payoff.

    Three Words – My first reaction was hated it, especially on the heels of Pink Slip. I nearly stopped watching right there. Again, the worst aspects of the angst with almost no payoff in fun. Plus whiney Chuck and Sarah at her Crown Vic worst. Been there, done that. I’ve mellowed since then, upon a re-watching, but still not a favorite.

    The Fake Name – I didn’t so much hate this episode as ask myself, why? I didn’t see anything new or different or plot or character advancing other than Sarah confirming she was a basket case, and it all seems to have just been ignored since then. Why? Because they decided to keep Poochie and stretch things out even further, so this one was a waste.

    Loved, and that’s a slight stretch, but I’ll go with it, Angel de la Muerte. I say loved is a slight stretch because the feeling I first had watching this was more relief than anything else. If it had been any less fun I think I was done for season 3 in real time. I’d have waited for the full season on iTunes or the DVD. As many have said, this re-captured a lot of the season 2 magic. Team B working together, the romance, perhaps simmering, but left in the background to allow the fun spy story to move. A great guest star who can step into a role without taking over the show, and an upbeat ending, even with the cliffhanger.

    The Beard and Operation Awesome pretty much tied for second. I voted for the operation Awesome (I think, I’m having trouble remembering) mostly because of the fun of seeing Awesome so well integrated into the story. This episode gave me great hope, on the heels of Angel, they hadn’t lost the magic. Plus, decapitating the bear…AWESOME. The Beard was also somewhat of a sweet relief pick. A lot of fun to see Chuck back in the BuyMore environment reconnecting with his roots. I especially loved the blood oath, and everyone’s reactions when Lester was picked for the first interview. The revolution was over the top a bit, but this is the sort of thing thy need more of, fun.

    Tic-Tac comes in a solid third. I could almost see it as interchangeable with Beard in my rankings, but it gets a slight demotion for the contrived angsty-ness they apparently felt obligated to throw in. Yes, the interruption and then they never get to talk again before a life altering decision must, yes absolutely MUST be made. It’s just plain old. The good, Team B is back and Chuck and Sarah actually get to say more than two words to each other. That and Casey. In a season of discontent, Casey has been my rock. I’ve been looking forward to the Casey as a civilian storyline all season.

    The indifferent, all the rest or some degree or other. I think I’d put Nacho Sampler and First Class closer to like and Mask closer to hate, mostly because I’d pretty much prepared myself for Sarah to start flaking out. The misunderstood breakup was inevitable as far as I was concerned, and I assumed she’d start succumbing to Shaw’s advances by the end, though I thought it VERY poorly setup and handled.

    All in all, and I hesitate to say it, I’m kind of over this show. I’ve spent the season de-leveraging my emotional investment and continually lowering my expectations, only to have them continually met.

    I think part of it is that I’m no longer built for weekly TV. I’ve gone so far from that kind of viewing that I’m not sure I remember what it used to be like, waiting a week for answers and resolution, only to have them kicked down the road another few weeks. If it’s meant to make me view in anticipation, it’s doing the exact opposite, making me want to drop the whole thing, leave the boards, and pick up the DVD or iTunes some time this summer.

    I’m sticking it out for the first 13. Mostly because I’m enjoying this blog and the people here, and it’s still something I enjoy watching. But the damage is done. It actually is a bit depressing that all the things I feared and wrote about before the season started, the risks to characters and story, to fan alienation and fatigue, have all happened. Unfortunately it’s not too surprising.

    So we’ve wasted the greater part of the original 13 episode season to milk blood from a stone rather than move on to greener pastures. As Dave has said, and we both feared, the front 13 will end where they should have started, and by that time a lot of people won’t care about the characters or the story they’ve been asked to endure for a payoff that no longer matters to them.

    • atcdave says:

      Interesting comment about weekly TV. I do find I have less and less patience with artificially extended story-lines. Unlike a movie or novel, where you know you’ll get some sort of resolution by the end; serial television may keep extending a story arc as long as anyone’s watching. I find this very tiresome. I have quit watching several shows when they get to their first season ending cliff hanger. I guess they the opposite of their intended effect on me. I usually end up thinking “I’m not going to wait four months to see how they weasel out of that one.”

      • Paul says:

        I tend to prefer TV shows that feel like novels or a series of fantasy books to me. I don’t like the episodic type of shows as they feel “broken” to me. I like Chuck so much, because to me, it feels like I’m watching fantasy novel series come to life.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Wow I’m sorry to hear that Ernie. This season hasn’t been a picnic (understatement of the year) but to be over it. Wow.

        I understand though and sympathize greatly.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I still love the show, I just don’t expect as much. And I’ve pretty much stopped re-watching old episodes. I think I’ve gone from “not a normal fan” to a fan. As a fan I’ve been able to enjoy the season for the most part, as long as I don’t think about how much I enjoyed the first two seasons. But as a normal fan, I’m less inclined to buy subs, write reviews, do the heavy lifting of explaining the narrative TPTB can’t seem to be bothered with… You get the point I hope.

      • Faith says:

        Yeah, I get it. And really can’t blame you.

        It’s really a statement of how far they’ve gone you know? Because you’re not the only one, there are a lot of Chuckies that feel like that now.

      • Jason says:

        ernie – that is close enough to how I feel too, i went from loving chuck the show and liking the CS relationship, to liking the chuck show and hating the CS relationship – I am somewhat neutral about tv shows, have 5 or 6 I like about equal, chuck is still one of them

      • atcdave says:

        I agree about the not rewatching anymore too. I find it frustrating though in two ways; first, I do remember how addicted to this show I was a year ago, watching an episode or two a day for months (OK, I know that’s a little pathetic), but I really feel a sense of loss about it. And secondly, I keep expecting to get back there this season, but it hasn’t happened yet; at least the last two episodes didn’t anger me, I guess that’s progress.

      • herder says:

        I stopped rewatching last september after indications that the previous season really wasn’t part of this seasons story. I do understand Ernie’s point of view, and my own enthusiasm has gone down greatly, but I still have hope, hope that there will be an explanation of why this season was necessary and that the back six will redeem what has happened so far. On the filp side, I can’t fault anyone who has had enough and decided to move on. I can understand it, I just boggles my mind that TPTB would think that with a 13 episode order that this was the way to go. To top it off I am insulted that they call on us to save the show without acknowledging the reason for the show needing saving, namely their choice of story.

      • atcdave says:

        ditto all that herder. September is about when I stopped rewatching too.

      • JLR says:

        I agree w/ Paul here, at least regarding viewing preferences. I can’t watch procedurals. They simply are not very interesting to me. I see them as kinda like background/elevator music. When done well, serials are very satisfying AND entertaining. That’s where Paul & I drift apart, however.

        I just haven’t found Chuck to be very entertaining this year. Regardless of all my issues w/ the show, at bottom, that’s what it comes down to for me. I’m sure we’ll get a terrific finale, b/c that’s the kind of thing this show does well, IMO (from an “entertaining” standpoint, that is). I just feel like the vast majority of S3 has been nothing but setups to a finale; not very entertaining. Even considering my opinions of character damage, plot-driven storylines & redunacies, the lack of feeling entertained is the biggest flaw to me. But, YMMV.

    • Big Kev says:

      Completely agree with both you and Dave on the weekly viewing perspective. My normal TV viewing habit is to watch a show on DVD if I hear it’s any good. There is next to no TV that I watch on a weekly basis.
      Chuck has been fun for me in that I’ve had a chance to get into the discussions on episodes and developments “in real time”, but that’s also meant more time to ponder on the things I haven’t liked, to the detriment of my enjoyment of the show.
      I’m pretty sure that if I’d watched Season 3 in my normal manner of a DVD series over a few days, I would have enjoyed it more, simply because I could have moved past the bad stuff without the wait.

      • JAB says:

        I’ve been kind of wondering about this as well. All these people that get these 5 episode and 4 episode preview packs of Chuck really aren’t watching the same story, to a certain degree, as the regular fans. When they say “wait it gets better”, to them it’s a few hours but to most of us its weeks.

      • atcdave says:

        Really good points Big Kev and JAB. I do watch a lot of TV (well, 6 or 7 shows in any given season; probably not a lot by some standards); but its a fairly rare phenomenon for me to be anxious from week to week about what’s next. Although I don’t think my basic like/dislike would change much watching it all back-to-back, the emotional impact would be far different. Mainly, things like Mask and Fake Name wouldn’t get me so steaming bad if I could just watch the next one immediately. That may be some of the mind set of the creators too; their perception of the impact of emotional cliff-hangers just isn’t the same as the person who actually waits through it. I don’t know why they make me more angry than eager, but they do. I can tolerate action/suspence cliff-hangers just fine (anyone remember ST:TNG “Best of Both Worlds”, friends and I spent all summer having fun with that one!); but the more emotional stuff always hits me as “just get it over with so I can enjoy the good stuff! (humor and action)”. When the emotional stuff is further weighed down by being clumsy, repetitive, and manipulative; it just makes it that much worse.

  25. weaselone says:

    I suppose given the lengthy expositions others have given regarding their favorite and least favorite episodes that I should reciprocate.

    1. Tic Tac. No Shaw. Team Bartowski is back together, watching each other’s backs and clicking on all cylinders. We get back story on Casey,some great fight scenes, the General back in charge, and some excellent comedic scenes. Chuck accidentally ratting out Casey, Chuck doing his impression of Garfield stuck to the rear view window, Morgan and Devon’s “you know” face off, and well you get the idea. Plus the introduction of the most efficient government bureaucrat ever in Fitzroy. There were so many great things in this episode, any plot holes and less fun elements were easily overlooked.

    2. The Beard. This one was good enough that even the presence of Captain Plywood and the numerous illogical decisions and plot holes associated with him couldn’t drag the episode down. The real strength of this episode was a Chuck bent on digging himself out of his hole and his interaction with Morgan.

    3. The third choice is difficult. I’ve actually found most of the season reasonably enjoyable, although not as enjoyable as it could have been. I’m going to have to go with “The Angel of Death.” It’s a lot of fun, Sarah kicks butt for the last time until Tic Tac, Devon hasn’t reverted to a complete basket case and Chuck’s life hasn’t comletely disintegrated. Plus, we get the dance between Chuck and Sarah, Casey background and Casey being his usual bad self.

    Worst Epi’s

    1. Pink Slip. Even though I can enjoy this episode on repeated viewing, it basically has all the features I absolutely said I did not want to see months before the new season. The catastrophic event? Chuck doesn’t abandon his country, his friends, and his family to spend a life on the run with Sarah. He washes out of spy school and spends ample time as a complete loser on the couch. Sarah, who should have understood his decision to become a spy takes his refusal to leave as a rejection of her personally and twists the knife.

    2. The Mask. It’s decent up through the last 10 minutes which makes those last scenes all the more frustrating. Shaw messes up an unopposed mission. Chuck and Sarah accomplish it while contending with Ring interference. We see they’re still interested in each other as they express jealousy over each other’s PLI. Then Shaw screws up again by lacking the common sense and foresight Casey displayed in handling Manoosh’s shaving cream and then everything goes fun house on us.

    3. Fake Name. I like this episode overall as it good at making you feel…something and Chuck and Casey shine. It also tempts you to should WTF at multiple points throughout the episode. Chuck sleeps with Hannah way too fast as a cheap play to ratchet up the angst during the episode and also at the end when he comes to his senses and rightly ends it. Sarah seems to be doing the reasonable thing by shutting Shaw down at the beginning of the episode, but Casey’s loss of a tooth to Chuck instead of his life to two petty criminals drives her into Shaw’s arms. She reveals her first name, provides him with Chinese food and an extra special dessert, and most disturbingly gifts him a crock pot. Is nothing sacred!

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Weaselone, this is obviously my ploy to draw you all over to the dark side, where a “short” post is only 2,800 words and a comment 700-900.

  26. Fake Empire says:

    My favs: Angel de la Muerte, Operation Awesome, Beard

    Least favs: Mask, Fake Name, Pink Slip

    All 6 for reasons others have already stated; so, I’ll spare everyone the redundancy.

    Ernie, have you thought of handing out any Midseason Awards? If so, please consider these nominees:

    1. Best Beat-Down with a Stick: Sarah on Chuck in Three Words

    2. Most Weight Gain: John Casey (man, I used to joke with my kids that he was a “tank.” Now, he’s a carrier ship – don’t tell him I said so!!)

    3. Most unexpected flash: Chuck on Alex Coburn

    4. Biggest WTF moment: Sarah telling Shaw she liked him touching her neck in Mask. That STILL gets me! Ugh!

    5. Biggest Laugh: Lester passing out during his drinking contest in Three Words. Too funny!

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      “best beat down with a stick” LOL.

      I find it interesting that the majority of us picked Angel de la Muerte and Operation Awesome. I wrote once before that it seemed like the damage that was done was being repaired in those consecutive episodes only to be socked in the gut with Mask et al devastation. Ugh.

    • herder says:

      Best beatdown with a stick, Chuck did a pretty good job with a stick in the Beard (as did Morgan).

      Biggest WTF moment, my nane is Sam, to Shaw.

      Biggest laugh, “I decapitated a bear”

      A new one most unexplained comment, “they have to know”


      Most joyous moment: Morgan’s reaction to finding out Chuck is a spy.

      Best line: Sarah and her two fists.

      Worst line: I’m the safest person in the world

      Best one punch: Sarah on Fitzroy. Although Sarah on Chuck in Pink Slip was pretty impressive.

      Best character reversal: Casy becoming a shipper.

      Most welcome return: despite how much I like Carina I’d have to say the return of General Beckman in the Tic Tac.

      I’ve avoided a bunch of possible worsts as they would tend to involve one person only.

      Best new bad guy: Sydney in Operation Awesome.

    • Faith says:

      Worst line: I’m sorry I’m gonna have to go with “my desserts is inside your desserts” it’s so bad it’s memorable!

      Best fight? Chuck and the pill.

      • herder says:

        Yeah Faith, I forgot that one, it is a double barrel bad line; offensive and cheesy at the same time, I concede the point.

      • weaselone says:

        That line was absolutely atrocious. Why Sarah didn’t drive her fork through his hand or better yet his skull, I’ll never know.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry but no.

        The worst line was easily in 3.07 while drugged in Castle, when Sarah tells Shaw that him kissing her neck was kinda nice.

      • JAB says:

        Sorry but no.

        The worst line was in 3.07, while grugged up in Castle, when Sarah tells Shaw that him kissing her neck was kinda nice.

        It was all downhill after that.

      • Paul says:

        The sad thing is, I’ve seen dudes try to use a come-on like that for real. I don’t know you girls just don’t laugh in our faces when we hit on you… :oP

    • Merve says:

      My take on Season 3 awards:

      Best comedic scene:
      Runner-up – Chuck and Sarah talking their way through security by praising Fitzroy.
      Winner – “I had to decapitate the bear.” ‘Nuff said.

      Best dramatic scene:
      Runner-up – The scene where Chuck ratted out Casey.
      Winner – The flashback to meeting Chuck from Sarah’s perspective.

      Best scene full of awesomeness:
      Runner-up – Shaw’s introduction.
      Winner – The dance scene at the consulate.

      Funniest line:
      Runner-up – “Is this your first mission?” “Maybe.”
      Winner – “I had to decapitate the bear.” Obviously. (Bonus points for the “It was grisly” pun.)

      Best fight scene:
      Runner-up – The vault fight in “Mask.” (Sarah ran along a wall!)
      Winner – The triple fight scene at the end of “Tic Tac.”

      Most inappropriate moment for a PG-rated television show:
      Runner-up – Carina and Sarah getting dressed for the engagement party, set to “Sexy Bitch.”
      Winner – Emmett calling Javier a “pussy” and then getting shot.

      Best villain: (I’d have chosen Manoosh, but he’s not really a villain.)
      Runner-up – Col. Keller
      Winner – The Ring poisoner

      Biggest surprise:
      Runner-up – Chuck punching Shaw was part of the mission.
      Winner – Devon got captured.

      • atcdave says:

        For biggest surprise I’d add bonus points to Chuck punching Shaw for a big disappointment (but sadly, its no where near the biggest disappointment).

        Another two-fer

        best obscure 80s movie reference:
        after Sarah knocks out Fitzroy
        Chuck: “was that really necessary?”
        Sarah: “yes, it was.”


        best Sarah comedic moment:
        same as above.

      • Merve says:

        I’m kind of surprised that that the punch disappointed you. I thought that it was kind of clever until Shaw went psycho and took the fight way too seriously.

  27. Faith says:

    No I’m not spamming 🙂 It’s a link to the EW article talking about the Chuck finale.

    • atcdave says:

      Somehow, when the Shwedak says “fans will be very satisfied” I get a little nervous. OK, not really, I do believe the show will get better from here on out, and I expect good things from the finale, really. Now 2 game changing twists makes me a little nervous….

      • BigCheese says:

        Don’t worry, there’s always the possibility of a Pink Slip 2.0 in the first episode of season 4.

        The question is: who are the targets?

      • John says:

        Well…hopefully there will be a season 4 to let you down BigCheese

      • Fake Empire says:

        I’m starting to realize that JS and CF’s defintions of “very satisfied” are drastically different from mine. So, I’m already stockpiling pillows for throwing, my kids’ “swear jar” for cursing (not looking forward to losing the $$), and TUMS for the heartburn.

        I get this feeling that Orion is a “target,” and that the Ring could be successful in taking him out.

      • JC says:

        I have no problem with game changing but when you use it all the time it kinda ruins the concept. And I just don’t mean Chuck but other shows too.

    • John says:

      After the last two episodes and knowing what limited amount I do know about the last three I have alot of confidence from here on out.

      After all we all knew the plots they were using earlier in the season were going to be bad ideas and they were…likewise I think I can recognize good ideas as well.

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