The Intersection

Found on the ‘Net

Well, apropos of almost nothing, I happened to spot this on-line, and thought you might be amused.

At The Intersection of Intelligence, Social Ineptitude and Obsession.

At first I imagined myself to be a dweeb in this scheme.  But then I realized that I too have my obsessions (like, uh, a certain television show…).

Ah! We are all nerds now!

– joe


About joe

In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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17 Responses to The Intersection

  1. JLR says:

    Likewise Joe…I said aloud, “I’m a dweeb.” But then a moment of honesty hit, and I am indeed a nerd….

  2. Ernie Davis says:

    I love it Joe. I would say I’m a total nerd, but a few stints as a bartender and waiter left me with far too many social skills pushing me into geekdom I suppose. When I actually, you know, interact with people other than over the net. 😉

  3. herder says:

    Sigh, nerd.

  4. herder says:

    True story, when I was in university the movie Revenge of the Nerds came out, a bunch of us decided to go see it dressed as nerds, pocket protectors, taped glasses, polyester pants and the like. We were supposed to meet up with some others at a Brasserie, it was closed due to a power outage so we went to the bar next door. We got a few pitchers of beer and were talking to some girls trying to make time, later in the bathroom, I was talking to one of my friends and we suddenly realized we were in a gay bar. That was us, dressed as nerds and too clueless to realize that we hadn’t a shot at the girls. Once a nerd, always a nerd.

  5. atcdave says:

    Total nerd. Well sometimes, among fellow nerds, I’m more the geek; so maybe its just mostly nerd.

    • JLR says:

      My friends are geeks. They all have tremendous social skills. I actually have some, but compared to them, not so much. I am ultra nerd amongst them.

  6. Paul says:

    LoL…I love it. Very funny! I also remember seeing something like this in the past, but it gave a hierarchy as well.

  7. kg says:

    I think it’s safe to say that there are no dorks and dweebs on this board. All nerds and geeks, with a strong sense of the former.

    Anyway, been listening to the Eels, That Fresh Feeling, reminding me of an awesome show I once watched called Chuck.

    Big one tomorrow night, gang, for a myriad of reasons. I’m going to buy my footlongs, hope the episode is epic and pray something close to a 2.5.

  8. pandachuckkk says:

    whaat?? i dont get it how does this work??

    • joe says:

      It’s a Venn Diagram, Panda. You read it like this:
      The world we’re concerned with is divided into three kinds of people; those who are intelligent, those who are socially inept, and those who are obsessive.

      People who are intelligent and socially inept, but who are not obsessive are in the intersection of the two marked “Dweeb”. Those who are intelligent and obsessive, but not at all socially inept are geeks. And those who are socially inept and obsessive, but not at all intelligent are Dorks.

      Of course, at the intersection of all three lie Herders! ;>

      What’s funny is how closely this follows the actual common perception of all those types of misfits as we’ve come to know and love them in the stereotypes we see on television.

  9. herder says:

    Personally I really like Gabbo’s idea that when Shaw goes to sacrifice himself Sarah doesn’t like it but accepts it, when Chuck does the same thing it hits her what she will lose. That this is the Aha moment, that she realizes what Chuck means to her going back to her comment to Shaw in Awesome Operation that it helps to know what you have to lose.

    I like it not only because it is something that goes back to earlier comments, not only because it is not a whiplash moment but because it can take place without her having to hear that Chuck didn’t kill Perry. It is an independant choice. That being said it requires her to forget all the other decisions that she has made that by necessity involve her losing Chuck. Being with Shaw, leaving him to his own devices in Natcho Sampler and the red test, that said, those all were reverseable, him going out to be killed isn’t, maybe that is the difference.

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