The Early Bird American Hero Speculation Post

Frequent commenter Herder put up the interesting idea that in Chuck vs. The American Hero Shaw effectively tries to burn Chuck.

To which I say, Wow!

The extensions, take-offs, expansions and carry-ons from that idea flooded in instantly, and I realized that there is a great desire to speculate about the next two episodes building already.

So please carry on here! Is Shaw really as demented as he’s seemed sometimes, and is Sarah really blind to that? How much does Chuck trust him anyway? And how much does General Beckman trust the guy? What happens if Shaw has to face, not Chuck or Casey, but Morgan and the ‘herders?

And how much do you trust the promos and spoilers?

The floor is yours!

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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  1. amyabn says:

    I posted this over in another thread this morning but it was buried so I thought I’d post it over here!

    They will have to convince Beckman to bring Casey back, and then the Casey can convince Beckman to let Chuck be, well, Chuck. They were the best team she had. Shaw came in and completely busted that chemistry up (also why I am not enamored with this season). Shaw is an inept and unbalanced spy-hopefully they can use all of this to convince her.
    Sarah may be able to reach her own personal compromise to stay on as Chuck’s partner and they make Chuck an analyst, thereby getting around that whole stupid handler/asset rule.

    Chuck agrees to the compromise with the caveat that they are based in Burbank. They take over Perseus’ old company (Constellation Science) as the cover, and this also could be tied in to Orion’s return. He was pretty unstable with his version of the Intersect, so I am predicting that the shocking death at the end of 19 will be his. Ellie gets brought into the fold as a doctor to work on preventing that from happening to Chuck.

    What can I say, I’m full of speculation this morning!

    • Crumby says:

      I don’t get why would Chuck be an analyst and not a spy?

    • Faith says:

      what about the Buy More?

      • amyabn says:

        The Buy More has gotten a bit stale for me. If C&S did start Constellation, they could do computer stuff and hire the Nerd Herd gang to do stuff for them. Morgan and Big Mike could open a Subway franchise next store, keeping them in the “action.” I really thought Jeff and Lester were annoying this last episode. Keep poking Casey in the chest and see what happens! Unleash the Casey! 🙂

      • josh says:

        is there even a reason to have the buymore anymore? Chuck is most definitely getting out of there, unless he gets demoted again which I don’t see happening, there’s already a synopsis or spoiler I don’t remember which about Morgan wanting out so … I guess they could give Big Mike a Subway store so that Chuck can get food and comedic relief, or more likely IMO the whole thing will just fade away to open up the budget a bit.

      • atcdave says:

        Logically, I think the reason for the Buy More is long past. But I think its about branding. The store is a signature part of the show, I’m betting NBC wants to keep it. Its also a covienient venue for product placement.

      • Merve says:

        The Buy More is an easy source of comedy, b-plots, and satire. It would be a huge mistake to let go of it. If this series has subsequent seasons, the Buy More and the Orange Orange are likely to figure in all of them.

        Plus, Lester and Jeff would be unemployable outside of the Buy More. 🙂

      • Faith says:

        To add to what Dave said, I think people have grown attached to the Buy More and its antics. I gotta tell you, while I dislike the sophomoric humor at times, I do find it refreshing as a change to the darkness that is the Shaw-etc arc. And on a purely eye-candy standpoint, I’m tired of castle. So there’s that 🙂

      • Crumby says:

        One thing I liked about this season is how they handled the Buy More. I thought it was often over the top in season 2. When I rewatched some episode I fast forward most of the Buy More scenes. Especially when Chuck isn’t at all in those scenes.
        This year we have seen less of it due to the budget cut, and they have more included it in the spy story (like with Hannah, or in Beard), so it bothers me way less than last year.

    • amyabn says:

      Crumby, I’m trying to find an “out” so that he and Sarah can still do the spy thing, while relieving him of the whole killing people aspect. He could still kill in defense of Sarah or Casey, it would keep TB together, and would get back to using the Intersect as more of an intel tool rather than as an ass kicking spy. It could be Sarah and Chuck’s compromise. Just an idea…

      • Crumby says:

        Ok yes I understand.

        If he’s a spy and nobody knows that he didn’t pass his red test then they could be together. But he would have to make people accept his use of trank gun.

        I like to think that Chuck could be a spy, but a different one.

      • amyabn says:

        I think they need to get back to, as you say, being “a different one.” Chuck was always coming to the rescue with what he knew:
        -the pilot and the bomb
        -flying the helicopter in 1.2
        -the video cameras in Sizzling Shrimp
        etc etc.
        Chuck and TB were special because they followed their own rules, their own protocols. Look how Sarah and Agent Forrest interacted in Broken Heart. It was the unconventionality that made the team special and made the team work.
        Now that the team has basically imploded, what will it take to get them back together with TPTB (Beckman) appreciating what she has???

      • atcdave says:

        The old team style and chemistry are things I miss a lot this season. I would love to see Chuck respected as a completely different sort of agent. While I could see Chuck eventually killing someone to save Sarah, I hope using guns and killing are never a part of his SOP.

        But you know Amy, I think you and I miss the old show a lot.

      • mister says:

        the same way he was able to go on missions for 2 years before this and not kill anyone

      • Paul says:

        Amy, I don’t think the issue was so much about killing. I mean, Chuck has been responsible for at least 2 deaths (although he didn’t directly pull a “trigger”). Sarah’s issue was that Chuck would become like her – a souless killer. When she realizes that killing doesn’t necessarily lead down that path, I think she’ll be okay with Chuck being able to protect himself, and his loved ones. On Chuck’s side, he needs to realize that killing is a distateful part of the job, but sometimes it’s necessary and even the “right” thing to do. That doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it however.

  2. sd says:

    I only trust the promos in that somewhere in the course of the show, the scene being shown is there…just not necessarily in the order shown in the promo.

    Therefore, I think Chuck sees S/S kissing and decides he needs to spell it out for her…and tells her he loves her. She is silent and somehow (as always) there is an interruption.

    Shaw may break up the answer by appearing, congratulating Chuck and ushering him out the door…

    Chuck needs to know…which sets up the “re-claim what should be mine” scene in the restaurant.

    The crash through the window acually breaks up a Ring operation…Shaw catches wind and takes action….

    leading to Sarah’s “plea” and Chuck’s decision. I think Sarah is locked in by Shaw…and Casey gets her out when Chuck tells him he is in trouble…Casey gets a chance to sorta of help her come to terms with the Red Test….

    which leads to explosion etc. Chuck rescues Shaw…by hauling his sorry butt out of the building…he’s the most seriously hurt…so Sarah runs to Shaw…Chuck misunderstands…or understands? Smiles a little smile of love unattainable and leaves.

    But wait—there’s more

    Sarah has made a decision…goes to Chuck’s apt. She finds Morgan. Morgan, who was part of the “get Sarah back black op” says “he’s gone” (to Rome)…and then tells her…”you chose the wrong guy”. Sarah says “no, I chose the right guy” (sorry indulging in fan fic) and leaves…she trys to call Chuck…and either sees the phone in the fountain (poetic justice) or we see Chuck getting on the plane for Rome..sees Sarah is calling and hits dismiss (also, poetic justice) as we’ve seen her do many times before.

    I think this sets up the …three months/six months later for the next episode…

    • JLR says:

      That’s what I’d like to see…but I’m guessing the ending isn’t gonna be so dramatic. Just a feeling Chuck doesn’t leave, nor does Sarah thinks he leaves Burbank.

      I posted in the What Condition… thread already. I THINK we’re gonna see the writers pay attn to the whole S/S thing. I think they’re gonna show us why S/S is “real”; the stuff that’s been missing since midway through Mask. It might be reminiscent of the Mask whiplash since we haven’t seen much in the way of spark/affection/chemistry (I’m being generous when I say “much”).

  3. Crumby says:

    From all the discussions that have been going on for a few days, especially since the citytv promo, here’s my speculation (I took a little of everybody’s ideas through the discussions, sorry, don’t wanna take credit for it):

    – Chuck tries to talk to Sarah but can’t because Shaw is giving him his new mission.
    – Then Team CAM enters the game.
    – They all go to the restaurant to give Chuck an opportunity to talk to Sarah.
    – Sarah and Shaw are on a date, possibly mission related.
    – Morgan gets Shaw out and Chuck goes to Sarah.
    – Sarah is pissed off and blows Chuck off like she knows how to do it…
    – Team CAM realise the ring is here.
    – Awesome has to save Shaw by throwing him through the window.

    After that I don’t really know.

    I think the kiss between Shaw and Sarah is a goodbye kiss. And it’s gonna be the last straw for Chuck. And that’s why he will go to help Shaw for Sarah (and locking her in? I don’t know about that) when Sarah tells him Shaw is gone scarifying himself.

    But I don’t really see how that plays out. Indeed, Sarah doesn’t have her vest on in all the Castle scenes:
    – She doesn’t seem to have it for the kiss.
    – She doesn’t have it for the “he’s scarifying himself” line.
    – She doesn’t have it either when she’s locked in.

    BUT she has it for the ILY statement. So maybe that line happened after the rescue.
    Maybe that’s when they finally get together, maybe that’s when he says “ILY but I can’t do this anymore so I’m going to Rome, have a great life with psycho Shaw” (cause Shaw’s gonna be mental at that point having learn what happened to his wife by the hologram man).

    As for team CAM I have know idea what happen to them after the restaurant. Is Casey gonna be the one helping Sarah out of Castle? Is he gonna try to get some sense out of her? I sure hope so. I’d like to see a partner moment.

    So I guess that’s it lol.

    • JC says:

      I really don’t know if the jacket she’s wearing matters. I remember people freaking out over the vest for the fake name promo. She had it on when she came to Shaw’s room but it was off when Chuck punched him.

      • JLR says:

        Yeah, I was gonna note the same thing. I think sometimes we pay more attention to detail than the show actually merits.

      • Crumby says:

        You’re probably both right. I just wanted to point the possibility of the Castle scenes to not be happening all one after another, but at different moment of the episode.

    • Paul says:

      Curmby, I agree with you on some major points, but with some slight differences. Here is my take on it:

      1) Chuck returns from DC and asks Sarah to be his partner. She blows him off.
      2) Chuck is setting up a date with Sarah, but CAM intervene and come up with a majorly wacky plan.
      3) S/S are out to dinner/mission/whatever that restaurant scene is. Unbeknownst, the Ring have tracked them down and are closing in. CAM pulls Shaw out with a bluff, and Chuck slides in, and tries to talk to Sarah, but she continues to blow him off. The Ring make a move, but CAM saves Shaw, but ruins the date (and a window). Sarah is MAJORLY pissed and tells Chuck she never wants to see him again. Chuck concedes that he has lost Sarah.
      4) Something happens that makes Shaw want to get captured so he can sacrifice himself to take out the Ring cell. He coordinates an airstrike on his GPS tracker. The S/S is a goodebye one.
      5) Chuck goes to Castle to apologize and sees Sarah frantically packing weapons. She tells Chuck that Shaw is sacrificing himself.
      6) Chuck thinking he lost Sarah forever, but still wanting her to have happiness makes his decision: He will go rescue Shaw FOR HER. Since he thinks it’s a suicide mission, he locks her into Castle so she doesn’t get killed. Gives her the I’m doing this for you speech.
      7) Chuck goes into the building and takes down a majority of the Ring agents while getting to Shaw. Meanwhile, Shaw is talking to the Director and finds out the truth about Eve. Chuck manages to get to Shaw and picks him up and heads for the exit
      8) while Chuck is conducting his assault, Sarah cannot get out, and calls in Casey to help her. She bolts to the location.
      9) Sarah gets there as the building goes up. She thinks she has lost both of them, but then sees Chuck walking towards her carrying an unconscious Shaw over his back (his big damn hero monment). Chuck gives her a longing look then they take Shaw back to Castle for medical treatment.
      10) Chuck finally talks to Sarah dropping the ILY. She remains silent, but from the 2nd promo, looks conflicted as hell when he leaves. She runs into Casey and talks to about Chuck. Their conversation reveals to her indirectly that Chuck actually failed the Red Test. Light bulb goes off and she has her epiphany.
      11) She races to either Chuck’s house or the airport but she misses Chuck at both. Chuck is gone.
      12) Flash to a clip of Shaw with an obssessed look in his eye.

      • Emily says:

        love number 12 😉

      • Crumby says:

        I like your 5 Paul. “Sarah frantically packing weapons” before “she tells Chuck that Shaw is sacrificing himself”.

        I’m excited to see how that’s all gonna play out!

      • Waverly says:

        I’m betting that there aren’t two separate restaurant scenes in this episode, so the crash-through-the-window scene won’t happen tonight.

      • John says:

        I guess I missed it. Why do their have to be two separate restaurant scenes for the crash through the window to happen?

  4. josh says:

    I m sticking to my guns with regards to Shaw. I think he will be revealed to be obsessive, but it will mostly center around the death of his wife, stuff he will find out about from the Ring Director hologram in the next episode. I don’t think he will turn out to be evil.

    I m slowly opening myself up to the possibility that will we actually get a Chuck Sarah resolution in 12, not 13 as we are all expecting.

    How much do I trust the promos? Not much, if you were to splice together the canadian and nbc promos you ‘d get a pretty good idea of about I don’t know 3/4 of the episode. I think the canadian promo is mostly focused on the beginning of the episode (with some Ring HQ shots mixed in) and the NBC promo is mostly the middle part of the episode. Neither hints at the end of the episode, obviously. But I m pretty sure it will play out like so.

    Chuck goes to castle, Sarah green shirt, get’s turned down and shown out of castle

    Chuck, Morgan, Casey and Awesome hatch the whole stalkdate plan (I like that term)

    Stalkdate goes wrong, Shaw gets captured by ring (maybe it was a mission already not a date date), prompting Casey to send Awesome in to “rescue” Shaw (crashing through the window scene)

    Next morning Shaw says his goodbyes and allows himself to be captured by the Ring

    Chuck does his I love you but ok fine you want Shaw I accept it speech, finds out what Shaw is doing, locks Sarah up and goes after Shaw.

    Stuff happens in Ring HQ, Shaw finds out what happened to his wife blah blah

    End IMO won’t be angsty, we won’t get Chuck on a plane or whatever, my guess is Sarah will get her epiphany.

    Up until now I was certain Chuck wouldn’t find out about Sarah’s epiphany till 13, but to be honest I m now leaning more towards he finds out in 12. Sarah probably agrees to stay in Burbank with Chuck, Shaw goes off somewhere (DC/Hospital/whatever) setting up 13 and his revenge mission.

  5. Waverly says:

    There will be plenty of action in this episode, as there usually is.

    But there won’t be much action when it comes to Sarah’s feelings and communication with anyone.

    In general I think this show has a tendency to avoid clever intricacies — what you see is what it is.

    • Lucian says:

      I think you are right, and I’ll add some speculation that Sham will be even more “real” by the end of the episode.

  6. Merve says:

    To get away from all the Shaw/Sarah/Chuck speculation for a moment, I find it odd that the writers made a point of emphasizing that Ellie’s fellowship was in neurology, especially since it’s been stated that she “can replace an aortic valve.” It seems like a pointless retcon unless it’s going to figure into the storyline later on, probably in relation to the Intersect. Since Ellie is in the next episode, I think that we might see a couple of hints about that sort of storyline.

    On the love triangle front, I doubt that we’re going to see Sarah chasing Chuck at any point in the next two episodes. It would be a refreshing change of pace, but it doesn’t fit well with Sarah’s established character this season.

    I highly doubt that Sarah killed Eve during her red test. That would be silly. (And then Shaw would dump her, which makes Chuck Sarah’s second option, which is also silly.)

    Also, I don’t trust the promos to paint and clear accurate picture of what’s going on. Promos are often misleading.

    • josh says:

      When was it stated that she could replace an aortic valve? It’s kinda my field and trust me, nobody except cardio surgeons can do that. And once you spend the 5 years of residency it takes to be a cardio surgeon you don’t switch to neuro, esp neurology, neurosurgery maybe but even that is stretching it 🙂

      Either way, I m pretty sure there were some hints from the showrunners that intersect 2 wouldn’t always function perfectly. Intersect is in Chuck’s brain, right up a neurologist’s alley. So they could work her in as a Chuck doc for when things go wrong with the intersect, but that IMO won’t be till season 4 or so.If it happens obviously.

      • Merve says:

        It was stated in “Best Friend” that Ellie could “replace an aortic valve,” but that she couldn’t fix a computer, when Jeff and Lester came over to repair Ellie’s laptop (and then audition).

    • Crumby says:

      Yes I heard about the neurology thing in the “Chuck vs. the podcast” that talked about this episode.

      They pointed it out as an interesting thing considering she’s a Barstowski. Also they add that she got the fellowship so she must be good at her job. So it could be an interesting storyline at some point.

  7. herder says:

    I’ll try to post this where it was supposed to go.

    Personally I really like Gabbo’s idea that when Shaw goes to sacrifice himself that Sarah doesn’t like it but accepts it but when Chuck does the same thing it hits her what she stands to lose. This is the Aha moment when she realizes what Chuck means to her and goes back to her comment to Shaw in Awesome Operation where she says that it helps to know what you have to lose.

    I like it not because it goes back to earlier comments, not only because it isn’t a whiplash moment but because it can take place without her having to hear that Chuck didn’t kill Perry. It is an independant choice, similar to her deciding to stay in Three Words before hearing Chuck’s explanation. That being said it requires her to forget all the other decisions that she has made that result in her losing Chuck. Being with Shaw, leaving Chuck on his own at the end of Natcho Sampler, the red test, that being said all those are reversable, him going out to be killed isn’t, maybe that is the difference.

    • amyabn says:

      Great summation Herder. I hope things go down as you describe them. It would clear up a lot of motivations for Sarah, and as you said, reduce the whiplash effect.

      I keep thinking about Chuck revisiting the line he had with Roan-“Is she worth dying for?” “Yes.” Very powerful, and yet another conversation Sarah knows nothing about.

    • Crumby says:

      I agree herder. I hope Sarah’s epiphany isn’t about Perry or Shaw being a creepy psychotic jerk.

    • I like your segesstion as well Herder! when Chuck goes to resues Shaw It hits her what she stands to loose especailly if she finds out that it was Casey that kill perry that night not Chuck on his red test. That when she relizes what Chuck means to her.

      Sarah has made some mistakes and she must forget those mistakes like being with Shaw,the end of the nacho sampler,and the red test all that was a result of loosing Chuck.

      Basically Sarah wasn’t a good friend and supportive of chuck when she knew that he was loosing the qualities that she fell in love with him in the first place. That’s why Sarah is so miserable inside and only Chuck can help her with that and not Shaw because he’s miserable himself.

  8. herder says:

    Without meaning to make this an I hate Shaw post, I do think that he is different from others that we have seen on the show this far. With the possible exception of Agent Forrest, none of those who have come into contact with Chuck for an extended period of time have come away unaffected, even burn out Casey has come around. Shaw, this far seems to be an exception, he shows no sense of affection for Chuck, he regularly calls him the intersect, he knowingly snaked his girl, he taunted him with the “you blew it” line and he took a staged fight way too far.

    That is why I said that he in effect tried to burn Chuck in final exam. Talk about your catch 22’s, Shaw knew that Sarah’s greatest fear was Chuck changeing, he also knew of Chuck’s aversion to guns so what does he do, he forces Sarah to make Chuck change by making him into an assassin. I also think that we will find out that had Chuck failed the test then the next step would have been Shaw fulfilling the order that was given to Casey in First Date.

    I think one scene that we have seen a part of in the promos, Shaw escorting Chuck out of the Castle will have more to it once they are out of sight and hearing of Sarah. I can see Shaw threatening or taunting Chuck outside Sarah’s hearing, I can also see Shaw leaving Chuck dangleing without backup on his mission. I think before we see Shaw’s heroic side with his sacrifice, we will see his creepy fanatic side towards both Sarah and Chuck.

    • Agree with you Herder!Shaw is a bad mentor for Chuck from the beginning.He never showed any respect for Chuck,Shaw envys him because Chuck is the Intersect he’s not,and he’s jeolous over the strong bond that C/S have.

      I believe Shaw was trying to burn Chuck in the final exam by having Chuck to do the red test so soon. When Chuck told Casey about the red test Casey knew that the red test is too soon for Chuck.Casey knew somthing is up, Casey knew if Chuck fails the red test and fails to become spy the goverment will assassinate Chuck and will give Shaw the order to do it.Casey does not trust Shaw and niether does Chuck.

      Sarah will find on her own that Chuck did not kill perry that or Casey will tell her that he is the one who kills perry that night.When Sarah ask him why? Casey replied!Chuck is not a cold blooded killer Sarah we both know that.

    • Zsjaer says:

      I don t think TPTB intend at all to show Shaw as someone evil or mean enough to burn Chuck..i think their purpose is to show Shaw as really a hero and with that to justify some how Sarah fallen to him.So i don t think he will burn Chuck on purpose at least about the romance part unless that was necessary to turn him in the superspy he wants Chuck to be

      • Zsjaer!Shaw is not a hero a nor a mentor to Chuck.Cole Barker could have been a great mentor to Chuck,and if Bryce was still alive he would have been a better mentor to Chuck than Shaw at least Bryce and Cole would have respect for Chuck because Shaw doesn’t.

        He just a manipulated psychopath who uses Team B for his revenge against the Ring for the killing of his wife.

        Besides by Shaw going alone on a suicide mission without Sarah’s help and Chuck putting his life in danger to resuce him from death. Chuck is the real hero not Shaw. He didn’t for his own personal agenda.

  9. atcdave says:

    OK, here is the full extent of what I’m willing to predict on a public site. By the end of the episode, we will know Sarah has chosen Chuck over Shaw. I won’t comment on if Chuck knows.

    Oh, and there will be several commercial breaks.

    I’m pretty sure of these.

    • herder says:

      Come on Dave, can’t you also predict that there will be interupted conversations, miscommunication and misunderstandings?

      • JLR says:

        I think those are just as likely as the commercial breaks, so not worth mentioning in addition to referencing commercials.

      • JC says:

        Honestly this might be the first episode where there’s too many things that could happen.


        I predict a twist,angst, tears and Romo Lampkin.

      • atcdave says:

        OK, I’ll go as far as saying there will be one or more SERIOUS misunderstandings, but I won’t speculate on their precise nature!

        Some of this is because I’m not willing to exert as much effort as you and some of the others have herder. I’ve tried a couple times this season, and been just horribly wrong. Not only that, I still think my ideas were better than theirs; so I don’t want to get my hopes up for something awesome, or fun; only to get Mask in reverse.

      • herder says:

        How about a “things aren’t what they appear to be”.

    • Faith says:


      In that same vein, I predict a Casey quip…

    • atcdave says:

      Well, I’m feeling pretty smart right now. The advantages of keeping it simple!

  10. JC says:

    All this speculation and no mention of Ellie. If she’s in the episode expect a brother sister talk after the CAM failure.

  11. Crumby says:

    About the speculation of Sarah’s red test being in Paris (because of the French “Cédez le passage” sign), it could explain why she practically begged Chuck not to go in Paris alone for his first solo mission. “Please just don’t go know, you’re not ready”.

    I’m probably overanalysing the thing but I always thought that Sarah seemed really upset about this, a little too much to just be what it seems.

    • Waverly says:

      I agree she was overly upset about Chuck going solo, and that that feeling wasn’t explained (of course).

      The transportation map shown in that scene also appeared to be of Paris, so it wasn’t a different French city. But I assume it was filmed in California.

      However, if Sarah was surprised that Chuck was given his red test in Final Exam, she wouldn’t have had any reason to expect it to happen so early on, in First Class.

  12. Alyssa:) says:

    I hope what happens is that Chuck went for Shaw but Shaw manages to escape which Chuck didn’t know. Shaw then goes to Sarah without Chuck and tells General Beckman to have an Air Force Strike which GB approves. Srah then notices that Shaw isn’t with Chuck. They’ll go after him but as soon as Sarah makes a run for Chuck, the building exploded.She tears. Only if she knew that Casey, Awesome and MOrgan already saved Chuck and hides him for Sarah and makes a fake death. Sarah then confesses to Casey that she loves him. Then Chuck shows up to her surprise… whoo.

  13. Crumby says:

    I know that a lot of people don’t really care anymore of how C/S end up together, and just want to get this over with at the point.

    But assuming that it will FINALLY happen, there is a lot of question that I’d like to see address. They probably won’t be. But I’m kind of curious about it. So I thought about make sort of a list of those things and see how many will be answered. So here’s a few questions I have. I’m sure you guys will have plenty of questions too.

    Does Sarah want to quit the CIA? What happenned after Prague? We assumed (I assumed anyway) that she didn’t run away because the life she wanted was with Chuck and didn’t make sense without him. What about now? Does she wanna be with Chuck while they’re both spies? Or does she want them to get out of this eventually?

    How long does Chuck wanna be a spy? He said he couldn’t walk away from helping people considering what he had in his head. But what’s gonna happen when the Intersect will be rebuilt (if it is rebuilt)? Does Chuck want it out eventually? If yes what does he wanna do next? Being an analyst? Working with computers and be the real version of his Carmichael cover? And what would that mean for Sarah? Would he want her out to?

    And well then there’s Shaw. He’s Chuck eventually gonna confront Sarah about Shaw being able to have some answers out of her when Chuck has always failed?

  14. HenryH says:

    Might I make a suggestion here? The problem ANY of us has with speculation is that TPTB have rolled out SOOOOOO much crap that it hasn’t/won’t address that it is impossible to guess which threads and themes they will use and revisit.

    Although this happened in Season 2 as well (What ever happened to RIOS, for example), it is worse in season 3. Partially because there are still two episodes to go (duh!) but partially because, as someone else here said, the episodes don’t always work in the arc. There’s just a whole panoply of concepts thrown out, then abandoned.

    So I think it’s wise to do what Ernie Davis said he’s doing: Lower your expectations, suspend ALL disbelief, and watch what happens. Or what Liz James said: Admit you have no idea what TPTB are doing because logic, canon and rational character development no longer seems important to them.

    It is what it is. And I guess I’m not even sure if I care anymore. Since the comedy is sporadic, the spy story is lame (really, does ANYONE care about The Ring’s “secrets”) and Shaw is a black hole, the only thing that DOES matter is Chuck and Sarah. And since TPTB have already proven that they are willing to make the Chuck and Sarah characters cartoons, I choose to think nothing.

    However, I do admit I have ordered an Acme Bunk Detector and will turn it on at 8 pm tonight.

  15. weaselone says:

    Hmmm…I’ve already posted some speculation in another thread, but I think I’ll through caution to the wind and try to create the entire episode.

    1. Chuck’s back from DC and he has a new mission that requires a partner. He picks Sarah because he trusts her and knows her capabilities. It also gives him a last opportunity to mend fences with her.

    2. Chuck intends to use Sarah’s first night back before any of the real action begins to seduce her. he goes all out, perhaps with an assist from team CAM but it backfires when Shaw tags along with Sarah.

    3. Chuck attempts to talk with Sarah and ask her out but the conversation is interrupted by Shaw who hurries him out of Castle.

    4. Chuck goes home and informs members of Team CAM that operation Sarah Seduction is tabled. Team CAM badgers a less than enthusiastic Chuck to keep the faith. Chuck is reluctant to observe a date between Sarah and Shaw, but he’s eventually convinced.

    5. Shaw’s lured out. Chuck goes in. His reception is initially hostile, but Sarah eventually accedes to hearing him out.

    6. The Ring shows up, Awesome tackles Shaw through the window to save him interrupting Chuck’s talk with Sarah.

    7. Shaw decides to sacrifice himself to take out the Ring. My suspicion is that Chuck walks in on the kiss, but confesses his love for Sarah anyway. Sarah doesn’t respond to the statement, but eventually informs Chuck that Shaw is sacrificing himself. This could also go down in reverse with Chuck putting his heart out there, Sarah remaining silent. Chuck walks out of the room for a bit and reenters to the site of Sarah and Shaw kissing. Sarah informs Chuck that Shaw is sacrificing himself.

    8. Either way, Chuck believes Sarah has chose Shaw over him and at this point he may even be correct. Chuck decides that Sarah’s had enough of the men she cares about her leave her and decides to change the pattern if he can.

    9. Sarah’s not willing to let Chuck leave as easily as she did Shaw so he has to lock her up to allow his exit and prevent her from following.

    10. Meanwhile, Shaw is brought into the Ring facility and eventually finds out his target is a decoy. They try to turn him using the death of his wife.

    11. Chuck invades the facility. He eventually reaches Shaw and escapes just prior to the destruction of the facility.

    12. Somehow Sarah manages to escape Castle. Casey may play a role, but as he’s not with Sarah when she arrives on site and he would lack access to Castle so some other means of escape is quite likely.

    13. Sarah arrives on scene to see the building destroyed and believes that both Shaw and Chuck are dead.

    15. It’s revealed to Sarah that Chuck and Shaw are alive, probably by Chuck carrying Shaw around the corner of the building. Shaw’s unconscious and obviously injured so Sarah will check on him first.

    16. Here’s where it gets dicey. You could either see Sarah and Shaw going back to Washington with Chuck leaving, or Sarah could make a last minute appearance on Chuck’s doorstep. Either way, I think Sarah’s choice is resolved at the end of the episode.

    17. Sometime during this episode, or perhaps as the result of numerous small events, Chuck’s going to come to doubt Shaw’s emotional stability.

    • Jason says:

      assuming chuck is the one who locks up sarah, will probably be one of the better scenes

      I have doubts about the stalkdate scene, but lets hope it turns out, would be a waste of casey, awesome, morgan, sarah, chuck if such a scene does not play out well, I hope I am suprised.

      The whole thing could (should) end with sarah seeing chuck pull a smoldering plywood from the explosion, and sarah picking right there, but again, I have my doubts – in this case, sarah’s epiphany would occur as chuck is leaving (right after her line why are you going to save him, ans – because i know how much he means to you – light bulb ideally goes on there, although the sarah apt is not dimly lit these days

      going to be interesting, I hope the don’t ruin this episode, would be very easy to do a good one, but I have my doubts

    • Gabbo says:

      Wouldn’t the most obvious “Chuck doubts Shaw’s sanity” moment be if Shaw is seen WANTING to die? In other words, doing things that are not heroic sacrifices, but suicidal? Chuck would see them during the rescue, but no one else would. And it would lay the groundwork for 13, where Chuck tells Sarah some of the things he saw…

      • Gabbo you’re right Chuck will have doubts about Shaw’s sanity,Shaw is committing suicide here,It is not about being a hero here in this case. Chuck will see this when he tries to resue him.

        This will lay the groundwork for ep.13
        when Chuck tells Sarah about Shaw’s stability on the next mission which I believe will put Chuck and Sarah’s lives in danger.

  16. DaveB says:

    OK, here’s how I think it will pan out:

    Chuck is drawn unwillingly into the CAM plan to win Sarah back. Awesome knocking Shaw through the window comes across all wrong, and Chuck’s sanity is questioned by Shaw.

    The fiasco at the restaurant leaves Chuck alienated from Sarah, his attempt at reconciliation (the ILY moment) moves Sarah to throw Shaw’s ‘sacrifice’ in Chuck’s face.

    Chuck decides to rescue Shaw, locking Sarah in the Castle (ala Casey in “Perfect Job” but he just locks her in, rather than tranq’ing her)

    Chuck does indeed rescue Shaw, but Shaw is a tad “off” because he’s found out who killed Eve, and because Chuck kept him from ‘completing his mission’.

    Sarah is now royally pissed with Chuck, but is also questioning her commitment to Shaw.

    • weaselone says:

      I agree that Chuck probably gets drawn unwillingly into the CAM plan. It’s also quite likely that Sarah might not finish that scene particularly happy with Chuck, but I doubt that she’ll be spiteful towards Chuck during his ILY moment.

  17. BeCoolBoy says:

    From a strictly tactical, storytelling standpoint, let me make this point:

    Chuck telling Sarah he loves her is literally the first time ever, in 46 episodes, that TPTB have allowed one character to say that DIRECTLY to the other.

    If they don’t pay that off by the end of the episode, this show is dead. No one who still cares will come back for e13 and those viewers who came for the “decision” via the NBC promo will also feel cheated.

    And from my fannish self: What is the LEAST likely outcome we can imagine from this episode? Chuck’s declaration of love for Sarah being affirmatively returned. So that is actually what is likely to happen.

    • sd says:

      BeCool Boy…

      Agreed. But, like the Ring Agent (?) Is it possible Chuck was speaking to a Sarah hologram?

    • John says:

      Chuck has basically said everything to Sarah directly about how nuts he is for her. Granted he has never actually said he loves her, but everything and anything up to that point. So I guess I fail to see what is so…alarming about this being the first time for either character. Telling somebody you are crazy about them is basically the same thing.

      It totally depends on how they treat the lack of payoff, if indeed there is a lack of payoff. Sarah may make her choice and go after Chuck and we have a week to look forward to that. That might be fun. But I tend to only speak for myself and not the entire fanbase.

    • Paul says:

      It depends on when the ILY happens. If it is in teh beginning of the eps, I could totally see Sarah say no. At the end of the eps, after Chuck’s heroic moment, I could see her say NOTHING. Sarah is still conflicted at this point IMHO (and we did see a clip of her following someone out of scene with almost tears in her eyes). My bet is that she’ll say nothing, setting up the final reconciliation in 3.13.

    • BeCoolBoy says:

      Well, you have to remember, this is the functional equivalent of Colonel in this cycle. The big battle is at the end. I suspect this moment comes at the end, AFTER Chuck has saved the day. It’s actually the equivalent of the “It’s real!” moment. They MIGHT try it as a cliffhanger, but I doubt it.

      As for the ILY impact, well, in TV writing terms, “everything but…” doesn’t count. “I Love you” is unique, a moment that demands a payoff–either an acceptance or rejection…

      I think…

  18. Ernie Davis says:

    I think it’s interesting that we all seem to have settled on a general chronology and theme.

    1) Chuck returns and attempts to reconcile with Sarah. He is prevented from doing so by Shaw and/or Sarah’s apparent disappointment.

    2) Chuck reluctantly agrees to the stalkdate only to have it interrupted by the Ring and Devon’s rescue of Shaw.

    3) Shaw, for some reason decides to allow the Ring to capture him so he can be the target for a bombing.

    4) Chuck locks Sarah in Castle and goes to rescue Shaw.

    5) Sarah escapes Castle, goes to help, but seems to be too late.

    6) Chuck emerges with Shaw.

    7) Chuck, for some reason believes Sarah has chosen Shaw and leaves, leaving Sarah (surprise) heartbroken.

    I think the points we disagree on are very few.

    1) When does the Sarah/Shaw kiss that Chuck walks in on happen and when does Chuck’s declaration of love happen?

    2) Why does Shaw decide to sacrifice himself?

    3) How much animosity develops between Chuck and Shaw over Sarah?

    4) Does Shaw burn Chuck (i.e. leave him to fend for himself once again).

    I think it’ll be interesting to see how close we come.

    • Jason says:

      ernie, the one thing I don’t agree with is chuck leaving sarah / shaw after the rescue – I still think there is a chance that CS will get resolved as he emerges from the guilding with shaw – but I guess that would be too soon, you guys are probably right?

      • weaselone says:

        I second Jason’s comment. Even in my own post, I’m uncertain was to which path will be taken. They’re both plausible.

    • Crumby says:

      I agree Jason I don’t know about 7. I guess it’s just me wanting them to finally get together speaking!

      • Paul says:

        If TPTB are following storytelling convention, the hero will not get his love until the climax of the tale…which is for us is 3.13. I think they will set up C/S finally getting together in this eps, but the final movement in the final act.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      So it appears I jumped the gun on that consensus on #7. Duly noted.

    • Waverly says:

      It seems implausible, even for Shaw, that he lets himself be captured by the Ring just so that he/they can be blown up by a bomb, perhaps based on tracking his location.

      It’s more likely that they learn about the building, Beckman orders a strike, but Shaw decides to go in anyway for personal reasons.

    • JC says:

      I’m still sticking with Chuck leaving at the end of the episode. I’m not so sure it will be for Rome, depends on if he hears any of the conversation between Shaw and The Director. He might be going to Paris on his own.

      Now whether we get a huge moment of Sarah realizing he’s gone and such, I don’t know about that.

    • herder says:

      I’d like to see an 8) fountain talk, depending on how things play out it could be Chuck and Sarah, or if Chuck has left Sarah and one of Ellie, Casey or Morgan. Just so long as there is some honest expression of what is going on.

  19. Ernie Davis says:

    I forgot to add that one thing I’d like to see and could be pretty funny. Open with Chuck at CIA headquarters walking through the hallways being variously ID’d by various workers as recently promoted analyst Chuck Bartowski, or as legendary agent Charles Carmichael, with associated whispers of his legendary exploits depending on the worker’s level of clearance. Even at CIA headquarters Chuck would have to maintain a cover. Chuck interacting with career spies over the water cooler and trying to talk shop could be hilarious. I’d especially like to see someone talk to him about something that was hinted at in First Kill that I call “Club Carmichael”, a facility where all the baddies Team B has captured are held. Some meta-joke about how many (a couple a week for the last three years) are housed there would be fun.

    But I get the feeling there’ll be little time for comedy this episode, the angst clock is running out and they probably feel they have to cram every bit possible into this episode.

    • weaselone says:

      Season 4?

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Perhaps, but as this would be his first visit to headquarters so this is the prime opportunity for the fish out of water scenario, and for the reality to hit him that much as he doesn’t think of himself as a real spy, his reputation precedes him.

    • JLR says:

      That would be awesome Ernie. Thus I am sure we won’t get that.

  20. sd says:

    I would be surprised if we see Chuck in DC…as much as it makes sense and could be mined for some great comedy.

    I bet we see him reference his trip in Castle…a verbal hit and run so to speak.

    • John says:

      We might get a scene that is just a conversation between he and Beckman where he chooses Sarah to be his partner or something. But probably nothing more elaborate than that.

  21. Stef62 says:

    Sarah’s an expert at cracking locks, so she’ll be able to break out herself.

    On the gun issue. Maybe she’ll notice that it’s tranq guns/ammo that have gone, or simply have her ask Chuck why he is taking tranq guns, and him reply ‘I’m not a killer’

    • weaselone says:

      Maybe, but I still think the whole “Sarah will obviously notice Chuck is using tranqs and realize he didn’t pass his test” scenario is stretching it a bit. Even if Chuck has killed someone, there is no reason to believe that he would instantly change his preference for tranquilizer guns to real guns so his use of them would hardly call his exam results in to question.

      • kg says:

        She would have made the connection in the first two seasons.

        The woman “sees” nothing this season. She doesn’t see that Shaw’s a drone, she doesn’t see he’s a psycho, she doesn’t see how he’s used and manipulated her, he doesn’t see how he’s wrecked Team B.

    • Paul says:

      Could be Sarah gets herself out. I kinda like her asking Casey for help though.

      • Merve says:

        The one issue with that scenario is that Casey no longer has access to Castle, so unless he causes some sort of explosion, there’s nothing that he can do to help her.

      • Paul says:

        Not necessarily. Chuck may have just locked and disabled the blast door. The outer doors still may be able to be opened remotely by Sarah inside,to let Casey in.

      • weaselone says:

        Hmmm. I suppose Chuck could suspect that he might not be coming back. Leaving Sarah in the Castle with no way to communicate with the outside and no means of escape might not have been his intent. He might have just provided enough of an obstacle to slow her exit, but not enough to cause he to starve and die in the Castle should he fail in his mission.

      • JC says:

        I’m wondering if Chuck knows this could be a suicide mission.

      • Merve says:

        @Paul: I’m just looking for a scenario that includes the most explosions possible, and Casey having to explode the door to get into Castle just adds one more. More gratuitous explosions = better.

        @weaselone: No matter what, Sarah would eventually be able to get out of Castle. She just has to find and read the manual. 🙂

      • weaselone says:

        Given that Sarah tells Chuck that Shaw is sacrificing himself, Chuck would have to assume that his death is a significant risk.

      • JC says:

        Significant risk of death no doubt but I’m wondering if he knows about the plan to bomb the Ring base.

      • AngelTwo says:

        Not that this much matters, but Chuck has programmed the doors to open at a specified moment before.

    • DaveB says:

      She’s never been able to break out before (except when the power went out).

  22. JC says:

    Just saw this tweet from Josh Schwartz

    Big CHUCK episode tonight. Everything will begin to make sense… Watch it. Live!

    • BeCoolBoy says:

      In other words, Fearless Leader is essentially admitting nothing has made sense in the first 11 episodes.

      Brilliant show running. Just brilliant.

      • BeCoolBoy says:

        BTW, I notice Schwartz’s tweet was slavishing RTed by Boris Badenov, er, Darth Razorback…

      • SWnerd says:

        Whoa wait, he’s actually admitting to something that was wrong with this season? Albeit, probably unintentionally, but still that’s a major step. Of course if it turns out that after the episode things still don’t make all that much sense, then…well I won’t be surprised.

      • Gabbo says:

        Boris Badenov. Excellent… Shaw = Poochie. Darth Razorback = Boris Badenov. Man, you people on this blog are superlative!

      • herder says:

        We make big trouble for squirrel and moose.

    • John says:

      I was going to watch the episode live anyway but now I feel like a tool, just doing what JS tells me to do. What to do?

      • weaselone says:

        I recommend doing what you were going to do originally. Otherwise, you are allowing JS to dictate your actions and this season amply demonstrates where that leads.

      • HenryH says:

        Absolutely. Do whatever you were gonna do. TPTB say we have no right to influence their storytelling. They have no right to determine our TV viewing habits.

        Cake or Death, as Eddie Izzard used to say.

      • John says:

        Oh good point Weasel. Very well I shall show JS a thing or two by watching it live tonight.

  23. Sarah Bartowski says:

    As a shipper, best case scenario for tonight’s episode ending would be:

    Sarah deciding to tell Chuck she will be his partner but wants to keep things professional. Casey is re-instated. (Sarah won’t get back together with Chuck until 3.13, vs the Other Guy)

    Worst case scenario:

    Sarah leaves with Shaw.

    • John says:

      Chuck wouldn’t settle for that I don’t think. He has realized he loves her enough times to continue to pretend he doesn’t.

  24. Pingback: The Early Bird American Hero Speculation Post « Chuck This American Me

  25. Remember fans this is just specultion.

  26. AngelTwo says:

    Several things I think you can assume WILL NOT happen:
    1) Any time pass between e12 and e13. The story, at the moment, is being told in real time…
    2) Chuck going to Rome. That would require Chuck to leave everyone he loves, which people have been claiming was one of the reasons why he wouldn’t run away with Sarah in Prague.
    3) Very much about the red test. That’ll be saved for e13 in Paris, where Sarah had hers.

    Meanwhile, I have some real trouble with the “Sarah killed Eve” on the red test. For starters, the synopsis for e13 says Shaw finds out about the Ring agent who kills his wife.

    On the other hand, what I can buy: Shaw ordered Sarah’s red test. Remember that Sarah said she was just given a street name and a time. Sounds like it may have been anonymous rather than the face-to-face thing with Chuck. So I’m betting that Shaw having been behind Sarah’s red test is the most logical thread that pulls all this together.

    • AngelTwo says:

      BTW, since TPTB are playing funhouse mirrors with this season, what if we find out that Sarah has largely been the target of The Ring this year. It would double back to the assasination attempt in Pink Slip. Why he seemed so interested in her movements in First Class. And it would explain them having Shaw staying creepily close to Sarah since the beginning, etc. etc. etc.

      Of course, since we’re in funhouse mirror land, this could be about Big Mike. How would we know?

      • Angeltwo!Sarah might be the target of the ring through Shaw himself that could explains alot of things like being close to her since the beginning not letting c/s be together as spy partners like he tried to do in THE MASK.

        Remember in THE BEARD when the Ring agents found the disk that Shaw had about the Ring.One of the Ring Agents said,they have already uploaded the information from disk from Castle back to their Ring base.

        At the end of the episode of THE BEARD he told Sarah that they have a no chance to upload the infromation to their base.Shaw lied!

    • Jason says:

      I think I figured it out, a ring nuerologist, orion’s wife, developed a new saw dust technology, that brings long time dead subjects back to life, side effects, complete change in subject’s face, total loss of facial expression, loss of common sense & motor skills, and severe erectile dysfunction. Shaw is bryce, after months of the experimental saw dust treatments. This is the secret that beckman wanted to share with team B, but shaw or bryce did not want to share.

    • josh says:

      I think they were purposely vague in the synopsis. It reads “Chuck, Sarah and Shaw reunite to find the Ring operative behind the death of Shaw’s wife. ”

      “Behind” can easily mean the person they are chasing is the mastermind, not the actual person with the gun.

    • Angel two!did Shaw at the end of THE FIRST CLASS told Sarah that he’s responsible for killing his wife by the Ring?

      I’m just throwing it out there.

  27. Warp says:

    A lot of great ideas.

    Just let me add three more things that might have a serious impact on the next episode(s), one is a fact, one is an assumption and one is half and half:

    #1 Chuck has made clear in 3.11 that he is “not one of _them_ and will _never_ be”.

    #2 Shaw is psycho but not stupid, so with all possible ways of surveillance etc. he surely finds out that Chuck did not kill the rogue spy (He just fired one warning shot from his gun – And his was not the one that killed the guy).
    (So maybe putting himself in danger, knowing what Chuck will surely do to impress Sarah, is another attempt to get rid of Chuck because he knows that Chuck won’t kill – I think he won’t tell Sarah about it, just to screw things up even more – and Chuck won’t do either because of his loyalty to Casey > So here is the next big misunderstanding to create new cliffhangers for the next episodes…)

    #3 Remember the shock in Chuck’s eyes when that CIA agent ringed at his door to pick him up. I think he realizes that his whole reason of becoming a CIA operative is f**ked up: For him the whole CIA stuff was just little more than a game to play spy and get to stay with his team=friends + love + loved ones. But now it’s not a game anymore, so maybe he’ll try to bail out somehow (not in 3.12 or 3.13 as it seems).

    … I just hope that Chuck stays true to himself and acknowledges his natural self, otherwise he’ll lose Sarah…

    [Please excuse my mediocre skills in english, it’s not my first language – and please cross your fingers that somebody hurries to upload 3.12. to whatever-share soon, so that I can watch it from far away]

    • Warp! Chuck is a different spy He’s not one them. Chuck knows it,Sarah knows,it and casey knows it.and Casey is going to remind her that Chuck has his own ideas and principles as a spy base on what he will do or not do when it comes down to killing some unless to protect his friends,family or Sarah not what Shaw wants him to be.That what makes him better than us.

      If or when he tells Sarah that he’s the one that kill perry not Chuck if Shaw does not find out first,he is not stupid.Shaw is a manipulating psychopath hell bent on revenge and using Chuck and Sarah in the process.

  28. If Chris and Josh and the showrunners wants a season 4 C/S will have to get together sooner or later. better off sooner than later. One thing that we that we do know Shaw’s last stand is ep.13 after that he might died by his obsession for revenge.

    They played the wt/wt dynamic for 3 seasons as a plot device.the first 2 seasons it was great,this season having PLS,s over several episodes to establish as storyline to strike up a relationship for C/S was average at best.

    I don’t see the showrunners of Chuck having Sarah choosing Shaw over Chuck as a long distance relationahsip as a romance if Shaw’s character ends at 3-13.It will stickly prfessional wether he dies or not.

    • ND2488 says:

      I am not sure if this is the best place to post this, but they just had a quick bit on Chuck on E-News about saving the show. It was actually really funny. Zach has great comic timing. He said if the show is renewed he would be willing to have Gomez’s baby. As far as spoilers go, they showed a slip second shot of Chuck in a blue suit in a CIA waiting room. Beckmen comes in to get him. You couldn’t hear what they were saying. Perhaps that is the beginning of this episode?

  29. Faith says:

    Joe, did you mean this to be the main American Hero discussions thread?

  30. amyabn says:

    Wow. I have to go watch that again! I just keep saying wow in my living room. Thank God for Tivo! More tomorrow!

  31. Viridis says:

    I need to scream this somewhere.

    Arrrrgggh! Shaw! Of all the stupid things you do (and there’s a long list of them), you completely inappropriately use the Tesla Roadster. Running away in an all-electric car, even one with 200+ miles in range, is a really really stupid idea. If you want to save the environment while looking creepy, use a hybrid!

    Oh, and good job to Routh for finally using the creepy-stalker look in an appropriate moment.

  32. sd says:

    Holy Cow.

    How about Bartowski stepping up and seeing Shaw with revenge face which kinda looks like every other face he gives….

    It also means I have only gotten one thing right this season and that is Shaw’s wife was Sarah’s Red Test kill.

    Question…do you think Sarah was going to Chuck and was underscored by Casey’s comments…or that was the deciding moment for her…DC/Mexico…DC/Mexico?????

    • SWnerd says:

      Personally I think she was already going with Chuck, and Casey’s comment just solidified to her that it was the right decision.

    • JLR says:

      Open to interpretation, IMO. I have zero clue what “choice” she made prior to Casey’s mea culpa. I’ll re-watch, but seriously, can anyone really say definitively?

      • josh says:

        She dropped the gun on the bed, indicating she was heading towards a “normal” life with Chuck, not back to the spy life in DC. Then Casey came in and made her extra happy.

  33. John says:

    Now that was a freaking great episode. That is the sort of episode I used to expect from Chuck every week.

    It was not perfect but wow…I am going to bask in the awesomeness for a bit.

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