Fan Campaign Launched

As promised, I wanted to let you know about the campaign our friends over at have launched.  Details here:

I have to say it has been so encouraging to see a lot of people excited again about the show.  Some still have reservations and I respect that.  Your choice.   Let’s face it, it’s not what a normal fan would do!



About amyabn

My name is Amy and I'm in the active Army as my profession. I love the show Chuck and want to see it succeed for many seasons to come. My twitter handle is amyabn.
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32 Responses to Fan Campaign Launched

  1. Ernie Davis says:

    I think we should still buy subs too. TPTB have said the Subway deal helps the bottom line, and budget has been a problem If we do get renewed we want the Subway sponsorship to continue, and I certainly wouldn’t mind a 30 second Subway commercial embedded in each episode of Chuck.

  2. amyabn says:

    I agree. That also means that folks need to email Subway to tell them why they bought (thanks for supporting Chuck) as well as emailing NBC. I don’t think the comment boxes in the individual franchises will get it done.

    Anyone have the email addresses for the NBC brass? I don’t want to be obnoxious, but rather to respectfully ask them to consider a Season 4.

    I also recommend that folks keep up with the comments on other sites like Alan Sepinwall, Maureen “Mo” Ryan, TV Without Pity, etc etc. We need to talk up the show anywhere we can.

    I’m going to keep inviting people on my FB page. Any other brilliant ideas?

    • atcdave says:

      Just a quick follow up on this, a lot of outlets don’t even have individual comment cards anymore. Even if they did, they don’t care much about corporate decisions on this; be sure you e-mail corporate!

  3. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    Toyota had an in show commercial last night on Bones. They basically talked about why a sienna…similar to the nerd herd plug. I don’t think that’s something the fans can do but certainly TPTB. Also in American hero there was a little blurp of promotional consideration with windows—we know the show prefers macs (so do I) but they’re not above getting window dollars.

    From a fan standpoint, I think continued patronage of subway will certainly help but more than anything we have to hope that the ratings stay at rebounded 2.1 rate. If it does I think it’s a cinch to return- Angela Bromstead has said as much. So what does that mean? Promote this Chuck (once more) I don’t know any Nielsen viewers but you never know. I usually do a sideplug of Chuck whenever I blog at the La Times just in case. Not to mention friends and strangers lol.

    Also I think we need to come up with yet another beneficiary…as in another company aside from/with Subway. Obviously Honda won’t do it…I can get people subways but I can’t buy them a Honda lol. So something affordable an generous.

    Most of all a concentrated campaign I think will work best. A lot of fan campaigns try to do it all and it just doesn’t work. We’re not gonna get the show on USA, or AMC…we have to work with what we have and let the dollars speak for us.

    • Josh says:

      I m pretty sure Chuck has a deal with apple, hence all the iphones/mac computers.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      Actually they don’t. Apple doesn’t promote-sponsor. They just like to use em coz it’s cool lol. Though don’t quote me on that. Kinda like converse.

      Aha. Let’s all buy converses in support of Chuck!

      I mean can you imagine Chuck without his iPhone? I’d boycott if he gets a droid haha.

  4. amyabn says:

    Here is another blog site with ideas:

  5. HenryH says:

    Meh. I’m sorry. I can’t bring myself to promote the show unless I know what direction TPTB are planning for Season 4. I don’t want to buy a pig in a poke again. Just my two cents…

    • amyabn says:

      Henry, that is fine, you are entitled to your viewpoint. I think, despite this season’s “pitfalls,” it is still one of the best shows on TV. I’d rather have another season of Chuck than a lot of the other drivel out there. I will say, though, that I will never knowingly support a JS show. I like Kristin Kreuk and thought about checking out her new show, but it is one of JS’s, so I won’t.
      Ernie has been right-I have a week to week contract with the show-this show. But my contract began three years ago and I didn’t know what I’d get, but liking the majority. I’m willing to “go there” to try for a season 4, but I won’t “go there” and gamble on another of his shows.

      • herder says:

        Oh I will never willingly watch another JS produced show again, sorry Kristen Kreuk, I liked your bit on Chuck but if you are doing a JS show, count me out.

    • Gaboo says:

      I’m actualy with Henry. I’d need to hear something about what a Season 4 would be about. If TPTB can’t even give us that, well, I can’t give them support.

      Amy, while I admire your willingness to go another season blind, I just couldn’t. Chuck this year was NOT a show I wanted to watch. It was a matter of sticking to something I once loved.

      As you say, I’ll never knowingly watch another Schwartz show. But I suggest to you that just as Chuck Season 3 was a different show this year, so would a season 4. They’ve already said they have TWO game changers for episode 19.

      I want to know what they are talking about before I fight again. Episode 19 is too close to renewal deadline to decide. I know that. So why don’t TPTB come forward with some basic statement about Season 4? What would it take? Probably nothing more than “We plan to have Chuck and Sarah in a stable relationship all year…” If they can’t give us that–maybe at WonderCon this weekend–I can’t see myself coming to their aid again.

      Just my opinion, of course…

    • herder says:

      As frustrating as this season has been and despite the serious trust issues that I have with TPTB (and CF’s interview with Mo Ryan hasn’t done anything to ally those concerns) I would much rather have another season of Chuck than have it end here and now. So, I guess I am saying give me suggestions as to what I can do to have a season 4.

      Incidentally my lack of postings over the past few days has been an effort to avoid spoilers for the next episode rather than a disenchantment with the show, this seemed a safe thread to post read and post on.

      • Gaboo says:

        Oddly, I just came back after reading Fedak’s argument and I am sure now that I can’t support another season until I hear more. He thinks he did just great in the first 13. And now Chuck needs a shrink to talk about his emotions? What the hell is Sarah there for?

        I simply can’t give these guys the benefit of the doubt. I mean, if they get a fourth season, of course I’ll watch, I guess. But until I hear more, I sit on my hands. As they told us endlessly this year, it’s THEIR show, not ours. So let them do what THEY have to do to get the show: get ratings by putting on episodes that people want to watch.

      • amyabn says:

        Welcome back! And a wise choice on the thread. I have been rather spoilery on the others.

        As for what we can do, I think the Subway option is probably best. Some over at the NBC board suggest running episodes of Chuck over your computer ( so that the ads are being seen, hence revenue. I’m not smart on the ins and outs of the tv business, other than to say that the Nielsen system sucks.

        One other thought hit me as I was reading the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly. Chuck was the third most downloaded (read=purchased) show on iTunes top 30 for “Chuck vs. The American Hero” (p. 64 of the 9 April edition if you want the whole list). I don’t recall seeing this list before in other issues, but that also means it is making money-not sure how much. If anyone has insights on this, please share.

      • amyabn says:

        I actually had some doubts after reading CF’s latest interview, but then something someone else wrote struck me this morning. Angela Bromstad is attributed as saying that they are waiting to see how the ratings are once they put Chuck and Sarah back together.

        It doesn’t take a degree in statistics to correlate where S3 bombed-it was Poochie mostly, and keeping the leads apart (regardless of romantic affiliation). So, if the back six has them together and ratings go up, we should, in theory, get S4. If in fact this is true, I would bet a Subway footlong that NBC tells CF and JS to not pull that crap again.

        Some will argue the point with me (and that’s fine) that they are the creators and it is their vision, but from an economic standpoint, it isn’t ok and the network knows it. Maybe I’m full of it and NBC won’t care to dictate, but it effects the bottom line, so I think they will.

  6. BeCoolBoy says:

    I’ve just read the Fedak interview with Mo Ryan, too. And he convinced me: Let this show die.

    In fairness to Fedak, he TOLD us what he’s gonna do. More black stuff, no Chuck/Sarah interaction at the emotional level where they actually talk TO EACH OTHER about their issues and more beating on the characters and grief and angst.

    If the show gets a fourth season and you get slammed AGAIN by stuff like we’ve seen in season 3, don’t blame Fedak. He’s telling you up front. He loved what they did in Season 3, loved how Shaw worked and insists it all was just as they planned.

    I love Levi and Strahovski and Baldwin. But my commitment ends this year. No more of this. For me, at least. If this is the show they want to put on, fine. Let them get the ratings to prove than anyone but themselves like what they are doing.

    • Zsjaer says:

      Yeah that is a risk i don t wanna take. Sincerely before this season started i would put my hands on fire for Chuck producers. Well i got burned. Now i know them. I know who they are and i do not trust them anymore.

  7. Zsjaer says:

    From my point of view why should i support this show? They have ruined the characters i loved…i m not going to give my support or any kind of encouragement to them.I want to show Chuck producers that there are a lot of fans that didn t like what they did with this show. Now that is a campaign that i would give my vote.
    I m not going to say that i m not going to be glad if Chuck is renewed,i will but this time not with my help.
    I want to forget this Season. I hope the next 7 episodes or 6 can help me with that. maybe i ll change my mind later

  8. Josh says:

    Well I read the Fedak interview too, honestly, it reads like pretty standard damage limitation fluff to me. The fact he goes to such lengths to explain the arc means he understands people didn’t like it, and that it was probably badly executed.

    By the way, there’s a part of the interview that will be published Monday after Other Guy airs. It’s obviously about Chuck and Sarah and what they intend to do with them moving forward, so for my 2c, watch Other Guy, read the rest of the interview THEN decide if you like where they are heading.

    • AngelTwo says:

      I’ll certainly read with interest what is published monday. But as to your comment that Fedak was involved with standard damage control, I completely disagree.

      Standard damage control is this: When asked–as Ryan did–if there were anything you’d do different, you answer: “Well, of course there are things we’d do differently. We always try to be better and you always wish you could have rethought things. That’s part of the creative process. You constantly questions the decision you make. You’re always trying to tweak and change things.”

      What did Fedak say when asked by Ryan if he’d have done anything different? He said “No.”

      That’s not damage control. That’s a death wish.

    • Josh says:

      Angel, he’s still trying to sell the show, to NBC and the viewers, it’s unlikely he will go out and say yeah this season was major suckage. I mean look at it from a marketing point of view, he ‘s on the bubble, he knows it, at this point admitting failure isn’t going to achieve much, at least not with the people that might want to buy another season of this show. If you read the interview all his answers are vague, almost Capitol Hill like, rounded and lacking substance. That’s my definition of damage control 🙂

      • AngelTwo says:

        Unfortunately, Fedak is ALWAYS like that. So you have to view this interview as a piece with his others. Even when he’s pitching something we might love, he’d be vague.

        As for damage control, again, he did not give damage control answers. In fact, Mo Ryan was trying to give him the opportunity. Her questions were specifically framed so he could give what we otherwise would call non-denial denials.

        And, again, if he were pitching fans and NBC, he didn’t have to go backward. All he had to say, in his vague and general way, something like this:

        Looking ahead, I think Chuck and Sarah have come through their hardest times and we’ve got exciting adventures for them planned as a couple.

        That’s all. No admission of guilt. No sack cloth. No apologies. No sorry-we-got-it-wrong.

        All he had to do was say Chuck and Sarah are going to have exciting spy adventures as a couple.

        He won’t do it because he can’t do it. And he can’t do it because that is not what a season 4 would look like. You HAVE been warned. He delivered exactly what he promised in Season 3. Season 4 will be just as black and angsty.

      • Big Kev says:

        Well, TPTB said the back six were going to be a preview of Season 4. Can we at least watch the damn episodes before being quite so definitive about what Season 4 might look like?

      • lizjames says:

        Big Kev-
        I understand your desire to give TPTB the benefit of the doubt. I do. I’m a fan, too.

        But media is my business and I’m begging you to understand that creative people have styles. They are what they’ve done. Schwartz does angst. He killed his breakout hit (The OC) with it in the third season. And rather than learn his lesson on Chuck, he went the same sow-killing route.

        So it’s your hope against the track record. You have to make the call for yourself.

        But you really SHOULDN’T delude yourself because folks who chose not to listen to TPTB when they told them about Season 3’s direction have been shocked and disappointed.

      • Big Kev says:

        Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to what was a slightly intemperate post.
        I do get the point about styles, especially with Josh Schwartz. I stopped watching the OC when Season 3 got too ridiculous.
        To your last point though, I’m actually trying to take JS and CF at their word for once. They’ve said that the back six will be a preview of Season 4 – so instead of second guessing them (which I have done this season) I’m going to watch the back six and assume that a potential Season 4 will be something vaguely similar.
        Whether that turns out to be a reaosnable assumption is open to debate of course.
        Welcome back, by the way, for however long it may be. Your insight has been missed!

  9. Crumby says:

    There is one thing Mo Ryan agreed on though: the 313 is a “game changer” whatever that means.

    • amyabn says:

      What exactly does “game changer” mean? Not trying to be a smart alleck, but we keep hearing words like these, along with “epic” etc etc. I think the producers need to come up with a dictionary guide to what they mean, or better yet, we could do it for them.

      game changer: turning the show on its ear and re-tooling the premise

      epic: over blown, self-promoted, and poorly thought out canon

      Your turn….

      • Jason says:

        my definition of gamechager, takeway whatever the fans know and love the most

      • Crumby says:

        Yes Amy and Jason, you nailed my reservations about the use of those words about 313. As excited as I am about this episode, I’m a little worried about what may come out of it.
        I guess we just have to wait and see. Not only 313, but 314 will be eagerly-awaited too.

      • atcdave says:

        I simply take “game changer” to be a big change in the characters or circumstance of the show that will not be ignored in later episodes. Intersect 2.0 is the single biggest game changer we’ve seen because it complete changed Chuck’s relationship to the spy world. Bryce’s death, papaB is Orion; those are kind of smaller game changers.

        Not to be all Pollyanna, but I think the most likely game changer for 3.13 is an engagement/marriage/elopement for Chuck and Sarah. Shaw’s death, especially if Chuck does the killing, is another possibility.

        One problem with reading interviews with writers is they want us to think any change is epic, colossal, and a complete game changer. We may not see them the same way. Especially something like getting rid of Shaw, which most of us will view more with a sigh of relief than anything else.

        Guessing what game changers might come 3.19 is even harder, because its so far out we haven’t got a lot of clues yet. We’ve discussed things like Orion’s death, or the intersect is killing Chuck; but its really just pure guess work at this point.

      • herder says:

        I agree with Dave’s assesment, so it saves me from having to do a full post of my own.

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