More Fan-Support

I just received an e-mail from Matt leading me to Watch Chuck Live! There you’ll find a list of things that will help insure Chuck gets renewed for a 4th (and most certainly then, a 5th) season.  If it is your inclination, I encourage you to look it over and read the comments, especially if you can contribute other ways showing your support for the show.

Hey! I’ve already got four of ’em under my belt! Not bad.

Myself, I just went to the Official SUBWAY Restaurant Customer Service Form, used their locator to get the exact address of the SUBWAY franchise near work (the one I frequent on Mondays!) and entered this:

I’m writing to thank Subway and its franchises for supporting the NBC tv show Chuck. I’m pleased to see advertisements for the show posted at this location.

Subway Footlongs are a quality product, but in a competitive market they are my lunch-fare of choice because of this support. I hope it continues.

Joe Buckley

These messages are meant for customer information and complaints, I’m sure. But I’m fairly confident that if enough of these kinds of messages are received at the lowest level, the message will get filtered up to the corporate level.

Can’t hurt!

– joe


About joe

In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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5 Responses to More Fan-Support

  1. Mischievous says:

    Thanks for the heads up Joe!

    I know I’m probably in the minority around these parts at this point, but I’m still willing to do whatever I can to keep this show around for as long as possible.

    Viva BuyMoria!

  2. amyabn says:

    Guys, just an update on the E! Save One Show (SOS) deal. Today is the last day for the initial round. Please take a minute to vote when you can. Tomorrow the top five will be listed. More details below; you can vote here:


    Monday, April 5: Save One Show will be cut down to the top five. Fans of the ousted shows will have the chance to get their series back in the running via a special Twitter Wild Card vote. (We’ll give you details April 5.)

    Wednesday, April 7: We will reveal the Twitter Wild Card winner, which will be included as a contender in the final vote.

    Monday, April 12: The ultimate winner of Save One Show will be announced on E! News, Daily 10 and E! Online.

    A tip: Starting this week, make sure you connect with other fans via Facebook and Twitter (using “#SOS” and “@kristinalert”) to encourage them to vote.

    Read more:

  3. pandachuck says:

    JAMONA, chuck-uck. cmon keep going.

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