WonderCon Spoiler Thread

Go For It!

Josh, Zac and Adam at WonderCon

As I type there is a viewing of episode 3.13 Chuck vs The Other Guy happening at WonderCon. Spoilers are inevitable, and Twitter #wondercon is the place to find them.

If you have one and just can’t resist sharing, then this is the place. Of course, if you want to remain unspoiled for the next 26 hours (on the East Coast, anyway), then this is the place to avoid!

I also invite you to speculate as you wish right here.

– joe

Early Update: I’m not seeing spoilers yet, but the universal reaction is um… amazing! everything you could hope for from a bunch of rabid Chuck fans. I hear the SQUEEEEEs from here.

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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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107 Responses to WonderCon Spoiler Thread

  1. joe says:

    I’ll leave a minor spoiler. From a WonderCon twitter (by @ericdaemons), “The Chuck-Sarah storyline gets resolved in a big way.”

    Oh be still my Chuck-lovin’ heart.

    • Jen says:

      I seriously can’t wait til tomorrow night. Can I go to sleep n then have someone wake me up at 7:55pm tomorrow night???? I don’t want to have to wait!

    • Mischievous says:

      All I know is I noticed a ring on Sarah’s left hand during a 3.14 clip shown during her appearance on G4TV.

      I know it could just be another cover, but the shipper in me really wants it to be real!

    • joe says:

      I know. Between that and Casey growling “Get me my suit.” I’m sky-high at the moment.

      Is that a bad thing?

  2. JC says:

    I’m actually shocked the episode hasn’t been completely spoiled yet. I’m seeing hints of things on twitter but no write up yet which is surprising.

    • Mischievous says:

      I’m actually getting info saying that Levi himself asked people to refrain from spoiling too much which might explain why massive spoilers aren’t in the wild just yet.

      There’s a part of me that wants to know right now, but there’s also a part that knows that going in relatively unsoiled generally makes things better in the end.

      The internal struggle to refrain from searching for more is raging!

  3. Faith says:


    “Once you see what’s coming down the pike, there’s no reset button powerful enough to undo what we’ve done,” says Schwartz.

    Go, don’t stop. 😉

  4. Jason says:

    spoiler follows: the first few minutes are on the internet already, chuck has sarah back in 4-5 minutes, but it is a ‘bit’ angsty, more funny, a bit stupid, but I think sarah will only like chuck more as result …. chuck will probably feel sarah picked shaw

    • Jen says:

      Do you have a link?

      • Jason says:

        works really poorly & stops at the opening credits, most of it I have actually seen already, sounds like the episode is going to be great, might look around later for more, if anyone finds more, please post it:


      • Jen says:

        Thanks Jason! Too bad iPhone doesn’t support flash. I wanted to see the clip last night while i was “Supposed” to be sleeping but i couldn’t from my phone. But with your awesome summary below i feel i don’t need to wathc it anymore and will just wait til tonight 🙂

  5. JC says:

    I can post a short write up of the beginning and what seems to be the middle of the episode if people want.

  6. JC says:

    Not a lot of detail, so I’m sure there’s more. And sorry about some of spelling, it was taken from an iPhone.

    It begins with Chuck going to the Buy More to find Casey to help save Sarah. Chuck bumps into Morgan who wants to help be a spy by being a part of Chuck’s team. Chuck says ok to blow him off and finds Casey for help. Casey says he can’t but Chuck stresses how important Sarah is to him. Casey gives him a number to Col. Sanders who can get him a strike force.

    Cut to Shaw and Sarah breaking into a warehouse. Shortly after Chuck with a team of on screen soldiers show up. Inside Sarah finds a bunch of monitors playing footage of Shaws wife including Sarah killing her. Shaw shows up behind Sarah with his gun drawn. Sarah turns and says what is going on here.

    Shaw lowers his gun and explains how the ring has tricked her into killing his wife and how he wants to take them down and knows how. Chuck is up high in the catwalk and sees this and has his gun drawn on them. Then Sarah moves in to comfort Shaw while Chuck sees all this which is broken up when chucks radio goes off saying they are in position to which Shaw and Sarah look up at Chuck. At that moment soldiers come crashing through the ceiling. Chuck radios in to call off the air support, tank, etc.

    Chuck is back at his apartment where Morgan finds him drinking while playing guitar hero. Chuck explains he has lost her since Shaw and Sarah are going off to dc. Morgan tries to stop him and chuck flashes. Next thing you see is Morgan tied up with controllers. Sarah comes in and sees the mess and then cuts the cords to free Morgan. Sarah says she needs to talk to chuck alone. Chuck asks Sarah for the record that he loves her and wants to know if she loves him. Sarah doesn’t say anything and there is a long pause to which chuck starts to talk again.

    Sarah interrupts him by saying yes. They kiss. She then explains they need to do one last mission and then they can be together. Cut to inside a building with Sarah, chuck, and Shaw. Shaw is lowering them down an elevator shaft to capture the director of the ring for some intel. Shaw is interrupted and shots are fired down the shaft. Chuck says Shaw knows about them. Shaw beats them up and explains he took care of some guys. Chuck and Sarah inside the elevator intercept the director. He says they can’t escape and mentions they are working on an intersect. They get him to call his secretary to bring the intel to the elevator and she does. The director tips her off with code but Sarah catches on and pulls her in. Then a maintenance guy shows up cuz of swarming showing on the elevator cuz of the open hatch to which chuck brings him in and states this is getting out of hand. The director says this is a trap and everyone draws guns on each other. The elevator door opens and security with guns are there to force Sarah and chuck to surrender. Then several shots are fired taking everyone out but the director as shaw shows up to save them. Shaw says he’ll take care of this and tells them to go. Door shuts, seconds later gunshot. Sarah and chuck leave. Shaw is shown standing over the body.

    • Faith says:


      THANK YOU!

    • JC says:

      Let me add one thing, if the what I’m hearing Sarah says during the DYLM scene is true. Wow she’s had feelings for Chuck for a lot longer than I realized.

      • Faith says:

        he had her at “Vick-a-Vicky Vale!” 😀

      • JC says:

        After a fix and before a virus. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        don’t you have anything more to add? im from the philippines and the 13th ep won’t air till saturday…so im going to take any spoiler that i can get

      • Paul says:

        Ah…the little ballerina…. 🙂

      • JC says:

        Close I guess I should have said after a fix and before a defuse. But I’m sure that played a major part.

      • Faith says:

        Ah, I didn’t know we were guessing…that’s just my standard: you had me at hello pick 😀

        Ok my guess? Baggage Handler. Am I right?

      • JC says:

        Its wasn’t just one moment that did it. A lot of things happened back then.

        Yes. Chuck, I fell for you a long, long time ago.

        Oh and please, please, remember this the one thing I can’t vouch for 100%.

      • Paul says:

        Well, we did see Sarah enjoying her “date” with Chuck in 1.01. It now appears that when she smiled and said “I like you, Chuck” she was being genuine.

      • JC says:

        If its true, it puts a whole new spin on the first two seasons.

      • Paul says:

        JC, yup, that little bit of knowledge changes A LOT of the subtle dynamic between C/S in S1 & S2 (mostly on Sarah’s end). Puts a lot of things in a new light.

      • Gabbo says:

        Not having seen any of the episode nor read anything other than what’s on this thread, I’m wondering how can WHATEVER Sarah says can retroactively change the dynamics/perception of Season 1/2.

        After all, we knew that Sarah found something interesting in Chuck from as early as the “ballerina scene” in the pilot. S1E3, it ends with Chuck and Sarah talking about how kissing might not be bad. In S1E4, Carina tells Chuck that Sarah wants him. In Hard Salami, Sarah kisses Chuck, which grew in import after Cougars and DeLorean after we learned about Sarah’s abandonment issues. And by the end of Season 1, Marlin, we see crazy-in-love Sarah (h/t lizjames) for the first time prepared to cap Longshore to keep Chuck.

        So what could Sarah say that would shed light on anything. I’ve assumed what we’re waiting for is her admission to Chuck that she’s loved him.

        Am I missing something?

      • JC says:


        What I know of episode is very general, not many details and hardly any dialogue. I knew someone who was at Wondercon and I twisted their arm to go to the screening. They weren’t a Chuck fan so what I got from them wasn’t to detailed. What I posted above was from another site that just confirmed what I was told. The line Sarah says in the DYLM scene is something I heard so I have no idea of its accuracy. But basically she fell for him during the first episode. And she says exactly when.

      • Gabbo says:

        Got that you don’t have confirmable specifics. But I still don’t understand why you’d think one SPECIFIC moment in the pilot where they have Sarah saying where she fell for Chuck changes much of the dynamic of what’s we’ve already known about Seasons 1/2.

        Is it, do you think, something we in the audience might not have suspected?

      • JC says:

        Its not just one moment, like the ballerina or the date. It’s more of a series of events in the pilot that she fell for him. Maybe some people always thought that, but I didn’t. I always knew she liked him but its seems like her feelings ran a lot deeper than that.

        As for your question no, its not something the audience didn’t suspect.

      • Gabbo says:

        Understand now.

        As for the series of events in the pilot, well, Chuck displayed all of his best points: not taking himself too seriously, compassion, determination, inventiveness and, as we now know, his unwillingness to abandon Sarah.

        I know I didn’t think after the pilot, oh, it’s gonna be love. But if you didn’t see what was coming after Carina announced it to Chuck (and us) at the end of Wookie in episode 4, well…

        That’s why the WT/WT lasted too long. The TPTB announced the romance 44 episodes ago! And this is episode 48. So, you know, it was WAY WAY WAY past time…

      • Gabbo says:

        BTW, that’s why the ret-con of the pilot this season was so bad. In their desperation to show Chuck burning Manoosh was what Sarah was intended to do to Chuck, they invented this phony “piece of cake” line and her on-the-phone briefing.

        In the original pilot, Sarah KNEW Chuck was a nice guy because there was expository dialogue about Bryce having always raved to Sarah about how great Chuck was. So she was pre-disposed to liking him.

        Now in the key moment of the series, they have to tell you that Sarah was bowled over by Chuck, the complete stranger. Doesn’t play nearly as well, if you ask me. Not for someone inantely reserved and suspicious of motive as Sarah. Sarah having known Chuck was an appealing guy before she even met him seems more organic.

        Just another bit of Season 3 wreckage…

      • JC says:

        I was trying to be vague about the line because I don’t want to ruin it for people and if it doesn’t happen. I didn’t want to be killed.

        But if it does happen, people will understand what I was hinting at. The whole after a fix and before a defuse.

      • Faith says:

        I second that Gabbo. Did not care for it at all…they turned her into something she never was for the purpose of the plot. Plus they took away the grays of the area, namely Bryce dying and how that affected her.

        In any case, what’s past is past, I’m never replaying those episodes unless under duress lol.

      • Gabbo says:

        I take your point. Not only is Season 3 something I’ll never rewatch, it made me less interested in watching Season 2 episodes again. I’ve actually been hiding out in Season 1 these last few weeks.

        But it is interesting how all these pilot changes affect things. When the Sarah character was originally named “Kent,” were we supposed to get that she was Superman in her spy guise? And when they changed her name to Walker, were you supposed to think of the Lee Marvin character Walker in Point Blank?

        And why name Routh’s character Shaw if you’re going for a Bond movie and not The Manchurian Candidate.

        You ever see Cruise of the Gods, a brilliant British one-off on fans and TV shows? It take place during a convention for a fiction British sci-fi show and one of the guests of honor is the writer of the show. And he’s a drunk. He sits in the audience, stoned, during a panel where some fans are rambling on about the significance of the characters’ names. He’s infuriated, gets up and screams, “They’re anagrams of the names of curry, you idiots! They don’t mean anything!” (And, of course, they are anagrams…)

      • JC says:

        Thank god I was right about that line.

  7. Lauren says:

    I’m fighting a battle between my desire to know and my desire to not be overly spoiled like I was for American Hero. Unfortunately, I live on the West coast too so I’ll have to wait even longer than most but I hope to join in the rejoicing (please let it be rejoicing) then.

    • joe says:

      I’m fighting that battle with ya, Lauren. Man, it’s hard to not look!

      • Lauren says:

        At least I know I’m not alone 🙂

        Although I’m kicking myself for not going to Wondercon today.

    • PeterOinNj says:

      You are not alone Lauren. And having the videos right here is making it a little too easy to say “well, one won’t hurt”. Yeeesh

      Joe, thanks for putting this together and curse you my friend, curse you! ;-D

  8. The Shrink says:

    To know or not to know is the question. But it is also an answer. I want to know so my 40 degree day in Michigan will feel like 80!! Golf and Charah is there anything better in life. Or is is Cham? Always like charah better.

  9. The Shrink says:

    Too bad the season didn’t stop here. I think a renewal is for sure. Dont know how well it will be after taking continued ass kicking for DWTS and new House. Fingers crossed for a 2.3 to a 2.5 tomorrow.

    • atcdave says:

      I’m hoping tonight’s ratings will be big. Last week was kind of the first good cliffhanger we’ve had all season. I think, even people who don’t follow the show like we do know its building to some sort of climax; hopefully that translates to good numbers.

  10. Diane D says:

    I saw this episode at Wondercon and even though I am a spoiler junkie myself, I can’t get myself to reveal the details of the episode.

    Try to resist. I went into it having seen the US promo, the Canadian promo, the scene on Bonnie Hunt and a few other spoilers. I still had pleasant surprises and I’m so happy for that.

    • Faith says:

      That’s really good to hear. Ok so you won’t spoil 😉 But can you tell me if in your opinion this beat Colonel, and/or your top episode from s2?

      • Diane D says:

        I would say it’s my favorite Chuck episode to date.

      • Chuck604 says:

        By the way people are describing tonight’s episode, I can’t wait to watch it. This evening can’t arrive fast enough.

  11. Faith says:

    Ok here are the vids of the interview. Don’t watch if you don’t want to get spoiled lol…

    part 1, part 2, part 3.

    Shaw talked about…

  12. Faith says:

    Part 1

    • Paul says:

      Watch out! VERY spoilery…But then again, if you’re in this thread, I guess that doesn’t bother you too much… :o)

    • Jen says:

      I’m fighting the desire to click on “PLAY”… AAAH. Is there anything on these clips that we don’t already know? Are they mainly talking about tonight’s ep?

      • Paul says:

        Tonight’s episode. Part 2 and part 3 aren’t as bad spoiler wise, but part 1 is VERY spoilery.

    • Faith says:

      BTW the HD versions of these are already up at youtube. I’d post them here but having already posted these, I’m shy lol.

  13. Faith says:

    Part 2

  14. Faith says:

    Part 3

  15. amyabn says:

    I’m avoiding the videos, but this is going to be a really long 12 hours to have to wait!! Don’t forget to go buy your Subway sandwiches and write corporate! Squeee!

  16. Zsjaer says:

    So how the episode will end? for whom is Sarah crying and why? Shaw death? come on guys we already know the middle..this the place for the spoilers..
    don t make me suffer until tomorow (:

    • The Shrink says:

      Watch the First Video and you will hear a fan comment on that very point.

      • Zsjaer says:

        i could only understand about them in Paris..i ll have to watch it again..the audio isn t that good or it is my english.

      • Paul says:

        Part one of the panel talks about the conclusion of the arc in the first 13 eps and how they set up the season to get them to the specific end point. If you listen closely and take into account some of the pics from the promos, you’ll get an idea of exactly where this is going. While I haven’t seen the eps yet, I’m thinking a “Bond-esque” ending likely fits….

      • AngelTwo says:

        There are those of us who reserve Bond-esque strictly and solely for the Sean Connery flicks, you know… 🙂

        Although I do admit that the movie to which you refer is generally considered the best of the Moore ones…

      • wdm0744 says:

        Interesting, Paul and Angel. You guys have got me really curious. I’m trying to avoid major spoilers, so I won’t watch the vids, but you’ll have me pondering which Roger Moore 007 outing you’re talking about all day.

        Man, is it 7:00 yet?

      • wdm0744 says:

        If memory serves, all of Moore’s 7 Bond movies end with him romantically involved with the central Bond girl (like 99% of all the other 22 official films).

        I guess I could see Beckman interrupting C/S a’la The Spy Who Loved Me.

        I’m assuming you’re hinting at something a bit more dramatic, though, and at the moment, I’m at a loss.

        This Awesome. Can’t wait. Must not read spoilers. Must resist.

      • AngelTwo says:

        Well, if you’re trying to avoid spoilers, what are you doing on THIS thread. 🙂

        But since Merve and I were talking about this on the American Hero thread, the movie is The Spy Who Loves me, which has a villain named Stromberg (the name they gave Karl in Three Words) and two spies who team up and one learns the other killed her lover.

        I don’t consider these spoilers because this covers stuff we’ve already seen.

        I dunno how the episodes ends nor have I seen it. Nor do I know what else Spy Who Loves me will be referenced. Sorry…

      • JC says:

        Very good call on the interrupt, I didn’t make the Bond connection myself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Angel – Cool. That makes sense. I know – I shouldn’t be on here, but I can’t help myself. I just kinda skim. Haven’t been spoiled yet. Just a few more hours to go.

  17. adi says:

    Why is Sarah crying or for who??? Plsss guys tell me.

    • Zsjaer says:


      • The Shrink says:

        I see you answered your question Zsjaer. I wish I could say that i am sad but hooray!!!

      • Jason says:

        I have a pretty good idea what is going to happen, but still ave quite a few ?’s too, going to be great to watch, have not felt this excited about an episode since 3.1. My bet is 3.5 will be followed by 3.13 on the repeats, which should introduce the shaw arc, and end it for newer viewers, and let them go right into the good stuff in 3.14 and beyond.

      • Faith says:

        Nah, they’re showing 3.5 and 3.9 (Beard). So it’s a crowd pleaser. I do wonder if they were to reshow Mask if it would even reach 0.9 level lol.

  18. Moses says:

    Chuck shoots shaw…JS says it in the video…it was most likely to protect Sarah, hence why she cries..just gotta wait till it airs i guess 😉

  19. Zsjaer says:

    one thing…Shaw died saving Sarah or Chuck..is that the reason she is crying right? i need some more details about that particular scene before i ll go work 🙂 What about Chuck? did he shot someone with a real gun? who kills the director?

    • JC says:

      Who says the director dies?

      • Zsjaer says:

        So he doesn t die? cool! my tactic is working 🙂 come on JC give us another detailed report pls..

      • JC says:

        I didn’t say he lives either. 😉

        But trust me you don’t want the second half spoiled at all. I cut the spoilers off at a certain point for a reason.

      • Faith says:

        Jason, do you know? You know! (ha, just a little Tic-Tac humor).

        I know stuff now guys, that I kinda wish I didn’t. So take heart, don’t find out lol.

      • JC says:

        Do you specifics? There’s a couple of things I’m in the dark about.

      • Faith says:

        Typo, I meant JC 😀

      • Faith says:

        No, thank god. I only know the second part of what you know.

      • Chuck604 says:

        So Faith,

        You know stuff that you wish you didn’t, meaning that it would have been that much better if you hadn’t known before hand?

      • Faith says:

        Only in the sense that I won’t have the surprise of seeing it and enjoying it because it’s new. I mean what I know is what I know but the microscopic-details is still going to be new to me.

        But the stuff I know is GOOD.

      • JC says:

        Oh ok so you understand why I ended my spoiler when I did now?

      • Zsjaer says:

        Faith pls tell us…i got work all night before watching Chuck..tell us the second part pls 🙂

      • Faith says:

        JC, I get it, but when I first read yours all I can think about was, what? That’s it? I hadddd to know more. But now that I know, I agree with where you left it off. You gave good stuff but left the great stuff out for people to find out later.

      • JC says:


        I want to ask you something, can I send you an e-mail?

      • Faith says:

        yeah do you know my email ad? Or you can twit me instead if that’s better…

      • JC says:

        No I don’t know your e-mail .

      • Faith says:

        perfectjem8 at gmail dot com

    • BeCoolBoy says:

      Well, the answer to some of this was revealed in the other parts of the panel discussion. I mean, if you listen to Fedak.

      But I guess spoilers don’t bother me as much. I’d rather know what’s coming so I can examine what’s done and how rather than being shocked and then trying to break it down later.

      But to each their own. Everyone can and should take entertainment as THEY like it.

      • Zsjaer says:

        You guys think Chuck will have to shot someone with a real gun in this episode? i don t think so. Or the episode couldn t finish in a good tone

      • atcdave says:

        even a good ending can have a touch of melancholy. I could easily see Chuck killing to save Sarah’s life (or Ellie, Devon, Morgan, Casey, etc…). He and Sarah both might be shocked and upset, but if the circumstances are right (morally clear case of life saving) it shouldn’t have dire consequences. Remember, Sarah was shocked that Chuck might have killed impersonally, for a mission; but I don’t think a clear life saving would have the same effect.

        Don’t get me wrong, it might bother both of them over time; but it won’t reduce to Chuck to a cheese-ball eating catatonic either.

      • Chuck604 says:

        Yeah, at this point Chuck should be mentally tough enough to handle taking a life in order to save the people he cares for. It may eat away at him, but he won’t go off the deep end.

  20. Chuck604 says:

    The suspense is killing me. Can’t wait to watch it tonight.

  21. Who Dat says:

    I am expecting an explosion of internet activity after this episode, btw the top 5 on save our show is up.

  22. In 3 hours ep.13 “CHUCK VS THE OTHER GUY” will be televised.What will happen?

    We know now by the end of ep.12 that it was Sarah who killed Agent Eve Shaw Daniel Shaw’s wife 5 years ago as part of her Red Test to become a spy manipulated by a Ring Agent who was working for the CIA because Eve has compromised her cover as a Ring Agent.Of course Shaw knows this as well and Sarah is with him not knowing she’s in extreme danger.

    Chuck along with Gen.Beckman who also saw the video image of Sarah killing Eve is now looking for Sarah and he’s going to need some help in that regard.Will we see Casey reinstated just for this mission only to help Chuck find Sarah to get her away from Shaw and the Ring before it’s too late?

    Also Shaw will try to get his revenge on Sarah not by killing her but by kill Chuck the man she loves which will ultimately will lead to a fight between Chuck and Shaw not only for his life but for Sarah’s as well.

    So will it be Sarah who pull the trigger killing Shaw to save Chuck?Will it be Casey if reinstated who will kill Shaw? Or will it be Chuck who will have no other choice but to kill him to save Sarah’s life? Just maybe Shaw might die a hero’s death,I just don’t see that right now.

    Shaw is suicidal,he’s motivated by revenge.We saw it in “THE AMERICAN HERO” he wanted to die and he has death in his heart. It wasn’t about the mission which more that just a cover to get his revenge on the Ring for killing his wife.

    It’s been 5 years since Eve Shaw has died.Shaw has not recovered from that loss and to tell you the truth he’ll never will not really,you accept it and move on and that’s not an easy thing to do. This obsession for revenge against the Ring for 5 years now has taking Shaw to a dark place that he want be able to come back from.

    Shaw used and manipulated the truth to Gen.Beckman and Team B and most of all Sarah herself.She was Chuck’s boss while he was in spy training to become a spy.Shaw controls Sarah he controls Chuck/intersect for his on agenda for revenge against the Ring.

    Gen.Beckman worst fears have come true.Shaw took over Castle and Team B.Accelerated Chuck’s spy trianing by sending him on these solo suicide missions against Sarah and Casey wishes,Team B is now in Shambels.

    No matter who pull the trigger killing Shaw tonight lives are going to be affected by this. What will be the fallout from this. Will Gen.Beckman lose her rank and/or command over Team B? What will happen to Team B Chuck we know is the team leader now.Will he have Sarah as his agent and partner? What about Casey,will he be reinstated by the Government and be a part of Team B? Will he even be demoted from Colonel back to major? We will see.

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