The Other Guy – Second Reactions

The first reaction post was filling so quickly, I thought it might be better to open a second to continue the discussions.

You are still my Chuck.

As for me, the best word I can think to describe my feelings while watching The Other Guy is “release”. It’s like a great weight has been lifted, and a lightness is exactly what I see in the characters, especially in Sarah. Oh, that smile.

That will change. I’m sure that as I rewatch (again and again and even more in my mind’s eye) the feeling will become much more like satisfaction. My thoughts start with Pink Slip and Prague. When I think of it, I think of only one thing, “That was not the kiss I was expecting.” Then, when I think of The Three Words and remember Chuck’s speech at the fountain, the speech he gave to Karl Stromberg (Vinnie Jones), I know that a story is started and a path is laid out. All that lay in between this speech and Paris is side story and detail about Chuck’s maturation and Sarah’s rescue.


He directed that speech to Karl Stromberg, but gave it to Carina, and to Sarah too. But mostly, he gave it to us, the fans. We can talk endlessly about the mechanics of how we got here, and about the necessity of the path that was chosen. There’s plenty of time for that.

But right now today, that’s not what’s on my mind at all. And if I can generalize, I don’t think it’s on yours, either. Oh yes, I saw the plot holes, and the continuity slips. But none of that amounted to much when my wife blurted out “Shoot him!” at the appropriate moment. None of that mattered from the instant that Sarah said “You’re still my Chuck.”

There was a moment of uncertainty. Chuck had done everything he could to save Sarah, and was about to fail. Then he pulled the trigger, but the uncertainty wasn’t about that. Up to the last minute, Chuck, and we, worried that Sarah would not accept what Chuck had decided he must do. Her joyous “You saved me!” dispelled that doubt instantly. The relief was palpable.

Shut up and kiss me.

All that matters for the next 20 days or so is that our favorite characters can revel in each other. We’re all ‘shippers now, but we’ve always been romantics, most of us, and romance has always been foremost in our minds. That makes us very happy.

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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301 Responses to The Other Guy – Second Reactions

  1. JC says:

    I have to admit the “My Chuck” line and Sarah’s embarrassed goofy smile afterward made me grin like a kid on Christmas.

    Overall the romance part was handled great, I like they didn’t go epic with it. It felt real, especially the scene in castle before she leaves for Paris. That was probably the most couple like moment they’ve ever had.

    One thing I noticed watching again. When Shaw knows Chuck is behind him, at first I wondered how. But I realized Sarah saw him before the audience did and her look gave it away. Can’t believe I missed it the first time around.

    • Paul says:

      I really liked that scene. Being paralyzed all of YS’s acting was done through her eyes. You could see the hurt of betrayal, the fear and yes the anger (at both Shaw for going rogue and herself for believing him). And then the relief that Chuck was there to bail her out.

    • Crumby says:

      I loved that look! YS did such a great job.

      • Rick Holy says:

        Amen to that. Y.S. is one of the most awesome actresses that I’ve seen who can express such a wide range of emotion without ever saying a word – and in this case, without even moving a muscle (apart from her eyes).

        She TRULY, TRULY ROCKS!! What a great find she has been – and what a great future she has in store. God bless her!

    • Jason says:

      shaw did his best job of the season in that scene, the line and calm ‘wooden’ expression when he said ‘chuck, how did you find me’, I liked how that was played. Yes, Yvonne was great.

      It was pretty funny, a little later shaw said something like ‘chuck, I don’t want to hurt you, none of this was your fault, I did not betray you to the ring, etc’ he said with the same expression as ‘chuck, you can do this’ in earlier episodes when he was encouraging him / training him.

  2. caster says:

    I loved how they did that scene with Chuck pointing the gun at Shaw.. If you watch it again, notice how everything was somewhat blurry except for Chuck. That scene was suppose to show the image through Sarahs eyes while she was all drugged up. It also meant that even though Sarahs world was falling apart and that everything was so confusing and blurry, the one thing that she know was clear was that Chuck was there for her

    • Michael says:

      And when Chuck manages to get a weapon off the cafe table to fight Shaw, it’s a fork.

    • joe says:

      Hi, Caster. Well put! I saw exactly that, and forgot to mention! Thanks.

    • Rick Holy says:

      Ditto to what Joe said. You got it right on the money, buddy!

    • The Shrink says:

      I was still hoping for a flash shaw asskicking but he beat chuck even with a flash. He was a badass. Now he is fish food. Easy come Easy go!!!

      • caster says:

        I think thats why Shaw pointed the knife at Sarah because he knew that Chuck would get distracted.. Thats why he made that Comment that Chuck couldn’t flash ( meaning flash again?) and that his emotions always get him in trouble

      • Jen says:

        Hi Caster… i thought the same too… Shaw leans towards Sarah with the knife, that distracted Chuck, and Shaw hit him so hard Chuck went down.

      • weaselone says:

        Yeah, I noticed that as well. I’m not sure if it was the cause of Chuck’s surrender, or it had more with Chuck’s continuing reluctance to with regards to going all out on Shaw. He’s still not at the point where he’d given up hope on his old ally.

  3. herder says:

    For over a year now, many of us have been wanting Chuck to shut up and let Sarah have her say. He did in the scene in his apartment and she did have something to say. Then in the hotel room he starts to talk and she gets to the point “shut up and kiss me”, great way to deal with two of the problems between them, he never shuts up (or talks over her) and she never gets to speak.

    That and the fact that Sarah got to smile more in this episode than I think that she has in the preceeding twelve. So you have likeable Sarah; Chuck who will do literally anything for her; loyal and supportive Casey and Morgan. Is it any wonder that people seem to like this episode.

    Also I think that CF (give credit where due) did a good job with the double cross of Shaw in the sense that you were never sure that he had gone over until the Director stood up after being shot. Chuck saving the day by being Chuck and not the intersect was also well done. What I mean by that is that he was able to rely on friendships where his own skills were limited and ultimately figured out where they were and took the shot on his own abilities.

    When I initially posted about the episode I said that I had a few quibbles, I find that with the passage of time and rewatchings (feels good to be able to do that again) they become less important as the good parts of the episode allow me to give them a pass on the lesser parts.

    I especially like the combination of Morgan and the General, a pairing that I never would have thought of. Maybe they can expose her to other parts of Chuck’s strange world, they could have her on site to inspect the new Burbank sub-station and run into Jeff and Lester too perhaps at the Orange Orange. Talk about worlds colliding.

    • atcdave says:

      One thing struck me as interesting in the scene of Sarah at the apartment; what did she think she was going to do or say? She seemed somewhat taken aback by Chuck’s direct question, she certainly hesitated long enough. Its like she knew there was a situation that needed addressing, but she really had no plan on what she was going to do; we know she had decided the day before she wanted to be with Chuck, so what was she going to do about it? Or maybe just finding Morgan tied up and Chuck drunk and in his underwear upset her plan a little.

      OK, this is much more fun speculation than what we’ve been up to most of this season!

      • Blake says:

        I was wondering that as well. She obviously stopped by to try to talk to Chuck about what had happened with the rescue, and his original plan to run away together. It would have been interesting to see Sarah actually bring up the conversation and to not have to be prompted by Chuck’s question. I did like how their conversation as Chuck sat on the floor mirrored the “Lethal Weapons” and “Ring” talks but with a much better outcome. Anyway great episode, especially loved the end with the James Bond style shutting the laptop, it was hilarious and a cute Charah moment.

      • Merve says:

        I tend to stay away from the romantic speculation, but I think I’ll jump in. I think that Sarah was going to tell Chuck that she wanted to be with him and that what they had was real, but that she wasn’t exactly ready to say the three magic words. And in fact, she didn’t say them. Maybe the idea that she would have to say them shocked her, and that’s why she hesitated until she could think of the best way to answer that question.

        My guess is that the three magic words will be saved for later, but it’s kind of a catch-22 now. If they’re said in an epic moment, people are going to think that it’s cheesy, but if they’re said in a tender moment, people are going to think of it as a wasted opportunity. We’ll see where this goes; personally, I’m not too fussed.

      • JC says:

        This is new territory for her, no cover, no b/s. Like you said she knew she had to do something but had no idea of what. And even though she hesitated in her answer, I think Chuck asking her was a relief.

        We’ve seen Chuck struggle with being a spy for 13 episodes, so it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the back six doesn’t deal with Sarah being a real girlfriend/person.

      • Paul says:

        We all know that Sarah has a hard time talking about her emotions. Bryce told her that point blank in S1. I think her hesitation was her overcoming her last hurdle in accepting her feelings for Chuck. And that was a huge step for her.

      • joe says:

        I start to think that Sarah’s inability to say those three words is just one of her defining characteristics. After all, Bryce did tell her to her face (and us) that she was never good at expressing her feelings. The hesitation in the apartment is just part of that that – and it sure made her late “yes” a very cute thing.

      • PeterOinNj says:

        Seems a few people have wondered when Sarah would say the Three Words. Here’s an interesting question someone asked Ali on twitter and her response:

        @dada300: Loved last nite’s ep – but will we get to hear Sarah say the actual words “I love you, Chuck”?

        @AliAdler Great question. Kp watching. RT

        (Note: tweets rearranged to show Q&A in order)

        Seems like a yes from the person who co-wrote the next episode vs The Honeymooners.

      • Jason says:

        on the 3 magic words, here is an ali adler twitter, not earth shaking, but ….:

        Great question. Kp watching. RT @dada300: Loved last nite’s ep – but will we get to hear Sarah say the actual words “I love you, Chuck”?

      • Waverly says:

        I thought the reason she stopped by was to get Chuck because they had a mission — Shaw had discovered the Director’s location.

        But there were several interruptions before she could get to that….

      • amyabn says:

        I think she came by originally to get him for the mission to get the director. Chuck’s question snapped her out of Agent Walker mode. I sure would be flustered if the man I was in love with tried rescuing me with half of the armed forces.
        And I love the clearly Morgan was eavesdropping on them-he popped out to help on the mission right quick!

    • Bundy says:

      Herder,that would be great.Jeff and Lester meeting the General would be hilarious.She would probably throw them in an underground bunker to protect mankind.

      • Paul says:

        Or she would hire them as they are some of the best stalkers in the world… 😉

      • Jason says:

        I don’t know, the spy writing is pretty borderline anyhow, with those 2 involved, it would lose all of its seriousness, might actually work, but I think fedak wants more james bond, less get smart?

        someone – not me – predicted that Jeffster become rock stars and become more guest stars in some episodes than regular cast members – with the budget cuts that makes some sense, but having them work as part of the team, might work too, but I think Morgan is going to a handful for casey and beckman, not sure they are ready for jeffster?

      • kg says:


        She didn’t have to say the three magic words, and appparently they do cause her some anxiety.

        Chuck asked her a Yes or No question. “Do you love me?” And thankfully she uttered the former.

      • Paul says:

        KG, although it is out in the open now how Sarah feels, I still think she’s not ready to say ILY yet. Soon, maybe, but no yet.

    • Rick Holy says:

      The “shut up and kiss me” line reminded me of the “shut up and eat your breakfast” line from “Suburbs.”

      Bitch and moan as we might about many of the things this season, the writers have at times really excelled in kind of tieing (or tying?) some of these little elements that you have to pay very close attention to or you won’t catch them. That’s why when the episodes are great – like this last one – it pays to watch over and over and over again!!

      • Paul says:

        Rick, IMHO those two lines to Sarah mean the same thing: ILY

      • Rick Holy says:

        Paul – agreed!

      • kg says:

        Yeah Rick

        I think that was her retort to Chuck mocking her about being comfortable with this “whole Martha Stewart thing.”

        I think this preceeded Sarah’s remark. “Be careful Sarah, you might turn into a real girl someday.”

      • Paul says:

        KG, the irony in that whole episode was that life was EXACTLY what she wanted and the longing in her eyes as the CIA cleaned the place was palpable. Had Beckman not specifically told her to tighten it up in the de-briefing scene, she likely would have taken Chuck up on his offer to hang out one last night in the house.

    • kg says:


      Morgan continues to impress in his own unique way. Sarah owes her life as much to Morgan as she does Chuck.

      Part of this episode can be traced back to the Beard. It wasn’t just important for Chuck and his development then to reveal who and what he is now to Morgan, but also is exactly the theme Chuck has been trying to teach Sarah since she walked into the Buy More with her “broken” phone.

      This notion from the spy realm that a successful operative need be so secretive, untrusting and/or a ruthless killer. Chuck is exhibit A that there exists other methods to achieve results.

      Chuck is an amazingly thoughtful, loyal and caring guy with unique intelligence and unorthodox skills. Sarah has seen and loved this about Chuck since day one.

      Chuck is all about relationships. He makes friends with all types of people. Dashing types like Bryce and Cole. Nerds like Morgan, Lester and Jeff. Smooth, athletic doctors like Awesome. And even NSA assassins like Casey. Almost everyone likes Chuck. Eventually.

      Sarah builds walls around herself. Enjoys releasing her frustrations and tensions by beating people up. Even the ones she loves. She’s untrusting.

      The truth is as great as Chuck’s role was in saving Sarah, he could not have done it without Morgan and Casey’s help.

      I discovered Monday why Chuck and Sarah never got together. Like many of you, I subscribed to the belief of character assassinations, untimely interruptions, PLIs and other forms of angst.

      Their feelings of love for each other were never in doubt. The charaters actually stepping up and revealing, expressing or acting upon those feelings was a burden.

      The truth for Chuck was that he believed in Sarah all along and no matter how she treated him. His problem was that he didn’t believe in himself.

      The general perception was that a guy like Chuck could never land a hot, young woman like Sarah. Too unrealistic.

      Sarah always believed in Chuck. Sarah was charmed by Chuck. I think her manipulation of him was not just about the missions. I think she believed what she was saying. Chuck truly “was that guy.”

      She certainly believed in herself and her abilities. She loathed part of the person she had become and a result didn’t feel she deserved a guy like Chuck. Her self loathing became so extreme, she resented her perception of Chuck so intensely she often blamed him and put him in no-win situations.

      Chuck certainly saved Sarah’s life. Two nights ago, finally, these wonderful characters stepped up, overcame obstacles and saved each other.

      • Gabbo says:

        KG-You know, I hadn’t thought about Chuck’s fractured use of the John Hughes line until you said it. Of course, that’s true. His problem has generally been lack of trust in himself in regard to Sarah. Which is why his “order” to Sarah to come with him at the end of American Hero is so important. GREAT catch…

      • Warp says:

        KG that was an outstanding analysis!

  4. odysszeus says:

    Chuck 3.14 Short Synopsis

    While in Europe, Chuck and Sarah realize they are traveling with Spanish spies; Beckman orders Casey and Morgan to track down the missing couple.

    …kind of temporarily run away 🙂
    And Casey and Morgan team up on a mission. FUNNY!!!

    • Crumby says:

      Hum, C/S on vacation through Europe with wedding rings?

      • Jen says:

        I just took time from very important reaposibilitiesto check on the rings, and they are not wearing any in those Europe scenes. So I’m leaning towards a cover.

    • atcdave says:

      Did you see this somewhere or are we speculating?

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I keep telling you guys, they’re married and on the run by the beginning of next episode. I think it’s Schwedak’s way of saying we aren’t going back to that angst well again. And it does sort of make sense. They’ve known each other and been “dating” for three years. I just want to see them break the news to Ellie, and then Casey and Beckman.

      In all seriousness of course they may just be “posing” as a married couple while on the run, but I think, and I can’t find the quote from Fedak, something about when you see where we take them there is no going back, their intention is to make them the spy couple going forward. They might be saving the wedding for the finale though, these guys like to milk every development for all it’s worth, having blown Sarah’s name reveal aside.

      • odysszeus says:

        but they aren’t on a mission? are they?

      • Ernie Davis says:

        No they’re off the grid so far as I understand. That’s why I think the rings are real. But they could be traveling under fake passports as a married couple while not really being married. In fact this is just the sort of head fake I could see from TPTB. We see the rings, find out they aren’t on a mission, and start to wait for the flashback to a wedding when in the end it’s revealed they’re traveling as Mr and Mrs Jones (or whatever) to stay off the CIA’s radar and aren’t really married.

      • Paul says:

        Or that they DID get married and we find out Sarah’s full name during the vows…..nah, not at all fan-fictiony…. 😀 😉

      • AngelTwo says:

        Hector Calderon lives…

      • BeCoolBoy says:

        I could see a quickie wedding as the teaser before the opening credits of e14, then the attempted runaway. The contretemps on the train makes them realize that they can’t run from their destiny. And, of course, the wedding is “fake” because they used phony names (Sarah Walker/X Calderon and Charles Carmichael/Hector Calderon). At the end of the episode, in the hot tub, they tell Morgan what happened. Then they do the wedding for “real” in e19, too…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I could see two weddings working somehow. I don’t know what the laws are like, such as how one would go about having a marriage in France recognized in the US so it might be easier just to get hitched again (hence the Ring part 2). What we need is some sharp eyed person to see if the rings are still there in any of the preview that isn’t part of 3.14.

        That said, let’s think about the wedding.

        Best man, Morgan. Casey and Awesome round out the grooms party. Maid of honor, Ellie? Carina? That could be fun. Maybe agent Forest can come back for the bachelor party. Jeffster obviously must perform. Sarah’s side of the church might be a bit sparsely populated. Maybe her dad could come back to give her away. Beckman, with her date Roan Montgomery, could get all dewy eyed. Chuck could flash at the reception for one helluva first dance, and when the first champagne cork pops and half the room produces semi-automatic weapons Ellie might start to suspect something odd is going on.

      • BeCoolBoy says:

        Well, Ernie, the more I think about it, the more it’s actually impractical to have a wedding in Ring 2, although it was clear that they were withholding the name BECAUSE we’d jump to that conclusion.

        But something leapt to mind that could be VERY interesting had they chose to pursue it. (Or, if they haven’t married them in Ring 2, could be used in season 4.


        Chuck has to find Sarah’s father now because, like Ellie, that’s all she ever pictured about her wedding. And, of course, since her “real” life was truncated as a teenager, it’s plausible that she’s never thought of it again.

      • amyabn says:

        What if they really elope? Morgan and Casey are put on the case to find them. Morgan panics when being grilled by Ellie and makes up that they eloped. C&S let Casey know where they are because Chuck flashed and are now duty bound to do the mission.
        Forward to the end of mission when C&S get home. Morgan confesses in the courtyard (good use of the fountain) what he told Ellie. They flash a knowing smile, slip their own rings on, and head in to face Ellie.

      • herder says:

        Regardless if there is a wedding, elopement or not, there likely will be a scene with the General.

        “Agent Walker, you are interfering with my intersect”

        “General, before he was your intersect he was Chuck Bartowski, my Chuck”.

        Once Sarah has decided, I don’t think anybody gets between her and Chuck. The only one who stands a chance is Ellie, but I don’t see that happening, quite the opposite, Ellie is likely pushing them to the alter.

      • Jason says:

        regarding general beckman, when she walked around the table in 3.12, and said to chuck – ‘I’ll give you a wee’k – my guess is she knew exactly how that week was going to be used. Also, GB had no problem with the situation CS were in at the end of 3.13 – yep – GB joins casey, jeff, morgan and the rest of mankind – turns out everyone is a shipper deep down.

  5. Jason says:

    right off the bat, my fav moment of the show was the sequence started by the ‘yes’ (which chuck thought was answering the ? “i made a fool of myself?’ rather than DYLM?) and ending with sarah’s wry smile at watching Morgan getting chuck up and nursing him (a role sarah would probably gladly had attended to). For the first time in all of season 3, I felt like the audience was enjoying a scene in chuck through sarah’s eyes – which is something fedak himself said of the show sometime in S1/S2 – i.e. the fans see the show’s action thru sarah’s eyes, and since she loves chuck, we love chuck … to me the real test of 3.14 thru 3.19 is that simple, will sarah’s POV be loving (and trusting) – if so, I am pretty sure I will trust TPTB and love the show too?

  6. sniderman says:

    It will be interesting when the new couple break the good news to Ellie.

    “Ellie, Sarah and I are together!”

    “You mean you’re back together?”

    “Yeah…BACK together. That’s what I meant.”

    The dynamic of Sarah and Chuck being a giddy, in-love, NEW couple, yet having to sell it as the re-establishment of their pre-existing COVER relationship could be interesting. They’re gonna be very kissy-feely-snuggle-pookie for a pair who had supposedly been in an off/on relationship for the previous 2.5 years.

  7. Ernie Davis says:

    Here’s my question. Having now killed someone will Chuck have trouble flashing? The 3.14 preview shows Sarah being a bit overprotective of Chuck. Or is that just Sarah being Sarah, not wanting to lose Chuck now that she has him.

    • sd says:

      Hi Ernie…

      Is there a new 3.14 promo? I didn’t notice a scene where Sarah is overprotective..

      I am a little concerned about Chuck being dragged away saying he isn’t insane?

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I think I saw it as part of Yvonne’s interview on Attack of the Show. I’ll try to get the spoilers page updated soon, but there is probably a link around somewhere.

      • Paul says:

        The promo after 3.13 covered not just 3.14 but apparantly up to 3.17 as well. There was an extended promo from Attack of the Show that showed Sarah handling a single assailant in their train coach literally single-handedly.

    • odysszeuss says:

      It’s already seemed to me in the elevator scene that Sarah again is a little overprotecting und Chuck’s again much more nerdy then for example in american hero. perhaps a kind of step back in good old season 2 times…

      overprotective crazy in love – Sarah superspy
      nerdy smart Chuck -knowing what to do- -wanna be kind of ruthless spy- -knowing he’s still chuck-

      Team up as partners

    • Jason says:

      in the elevator of 3.13, chuck definitely regressed, but I see morgan as the back 6’s stay in the car guy with casey being the overprotective lioness. I see chuck as being the team leader (he has by far the best instincts so far, he really has from early on) with sarah and casey being the muscle / field agents. I think socially, sarah is going to be very possessive of chuck – the real untapped potential of this show is to get away from the spy story and move to the social story.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        You raise an interesting point. Sarah is still pretty much the geeky high school student we saw in Cougars socially. She’s never had to deal with real friends and social situations. I could absolutely see her feeling lost in the “real world” and getting possessive and a little clingy. Wow, needy nerdy Sarah. That could be epic.

        I think it’s interesting that the relationship has opened up so many possibilities for the Sarah character. Chuck has kind of been there before to an extent since his PLIs were more serious and numerous.

      • AngelTwo says:

        You know what’s been set up here, right? Morgan and Casey are Chuck and Sarah from Season 1, the superspy and the unwitting one. Chuck and Sarah are now Ellie and Devon. They are making the progression from love to marriage and life together. That makes Ellie and Devon, well, I don’t know. I’d say expendable given budget issues, but we know that’s not where they are going.

        All should have happened after Colonel, of course, but let’s not go THERE…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I had similar thoughts, but the thing that really got me thinking is the return of Anna Wu. What if she underwent that training Casey suggested after all and she comes back as the new Sarah to Morgan’s new Chuck. Given those two always had a more volatile relationship it’d be comedy gold. They never did figure out how to properly use Anna in my opinion.

      • Jason says:

        where does that leave ellie and devon? how about devon dies in 3.19 at the hands of the ring and ellie becomes the new orion … budget cuts …. ellie would then be the 3rd wheel in both morgan / anna as well as chuck / sarah – be almost too perfect.

      • atcdave says:

        I think they were very inconsistant in how they wrote Anna. She went from dangerously unstable in S1 (especially in Nemesis) to the steady mature one in S2. I would love to see Anna as a new agent; a lot more psycho than Sarah ever was, more of a pint sized Casey. I really hope it isn’t just a one time shot; bring back Anna Wu!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I’d hate to see Devon go. They really just gave him something to do other than be shirtless and awesome this season, I’d hate to see that wasted. Much as I hesitate to say it, if they needed to get rid of any character I’d say the Buy More would be the place to go. Big Mike was a great character in seasons 1&2 but he doesn’t serve much purpose anymore. Since they’ve teased a significant death however I have the feeling it’s either a returning guest star (Backula, Routh) or a second tier regular like Devon. If they kill Casey it’s torches and pitchforks time.

      • amyabn says:

        @Ernie, you bring up a good point. Sarah was always restrained when it came to Lou, Jill, and Hannah. She let Chuck make decisions that would make him happy and she shoved her feelings aside. What happens now that some gal hits on “her” Chuck? Let the comedy ensue!

  8. Paul says:

    I don’t think the effect will be immediate, particularly if he has Sarah’s support. I think Sarah is just going to have a bit of trouble giving up the lioness protector role.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      That was one thought I had. I also thought there is the possibility of going the other way. Chuck, now more content than ever in his life, becomes super intersect. I envisioned an episode (leading up to his apparent breakdown in 3.16) where Sarah and Casey drive him from one mission to the next and the next. He tells them to stay in the car while he breezes through mission after mission, stealing secrets, capturing people, planting bugs, etc. It could be pretty funny.

  9. odysszeuss says:

    i loved the tank szene 🙂

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Heavy armor support for your strike team is the key to any girl’s heart.

      • atcdave says:

        It seems I’ve heard Fiona (Burn Notice) say such things; but I had generally thought Sarah was a little more girlie than that, it was a great, understated line.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I’m glad they’re giving Yvonne some more comedy rather than her being the straight laced serious one all the time. I loved the southern accent in the preview. It looks like it’s going to be hilarious.

      • Jason says:

        i like burn notice, as a very casual watcher, I just always assumed micheal and fiona were going at it like rabbits, the show was just ignoring it, someone here suggested shows to watch, wonderfalls was one, I liked it, not even sure why but it was great, too bad just one season, another one season show, eleventh hour, has essentially a copy of sarah called racheal young, but her chuck is an older scientist, it is a stripped down B movie version of chuck, although I noticed a casey character sort of emerged half way thru the season

      • AngelTwo says:

        Crazy-in-love Chuck brings tanks to a date. Perfect complement to crazy-in-love Sarah, that treason-commiting, Mauser-assasinating softie…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Wonderfalls was a favorite of mine. One season doesn’t give you the whole story of the stupidity of Fox. Only four episodes ever aired, and they were out of order at that! But in a way I think it was probably best for the show, because that one perfect little season will never be ruined now.

      • Jason says:

        ernie, I think I saw 14 episodes, ended with the fellow bringing his going away souvenir back – was that all of them – was I watching the right show?

      • AngelTwo says:

        Ever see Hart to Hart, the light-as-a-feather dramedy from the late 1970s starring Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers.

        Chuck/Sarah (aka Levi/Strahovski) could do that in a heartbeat. And with Morgan and Casey combining to play the role Lionel Stander did in Hart to Hart, it could be a hoot.

        The other thing worth considering is WHAT
        Fedak and Schwartz would have to give to NBC for a fourth season show given that NBC is probably heavily commited to JJ Abrams spy couple show. I’d gather NBC wouldn’t want two identical shows…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        A2, I remember Hart to Hart, but I don’t think I watched it much. I think if Chuck goes in that direction it could get back some of the audience going darker seems to have lost.

        Jason, with the unaired pilot Wonderfalls was 14 episodes on DVD. Yep, talking wax lion, etc. It was sort of undefinable what drew you into that show, but I loved it.

      • atcdave says:

        I loved Hart to Hart as a kid, I think would be an excellent model to follow; obviously with more extremes in both comedy and drama. A few other models I would like are the Thin Man movies or Undercover Blues.

  10. ReadySet says:

    Ah, the joy of speculating on a FUN show without all the romantic WTWT angst! What tools TPTB were to go down the other road. And they may have killed the show because of the ratings plummet from the start of the PLI arc.

    But as someone who no longer posts, can I urge yo all just to step back and look at all the FUN leaping off the page here?

    I doubt Chuck will get a Season 4, so let’s hope the back six give us at least some of what we KNEW this show was capable of doing after Colonel!

    • Gabbo says:

      ReadySet, I came to this blog after you stopped posting. But I just wanted you to know that I really loved your spec about what 60s/70s songs you’d use to replace the stuff used in Seasons 1/2. It was great to think about.

      Any chance you have a thought about what 60s/70s music you’d have used for the last scene of Other Guy?

      • ReadySet says:

        Oh, Gabbo, how nice. As for a song, well, funnily enough, one struck me IMMEDIATELY as I watched the hotel-room scene Monday night.

        Get Ready, the Smokey Robinson song recorded by virtually everyone at Motown.

        I never met someone who makes me feel
        the way that you do. (You’re alright)
        Whenever I’m asked who makes my dreams real
        I say that you do. (You’re outta sight)

        And I’m bringing you a love that’s true.
        So get ready, so get ready.
        I’m gonna try to make you love me too.
        So get ready, so get ready ’cause here I come.

        If you wanna play hide and seek with love
        let me remind you (It’s alright)
        But the lovin’ you’re gonna miss
        and the time it take to find you (It’s outta sight)

        And I’m bringing you a love that’s true.
        So get ready, so get ready.
        I’m gonna try to make you love me too.
        So get ready, so get ready ’cause here I come.

    • atcdave says:

      Hey ReadySet, great to see you back. I remember the same thing before and after Colonel last season. Rapid, upbeat exchanges, everyone having fun, so many cool and exciting ideas about things we’d love to see. This season sure sucked the fun out of it for a while, but it is great to see eveyone happy again. Hopefully this can keep up to the end, whether that’s this year, or later!

    • joe says:

      Well Hi, ReadySet! You know I’m glad to see you here!

      But there’s no need to be completely pessimistic about S4. Chuck is still NBCs highest rated scripted show, overall. It’s nothing like impossible for it to come back.

      You knew I was an incurable optimist about such things, right? 😉

  11. odysszeuss says:

    kind of view for future missions… i loved it 🙂

    chuck: you think he knows about us?
    sarah: schschschsch
    chuck: i’m just saying…

    btw. chuck is a bit whisky -nerdy’isch- (is this a word/can u say this?)

    • amyabn says:

      Sarah cracks me up here. Her facial expressions, trying to act like nothing is up, so casual. Classic, and back to a lighter, happier Sarah!

  12. sniderman says:

    On a personal note, I loved Sarah’s line “Shut up and kiss me.” Gave me a bit of a chill, in fact for this reason (I’ll try to keep this short):

    A very good female friend and I used to hang out all the time. We finally decided to go on an informal “date” of dinner and a movie. At the end of it, on her doorstop, there was some hemming and hawing, and we finally leaned in gave each other a traditional chaste goodnight kiss. There was a pause, and then we leaned in for another fairly heated one. The next day, I dropped by and blathered on about hoping this didn’t ruin our friendship and what exactly did the kiss mean and I’ve always cared for you but I didn’t know you thought of me in that way and I hope I didn’t come across as too forward….etc.

    After about 5 minutes of letting me go on and on and on, she leaned in with a bemused smile and said “Shut up and kiss me.”

    We just celebrated our 16th anniversary last week.

    Just had to share the real-life parallel that nearly knocked me onto the floor when I heard Sarah hit Chuck with the same line.

    • Paul says:

      Congrats on the anniversary! Are you sure you’re name’s not Chuck…? 😉

      • sniderman says:

        Well, truth be told, I have a framed original Tron poster hanging up in my rec room (I’ve had it for 10+ years) next to my extensive collection of classic videogame memorabilia. And don’t get me started on my own Videogame World Record as recognized by Twin Galaxies ala vs. Tom Sawyer. 😀

    • BDaddyDl says:

      congrates on the anniversary, I have been married almost 15 and I am enjoying being married more now then ever before…REALLY!! congrats again

    • joe says:

      Sniderman, I’m sorry I couldn’t respond to this while at work. What a great story! (and congratulations on the anniversary!)

      Somehow or other, Chuck seems to have hit many of us in personal ways. Sometimes it’s through the music, sometimes through a character, and sometimes through a story. I have a theory that this, more than any other one thing, makes this show a cut above the rest.

    • Jen says:

      Beautiful story sniderman 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

    • amyabn says:

      Congrats! That is awesome!

  13. caster says:

    Off topic.. So her first name is Sam which I am assuming is short for Samantha. That would mean that she is Samantha Lisa….ummm I don’t know about that. Maybe she lied to Shaw and Sam is not her real name

    • HenryH says:

      Well, they could ret-con it, but Ali Adler said she asked Strahovski for the name and “Sam” was the name Strahovski had been using internally for the character.

      And, perhaps more to the point, I gathered from Mo Ryan’s interview that Strahovski doesn’t feel she gets listened to much. She ALWAYS brings up the wigs and accent thing as a direction for the character and the Fashion Week thing is something she is personally interested in. (Got that from the somewhat revealing interview in Gala, which focused on her fashion sensibility.)

      So if you’re gonna ignore your co-star’s ideas, might not be wise to rewrite the ONE thing, the name, that she has clearly contributed to canon. Just saying…

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I say Lisa is short for Elizabeth. Samantha Elizabeth doesn’t fall quite as flat.

      HenryH I get the same impression. I forget the interview but somewhere Yvonne said something about never knowing what happens next with her character until she gets the script. I personally think this may be one of the things that lead to some of the execution problems in this season.

      But we do know Yvonne gets to use a southern accent (and make an oopsie). Maybe she’s getting through. I’m not too surprised she couldn’t sell Schwartz and Fedak on fashion week, but Zach playing a flaming designer or hairstylist and Yvonne a bitchy supermodel wannabe with an accent would be hilarious. And then there’s Casey and Morgan… Wow I think I’m selling myself on this concept.

      • HenryH says:

        Well, a Zoolander parody is obvious. But why wouldn’t TPTB want Sarah on a catwalk? They’ve used much LESS logical approaches to get Strahovski’s clothes off…

        Meanwhile, since we’re talking clothes and such, I’m actually glad shooting is over for the year. It’s taken a physical toll on Strahovski. She’s clearly lost weight during the season. And, frankly, she looked almost gaunt in e13. But you look at the clip from e14, which was shot about THREE WEEKS later, after the Christmas break, and she looks radiant again.

        The budget-drive shooting schedule must have been brutal for the only three people (Levi, Strahovski and Baldwin) in every episode.

      • caster says:

        Well someone obviously had the same idea as her. They used it in Leverage

      • Gabbo says:

        Sorry, Gina Bellman will always be Jane to me. The woman made up traffic reports! (Sorry, obscure Coupling reference there…)

      • Ernie Davis says:

        HenryH, I noticed the same thing, Yvonne looking rather pale and gaunt, but I thought she already looked better in 3.13, which was shot after the 3 week break. Zach lost a lot of weight before the season even started, so it’s harder to tell if it also took a toll on him. Baldwin seems to have actually bulked up.

      • Josh says:

        It’s pretty obvious YS was tired with the shooting schedule, she pretty much said so in her interview with Mo Ryan

      • amyabn says:

        Let Carina be the model, Chuck the harried designer (or better yet, Casey!), and Chuck and Sarah could be his assistants. Morgan can be the chauffeur.
        I would love it if they let Yvonne play an Aussie.

      • weaselone says:

        Casey as the harried designer would be the best. Sort of a reprisal of his role in “The Ring”. Chuck, definitely should be a runway coach and show those girls how to strut properly. Carina would definitely be perfect in the role of demanding model, although I’d almost prefer to see Sarah in glasses and a business suit as Casey’s assistant trying to control the chaos. Maybe she could cold cock a particularly annoying model at the last minute and sub in if Yvonne and a large fraction of the male viewing audience are attached to the idea of Sarah strutting down the catwalk.

  14. HenryH says:

    Noticed an interesting thing when I rewatched the Chuck-Shaw confrontation at the cafe. Shaw says you should shoot me. There’s a cut to Sarah’s face and a LONG pause. And that’s when Chuck says, “I’m not going to do that.”

    I think we’re supposed to get that the look Sarah is directing at Chuck is that she WANTS him to shoot Shaw. And Chuck is responding to Sarah when he says “I’m not going to do that.” Which makes sense because he’s afraid that if he saves Sarah by killing, he’ll lose her…

    Obviously, on the bridge, he feels he has no choice, which sets up the “drama” in the hotel room later.

    Worth rewatching the cafe scene to see if any of you picked that moment up, too. Or whether I was just imagining…

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I sort of wondered the same thing, but wasn’t sure.

    • Jason says:

      too bad chuck didn’t bring his tranc gun, one shot to the back, shaw wouldn’t have known what hit him, nice time to carry a real gun, huh

    • sd says:


      I noticed the same sort of thing….I thought Sarah wanted him to shoot…but now that you think Chuck was answering her and not Shaw…that makes sense.

      • HenryH says:

        sorry, misposted below…

        Ernie, I thought e14 was the first shot after the break. I mean, I dunno. But I thought they wrapped the original 13 before Christmas…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I’m pretty sure 3.13 was shot after the break. They resumed production the day after the premier and were shooting 3.14 the week of January 19th. Nevertheless the point remains Yvonne needed some time off to re-charge.

    • Paul says:

      I got that too Henry. Sarah looked like she was pleading with Chuck to shoot him, but Chuck looked into her eyes and misunderstood her….as usual.

    • weaselone says:

      I caught that and a sense of fear for Chuck. Chuck’s come all this way to rescue and because of the burden she placed on him not to kill, at a couple points he would only succeed in sacrificing himself along with her.

      • JC says:

        I got that from her on the bridge too. Of course she was afraid for herself but you could see, she thought Chuck was going to die too.

    • joe says:

      I’ll add to the consensus. I thought Sarah was begging him with her eyes to shoot.

      • Josh says:

        there’s a definite yes nod there if you pay close enough attention

        (meaning yeah shoot)

      • Patty says:

        I thought she was trying to nod when Shaw tells Chuck to shoot him.
        At the bridge she sort of closes her eyes when Chuck is tring to talk Shaw down because she feels that now they are both going to die.

      • joe says:

        Hi, Patty. Have I missed seeing you here before? If so, sorry. If not, welcome to the discussion!

        Good observation. There’s a constant shift between hopeful and hopeless that you can see in Sarah’s eyes all through the sequence.

        I know it’s beyond repetitious to say that Yvonne is amazingly expressive. But it’s one of those things that can’t be overstated! 😉

    • Crumby says:

      I don’t know about that look Sarah gave him. I don’t think she would want Chuck’s first kill to be shooting on the back of somebody, without even trying to talked him down first.

  15. The Shrink says:


    1. Pilot
    2. Uncoverlover (Love Casey)
    3. Cougar
    4. Best Friend
    5. Angel of Death
    6. Operation Awesome
    7. Beard
    8 Tic Tac
    9 other guy
    Other Scenes

    1. The talk
    2. The Seduction (do you believe in Love)
    3 Chuck’s dream in 3D (hey I am a guy)
    4. Casey’s webisode (Elimination of Theft)
    5. Best of Chuck and Sarah, season 1 and 2

    A lot of Bon Iver
    The Offspring
    The Chuck theme song
    For some reason Neil Diamond Love on the rock

    What is on your?

    • The Shrink says:


      Undercover Lover

    • Surfal says:

      On my iPod?

      Every Chuck episode ever.
      About 30 pieces of music featured in Chuck.
      The Chuck app that lets you pop your own images into stock Chuck stills.

      Did I mentione very Chuck episode ever? lol.

    • Rick Holy says:

      Should I feel like an old man? I don’t own an IPOD! (or an Iphone for that matter).

      Now that I’ve had to “downsize” my life, there’s no more stereo, but I still listen to my CDs on my boom box and watch my CHUCK DVDs the “old fashioned way” – on the TV with my DVD player!

      But – if I DID own an IPOD, one episode that would definitely be on it would be “Chuck vs. The Truth.” This is the episode when by chance I “discovered” Chuck (and Sarah). I was channel surfing and happened on the scene in the Wienerlicious where Chuck is “breaking up” with Sarah (“the one I’m fooling the most is ME!”) – and that look on Yvonne/Sarah’s face. You could see it already then that she was in love with the guy. And you all know (as the late, great Paul Harvey would say) “the REST of the story!”

      Chuck (and Sarah)- “You had me at the break-up, you had me at the break-up!”

      (Oh, and my IPOD would also have a heck of a lot of Stevie Ray Vaughan on it, too!!!).

    • amyabn says:

      Let’s see: every episode of Chuck, and a Chuck playlist with 70 songs on it. I haven’t put any YouTube stuff on it, but have many favorites on the web.

    • joe says:

      I have 2 CDs worth of various cuts by Bon Iver, Band of Horses, Arcade Fire…

      But I can’t wait for Tim Jones to put out his CD of Chuck music.

      That last link is to help him pick the themes. As I understand it, this is not the music from the various artists we’ve heard featured, but the themes he’s written, the ones used throughout the series.

      • Emily says:

        I have the pilot, seduction, 3rd Dimension and Best Friend. And also about 20-30 songs featured on Chuck (although some were already on there in the first place)
        Wow, that really isn’t as much as I would have thought.
        Oh, wait a minute, I have photos of Chuck posters that my two little brothers made for me, and a picture of the Chuck doll i’m making. So there’s a bit more.
        We don’t have any Chuck apps for iphone in Australia, and you can only buy season 1 on itunes 😦

    • Faith says:

      This sounds like a great topic! Then we can all link the youtube stuff on comments so we can all check it out.

      For myself 35 songs, 5 episodes (only 5 on my mobile device coz of space 😦 ) and dozens of youtubes.

  16. The Shrink says:

    Sorry I dont have a Zune!!

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Speaking of inferior Microsoft products has anyone else noticed that where they all used to have Mac laptops now all the laptops they use are black with a Windows logo on the back. Hope they got some bucks for that, cause they don’t look nearly as cool.

      • Josh says:

        It was probably the reason they could afford to throw a few more extras at 13 compared to 12. Look at the “assault” on the ring wh in 12 (3 baddies) and the platoon Chuck drags along with him to get Sarah at the start of 13 🙂

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Ernie, Chuck now has a promotional deal with Microsoft (check out the credits). Hence the lack of mac products…aside from the iphone and really if they stopped using the phone I’d lose all respect for them 😀

        But, and I think I’ve said this several times…if it will get Chuck a 4th season I will buy a PC and use it as paperweight or something haha.

      • Jen says:

        I take offense as a PC user! 😛

        I’m dying for a mac!!!! I do have to admitm Mac’s are way cooler looking.

        Those Thinkpad’s they are using are ugly, all thinjpad’s are… But they are great computers at least 🙂

        I’m hoping Microsoft’s support will help securing a S4.

      • weaselone says:

        I’ve never gotten the whole “Mac’s look cooler thing.” It’s almost as if a Mac is more of an accessory than an actual computer.

        I’ve always wondered why we never see a commercial featuring someone who looks uncannily like the annoying guy in the apple commercials toting around a Mac, showing it off to friends, and displaying it on his desk. He makes a big display of polishing it, looks around shiftily and then pulls out a hidden PC to actually do work.

        If you want to look good, buy a Mac. If you want to do good work buy a PC. 😉

      • Jen says:

        My personal opinion, i think they are cool and i would love to have one. Apple has done a great job at creating a product that both runs great, and looks “special”.
        My professional opinion (i’m an IT chick and i support about 100 PCs and 40 Macs), there is nothing u can do on a Mac that you can’t do on a PC, unless it’s just about having the right software. Also, when a Mac has issues, hold on tight to your wallet case they are PRICEY to fix if you need hardware, and if it’s software be ready to have to reinstall everything.
        Pcs most annoying issues are spyware and antivirus, and these 2 are time suckers.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Not to start a religious war, but having worked with scientific linux systems for decades and acting as sysadmin for several, I make it a point to NOT use a windows PC if at all possible. Mac laptops are far more compatible with everything I do. And they look cool. You just have to make sure you enable the linux and development parts of the OS, which I don’t think is done on a default install.

      • JLR says:

        Hey, I’m a Mac guy, and I take offense!! 🙂 J/K… I’m pretty agnostic about such things. I switched to Mac several years ago when I was in the market for a new laptop. I love OS X, and I love not having to waste processor cycles on AV software.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        For myself it comes down to two things. I hate drivers and I hate crashes. On software alone my mac crashes far less than pcs I’ve had and when I uninstall something which I tend to do a lot. I don’t get like an error every 5 times. But I believe in personal choice 😉 I used a PC for years so it’s not like I don’t get it.

        On a sidenote I remember during season 1 of Chuck every geek in the known universe was aghast that Chuck had a mac. They figured Linux. Should be Linux. I wish I was geeky enough to go there but I’m not even remotely a nerd 😉

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Ahhh, but as referenced in The Helicopter Chuck did the linux installs. Jeff and Lester claimed to be Mac guys and IT atrisans. A claim every geek knows is silly on it’s face. Clearly the guy who can do linux is the master. I do linux at work and Mac for my home computers.

        At work I do have a Windows PC. I am required to have it by policy, not by choice. It takes up space and gets used once every two weeks when I fill out my time sheets.

      • weaselone says:

        OK. I surrender. I’m not a system administrator or IT person and I’m just barely smart enough to avoid battles for which I’m hopelessly ill equipped. My personal anecdotal experience with PCs has always been positive. IE, my machines tend to run well until I’m ready to upgrade while the Apple users I know are always running up steep grades to IT.

      • Jason says:

        I have worked in management my whole life, 2 places had macs, dozen or so with windows, I can hardly tell the difference, recently I had a laptop pc crash, was able to recover the data files using linux ‘puppy’, for kicks, loaded ubuntu after that, have loved the linux experience – I am ‘techy’ enough to understand how grub works, had to for some reason rewrite a few lines of code to get puppy to work on my machine, using linux is alot like working on a car from the 50’s, a very hands on feeling, kind of fun. I think I still would recommend windows for the average user, just so much more compatible with the rest of the world.

  17. Rac2873 says:

    I think the rings are cover rings. Sarah is not wearing hers when she is in bed and she drags him in bed on top of her. There is also no Ring when they are on the scooter.

    • Paul says:

      Scooter is likely a different episode. I think the majority of the action in 3.14 is on the train. The French spoilers have Ellie and Awesome leaving LA in 3.14 (end), and Beckman using Casey and his new asset to find C/S. The frying pan is likely in 3.14 as well.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      I think it’s the same, they’re both still handcuffed.

    • amyabn says:

      I wondered the same thing. Maybe they run away together, get found by Morgan and Casey, and have to be the Carmichaels for the rest of the episode. Not sure how the whole thing works, but I can’t wait!

  18. HenryH says:

    I thought e14 was the first shot after the break. I mean, I dunno. But I thought they wrapped the original 13 before Christmas…

    • Rac2873 says:

      They came back and shot 3.12 Zach broke up with his girlfriend when they were filiming 3.13 around Chuckfest. I called it that they would be together then.

      The scooter scene is in 3.14 because she is handcuffed to him. The Sarah projectile is also in 3.14. The train sex is in 3.14. This episode is going to be epic.

  19. Jake says:

    One of my only problems with the episode had to do with Chuck and Sarah’s kiss scenes.. I mean, I get it’s a TV show, but they didn’t sell me. It was all closed-lipped and looked fake. Did anyone else feel the same way?

    • Rick Holy says:

      Odd one of your first responses would be from a priest – but I do hear what you’re sayin’ bro!
      (And they WERE after all in FRANCE, so you would think that a French K… – O.K., forget I said that!)

      I do think that some of the previous kisses – especially “the bomb-about-to-explode-kiss” were much more passionate.

      These were more of the “sweet” variety. But maybe that was appropriate for “the feel” of these particular moments as well. Nothing wrong with “sweet” kisses. The passionate ones I’m sure will come along (or rather, return) later!

    • weaselone says:

      Chuck and Sarah’s other kisses were frantic, desperate and generally charged by the situation.

      1) The bomb. They were going to die and they’d just been arguing before. The kiss was laced with that anger, as well as desperation and abandon.

      2)Seduction kiss. This was a single moment of opportunity. Everything they had went into it because they weren’t getting a second.

      3) Seedy hotel room. They’re on the run and don’t know how much time they have until the government catches up with them. It’s desperate and part hopeless.

      They have all the time in the world now, underscored by the fact they kiss multiple times in one episode. Unlike Colonel, what happens in the Paris hotel room is unlikely to be a quickie. The kisses are sweet, loving, and speak of a buildup to the future as opposed to being the sole release.

      • weaselone says:

        Plus Chuck had been successfully goaded by Roan in the Seduction kiss. The anger was present in the kiss as well.

    • JC says:

      I thought they were perfect actually, the previous seasons were lust and hormones. These were love, all cards on the table and both knowing how they felt about each other.

    • HenryH says:

      Well, Chuck was drunk for the first round. The Castle scene was stolen time. And the hotel room? Well, geez, whattya want. You know where they went. Although I think it’s bad for for guys who where there Cons to bed… 🙂

    • atcdave says:

      I don’t need anything too steamy, I get the point!

      • Rick Holy says:

        Perfectly said!

      • Jake says:

        I guess the point comes across, but the hotel scene is the 3rd time in the episode. I get the Castle scene. The first kiss of the episode I think could have been a peck and then maybe something slightly more involved.. I mean, she just admitted that she loved him after all.

        The reason I didn’t buy it is because even the longer kisses were closed lips pushed against each other (that barely looked like a kiss). I get the point too, but I won’t buy it if it’s just pecks for the rest of the season.

    • Sole says:

      Thank God someone else pointed it out!!! Don’t get me wrong I love to see them together. But i’d like to quote Sarah on this one: “That’s not the kiss I was expecting”… I’m still a fan of the pre-almostbomb kiss, seduction kiss, and colonel kiss. I know it’s sweeter now, but where’s the passion? It still worked for me though, and I’m really looking forward to se both them as a couple and Sarah as a real person (Yvonne playing her!)

      • amyabn says:

        I’m with Sole on this one. Looking at their previous kisses, plus Chuck’s kisses with Jill and Lou, and Sarah with Cole and Bryce-very very different. Those kisses last night seemed more like Shaw kisses (I just threw up in my mouth a bit). I loved Sarah’s “that’s not the kiss I was expecting” line and was expecting epic (yeah, I used that word) when they finally would get together. I think Zach is more hesitant than Yvonne to go for it. Just my 2 cents.

      • Jen says:

        Yeah, i feel like their kisses with everyone else they have kissed have been “better”… so i don’t know what the hesitation is about.

        I’m glad i’m not the only one that was thinking this. Of course, i don’t need anything that should not stay clean speciallycause there are families watching the show, but a little more heat would have been nice.

      • weaselone says:

        Maybe Zach needs to eat a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich in order to prepare for a kiss with Yvonne.

      • Matt Simons says:

        I think it is still new to both of them. They’ve “faked it” for so long that they don’t know how to act like that with each other.

        Rereading that it doesn’t seem right but I can’t think of a better way to put it. Thank god I teach math and science, and not english!

      • Jason says:

        matt – that is sort of how I saw it – just what you said – I think you worded it well, and yes Amy I agree Zach has great ‘scene’ chemistry with Yvonne, but he seems uncomfortable with the kissing, maybe he really likes her??? wouldn’t that be fun???

      • Matt Simons says:

        Something about life imitating art would fit well right here.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I’m pretty sure 😉 this can be explained by 2 things:

        1. exhaustion…plus if I’m not mistaken Yvonne suffered through bronchitis? Though that might be later…
        2. situation – the hotel room scene for one, when she said, “shut up and kiss me” they both had smiles on their faces making the situation more light than steamy.

      • Sole says:

        Regarding kissing moments, this hole season has been a little shy. Both Chuck w/Hanna and Sarah w/Shaw. Anyway, snd and 3rd kisses were ok for me, but the first one after saying I love you (kind of) and after 3 years of compressed heat, and bottled up emotions… I mean, come on!!!

    • joe says:

      Jake – Hi. I sort of thought that too, the first time I watched. But not the second.

      And definitely not the third.

      I think it’s psychological. We (or at least, I) are so used to having the rug pulled out from under us with those too that it’s hard to admit that we’re finally seeing a connection. But once you know it’s there, then – Wow!

    • Josh says:

      Can I be the creepy guy that says that the Chuck and Sarah kisses aren’t you know the kind you ‘d give to a guy/girl you ‘ve been wanting to see naked for the best part of 3 years?

      I think there was ample room to give them a few passionate kisses then move them into the more relashionshipy pecs.

      But meh, I m not too bothered by it.

      • Ingrid says:

        Personally, I thought each of the kisses felt right for the episode…. maybe they weren’t the steamiest of the series, but I liked them.

        The first DYLM kiss seemed a bit surprised on Chuck’s part, like he was still stunned that she had said yes.

        And the hotel room kisses I thought were right considering all that had transpired before…. and the final one may not have been the hottest ever, but it was definitely the most enthusiastic. 😉
        Anyway, just my thoughts…

      • joe says:

        I agree with that completely, Ingrid.

    • BDaddyDL says:

      for any of you who is not clear about the bomb kiss here it is Ok so everyone remembers, but it is nice to see again!

      • kg says:

        Yeah. The kisses were fine. Boy. Have some of us become big-time nitpickers or what?

        Then again, perhaps the TPTB have driven us into razor-sharp critics.

      • Jen says:

        I just put myself in their spot and think what i would do if i was finaly able to freely be and kiss the person i’ve loved for 3 years. That’s all.

    • JLR says:

      Strangely, the only C/S kiss that “moved” me at all was from Pink Slip (before Sarah slapped him), and that was likely more do the great choice of an Imogen Heap song. I’m not saying the kisses in Other Guy “needed” to be (excuse me)…epic. BUT, they just didn’t have any electricity for ME. I can’t really argue w/ those who agree w/ Magnus when he says it actually makes sense the way they were executed, but it just fell a bit flat for me. Oh well, onwards & upwards. We can nitpick later if the C/S chemistry feels in any way “compromised” by events of S3. For now, let’s just revel in the apparent death of romantic C/S angst.

      • Jen says:

        Aye, aye Captain!

      • AngelTwo says:

        The kisses were basically correctly played. The story has to be served.

        1) Chuck is drunk in the DYLM scene. Besides, morgan is eavesdropping and there’s a mission. So Sarah goes for comforter and understanding lover.

        2) The Castle scene is Sarah taking charge. The heat doesn’t need to come from the kisses. It comes from HER telling Chuck there’s no turning back. And she goes there TWICE. I actually think that is the best moment of the episode.

        3) I will grant the angle on the kissing in the hotel scene is odd because of how they needed to frame the shots. But any kissing that leads to sex and love is good kissing. I mean, c’mon, folks, they kiss and finally make love. How is that lacking passion?

      • JLR says:

        @Jen: It’s “General”, thank you very much! 😉

      • Jen says:

        Yes sir!

  20. karen says:

    So out of curiosity, did any of the people that thought Sarah chose Chuck in Castle in American Hero actually change their minds with Other Guy? Because I really think what they told us in Other Guy is that Casey changed Sarah’s mind, he convinced her that Chuck was still “her Chuck” not Chuck’s ILYs and lets run away together speech.

    By the way, funny observation but, Sarah said YES in the DYLM scene 4 times. Chuck said I love you 4 times in the castle scene in American Hero. Funny symmetry?

    • atcdave says:

      I don’t think there is a problem is saying she had already made up her mind, but what Casey said made her really happy about it. He basically swept away all her reservations and fears; but that doesn’t mean she hadn’t already decided to go with Chuck.

      We may yet find out Casey did decide it or finalize it for her, but I don’t conclude much from what’s been said so far.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      Great catch! I missed that! Love it.

      I’m of the camp that she’s already made up her mind, Casey just confirmed it. But then again I also think she went to go see Chuck for something more than briefing him on the mission in the DYLM scene.

    • joe says:

      Me too, Karen (and Hi!)

      I like the way Dave put it. Casey made her happy about it!

    • HenryH says:

      FOlks, you’re looking at this the wrong way. It was Chuck who brought up the Red Test in the DYLM moment and it was a plot point, not a love issue. Chuck needed to know what Sarah knew (that Casey has told her he didn’t shoot the mole) so that there would be doubt in Chuck’s mind after he shot Shaw about Sarah’s reaction to THAT.

      That’s why you have the exposition about the Red Test in the DYLM moment. To set up that one last bit of angst in the hotel room in the final scene. If Chuck doesn’t know that Sarah knows he didn’t kill anyone on the Red Test, his killing of Shaw is not an issue in his mind.

      • Jen says:

        I got that too Henry. Chuck was afraid of Sarah’s reaction to him shooting Shawl that’s why he quickly explains that he had to do it, to save her. Sarah, of course, understands this… she’s done the same thing for him.

    • Paul says:

      Karen, I also agree that Sarah chose Chuck prior to Casey’s confession. But along with what everyone else said, there is also another reason why that was important. Sarah choosing Chuck even knowing/thinking that he killed someone makes it plausible and understandable that she would still love Chuck after she watched him gun down Shaw. She accepted before she found out the truth, she would accept him now.

  21. caster says:

    I thought the same thing. I actually made a post about it in the first reaction thread but I don’t think anybody agreed.

  22. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    Golly gee, I go away for hours, HOURS not even days and you guys have 100+ of posts. Way to amp it up lol.

    Joe, what I’ve discovered about this year’s Chuck (this was certainly not a concept in previous years for me) is that I’m more likely to let things go, let things be if I’m having a great time. Other Guy? Great time. American Hero? A great time. These are episodes that have already been played 5 times for me (don’t judge me! lol). Because they’re just packed full of fun. It’s not even the fact that they’re together…though as a “crazy” shipper that adds to it, it’s that it’s going in a forward direction and that it makes sense. Let’s face it even in the transition between American hero and Other Guy there were continuity errors but who cares about that? These epis were packed full of fun. I’m not even talking about how good Tic, Tac, Final Exam, etc are…although obviously not as great as the last 2.

    It scares me a little because I felt like this in Colonel, etc only to be “bite hard” 😉 by S3 but I really do think this time around it’s going to be different. The back 6 are what the first 8 (of season 3) should have been. Maybe it’s faulty faith, but that’s just me.

    On a side note, Ernie can we have a poll? Which are you more happy about? Shaw dying (slow-mo the effect, they were great!) or Chuck and Sarah together? I’d love to know the results.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Many polls on the way, trust me. I’m thinking of a favorite demise category, but I have the feeling it’d be a forgone conclusion.

      • weaselone says:

        That would be Sarah and Chuck dying in each others arms, preferably after even Sarah has succumbed to wrinkles and liver spots.

    • joe says:

      Great way to put it, Jem. What I have to do is go back and watch all of S3.0 (not to be confused with S3.5, coming up) to see how I feel about them now.

      I think that Op. Awesome, Angel and even Nacho Platter are going to be much more fun now. I’m curious to find out how The Mask will seem now. I remember the first time through, people mostly thought it was great until the last 10 minutes.

      The real mystery will be how The Fake Name strikes me. That one might still be painful, if only because Sarah is in such pain in that one (even more than Chuck).

      American Hero I fear might still not be enjoyable to me (which I know, is against the majority opinion). I still have my own issues with that date, but then again, knowing what I know now about Shaw, it might “feel” much better to me now.

      Oops. Gotta add that I know how I’d vote in that pole, Jem. Sarah & Chuck getting together (and btw – Walkertowski is the hip thing now, I hear).

      I really wanted to make a post out of what I’m about to type too, but it makes for boring words after a while. So I want to bury this deep.

      The comments here – everybody’s – have been beyond great. There’s a blog I read regularly – Ann Althouse’s – which is very popular, very well read and is touted to have some of the most intelligent and erudite comments around.

      Really? They have nothing on this group. It’s unfair of me to point to one post and the comments generated there as an example, but I will. I see insults, crudity, ridiculous arguments (on both sides) and all sorts of prejudices expressed poorly. I don’t think it’s me – I have to be a spectator to the comments here during the day, like everyone else. And they’ve been a wonderful read. I have to fight to not “tune in” every few minutes just to see what’s new.

      I hope my putting this to words hasn’t jinxed it! Fortunately, I don’t believe in luck like that. You guys should all pat yourselves on the back and keep it up.

      And lastly, I really want to thank all the new comers, too, for coming out of hiding! 😉 I try to greet you all personally, but we’ve had so many of late that I lose track of who’s who. So if I haven’t please accept my apology.

      And if you’re still lurking, then you’re invited to jump in. This water really is fine.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Joe, I get the feeling that you’ll see Pink Slip with new eyes after all this. I certainly do.

        Also just as a because, how did everyone get here anyway? LOL. Would be interested to know how everyone found this place. I mean I know the overall intelligence here is full of pizzazz and eye-candy even just on a google search haha, but otherwise?

      • HenryH says:

        Pink Slip is even worse now because if Chuck loves Sarah and “always has” (he says in American Hero and Sarah has loved Chuck since the pilot (she says in Other Guy), so there’s no way the platform scene goes down that way.

        If Chuck has always loved Sarah and Sarah has always loved Chuck, the platform scene doesn’t happen that way. Chuck doesn’t give up and walk away. And Sarah, despite the shock, doesn’t give up either.

        As each episode in Season 3 has unfolded, the essential falsity of the platform scene, and thus Pink Slip, is confirmed.

        The entire season is built on the lie that Chuck would abandon Sarah in Prague without a fight–or that Sarah, now finally commited, would let him.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I respectfully disagree. If anything it gave all of it, credence for me.

      • HenryH says:

        I have a terrific amount of respect for you, too. But Pink Slip is irretrivably bad, in my opinion. It’s implausible on its face because you have to accept that Chuck would walk away from Sarah. And without any real dialogue. I can’t accept that. I’d never accept that.

        Plus the whole arc that follows is about Chuck becoming a spy because a) She told him it was important (he says in Three Words) and b) So he could be with her (basically every episode.)

        So even if you accept the points of the Season 3 arc, it makes his walking away from her on the platform even less likely.

      • The shrink says:

        that’s all you brother

        you do one helluva good job. You always made lemonaide out of the lemons that the NBC board gave us.

        Remember us when they offer 1 million for the rights to this site

      • The shrink says:

        Sorry faith. You know I love ya but I am with Henry on this. First think out of chucks mouth about becoming a spy is adventure. Doesnt make any logical sense to me. Just a poorly written episode that killed the end of s2

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        That’s ok, we all have our own views, that’s what makes it so much fun and great. But I do ask that if you ever watch it, or are tied up for torture and the torturer tuned into it (haha), I ask that you:

        1. Pay particular attention to Chuck’s reason.
        2. Sarah’s devastation
        3. Watch American Hero right after it
        4. Listen to the music, very, very closely
        5. keep an open mind

        Having done so while I can never excuse or make sense of Chuck’s selfishness and idiocy, it makes sense to me now. Because it adds to and laid the ground work on what he said and how he said it in American Hero (and how Sarah reacted during dinner in Final Exam). In fact in my honest opinion all the stuff in between are just filler, had they gone from that to now the story would be equally satisfying and meaningful. No PLIs, just that. Because when it comes down to it, that was the biggest impediment (a plausible one at that) to them being together post Colonel.

      • HenryH says:

        I take your point about everything between Pink Slip and American Hero being filler.

        But, in fairness, there was a way to FIX Pink Slip. And they actually did it at the end of Three Words. Sarah sees Chuck’s confession of love and his reasoning. She SHOULD have moved then, would have moved then, in any logical situation.

        Since she has now confessed her love of Chuck since the pilot, the end of Three Words is even worse. Why? Because if she loved Chuck and realized he did what he did in Prague for the “right” reason, she’d have gone to him.

        Moreover, if you want to ret-con it in light of her Red Test reveal in Final Exam and say she was repelled by the path on which she sent Chuck–again, all the more reason to go to him THERE. She loves Chuck, she’d have tried AGAIN to convince him to get out. After all, this is the crazy-in-love Sarah we’re talking about.

        So Pink Slip is unredeemable for Chuck’s action on the train platform. Three Words is unredeemable because of Sarah’s inaction.

        In other words, all of Season 3 is built on a lie–and a lie TPTB admitted to when they have Chuck say he “always ha[s]” loved Sarah and have Sarah say she’s loved Chuck since their first meeting.

      • atcdave says:

        This will be one of the rare times I disagree with Faith; I see this more like HenryH. I actually make even less sense of the entirety of S3 now than I did when they were first run; because Chuck and Sarah have both confessed to having loved each other all along it renders both PLIs pointless and/or damaging to the primary characters. Chuck spent four episodes learning the same lesson from Hannah he had already learned from Lou; while apparently being really in love with Sarah through both of them. And Sarah spent most of the season trying to distance herself from the man she loves rather than provide her wisdom, experience, and comfort through the greatest struggles of his life. If I were Chuck I’d still be a little concerned that I’d been abandoned to suffer through that stuff. Pink Slip is where the train goes off the tracks. Not every episode was irretrievably bad; I’d say four (not including the “resolution” episodes of American Hero and Other Guy) from this season will hold up pretty well over time; the “Devon episodes” (Angel of Death and Operation Awesome) were mostly fun and apart from acknowledging some distance between them did no damage. And Beard and Tic Tac which focus on other relationships and have some of the old sense of fun about them.

        I think that means there are six episodes so far in S3 I can rewatch and enjoy. That’s less than half the season so far, I’d be worried if things weren’t clearly looking up.

      • JC says:

        I think the real problem was the writers never fully explained where Sarah was coming from. I can accept two people being in love and walking away from each other. It happens all the time, because people are stupid. My problem was that even though we had Sarah open up, it was done for the benefit of Chuck’s development not hers. The name reveal, Red Test, etc it was all to push Chuck forward not her. She became less of character and more of a plot device.

      • JLR says:

        I tend to take Dave’s & Henry’s view. Based on MY perception, anyway… I can rationalize myself into looking at things the way Paul & Faith do, but to me it strains logic based on what I knew of the characters. The revelations of 3.12 & 3.13 make it even more of a strain, IMO. Of course, that doesn’t mean other interpretations are “wrong”. merely that I disagree with them.

      • Jason says:

        after watching 3.1 for the second time ever yesterday, I was surprised by how much affection sarah showed toward chuck in the episode, by the mid shaw arc that was certainly gone. It seems that the storytellers were trying to say that as chuck became more of a spy, sarah liked chuck less (even if she still loved him) – this statement was the major theme of the 13 episode arc. I missed it the entire while, continually looking for sarah to start to warm up to chuck & forgive him for prague, while just the opposite was happening, in spite of the obvious bad connection between sarah and shaw. The real PLI in S3, the one that was taking sarah away from chuck, was chuck’s interest in becoming a spy, and each episode he was getting closer to that mistress, sarah moved farther away. Bad story telling for sure, even though I really do love the characters in the show, I am not in love with how it is written.

      • Faith says:

        I don’t like to beat a dead horse 😉 and it’s kinda hard to defend something I myself hated just weeks ago but I’m gonna try lol.

        You have to take certain aspects of 3 words out of the equation. I only say that because they lied to us in 3 words. 1) they were not friends. 2) They weren’t working on cleaning up the mess. Because the stuff that was in Pink Slip remained at the frontmost of issues all the way ’til the end. The painful and real reason he turned her down in Prague WAS in Pink Slip, and not the bandage that was in three words (I appreciate what Ali Adler did though). That’s why I see it with different eyes now. Because seeing it as a whole, and one after another, I see a congruence in the issues that remained dormant but yet it was eating them up. And those same issues are the ones that were resolved, nothing else. It was never about moving on with Hannah (that’s bull), it was never about not having anyone to talk to for Sarah (also bull). It was the fact that Sarah couldn’t get past the fact that he’s turning into something she’s afraid of, and the fact that Chuck didn’t know what he wanted.

        I give you guys the emotional component of it. If we’re to believe (and we are) that they’ve been in love since the beginning of time (at least in Chuckverse) then it’s implausible to coalesce some of their actions but in others isn’t. I may not agree with it, I may hate it but when it comes down to it, Chuck was that guy who hated himself. He was that guy who to quote Ellie “I just know what a great guy Chuck Bartowski is and I’m afraid he doesn’t” so his actions in Prague stemmed from that. To sum he was selfish. But he was selfish for the right reasons. He needed to not be that guy “who hated himself for not knowing what he wanted to do and who he wanted to be with” it took Prague for him to know that. It took Prague for Chuck to be the man that he became rather than the boy he was from last season. (Note: I’m not excusing a lot of what went on after Pink Slip, like I said they were just useless fillers, personally it would have made more sense if Sarah or Morgan—and he did—called him a jerk rather than Hannah). So yes, they always loved each other, Chuck certainly always loved Sarah, but when it comes down to it had they been together and ran away, Chuck in terms of life, goal, confidence would still have been a pale imitation of what he is and that would have held them back eventually. There’s this saying that to be in a relationship you have to have a relationship with yourself first, well Chuck had that. He didn’t before. That Chuck would probably have taken exception at all the little seduction things she would do for the job, but this Chuck would understand that there’s a separation and an emotional component that what makes them being together different from all the things you have to do for the job. That Chuck would also have always wondered what kind of life he would have had as an agent/a spy/someone fulfilled rather than this Chuck who knows without a doubt that what he wants is her. To me Pink Slip did that and more… American Hero, Other Guy made sense of Pink Slip.

      • Seb says:

        Sense is a relative term. TPTB decided the story they wanted to tell was Chuck rising up, becoming Sarah’s equal, being a hero, saving himself, saving Sarah and fighting for what he wants. Everything makes sense if you work to that end result, characters just behaved in whatever way was necessary to get there. It’s just TVland cliches, that the hero needs to overcome impossible odds and formidable adversaries to earn his stripes. Frankly I m surprised they didn’t throw in a dragon for Chuck to fight with, and appear more heroic. Of course if you have been following these characters for two years before S3 some things are very odd. And of course it’s very odd Sarah needed to hear Casey tell her Chuck didn’t kill the mole to realize she wuvs Chuck and he’s her Chuck, the guy she’s been wuving since the pilot. In a similar vein, it’s weird Chuck needed Morgan to tell him he wuvs Sarah. But it’s just a means to an end. Same applies to the LIs. There were a means to the end, end being Chuck rising up from his ashes and saving everybody while defeating the A male and winning the hot girl’s heart over. A lot of things had to be sacrificed to get there. Where the sacrifices worth it? Did they make sense? It’s totally personal opinion.

        Rewatching earlier S3 episodes is easier because you now know exactly how the story ends, so you can tolerate and justify things with the end in mind. Doesn’t mean the things that transpired are true to where we all thought the characters were at the end of s2 though. Neither does it mean it was a good story.

      • Faith says:

        Appreciate your POV, but IMO no amount of reviewing and retcon will make sense of the PLIs for me. I don’t and will never consider that a necessary part of the journey. To me there’s a difference between putting roadblocks to get to the end result and having challenges to overcome. PLIs are lame roadblocks, one that could have been done without.

      • Jason says:

        faith, i really enjoyed 3.1 as a rewatch, it was far more like the old show than most of S3, my ? is had sarah said to chuck in Prague or in 3.1, chuck, you don’t want to be a spy, the final test, the red test for becoming a spy is to execute someone in cold blood, just like I did in Mauser, only worse, I executed Mauser to protect you and your family, in the red test you must kill because you were ordered to do so. I don’t want you to become that type of guy, if you do, we are thru, even though I love you. I think that is the basis upon which S3 was written from sarah’s POV, even though I really didn’t get it until rewatching 3.1?

      • joe says:

        Faith, your lengthy discussion with SEB is a classic. You understand Chuck.

        Okay. *I* can say that for a reason; you once told me that *I* am Chuck. And although you meant it as a compliment (for which I thank you, btw), you were right in a more limited sense. I knew that same self-dissatisfaction as a young man. He’s much more good natured about it than I was back than, and seemingly carries around less anger. But it’s the same thing.

        Sarah – now *she* is the one I cannot not truly understand. I get the ugly-duckling thing, the abandonment issues and even the pop-psychological “daddy-issue” stuff that’s so popular these days. But none of it gets me any closer to understanding her, much less predicting what she will decide to do next.

        Which is a good thing. I’d hate to really understand everything that’s going on. It wouldn’t be half the fun it is now.

      • Faith says:

        Jason, I don’t really get the question, sorry.

        If you’re saying had she talked to him would things have been resolved all that much sooner? Had she talked to him about the things you have to do (which let’s face it he had no knowledge of), would Pink Slip had been better? The answer is yes. Most assuredly yes. The big thing this year (and there will be no excuses from me with regards to this) is the lack of mature communication. I felt then and I feel now that there are certain aspects that are just simply intentionally lame and fabricated among that is Sarah not going to Chuck while he’s drinking in his stupor after Nacho Sampler. So yes, had she talked to him, made him understand what she really meant with “it’s not that simple, nothing is real, this–this is real” things would have gone much smoother.

        But I don’t think it’s any less plausible that she was just too emotionally overwrought to even form words. If you notice even at the end where he gave her an opening to talk she still couldn’t. Because at that point in time the fear overcomes the emotions. I understand that.

        You also have to consider where Sarah has evolved this season. This season in particular I’ve noticed how little emphasis she puts into words so much as actions, which is now a direct contrast to who she is and how she acts. When time was she would act like she loves Chuck because she can’t verbalize it, now she’s much more verbal about certain things. The “Yes” is just one example. And when it comes down to Chuck she’s less likely to believe his words and pay particular attention to his actions instead. The reason she couldn’t and didn’t listen to how Chuck is NOT changing is because she’s seeing otherwise. I think the determinant to alleviating her fears isn’t so much what Chuck said, “but I’m still the same guy, I promise” but that he still acts like and is actually that same guy: lowering the gun right, talking with Shaw. No words needed or required.

        And Joe, thanks for the compliment (and yes I meant the previous statement as a compliment as well lol). I think when it comes down to it, understanding these characters—and really what makes them so great and memorable is the gender aspect of it. I find that most women are more able to understand Sarah and less able to understand Chuck. A great example of that is how we, Liz and I, in particular always believed that the fake relationship was real to Sarah the way it’s understood for you guys why Chuck tends to move on after as Ernie puts it “his love is beaten with a stick.”

      • Big Kev says:

        Wow……as you say Joe, a “classic” discussion. I’ve come late to it, but I’d like to chip in my 3c worth, if I could.
        Faith – I agree with you completely that Chuck’s reasoning in Pink Slip, which sounds so selfish on first hearing, becomes clearer after watching American Hero. I also concede Henry’s point that Chuck not giving Sarah the more extended “greater good” reasoning is inexcusable. I think we just have to accept that that omission is purely a plot device to get us to the vault confession in “Three Words”. It’s clumsy, and pretty poor writing if you are going to accept that the whole Prague scene is one of the pivotal ones of the entire season – but it is what it is.
        What hasn’t been covered in this discussion though is how much more sense Sarah’s reaction to the vault confession makes in the light of the rest of the season.
        Hallf way through Three Words we already know that Sarah hates Chuck’s choice. She knows exactly what is coming, and what kind of man he will inevitably have to become. She’s so desparate to avoid him going down the rabbit hole that she concocts the whole Prague scenario. When that fails, she tells Beckman she wants out. She can’t even stand to be around to watch Chuck change.
        Now she hears that, not only is this really what Chuck wants to do, but that he really wants to do it for her. It’s not a declaration of love to Sarah, it’s a knife to the heart. Final confirmation that this really is all her fault.
        So what does she do? Sarah is trapped. She can’t go to him and dissuade him. To do so would actually be completely out of character for Sarah. She has always stood aside whenever Chuck has said he wants something, even when it breaks her heart…..Jill, the break up, now becoming a spy. He’s said this is what he wants, and she stands aside to let him have it, as she always has done. After all, that’s one of the characteristics we’ve loved about Sarah all along – she’s always put Chuck’s interests (or what Chuck says are his interests) ahead of her own. Add to that her normal method of not expressing her feelings and her natural reluctance to get hurt again, and you have an understandable recipe for inaction. Prague was her shot, and Chuck said no. What else can she do?
        So she can’t bring herself to stop it – and Beckman has told her that she can’t leave. Sarah is trapped – completely trapped. And the more Chuck disappears down a path which she blames herself for steering him towards, the more hurt she is, and the less likely she is to raise it with him. I completely get that. We know Sarah loves Chuck, but at this point, it’s not about love for Sarah – it’s purely about self-preservation.

      • HenryH says:

        Sorry, folks, but you keep missing the point: Chuck just wouldn’t walk away. The selfishness and immaturity aren’t out of character. The other things you bring up aren’t out character. What’s out of character on the train platform for Chuck is his walking away.

        He’d have talked and talked and wheedled and cajoled and begged. He wouldn’t have walked away from Sarah despite anything you’ve all suggested. Maybe he would have failed. Maybe he would have changed Sarah’s mind. Maybe he’d have changed his mind.

        But he wouldn’t just walk away with two silly lines of dialogue. That’s not Chuck.

        Now Sarah’s out of character moment is at the end of Three Words. I just double checked to make sure of my chronology. Just before the fight at the fountain, Sarah offers Chuck a gun and he says, “No, I hate guns.”

        That’s important because when Sarah sees the video of him, she would know that she STILL has a chance to get him out. Sarah WOULD have moved there. One last-ditch effort to “save” a man who loves her and she loves.

        For ALL of the hurt he caused her on the train platform, she’s still THERE. She even told him in the previous scene that she was “good here, for now.”

        She wasn’t running when she was watching the video. She’d already decided to stay–which was WHY Carina gave her the video in the first place. She was moved by Chuck’s speech at the fountain. So now she hears him confess his love and his decision to make (in her mind) a mistake and she’d do nothing. Impossible.

        She might have beat him with a stick (h/t Ernie) again. She might have threatened him with a gun again. Or she just might have tried to seduce him. And maybe she fails. But give up there? Impossible.

        So a) Chuck doesn’t walk away silently on the Platform and b) Sarah tries again after Three Words. Everything else is rationalization. I love your passionate defenses, but I think you know how it SHOULD have gone.

      • Jason says:

        henry, rationalization or not, the season is very simple, & both chuck and sarah got it right in the end – it just was ratings killing, lousy story

        from sarah’s POV, she want’s to protect chuck from taking a red test, as he draws closer each ep, she withdraws further

        from chuck’s POV, he wants to enter a relationship with sarah as an equal, if he becomes a spy he thinks he can

        in the end, they did meet in the middle, just made for a lousy story, routh & hannah really had nothing to do with it at all

        faith – my ? really wasn’t a ? at all I guess, more an observation about how I missed the point all season long about sarah, I think I got chuck right away, as you observed, guys don’t get it when it comes to women

    • Jason says:

      I’d like to see the poll slightly expanded, fav moment of 3.13 – for example
      1 – shaw getting shot
      2 – eiffel tower hotel love scene
      3 – DYLM scene – ‘you are my chuck’ and kiss
      4 – you brought me a tank scene
      5 – sarah’s wry smile at morgan picking up drunk chuck
      6 – finding out shaw was a double agent in the elevator
      7 – morgan figuring out shaw was a double agent
      8 – kiss in the castle
      9 – bond parody in hotel, turning gen beckman off
      10 – etc
      I would have trouble picking, might be #5 from my list, maybe we could pick 3???

      • Sole says:

        Thanks Joe! I’m taking it seriously, but my problem is sometimes that when i get to te episode and to the blog, you’ve already said everythig I thought, and lots of new things to me, of course… Great idea to rewatch the season, specially with this long pause we have to go through now, I was just thinking about it. Also, I couldn’t help to rewach the pilot, trying to figure out the exact moment Sarah falls for Chuck… I think it was when they were in the club, on their date, there’s a look she gives to Chuck, and now that we know her, we can see what she was thinking. One more time, excuse me for my english, fell free to correct any mistakes i may have made.

  23. BDP says:

    Chuck and Sarah bits aside

    Am I the only person who really enjoyed it after the fight where Shaw said to Chuck that “this wasn’t your fault” and “I haven’t told them your secret”… that scene (cant remeber it all.)

    I don’t know why but I really enjoyed Shaw/Routh in that scene… The epitome of a completely broken man who did seem to generally care about Chuck…

    Still Loved it when Chuck shot him though…

    • Josh says:

      I said it before, take away the PLI stuff and IMO Brandon Routh could have been the best guest on the show ever. Nobody ever had a better entrance (both the zippo scene and the op awesome scenes) nor a better exit. If they had limited him to a Chuck mentor and spy story driver role. They just went too far and broke him.

      And I agree with you, his broken man portrayal was spot on and consistent with his portrayal of the character the rest of the season. That sadly made him a completely implausible Sarah LI and confidant, at least on screen.

      • weaselone says:

        Too many episodes. His entire arc needed to be tighter. Regardless of his status as a PLI he still interfered with the team dynamic.

      • Josh says:

        IMO the team dynamic needed to be reshuffled, they somehow had to get Chuck away from under Sarah’s overprotective wings to evolve him. I had no problem with that, Shaw’s get out and do it attitude towards Chuck was necessary if the Chuck character was to move away from stay in the car and flash to more hands on action. But I agree, Shaw should have been in fewer episodes.

        And just to make myself clear, I m not saying I liked the Shaw arc as it played out. I m saying it had potential to be great but they kinda dropped the ball on it.

      • weaselone says:

        Chuck could have chafed under her protection and broken away even without Shaw. In fact, it would have been a legitimate source of angst between the pair of them. We’ll probably see a bit of this play out in the back 6.

      • Lucian says:

        First, I loved the episode. That said, my biggest issue was Shaw deciding to kill Sarah so the CIA would feel some of his pain. I know he is a psycho, but he, more than anyone, would know there was no one in the CIA who would give a rat’s a– that Sarah was killed. And then, he wants to make sure it is painless?? Come on. It would have made more sense to just have him say “you killed my wife, prepare to die (I love the Princess Bride).

        Besides that, Shaw died beautifully. And I am so glad that Sarah’s response to Chuck killing Shaw was the right one. Hopefully, that shift will be fairly permanent.

    • joe says:

      Gee! I didn’t think of him that way at the end, but I see that it fits, BDP.

      The next time I watch I’ll think of that as an interpretation.

      Josh – You’re right. I thought he was quite good in Final Exam too, showing Sarah that he could be trusted. We see the start of the “broken man” portrayal there, don’t we.

      • Josh says:

        The broken man started in mask IMO.
        “I m the safest guy in the world”
        inferred “I have no feelings left, falling in love with a spy again is not really a danger for/with me”

      • BDP says:

        Well, Shaw being calculated and as confident as he was with the elaborate but great plan to get Sarah to Paris and get plans for the intersect, he had moments of… i suppose heart-break that sort of warmed him up a bit – i do genuinly believe that he would have done the same as Chuck and stormed a building with a swat team to rescue a friend, and the mirror when Chuck says they would be dead without his help(just the look), and on the elevator scene, i do genuinly believe Shaw “Trusts” Chuck, because it all lead to the scene where Shaw ask’s Chuck not to follow.

        Shaw wasn’t going to hurt Chuck, an innocent in his eyes(well physically anyway, im pretty sure killing Sarah would have ended in a possible bigger bloodbath), and he was lowering his gun when Chuck was giving his come-down speach… well until… Pa-POW

      • Waverly says:

        So what did Shaw really think of Chuck? Did he see Chuck as a younger and quirkier version of himself?

        Remember “Truth is, I hate guns too.”? And “Like I said, I hate guns, but it pays to know how to use one.”

        And there were times when I wondered if Shaw was sometimes admiring Chuck’s abilities (through flashing) a bit too much.

        So I thought it made sense that Shaw was almost apologetic to Chuck when leaving him at the cafe.

        I too thought Shaw was going to let Chuck go at the confrontation on the bridge. But the “flashes” of Eve pushed him back beyond.

      • Jason says:

        shaw knows everything, he knew chuck was coming (why else would he give him the tape of the fake fight), shaw got the ring to leave so he could wait for chuck to save sarah, switched guns with chuck before he went to the bridge, he waited for chuck to get to the bridge, finally got him to shoot (blanks) & pass his red test, then he jumped into the river. Shaw got the team trained and stronger than ever, just as he said he would because he knows everything and he is a good spy … he will show up in 3.19 to save the day

    • The shrink says:

      New show
      everybody loves chuck!

      I agree shaw was still a good guy crazy for revenge but a good guy. Revenge is toxin that can infect the most just man. Would it be out of bounds to think we would do that same thing. I don’t think so

      • Jen says:

        And i think Routh did a great job in this ep. I did end up feeling sorry for him. His desire for revenge was great… even as he was going over the bridge he held on to Sarah. maybe it was to save himself, maybe to bring her down with him, i don’t know.

        In the part where he takes Sarah with him and asks Chuck not to follow and tells him he has not revealed hi secret, you can tell that he is not evil.

      • Paul says:

        I think it was an attempt to bring her down with him. But in his defense, he did seem to hesitate when Chuck tried to talk him down, like a small part of himself knew it was wrong and was fighting to make himself stop.

  24. BDaddyDL says:

    I was just watching a few clips, and I think a great way to start 14 would be another look ate the beginning of Lethal weapon, this time Chuck much more comfortable…

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      awww. And no constricting/separating blanket for a change.

    • Jen says:

      Ha! I was thinking along the same lines. Them waking up together w/o Chuck having the sheets wrapped tightly around him 🙂

      Jem, btw… I watched lethal weapon last night to see Sarah wearing Chuck’s shirt. U were right, made my shipper heart happy! Then, in my addiction, I had to watch most of the rest of the DVD. I got sucked in!

  25. Judy says:

    This is an observation by someone who watches too much Chuck. The “my Chuck” comment made by Sarah links back to Chuck’s comment in Cougar that he was “Jenny’s Chuck.”

  26. Jen says:

    I had to rewatch parts of the ep. I was cracking up like a crazy woman in my living room at the scene with Morgan and Beckman. She first looks apalled that she’s even calling Morgan, and mmore that she’s makign him a member of the team… the she looks bored. That was hilarious. Then she offers him to be part of the team…

    Morgan: Aye, aye, Captain!
    Beckamn: It’s General..
    Morgan: Genral, yes… General.

    Morgan: Good night sir.

    All this loosley quoted…LOL!

  27. Jen says:

    Has any one thought of what ws the purpose of that whole opening scene??? What was Shaw’s plan in taking Sarah there? was it just to show her the clips of her red test? to kill her? he has his gun drawn and apparently pointed at her during the scene. Then he doesn’t seem surprised to be in a room with mnitors showing the clip is Sarah killing his wife, like he already knew and tries to comfort Sarah (which we khow he did, but Sarah didn’t know he knew… uuuf).

    Any thoughs?

    • amyabn says:

      I re-watched it again. I think it was so he could get Beckman on the horn and ask her who gave Sarah the order. Sarah clearly didn’t know when she saw the clip, said it was the worst day of her life. That’s why Shaw’s betrayal surprised me. I thought he could let Sarah off the hook since she didn’t know, and go after whomever gave the order. Since Beckman told all of TB that Graham took that secret to the grave, he shifted gears. I may have to rewatch, but I’m curious to see what others think.

      • Paul says:

        Well, on the bridge he did hesitate for a second when Chuck was trying to talk him down. So I think, he had a small smidgen of himself that wasn’t comfortable doing the revenge plan. But his OC behavior, unfortunately won out.

    • Jen says:

      I was wondering if maybe he was planning on killing her right there, at somne point. I don’t know if he was expecting Chuck to show up. There are too many mixed signals for me in this opening scene. It could be what u say.. just a way to try to get more info on who ordered his wife’s murder. maybe, after knowing he would never find out who gave the order, her decided to take it out on Sarah.

      I actually screamed NO WAY when the Ring Director got up from the floor after supposedly ebing shot. I think that whole move, plus showing the recording of him “beating” on the Ring agents was to get Sarah and Chuck to trust him and get to take Sarah to Paris. There is a jump there from the opening scene to the possible change in plans…

      • weaselone says:

        I think the setup there was to transfer the Ring cipher to the CIA/NSA for analysis without attracting suspicion all while making Shaw look above reproach. The CIA/NSA analyzed the Ring’s cipher, found the flaws and likely generated a report. Shaw then used his access to obtain the report as well as other relevant data that would be useful in fixing these flaws.

        Either the Ring Intersect Project is actually based in France, or as part of the plan, the cipher was constructed using current Ring research from french sourced components. This was to satisfy Shaw’s aim of luring a willing Sarah to Paris to exact his revenge. With Chuck in the dog house and Shaw the spy of the hour, he would have little to fear regarding the disruption of his plans.

    • JLR says:

      I just assumed it played into the psycho guy “needing” his target to fully “understand” why he was doing what he planned to do. I mean, the whole “plan” seemed way over-done/convoluted to me. Why the big deal about tapping into security cams to tape his “fight” w/ the Rings guys )when C/S were in the elevator shaft)? Was it all just a part of a large ploy to ensure he looked trustworthy? That’s pretty much where I’m at w/ it all…

    • Jen says:

      Yeah… oh well. I guess we’ll never know, but i’m OK with that. I’m still high on the C&S Love 😉

    • joe says:

      Jen, I think the purpose of the opening scene was purely theatrical.
      We all came away from American Hero convinced that Shaw had kidnapped Sarah and was taking her to the dessert to kill her. Of course he was the “evil villain, and Chuck would save her.

      That was too pat.

      So when it turned out that Shaw only told Sarah that she had been set up to murder Evelyn, then we all had to accept (once again) that Shaw was “a good guy” and a hero, just as Chuck did.

      And we we set up for the big turn-around.

      It worked pretty well, too, but I did get dizzy from all the switch-a-roos! 😉

  28. Jen says:

    BTW.. .i’m peruvian, which made me grin when Beckman mentioned the Peruvian assasins. I don’t know any of those though :O

    • JLR says:

      Huh….I dated a Peruvian girl while in college. Great cook, and a better person. Her brother was a beast (cool dude though)….I could definitely see him being an assassin, LOL.

      • Jen says:

        HAHAHAHA… maybe a terrorist! We mostly have very laid-back, fun-loving, personalities 🙂

        In regards to Peruvians, cooking, and food; we love food and we have some of the best food in the world. If you guys haven’t tried it, please do, you won’t be disappointed!

        Thankfully, i get my fill of it here in Miami. Yum!!!

  29. caster says:

    Did everyone here go to E online to vote for chuck.. Also, I’m very concern because I read somewhere that It is really hard to get a 4th season because a 4th season almost always guarantees a fifth one. Unlike everyone here, I actually started watching the third season before I went out and bought the 1st and 2nd season and even though I had no prior knowledge of their relationship, I still somewhat felt how hurt Sarah was when she thought that she was slowly losing chuck to the spy world..
    And to all the guys here, Come on? How many of you yelled IDIOT!! when Chuck walked away from her in the first episode of the third season? I know I

    • joe says:

      Don’t know if everyone did, caster. But I certainly did.

    • Jen says:

      Funny Caster… i just made my personal trainer into a Chuck addict. I lent him S1, which he watched in like a week. The he found S2 online and watched it in 2 weeks. He kept askign me WHEN S&C would FINALLY get together. Now’s he’s caught up woth S3 (which btw, he feels about it as most of us do) and now if hopping up and down on one foot out of sheer happiness that C&S are together.
      Imagine this: There i am doing shoulder presses with a 25lb kettle bell, tying to count my reps and trying not to drop the bell on my foot, and all he wants to do is discuss Chuck…. as i’m working and i’m totally put of breath.

      • caster says:

        Yeah. I got my brother in to it as well but he mostly like it for its comedic scenes

      • joe says:

        Oh, that’s too funny, Jen.

        In seasons past, I found a number of Chuck fans who thought they were “in the closet”. But making a new fan, that’s the ultimate. 😉

    • Jen says:

      You can keep voting as many times as it’s needed. Here is the link:

    • John says:

      Almost everybody did. I mean I cannot imagine a guy doing that, it was almost sort of admirable that Chuck put a higher ideal before his love but…I mean none of us would have had the guts to turn down the woman we loved and risk losing her even if we thought it was the worst idea in the world.

      But even more than that Chuck, who always is out in the open with how he is feeling, for once said nothing and left Sarah to stew. We all sorta felt where Sarah was coming from and were mad at Chuck at first.

    • weaselone says:

      I didn’t yell, but I thought it and did a face palm. Now that we’ve finally arrived at 13 the writers and producers have given us a fuller view of Chuck’s reasoning and confirmed what many of us had speculated regarding Chuck’s reasons for staying. There was the allure of a job that utilized his talents, the desire to live up to the faith that his friends, families and Sarah had placed on him, the drive to serve something greater than himself, and the need to forge a relationship of equals with Sarah. Now if only his explanation on the train station hadn’t made him look like an adventure seeking jerk.

  30. caster says:

    cute compilation. Just thought I’d sahre it with you guys

  31. Jen says:

    I wanted to share with you a couple of songs from a band i just discovered this weekend called Tristan Clopet and The Juice. I’ve been listening to their last album, Purple, all week. There are 2 songs that made me think of Chuck and Sarah individually. Hope you like ’em. You can hear the songs here. Unfortunately this is a local Miami band, and this is a new album, so i couldn’t find these songs in Youtube, so you can hear them on their site Check them out, they are great.

    This first song made me think of Chuck, the undertainty of not knowing for so long how Sarah felt about himm but loving her nonetheless:

    Love and a Question

    You pick me up from my stagnant depth
    So far thrown your euphoria trip
    So submerged within your soul
    I knew not why nor for how long
    Couldn’t wait for the next day
    Living mine in a beautiful haze
    Drowning in her love drunk ways
    Breathing in.

    Oh one thing I never knew
    Is what I was to you
    Can you hear me?

    Oh one thing I never knew
    Is what you felt for me
    Do you listen anymore?

    Things would get me down
    Overstayed mine rarely came around
    Do you feel
    Like I feel?
    Delusions of desire burning
    Sparks of fire kept me coming
    All this time I try to keep warm
    Losing steam in a winter’s storm
    I got love and a question

    The uncertainty is killing me

    This second song made me think of Sarah… how Chuck’s love and his acceptance of her, how he’s saved her, will change her for the better:

    So Alive

    All she ever wanted was a choice
    All she ever wanted was a voice
    The black sky
    At nighttime
    Finds no light

    Take your shoes off by the door
    Throw your clothes off on the floor
    Look in the mirror
    Look in the mirror my dear
    That’s with whom you need to start your next affair

    She’s so alive

    Isn’t it funny
    How you can love someone else
    Before you even love yourself?
    From everything you must take something
    Something on which you can build

    Look in the mirror
    Look in the mirror my dear
    That’s with whom you need to start your next affair

    She’s so alive

    All she ever wanted was a choice
    All she ever wanted was a voice
    The black sky
    At nighttime
    Finds no light

    Take your shoes off by the door
    Throw you clothes off on the floor
    Look in the mirror
    Look in the mirror my dear
    That’s with whom you need to start your next affair

    She so alive

    Walking down the lane
    On a breezy summer’s day
    The sky seems bluer
    The grass seems greener

  32. Crumby says:

    I don’t get why Chuck isn’t flashing when Sarah’s life is in danger.
    I thought that she was her “kriptonite” because when they’re weren’t ok he couldn’t flash like in 3 words.
    But I would have thought that Sarah’s life being in danger would make him flash. But it didn’t. Like in Fake Name when Rafe had Sarah. Or in the Other Guy he stopped flashing when Shaw pointing is knife to Sarah.
    What is that all about?

    • Jason says:

      I don’t know, I didn’t like that part of 3.13 either, even how he just layed there as shaw left dragging sarah, would have expected him crawling after them, plot holes abound in this show, but all are excused when they leave the ‘franchise’ together on screen, and trusting one another

      • weaselone says:

        Ummm…crawling after Sarah would have just gotten him shot.

        He gathered himself, grabbed the gun and went after them, what more do you want?

      • HenryH says:

        Couldn’t one plausibly also suggest that he was still groggy from getting whacked by Shaw and shocked by the fact that he stopped flashing. First time THAT happened.

        Besides, if he didn’t lay there, Shaw wouldn’t have time to get to the bridge in time for the big dramatic climax. 🙂

    • weaselone says:

      Substitute “writer’s crutch” for Chuck’s kryptonite/spinach. When the writers need him to flash, Chuck’s concern for Sarah is his spinach. When they need to keep him from flashing, Chuck’s concern for Sarah will be his Kryptonite. I sort of wish someone would bring this up in an interview or Q&A session.

      • Crumby says:

        Yes I thought at first that he couldn’t flash when her life was really threatened (like having a gun pointed at her or a knife or else) but in Nacho Sampler, she had a gun pointed at her and Chuck saved her so it doesn’t work.
        I know emotions doesn’t exactly have rules but I really don’t get this.

    • Jen says:

      He flashed and landed a good punch on Shaw… but Shaw is no weaklin and flashing i’m sure does not mean Chuck will win the fight or make him impervious to pain or stress. He lost his focus when Shaw leaned towards Sarah with the knife, you see Chuck turning his eyes to Sarah, that’s when Shaw hits him, HARD. Running after Shaw as he dragged Sarah would have probably gotten the both of them killed.

      I just realized last nigth as i was rewatching that he shot Shaw 4 times!

      • Gabbo says:

        He said ‘I love you’ four times in American Hero. She said ‘yes’ four times in the DYLM scene. He shot shaw four times.

        Cause life is always that neat… 🙂

      • BDaddyDL says:

        I have watched it several times on the show you see him pull the trigger once maybe twice and then you see 3 of the blood spurts.

        I find it easier to believe he fired 3 rapid fire accurate shots then 4, but either way, from that distance, that was some fine shooting

      • Jen says:

        Good catch! I wonder what the significance of 4 is.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Four shots? That probably leaves at least six in the magazine that he needed to use (before lighting Shaw in fire, loading him down with kryptonite and then tossing him in the Seine)!

      • Crumby says:

        I can understand that he got distracted and that’s when Shaw hit him. But after that he couldn’t flash again. I just don’t see what change between his first flash and him not flashing anymore.
        What bothers me a little about it, he’s that Shaw mention it. We would have bought the all scene without Shaw saying Chuck couldn’t flash. So why did they emphasise on it?

      • Stef62 says:

        Most likely they highlighted it, for the times when Sarah is in danger in the back 6, and Chuck panics causing it to fail on him

    • atcdave says:

      Its another of those badly conceived contrivences we’ve seen so much of this season. The first time he flashed with 2.0 was when Sarah was threatened; he usually does flash when Sarah is either threatened, or if she can talk to him and calm him down. He only can’t flash when the writers decide its time for a Kryptonite moment.

  33. Jen says:

    So Shaw (doing happy dance!) is dead and there are a coupel of things we still don’t know:

    -What was GB referring to when she told Shaw that she needed to warn the team, that sounded very ominous.
    -Why was Sarah setup to kill Eve Shaw. Was she really a Ring Agent, or was it an attack meant to hurt Shaw? Why use Sarah? Shaw tells Sarah in the opening sequence that she had been setup

    ok, that is more than just a couple of things… 🙂

    • Seb says:

      The Beckman it’s too dangerous thing was just a reference to the setup Shaw had running in Op Awesome, Beckman just wanted to warn the team, Shaw didn’t.

      Like Beckman said we ‘ll never know why Graham sent Sarah in to kill Eve. He took that secret to his grave, unless of course those European Clinics resurrect him too :p

      • Jen says:

        IMO, they made that scene with Beckman seem like so much more… maybe i just missed the connection to the whole thing with Awesome. I was expecting something much bigger.

        Graham took the knowledge of who setup Sarah to his grave, but that doesn’t mean that this person isn’t out there, working with the Ring? I hope we come back to this at some point.

      • Seb says:

        The connection to Op Awesome was that Shaw knew the ring would try and use Team Bartowski to assassinate him, if you remember the episode he was expecting them. Which implies lots of things, he knew the ring had found out about Awesome (or Chuck) etc. Hence it was dangerous, hence Beckman locked up Casey and Sarah in the van during the mission.

        If there is someone that setup her up. It’s possible that Graham was kept out of the loop by Shaw (he did say Eve’s death was his responsibility at some point) and just thought Eve had been turned, and therefore ordered the hit on who he thought was a ring agent.

        I really doubt we will ever get any more clarity on this. Unless Shaw comes back or something.

  34. Jen says:

    Funny Tweetering:

    sarahwalkercia Chuck says he knows great place for meats and cheeses. I think romantic picnic. He meant only 1 in Paris. My hero 😉

    Check out the link.

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