The Best of the Guests

Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three episodes.

One thing Chuck does well (usually) is guest stars.  From Rachel Bilson to Chevy Chase they seem to have a talent for fitting a guest star seamlessly into the show without dominating it.  This season we’ve seen our share guests drop in for an episode or two (or eight).  Weigh in on your favorite, after the jump.

Updated: Which guest stars would you like to see back?

You know the deal, pick your top 3.  And by all means, comment away.

As an added bonus, upon Herder’s suggestion, which past guest stars would you most like to see return.  I’m excluding the dead, the incarcerated, and Scott Backula, since we know he’ll be back.  Vote for your top three


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I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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30 Responses to The Best of the Guests

  1. herder says:

    Great idea for a poll, another complimentary poll might be which guest stars would you like to see return. The fact that some of these characters are now dead leaves openings to add a few favorites from earlier years.

  2. Viridis says:

    I think the more interesting complementary poll would be, if there are three “negative vote for Routh” options as well, how many people would vote for that option?

    • Faith says:

      I want my DVD to come with black screens on whenever he’s on screen. I’ll just pretend something happened between those scenes and I don’t want to know 😉

  3. DaveB says:

    I liked Hannah…Unlike Shaw, she made an odd sort of sense as a PLI. (actually, considering Sarah’s past PLI’s, Shaw would have made some sense had he been a tad more charismatic.) Hannah’s character fit with Chuck’s “type” and she shook his self-doubt by forcing him to accept the fact that he could be attractive. A cute techie is not out of the question. That being said, her task is done, so I can’t see her coming back.

    Armand Assante (first page on “The List”) was great as the greasy dictator. Every Latin American Banana Republic stereotype was rolled up in his slimy little ball.

    Angie Harmon played the sexy, nutzoid, uber-spy to the hilt. Charm, beauty, guns, what more could you want in a ‘bad-girl’ spy?

    I think Carina has some scenes to steal yet. I’d love to see her dealing with new team B member Morgan, especially considering their, ahem, history…She also needs to evolve a little. Chuck pushed her in new directions, and I think he can still push her over the edge.

    Roan needs a return, if only to help Chuck deal with issues related to romance. There are going to be times when either he or Sarah will have to play someone…Roan will be an excellent tutor, and like Carina, Roan has some things to learn from Chuck.

    Casey has a couple of untied strings in his life. Ilsa (or whatever her name is) is one of them. I’d like to see Casey have a Chuck moment of indecision, and have Morgan talk him through, ala “Other Guy”. Coming on the heels of Morgan, say, dumping Carina, this has the potential of being really funny.

  4. BDaddyDl says:

    My weakest vote was to Michael Strahan, only because it could show groth in Morgan,
    I think Roan needs to return, if only he is so good at comedy/drama, he is just a joy to see on screen, and there is so much to work with (imagine meeting him in therapy with doc brown….WOW)
    I would also like to see jack burton attend his daughters wedding!

  5. Josh says:

    Jill needs to swing by for an episode, just for the pure fun it will be having Sarah giving her evil I m gonna kill you if he just lets me looks.

    And obviously Roan, not cause he can add a lot to the story, just cause he’s so fun to watch onscreen.

    • Gabbo says:

      It would be interesting to see an episode of Chuck and Sarah trying to bring Jill in from the cold. How they’d play Sarah would be interesting, too… The easy play is jealous Sarah. But TPTB could put a better spin on it: Sarah knows how the spylife could ruin a woman–and she’d have Chuck’s willingness to sacrifice to save Shaw as a role model.

      In fact, they could even give it a Casablanca twist, a la Lazlo and Rick, where Lazlo tells Rick that it’s their misfortune that they happen to love the same woman.

      Gee, I hope TPTB read this board. This is a good idea 🙂

    • Faith says:

      I. Love. Jill! I hope she does come back. Sport back that ring Chuck gave her and make Sarah squirm! But then she’ll be like, guess what we’re together now, ha ha, and don’t I owe you a payback for hurting him?!

  6. Waverly says:

    I’m surprised people liked the Roan Montgomery character so much. I thought he served his purpose, but that there wasn’t much depth to offer for other story purposes.

    Well, I suppose his history with Beckman might be worth a laugh.

    • HenryH says:

      He’s a wonderful spoof of the James Bond milieu. We’re laughing at our own innocence about the lives spies lived THEN.

      It’s why people like Cole, too, I think. He’s sort of the current generation of spies trying to live the James Bond lifestyle.

      Sort of like modern-day, real-life organized crime types imitating The Godfather characters…

  7. herder says:

    For this year’s guests, I have picked Mini Anden, Armande Assante and Kristen Kreuk, some of the others were good, but those three were the best. Carina cause she stirs things up, Goya because he was fun and Hannah because she seemed to fit the show. That said, the only one of them that I would want to see back was Carina. That is one of the odd things about season 3, although few of the guests were poorly used, I don’t necessarily want to see them again.

    Guests from the other years I do want to see again. It was hard to limit my choices to three. I picked Carina, Roan and Jack Burton but the truth is I wouldn’t mind seeing Vincent, Lou, Jill, Irina or Cole again. I don’t know if that is because I liked the earlier seasons more or what but I seem to be fonder of those guests than this season’s.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I know what you mean about this season’s guest stars. Other than Carina they don’t seem to have much shelf life, great as they were.

      I always thought it would have been fun if Hannah bumped into Lou or they somehow found out about each other and started comparing notes on Chuck and Sarah.

      I’d love to see both Cole and Carina back in the same episode with Morgan now trying to compete with Cole. Cole lost the girl to Chuck, imagine losing the girl to Morgan. Plus someone needs to get handcuffed to a bed again.

      • herder says:

        I can also see one where it is Chuck’s bachelor party, things are ok until Alex Forest arrives a scream and the dreamer awakes. The question is is this Chuck’s or Awesome’s nightmare.

        Or Lou/Jill/Hannah “she threatened me” “you are lucky, she stalked me”, “she only ruined my dates but it ended out in him dumping me”.

        I kind of hope that Vincent is one of the living dead, he was a great running gag, this guy getting blown up, shot, run over and blown up again. Each time he came back with more bandages and cuts, yet despite all that he was a credible bad guy, I miss that type of character.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I like the “it’s a small world” idea of guest stars bumping into each other. Imagine an undercover mission for Chuck and Sarah where they run into Cole and/or Carina or agent Forest, also working undercover, but perhaps at cross purposes. It’d be hilarious if each thought they were meeting the bad guy when there was no bad guy at all just three different agencies, MI6, DEA and CIA all thinking they were going to sting a bad guy in an undercover operation. Or add in one real bad guy with the three all competing to burn him.

    • amyabn says:

      I picked Carina, Roan, and Jack Burton too. I would love to see Carina’s reaction to crazy and openly in love Sarah, and actually get to see C&S interact in a setting other than a mission.

      I loved how Roan cut to the chase on things and represented the “classic” spy.

      And Jack Burton, well, I would love to see some crazy con (another one) that he needs help getting out of, only it would take all of TB to get there.

      • Jason says:

        my 3 choices too

        I think carina and burton have so many uses, that both could be in the cast and the show not miss a beat.

        for roan, probably not many uses, but the one show I would love is for morgan to be on a seduction for some reason, roan brought in to train him, only morgan turns out not needing any help, matter of fact, roan breaks down in front of morgan, and Morgan actually helps roan get his ‘girl’.

      • Crumby says:

        My pick as well.

        Probably because Carina and Jack Burton open on Sarah’s life I guess. Also because Carina and Roan are a lot of fun.

        I’d like to see Jill come back though. I think it’s because in my mind Chuck never really choose Sarah over Jill, and even though I know he loves Sarah it bothers me a little.

  8. Ernie Davis says:

    I almost forgot, Chris Fedak confirmed they have wanted to do the “Club Carmichael” bit where Chuck goes to the prison where all the people he’s captured are kept. That would mean we could get anyone from Colt to Sasha Banacheck back for at least an episode or so. It apparently isn’t in the works for this season, so all the more reason to get season 4!

  9. JC says:

    I’d love to see Carina and Jack Burton back. I was really happy they didn’t kill off Mark Sheppard, the show really needs a recurring villain.

  10. Faith says:

    I nominate a special, special guest star… the bracelet!

    Only one appearance this year but a show stealer!

  11. joe says:

    You guys! The agreement about these polls is telling. Not sure what it’s telling, but it’s telling.

    Someone needs to tell Mini Anden that she could retire on the Carina character. Carina could be the show’s first spin-off.

    And Roan would be the second (“Hello, Diane!”).

  12. kg says:

    After a little thought, I went with Carina (top vote getter), Sydney and Colonel Keller.

    The returnees were very easy. Carina, Roan and Sarah’s dad.

    Carina needs no explanation for either choice. Roan was a hoot. His episode (Seduction) was my personal favorite until Other Guy.

    In addition to Carina, Sarah may need some support from family and her dad would be a welcome sight especially if/when she and Chuck wed.

  13. pandachuckkk says:

    MANOOOOOOOOSSH! Chuck vs Manoosh would be nuts. A little intersect on intersect action.

  14. Merve says:

    The best season 3 guest stars, in my opinion, were Mini Anden, Fahim Anwar, Mark Sheppard. (And Fahim Anwar had never before acted on television!)

    I’d love to see Carina, Jack, Jill, and Vincent make a return. Carina always mixes things up without getting in the way of the plot. Jack could be featured in a future wedding episode. Jill could be brought back to show Chuck and Sarah what a life on the run would really be like. And Vincent needs to be brought back because HE NEVER DIES. (I find it kind of strange that I’m in favour of bringing Jill back; I dislike the Jill arc even more than some of you dislike the Shaw arc. But then again, “First Kill” is one of my favourite episodes.)

  15. John B says:

    You know, I honestly wouldn’t mind Brandon Routh or even Kristen Kreuk if they weren’t love interests and just competent characters in what they do (spy or nerd herder etc).

    It’s just, everyone who watches this show religiously has a vested interest principally in the characters, and as they were (particularly Shaw obviously) detracted from that.

    If Daniel Shaw came back for example, as a ghost (or figment of Chuck’s imagination/conscious whatever) then I’d be open to the character, because obviously Daniel is incredibly important to Chuck’s growth as a character.

  16. The Shrink says:

    Why doesn’t Bullettooth Tony (vinne jones) get any Love!! If you have not seen Snatch you have got to rent it!!

  17. pandachuck says:

    anyone else think Manoosh kinda looks like Jason Biggs from the American Pie Movies.

    jason biggs

    manoosh/ fahim anwar

    • joe says:

      Pandachuck – sorry! The notorious WordPress filter stuck this in the “to be moderated” file. It’s got something to do with the relative number of links-to-text length, I think.

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