I Knew You Could Be Heartwarmed

Great Moments in Shipper History

Perhaps they were few and far between, at least by traditional romantic standards, but we had our heartwarming moments. Now a poll for the shipperiest of shippers or those of you who are Shaw fans to weigh in on what was most heartwarming this season.  After the jump.

You should be getting used to this by now, but as with the other polls with a lot of choices I’ll let you narrow it down to your top three.  I’ve also added a very special scene that many of us were waiting for with almost as much anticipation as that next kiss.  Have fun with the commentary.


About Ernie Davis

I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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63 Responses to I Knew You Could Be Heartwarmed

  1. joe says:

    “Chuck fires several rounds into Shaw’s chest”

    Awwwww – how sweet! 😉

  2. caster says:

    I picked I appreciated the tank. I know it was meant to be funny but I felt that Sarah was really sincere when she said. You can tell that she was really flattered by what Chuck did for her and she didn’t know how to express it at the time.She’s not use to having a guy go all out for her

    • atcdave says:

      That made my list too. It was a funny line, and I’m not totally sure how Sarah meant it (was she moved or joking, or both?); but I loved that she was back to her familiar role of offering Chuck encouragement and respecting his feelings. It was like we got the Sarah we all knew from the first two seasons back, really for the first time this year.

      • Rick Holy says:

        I agree w/ya dave – but I’d also squeeze in the hug given by Sarah to Chuck on the news of Devon’s possible demise, which came much earlier.

        Too bad that for so much of the season we had to really STRAIN to find those “golden” Sarah moments. TBTG they’re back!

      • Faith says:

        I think she meant it. She’s all full of Chuck love goo. Ever since him telling her he loves her.

    • Jason says:

      she also acted very vulnerable when delivering those lines, a very different way for her to interact with chuck, even vs S1/S2, more like someone in love, much less like a handler

  3. amyabn says:

    I had to go with Chuck’s confession, You’re my Chuck, and Shut up and Kiss me! I was heartwarmed by the tank comment-it works for me!

    How Poochie even made this list is beyond me.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Poochie and Hannah are there basically so some contrarian can’t claim the survey is skewed because they’re not. I expect someone will vote for him just to try and stir things up. I expect multiple chest wounds to outpoll Shaw’s other entries combined.

    • atcdave says:

      Sounds like Amy and I voted almost the same. So that sort of sums up the season so far to me; all the best moments in the same episode. Shaw’s dramatic exit would certainly be my favorite story moment of the season.

      • Rick Holy says:

        I have to preface this by saying that I don’t promote violence. BUT…. seeing that double shot to the upper chest WAS quite “awesome!” Kudos to the stunt/special effects person(s) on that one.

  4. Rick Holy says:

    Joe – you’re an old softie. This one is waaaay too easy.

    “My Chuck.” Hands down!

  5. Paul says:

    One of my favorites of all time was in First Date, at the restaurant, where Sarah “made” Chuck describe what he liked about her. You can see in her eyes and smile just how much she’s into him.

    • Big Kev says:

      First Date is still in my top 3 episodes. Just a brilliantly written and executed chunk of TV – a perfect example of how to reestablish characters and set up a season (compared, say, to Pink Slip), Michael Clarke Duncan was a great villain, drama with Casey and the termination order – and a genuinely flirty Sarah to boot! Everything you want in a Chuck episode.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Big Kev, for bringing in new viewers I actually prefer First Date to the Pilot.

      • Rick Holy says:

        Agreed. If THAT was the first episode of Season 3, we probably wouldn’t be in the pickle we’re in (again) of possibly getting axed.

      • Big Kev says:

        Agreed, Dave.
        My first Chuck episode was Hard Salami, and they ran Seasons 1 and 2 back to back in Australia, so I got Marlin and First Date without a break. I think I was hooked by then – and by the time they followed those with Seduction, Break Up and Cougars, I was an addict.
        Nothing’s changed….

      • joe says:

        Hum… I hear ya, Kev. But now I have to add the last scene of Best Friends.

        Besides the fact that hand holding is personally special to me, the look on Sarah’s face as Jeffster plays Africa was stunning. It’s a combination of Sarah realizing that Chuck has, by his actions, placed himself in charge and her saying to herself “OMG, what do I do now???” Awe and concern. Very poignant.

    • Erin says:

      I LOVE that part! Yvonne does it so well

      • Rick Holy says:

        Can’t say enough about her abilities in that area. I don’t know if you “learn” that, or if it’s just something you “have” – a gift. Either way, she’s got it!

    • Josh says:

      There’s a nice parallel Joe between the yes you do scene in best friends and the lengths Chuck went to in protecting Sarah in Other Guy, including killing Shaw. In a way he validated that Yes you do.

      • joe says:

        Oh wow! I like that thought, Josh.

      • kg says:

        Thanks Josh

        That epic heartwarming scene from Best friends immediately came to mind in this episode.

        Not so much while Chuck was saving Sarah and wrestling with Shaw, but certainly in the hotel room when Sarah came too, she realized what really happened and they embraced.

        All the ones Ernie listed sans Shaw (but he was correct in offering both sides) were very good choices.

        Ultimately, I went with Carina’s gift, My Chuck and the hug edged out the family get together. The main reason: Minutes earlier they reluctantly agreed to be friends and then when she got the news about Awesome, her tender hug was certainly not one from a woman who was merely a guy’s friend.

        I have to admit I found Chuck holding up and stroking a practically unconscious Sarah on the bridge as heartwarming as well. The guy came so close to losing the love of his life and now he’s holding her for dear life.

        I don’t believe it was a top three or anything, but moving and worth mentioning.

  6. Rick Holy says:

    In the end, LOVE conquers ALL – even painfully annoying romantic triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids!!

    If any of you are “up there” in years enough you might remember a wonderful movie about H.G. Wells and his time machine called “Time After Time.” (At least I think that’s what it was called). Anyway, it starred a very young Malcom MacDowel and an even younger Mary Steenburgen. Wells travels into the future to pursue Jack the Ripper who stole a ride on his time machine and took himself to the 1970s. There he finds Steenburgen’s character, whose name I believe was Amy.

    So what am I babbling on about? There’s a marvelous line in that movie spoken by Wells to Amy and it’s this: “All generations are the same. It’s only love that makes them bearable.”

    Sooooo…… BRING ON THE CHUCK & SARAH LOVE – and BRING ON MORE UPBEAT, LIGHTHEARTED and FUN, FUN, FUN episodes like “vs. the Other Guy!”

    And don’t forget to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE (as many times as you want) in the eonline poll to save CHUCK in the “SAVE ONE SHOW” contest. It may not make a difference in the end as to whether or not there will be a S4 – it’s the ratings that will count – but do we really want to lose to HEROES or “Better off Ted?”

    Peace, all. Enjoy your weekend.

    • Merve says:

      To be honest, I much prefer Better Off Ted to Chuck, but the former is almost certainly going to get cancelled, so there’s no point in voting for it. A “save our show” campaign might actually help Chuck.

    • Faith says:

      here! here!

      But please no more angst burger.

  7. Merve says:

    The most heartwarming moment of the season for me was when Devon told Ellie to take the fellowship. Too bad it wasn’t on the list.

    But if we’re going with Chuck/Sarah moments, then I’d go with when Sarah throws her gun on the bed in “American Hero,” just before Shaw busts in. (Does that count as part of the whole “train” thing?)

    • Lucian says:

      After the “still my Chuck” line, probably “you’re a Bartowski – now act like it” (or something like that) was, for me, a real heart-warmer. When they do it well, the brother/sister moments are really special.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I guess I should have included some family moments and maybe some Awesome/Ellie moments along with the Chuck/Sarah et al moments. I’ll remember that for next time.

  8. Rick Holy says:

    In case you haven’t re-watched it enough, here’s your winnner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKSSEjnSuc4

  9. Gord says:

    Although I could only vote for 3, I would like to throw out some honourable mentions
    The confession of love scene, friends scene in Angel, and the family dinner at the end of Op Awesome.

    Shaw getting lead poioning was very satisfying, but I don’t think an act of violence like that is heart warming.

  10. Josh says:

    My preference is actually the castle scene after DYLM before Sarah and Shaw leave for Paris guess I just prefer the more subtle relationshipy actions to the more dramatic ones 🙂

    • herder says:

      Although I like the big dramatic moments, I have a special fondness for the smaller moments that show the depth of the characters faith and trust in one another, much of which has been missing this year.

      Examples are Sarah’s faith that Chuck will get the antidote in the Mask, the “thank you for the tank”, “give him a minute” in Pink Slip, “I was hoping you would say that” in Tic Tac and the fact that she stopped crying when Chuck arrived in the Other Guy (her guy had arrived). Not too romantic, but Chuck’s “Sarah and her two fists” and the way he calmed down with her assurances that he could do it in Pink Slip are the same thing.

      One of the things that I really liked in previous seasons was the willingness of both characters to do anything in any situation to save the other. In the past I have used the expression that they would run through walls for each other, that was missing for most of the season, but Chuck seems to have found it again since the Beard.

      Another heartwarming thing that was missing for most of the season but made a comeback since the Beard is Sarah’s wry, tolerant smile of the things Chuck does being Chuck. It was there at the end of the Beard and big time in the Other Guy with Morgan sobering up her guy.

      These little moments of trust show in other characters too, Awesome’s being ok with Morgan stalling the wedding simply because Morgan said that Chuck wanted him to stall is an example.

      • atcdave says:

        I agree herder. I think those simple statements of trust and friendship are the sort of things that have always made this show a lot of fun; and they sure were lacking this season. Sarah’s confidence in Chuck was always particularly appealing, and really reflected well on both of them; that Chuck could earn it, and Sarah could give it. I’m hoping we’re over the rough patch now, and more of that lies in the future.

      • joe says:

        I remember your “walk through walls for each other” idea, Herder. It’s a great one.

        One thing I noticed about this season is something that’s somehow related. If Shaw’s presence had any positive aspects about it, it was that he took away Chuck’s crutch – Sarah walking through walls for him. Sarah had to let go just enough for him to become the Chuck only Morgan thought he could be. Chuck had to walk through his own walls.

        Of course, as soon as we say this, we have to talk about the metaphorical walls that Sarah’s built around her heart, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion.

    • angeloanthony says:

      I agree completely with your thoughts about the Castle moment. It’s much better than the DYLM or even the last scene. Partially because it is unexpected from Sarah and because we as viewers didn’t know it was coming before hand.

      As I said on the other thread, I’ve been looking a lot at Season 1 trying to keep up with that great fake Sarah twitter thing (http://twitter.com/sarahwalkercia) and the small stuff was brilliant there. If you look at the end of Tango, it’s not just the Chuck-Sarah dialogue about the kiss, it’s the last shot of Sarah walking out of frame and Strahovski has this, “Damn, I should have kissed him!” look on her face.

      They were sure footed in Seasons 1/2. This year, they sacrificed a lot to go darker. Wasn’t worth it, IMHO.

  11. bundy says:

    If you all get a chance go to youtube and check out the channel for Fridolizzer86.He put together a great video called Chuck vs The Cancellation part 2.It’s perfect for the Chuck Declassified campaign.Post it on Facebook,Myspace,Twitter or wherever.

  12. The shrink says:

    Chuck I save you later

    still my top. Hooked after that

    • Faith says:

      “He’s my guy.” 🙂

    • angeloanthony says:

      Well, if you look at it, the whole series to date is the balance between saving each other and saving the world.

      In Marlin, Sarah says Save You Later. And she did, just by delaying enough to get Longshore killed.

      In Ring, Sarah wants to stay and doesn’t want to save the world. Chuck thinks she and Bryce are going to leave and save the world.

      In Other Guy, Chuck this time is angry that he thinks Sarah and Shaw are going to leave and save the world. And, of course, Chuck saves Sarah.

      • joe says:

        And in The Other Guy Chuck says You and Shaw should be out there, saving the world. And that’s great – for the world.

        Did anyone watching not finish that with something like – “…but not for me.”?

      • Paul says:

        I sure did… poor guy (I mean Shaw that is)…. 😉

  13. Ofer says:

    I am going to chime in with another favourite from the last episode that didn’t make the cut. After the elevator, and before the Paris trip when Sarah gives Chuck a couple of quick kisses…along with a mischievious Sarah smile.

    It seemed like a perfect girlfriend-boyfriend “I have to go to work now, miss you” moment.

    Then again it might be just because I am trying to come up with something new after six viewings.

    • Jason says:

      liked that one too – how much sarah is all of a sudden going for it, there were so many little things in the two main ILU scene’s too, like the nonverbal communication between CS when beckman was on the screen, sarah sort of gave an ‘oh wow that just was awesome’ look downward as beckman first spoke right after they got interrupted , she gave the same look on the famous stair kiss with cole – don’t know if anyone else saw that one?

      • MKEdeena says:

        I agree, the quick 2 kisses in Castle (Once I get back it’s all going to happen, you and me) was my second choice.

        Wonderful, intimate moment.

    • JC says:

      Best kisses in the series hands down.

  14. Faith says:

    This is kind of silly considering I’m sort of already internally grumbling at “only 3?!” lol. But Chuck’s “ILU” inside the vault by itself is good.

    • joe says:

      Chuck’s ILU is right up there, Faith, but I really like Sarah’s reaction to it when Carina gives her the thumb drive.

      It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

      • Paul says:

        I thought it was a great scene, but in hindsight, I think there was some of Sarah emoting because she finds out her man still loves her even if he hurt her. But I think now a large part of her tears is she feels guilty that Chuck is on the path he’s on and she knows where it’s going to end up.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah, in hindsight I don’t think its a heartwarming scene at all; heartbreaking only. I think Sarah’s reaction was purely for what was lost; in her mind, any romance was over with Chuck on his current path.

  15. Russ says:

    I’ve tried using the link to sarahwalkercia have they removed the account? I sure have enjoyed all the different opinions expressed here. Thanks for letting me be apart of the discussion.

    • atcdave says:

      Hey Russ, feel free to chime in anytime. We value as many different viewpoints and ideas as we can get.

      I’ve seen a lot of mention tonight that the site has been taken down, but no one seems to know why! Maybe we’ll hear, but since no one seems to know who was behind it, maybe we’ll never know.

  16. Sole says:

    I have to say that even if it isn’t on my top 3, in nacho sampler when Chuck and Sarah are talking about the first time she walked into the buy more, and she says: “They thought we could connect” that was very heartwarming to me (I mean the way Yvonne delivers that line!). Even then she tought he was sweet and innocent, she liked him and that made it much harder…. Remember?

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