S3 Revisited – First Class All The Way

And Class Is In Session

Trust a girl whose name is a palindrome.

Kristen Kreuk is cute. The sky also happens to be blue, grass is green and the sun rises in the east.  Zac Levi is one enviable dude – he has as much chemistry with her as he did with Rachel Bilson, and that makes us want to find a way to distrust her character. But you can’t. Kreuk’s Hannah is sweet, innocent and perfect for Chuck. The old Chuck.

It’s really a shame that Chuck-the-world-class-spy is going to run roughshod over her, because we really liked that guy, the one that he was, and she’d be great for him. I mean, this spy-guy has his moments, for sure. It’s great to see Chuck get that determined look on his face, the one he gets just before he says “Let’s do this.” and then starts to cut loose. And Chuck still seems to be honest and well-meaning. But his priorities are just a bit – different – now. Old Chuck deserved someone like Hannah, who’s sweet, bright, straight-forward and even transparent, rather like him.

That Girlish Scream

But this Chuck is on a mission and out to prove himself. Oh, he’s still like a colt, wobbly on his legs and he still uses that cell phone constantly to get information, guidance, help and even comfort. It’s very Chuck-like. In fact, we get to hear that girlish scream one last time.

Fortunately for him, Daniel Shaw recognizes that Chuck-the-world-class-spy doesn’t need that crutch, or wouldn’t if Sarah wasn’t always there to pick him up when he whines.

Daniel Shaw is telling Agent Walker one thing, to cut the cord, so that old Chuck can die. Of course, she doesn’t have to, but then she might just as well cut off one of Chuck’s legs. He’d be just as crippled and it would be quicker. Casey told her to “Put the lemon out of his misery.” in The Pink Slip. Same thing. It would be more humane.

Back at the Buy More, Morgan is facing the same problem as Chuck. He’s struggling to meet the requirements of his new position as Ass. Man., and he’s struggling to do it without Chuck’s hand-holding. Jeff and particularly Lester are actively resisting and even sabotaging his new-found authority, and Morgan is completely at a loss.

Morgan: How do you do it? How do you command respect?
Casey: I don’t. I take it.

It’s time for Morgan to evolve or to go back to what he was.

We joked about the spies/snakes on the plane. But “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Josie Davis are barely memorable as Hugo Panser and Serena, respectively. It’s not them, of course. It’s the story. The Ring is almost tangential, and they are not the real threat. It’s the Chuck and Sarah relationship we fear for and worry about. It’s facing a dire threat and that’s what the fans are paying attention to.

Let me describe the threat this way. For two seasons Chuck said over and over that he wanted a “normal” life. That means a quiet, low-stress, no-challenges existence brightened by simple, loyal friends like Morgan, supportive family like Ellie, and a sweet help-mate TBD. That would be Hannah (or Lou or Jill, once). Where does Sarah fit into that? She doesn’t. Sarah kicks that structure apart, and puts in its place excitement, danger, unpredictability, fun (on occasion) and – passion.

Sarah, on the other hand, hasn’t said what she wants, then or now. What we know (mostly from Carina and Bryce), is that she had been rather comfortable with the glamor, excitement, (her Porsche!), trips to Bogotá, San Tropez and Lisbon, and if Casey is to be believed, the hot romances too. Life with Chuck would take that away. But we notice every instant that Sarah spends wondering what it would be like to have a “real” life, stability, warmth, comfort, and above all, a real family. Those things have been out of her reach; she’s not been capable of having those relationships.

The bad news is that Sarah’s old life-style is just a lie. Chuck’s normal life is trivial, and he become a trivial person, “Like a patient, etherized upon a table”, when he returns to it.

Chuck and Sarah started out as exactly what the other wanted and needed, even if they were not aware of that fact. In First Class we see them quickly becoming the people they wanted to be, but no longer what the other hoped to find. Hannah appeals to the old Chuck, Shaw appeals to the Sarah that Carina and Bryce knew, and the fans were very right to be dismayed. They pose a very real threat, much more than Hugo Panser and Serena.

Shaw rightly convinces Sarah that she’s been crippling Chuck, and she had better let go. It was a mistake for both of them, he tells her, to fall in love with spies, her with Chuck, him with Evelyn. Find warmth, yes. But don’t give it all away. Chuck is gaining confidence as a spy, and wants to make a difference. But that does not mean he’s ready to leave quiet, comfortable and normal behind him, especially if that could include Hannah, who’s telling him that he’s quite good enough just the way he is. Since the end of Colonel Chuck and Sarah been asking if they can be who they want to be without losing what they once were.

At the end of First Class they may be deciding that the answer is no. Sarah is on the verge of settling for Shaw and her pre-Chuck life; Chuck is about to revert to Hannah and his pre-Sarah existence. Would that really be so bad? The only question remaining is, have they given up on the very things they found they needed when they had each other?

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

Oh, and have Casey and Morgan found the start of a beautiful friendship?

Now that we know the answers, First Class seems far more serious and poignant than it did the first time.

You see, Leonard and Penny had a major split this week, and their status was left as a cliff hanger. The fans are, needless to say, not happy about this and I don’t think anyone believes they won’t be together by the end of the next episode. Their story was well done, of course, but I’m not sure anyone will remember in two or three weeks. The story of Chuck and Sarah left a much bigger impression.

– joe


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  1. ChuckNewbie8 says:


  2. sd says:

    Thanks, Joe, for the review. I watched it “live” again and have to say despite the intro of the dreaded PLI for Chuck..I really enjoyed the ep.

    Your insight about old life-new life for both C/S is spot on. I think if the chemistry with S/S were as palpable as with C/H…the arc and angst would have been much more believable–and dare I say since TPTB were going there–much more satisfying (knowing what we know now)? I’m not saying I wanted the PLIs…but we were getting them whether we wanted or not…so, why not do it well?

    • John says:

      It says something about how strong the show is that even when I have huge problems with the overall story arc, the guest star characters, the spy arc and so forth I still really enjoy all the episodes. Even Mask and Fake Name were great most of the time. So I have the bizarre experience of liking the individual episodes while disliking virtually every plot point.

  3. PeterOinNj says:

    “The story of Chuck and Sarah left a much bigger impression.”

    Joe, I am so glad you wrote this line. It’s now almost two weeks since I first saw The Other Guy and that episode triggered my look back at the entire season. Funny thing is, I really didn’t need to go re-watch the episodes. This years story has been vividly playing in mind. All the little nuances that didn’t make sense when I first saw them – Sarah’s fear of sending Chuck out on his first solo mission – “He’s not ready”- could have easily been “I’m not ready”; the look of awareness on Chuck’s face when Hannah walks into the BuyMore at the end is almost an ah-ha moment – I can lead a life of meaning & purpose as a spy AND have a relationship with someone who likes me for me (or what I used to be). In hindsight, this episode for me was really very sad, because I now see the decisions they made and the painful journey they laid out in front of them.

    For me, the rest of the season does read like a good novel – I keep flipping back through the chapters, looking for clues, confirming ideas, relishing moments. And while it’s true that hindsight is 20/20, Each chapter built upon the other and although I’m not happy with everything these characters did to themselves (and as a result to us) I am really glad I didn’t stop reading at chapter seven.

    Thanks again for the thoughtful insights.

    • joe says:

      I understand that, Peter. I can respect the opinion that there’s too many inconsistencies, plot holes and even cheap tricks in the story, especially this season. But still, I keep going back and finding gems. There’s too much connection to my own past to make it seem meaningless or trite, and I personally have too many emotional connections to the characters to put them aside.

  4. Chuckaddict says:

    Joe, your recaps are just superb. I think you can see what TPTB are trying to portray when I comletely miss it. I’m not sure how you do it, but kudos.

    I think your analysis points to the “epic” failure of Shaw as a character. The playing of him as a cardboard cut-out just didn’t work for me, and almost everyone else here from reading the threads. Now knowing how the arc turns out, I just fell let down by TPTB not tapping into the immense potential created in season 2. I just don’t see the point of tearing Team B apart. Chuck and Sarah as a couple is a whole other issue. The potential is still there however, hopefully we’ll see it used in the back 6 and season 4!

    • joe says:

      Whoa! Thank you, CA.
      But I’ll tell you a secret. Most of the time I feel like they had to hit me with a 2×4 before I got it. And the rest of the time the people here get it long before I do.

      I also discovered that I like reading this blog! 😉 Amy, Ernie, Dave, and the guest writers Liz and Faith and especially all the intelligent comments make this place too tempting to browse at work!

  5. Ernie Davis says:

    You know you touched on something I hadn’t really ever fully realized about this episode. I felt sorry for Chuck. This was the kind of thing that old Chuck would have loved. A first class trip to Paris and a fun new friend and potential companion. But he couldn’t enjoy it. You saw the longing at the end, that realization that all the things he wanted, to backpack and euro-rail through Europe, to fall in love again, and to be able to share his adventure, were all going the way of he and Sarah. The innocence was lost and he’d never get to do all the things old Chuck wanted to do. At least not as old Chuck, who could still be innocent and open. I think Sarah knew that when she tried to tell him he wasn’t ready. I also think it may have been part of Hannah’s attraction. She was the last time Chuck met someone cool on a trip where he wouldn’t have to be suspicious of her motives. I think it’s an interesting twist when we were all (based on a spoiler that Hannah wasn’t who she seemed) expecting her to be a spy.

    • John says:

      At various times this season Chuck regresses. I was shocked he thought he could carry on a relationship with Hannah for two very obvious reasons he should have been aware of: 1. She can never know what his job is. 2. Dating her puts her life in danger (and indeed she was incredibly fortunate to survive episode 7).

      I mean did he think all that stuff about spies should not be falling in love was because the American Spy community is some sort of monastic order?

      Your only conclusion is he is either incredibly selfish or in deep denial. Neither of which is particularly sympathetic and should be beneath his character after all that has happened before.

      Again when he falls back to drinking and depression in episode 13…I mean did he not just vow to get Sarah back no matter what and nothing would stop him in episode 12? But I guess that is excusable because at least it was funny.

      • atcdave says:

        And seriously, didn’t he learn the same lesson with Lou; that he couldn’t have a real realationship built on falsehoods? or did he learn from Lou that he really loved Sarah; and from Hannah, um, anyone?

  6. herder says:

    I liked this episode when it first aired and I enjoyed watching it again this week. I thought that Chuck was a bit of a jerk, expecting Sarah to say bad things about him to Shaw, accepting that the team was disfunctional and it was Casey and Sarah’s fault. Also his brushing aside Sarah’s concerns (the last time she tries to talk to him about things) and being over interested in Hannah.

    I liked the spy twists fact that it was a mission oriented story. Looking back there was a lot going on that I didn’t see that maybe I was supposed to. I don’t get any interest between Sarah and Shaw although this is where that was supposed to start. Although I did get that Sarah was stepping back from being overprotective, I didn’t get that she was stepping back completely and simply letting Chuck do what he wants from then on. I think that we were meant to see that this is where she gives up on Chuck as a romantic interest, but that wasn’t clear enough to see.

    • weaselone says:

      Herder, Chuck doesn’t brush aside her comments. He has to go to the airport. Sarah’s also commenting to the wrong person. Chuck has been ordered to go. If she doesn’t want him to go, she has to convince Chuck. Going to Chuck and asking him not to go when he specifically has orders places him in an impossible situation.

      Also, how is Chuck overly interested in Hannah in this episode? The only way to do so is to assume that he’s going to be interested form the get go suspect the worst possible motives behind all his actions.

      • HenryH says:

        Isn’t that the ultimate absurdity of Season 3? Sarah is always putting Chuck in a no win/Catch-22 situation. The woman who, for two seasons, did nothing but protect him, guide him, and do crazy-in-love things for him, is suddenly making his life impossible.

        And even if you accept that it was her loathing of the spy life and her guilt about leading Chuck into the spy life, we don’t even find out about THAT until six episodes and 10 real-time weeks later.

        Love or hate episodes 1-4 of Season 3, there was some superficial logic to what went on. But starting with First Class, logic of any kind goes off the track.

        As for Chuck’s interest in Hannah, well, some of that is that Chuck finally has the ear and has caught the eye of someone who is interested in him. And a “type” that appeals to him. Some of it is us projecting because we know what’s coming. And some of it is that silly last scene with him fondling the Eiffel Tower. We could logically think he’s mooning over Hannah when, in fact, we eventually learn about his never-before-mentioned obsession about Paris…

      • John says:

        He stated a few times in season 2 how he really wants to do the whole Euro backpacking thing so it is not like it has never before been mentioned.

      • HenryH says:

        Backpacking around Europe, yes. But his obsession with the Eiffel Tower, never mentioned. And since they hung the emotional conclusion of three years of WT/WT on it, you’d have thought they’d have planted that sooner. When it first comes up on First Class, all we know is that the Eiffel Tower to him means Hannah.

        It’s one of the five billion emotional/expository blinds that all but destroy Season 3.

      • John says:

        I don’t know. Love of the Eiffel Tower and Paris something so universal there is nothing unbeleivable about it. It is certainly not so strange a quirk that they needed to set it up. It is just that it never came up until he almost got to Paris. That makes sense to me. I would love to see Ankor Wat but I don’t go around mentioning it all the time.

  7. atcdave says:

    My favorite bit of the episode was Casey’s response to Shaw’s declaration the whole team was disfunctional, “prove’s you’re an idiot” [paraphrase, sorry, I won’t rewatch this one]. That pretty much cemented my view of Shaw and it never changed to the end. That also may be why he never struck me as credible; between shooting down Chuck’s perfectly valid plan for catching Sydney, and an obviously ignorant analysis of Team Bartowski, I never had any affection or respect for the character.

    • John says:

      Yeah they wrote him to be an idiot. I have no idea what the artistic angle behind that was. Since he is so unsympathetic his betrayal later on sorta falls flat. We don’t care about him so it touches zero emotional cords. Man the Jill traitor character last year was done so much better. You were honestly angry at her for it.

      With Shaw? Eh.

  8. Jen says:

    Ernie, i loved this paragraph. You give words to my thoughs… i have a thought-to-word expression problem =P

    “In First Class we see them quickly becoming the people they wanted to be, but no longer what the other hoped to find. Hannah appeals to the old Chuck, Shaw appeals to the Sarah that Carina and Bryce knew, and the fans were very right to be dismayed. They pose a very real threat, much more than Hugo Panser and Serena.”

    Both Sarah and Chuck stop moving fwd… Chuck the wannabe spy, dating a civilian? this is the old Chuck that still wants the “normal” life still lurking around. He still feels that he is not good enough, specially for Sarah, so he comes accross a girl that is everything he would have liked in the past (before Sarah), she tells him nice things, makes him feel good and goes for it.

    Sarah… she got hurt in her attempt to put herself out there (i say this in summary cause we’ve aleady discussed Prague and Pink Slip and the non-communication to death) and now she goes fro “safe”, the same ol’ same ol’… teh guy she works with that doesn’t requiere a real emotional connection or real feelings. SHe tries to bury her feelings for Chuck deep inside.

    I liked the ep, it was fun, except for seeing Chuck liking Hannah cause you know where his heart really is and becasue this is the beginning of the dark whole getting bigger and the space between C&S expanding. Neither of them have any idea of where they are standign with the other, and instead of talkign to each other, they listen to the voices that tell them to go in the opposite direction. Frustrating!

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Thanks Jen, but I can’t take credit. Joe and I swapped and Joe took on this review in exchange for Final Test since I’d already reviewed this one once. I’ll hopefully get an insightful paragraph or two in my next reviews.

      • Jen says:

        Sorry Ernie, Joe… i was convinced that Ernie had written the article.

        Good article Joe! I wish i could write like you guys do.

      • joe says:

        Trust me, Jen, I take that as a compliment!

        And hey – I read your posts, so I know. You’re a fine writer, intelligent commenter and a fun read.

        And if Ernie tells you different, I’ll bop him 😉

  9. Merve says:

    This episode was just a lot of fun. I liked:
    – Chuck using luggage to knock the bad guys unconscious.
    – Morgan getting glued to a chair.
    – Morgan getting stuck in a toy machine and having to be freed by Casey.
    – Mute Lester.
    – The aftermath of Lester’s hypnosis.
    – Casey and Sarah both thinking that Shaw is an idiot.
    – Chuck’s reaction to being poisoned.
    – The tranq pen.

    And there’s probably more that I liked, but I’m too lazy to think about it any further. I’ll probably never understand how we got from here to Shaw hitting on Sarah in “Mask,” but that’s an issue that I’m willing to pin on “Mask.”

    • John says:

      It was obvious when Sarah talked to Shaw about his wife that she softened on him. I guess we are supposed to then guess Shaw sees that and decides to see if she is interested.

      But like most things with the Sarah/Shaw relationship we never see it onscreen.

      • Merve says:

        Well, “We’ve both lost loved ones…wanna make out?” is almost as good a pick-up line as “My dessert is in your dessert.” 😉

      • joe says:

        Or as good as “Your peanut butter is in my chocolate”? 😉

        John, you’re right that most of the Sarah-Shaw relationship is off-screen. I think that was intentional. I’ve seen so much of it that was left to our imaginations that I’m sure we were supposed to let our imaginations get carried away. I’m not sure to what end, though.

        Same with the never-shot seen after the wedding rehearsal dinner. We fill in the blanks as we will.

      • Merve says:

        I never understood the whole rehearsal dinner thing. What were they supposed to do about it? Was Chuck supposed to say, “Hey Sarah, I know that we just went through an intense, physically and emotionally exhausting ordeal, but instead of taking some time to relax and just celebrate my sister’s rehearsal dinner, why don’t we have a serious talk about the future of our relationship?”

      • JC says:

        The problem with the off-screen Sarah/Shaw relationship is it makes the first half of American Hero completely unbelievable and forced.

  10. weaselone says:

    Personally, I like this episode. The only thing that really spoils it form me is Sarah playing the role of Chuck’s shrewish mother and placing Chuck in no win situations and the reactions of segments of the fan base who basically dump on Chuck this episode for not giving Sarah’s warnings adequate weight and apparently being too hot and heavy with Hannah. There’s also the whole retcon where Casey and Sarah have apparently been stifling Chuck’s progress as a spy, even though he’s actually been an asset and never really desired to be a spy through the first two seasons.

    • HenryH says:

      How DARE you suggest that Chuck didn’t want to be a spy for those two years when he was desperately trying to get the Intersect out of his head. And how DARE you suggest Sarah hasn’t hated being a spy since the day she showed up and then a week later, at the end of Helicopter, demanded that Chuck step up because the world was depending on him.

      I mean, if you’re just going to look at the episodes of Season 1/2 and actually BELIEVE them, well, what kind of logical commentary can we get from you.

      Please don’t speak the truth here. It just upsets TPTB and makes their see-no-evil defenders angry.

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • atcdave says:

        Weaselone is allowed to be unreasonable here; haven’t you heard, we’re the dingbat safe-haven.

    • John says:

      I thought Casey’s reaction pretty much indicated what we are supposed to think of Shaw’s conclusion. Was it really a retcon just because of Shaw’s silly opinion?

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well, I think it was retcon, but could have been explained better. My theory is that Chuck, who we know was on the CIA or NSA payroll was listed as an assett or perhaps an agent in training. As early as Tango Beckman and Graham were talking about seeing what Chuck was capable of by putting him in the field, and more than once Beckman ordered Sarah to make Chuck into a real spy. Sarah, along with Chuck, always saw the situation as temporary. At some point Chuck would go back to his old life, so serious training was never undertaken. But Chuck clearly went on missions and was in reports as agent Carmichael, and what Agent Carmichael could do and had access to did change a lot. In Seduction, without Casey or Sarah he had no access to Castle or way to contact Beckman or anyone else. By The Ex Agent Carmichael had sufficient credentials to round up and take charge of large numbers of police, and to take charge of the quarantine at the conference. So whether conscious of it or not, it isn’t too much of a stretch to believe he may have been listed as an agent in training to explain how this Carmichael had credentials and went on missions, but wasn’t even issued a firearm. Still, since they never even tried to explain the three years comment I think it was poorly done retcon where they could have done it better.

      • John says:


        Hey with the evidence you produced from the earlier seasons it might even make sense if the show decided to explain it to us.

        There is alot of key plot points not being adequately shown in season 3.

      • atcdave says:

        It may be possible there was a miscommunication between the agents and the agency. Perhaps Beckman meant for him to be getting training all along; while Casey, and especially Walker viewed him purely as an asset to be protected. Perhaps Bryce is acting under higher orders when he gets Chuck the update in 2.03.

        But there are problems with that theory that ultimately force it into retcon status. First, the kill order in effect as late as 2.01; leadership dismisses Casey’s suggestion of keeping him in some capacity. Second is the General’s statement in 2.21 that Chuck was free to go back to “whatever it is that he does.”

        I think if Chuck was considered in training all along it was very poorly handled. Nobody watching from the beginning would have concluded that. But then Casey mysteriously switched his branch of service midway through S2, so perhaps continuity is considered fluid.

      • John says:

        Woah I missed that. Did he jump from the Army to the Marine Corps or something?

        I noticed Shaw had an Annapolis shirt on in First Class. I guess we are supposed to assume he is an ex-Marine/Navy guy.

      • JC says:

        Except Chuck mentions his papers from Westpoint in Other Guy. Whoops

      • atcdave says:

        That was Shaw with Army time. But in Helicopter Casey mentioned flying F-117s; exclusive domain of the Air Force. Even as late as Tom Sawyer he was drooling over an F-22 (I know, proves nothing, but still…)

      • herder says:

        Small continuity problem, Shaw wears his Annapolis shirt a couple of times but in Other Guy Chuck says he read every paper he wrote at West Point so which was he, Army or Navy?

      • Jen says:

        Shaw’s “Super”… he was in both 😛

      • atcdave says:

        Too funny, I missed that with Shaw. Maybe his wife went to Annapolis?!

      • Jen says:

        Or he bought the tshirt online…

      • herder says:

        Or lost a bet, isn’t that the only reason a West Point Grad would wear an Annapolis shirt?

    • John says:

      Actually now that I think about it Beckman has a similar silly line in American Hero where she says how the NSA has spent millions training him for three years. Huh? I thought he was just an intelligence tool for two of those years.

  11. JC says:

    I generally liked the episode, it wasn’t great by any means though. I loved Kreuk who proves that the scripts on Smallville were to blame not her.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Interesting, a short guest stint on Chuck seems to have revived Kreuk’s reputation and a long one hasn’t done Routh’s any good.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah, it is interesting. I’m far more willing to dismiss my Hannah gripes as pure script writing; while Shaw seems wrong in every way.

      • JC says:

        Well to be fair, I’ve never disliked any of the romantic interests on this show other than Shaw.

        But I think Mel over at ChuckTV said they changed her character because of the chemistry between her and Zach. So who knows what she was really meant to be.

      • atcdave says:

        Actually, since I never like triangles, its hard for me to “like” any third party. But I do have to begrudge Bryce, Cole, and Hannah were all mostly allright.

        I never liked Shaw or Jill; and am in a small minority of those who never even liked Lou, oh well.

      • JC says:

        Didn’t like Lou?!

        You sir are dead to me. 😉

      • atcdave says:

        Hah! yeah well, I think Truth came at about the peak of my S1 Sarah infatuation; so no Lou for me!

      • John says:

        I loved the Lou arc. What guy wouldn’t go elsewhere after being shot down point blank by the woman he was interested in?

        It was at that moment I decided I could respect and identify with the Chuck character. If he had just moped and let Sarah lie to him…well I wouldn’t have respected him. It was very important for his character developement and the developement of the relationship.

      • Jen says:

        It’s just that you could see how the “break-up” affects Sarah, so i can’t be OK with Chuck moving on… even though i understand why he would need to. When he comes over to the Weinerlicious and tells her he’s gonna take charge and do what he’s been needing to do, you see what looks like hope in Sarah’s face (Maybe waiting for Chuck to take that last step and just “take” her… this per Liz’s comments, which o agree with)… but instead he breaks up with her. Right after he goes accross the mall so see Lou, and we see Sarah looking at the scene with longing… broke my heart for her because you know that’s what she wanted, to be with Chuck.

      • Jen says:

        This comment was supposed to have gone here. Sorry!

        I liked Lou better than Hannah though… she was a little crazy, made her more interesting.


      • John says:

        Yes but 99.9% of the time when a woman tells you she is not interested and it will never happen, you have to believe her. Out of respect for her if nothing else and you need to move on. It is the adult thing to do…especially in this case since he and Sarah do not have much of a history yet.

        I mean especially under truth serum how was Chuck supposed to know she was lying?

      • John says:

        I did have a little bit of sympathy for Sarah, I mean she was just trying to do her job right. However what did she think Chuck was going to do? Of course he was going to be heart broken and leave their fake relationship. Bad misjudgement on her part both professionally and personally.

      • Jen says:

        I agree. But having a valid reason for making a choice, which in Sarah’s case it was to push Chuck away, doensn’t make it hurt any less.And since we get to see both sides of the story, my heart broke for her. YS is so good with emotions, and what she had written all over her face was so sad.

        I’m like Dave, i don’t like triangles… i just like a straight line between C&S 😛

      • atcdave says:

        I always found Sarah far more appealing and sympathetic than any of the others. I think I also just saw the others as a waste of time. Just get together already and go fight some bad guys! (um, kind of kidding).

      • Jen says:

        Go fight bad guys together while you figure out how to get out of having to fight bad guys?

      • John says:

        I really enjoyed all the love triangles in S1 and S2, they all provided some nice movement to the B story of the Chuck-Sarah relationship and they all made sense and the LIs were likeable (well…except Jill for obvious reasons but I still loved her arc).

        The ones in s3 made no sense and it just felt like we were going backwards. Worse they were tiresome and you ended up just waiting around for them to end. You did not even get very much of the petty jealousy stuff that made the previous ones fun…granted they wouldn’t have fit the characters very well in s3 but then neither did the LIs themselves.

      • John says:

        Well obviously Chuck finds Sarah more appealing also but he only goes for another woman whenever he is in a place where he thinks he will never end up with Sarah. Granted it is sort of convenient a beautiful brunette always shows up precisely at the times when he and Sarah are at their lowest points.

        But yeah at the end of last season enough was enough we had seen enough of the WT/WT arc that continuing it for another 13 episodes just was not very interesting. At the beginning of season 3 is when I became a shipper. Time to advance the story forward.

      • atcdave says:

        It is a funny thing about the S3 LIs. I knew I would never like them because I simply don’t like that sort of story telling. But even folks like you John, he seem to like that stuff, rejected the S3 stories. Very telling.

      • JC says:

        I have to admit if we get a season 4 bringing Jill back would be interesting. Not as a love interest but something along the lines of The Ring killing former Fulcrum agents.

      • Merve says:

        On the flipside of that, Dave, I think that in general, love triangles are pretty stupid, but the only love interest that ever really bothered me was Jill. I mean, as far as Chuck knew, she dumped him for his best friend. Why would he want to have anything to do with her?

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Well it seems we’re destined to disagree Merve lol. I loved Jill. Didn’t much care for Chuck’s actions but Jill was awesome for me.

        As for KK, I was actually disheartened to hear she got dropped for the JS pilot. While I didn’t care for her role in Chuck it was role related and not a representation of her and her portrayal. I think she did the best she could with what was arguably a tough and not all that fleshed out role.

      • Merve says:

        Don’t get me wrong; I thought that Jordana Brewster did a fantastic job portraying Jill. I just didn’t care much for the whole Jill arc until “First Kill.”

      • JC says:

        Just think how different this show would’ve been if they went with the original pilot script.

      • Merve says:

        If they’d gone with the original pilot script, I’m sure that this show would have a completely different fan base, and this blog probably wouldn’t exist.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Merve, the original Pilot never would have interested me. I completely agree about Jill; I hated her original arc (I know, big shock there), but I loved First Kill.

      • Jason says:

        the interesting thing about S3 LI’s, other than the mask stealing CS scene, the LI’s did not even generate that much direct jealousy from either CS, if anything, I saw sadness, more like the fans themselves …. warm comedies that make the 2 main characters sad (hell the whole cast looked sad about it, even BR for goodness sakes) are not going to do very well in the ratings, especially if beginning on the ‘bubble’ – I would love to hear an answer from fedak WTF

      • Jason says:

        one last post before I high tail it out into the real world for the day …. this is a spoiler ***** of sorts at least, speculation on other boards based on casting calls as well as a chuck.tv spoiler that a PLI is coming into the show for 3.15 thru 3.17. the targeting cast character is ellie. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but as long as fedak leaves the franchise alone (chuck and sarah), if he must use PLI’s, he can let the whole bunch of them orgy it up – I really don’t care at all – ellie would seem logical, awesome has been lying to her for almost a year now, and this again would show chuck the consequences in the real world of his being a spy and lying. Also, might give sarah a reason to cement her relationship with ellie as a shoulder of reason.

      • SWnerd says:

        I really hope they don’t mess with the Ellie/Awesome relationship. I mean it’s one thing if some other guy shows interest in her and maybe she is slightly flattered, but anything more than that and I’ll be disappointed. Just because one couple is finally happy shouldn’t mean they have to break up another one.

      • atcdave says:

        It makes me so steaming mad that they think outside love interests are good, or even intersting, story telling. I DON”T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Leave the established couples alone, and tell stories ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE. Like anything! Once upon a time this show was spy themed. I don’t watch soap operas. Seriously, I will not even recommend this show to anyone if this is coming down the pike. I currently have very little confidence in the ability of this crew to deliver quality entertainment.

      • herder says:

        Don’t jump to the PLI conclusion yet, the character could be posing as a friend and mentor for Awesome and Ellie in MSF and in fact be a Ring agent out to get a Bartowski away from team Bartowski’s protection. Maybe trying to use Ellie as a judas goat to get Chuck to expose himself to danger or capture.

      • Merve says:

        Chuck does a lot of crazy things, but I don’t think that marital infidelity is one of them. If I’m proven wrong about that, I’ll gladly eat my own pajamas.

      • atcdave says:

        What me over-react, never! Yeah, OK. As long as they leave Chuck and Sarah alone I can live with anything else; and of course, we don’t know enough to get too excited anyway.

        But it truly exasperates me that this stuff keeps coming up! Why is it even considered? There are so many fun stories to tell with the framework of super-spy couple battling baddies all over the world while keeping certain things secret from friends and family. This should be rich for stories, but they keep revisiting the same tripe.

        A verse I’ve repeated several times here is from Proverbs 26:11. In the NIV it says “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.” That is exactly how I feel about this stuff.

  12. Jen says:

    I liked Lou better than Hannah though… she was a little crazy, made her more interesting.

  13. SarahWalkerCIA says:

    Do follow us!

    • joe says:

      Well look who’s back!

    • Gabbo says:

      Does anyone have ANY idea who is doing this? It’s brilliant. Now Sarah met the NCIS crew in Washington? And got love advice from McGee. Amazingly well thought out.

      This person seems to know a lot about Paris, too. I mean, giving out cupcake and cake recos. Just insane.

    • bdaddydl says:

      # Sarah Walker CIASarahWalker
      #Chuck and 4 talk like lifelong friends. It is Chuck’s gift. He loves every1. Not like me and 4. Will try 2 help 4. Owe him everything about 1 hour ago via web
      # Sarah Walker CIASarahWalker
      4 called to see how #Chuck and I are. Think 4 asking for himself. Told him real is gr8 but hard. Never thought i would care how 4 felt. about 1 hour ago via web

      Does anyone know who 4 is?

      • joe says:

        I would love to know. Could it be Shaw (4 letter name)? Probably not. Why would she say she owes him anything?

        Casey, maybe? Sarah owes Casey lots, but then, why “4”?

        Love the mystery!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Morgan. It’s a reference to a “leaked” shooting schedule you can find on our spoilers page under episode 3.14. If you don’t want to be spoiled Chuck is 1, Casey is 2, Sarah is 3, Morgan is 4, Ellie is 5, Awesome 6, Jeff and Lester 7&8, Big Mike 9 and Beckman 12. 10 is not listed, which is interesting unless Shaw was 10 and 11 is a guest star for the episode. We’re not sure if these numbers are constant, I would guess the top ones are.

      • BeCoolBoy says:

        Dunno if this is planned this carefully, but I just went to http://twitter.com/ciasarahwalker

        and now the posts above refer to 2 instead of 4.

        And anyone notice the safe house they moved to is the actual address of the building in Paris they used for exteriors of the safe house in Bourne Identity?

      • sd says:

        Unless it just changed the twitter is about #2…that makes more sense since 2 would be Casey.

      • joe says:

        Oh boy! It *is* 2, now. I’m impressed!

  14. sd says:

    It’s fun…actually making mental notes of the Paris spots when I head that way.

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