The Honeymoon: Not Quite Over Yet

To The Moon, Alice!

Nope. No review here, sorry. After looking at all of your amazing comments, I can hardly find a line in the episode that needs expanding, or explanation, or elaboration by me. Really, after watching the episode as many times as I could this week, the only thing left to say about Chuck vs. The Honeymooners amounts to three words – It. Was. Great! We’re still quite “over the moon”.

Okay – Even though it’s often boring (and poor form!) to simply write about personal reactions to what we’ve seen, I want to dwell on that, briefly, anyway.

And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For me

Stars when you shine you know how I feel
Scent of the pine you know how I feel
Oh freedom is mine
And I know how I feel

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

When I heard this music, my first thought was that my old Chuck playlist was going to be unlistenable. The mood from seasons 1 and 2 was just wrong, now. I mean, what meaning can be ascribed to Blitzen Trapper’s God and Suicide after hearing I’m Feeling Good? Just look at what’s happened! When the former was played, we saw Chuck and Sarah laying in the same bed, but hardly together. And for the latter? Wow!

One of the favorites from season 2 showed me how wrong I can be. Please enjoy Bloc Party one more time.

It ends:

I see signs now all the time
That you’re not dead, you’re sleeping
I believe in anything
That brings you back home to me

It’s sung by a mourner at a funeral, and is very sad. At best, the lyric can only be interpreted as the apparent death of a relationship, and it was given to us, in fact, to make us feel hopeless.

But now, starting with the last moments of The Other Guy in Paris, it feels like a miracle has happened – the signs were right, and faith, no matter how blind, was justified. Today the song doesn’t sound like the last shred of hope is fluttering away in a cold breeze, but sounds instead like new-born strength. Did I mix my metaphors? Think of a sapling. Hear that song and you can’t help but see Sarah’s faint smile at the fountain. A bright line exists between that fountain and Paris, two places connected by that smile.

Some seeds were planted very long ago, like Sarah saying apologetically in the Pilot that she didn’t know any music. You don’t have to, but I saw the act of bringing that thought back to us in The Honeymooners as a minor act of genius. It came nearly silently, the way my cat does before climbing onto my bed at night; all of a sudden, it’s there, purring and warm. It makes you smile. The same goes for the café-fight scene. Chuck and Sarah partnering while handcuffed was a scene put there specifically to make us recall (and to top) Sarah and Bryce partnering in Nemesis; it was presented to us almost like a gift from the writers. As they say in the Linux world, it just works.

I’m looking backwards, and I shouldn’t be doing that. It’s easy to agree with Maureen Ryan.

I enjoyed “Honeymooners,” but I’m really, really glad to see the last of episodes that center around what I call the CRM, Central Relationship Misunderstanding. For three seasons now, we’ve seen Chuck and Sarah not hook up, date others, misunderstand each others’ intentions and desires and otherwise reside on an increasingly labored merry-go-round that kept them apart.

Yes, I’m looking backwards to seasons 1 and 2, and even what’s happened in season 3. It was so enjoyable and maddening because, admit it now, every minute made us ache for displays of passion between Chuck and Sarah. Not that we were voyeurs. Not at all. It was our own passion that was on display, and our own that was finally expressed in The Honeymooners. Make no mistake about that.

But as Lester would quickly say, “sweet release!” I too am glad to see it’s over. First reactions have been saying “Who cares what happened before? Let’s enjoy this NOW!” And so, we will. For at least the next five episodes, I expect this romp to continue, mostly. And I expect to enjoy every second.

Chuck vs. The Great American Hero aired on March 29. When Sarah threw her gun on the bed near the end of that episode, it became clear to most of us that she had decided to meet Chuck at the station and run away with him. This act was some sort of turning point, and for many, marked the end of a dark passage. It was the faint beginnings of a new atmosphere and tone that’s permeated the comments ever since, a feeling in the show that I’ve been calling a “‘shipper’s high”. Can you believe it’s been a month?

It has. I’m starting come down from my lunar excursion. I’m starting to come back to earth, and as good as the past looks through my lens, the present, the remainder of the season, looks even better. It looks like comfortable fun for the lovers coupled with challenges that they’ve never seen before (but challenges that we, the audience, will recognize from our own experiences, I hope). As strong as they’ve been separately, we’ll see Chuck and Sarah come into their own as partners of a unit, and as part of a family.

The future? Season 4 and beyond? I see nothing, and honestly, that’s a bit frightening. I don’t mean that I think Chuck will not be renewed; I mean that I don’t have a freekin’ clue as to what’s coming next, or worse for me, I don’t even know what I want to come next. It’s a black hole the likes of which astronomers have nightmares about. We’ve barely gotten to Paris, but even if it is a place to remember for a lifetime, it’s not a place to stay forever. Things will be changing again. At least, I hope they do, because this feels too much like an ending.

Thankfully, this is not really a problem. It’s an artefact caused by the show-runner’s need to have almost everything resolved at this point in the series, a need that was “overcome by events” late last year. If I can’t see the direction in which the show is going, it’s because that’s not known, yet by anybody, I think. This only offers new opportunities for the creative talent to move in new and unexpected directions. Even better, since Honeymooners was written by Lauren LeFranc & Rafe Judkins (both new to the team this season), and since a promising new director tried his wings this season (you may have heard of him? Some articulate shnook by the name of Levi….) it seems foolish to be anything less than optimistic about the long-term quality of the show. It seems too early to wonder “where do we go from here?”  So I won’t.

But I worry, a little. That’s just me.

– joe

P.S. Thank you, Faith, for letting me use your space for the music!

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89 Responses to The Honeymoon: Not Quite Over Yet

  1. atcdave says:

    I have been struggling myself with how to handle the first two seasons with our new reality. I’ve been slowly rewatching some earlier episodes. I still tend to like the same things I did before, but there’s some new context there of “they’ll figure it out.” I still find much of S3 unwatchable, but many of the earlier dark moments don’t seem nearly as sad.

    You mention the void we have right now for what lies ahead. I agree its a little intimidating, but I expect that to change dramatically once we see 3.19. They’ve made it clear there’s an earthquake coming. Once it strikes it will be easier to start imagining where they will go. Of course last year, we were wrong about nearly everything; at least all the fun things we were discussing prior to our hopes being dashed at Comic-Con, after that we were depressingly accurate. I think the trend will continue at least as far as our predictions will gradually get more accurate as data comes in between the seasons ( …between the seasons… look who’s an optimist now!)

    • joe says:

      Hum… Noticed that we’re starting to switch rolls here a bit, Dave. Life in interesting!

      I feel a bit out of the loop. I sorta understand about a coming earthquake, but I just don’t have a focus on it from the promos (and spoilers?) I’ve seen. Chuck screaming that he’s not crazy? “Doc. Brown”? Stephen’s reappearance? References to nightmares?

      That’s all pretty much of a piece, and seems like a great arc for S3.5. But I don’t quite see it as earthquake level yet. And I don’t see what’s getting us to S4.

      • atcdave says:

        One Fedak interview suggested things would seem to be wrapping up nicely, but the last 10 minutes of 3.19 would be an upheaval. So it really may be hard to speculate; hopefully we’ll get some foreshadowing. We’ve already mentioned things like health hazards associated with the intersect (looks like that may come into play sooner), blowing up the Buy More (literal or figurative?!), killing off Orion or Awesome. Or something totally unforeseen yet? I hope its fun and doesn’t leave us with a sour taste during another lengthy off season. Surely they can’t be that stupid! (although I’ve said that before and been wrong). My feeling right now is close to the end of S2; I’m excited about what lies ahead. I’m even OK with some rough patches ahead (along as they don’t return to the idiotic PLI or WT/WT games).
        It is funny that our moods have reversed a little. Why is that? I’ve been so happy with the last three episodes, it makes it easier for me to look forward to the future. I’m sure you can guess, the only thing that would really upset me is if they tear apart Chuck and Sarah again; apart from that I hope it is exciting.

  2. orbmagic says:

    Wow! Thanks again for another great writes!
    IMO I still don’t like the prior tone of the show and losts of plot holes…
    But after The Other Guy, it seems getting better and better.
    After this whole “struggling” or “agnst” things btwn Chuck&Sarah, when it turns out they really getting together-for me it’s sort of unacceptable reality.
    Even though I still in love with them,but the black hole of losing something is occuiped my mind

    • joe says:

      Thanks, Orb! It seems we’re thinking alike (and here I was, assuming that I was the only one…).

      I’m going to resist saying that I’ll miss the angst. But it is going to leave a void, isn’t it? Sort of like the way we miss Harry Tang and Emmett Milbarge.

  3. Paul says:

    Very good stuff Joe. And thanks for referencing two of my favorite endings and songs: Bloc Party’s “Signs” from Lethal Weapon and Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” from Honeymooners. Both were muscially and lyrically perfect to fit the mood of the scenes (and I’m glad you pointed out the small smile Sarah had at the fountain talk, as if she just realized that “the life that I want, with the girl that I love” meant HER).

    I’m not worried about post 3.19 at this point. What will be will be. What I’m worried about most now is the hangover from Honeymooners. That episode set the bar almost impossibly high. IMHO, it was as close to a perfect episode of Chuck as you can get. The irony that comes with success however is now anything that doesn’t meet that high standard will now seem like a let down and back we go to that dark place. I have a feeling that the next 5 are going to be great, but I hope we don’t expect too much and set ourselves up for a letdown.

    • atcdave says:

      I think you’re right Paul about how high the bar has been set. Honeymooners worked well on many levels; whether you loved the rest of the season, and simply saw it as a payoff episode; or you think that’s where the show always ought to be. Whichever way they go next will disappoint some viewers; and Honeymooners worked so well, we all may be a little let down. I know what I want to see is tension and angst associated with missions and intrussions on real life; but I really never want to see Chuck or Sarah give up on the other again. So my biggest concern is if they can write a show like that, or if its outside TPTB skillset.

    • joe says:

      Heh! The bar is set very high!

      Funny you bring this up, Paul. Last night my wife and I were watching a “cheap” DVD she had picked up for pennies. It was touted as “50 ‘Who-done-it’s’ Staring your favorite actors.” You see Leslie Nielson and John Wayne on the cover, among other famous faces.

      Of course, the shows are an amazing collection of B and C level TV episodes and movie clips from as far back as the 30s, complete with missing sections where the film broke.

      We’ve laughed for hours because the ACTING was so bad. Forget about sets and special effects. Think “Buck Rogers” at its worst. It was so bad it was good.

      And it made us appreciate how much better even the worst is today. Chuck is going to be recognized as a milestone for the use of humor and drama together in one package. Even moreso, the leads have a level of chemistry to which other shows will have to aspire. Forget the Moonlighting curse. If TBBT didn’t to that already, Chuck blasted it out of existence.

    • weaselone says:

      Honeymooners was and exceptionally entertaining episode that transformed how I had been viewing and looking forward to episodes this season into something more reminiscent of last season. I’ve gone from viewing episodes with a bit of apprehension, wondering what wounds and suffering they would heap on the characters next, to jubilantly anticipating what sort of high jinx, missions and story lines would confront our characters next week. I’ve progressed from fearing how the characters would make things harder for each and turn small ridges into nearly insurmountable mountain ranges to desiring to see them working together to overcome challenges and triumph in situations that seem intractable. I’ve gone from rewatching an episode once to watching an episode as often as I am able.

      In many ways I feel the bar the writers must now hurdle is far lower than it was all season. Fans now expect to enjoy the show which should allow them to overlook the flaws they were once inclined to dwell on. By piling on layers of angst, darkness, and honestly some pretty crummy story telling the writers and producers effectively raised the bar they needed to jump over in order to deliver a reasonable payout. My opinion is that they close-lined themselves on the bar. Fortunately, after episodes 13 and 14 the fans have reset the bar at a reasonable level. The writers and producers are now expected to provide a show that is fun, amusing and heartwarming with a decent dose of action, in other words classic Chuck. Not everything has to hit Honeymooners’ level any more than it had to hit the heights generated by Colonel. The only thing the show needs to avoid is getting to a point where it seems like The Honeymooner’s never happened.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        That’s very well said.

      • joe says:

        That’s good stuff, Weaselone. Of course, I was referring to *other* shows having a higher bar to clear. You’re absolutely right about Chuck, though. They tried something difficult, and learned what it is that works.

  4. Josh says:

    Fun as the honeymooners was for a one off episode, personally I ‘d be bored if it was like 13 episodes of this. So they are bound to mix things up a bit, put obstacles for them to deal with, have them evolve in some way. Irrespective of how neatly honeymooners tied everything up in a little bow there are still things beneath the surface that will surely bubble up. But I think so long as TPTB keep the main theme of “us” against “them” going I m not really worried.

    IMO the big events of the finale have in some ways been foreshadowed as to their effect, certainly not in their nature but the effect on Chuck and Sarah is pretty much apparent. They think they can “have it all”, things will happen (IMO always) that will add a questionmark to that statement.

    • weaselone says:

      I don’t think we have to worry about having the rest of the season dwelling on Chuck and Sarah being all lovey dovey. There’s bound to be problems ranging from the serious to the comical although they’d do well not to put too much emphasis on these as they would have the effect of pushing the relationship to the center as opposed to leaving it as more of a side plot.

      • Crumby says:

        Yep. The 317 synopsis doesn’t mention Sarah which I think is a good thing. It means CS isn’t at the center of the story.

  5. Ernie Davis says:

    Wow, that was a great non-review. I feel the same way about a number of things. I have no idea where they’ll take this show or what to expect, but I have the feeling this episode will be a turning point in the tone of the show. I don’t mind if they go somewhat darker on occasion or go for some drama, and even a bit of angst, but if they can come back to a fun place before too long everything seems to work.

    I’m actually looking forward to Chuck and Sarah’s first real fight, now that their relationship is real. I’m also looking forward to the developing relationship as a way to learn more about Sarah as she starts to learn to open up. As we’ve all observed it’s already opened up a whole new emotional range for Yvonne to play. She can play anything from shippery joy, to comedy, to steely professional, to … well you get the point, after a season of pouting and looking at surveillance it was a welcome episode.

    • joe says:

      Thanks, Ernie.

      I’m actually looking forward to Chuck and Sarah’s first real fight, now that their relationship is real.

      Hummm… Me too! How odd.

    • herder says:

      Well, if you want to get technical, they have had three semi-fights so far: in the trunk in Imported Hard Salami, in the Crown Vic ( I liked that one as Chuck did stand up for himself), and in Predator when Sarah did the pout thing about not being told about Chuck’s search for Orion and he apologized.

      I take your point though, a real fight, working through and real reconcilliation would be very interesting for two people who still don’t communicate too well. Personally I think that we are going to find out that the Sarah pout is Chuck’s true kryptonite, the thing that he is powerless against.

      Joe, brilliant idea of adding music to posts, I got to listen to Signs while reading people’s comments.

      • joe says:

        Herder, if WordPress gave us the space for music the way they do for pictures, I’d be tempted to have a song for every post.

        Next best would be to have my own space. But that cost$ and I’m cheap! But maybe, someday, if we upgrade…

      • odysszeuss says:

        Joe, daran hatte ich auch schon gedacht. Mach doch eine “richtige” Seite, bei der die jeweiligen Poster ihre Beiträge und Kommentare auch editieren können. Finanziere das ganze doch insbesondere mit Chuck-Werbung (z.B. Amazon Chuck DVD Order & Pre-Order Banner) und Spenden-Buttons. Ich denke dieser Gedanke ist insgesamt umstritten, drum schreib ich’s lieber auf deutsch 😉 Aber wie heißt es so schön: nicht’s ist umsonst, nichtmal der Tod… Wenn ich die Cuck DVD’s sowieso kaufe, dann doch lieber über einen Werbebanner deiner Seite als sonst irgendwo. Stimmt’s oder habe ich recht…

      • joe says:

        Sie haben eine gute Idee, Odysszeuss. Wir sind etwas sehr gerne, daß das Denken. Nichts wird sich ändern, bis wir mehr über die 4. Staffel von Chuck kennen, aber wir hoffen alle, zu verbessern und zu vergrößern diesem Blog!

      • odysszeuss says:

        Sehr schön!!! Ich bin ja felsenfest davon überzeugt, dass die Season 4 kommen wird.
        The Spirit of positiv thinking…

    • Crumby says:

      So here’s a spec topic: what would be CS first fight as a real couple about?

      I’m thinking toilet seat won’t be it… 🙂

      • weaselone says:

        I’m thinking laundry.

        Or after they kick Morgan out, cooking duties. This one could end sweetly if they find out that they like cooking together.

        Chuck leaves the toilet seat up.

        Sarah’s hair clogs drains.

        Inappropriate use of each other’s razors.

        The government doesn’t actually cover Sarah’s wardrobe or accommodations and Chuck discovers her massive credit card debt. Chuck wants her to cut back by temporarily suspending the use of the Porsche to save on gas and insurance.

        Chuck’s video game addiction.

        A brunette starts making eyes at a clueless chuck.

      • weaselone says:

        Seriously, bathrooms are huge sources of couple conflict. Probably second behind finances.

        -Who cleans it?
        -Toilet lid, up or down?
        -Toilet seat, up or down?
        -Drains clogged with hair.
        -Shaving residue.
        -Inappropriate use of a partner’s razor.
        -Inappropriate use of a partner’s toothbrush.
        -Hand Washing.
        -Replacement of toilet paper.
        -Position of toilet paper.
        -Space issues.
        -Squeegeeing the shower walls after use.
        -Use of towels.
        -Washing of towels.
        -Wet towels.
        -Dirty laundry.
        -Closing/locking the bathroom door.
        -Empty soap containers.
        -Soap slivers.
        -Using partner’s soap or shampoo.
        -Time spent in bathroom.
        -Bathroom smells.
        -Disposal of non flush-able items.
        -Hot water allocation.
        -Fixtures, furnishings, and paint.
        -To remodel or not to remodel.
        -And lets not forget its use in dousing flaming souffles.

      • odysszeuss says:

        ich hab mich halbtod gelacht weaselone. seitdem yvonne auch comedy spielen darf (siehe 3×14) kann man sich die diskussionen zu deinen vorschlägen bildlich vorstellen. wirklich köstlich!!!

        Inappropriate use of… lol

      • Ernie Davis says:


      • odysszeuss says:

        i can not stop laugthing:

        Inappropriate use of Morgan…

        lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

      • weaselone says:

        Vielen Dank, Oddysszeuss. I think it would be interesting if Sarah Walker weren’t quite domesticated at this point. We know she can play domestic goddess when the mission is on the line, but what happens when she lets her hair down and puts her feet up so to speak? She’s lived alone the entire season outside of brief stints at the Bartowski residence.

        @Ernie. It’s not like it’s the little bearded man who is dressed in a nightie, raiding the refrigerator and likely drinking orange juice straight from the jug. Morgan’s fully covered so we probably aren’t in for a repeat of the low dangling fruit incident.

        For all we know, Morgan is the one who continually runs into a less than fully clothed Sarah Walker and develops a bit of a complex, particularly if some of those run ins include Chuck. We might get a reaction reminiscent of his reaction to Big Mike and his mother, or Ellie’s reaction to the fruit incident.

        Also, I’m going to predict the bathtub scene as a throwback to Chuck’s intrusion on Awesome and Ellie, but this time with Morgan filling in for Chuck and Chuck and Sarah taking the place of Awesome and Ellie.

      • weaselone says:

        I meant lived alone the entire series.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I agree on the bathtub scene. As far as Morgan goes, I’m not saying he’s at fault, just that he’s likely the issue. I could see Sarah getting a little, while not clingy, a little demanding when it comes to alone time with Chuck and less than sensitive to Morgan’s feelings. I think it’ll be an interesting dynamic. Sarah has never really had friends, per se (Catrina breezes through every so often, but she doesn’t really count). Chuck has tons of friends. The only friend Sarah has really ever had is Chuck, and that was complicated by their fake relationship and their feelings for each other.

        Of course if Morgan gets tranq’d, knocked out, used as tiger-bait or otherwise abused Chuck might consider throwing a flag for inappropriate use of Morgan.

      • atcdave says:

        I think it will be Morgan.

      • herder says:

        Hmm, other flags: roughing the Morgan, too many Morgans on the field (by field I mean the bathroom and by too many I mean one), inelligeable Morgan.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Encroachment, neutral zone infraction, delay of game …

      • herder says:

        Ah, delay of game, I think we have a winner.

      • Merve says:

        My spec about the moving in thing is that Sarah actually wants to move in with Chuck, but Morgan becomes super-awkward around her and doesn’t want her to move in. Sarah catches on to this, so that’s why she refuses initially. When Chuck finally catches on, he offers to move out so that he and Sarah can find a place of their own. Then Chuck and Sarah either house-sit for Awesome and Ellie, or somehow Casey gets roped into living with Morgan, and Chuck and Sarah take Casey’s old place.

        Or Chuck and Sarah have a huge fight about moving in, causing them to break up. Shipocalypse 3.0 ensues… 😛

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I think the awkwardness of the refrigerator moment will be heightened because Morgan will think he’s talking to Chuck and will spill something about Sarah making him feel awkward or the fact that she’s there every night or taking up all Chuck’s free time.

        I almost forgot to add that at least for a while I think they’ll keep the three in the same place, mirroring Chuck’s time with Ellie and Awesome.

      • weaselone says:

        My thoughts have moved in a similar direction, Merve. I just can’t see Sarah we saw in the last episode or the entire series for that matter being overly concerned with Morgan seeing her in revealing clothing, or even being particularly squeamish about him walking in on her with Chuck in the bathroom. This is the woman that chased Lester away by coming on strong and wrapping her legs around him for crying out loud.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Chuck+Sarah+Morgan = Comedy gold.

        It’s not as fun as Casey+Morgan living together IMO.

      • Merve says:

        Ernie and weaselone, I like those specs. I actually want to see Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan living together as some sort of awkward, dysfunctional quasi-family for a while, if only because it could be easily played for laughs.

        Honestly, I don’t know why I’m speculating about this. I think it’s because I have so little idea of what’s going to be happening spy-wise that all I can do is speculate about living arrangements.

      • herder says:

        I think that Ernie and Weasleone have it, the track record for Chuck and Sarah is that they try to do what the is best for the other without actually talking to oneanother to verify that it is what they actually want. Morgan expresses some concern about Sarah being at the apartment all the time then realizes that it is Sarah not Chuck at the fridge. When Chuck asks Sarah to move in she demures because she doesn’t want to come between Chuck and his best friend, not realizing that she is in fact his best friend now. It’s not awkwardness about Morgan, it’s concern about Chuck’s friendship with Morgan that causes her to push off Chuck’s question.

      • amyabn says:

        @Herder, I thought it was weird that Morgan didn’t give Sarah a hug at the cafe in Europe. I would have thought he was over the moon that Chuck finally got the girl, and he actually likes the girl (or so we’ve been lead to believe).
        I also thought Casey was going to give Sarah a hug too, though, so my track record is off.

      • atcdave says:

        Morgan may be like Devon, a little intimidated now that he knows a little more about her. I really want to see a scene where Ellie is confused by Devon being scared of Sarah.

      • herder says:

        Amy, I really liked those conversations, not just the way they paralelled each other but the mere fact that they took place. Sarah’s talk with Casey is more that she has ever said in words to anyone other than Chuck (and not so much to him) about how she feels about him. “I’m not throwing it away, I’m making a life” and “no matter how much I want to be a spy I want Chuck more” “I won’t risk it, it’s what he wants”. Prior to Other Guys the thought that Sarah would verbalize those thoughts to anyone was unthinkable. To say them to Casey, who isn’t that interseted in his own personal life, let alone others’ is huge.

        The Casey/Sarah hug is comming, my guess is at the point where Chuck is taken away by the medical guys(?) shouting that he isn’t crazy.

        As far as Morgan, he did say “take care of my boy” which for him is an almost unprecedented amount of letting go of Chuck. So although he didn’t hug her he did give her, what for him is even more, an acknowlegement that she is more important to Chuck than him. Doesn’t mean that he won’t be getting passive/agressive in the apartment in the next episode, just that it is a losing battle.

    • JC says:

      There’s so much opportunity for great stories now. How close was Sarah to Ellie and Morgan beyond the need for the cover. Now that the relationship is real you could see her actually getting close to those two. Plus down the road you can bring back Jack Burton and Carina to show the other side.

      And they’ll always be problems but now it doesn’t have to be the main focus of the show. I’m sure the name issue will be brought up again.

      What I hoping for is now that they’re together the mythology behind everything can be explored even more. Plus it would allow them to tighten up the spy stories and make the Ring a true threat not another set of romantic interests.

      • herder says:

        In Fedak’s interview he talks about the Ring realizing what a threat to them that Chuck and the Buy More are so I would guess that there are more Ring agents disappearing into the Burbank black hole. I see the Chuck and Sarah relationship becoming something like Chuck’s aversion to guns (only more so), something that occurs in almost every episode, but isn’t the focus of that episode.

        With Morgan and Chuck on a side mission, I wonder if 3.17 isn’t the episode where the photo of them being arrested (IIRC for the death of Emmitt) takes place.

        Also, there seems to be a couple of episodes about Chuck’s dreams predicting future events and dangers. Again this doesn’t dwell on the Chuck/Sarah relationship although what he does and doesn’t tell her about them may.

      • JC says:

        I really hope that the Ring and spy stuff is the main focus of these back six or at least they flesh them out. The Ring really doesn’t seem threatening as Fulcrum. You don’t need to create drama and tension just from the relationship aspect of the show.

    • weaselone says:

      Morgan is about the right size for a tiger treat.

      • herder says:

        As to the tiger, I haven’t the faintest clue of how that fits into the plot, it almost seems a Monty Python reference. How to defend yourself, the attacker comes at me and so I release the tiger.

        There is some hope for tiger music, they’ve already done “Eye of the Tiger” so maybe they will use the eels’s “Tiger in my Tank”.

  6. Rick Holy says:

    I have a sick feeling – not based on any “inside” info. or spoilers, but just a sick feeling – that the person to die MAY BE Morgan. Yes, Morgan?

    Why? $$$$$!!! If CHUCK is going to get renewed, it will probably be at the price of MORE budget cutting. If you’re shipping Ellie and Awesome off to Africa, you don’t need to kill either of them off. They’ll simply be “away.” May appear in an episode or two if the show should get renewed, but I think as the story becomes more “Chuck and Sarah the couple as spies” focused, Ellie and Awesome would figure less in the story.

    Killing off Orion? He’s not really on the show anymore (except for an upcoming guest episode or two), so there’s no “big deal” there – and I think TPTB want this death to be a BIG deal!

    You can’t kill Casey off – you have to keep the original team together – and truthfully, Casey was probably the best part of this season, and the most consistent through out all 3 seasons.

    To bring my wordiness to an end, I just think that the one to “get it” is going to be Morgan – unfortunately. That will, in a way, strengthen the Chuck and Sarah bond even more.

    Hope I’m wrong!

    • weaselone says:

      Hmmm…I’d be OK with that if it were death by beard plucking.

    • joe says:

      Wait a minute. This isn’t such a bad idea. If Bryce could be dead for most of a season and then come back…

      That’s the Chuck version of having your cake and eating it too.

      But on second thought, Casey needs somebody to train.

    • herder says:

      Perhaps, but my money is still on Big Mike and/or Orion. I think they need Morgan as the wide eyed innocent in the spy life as Chuck can’t remain too innocent or incompetent as time goes by. Besides now that Casey likes both Sarah and Chuck, someone has to get under his skin for him to maintain his angry centre.

    • atcdave says:

      I’m not sure budget cuts and character death have to be directly related issues. As you said, ship Ellie and Devon off to Africa; and you get the budget benifit without a death. Likewise, Morgan could run off with Anna and we never see him again. But I really think their intent will be to use Morgan as Max for a while. Not that I’d be surprised if you were right Rick….

    • Crumby says:

      Without Morgan the Buy More will also have less and less reason to be.

    • Paul says:

      Rick, I’ve has similar thoughts that the dark horse for getting killed is Morgan. And here’s why:

      1. His death would deeply affect/hurt Chuck and change the whole dynamic of the show (particularly as it is now).
      2. He’s been brought into the spy world and thus is exposed to more danger.
      3. He’d do antying, to include sacrifice himself, to keep Chuck safe.

      Of course in this show, “death” doesn’t always mean a person stops breathing and attains ambient room temperature. “Death” is often a method for a character to shed a cover (a la Bryce, Orion, Alex Coburn, etc) and start fresh. So someone “dying” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re written off the show. Another spec could be that “John Casey” dies, and a yet to be named character who’s gruff, grunts a lot and loves guns suddenly marries a middle-aged (yet very attractive) single mother named Kathleen McHugh.

      • Jason says:

        death is pretty straightforward in this case, it is for budget reductions – CS aren’t going anywhere, ellie is chuck’s sister and the only other lead female on the show – of awesome, morgan, and casey to get fired or cut, I would say morgan is the least likely, zach appears to be infactuated with gomez, morgan has been build up to extreme almost superhuman intelligence and ability this season, casey is the absolute fan favorite, and really is the only one who seemingly can shoot / kill someone in cold blood without fans getting upset, that leaves awesome. By the way, since budgets have to be cut, they can’t add a bunch of female leads, if sarah is done romancing, ellie being single is logical – – again, I am sure that upsets people, but there only are two female regulars, which one would you pick?

      • atcdave says:

        I do agree among the regulars, Devon is the most likely to go; but I really hate some of the reasoning. I would much rather have a couple of stable/low-maintenance relationships on the show, than have constant romantic games being played. I guess I’m just a married old fart, but dang; Chuck and Sarah can be happy; AND Ellie and Devon can be happy. That does still leave Casey and Morgan (!?) to entertain the occasional female guest star.
        But I don’t even need that. Capture bad-guys, blow things up, include car chases, smack downs, Buy Moron humor; and end each episode with a Chuck and Sarah smooch, sounds like a winning formula to me! (um, I’m not 100% serious!)

      • Jason says:

        dave – I think it is going to be one regular, and all of the other characters, jeffster & big mike will guest star once in a while – I could really see jeffster forming a rock band with big mike as the manager

  7. Merve says:

    I have no clue what the “game-changing” twists are going to be, but I’m pretty sure that there will be a lot of confused and excited fans at the end of the season (kind of like at the end of last season).

    • Jason says:

      merve, here is my last twist ending for the season, there will be a great problem solved, ring related I suspect, as well as a happy ending, maybe CS engagement, that will appear to be the end, but in the last 5-15 seconds, a pan will be made to a villan who will be watching CS on a monitor – he (or she) might even let out a giant noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as the season ends – should the show get cancelled, I think that would be a brilliant way to end – for so many different reasons

  8. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    Any time Joe. This goes for all the fab 4. Just email me your picks as always. 🙂

  9. Merve says:

    Remember, no matter now much the next five episodes suck, they will be worth it because they contain:
    – Swoosie Kurtz
    – a tiger
    – Scott Bakula
    – Ellie hitting Casey in the face with a frying pan
    You’d have to be some sort of evil genius to make any of the above un-awesome.

  10. weaselone says:

    So, getting on another tangent. Some of the scenes from the promo make me hope we might be getting back the Sarah with a harder more lethal edge, much as we saw during the beginning of season one and saw glimmers of in season two.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      Kick ass Sarah paired with relationshipy-happy Sarah. Certainly a welcome change from earlier in the year.

      In fact this is the culmination of exactly what we’ve all wanted for her since the beginning 🙂

      meanwhile, anyone else have trouble getting anything done but playing the music? Aw Chuck, you rock the rock.

      • joe says:

        Maybe. But I got a real kick out of Sarah just grabbing Chuck’s hand and yelling “RUN!” at the sight of the tiger.

        That was a first. Haven’t seen “Turn-tail Sarah” before this. 😉

        Oh. My wife & I went shopping, then out to dinner, then to a book store. Lots of driving with the radio on. Darn near every song I hear now gets put through my “Chuck filter”. It surprising how many on the play lists these days actually fit!

      • weaselone says:

        Well, she can’t kill the tiger. They’re an endangered species.

    • cas says:

      Welcome back Sarah Walker.

    • atcdave says:

      Yeah, that’s exactly the Sarah we all know and love. Especially when she’s protecting Chuck. Of course, I look forward to a more confident, capable Chuck too!

  11. Mclovin says:

    Yo joe. Thank you for the welcome. On a completely different note the hat that is in your picture is cool. Always wanted one like JR Ewing had in dallas but they don’t sell them here. How about you import me one? Peace.

    • joe says:

      Heh! The wife has one too. True story – we went out for a walk wearing ’em, and one of the neighborhood kids asks with all earnestness “Are you COYBOYS???” Gotta love it.

      Before I die, I’m buying a real Stetson.

  12. sd says:

    Pardon if this tidbit about the music has been in previous posts…I have been traveling.

    You may recall that Nina Simone’s most excellent song at the end of vs the honeymooners was also used in the Nikita rip off–I mean remake–:) called Point of No Return.

  13. Mclovin says:

    Lol. Kids say the darndest things! Thanks for the link. Im definetly going to buy that western felt one. Maybe someday if our paths ever cross we can rock out with our stetsons on. Peace.

  14. Mclovin says:

    One last question on this subject. Did you ever watch dallas?

  15. Mclovin says:

    Lol. Yeah joe. She was smoking hot! As big mike would say, ”She was a fine miniature piece of women!” But she’s no Yvonne strahovski. These links that you put up are a nice touch. I appreciate them. Peace.

  16. lucian says:

    I’ve finally had a chance to watch this episode completely. Wow. They did so many things right. These were the characters I had grown to both like and respect. The spy story made sense, and supported perfectly the relationship dynamics. I was back in a Subway twice this week. An episode like this is like a great song – you can listen again and again and still find it interesting and enjoyable. TPTB are genius!

    • joe says:

      Lucian, somehow, coming from you, this makes me glad. I have the idea that you’re the kind that knows what you want, and not particularly easy to please.

      Those are good qualities in a fan. It keeps ’em honest.

  17. Pingback: Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Honeymooners (3.14) | Chuck This

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