Mobs and Models and First Reactions


I could not participate in any of the 4 Chuck flash-mob events today, because of the fact that DC is a cultural port-a-potty. Oh, wait. That’s LA. (No!  Ow!  Ouch!!  Don’t hit!  I’m just reporting what Carina said!!!)

I did, however tweet (once!) and watched the #FlashChuck on Twitter during my lunch hour.  Much fun.  Fans everywhere are grateful to the organizers and participants.  If you were able to join in one of the mobs in Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle or San Deigo and would like to tell us about it on this blog, I invite you to send me your thoughts and recollections to chuckthisblog(at)gmail(dot)com.  If you give permission, I’ll publish it here.  I’d enjoy hearing anything and everything you have to say about the event, and I’m sure the readers here would too.

There’s Something About Tonight…

Has it been only a week? It seems like it’s been forever since we saw Paris, fantasized with Chuck & Sarah about engagement rings and wondered about what comes next. Tonight, we find out.  I understand that they do too, at the hands of the Turners, and it’s not all ponies and rainbows. Considering it’s Swoosie Kurtz and Fred Willard we’re talking about, it should be all fun, though.  Phil Klemmer wrote this episode.

TV Madness

And from Inside Pulse TV, here’s something you should know.

In one Final Four matchup, the last #1 seed Lost didn’t have enough fan support. At least not as much as #3 Chuck! Chuck fans showed their support for the show as this matchup had the largest amount of votes of any matchup in this entire tournament! There was some debate about whether there were multiple votes or not from the same computers. Well after looking at the logs of each vote, there seemed to be a few cases where that was happening. But even after throwing out all of those “duplicate votes”, Chuck still easily beat Lost. The total number of votes wasn’t as high, but the margin of victory for Chuck was still about the same.

Well, that’s interesting!  There’s still time to vote in the final round, at the link above.

Do you have a “first reaction” about tonight’s episode, Chuck vs. The Role Models?  This is the place to tell us what you think!

– joe


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190 Responses to Mobs and Models and First Reactions

  1. orbmagic says:

    OMG! Is this just the begining!!?
    I love it!
    Ellie and Awesome are awesome
    And Beckman good god it’s just…hilarious!

  2. amyabn says:

    I can’t stop laughing! This episode is awesome and I’m only up to the tiger! More later!

    • amyabn says:

      I have to watch it again! Thank goodness for tivo! That was awesome! Too many great quotes!

      • herder says:

        My personal favorite “they’ve named him Dr. Super Fantastic White Person”. Awesome is now internationally awesome.

      • Jen says:

        I know! It wad super quotable!!!

        c: Why didn’t u shoot him!
        s: You said he was “majestic”!
        c: He’s a little “majestic”…

  3. JC says:

    “This is how I deal with stress.”

    She’s a keeper Chuck.

  4. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    So what’s the verdict?

    • Jen says:

      As u can see, I’m still awake!

      It was a lot of fun 🙂 I know u r watching now, so enjoy n we’l discuss later!

    • jason says:

      tv by the number tomorrow around 11 am – might give us another season by mid week with a little luck – the show itself was wonderful IMO – in some ways might be my fav – as it showed how great a regular comedy chuck / sarah show can be – unfortunately – I don’t think we are going to get very many of those – one of the great things about this show is everyone gets a little taste of what they like, a frustrating part is never very much of one thing, except in the shaw arc, when we had to sit thru 11 1/2 depressing episodes – I want 11 1/2 fun episodes in return, but I guess I will settle for 3 1/2 – I pretty much think the last 4 will be quite sad again.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I think it’s fair to say serious can be its own fun. This episode was light and in its own way dealing with serious issues but the coming should lean more towards serious issues and less light but no less entertaining.

        All I know is things might get intense and scary but the angst burger that is Shaw and lame PLIs is gone. For sure. Thank god.

      • atcdave says:

        That’s kind of how I see it CN8. I loved the lighter episodes we just had, and they’ve now established Chuck and Sarah as a real and committed couple. So next they will rattle their cage. I think they will still have some fun and sweet moments, but probably not another whole episode like Honeymooners (this season anyway).

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      my verdict 😉

      In a lot of ways this is the epitome of exactly what many of us (Ok I, me) wanted. An adult Chuck and Sarah with real issues and a real relationship. There was a interesting sidenote about normal in this episode which I will go through later but if this is real, I don’t ever want to be faked again.

      Couple bickering is hot. I say that having been in relationships where bickering is the least attractive thing. It’s not even the sexual undertones of arguments but the actual bickering itself that makes things seem more genuine and their relationship more real. I KNEW, I knew she wasn’t going to just jump up and down and move in. That’s a huge, “majestic” step especially for her and that’s not something you just shrug off…her issues aren’t ones that just goes away because she’s finally embraced love and is loved. It lingers and it’s a constant battle to work out. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that she verbalized her issues and her hesitancy at the end there. It’s a true mark of how far she’s gone. Big steps in the relationship aren’t going to be easy breezy, but she’s at the point where no longer does she regress and bury these doubts/fears/emotions but expresses them. Because like the episode states, it comes down to trust and she trusts Chuck.

      There was a lot of real issues that was explored in the episode IMO. One of the biggest was Chuck’s naivete and idealism. It’s actually a very interesting concept (and major props for TPTB to explore it) because in a lot of ways we expect Chuck to always be idealistic and hopeful but the spy life DOES find a way to rub that out of a person. In a lot of ways what Chuck has been for Sarah is a return to idealism/hope/faith and it would be a sad day in Burbank if and when Chuck loses that. I don’t think he will though. Because if there’s one thing this episode showed it’s that whatever you become, whoever you become it’s important to have that person to keep you from being your worse self. That’s what happened to the Turners. They’ve become disenchanted with one another, cynical and in many ways battle scarred but in the end you see the love shines and you see the idealism return. At least as it relates to their retirement and Chuck and Sarah’s spy future.

      “Do you really believe that?’

      ^Powerful stuff. There’s a little bit of free choice/destiny going on with that. Who they are and who they can be is decided by them and them alone. The Turners I think taught them that. Albeit more in the preventative sense than actual role models. Along with that is what they feel for each other. In a lot of ways this is about being in love and falling out of love as it is about the traitor/job aspect. The Turners, accurately said by Fred Willard aren’t in love like they used to be. They’ve got love between them but it’s not as it once was. The job and the decisions they’ve made have worn away that pure love into a cynical one. In a lot of ways this is a warning to both Chuck and Sarah and certainly one I think they both acknowledge with^ back and forth.

      Now for the normal. For the past 3 years there has been this question between normal and spy life, fake versus real. There’s a very interesting and valid distinction about what Sarah wanted which was “something real” and what Chuck wanted which was “normal life.” In Season 3 and most especially in Honeymooners what was “normal” has turned into “real.” Chuck was always fooling himself about being a normal guy—he wasn’t, isn’t, was never one but Sarah was equally to blame because she never saw herself living a “real” life. Chuck’s “I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think we’re ever going to have a normal life.” came after Sarah’s very revealing and openly vulnerable (seriously who’d have thought she’d get to this point dating back from S2 even? Not me), “I’m sorry I freaked out when you asked me to move in you. You know how I grew up…no one ever taught me how to live a normal life.” In a lot of ways this conversation exhibits the growth they’ve gone through together and how much they are now in the same page and are in fact starting their “new life” together. I was seriously :wub: with “I’d like something to fall back on when our spy life is over.”

      • Aardvark7734 says:

        I’m so glad you brought up that last line (and, btw, damn that post was great!).

        I want to make it crystal clear I’m not complaining here – I really liked this episode and the tone of the last couple. In fact, I’m still not totally certain I haven’t just dreamt these two into existence locked in some mental ward after the first twelve put me there. They’re so close to what I wanted to see. 🙂

        Anyway, that last line. Seriously? My head is still spinning.

        We spent two seasons watching Chuck and Sarah inch towards some kind of real relationship through multiple breakups, PLI’s and other contrived obstacles. Then we spent most of a season wondering if we’d ever even like these characters again.

        And then, in less than the span of three full episodes, we’ve gone from “Yes, I love you” to “I agree to stay in the spy life and be with you” to “I’d like something to fall back on when our spy life is over”.

        Holy time compression, Batman!

        Is this really the same Sarah Walker who until very recently couldn’t make any kind of commitment to Chuck who just admitted envisioning them being together at the end of their careers?

        Again, not complaining. But wow. Just wow. And, “Hello, welcome to fan fiction.” 😉

      • odysszeuss says:

        approved 😉

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        More thoughts (apologies in advance 😉 )

        I meant to bring this up during the days of Honeymooners but I was just in too much of a squee territory to be literate lol. I think we were supposed to assume that in their compartment they didn’t just satisfy their desires for each other but they also fostered a deeper, verbal connection. The music is the only thing we saw but I gathered from “ok music” was that there was a lot more before that. In a lot of ways I’m saddened to be robbed of the conversations and the past they were sure to have uncovered and the emotions that goes with that but in a lot of ways it’s good because it would have been long and somewhat tedious. But in the end what matters is that they talked. They went from skating over things to acknowledging pasts and feelings about things. In a lot of ways it’s the epitome of the journey they’ve gone through since the pilot. The growth. In this case like I said they didn’t really show it/show us/have us hear it, but her saying “you know…” makes the difference. I also gather that her name and whatever issues there was (at least when it comes to what Chuck thinks about not being told her name) dealt with in that conversation off-screenville.

        There’s an openness to Sarah that wasn’t there before. And there’s a strength to Chuck that wasn’t there before. This is definitely a welcome and exciting change/development on both their parts. I’m definitely looking forward to more in the future. And yes I agree wholeheartedly Aardvark it’s almost astronomical in its development but at the same time it feels like it’s a long time coming.

      • Jen says:

        It’s Always good to read your review Jem 🙂

        I was too sick yesterday to write more, and work has had me super busy, so i’ve been out of the loop.

        Last night was great fun. I was curious as to how Chuck and Sarah would interact as a couple, so it was kind of amusing. I loved Sarah’s reactions to Chuck being neurotic runnign around the appartment trying to fix it up or when he went to do dishes to relieve stress. Even their bickering over the weapons int he couch. These are great moments where they are they are seeing other sides of each other.

        Gotta cut this short. A lot of work just fell on my lap. Just read about those rating and i’m totally bummed 😦

      • atcdave says:

        A couple of great posts CN8. I think we have seen an establishment of a “new normal” for the show. Chuck and Sarah have certainly come a long way. Not to whine too much, but I still maintain this progression would have been more natural immediately subsequint to Colonel instead of the silliness that was S3; but we made it, I’m happy now. I’m also a little shaky on some of the sequencing; to my mind, running away together registers as a bigger step than moving in together, shoot; I’d put the running away together more like getting married. So it doesn’t quite track right to me that Sarah is conflicted over moving in AFTER being willing to run away with Chuck (2 or 3 times even, depending on what you count). But that is small potatos, I’m good here.

  5. weaselone says:

    Chuck and Sarah are the new CIA power couple. 🙂

    Promo for next week is disconcerting.

    • SWnerd says:

      Agree. We’ve had two episodes of fun and sweet. Now things are gonna get intense leading up to the big finale. I’m excited and a little scared.

      • weaselone says:

        I think the question is whether Chuck is truly being overwhelmed by the Intersect, or he’s just becoming increasingly in tune with it in a way that wasn’t predicted.

        Also, if Chuck can’t handle it, what did they expect from Larkin?

      • JC says:

        Could be that its starting to integrate with his brain or at least imprinting certain things permanently.

      • sd says:

        Remember last year…Bryce told (or admitted) to Papa B that the intersect 2.0 had been “modified”…and said to him “you don’t want to know” maybe this is the “you don’t want to know” part of the intersect.

      • Chuck604 says:

        Since Chuck has been the only intersect, there may have been some side effects that they didn’t anticipate occurring.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        this will come as no surprise coz I said this before 😉

        But I’m starting to think the intersect is this adaptive entity in that it’s becoming more than just a knowledge database but also an AI. It’s still Chuck of course but in a way it’s making Chuck more to protect him…hence the dreams.

      • Chuck604 says:

        Yup CN8, maybe it’s evolving into a more symbiotic relationship with Chuck. Like you mention, it has it’s own consciousness, or maybe developed one based on Chuck’s personality. Part of the evolution of the intersect may have it take a more proactive role; using the dreams as a means to warn Chuck of incoming future intel. As opposed to him having trigger the flash based on some outside stimuli he experiences. Maybe the process becomes ‘seamless’ I guess.

    • Josh says:

      I m liking the promo tbh, we need a bit of (good) drama to balance out all the ahem fluff of the last two episodes 🙂

      • SWnerd says:

        Totally agree. I like a good balance which is what this show does well. I also like when they get deeper into the mythology of the Intersect so I’m pretty pumped.

      • atcdave says:

        I too like the looks of the sort of drama coming up. I like the idea of a serious side effect, and I liked the look of Sarah being concerned in fitting ways (I was hoping it wouldn’t just be Sarah thinking he was going nuts).

        I do now wonder if Chuck will require ongoing treatment for a chronic problem (something like epilepsy). Especially if Orion is killed off in the finale, this could be how Ellie is brought in on things; as Chuck’s health care provider.

      • joe says:

        Hey Josh! Did you notice? That may have been Christopher Lloyd, but that sure wasn’t “Doc. Brown” we saw. I agree that next week looks rather more intense than I had been expecting.

      • Jen says:

        I too like the idea of some drama coming up, moving the plot forward

      • Merve says:

        I agree about the drama. Chuck is not a sitcom, nor should it be. I think that a big dramatic arc is going to make this show a whole lot more interesting.

  6. Abbie says:

    It was great. Loved the “Ooh, we’re spies!” line with Chuck and Sarah. Actually, loved anything with Chuck and Sarah. And that scene with Sarah and Morgan at the beginning- comedy gold!
    Enjoyed seeing Devon and Ellie in Africa. It was going pretty well before Justin pulled out his Ring phone. Uh-oh.

    • weaselone says:

      I saw him as a Ring agent all the way.

      • SWnerd says:

        Well yeah, it was totally telegraphed because without him being bad, the Ellie and Awesome story would have been pointless so it was easy to tell something wasn’t quite right there.

      • atcdave says:

        I was just waiting for him to hit on Ellie, I was pleased he was just a villain!

  7. sd says:

    The first exchange about moving in made me go…oh, great the honeymoon is really over between these two…but the rest was great…and totally in character for the two. It’s fun to see how the two are learning about each other
    The dishes/gun scene was so funny….and the tiger…are you kidding me…the sight gag of it as Chuck looks through the peep hole was comic gold.

    And yes, I too, am concerned moving foreward…next week’s ep looks intense…and can we really trust the therapist…lots of needles involved…and we know how much Chuck hates needles.

    • joe says:

      Heh! Forgot about those needles, sd. Good catch.

      • sd says:

        I mean…Chuck…poor guy…ecema and allergies…soon we’ll find out he has sleep apnea. ha!

    • Aardvark7734 says:

      “…and can we really trust the therapist…”

      Funny you should mention that. While I didn’t verify this personally, I have it on good authority that the “Save/Kill” game on the NBC “Chuck” site validates “Kill” as the correct answer for ol’ Doc Brown.

      Of course, the NBC site hasn’t exactly been a paragon of accuracy when it comes to the show, so some trepidation is probably warranted.

      • joe says:

        Now you’ve got me curious, Aardvark! I haven’t been the the NBC boards in a while. Perhaps it’s time to visit! 😉

  8. SWnerd says:

    Pretty awesome episode. I really loved the interactions between every character: Chuck and Sarah, Sarah and Morgan, Morgan and Chuck, Morgan and Casey, and the Turners and Bartowskis ;). Definitely another feel good episode which is good, as the last 4 are sure to turn up the intensity on the spy and mythological plot lines.

  9. atcdave says:

    This was a fun episode. I was nervous about the tension between Chuck and Sarah early, but was pleased with how it played out; starting with the Turners “messing with the wrong couple.” I few scattered moment really made me laugh; both bits with Sarah’s guns (why was Chuck even surprised they were there? I was only surprised the case was so small!); and Sarah not shooting the tiger “because its majestic” as she gives Chuck a dirty look; and I just loved what the big kitty did to the Awesome’s pad! I also really like Morgan and Casey as a team, a most heartwarming bromance.
    For the second week in a row Sarah got a lot of good comic moments. While I’m thinking she will be a mess next week, I hope we see more funny Sarah from here on out.

    • joe says:

      I was nervous too. Marital discord is NOT one of my favorite topics.

      Glad to see that they (everyone involved in the story) handled it perfectly! Couldn’t have been better.

      And all of a sudden, I’m in love with Ellie again. Devon didn’t have much today, but he was awesome.

      Morgan rules!

      And you’re right, Dave. Yvonne is a GREAT comedic actress!

      • atcdave says:

        I think we’re completely on the same page again Joe. It really is too bad Sarah is usually the strait character and emotional heavy; because Yvonne is a wonderful comic actor.

    • herder says:

      So many good bits, Morgan’s “vitamin D’s” “the jugs so big” at the beginning and the look on Sarah’s face. Lots of Sarah comedy moments, “you’re not going to ask me to move in again” the arguement after the guns were gone “you listened to me” “I can’t beleive I did”.

      Not only that they seem more of a real couple, nice to see that Chuck didn’t revert to Mr uncertain when Sarah said no to moving in and that they both seemed to take turns as the leading one in the relationship. A little thing, I didn’t recognize the photo that Sarah was putting up at the end but the one next to it was the two of them at Ellie’s wedding, sort of them putting real things rather than fake things in their home. I think I saw the bracelet again when she was leaning in the doorway of Ellie’s apartment.

      They seem to be changing Casey a bit, at times I think of a description of Vonnegut’s stories as sugar pills with bitter coatings. At times Casey comes across as a softie with an angry exterior rather than the angry center Casey from Sensei. In any event he, Morgan and the General play off well against one another. Beckman seemed to take real pleasure at punishing Casey for forcing her to add Morgan to the team by making him train Morgan under the threat of boot camp.

      As to next week, Ellie suspecting Casey sounds fun and Sarah’s “I need him to be ok” sounds heart breaking. I wonder if like Chuck in the Ring she will say out loud that she loves him to a third person first before saying it to Chuck.

      • joe says:

        I really appreciated Chuck not reverting, exactly like you said, Herder. Mr. Uncertain, indeed. I *like* seeing him appear exactly as confident and as strong as Sarah, even when neither is exactly feeling strongest, or most confident.

        Wow – already, I can’t wait for next week!

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah I agree herder; I liked Chuck not being too discouraged over one little rejection! I looked at that photo close, and I think its a still (as in posed pic) from Suburbs; because it looks like a Valentine’s moment, and I think that’s about how they were dressed (not up to rewatching it tonight, sorry). Casey is certainly getting softer; but that’s strictly on the DL!

      • Chuck604 says:

        I liked the line where Fred Willard mentioned..”some women are too special to marry only once”. That was gold.

      • Aardvark7734 says:

        Herder, with regards to the photos Sarah placed on the mantle…

        The photo of them eating Valentine’s Day chocolates was taken during the shoot of the “worst Valentine’s date ever” from ‘Suburbs’. Both of them are wearing the same clothes from that scene and the chocolate box can be seen sitting on the coffee table in front of them.

        The other photo is, of course, from Ellie’s beach wedding.

        One other little thing I noticed, they used the same wistful music from the ‘rings’ scene in ‘Honeymooners’ in the scene where Sarah asks Chuck if he really believes they’re going to become a couple of traitors like the Turners (Otto sidebar). I’m starting to get the idea that this is becoming a signature piece not unlike the “Charah” piano music used in seasons 1 and 2 (and the four ‘yes’ scene in 3.13). Maybe whenever the two of them have a moment where they ponder what the future holds for them this music is going to play. Remember you heard it here first. 😉

  10. jason says:

    loved the show – almost as much as 3.14, in that this show proved what the ‘couple’ can do, without being in bed – but I hate the dark direction of 3.16, possible we will not get another comedy for the rest of the year (maybe never), I think TPTB and / or NBC are getting it wrong with this show, this story, and this cast – they are comedy first, romance second, drama / tragedy / angst / BS of that sort last – somehow seems they play it the other way around.

    One positive – the last two spy stories have been marginally better, again, when the story’s A plot is comedy, the spy plot can get away with being thinner, when the A plot is tragedy or angst, the spy plot had better make sense.

  11. Chuckaddict says:

    I wonder if Awesome was given a virus to bring back to infect Chuck with. Maybe I’m going too deep again…

    • joe says:

      You’re starting to think like a spy, Addict! 😉

    • atcdave says:

      That is a possibility, I was just thinking smuggling; it will be interesting to see if they know that Devon and Ellie have ties to Team Bartowski.

      • kg says:

        Shaw has/had knowledge of their ties to Team Bartowski.

        It was merely assumed that Shaw is dead. All we know is that Shaw took two bullets and fell over the bridge and into the river.

        We’re really not sure he’s actually dead. He was still alive before hitting the water. He even had the presense of mind and strength to almost drag poor Sarah with him.

        I assume the Director is still in CIA custody. So, if it wasn’t Shaw talking to Justin then it could have been the infamously mysterious Mama B we’ve speculated is running The Ring.

        Devon and Chuck both seriously ill. The Ring beginning to act as a serious threat. Ellie and Sarah happiness about to be disrupted. Could see a lot of tears next week.

      • JC says:

        If that wasn’t Shaw he was talking to I’d be shocked.

        It seems like the Ring is trying to draw the whole Bartowski family back to Burbank.

    • 904 says:

      Cryptic words: Justin said “you can help back home.” as Ellie pulled away. Then he said via phone “she doesn’t suspect a thing.”

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I think they turned Devon into a mule. By which I mean they planted something on his person and made him sick in the process so he can bypass customs and security…like Justin said.

      • atcdave says:

        I think that’s a good guess Faith. It will be interesting to see how they “help” back home.

  12. JC says:

    Something I didn’t catch the first time watching, Sarah had no problem with Chuck using a gun. And she opened up even more. That’s impressed me the most.

  13. cas says:

    Oh how I wish that they would have ordered an additional 9 episodes instead of just 6.

  14. JeffL says:

    Loved this episode, although I didn’t think it was as good as the Hooneymooners.

    Just wondering if anyone else noticed the call back to vs. the colonel when Devon said to Ellie “Don’t move, don’t breathe, don’t move”. That’s exactly what Chuck said to Sarah when he was getting up to get the “condom” in colonel.

  15. Crumby says:

    Great episodes! What surprised me the most is how much Sarah is opening up (with words).

    I don’t really know how I feel about Casey in that ep. I almost find him too much of a softie here.

    • orb says:

      That’s how I feel as well, Crumby.
      I would like to say that Sarah and Casey both have much more soft time than before.It just… weird.

      But hey don’t get me wrong!
      I love this episode!
      Bartowskis’ are charming!

  16. Mclovin says:

    This episode was the 50th episode of chuck. That’s sort of a mini mile stone so Yeeah! Here’s to another 50 and possibly more! Peace.

  17. odysszeuss says:

    This really was a great episode. Yvonne and Zac great, since they are together. Sarah’s struggle with her Problem never beeing a normal person before, nor in a friend/relationship. Perfect chemistry. haven’t time to read all your posts. i think you all said the same before. as usual a german bad guy 😉 but he was charming, i think.

    “Mein Haus ist Dein Haus” – I think more germans would say: mi casa es su casa 😉

    “eins, zwei, drei” with a little ami accent, by a german born actor: ok, why not…

    Sarah to Chuck: “Gesundheit”

    Clearly, i loved this episode 😉

    If this is the way, this tv-show is going, i’m totally absolutly ok with that!!!

    @ ernie: u are rigth:
    “Inappropriate use of morgan as bate for the cat”
    There will be hopefully some 1000 more golden Sarah/Morgan Moments…

    And Sarah clearly isn’t shy in any way’s… I’am also absolutly ok with that, too 😉

    • weaselone says:

      Amis benutzen Gesundheit.

      • odysszeuss says:

        Oh really?!? That’s funny 😉 I have to admit, before Chuck i wasn’t interested in the american culture in any terms. meanwhile i’m watching their tv-shows and reading their blogs (thx to joe & team) some hours per day in my free time. it is becoming a kind of a hobby 😉
        i also noticed: “schleppen” in the episode sarah robbed the buymore finding the bugs (1×13) and “Schmutz” (as morgan get burritod by that huge basketball player mitch). Germans using english words seems normal but the way around is new to me…

      • Warp says:

        It’s a little more “difficult” as some words are originally German and some (as schleppen, Schmutz) are Yiddish – so the origins are different: “classical” German words like Kindergarten & Angst might probably come from (protestant) German settlers (e.g. in Pennsylvania), whereas the Yiddish ones originate in places with large Jewish communities like N.Y.
        (Of course you could call Yiddish a kind of German dialect)

      • odysszeuss says:

        That’s quite impressive Warp. naturally i wasn’t knowing this. thx for sharing your intel with. that’s really interesting…

      • atcdave says:

        You know the story we’re all taught in elementary school is that when congress was first setting the rules of our nation in the 18th century; there were so many German immigrants that we came within one vote of making German the official language of the U.S. instead of English. I’ve always been skeptical of that one, others may know more.

        I also remember wargaming with a german-american friend who laughing at my inability to pronounce certain German words; he told me a trick to German was that there were no silent letters. I still don’t get it; but I do remember an interview with Yvonne where she said the thing about American English is to pronounce most of the letters, not much is silent. The similarity of those statements makes me wonder if there’s some connection to our heavy German influence.

  18. Emily says:

    While I liked the episode, I didn’t, nor do I still feel the need/urge to watch it again. Strange. It was the same with vs. Tom Sawyer. I still found it very amusing, especially Beckman’s ‘diamond in the rough’ speech! Make him sparkle Casey!

    • joe says:

      Interesting, Emily. And I understand.

      TS is a great episode on it’s own, but except for Sarah asking Chuck what it’s like to be a hero, it doesn’t move the story forward. Not it’s purpose, of course. It is wonderful to watch, but when I think of S2, I always want to get to those last six episodes quickly.

      Perhaps Role Models will be like like.

      • Merve says:

        To be fair, “Tom Sawyer” introduces Emmett Milbarge and is also the episode in which Chuck receives his Stanford degree, so it does, in a way, contribute to the plot. But it’s definitely not a mythology-heavy episode.

    • kg says:

      Is Beckman truly that dense or does she realize Team B is great and therefore just gives them a hard team to keep them grounded?

      She can’t trip over herself enough in kissing the asses of guys like Shaw and the Turners. Does she not realize all the wonderful things Casey and Sarah do? And that Chuck has been the only actual intersect?

      Even at her best, I can’t see Mrs. Turner being half and tough and skilled as Sarah. Except for the Intersect skills, I did actually buy Mr. Turner at one time being a lot like Chuck.

    • atcdave says:

      Tom Sawyer, like Role Models, was mostly a stand alone episode. It does have a place in the continuity of things; but the over-arching significance is small.

      That said, for some strange reason I often prefer the stand alone episodes. To me, they are sort of snap shots of what’s “normal” at different times in the over-all story.

      KG, you touch on something that does annoy me sometimes. We get inconsistant messages on just how capable and accomplished TeamB is. I certainly thought on the mansion mission, Sarah was the most capable and accomplished member of the whole team. Of course we got some indications from her that she felt the same way!

  19. weaselone says:

    Wow. They really critiqued this episode on that other site. The initial segment was basically about what they didn’t like in this episode.

  20. odysszeuss says:

    WHAT?!? Who? Where? I get my pitchfork. Where do we meet???

  21. Crumby says:

    I liked the song “Sans soleil” by Miike Snow. 🙂

  22. weaselone says:

    Huh. I think I was right. Sarah was drinking straight from the jug of orange juice.

  23. jason says:

    couple of other thoughts:

    1- sarah is huge compared to morgan, both were in stocking feet, she towers over him especially as she is walking away

    2 – sarah’s first line to morgan – ‘do you want some?’ – then the rest of the scene from there – geez that was good

    3 – “You’re not going to ask me to move in with you again – me – not now at least” scene at the party – I like that kind of ‘action’

    4 – willard’s many happy marriages wish for chuck – sarah the lionness moment – matter of fact, sarah dealt with the willard’s like sarah the lioness pretty much the entire while – sarah does not play nice with other children – I wish that theme would be explored more

    5 – sarah wearing the bracelet at the end, saying I thought we’d start on our place, then her moving those pictures in and admitting she has never had a real life – the kind of warmth of the old ‘fountain scenes of S1/S2

    6 – ellie actually getting to act, other than make some lame comment while awesome is ready that stupid bike or playing the scolding mom to some hijinx that team moron’s come up with

    7 – the overriding theme of chuck / sarah ‘in trust’ with each other made it in place for a second straight episode – I wonder if / when that will get violated

  24. sd says:

    I don’t know if this posted anywhere here…apologies if so…but it’s official as of late yesterday: NBC is going to run JJ Abrams’ spy couple show next season. Any thoughts on what that means for Chuck?

    For those who don’t’s about a spy couple who fell in love five years ago…quit and are now back in the game because a friend and fellow spy went missing.

    I expect production value will be high…don’t know who will own the show.

    I am trying to wrap my head around why NBC would carry two fairly similar shows?


    • Rick Holy says:

      Well, CBS has like what – 10 of those crime shows (NCIS – “fill in the blank”)? And NBC also has had more than one version of Law and Order running concurrently.

      I’ve heard some banter around “theme nights.” Maybe that’s not a bad way to go. Comedy night (Thursdays). Family Night (with Parenthood and whatever else). Drama Night (Cop and/or lawer dramas) – and of course, “Spy Night,” which could pair Abram’s new show and hopefully CHUCK, too. (I intentionally left out “Reality Night” with Biggest Loser and the like – just because I can’t stand “reality” shows).

      I guess I don’t care what they do – but it would be nice to see Chuck return and pair it with some other programming on a different night other than Monday – which has overall been a disastrous night for NBC the past several years – about as long as Chuck’s tenure on the network.

      Will be interesting to see IF (and hopefully the will) bring Chuck back, and then what they do with it as far as the scheduling.

  25. Ernie Davis says:

    First of all a lot of great posts to ponder. We’re getting good at this. Like Faith I liked the couple dynamic, but feel slightly cheated that we didn’t get to see them work some things out, but that would have made the back 6 into a soap like the front 13, and I’m sure there will be more moments like “you know how I grew up”. What they have managed to do and show this episode is how well they preserved the original Chuck and Sarah dynamic from as far back as season 1. Sarah the badass ready to throw down, Chuck always looking for another way and talking people down. Sarah the somewhat cynical and sarcastic pro (A lifetime of training?) and Chuck still a bit of the wide eyed innocent. I was afraid they’d lose that wonderful role reversal that made the characters so unique once Chuck was a spy and they were a couple, but if this is the new normal I’m really impressed how well they’ve translated the original characters into the new show. With the Honeymoon they seemed to have lost those characteristics, but then that was the honeymoon, and as they showed at the end so well, they were back in their world again, Chuck’s room, very familiar surroundings to both of them, but realizing it was a new life. Sarah’s “I like this” was clearly about more than one song (as was Chuck’s “I think I found the one” and “That’s a good start”). But, they are also clearly learning from each other. Chuck willing to use a gun and realizing shooting the Turners was justifiable, Sarah seeing the good in them (they have their moments) and being the one to give them a chance to retire by covering for them with Beckman.

    Yes, Sarah is a lot more open, with Chuck, but she still seems her guarded self with others, like the Turners. I also liked her interaction with Morgan. She is utterly unselfconscious (as called by I think both herder and weaselone), but clearly aware of her effect on him. “You’re dating a leggy Valkyrie with an aversion to clothing.” Perfect Morgan line, and I liked the brief Chuck/Morgan argument going back to Morgan’s low hanging fruit incident.

    Casey was apparently more touched by Morgan’s pep talks than we thought, and Morgan has shown he has a pair more than once. I liked that in the Honeymooners Casey’s threats, which used to always be good for intimidating Chuck seemed to bounce off Morgan as he goes into therapist mode. We didn’t see as much of that, but I liked Casey actually acting like a friend. Just don’t soften him TOO much. I also fear for Morgan’s safety if this keeps up.

    Lastly, it was good to see some Awesome/Ellie stuff again. There’s your new angst. And it also looks like the stay in Africa was a lot briefer than we expected.

    Not much BuyMore, but I liked Casey’s use of it as a training ground, although I thought Morgan would have done better. He’s good at the Buy More. It’ll be interesting to see how Morgan passes as “field ready” now. Although Casey and Morgan in boot camp together, Beckman’s revenge, would have been epic.

    • jason says:

      is it true that only mrs turner carried a gun? at the end, chuck put his weapon down, then mr turner pulled mrs’ gun down, then finally sarah relented – I thought that scene played ok – one of the big flaws the show has, is the critics and reviewers appear to be unwilling to accept the show is ‘get smart’ in its approach to spy writing, I think the new team of writers was hired to shore up the spy writing, but the last two eps were very ‘get smarty’ in tone, which I love, but apparently many like the higher stakes drama stuff more – I for one just cringe when I think how they are going to damage ellie & awesome the next 4 episodes – I am starting to lean toward one of casey or morgan either dying or casey getting re-assigned (maybe beckman’s job?), I think the 4 of them will get in each other’s way – morgan would be the perfect ‘max’ in the hart to heart theme!

      • atcdave says:

        I noticed that Mr. Turner didn’t have a gun. Perhaps they were a lot like Chuck and Sarah.

    • orb says:

      Erine,even though I watch through this whole episode without Chinese subtltle.
      So I’m going rewatch it again anyway.

      But there’s one question that I’ve been pondered for a long time.
      For me,it seems TPTB trying to use differnet aspest of characters to change “Chuck” into another show,
      Like soft Casey and wild Sarah.
      I know it sounds like a complain but I just try to point this up.
      No offend!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I understand what you are saying, and I think they may have pushed Casey too far too fast. Sarah and Chuck seem to have been handled much better. I think part of the problem this season is that Sarah had almost nothing to do but stare longingly at Chuck and be the girlfriend to Shaw. The personality was virtually scrubbed from the character to promote the angsty story. With Honeymooners she started to recover some and with this one I think we saw the Sarah Walker of season’s 1 & 2 return to an extent. She really is only mushy and soft with Chuck. She even seemed to recover some of her mild annoyance at Chuck being too Chucklike. Did anyone else notice how “You’re not going to ask me to move in again?” seemed to recall “You want to break up again” from Beefcake?

      • atcdave says:

        But I really liked that she was OK with it when Chuck said “yes, but not right now.”

  26. BDaddyDL says:

    I just had an idea, what if the ring got Ellie home, and makes her find out something evil to put more stress on team B.

    • jason says:

      this is more hope than knowing, but the longer ellie does not know about the ‘secret’ life of chuck, the more likely that ellie finds out herself – if ellie gets kidnapped to try to trap chuck, and sarah saves her off grid, ellie may tell sarah she wants chuck to tell her when he is ready???? I would think sarah would honor that request????

      Sarah and ellie sharing that secret would give the show another great B plot, and a reason for ‘sallie’ to start shippin a bit?

  27. Merve says:

    I don’t know what to think of this episode. It was entertaining, but it seemed to be missing that spark that makes an episode of television great. In my opinion, the show has been on a bit of a downward trend since “American Hero,” so I hope that “Tooth” reverses that trend. (By the way, I wouldn’t worry about things getting more dramatic. If the next four are anything like the final few episodes of the previous season, then we’re in for a heck of a ride.)

    That being said, there was a lot of good stuff in this episode:
    – Even though I’ve seen it about a million times, the opening Hart to Hart homage never gets old.

    – I liked that Morgan acted really awkward during the fridge scene. I also liked that Sarah was completely indifferent to being seen walking around in her underclothes.

    – It was good to see that the tiger was an actual part of the plot and not something thrown in there just for fun. I guess that the production team thought that if they were going to pay for a tiger, they might as well make good use of it.

    – Big Mike’s reaction to being woken up by Morgan was pretty funny.

    – “Dr. Super Fantastic White Person.” Of course Awesome is awesome at Doctors Without Borders. It’s always nice to see Awesome be awesome. (That was actually one of the few lines that made me laugh out loud.)

    – Given the jarring changes that we’ve seen in Sarah’s character over the past few episodes, her reasons for being apprehensive about moving in were a nice bit of character continuity. I’m glad that they didn’t go with the standard “your roommate is a creep” route. I think that it would be nice to see a mix of the old Sarah and the new Sarah in the upcoming episodes.

    – Morgan and Casey working together continue to be an unexpected well of comedy gold. I’ll admit to being apprehensive about Morgan being brought on the team, but it’s actually working surprisingly well. It was good to see Casey all but admit to being Morgan’s friend, and it worked better as an “awww” moment than anything in the A-plot. Plus, Casey thinks that Morgan has “balls,” so yay for them.

    – Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz were absolutely perfect in their roles. I had very high expectations and they exceeded those expectations. (Given that Kurtz’s character on Pushing Daisies was a bit of an alcoholic, I was a bit shocked to see her portray a teetotaler, but all was right with the world again when she was revealed to be a depressed boozer.)

    – It’s common knowledge that Zac and Yvonne play really well off each other, but it was a nice surprise that they could infuse their characters’ bickering with a sense of lightness and levity, which contrasted nicely with the heavier (but no less amusing) bickering of the Turners. It was a great way to show the audience that Chuck and Sarah were different from the older spy couple.

    Unfortunately, there was some stuff in this episode that just didn’t work, and some of these things were major:
    – Justin is even more wooden than Shaw. Can we please have Awesome shoot him off a bridge?

    – The “Bartowski’s” need to learn some grammar.

    – For some reason, it really bothered me that Chuck didn’t ask Morgan’s permission to ask Sarah to move in. It bothered me even more than the apparent conflict wasn’t resolved at the end of the episode. There were many ways to resolve it. Chuck could have apologized for being insensitive to Morgan and Morgan could have forgiven him. Morgan could have told Chuck that he got all worked up for nothing and was happy that Sarah was moving in. Sarah could have told Morgan that she would try to remember to wear a bathrobe in the future. Any of these solutions are just a couple of lines and would have gone a long way towards making Chuck seem less insensitive, either by allowing Chuck to make amends or by making Chuck’s initial actions seem less significant.

    – I understand that the setup of the episode necessitated that the three main pairs (Chuck/Sarah, Morgan/Casey, Ellie/Awesome) not interact much, but this separation made me feel as if I were watching three separate television shows at once. The three plots were barely tied together at all. It was good to see Morgan take care of the tiger, but Sarah and Chuck never even thanked him for it (or at least I don’t recall that happening). It was good to see Ellie try to contact Chuck, but an actual phone conversation between them might have been nice. One of the problems with forcing the subplots to stand on their own was that the Africa subplot didn’t have enough substance to do so. The end result was that while Ryan McPartlin and Sarah Lancaster did a great job, it seemed as if they were trapped in a plot that wasn’t going anywhere. I hope that TPTB mix up the character interactions in the next few episodes. I really miss seeing the Sarah-Casey dynamic; it’s easy to forget that they make a great spy team. (It might also be nice to see Ellie help Awesome work through a problem for a change, but that could border on out of character behaviour.)

    So overall, I enjoyed this episode, and it was certainly better than “Pink Slip,” “Three Words,” “Mask,” or “Final Exam,” but it wasn’t one of my favourites of the season. If I were to rank the episodes, it would probably end up in the bottom half. That sounds a bit harsh, but please keep in mind that I’ve really enjoyed this season, so “bottom half” is by no means a condemnation. Also, it’s possible that my perception was coloured by the fact that last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was the first really good one in a while, and I’m using to enjoying Chuck far more than How I Met Your Mother.

    Finally, there are some new, intriguing questions on the spy front. (I haven’t seen the promo yet, so maybe these have been answered.) Why did the Ring poison Devon? Are they still convinced that he’s an agent and are they trying to get him out of Africa so they can turn him? Do they know that his wife is related to Agent Carmichael and are they trying to get all the Bartowskis in one place? And how badly was Devon poisoned? Is it life-threatening or not? I’m also a little confused: does Beckman think that the Ring has been defeated?

    Sorry that was so long. To summarize: the episode was kinda meh, but a kinda meh episode of Chuck would be an excellent episode of pretty much any other show on television, so I’m not too disappointed. I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to watch the promo because I don’t want to be too spoiled, but I’m excited nonetheless.

    • Crumby says:

      I completely agree that it was weird that Chuck didn’t ask Morgan about Sarah moving in. It bothered me too.

      • Merve says:

        To be fair, that whole issue touched a bit of a personal nerve for me, so maybe that’s why I was a little harsh on this episode. I liked this episode; I just know that Chuck can do better.

    • atcdave says:

      Great post Merve. I agree with many of your comments, but overall I thought more highly of the episode. Many have mentioned Sarah’s lack of modesty around Morgan, but the thing I found funny was her getting so annoyed with his wandering eyes. I’ve known women like this, it just makes me want to say “you know there’s something you can do about that…” (I know, dreadfully un-PC).

      I don’t think we know yet why Devon was poisoned. My thought at the time was it might prove to be a previously unconnected smuggling plot. But given that we saw it was clearly a Ring operation, I guess it will all connect up at some point.

      • Crumby says:

        I thought that Devon was poisoned only to make them go back. Justin said something to Ellie when they left, something like “there are other ways you can help back home.” I took it as they want her to do something for them. I found that the whole thing was really about Ellie, and not Devon.

      • Chuck604 says:

        Well maybe the Ring know about Chuck being a spy, but not the intersect. Roark crashed Ellie and Devon’s wedding, in season 2. Probably put Chuck, Ellie and Papa B together and relayed the info to the Ring, especially when Roark made the swap for Papa B in order to secure Chuck’s safety. So they’re maybe going to get to Chuck and Papa B through Ellie, somehow using Devon as leverage?

      • JC says:

        I’ll give Chuck a pass on the moving in thing with Morgan. He’s finally happy with his leggy Valkyrie. He’s due for some selfishness when it comes to him and Sarah.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      It may be just me, but I took the moving in thing as Chuck broaching the topic and then Sarah overhearing, not as Chuck planning to do it without Morgan’s agreement.

      • Josh says:

        Nah, Chuck was pretty assertive about it, he basically told Morgan to get used to her since he planned to ask her to move in.

        Didn’t personally mind how it played out, Morgan was whining that Chuck was flaunting his sex life while Morgan didn’t have one. What’s Chuck supposed to do? Not date till Morgan does?

      • kg says:


        Miles the name of the Ring agent on Casey’s team at the wedding reception. He killed Roarke and the other Marines at Castle, but only knocked Casey out because the Colonel had saved his life once. Miles also helped Casey put together the beach wedding.

        He could have easily alerted the Ring that Chuck, Ellie, Awesome and Orion were all related before Chuck kicked his ass in the Intersect white room.

      • Chuck604 says:

        KG that could be another possibility.

      • Crumby says:

        Well it wouldn’t have hurt to ask. Morgan wouldn’t have said no anyway. Even if it wasn’t intended the way Chuck said it, it wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

        I don’t know how I’d feel if my roommate chose to have his girlfriend to move in without asking me.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Speaking of you guys have to check out Morgan’s roommate rules:

        10 and 19 I think are freakin funny.

      • Crumby says:

        They could have had Chuck saying “if that’s ok with you” right before Morgan pointing out that Sarah was behind him.

      • Chuck604 says:

        Well if my roommate’s gf look liked Sarah and was comfortable walking around in her undies in the middle of the night, I wouldn’t protest too vehemently if he didn’t ask me. Just saying…

      • Merve says:

        My take on it is that even if Chuck knew that Morgan would be okay with Sarah moving in, it’s still common courtesy to ask. But admittedly, upon rewatching the episode, that scene didn’t sting so badly. I live with a roommate for most of the year, so maybe that’s why I initially responded so poorly to the issue.

    • weaselone says:

      Sorry this response is so late in coming. I’d wanted to address the Sarah moving in issue, but it sort of slipped my mind.

      We don’t really know the arrangement that Chuck and Morgan have regarding the apartment, but certainly a new permanent resident should be discussed. Of course, this is Morgan and Chuck we’re talking about so it’s possible that the move in of a hot female coed has already been set down in a legal document.

      It’s also fairly clear that the issue with Morgan that morning has little to do with Sarah moving in or Sarah and Chuck being disrespectful of him and failing to consider his feelings. Grimes is ticked that he isn’t getting any. He and Chuck make it fairly clear that Chuck and Sarah have not been doing a replay of Big Mike and his mother as it’s Chuck’s smile, not bumps in the night that are discussed. Morgan’s not irritated that Sarah is walking around in skimpy clothing at 3 AM, he’s upset that he doesn’t have his own version.

      So, it appears that Chuck and Sarah actually have been fairly considerate of Morgan’s situation and that Morgan catching her in her nightie was an accident. They aren’t deliberately rubbing anything in his face, subjecting him to excessive noise, or engaging in sexual activities in the common areas.

      The irony is that Morgan has never been nearly as respectful. He and Anna went at it like rabbits in the Buy More, rubbing their relationship in the faces of all the other employees. Let’s just say I don’t have much sympathy for the little bearded man when it comes to these issues, particularly after he left Chuck cleaning up his mess while Morgan bedded Carina.

      • SWnerd says:

        Good point about Chuck having to clean up when Morgan was with Carina. Totally forgot about that part. I never really thought about the fact that Chuck and Morgan didn’t discuss if it was ok for Sarah to move in. Probably because Morgan has always been really supportive of their relationship so I just assumed he wouldn’t mind. I agree with you, I think he’s just a little jealous.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        While Morgan has gotten a lot better he really hasn’t a leg to stand on when it comes to consideration of others personal space. At least Sarah had something on when she raided the fridge. And I took her hasty retreat as more of a consideration for how uncomfortable she was making Morgan, not any discomfort or embarrassment on her part. Well maybe mild annoyance at some of the Freudian slips, but no more.

        As for Chuck asking Morgan, like I said, I took it as the start of the conversation on dealing with a new roommate that got short circuited. Yes, Chuck was pretty forceful, but then it’s been his home for years, and Morgan veto-ing a new roommate would have been pretty presumptuous of Morgan and likely a deal breaker for Chuck.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Ernie; not to justify it too much, but I have a feeling its all Chuck’s name on the legal work anyway. If Morgan really has a problem he’s free to find a new place. Not that it will come to that quickly.

      • Crumby says:

        Morgan is respectful. He said he was wearing PJs now because Sarah can be staying over anytime.

      • amyabn says:

        i thought it was pretty telling when Morgan walked away at Ellie and Awesome’s apartment when Sarah said “our place.” I really was waiting for Casey to invite morgan to crash at his place, you know, since Walker has her chocolate in Bartowski’s peanut butter.

      • atcdave says:

        Obviously, there will have to be another change in living arrangements at some point. Casey and Morgan are just so cute together…

  28. Ernie Davis says:

    Sadly Chuck didn’t do so well in the ratings game.
    Only a 1.9, and 5.28 million viewers.

    • JC says:

      Wow didn’t expect that. But I guess all shows were down last night, so it might not be all bad.

    • John says:

      Yeah that is disastrous. Talk about a buzz kill.

      • joe says:

        Perhaps “disastrous” is too strong a word, John. Disappointing, surely. But since all the shows were down, not quite so bad as all that.

      • John says:

        Well Joe decent ratings this week probably would have sealed the deal. It just couldn’t have happened at a worst time.

        But hopefully it will work out anyway. Man what a buzz kill after a great fun episode.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I guess the good part is that Chuck regularly outperforms anything else NBC has on Monday night. If we assume they’ll cancel their two lowest rated shows and fill the 10PM slot with all scripted shows they need somewhere around 10-12 new shows (some shows will be 13 episodes, some half hour, etc), and have picked up 3 so far from the 19 pilots they ordered. Yes, I did a little research during lunch. That means that to cancel Chuck they’d need to cover another hour of prime time with either 1 or 2 shows from the remaining 16 pilots. So assuming NBC pilots aren’t all hour long shows and they need 7-9 shows as is that means that Chuck would be another hour to cover with 1-2 shows out of a remaining 7-9 pilots, putting them in the position of picking up as many as 12-15 of the 19 pilots. That’s betting awfully hard on a spectacular pilot season for NBC as opposed to a show that regularly outperforms anything else they have on Monday night and seems to have a hard lower limit of about 5 million dedicated viewers. I may be spinning awfully hard, but I still want to believe Chuck makes it to next season.

    • Chuck604 says:

      Well it’s not over till it’s over. Hopefully we’ll hear some good news in the next few weeks. Even though last nights ratings didn’t help the cause I also notice as Dave mentioned the viewership stays around 5 million, on a night where there is playoff basketball, and hockey, as well as House. I don’t really watch any other shows on Monday, aside from Chuck and House.

    • Merve says:

      I don’t think I could take it if both Better Off Ted and Chuck got cancelled in the same year.

      Excuse me while I go cry in a corner…

    • herder says:

      Let’s hope those ratings are made up of a concentration of an incredibly attractive but hard to find demographic sub group. ie men 18-34 or 35-49 earning in excess of %100k.

  29. weaselone says:


    • Ernie Davis says:

      I fear Schwedak may have doomed Chuck. Apparently they asked NBC for a quick decision so they could retain the Chuck staff. I was reading a lot of positive buzz about Chuck getting s4, but I can’t imagine those numbers and NBC being pushed for an early decision are going to help.

    • Jen says:

      I’m so bummed right now. I was not expecting ratings to drop, but for them to at least hold to last week’s. I read about the request to NBC about th equick decision too Ernie. If NBC takes this week’s ratings as a sign of dropping interest, we could be doomed.

      I can’t stay here cause i have lots of work. I just wanted to express how bummed i am.

      • cas says:

        well, It wasn’t just chuck that had a significant drop in ratings. Almost all the shows dropped 10 percent last night due the NBA finals. Plus I think a lot of people were switching channels during the commercial break although i don’t know if that makes a difference. I say move the biggest loser and the apprentice to Monday and put Chuck on Sunday night at 9

      • amyabn says:

        Yeah, me too. I only have time for a quick post, but I really expected the ratings to go up. I thought most “voices” were pleased with the death of poochie, the end of the monotonous wt/wt BS, and refreshed to see a return to the fun and lightness of S1/S2. I really thought they’d pull a 2.2 or 2.3. I don’t have Snickrz spreadsheet bookmarked here at work, but the 5.28 million viewers seems pretty good (wont’ know until I compare). Not good people.

      • jason says:

        since nbc does not own chuck & thereby is less committed to it, my theory is they know how tough the monday time slot is, and one of chuck’s saving graces is they can pull a solid 2 to on monday night’s, letting NBC’s pet shows have easier slots on other nights – theory only, did not read it anywhere –

  30. Warp says:

    Didn’t Sarah/Yvonne look just drop dead gorgeous in this episode?!

    The first scene… Wow… Just WOW 😉

  31. Sole says:

    I liked this episode, even if it´s not my favorite. There were great moments… I don’t think anybody else commented on this but I have to say I LOVED the fight scene. I mean, it´s ChuckAndSarah’s first fight as a couple. It was heatworming in a very very funny way. I also love how funny the new duets are, but i too miss Casey in the team.

    • orb says:

      yeah, thanks to bring it up!
      Almost forgot they got one of the best fight scene in their aparment.
      BTW Why Chuck suddenly flash anyway
      Maybe he saw a gun?

  32. odysszeuss says:

    count of re watch: 3 😉
    Did anyone else noticed that in this episode Sarah really was scared about something. the first time i think. Chuck’s girlish behaviour when he is afraid of something is already well known. But Sarah seeing the Tiger the first time. Yvonne really got that face expression of scared to death…

    @ Warp
    AND Yvonne look drop dead gorgeous in this episode?!
    AND especially in that first scene

    • atcdave says:

      I’m pretty sure that was the first girlish scream we’ve heard from agent Walker.

      Its funny, when I watched the S2 blooper reel with my wife, she laughed that Yvonne was much more “girlie” than Sarah (all of her surprised jumps and yells); but I guess even Sarah doesn’t want to go a round with a tiger.

  33. herder says:

    Funny, I was just reading some of the reviews and one of them had the promotional photo of Sarah holding the gun on the Turners in the hotel room. All week long I was trying to figure out why she was in a bathrobe and Uggs, I guess it was a run through and those are her behind scenes clothing. In other words NBC released as a promotional photo a rehersal or blocking photo of Yvonne in her own clothes rather than costume.

    • Josh says:

      yeah that plus that infamous chuck/sarah/morgan bathtub scene probably met an untimely demise on the cutting room floor :p

      • Ernie Davis says:

        That one could be episode non-specific enough to make a comeback in a later episode where Sarah has taken up residence, but yes, for now it seems we won’t get that special bit of awkwardness.

      • weaselone says:

        I’m pretty sure that Morgan would have been the one in the bath tub.

      • John says:

        Well they have to do more stuff with the Sarah-Morgan relationship later on now that Sarah has moved in. That scene may still make an appearance.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I fully expect a reenactment of the Chuck walking in on Awesome and Ellie scene with Chuck and Sarah the new Awesome and Ellie and Morgan the new Chuck.

      • weaselone says:

        It wouldn’t be a complete reenactment. Chuck would probably be hiding behind Sarah.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Poor Morgan. He’d die on the spot.

      • Jen says:

        Yeah, i’m sure there is only so much the little man can take. You need too many strategically placed towels or objects, or funny angles, to cover up Sarah. Not so much is neede fro Chuck 😉

        I really hope we get this scene. It would be hilarious!

        It better not be Chuck walking in on Morgan and Anna! =O

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Of course the scene wouldn’t play nearly as funny without the cringe factor both Ellie and Chuck experienced and it’s aftermath.

      • atcdave says:

        Seriously, if Chuck is hiding behind Sarah, they might never get Morgan out of the bathroom.

  34. Merve says:

    Chuck is getting smashed to bits in that Inside Pulse TV poll.

    • Jen says:

      is that in the poll against Lost?
      Could you share the link? i just went on there and Chuck is the one winning.

      Thanks Merve 🙂

      • Josh says:

        It’s Chuck vs Burn notice. Apologies for the babbling and shortened url, just trying to beat the filter that makes short posts with long URLs disappear.

      • Jen says:

        Oh crap! i will tweet about this right away!


      • Ernie Davis says:

        Don’t forget to tell them how to cheat! 😉

      • atcdave says:

        That’s tough, Burn Notice is easily my second favorite show.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Yes, but Chuck is undefeated on the web as far as I know. We have a reputation to preserve. Our nerds make more and better bots than their nerds.

      • weaselone says:

        I’m curious as to where those new 87,000 Burn notice viewers came from.

      • cas says:

        75,000 thats a lot something is not right. Anyway, does anybody here know anything about the smallville and chuck fans teaming up to help each other? Are we suppose watch smallville and they will chuck to help increase ratings? If so, that’s a wonderful idea

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Yes indeed an alliance has been forged. JS twittered it yesterday and this is a tweet from a Smallville fan:

        RT @CHUCK_Wagon: G’night all #GetOnTheChuckWagon and #SaveCHUCK #SMALLVILLE fans are you with us in the alliance? follow us and watch #CHUCK
        about 13 hours ago via Echofon

        And the official wagon website:

        As for the voting, Ernie we lost out to Burn Notice in the Hulu poll. Lost out to Law and Order on the USA Today poll. But that’s it in the many, many, many cyberspace polls since I don’t know how long.

        No captcha means we most likely get cheated.

      • Jen says:

        Yeah, we have a rep to uphold! I take pride on the fact that Chuck fans are a community and we pull through every time, so even if winning doerns’t get us a S4, at least we’ll go down in TV history as teh fans that fought hard, had the best fans, and the fastest bots 😛

        cookies are bad for u… block ’em.

      • Jen says:

        Law and Order is a classic, so that’s a tough one to beat. Burn Notice is a good show, i know a bunch of peopel to watch it, so it’s a tough one too.

        We are down to being a little less than 55,000 votes behind 😛 Catching up sounds like mission impossible!

  35. jason says:

    rewatch’d this am – wow – I still liked the episode, but I do have concerns about the show …..

    until the last 30 sec of the show – sarah was really a B$#@ch in this episode – wonder if the writer forgot to read the story board (seemingly a trend this season) – or did the storyboard change from this point going forward – there is nothing wrong with a wisecrackin female lead with a tried and true male partner, just that isn’t what I seem to recall the show being last week? Sarah looked annoyed with chuck the entire episode until the end, and her saying ‘why would we do that’, then ‘if you want to live with a spy, you need to deal with guns’ and shortly thereafter the ‘you’re not going to ask me to move in again’, those lines are all things I could imagine a dominant man saying to his girlfriend, rather than the other way around, I thought the purpose of S3 was to elevate chuck to at least equal status, he was sort of back to ‘Mrs Walker’ in this episode.

    Could not help noticing sarah’s complete delight at being named the ‘next spy couple’? But also, at the end, her admission about a life after the spy life. I do not see anyplace for sarah to grow the way she is written as she already is the best spy in the world, isn’t she – other than having a baby – the ‘only’ thing I can see her changing her life for?????

    Far more startling than sarah’s wisecrackin / impatient dominance over chuck was casey’s total OOC behaviour, this wasn’t a kinder and gentler casey – it was a total wuss casey who has been reduced to the jeffster role in the show.

    Speaking of total ‘wuss’, how much lower can they sink the ellie character & how much stupider can devon really be? I hope they mercy kill devon soon, he may be he single worst character in this show’s history (did I just write that?), heck, have ellie marry shaw when he returns … he at least could play ‘mysterious’ while riding the exer-cycle, which I would take over a ‘buffoon’ anyday. Seriously, season 1 who would have ever thought morgan a far more heroic match for ellie than captain stupid.

    IN the beginning, the hart to hart, the sarah / morgan scene were great, I liked the turner / barkowski ‘A’ plot action – a true ‘Get Smart’ plot that this show does best, and the CS end was awesome, a water fountain scene in the apartment. CS seemed at ease & completely ‘in trust’ with each other the entire time – which is paramount going forward.

    the concerns I’ve been having all season, about each writer seemingly going on their own path causing ‘plot holes’ and / or the OOC characters we saw in 3.5 thru 3.12 continued in this episode, since CS are together, the OOC isn’t painful to watch, just sort of WTF?

    Interesting that the Schwartz pitch to NBC apparently was to get an early answer so he can retain the writing staff, that is seemingly an admission that the S3 writing has been somewhat lacking – is there anyone who wouldn’t want the writing team from 3.10 & 3.14 to write every episode?

    • jason says:

      that qualified as a rant, sorry for the length and the negativity

    • herder says:

      I saw it as the two of them alternating leads in both personal and spy business. To tell the truth I kind of liked it that sometimes she was in control and sometimes it was Chuck who set the tone.

      I agree that Awesome had little to do in this episode, but there was one little moment that made up for it at the end. During the montage he and Ellie are tending patients, he looks up at her and smiles, in that moment he is once again Awesome.

      I enjoyed the episode and I enjoy it more upon each rewatch it has the one essential for any Chuck episode, it was fun.

    • atcdave says:

      I would agree I don’t care for the bickering much; but much of it was funny, and it is not typical of Chuck and Sarah. Given that it doesn’t seem to be an issue for next week, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

      The real issue to me is if they’ll be able to write an adult relationship. With only six episode of it this season, we really may not know until we’re into S4.

      • jason says:

        dave, the end of 3.15 could have been shot right after 3.13 or 3.14, sarah was as in to chuck as ever, but for parts of 3.15, it was right out of a different playbook, first view it didn’t bother me at all, on second view, yep a little, even thru all the bikcering though, both of them had a big grin on their faces, I think several intimate sessions a day can make up for any trouble that comes their way – another somewhat sordid observation, I thought sarah was going to jump chuck after they escaped the tiger the first time, would have given the ‘turners’ a much funnier, more compromising way to ‘steal’ the necklace, and taught CS a lesson about discretion , did any of you notice morgan sneaking away when sarah started talking ‘move in offer still stand?’ at the end – morgan the hero yet again

      • Merve says:

        Yeah, Morgan has definitely learned some discretion since Season 1.

    • lucian says:

      I actually thought that most of Chuck and Sarah’s relating was pretty logical / consistent with the transition they are making to a new “normal”.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I agree. It’s one thing when you’re locked away from everyone in a train compartment on your honeymoon pondering the endless possibilities of your new life together, but not having to face them yet. It is a slightly different matter when you start having to deal with the mundane issues of coupledom like whose place you stay at, the roomates situation, weapons caches…

      • herder says:

        I agree with most of these points, I’m note quite sure in which universe weapons chaches qualify as mundane issues, but the rest I am on board for.

        Reading the Morgan rules for roomates, I can see Morgan and Sarah clashing over the use of his Benihana knives, something that may be of interest to Sarah. The other thing that I was thinking about is that it is about time for Sarah to give something to Chuck in the same way that he gave her the bracelet, something real from her to him. Thoughts? chrome plated tranq gun, her grandfather’s watch (or some sort of guy family heirloom) or would she simply want to dress him up her way. Maybe she looks to Ellie for advice on what Chuck would want or need, so long as it isn’t Morgan she asks.

    • cas says:

      But she atleast listened to Chuck so technically chuck still has the final say so.
      She took the guns out of the house “yeah I couldn’t quite beleive it myself”
      She left the gun in the car “because you told me to!”
      She didn’t shoot the tiger “You said he was majestic”
      She moved in

      • Gringo Chuck Fan says:

        Like any other couple in a successful long term relationship – Chuck will always have the last word! –
        ” Yes dear” 🙂

    • Jen says:

      I took their “bickering” as normal and also part of the process of seeing and adjusting to thi snew side of their relationshipt. They’ve been around each other and loved each otehr for so long, but this relationship stuff is co,pletely new for them. Also, for all the “annoyed” Sarah faces, there was an amused smile. SHe gave Chuck space to be angry while he was weashing dishes. I didn’t see her as dominanat, nor did i think Chuck was.

      Ernie, i have the sma ethought as you in regards to her first reaction to Chuck’s invitation to move in. One thing is to live in a “fantasy” world and on the run, and another is to settle down in the real world with someone else. It’s OK she was scared. She really has no foundation to be so secure in the concept of a real life, and trusting someone else as her life partner. At teh end pf the ep though, SHe shines… she realizes that spending the rest of her life w Chuck, with or w/o the CIA, is what she wants. I like her confesion to Chuck. I also liked tha he understands, cause he knows…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Jen, I like your point about even when annoyed Sarah has this half smile, as if remembering how she used to get annoyed at Chuck and thinking to herself something along the lines of “He’s still my Chuck”.

    • JC says:

      I liked the Chuck and Sarah arguing it seemed very real especially her anger over the guns. Also her fear of moving in, no place to run after you do that. I hope next season we see Sarah grow outside of her relationship with Chuck, the character is so under used they could go any route with her.

      The only parts that seemed forced were the Morgan/Casey scenes. In Honeymooners the dynamic worked because it was more subtle. But they really forced the these two are going to be a dysfunctional spy duo. And even though Casey has grown he seemed a little to open and forgiving. But whatever its probably rushed just like the Doctors without Borders stuff because of only having six episodes.

    • Aardvark7734 says:

      I agree with everyone from Lucian on down, that the Chuck-Sarah interactions were very normal and expected. And as cas pointed out very clearly, while Sarah barks noisily as she reacts to Chuck’s admonishments, she ultimately gives in to his demands. I was charmed by the idea that this woman, who just told Chuck “I don’t [trust you]” four episodes ago was willing to go against her own habits and instinctual behaviors to such a degree.

      I think we can all see that she must follow this path to reach her happy ending. And that she’ll eventually realize that it will have been worth it. But in opening herself up, making herself vulnerable right now, she’ll take a direct hit when Chuck becomes seriously ill next week.

      Adjusting to a new reality where she must live day to day with emotional vulnerabilities that are essentially indefensible will be the hardest thing she has to learn if she and Chuck are to “have it all”.

      • jason says:

        lots of good advice for my pessimistic viewpoint, thanks, one of the great things about this board, is great ideas from all sides

        you have to remember, I still loved the episode, another interesting moment, when willard wished chuck ‘many happy marriages’ sarah was made for reacting to such lines –

        my guess is chuck will never have to worry about divorice – he would not make it alive that long – would love for sarah to bring the movie ‘my super ex girl friend’ to movie night with chuck and morgan –

  36. odysszeuss says:

    hi jason, length and negativity is OK. Always, an opinion is an opinion. But please do me a favor. Please explain for me:

    a) B$#@ch
    b) wisecrackin
    c) wuss
    d) OOC
    e) WTF

    Probably i can find the explanations in googling it. But where is the fun with that. I’m curious about a). i have a suspicion…

    btw. part of the Chuck/Sarah thing IS the upside down effect.

    • odysszeuss says:

      wrong place…
      where ist the edit button, joe???

    • jason says:

      a) B$#@ch – trying not to swear, but this is probably ok to say really, bitch,

      b) wisecrackin – quick one liners, that are somewhat put downs from the sender to the receiver – example ‘chuck sit down you are making me nervous’

      c) wuss – not really a word at all, but slang for ‘weak, girlish, cowering, etc’

      d) OOC – Out Of Character – lots of debate over OOC behaviour on the show I would guess, lots of feeling that sarah acted OOC most of the shaw arc

      e) WTF – slang for a swear word at the end, “What the F@ck” – alot like what I am describing confuses me, hence WTF

      hope that helps

      yep – I like the upside down part of chuck and sarah, just seemed to come out of nowhere vs 3.14 (and 3.13) from my perspective, but has been pretty consistent with Season 1 and 2, that was some of my confusion, did chuck become the hero or not? wasn’t he the one who went rogue and showed up in the waiter’s uniform when paralyzed sarah had noone in the world who cared for her, just seemed like quick to go from “my chuck, the hero who saved me” to 3.15? Hence my point about the consistency of the writing vs the story we are getting told?

      • odysszeuss says:

        thx Jason, that really helps a lot.

        Chuck is a caring Character. Raised by his sister. gentle, perhaps a bit girlish. Sarah is the opposite. superficial Sarah is the dominant. BUT we’ve seen Chuck being the the wise one, he let her be. Especially in Relationship things. He has the last word. Sarah discussed harsh about the weapons in the couch thing, but she removed them clandestine. He is a kind of a horse whisperer for Sarah. (meanwhile)He knows exactly how to handle her.

        Chucks growing in Season 3 was about becoming a spy and knowing what he wants.

        Al these bickering fights at least are won by chuck. even the:‘you’re not going to ask me to move in again’ Scene was won by chuck being the one who smiles and having the last word.
        having the last word is the powerful stuff, i thing. being the one withe the louder noise isn’t relevant.

        So, Jason, Yes your right, Sarah seems to be the dominant one, but removing the guns she accepts his authority being the real partnership leader.

        I hope i made my point understandable clear?!?

      • odysszeuss says:

        AND i think the changing writer crews are a problem espcially with all these plot holes. but see my post above. i don’t think they are OOC. One think is the Hero professional life. the other is their personal Life.

        To the contrary, isn’t it a kind of sweet, that Sarah Walker wants to win a figth in a relationship issue. At first in the apartment, again in a low voice at the mansion and at least she set up a white flag…

        For me it was pure fun to watch…

      • jason says:


        thx for the input, I think I was sort of on meltdown over the ‘drama’ talk on the boards the last few days. if fans want drama, chuck has to be written better, with more connected scripts, with more consistent characters, and that TELL A STORY. A quick thing, beckman at the end on the turners retirement … why not have beckman turn to chuck and sarah and say, “Agent walker, agent bartowski – are you ready to take their place as the agency’s top spy couple” Then we told a story of how chuck and sarah became the agencies top spy couple, why, because the script told us? A further and even better script point, if then the camera pans to beckman’s office, and she talks to some unrecognizable figure (a future villan, or her boss, or her assistnat) and says – :thank goodness that mission worked, those damned turners were going to get themselves killed if they went on another mission alone, and Team B is finally stepping up” Then beckman, rather than always being wrong about everything and everyone, would actually look credible & smart, such that a dramatic story could be written around her orders in the future – does any good happen in the series without team b going rogue?

      • odysszeuss says:


        i enjoy this, thx for the distraction.

        i have to admit i thougth about that hours and hours, too. And i made myself a theory withwhom i can life. You’ve seen the deleted scenes: ???

        You nearly can see the struggle of TBFB of their 2 opposite directions of telling the story:

        a) a complete story (like you said)
        or b) an incomplete open end(‘s) story(‘s)

        They decided b).

        They obvious know exactly what they do. AND it seems to be a stroke of genius. With that open end(‘s) strategies we all have millions of opinions and issues to discuss. That’s pure fun. Kind of a playground for (intellectual) nerds.

        They want us to discuss these open end(‘s)…

        It’s part of the whole Chuck success.

        The Show is absolutely underrated. Every friend of mine meanwhile is a Chuck fan…
        But that dos not count in USA…

  37. odysszeuss says:

    AND (I’m quoting my own quote, kind of wired. but a) we kinky Germans can do that and b) my lunch break is nearly over and you all are on your way to work 😉

    Jason your wondering about the issue
    “just seemed to come out of nowhere 3.13/3.14 vs. 3.15”

    to my quotes above i want to ad:
    that seems to me the difference of the process of becoming lovers (3×13&3×14) and being in a the relationship 3×15. Sometimes your annoyed of your partner. who isn’t? i hope my wife isn’t reading this 😉

    • odysszeuss says:

      wrong place… AGAIN
      where ist the edit button, joe???

      Joe, you need a kinky german quotes spam filter, i think…

      • joe says:

        Sorry, Odysszeuss. WordPress only gives edit capabilities to self-appointed “blog-gods” like me! 😉

        As for filtering kinky german quotes, naw! We enjoy them too much! (double 😉 )

  38. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    Great stuff folks – Just wanted to add – that I think this particular EP seemed to be chopped and reworked – maybe more than once… More than a few things seemed outta sorts. The rumored bathtub scene? … Ellie and Awesome in Africa for about 10 min?… Casey groping with his lady feelings – or depressed?
    Also there were some other instances where it seemed that we were going to set up a good joke – or one-liner that didn’t happen…
    Still it was a good transition EP from the Relationship EP’s – into the more dramatic final stories. I’d prefer a steady diet of this – as opposed to the angst/agony from earlier this season.

    Regarding the ratings – NHL and NBA playoffs… MLB back in full swing too – plus all the outdoor little league sports… just too much viewing competition I suspect 😦

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