Speculation please-Chuck vs. The Tooth

Ok gang, I still can’t smiling from last night’s episode.  I’ve had so much fun speculating with you guys that I wanted to start another prediction thread.

CHUCK THE SPY NEEDS A THERAPIST – CHRISTOPHER LLOYD (“BACK TO THE FUTURE”) GUEST STARS – Chuck (Zachary Levi) struggles with disturbing dreams and now he believes his most recent dream predicts danger for a visiting head of state. General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy), however, is unconvinced and assigns Chuck to meet with a CIA psychiatrist Dr. Leo Dreyfus (guest star Christopher Lloyd). Meanwhile, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) gets surprising news and Anna (guest star Julia Ling) returns to the Buy More to talk to Morgan (Joshua Gomez). Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Ryan McPartlin, Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay also star.

Have fun!



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My name is Amy and I'm in the active Army as my profession. I love the show Chuck and want to see it succeed for many seasons to come. My twitter handle is amyabn.
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  1. Crumby says:

    I’m hoping for a bonding moment between Morgan and Sarah, the two of them being home without Chuck.

    • joe says:

      If it’s anywhere near as good as the bonding moments we’ve seen (Ellie & Morgan in S1, Casey & Chuck in S2, Morgan & Casey in S3, Jeff and the world in Tom Sawyer…) it’ll be great!

    • Crumby says:

      I also would like to see some Casey-Sarah partnership while Chuck is “hospitalized”. With the whole Shaw arc, and now CS together, I miss some of their moments. They well included it in Honermooners though.

  2. Mclovin says:

    Morgan manages to get his hands on another delorean. Then ol doc brown can take chuck back to the the beginning of season 3 so it can be redone without all of that angst stuff and stuff which lost so many viewers. That would be cool but improbable.

    • Cheri says:

      Mclovin: I’m McLovin your idea big time! Get rid of that cardboard cutout named SHAW and have Charah from the very BEGINNING of the season! I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter!!

  3. Crumby says:

    At the end of Role Models Justin said to Ellie “there are plenty of ways you can help back home.”
    The Ring is after Ellie or at least there is something they want from her.

    • Crumby says:

      What if the Ring convinced her to work for them letting her think she’s working for a good cause. She would have to hide it from everyone. And at some point Team B will discover Ellie’s working for them.

  4. Ernie Davis says:

    Let’s see, the return of Anna Wu, Morgan and Casey at a concert, Morgan in a tux, Chuck flipping out, throwing lead (and knocking out someone’s tooth), and Sarah getting emotional over Chuck and his safety… No, not looking forward to this one at all… 🙂

    I wonder if for an episode or so Chuck is off active duty, like for the return of Orion? Could that be why Chuck needs Morgan for a mission?

    • BDaddyDL says:

      that is a nice catch, i was worried about Chuck doing side missions without Sarah, but that would make it plausible.

  5. amyabn says:

    Haven’t wrapped my head around the Ellie/Awesome angle yet. Seems Devon is going to make a speedy recovery. They could parallel Ellie and Sarah worried about their men.

    they about hit us over the head will all the marriage references in the last two eps, so I do agree with those who have speculated that Morgan is on a mission to get an engagement ring.

    Wondering if Doc Brown is another Dr. Sarnow-a bad guy. I do think they will resolve Chucks mental issues quickly, only becasue PapaB returns and finds out that Chuck reintersected. I think that would be obvious if he were still having health issues. I would like to see the mantel of intersect knowledge (about it, not the intel) be passed to Ellie. More later, am at work and should be working! 🙂

    • Hans says:

      Now that you mention it, considering TPTB want to wrap everything up (for now!!! knock on wood! 😛 ) by the end of season 3 in case there is no season 4 (bash on wood with a sledgehammer! wait- knock on wood means please don’t make said thing happen, right?)…and considering a marriage would be something they’d have to throw in the mix because of all the references and C&S dreaming away about it for a moment in Honeymooners when Chuck says “Mrs Charles…” whilst putting the ring on her finger…
      all that puts a whole ‘nother spin on “Chuck versus The Ring (pt 2)” methinks 😀 😛

      • atcdave says:

        Except I think that’s what we’re supposed to think. Part 1 of “The Ring” was mainly a wedding. I’m betting it won’t be an exact parallel for S3; and engagement is the most I would bet on. (with my track record, the smart money is elsewhere!)

      • Hans says:

        Haha, yeah I just remembered that as well. A parallel would be too predictable. An engagement could set up a nice starting point for s4. But there would of course be *some* kind of parallel since Bakula is back (presumably for the finale?) as well.
        I dunno. Just firing spit-balls 😀

      • atcdave says:

        I know I really WANT to think Orion will be around for his son’s wedding, but I bet it won’t work that way.

  6. Merve says:

    Remember: no matter how much “Tooth” sucks, it’s going to include Ellie whacking Casey in the face with a frying pan. I’ve marked this glorious event on my calendar. In fact, I’ll go as far as to predict that that scene is going become the Chuck fandom’s new favourite animated gif.

  7. joe says:

    Hum… I’m home early (Scheduled Drs. Appt in a bit), so I’m going to speculate free for awhile.

    Here’s what I’d like to see. Ellie saving Devon from malaria. Stephen & Ellie together saving Chuck from the effects of the intersect. Casey saving Morgan, who saves Anna. Sarah saving Ellie from the ring-guy. Morgan succeeding in his first mission (the ring), thereby saving Chuck & Sarah. Chuck waking up to everyone around his hospital bed, in a ring, of course.

    Somewhere in this mess, Ellie discovers that Casey is indeed, not a bad guy, because Morgan and Sarah and Devon and Stephen tell her Chuck’s secret.

    Hey! I think that’s how I’d like to see the last 4 episodes go!

  8. Rick Holy says:

    1.9 rating for “vs. The Role Models.” Not good news – at all. Yes, other shows were down, too. But they’re not “on the bubble” like we are.

    Here’s something I’d like to throw out at you all – and I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way to the actors/actresses that have guest starred on CHUCK this season.

    I know Schwartz and Fedak have a thing for “the 80’s,” but truthfully, when you bring in guest stars, going back to the 80’s isn’t going to help you in the younger demo which is what really counts in the ratings and renewal game.

    Again, nothing against these people personally, but you’d hope that guest stars would help you draw in more of an audience – and our guest stars this season really haven’t.

    Basically, we’re resurrecting a bunch of relics. Somebody help me out here. Armand Asante? Yes, great actor, but no one is going to tune into CHUCK who already otherwise would be tuning in in order to see Mr. Asante? Robert Patrick? Sure, he was great in the Terminator – TWENTY PLUS YEARS AGO – and he played Johnny Cash’s father in “Walk the Line,” but who’s going to tune into CHUCK just to see him? Keep going down the list – Fred Willard and Swoozie Kurtz? Again, probably nice folks, but way past their prime in terms of being able to draw in the much younger and highly sought after age group demo.

    So who’s up next. Christopher Lloyd! Would be “awesome,” if this was 1986 and “Back to the Future” was something relevant to today. In 2010, he’s basically just another actor whose better days are in the past.

    Brandon Routh and Kristin Kreuk? Yes, they’re younger, but not exactly big draws (and I’m saying this as a huge K.K. fan).

    There must be no $$ in the vault to attract some of the younger, “hipper” people as guest stars who might help bring in more of the 18-34 or 18-49 age group.

    If by some miracle we DO survive to a season 4 – and I’m (sadly) becoming less optimistic by the week – who are we going to go after next season when it comes to guest stars? If we’re going to repeat the same pattern, then just go with “no names” to fill those roles, and save yourself some money that can be put into other areas of the show – because these guest stars aren’t helping draw in more viewers.

    Again, nothing against these people personally. But TV is a business, and I’m not seeing bringing in “past-their-primes” as guest stars as helpful.

    Even Jeffster. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it ALWAYS 80s music?? Sure, Jeff is old. But Lester certainly isn’t. And as much as I love RUSH and JOURNEY and TOTO, that’s not appealing to the younger demo group that will determine whether this show survives or not.

    Just throwing that out to see what you think. I’m just not banking on the appearance of Christopher Lloyd doing anything to help things ratings wise.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed, but less hopeful than I was Monday morning.

    • atcdave says:

      Sorry Rick you’re wrong! “Leaving on a Jet Plane” is 60s music. And I seem to remember watching Hart ot Hart in high school, which would make it 70s. Yeah I know, I’m not helping any…

      • Rick Holy says:

        @atcdave. Whatever. The point is whether it’s 80’s or 70’s or 60’s, it “aint appealing” to the younger coveted demo. Show promos with Jeffster singing something that’s popular TODAY (I don’t know what is since I don’t really listen to the radio). Try to get a guest star who someone between the age of 18-25 doesn’t think is their grandma or grandpa – and put THAT person in the promos! Trust me, friend. The promo for next week with a 90-year old looking Christopher Lloyd isn’t going to attract ANYBODY in the coveted demo – unless you dress him up like Freddy Krueger!

      • JC says:

        I don’t know the target audience of this show seems to be people who grew up during the 80’s. Bringing in Doc Brown and Fletch works in that regard.

        We just may have to face facts that sometimes great shows never catch on. Its happened before and it’ll happen again.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        In theory I think you have a point Fr. Rick. But I also see the “fogies” in DSWTS and they aren’t nearly as relevant today as you’d think either. In fact most of those names I don’t recognize, while in Chuck I do.

      • atcdave says:

        Sorry Rick, I was just messing with you; I think the point is valid, the “pop” culture they appeal to is out of date. That may be reflected in the rather advanced average age of posters here. The 80s (and older) refernces they use appeal to fans our age, but sadly we don’t count as highly desired by advertisers anymore. I know plenty of younger viewers who like the show too, I think the gaming and alternative music references appeal more to them. I just fear the show may be too clever to ever achieve larger market breakthrough. I have one co-worker who loves the show, but his wife will not pass on Dancing with has-beens, so he looses.

        Between a tough slot, and TPTB attempt at self-destruction this season, our audience seems stuck where it is.

      • kg says:

        Leaving on a Jet Plane was Peter, Paul and Mary circa 1969. The song is a classic and fit the mood at the time. Well done by Jeff and Lester, I might add. If the younger folk don’t appreciate it, that is their problem.

        Rick, your heart is always in a good place, but I don’t want to depend upon 18-24 year-olds to save the show. And it shouldn’t come down to them.

        The Ratings System is a sham. Really, just how accurate is it anyway? And after Monday nights, how many of us re-watch on the internet multiple times? Each viewing is equipped with commercials seen by many people. These viewings are never factored in.

        The show is a quality show. It has a very strong, loyal and vociferous fan base, which kicks ass in blogs and boards like this, the folks buy foot-longs on Monday nights and we bury the opposition in every competitive poll imaginable.

        But these drones are slaves to the almighty, archaic Nielson ratings. I just don’t know what more we can do. The network and advertisers just don’t seem to see the big picture.

        Hart to Hart lasted five years from 1979 to 1984. I was 13 it’s first year. I liked the show, the actors and characters, but by no means was it ever as good as Chuck. So, in comparison, Chuck deserves AT LEAST two more seasons.

        And remember, Hart to Hart was a Spelling production. That might explain why it got five years.

      • atcdave says:

        Leaving on a Jet Plane was actually written by John Denver in 1966, the Peter, Paul, and Mary recording is only the most famous.

        I guess Hart to Hart ran later than I remembered; it was pure fluff. Light fun for the after dinner hour. Many modern shows are objectively “better”; but I miss the more warm hearted and optimistic tone.

    • cas says:

      Although I share some of your frustrations, I don’t really think guest appearences will play that big of a role in bringing in new audiences at this particular point. The fact of the matter if House,DWTS,HIMYM, and even OTH have their very own LOYAL fan base especially since they have ran longer so even they see something they like, Chuck will still just be 2nd to their show. I really beleive that what NBC needs to do is to move chuck to a different time slot and only then will chuck get the amount of audience that they really deserve. Alot of people know and are somewhat intrigued about Chuck but they’re just not willing to drop their current programs for it so they won’t even give it a try.

      • Rick Holy says:

        Agreed. If they DO bring CHUCK back for an S4, to keep it in the same time slot would essentially be saying, “We surrender!” We’ve got a show that can average a 2.0 and we’ll take that as the best we can do.

        To me a ballsey move would be to move your popular programming – like “Biggest Loser” – to Monday nights and just see how it would do against the tough competition.

        NBC has to be willing to take some risks here. Whether another shot with Chuck at on a different night is part of that risk remains to be seen. But to continue on the same course isn’t going to change things much, if any.

      • cas says:

        If you ask me, NBC is just like Buymore and Chuck is well, just like Chuck. He has so much more potential than just being a Buymore employee

      • kg says:


        Thanks for the correction. Denver was great. I didn’t know that he wrote it and PPM covered it.

        You are probably a few years older than me.

      • Rick Holy says:

        I miss John Denver! Along with Jim Croce and Harry Chapin, all great singer/songwriters that left us far too soon.

        Hopefully I won’t be saying the same about CHUCK a week or two from now!!

        Thanks, all, for your feedback!

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        There’s still Carole King 🙂 I like her.

      • joe says:

        Fr. Rick – Just had to point out that, in my college days, I dated a girl who was a major John Denver fan, and I did a mean Jim Croce impersonation (at Villanova, no less – his Alma Mater).

        Chapin, was enjoyed by all in those days.

        What we couldn’t to with an acoustic guitar wasn’t worth doin’! 😉

  9. Crumby says:

    I’m kind of excited by Ellie being really included in the story. I hope this is good.

    First, the neurology fellowship thing.
    Then, the fact that they gave her a year off “without even asking”.
    And now the Ring being in Africa with them.

    I like it.

    Orion’s return may not even be related to Chuck in the first place.

  10. herder says:

    My theory, and I think that I’ve posted it in other places here is that the dreams are the intersect working but in a different way. The intersect was supposed to mine data and come up with connections between intelligence from different agencies and connect them. Sort of what happened in the pilot.

    In the pilot Chuck realizes that someone is going to kill the general who was giving the speach by connecting bits of info from different places. Maybe the intersect is now working through his dreams rather than by flashing. Maybe it works through dreams when it is more speculative than hard conclusions which would warrant a flash.

    If you’ve got sick Awesome and sick Chuck, that could be a bonding moment for Sarah and Ellie. I do think this is the episode where Sarah says out loud that she loves Chuck, whether she says it to Chuck or to someone else (Ellie, Casey, Awesome), I’m not so sure. Anna’s back, Morgan should be getting excited so I think that this must be the episode that he gets tranq’d, after all he couldn’t go the whole season without that happening could he.

    Speaking of Anna, why is she returning, to confront Morgan, to return to the Buy More, to consumate the long simmering passion for Lester? She was always funny so she should be a good return.

    Finally Doc Brown, if the General is recommending him, that alone may be enough for Chuck to go running in the opposite direction. “Shaw is a consumate professional which you are not” “you can learn alot from the Turners”, now she is saying “I know a Doctor who can help you – no thanks.

    • Chuck604 says:

      General Beckman’s track record of personnel recommendations has been really poor this season to say the least. If I was any member of team B, especially Chuck I would be wary.

    • weaselone says:

      The general’s assessment is also that the Intersect is taking control of Chuck, a possibility suggested by many fans. I’ve always considered Chuck’s relationship with the Intersect more symbiotic, even if occasionally the signals get crossed. In other words, when Chuck flashes it’s not just the Intersect, but also Chuck that’s making connections. The Intersect responds to Chuck’s emotions and desires in some cases overreacting to deeper more primitive impulses as opposed to Chuck’s intellect. On some level, Chuck wanted to kill Emmet and kick Lester and the Intersect dutifully provided the capabilities and reinforced the drive.

      Chuck’s dreams are probably an interaction between his subconscious mind and the intersect, forging connections and reaching conclusions as he sleeps. My impression is that Chuck takes stock in what these dreams show him and at some level wants to act on the intel they provide. Chuck may not be in complete control when he acts on these dreams, but he is complicit in these actions at some level. He seems more concerned with being thought crazy than the actions he’s taken.

      • Chuck604 says:

        Yeah weasel I was thinking along the same wavelength. On some primitive basic level there is a symbiotic relationship between Chuck and the intersect.

        I was speculating the dream sequences he is having is maybe an evolution of the intersect taking on a more proactive role, rather than waiting for outside stimuli to trigger a flash. Though that would be a little bit startling, but like you said part of it may have of the intersect’s transformation may be influenced by Chuck’s principles and emotions.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Or it could be Chuck influencing the intersect. We know he’s a worrier and a thinker and intersected to help people and prevent tragedies. In the brain of Bryce or a traditional spy it might have just been a source of intel and skills, with Chuck, who has a very special brain, it might be something different. After all, they never anticipated his emotional state influencing his ability to flash on skills.

      • BDaddyDL says:

        the ring may give him something threw awesome which messes with the intersect.

      • weaselone says:

        People have been speculating all season that there is something wrong with the Intersect, that it is some way damaging Chuck, or that it will in some way be damaged. I remember after the flash band in American hero there were several posters suggesting that the flash bang had hurt the Intersect.

        It may very well be that the Intersect is having a negative impact on Chuck and that it seizes control (although I think this has more to do with Chuck’s emotions and their impact on the Intersect than vice versa). Chuck’s father may very well be needed to help put a stop to these dreams which although accurate are slowly draining Chuck by depriving him of restful sleep.

        I do suspect that Chuck’s dreams will be proven ultimately to be accurate, although their true meaning may be buried in symbolism.

        As for whether Chuck tries to hide the dreams from Sarah. He’s already told her about vivid dreams during final exam and he wakes up from the dream in the promo while resting on her lap. Even if he hides it hear, it’s seems that he either spills that he’s having these dreams or he is suspected of being crazy within the first half of the episode. Sarah isn’t left in the dark long, if at all.

        I think a lot of the speculation that Chuck is keeping things secret from her stems from the 3.17 synopsis, although I strongly suspect that Morgan’s mission may not be directly connected to Chuck’s dream as is implied or else that Chuck has a good reason from keeping Sarah out of the loop temporarily.

  11. Mclovin says:

    Agree with you rick holy about maybe trying to get some young blood guest stars in there to attract the younger viewers out there to watch. Recently gossip girl started airing it’s first season in our country, and it’s main character blair waldorf’s main aim seems to be to sleep around, betray, lie, deceive and manipulate for well fun. That seems to be the premise of the show. Now no disrespect to any of you who watch gg at all. But if this is what sells to the younger audience it is quite a sad state of affairs, which brings me to my point that how did a show like this get renewed for another season when chuck which is light hearted, has humour, romance, action and a good story renewal is up in the air or on the bubble is bewildering. just a thought. Peace!

    • herder says:

      Gossip Girl gets renewed because it has a ridiculously high rating for teenage girls, despite poor ratings overall. Advertisers can target ads to teenage girls, so they pay more than the ratings would otherwise justify and the show makes money for the network.

  12. Casey'sgirl says:

    I don’t get why people are saying The Tooth is going to s*** Judging from what I’ve heard and what I’ve seen from the promo, I think it’ll top this last episode which wasn’t the best I’ll agree to that, Casey and Morgan were the saviors of the hour for me. Next week looks the stakes will be raised and the tensions between Team B and the Ring is going to bring on their A game till the finale.

    And what’s this about the oldie actors who have come to guest star? Granted some folks might find them dated, but there are those like myself who haven’t even seen the stuff they were in several years ago. I do find them enjoyable on Chuck now.

    • atcdave says:

      I don’t think many of us are saying The Tooth will be bad; it just looks more dramatic, and less silly/fun that what we’ve had the last two weeks. Many of us prefer the slightly sillier tone, but I’m all for something with more gravitas as long as its well written, and serves the characters we know and love in a respectful way.

      • kg says:

        Yeah Dave

        Believe it or not, I’m looking forward to the return of some drama and angst. It should be OK.

        Chuck and Sarah are inevitably together and undoubtedly able to handle what comes their way.

        No matter what they come up with, it can’t be any worse than the Shaw episodes which we got through.

        Sarah has a type. Chuck has proven countless times to fit the heroic descrption. He’s also honest, loving, caring, loyal, sweet and dependable. He’s not a killer. He’s not wired that way. He’s still her Chuck, right?

        Because of who they are and what they do, they’ll have obstacles and hurdles to overcome, but as long as they are true to each other, they’ll be great as far as I’m concerned.

      • atcdave says:

        Great comments KG, couldn’t agree more.

      • JC says:

        Just her line from the promo is telling. “I need him to be ok.” That pulls on the old heart strings.

      • John says:

        I don’t mind drama and angst at all so long as it doesn’t do damage to the characters. That was the problem with it earlier in season 3, heck without drama the show would just be a sit com.

  13. odysszeuss says:

    since ChuckNewbie8 mentioned http://www.nbc.com/chuck/exclusives/morgans-roommate-rules/#rules

    i have to copy and paste rule #19:

    Rule #19:

    Clothing should be worn at all times. A lot of clothing. Yes, this goes completely against my personal “hot woman” philosophy of women being as naked as possible, but in the case of Sarah Walker, less is not more. Less is painful. Horribly, horribly painful. I realize that most of America, along with parts of Europe and Australia and sections of Mars, might violently disagree, but do they have to idly stand three feet away from Sarah on a day-to-day basis? I think not.

    My “Speculation”: I think it’s necessary to start all the next chuck episodes with a morgan/sarah moment like 3×15 and this rule has to be broken every time 😉

    i know, it’s not really a speculation. I’m not good at this, but know I’m a fellow-up comments via email 😉

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      LOL yeah that was great.

      #10 was about bromance time. I thought that was sweet 🙂

      But the Carina one takes the cake…invite her over and over and over.

    • odysszeuss says:

      off topic…

      some pics from zac http://bit.ly/9ER05r on his europe trip, actual in spain, madrid.

      madrid berlin sind ja nur 1.900km. also sozusagen gleich um die ecke 😉

  14. Ernie Davis says:

    Well since we’re speculating I went through the promo, while not frame by frame (the one I have is flash) carefully. The scene where Chuck has a gun in each hand and is firing them both is in the courtyard, and Chuck is in his pajamas I think. This reinforces the sleep flash theory. He also flashes on both a tiger and a hummingbird. Hummingbird is Sarah’s trigger from back in the pilot. If he thinks he’s protecting Sarah and shoots up the courtyard, who might stop it? Casey, agent tranq’enstein himself. What might Ellie see through Casey’s slightly ajar door? Perhaps a few smoking guns that Casey took while Sarah got Chuck back to his apartment before Ellie went to investigate the racket outside? We see Chuck deliver a punch and then look for a tooth he knocked out of the victim, I think, so that explains why this is vs. the Tooth. Thoughts?

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      Good breakdown without the frame by frame anyway Ernie.

      I have some thoughts…

      1. I assume that that scene where they’re watching TV predates the one where Chuck wakes up in fright. He probably fell asleep and had a nightmare…I’m assuming the nightmare is him outside shooting with the 2 guns (not quite convinced that happens for real, sorry. But if there were someone to stop him it would be Sarah just like in Tic-Tac when he’s gone loco with the pill).

      2. I’m going to lean towards drugs. Guns work too but considering Chuck’s previous implications about Casey’s substance abuse problem drugs just might push her over the edge. This definitely blows a hole in the shippers of Casey+Ellie. Apparently they exist lol.

      3. That was definitely the tooth. I wonder what it has to do with anything.

      4. It looks like they’re injecting him with some green stuff. I’m wondering if it actually happens or will it be stopped before hand? It seems like Sarah goes to visit him at the facility (what with the very heartwarming, “I need him to be ok”) but I’m pessimistic on whether the real dark stuff can be stopped before hand. Also what is that stuff? What does it do? I can tell you from experience having precept/interned at in patient care mental facility the “cocktail” injection is never green lol. But then again it doesn’t look like sodium penthatol either which if I’m not mistaken is clear.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        All good thoughts. The only reason I went with Chuck really shooting the guns was the tiger and hummingbird images superimposed, apparently in a flash. If you think about it, it would take a lot for Sarah and Casey to turn Chuck over to CIA shrinks, so clearly the “tooth” incident would need to be a culmination of a series of events, the last causing major problems by involving a diplomat who, perhaps, they were supposed to protect?

        Of course if his dreams are strange and incredibly vivid I look for the ultimate head fake. Who’s to say he really does go to a mental hospital?

      • Aardvark7734 says:

        The green stuff, hmm. Maybe it’s…

        Nah, probably not. 😉

  15. herder says:

    I really like the “…I need him to be ok…” bit, not only for the dramatic possibilities, but for the growth of Sarah’s character. She has always been about the job, if she spoke of need in the past “I need you to trust me” it was in terms of the mission or the job. As time went by she realizes that she wants a normal life, that she wants Chuck, now she realizes that not only does she want him but she needs him. Not only is he important to her but he is necessary to her. A Sarah who realized that she needed Chuck would never have stood by and let Hannah take him away, would never have settled for Shaw.

    Over the past two shows Sarah has realized that she can step up and claim what she wants, a spy life with Chuck and a “normal life” with him for after that spy life is over. Now she faces the idea that he might not be there for her plans and it forces her to speak, more growth and I like it.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      I really like this^.

      In essence it would cement her emotional awakening or as Chuck puts it, “someday you’re gonna turn into a real girl.” And it does it in a way that doesn’t make me hurt/angry/confused like the early part of the season did.

      • Paul says:

        Sarah said quite up front in 3.14 “I can’t go back to the way it was before…before this. Before you”. She’s awakened and she’s now out of the box. And she refuses to get stuffed back in.

    • jason says:

      I am hoping for some ellie – sarah moment – since we may only have 4 eps left, running out of time – one of the last best chances is in 3.16 when chuck is sick – maybe ellie seeing how distraught sarah is – an OMG you really do love chuck moment for ellie comforting sarah

  16. Merve says:

    I finally watched the promo and it looks to me to be a whole bunch of wacky scenes with some dramatic music that makes them look more serious than they actually are (aside from Sarah’s “I need him to be okay.”) Maybe I’m crazy, but I think that “Tooth” is going to be hilarious.

    Also, I think I’m the only person in the entire Chuck fandom who thinks that a Sarah/Ellie scene wouldn’t be some epic heartwarming moment. The few scenes they’ve had together have been really awkward, which is what makes them hilarious, so I’m not complaining. I just don’t see how that translates into heartwarming.

    And now for crazy speculation!
    – Anna is either pregnant or a spy. I haven’t settled on which one.
    – Ellie finds out about Casey’s NSA job, but she doesn’t find out about Chuck, Sarah, or Morgan.
    – Devon is cured relatively quickly and finds out that he’s been poisoned, but he doesn’t tell Ellie because he doesn’t want to worry her with spy stuff.
    – Sarah completely trusts Chuck about the dreams, but Chuck pretends to be cured at the end of the episode and doesn’t tell Sarah that the dreams haven’t stopped.
    – Dr. Dreyfus isn’t evil. Come on, not every guest star has to play a villain!
    – Jeff and Lester hit on Anna, but Anna only has eyes for Morgan. (Besides, she can do better than those two creeps.)
    – Sarah sheds a few tears and gives a lot of longing looks. Chuck fans say yet again that she deserves an Emmy.
    – Justin eats up more screen time by being both evil and wooden. Seriously, is he reincarnated RoboShaw or something? I keep half-expecting Cyborg-Routh to burst out of Scott Holroyd’s skin.
    Okay, the last couple of points weren’t so serious, but I’m truly excited for next Monday (as always).

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Merve, I agree with you about Sarah “bonding” moments. So far it has been Chuck and only Chuck. OK, maybe sort of kind of Casey, but that one is still mostly professional rather than personal. She seems willing to tolerate Morgan and seems respectful of Ellie and Awesome, but she really hasn’t formed any real friendships other than Chuck. This is an interesting area for character growth, but like you I want to get a few more laughs out of it before they make Sarah and Ellie friends for real.

      As someone (I think Weaselone) pointed out he wakes up from one of his vivid nightmares with his head in Sarah’s lap. I don’t think he’s going to be able to keep that a secret for too long. My guess is that she’ll notice he isn’t sleeping well and ask him about it after the waking up screaming. He’ll try to allay her fears as nothing to be overly concerned about, and that will be the limit of his “deception”. Sarah may go behind his back to Beckman with her concerns. There could be some drama, but I agree, even the “dark” episodes this season had some great comedic moments.

      • weaselone says:

        Sarah still has serious agency problems. To a large extent she doesn’t exist as her own character with her own independent set of desires and goals. The only two we know of are have a relationship with Chuck and be a spy. Those are pretty much cop outs. Chuck wants the relationship. The intelligence community wants her to be a spy. Sarah apparently wants what everyone else wants.

        How about Sarah wanting something else, like a relationship with Ellie and maybe sort of interest that she needs to drag Chuck along with kicking and screaming? Then she would have some actual agency.

      • Merve says:

        @Ernie: That makes a lot more sense for how Chuck and Sarah are going to deal with the dreams. I don’t think that Chuck and Sarah would be able to keep secrets from each other for long anyway, now that I think of it.

        @weaselone: If what Sarah wants for herself just happens to be what everyone else wants for her, I’m not so sure that that is an indication of a lack of agency. But I would like to see her actually seize what she wants instead of letting herself fall into it. She’s done the latter for most of the series. Her actions in “Other Guy,” when she finally just went for it with Chuck, were a huge step for her, and it would be nice to see her continue to take such strides.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Weaselone, Well I sort of agree. Yvonne has played Sarah as a woman with a lot going on inside under the surface, I’d say rather successfully. The problem you rightly point out is that all we’ve seen is a desire for something more real and normal in her life, and her finding it through Chuck. In most respects this would make her just the girlfriend character and little more, but I think they’ve used Yvonne’s abilities to flesh her out into a more complex character. But now that you mention it this could be part of the PLI problem this season. They never bothered to explain why it was that Sarah wanted something, anything, either in or out of the spy life. Add to that the complete lack of depth in the Shaw character, other than wanting revenge for his wife’s death, and you had two people who you had no idea who they were, what they wanted, or why they would choose each other. In season 2 Sarah had a purpose and desires through Chuck. Her desire to protect him and help him grow, and with no “real” relationship possible it was enough to see her as closed off and complex, but clearly finding something she wanted through Chuck. Now, as you rightly point out, they need to start having some of that internal life come out. I think that’s what they really started to do with Honeymooners.

        You could also argue that Sarah really hasn’t ever had her own life or desires or goals, she’s just fit in and played whatever role the situation required until she met Chuck and started to see that maybe she could define what she wanted and actually achieve it. That would fit with her reluctance to ever open up, until she saw that in Other Guy Chuck was hers for the asking, all she had to say was yes. And when she didn’t she saw him slipping away before her eyes, and then when she did, the sky didn’t fall. In that case she’s on a bit of a learning curve here.

      • jason says:

        3.14 / 3.15 have allowed me to see more clearly sarah’s interest in shaw. (I’m the one who if given the power would call a nuclear strike on shaw’s grave, after testing the theory that all matter disolves when exposed to 1,000,000 volts of electricy for 6 straight weeks) – yet I see why now.

        sarah’s interest in shaw, quite simply, she wanted to be a spy for the rest of her life, that was most easily accomplished with daniel shaw.

        She told us so in 14 in several ways, then in 15 again, with the ‘this is how I deal with stress’ as she cocked her gun and got ready to deal with the ‘turners’

        so when wondering if she will ever drag chuck to some ballroom dance or knitting class or book of the month club – no – chuck already took up her #1 hobby

        Why shaw and not chuck?

        The conundrum of S3.1 thru 3.13 was simply speaking, sarah’s willingness to give up what she wanted to be with chuck (prague train station), and chuck’s unwillingness to let her do so – “three little words” chuck explains it, then sarah’s unwillingness to let chuck become a spy and go along with her to her ‘way of dealing with stress’ (probably the weakest of the three logic points required to understand season 3)

        Was the red test the only reason for sarah not wanting chuck to be a spy? Or was it everything about being a spy or was it something else? Be nice to know – doubt we ever will –

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Jason, interesting post. I agree with a lot. As early as S1 in Crown Vic I think Sarah makes clear her job is her life, the one thing she’s good at. But then why isn’t Sarah Walker another Carina? Well Carina seems to be in it for the thrills. Sarah, it seems to me, got a sense of purpose out of applying a lifetime of skills for deception and a lifestyle she was familiar with in a new way. Perhaps out of a sense of needing redemption for her early life as, if not criminal due to her age, clearly complicit in using people for her own ends. In the case of spying she served something bigger than herself. So when did she discover this side of herself? Perhaps we can assume Bryce may have had something to do with it. Bryce gave up his best friend to protect him, so we know he’s capable of self sacrifice and, like Chuck, cares about helping people. Did Sarah catch a bad case of empathy from Bryce? How did her time as Chuck’s protector change her? Was it seeing Chuck straddle two worlds, somewhat successfully, that made her think there was a chance for more? Was it just Chuck, plain and simple. When it appeared to come down to a choice in 3.14 that’s what it seems wins. So Shaw, yes, I also saw him as some sort of reversion to spy-life relationships, but frankly, she was better off with Bryce or Cole. And exactly what was it that Washington and a job with Shaw was going to give her other than a permanent residence and a boring guy on her arm. It seems she wasn’t going to be a field agent anymore, though that is left ambiguous. So I agree to an extent, but as you say, we may never know some of it.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Sometimes when you meet someone it opens your eyes to possibilities you never imagined. What she learned and learned to desire with Chuck is a relationship uncomplicated by deception. A true “real” relationship. One that is more than just a one-to-one existence but more of a commune, a family and the outreach of caring that comes with that.

        I question whether she ever desired that or even considered it pre-Chuck. She said it herself: “you know how I grew up, I’ve been trained to deal with any and all situations, names, identities. No one ever taught me how to live a normal life.” I gathered from this mention of normal that it was less about the soccer mom-girlfriend who does laundry and more about emotions and the openness and communication that is necessary for that relationship. Just by saying that^ she’s shown she has what she doubts from herself.

        Let’s face it. There’s an allure to espionage. A bursting sexual undertone to every mission and adrenaline. But there aren’t a lot of real love emotions involved. Whatever she had with Bryce or Shaw fits with that life and no more. It’s a surface/shallow connection. In a lot of ways it’s comportably secondary to the job. It’s effortless. What she has with Chuck isn’t even close to that.

        As for the spy life. “You’re the one that taught me that being a spy is more than just what you want for yourself. You taught me that. I chose to be a spy for my friends, my family and you. I chose to be a spy because Sarah, I love you.” The latter I’m assuming is a new development even for her. But the former has given her direction and a purpose dating back to San Diego and the Cougars. “Of course you can, you’re Sarah, you can do anything,” and she can but she chooses espionage. But compared to in the past, it’s not the end all be all of her personal desires and identity. “If I have to chose, I chose Chuck.”

        among the things that went wrong this season is that unfailing belief and devotion to each other. When it’s a choice between life, love, country the choice is and has always been (again before season 3’s front 13) love. We’re getting that back and if I may say so, “it feels good.” And the idea of being able to have it all is idealistically tantalizing.

    • atcdave says:

      I’ve always really wanted to see more of a Sarah/Ellie friendship, but really haven’t seen it yet. I think its more likely to happen now that the main deception between them (the “fake” relationship) no longer exists. This episode certainly has the potential; Sarah hurting and worried for Chuck. But it may be that Sarah will never open up to anyone other than Chuck.

      • kg says:

        And Dave

        Chuck didn’t want to advance the deception either. “Are you guys back together (sniff, sob),” Ellie asked? Instead of merely saying yes or sure, Chuck made it a point to softly and emotionally answer, “We’re together.”

        And notice Sarah by the door, with that sheepish little look she had in Papa B’s trailer when Chuck was upset, sensing the emotional impact, staring at Ellie seeking her reaction.

        Yeah, I agree with you. They should have a better relationship. Like sisters. It brings me back to their little talk at Armand Assante’s gala. Then nothing meaningful followed since.

        I mean they should be closer right? I recall Ellie referring to Sarah as “her favorite bridesmaid” at the end of Breakup. And from American Hero, “Sarah’s special Chuck. You and I both know it.” How can they not be closer? This upcoming episode has such potential for this development. I’m rooting for it with you Dave.

        And Ernie, I too, like many others, never understood her attraction, even minimally, to Shaw. It made her look foolish and idiotic. And Sarah Walker never conveyed any characteristics of either adverb in the first two seasons.

        Like everyone else, naturally, I wanted Chuck and Sarah to couple, and I believed in the notion discussed on this board by Liz James I think, that to Sarah her time with Chuck, despite all his whining to the contrary, was “real” to her. Or at the very least the only semblance of “real” in her entire life.

        But yes, if Chuck and Sarah were finished, it should have been either Cole or Bryce who subbed for Chuck, and not that overrated, conceited, fraud Shaw. It still infuriates me despite the heartwarming resolution witnessed in Other Guy and Honeymooners.

        Faith your first paragraph is so revealing. “Opens your eyes to possibilities never imagined. A relationship uncomplicated by deception.”

        You are so right. Last week, Sarah just got finished telling Chuck, “I’ve lived all over the world and Burbank is the only place that’s felt like home.”

        Excluding these obvious exceptions: when Chuck was mere moments from being bunkered (Marlin), when she thought Chuck was blown to bits (Best Friends) or Chuck’s emotional plea/explanation for Prague (Three Words), I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sarah more shaken than when she witnessed Hannah taking HER place at the dinner table. Replacing her in the only family setting she’s ever known. Very powerful stuff.

        Honestly, she could have watched the two of them fooling around and I don’t think it would have bothered her as much.

      • Aardvark7734 says:

        Holy crap, kg.

        That last description of Sarah watching Hannah taking “her” place at the table made me want to give Sarah a hug. 😉

        I agree, very powerful stuff.

      • atcdave says:

        KG, I think the main thing working against it happening is just the number of characters and story-lines to be served. I did like Chuck’s simple “we’re together”, one of the most true things he’s ever said to Ellie about him and Sarah. But I think Sarah did qualify as “favorite bridesmaid” simply because of her relationship with Chuck; even if the details were all wrong, Ellie has always seen the real truth of it.

        I just posted elsewhere about my affection for fanfiction; better development of the Ellie/Sarah relationship is a common theme among fan writers. In fact, many build it as Sarah’s only real friendship apart from Chuck. I would like to see that happen on the show, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • Merve says:

        Honestly, now that they’re living in the same apartment, I’m hoping for some development on the Sarah-Morgan front. Any conversations between Sarah and Ellie and too laced with dramatic irony to serve as the foundation for any sort of friendship, and seem to occur only to explicitly fail the Bechdel Test.

    • JC says:

      Funny I think Justin is already the best villain this season. Of course that could change depending on how his character is handled the rest of the season.

      • Merve says:

        Maybe I haven’t liked Justin so far because his particular brand of villainy just seems to be such a cliché:
        Step 1 – Save damsel in distress.
        Step 2 – Gain trust of damsel in distress.
        Step 3 – Reveal evilness to audience.

        It also doesn’t help matters that from what I’ve seen, Scott Holroyd’s acting chops are about at the same level as Brandon Routh’s. And at least Routh made an excellent deranged psycho.

        To be honest, it’s a little too early to judge, and my opinion of him is almost certain to improve, but Justin hasn’t impressed me thus far.

      • JC says:

        I can see that but I’m glad they didn’t drag out the “twist” about him being Ring. And he’s already done more damage in ten minutes than other villains so far.

        I don’t know about the acting he seems to be trying. I can actually believe Ellie believing the whole nice guy act. Plus he emotes and changes facial expressions.

        I like what I’ve seen so far of him but that could all change.

      • BDaddyDL says:

        I actually thought we might get some Ellie angst, but instead we got a villain. should be interesting.

      • Merve says:

        Yeah, I’m really glad that they didn’t go for Ellie angst. Chuck is a lighthearted show; it has no need to mess around with marital infidelity. (But if Justin tries to seduce Ellie for the purposes of some nefarious scheme, and Ellie just flat-out shuts him down, that could be funny.)

        I guess that the revelation that Justin was a member of the Ring didn’t do much for me for the same reason the revelation that Chuck’s father was Orion didn’t do much for me; I saw both revelations coming from a mile away.

      • JC says:

        Justin being evil was obvious from the minute he showed up. But that’s why I liked they revealed it early instead of a couple of episodes from now.

      • atcdave says:

        You mean when Justin showed up with Mike, his knife….

        I sort of like Justin as a villain, but that will end quickly if it turns into another triangle; that is lazy/stupid/sloppy writing.

  17. PeterOinNJ says:

    I want to get back to the episode speculation so I went back to look at the promo and a couple of things popped out at me:
    – There seem to be two dreams – the first with Chuck in a tux watching the visiting dignitary have his throat slashed. This also includes an image of a young boy reaching for a pie. I’ve seen that image before, I just can’t remember where or when.
    – The second dream – I guess when he falls asleep in Sarah’s lap has an image of a hummingbird – that’s the image that opened when he flashed on Sarah in the pilot. Really can’t understand the significance of the tiger as part of that image and don’t recall ever seeing it before.
    – It looks like his dream includes receiving an injection – he wakes abruptly right before that is to happen. Later in the promo, we see that scene repeated. Is dream becoming reality?
    – After Chuck knocks the tooth out with one punch (“one punch”) it looks like he is scrambling towards the floor to retrieve the tooth. The tooth must mean something important to him and could be the real reason he is detained.
    – We know from the next episode synopsis that Chuck is not ‘cured’ but he is released. Whatever happens in this episode seems to move the story forward with Pappa B arriving.
    – And why would Ellie be snooping on Casey? Unless she is put up to it by our new Ring friend.
    – Finally, I don’t think we have to worry about the Chuck/Sarah relationship. Her admission that she needs Chuck to be okay was as good for me as any I love you she could say.

    From the looks of things, the intensity level is going to get ramped up leading to the finale.

    And on an interesting side note, in recent interviews, Schwartz or Fedak (can’t remember which one) stated that they were blowing up the finally – and lately we’ve heard unconfirmed reports that the Buy More is being blown up. Hold on tight folks, it’s time to blast off.

    • Josh says:

      The child with pie image was in the pilot, Chuck’s second ever flash, in the Buy More while the TV showed a newsclip of the General they were trying to kill.

    • joe says:

      Wow! How did you ever catch that, Peter? I noticed the image of the boy only after you brought it up. It must be up there for only one frame.

      Now I’m not sure at all how to interpret the promo. We really can’t tell the dream from the “reality”.

  18. cas says:

    Nick in Calabasas, Calif.: Hey, Kristin, just wondering, any new Chuck scoop for Monday’s episode?
    I can tell you that there is a surprise comeback very soon that will leave your jaw unhinged! A very good-looking comeback, I might add.

    Knock on Shaw…..please don’t be Agent Wood

  19. BDaddyDL says:

    OK I have heard Casey, Chuck, Devon (already) will at the very least be affected by the ring. If you follow that through it is Team B or the Ring. Chuck and Sarah wont die so that leaves the ring, or the buy more is history. When season 4 comes around, I think we will have a completely different show. We may even have some fake deaths to keep or create new covers.

    • Sophie says:

      I read somewhere that Chuck is going to suffer a huge loss… I doubt they’d kill anyone important off, so I’m thinking that blowing up the Buy More could be that loss? Or am I being rediculous?

      • atcdave says:

        I hadn’t heard it put quite that way. The Buy More being blown up sounds likely at this point. But there has been mention of a dramatic death, we’ve been kicking around ideas; I think either Orion or Devon would shake Chuck up.

      • jason says:

        sophie – have not seen many posts from you, welcome – I’ll take a shot at an answer – I too think the buymore could go – I am big time hoping jeff, lester, and manager big mike form a band – I know budget is an issue, so it might reduce them to guest stars off and on, but generally the music they play makes for great fun

        I think someone is going to die, would guess chuck, sarah are off limits. Ellie is the only female lead and chuck’s only family, so I am ruling her out.

        That would leave morgan, casey, and awesome. Morgan is being written with near awesome courage of late, casey is probably the fan fav, which would leave awesome as the odd man out

        I could even see an attempt at long term, morgan and ellie developing the famous schwartz will they won’t they relationship, with all the trappings, PLI’s, LI’s, angst, mis-understandings, etc? (but you have to remember, I think the awesome character isn’t very awesome so I am biased)

        Lets only hope the show has that much time?

      • jason says:

        where is that edit button, of course i meant ellie is the only OTHER female lead

      • joe says:

        Sophie, that’s not a ridiculous way to feel at all.

        But there is no obvious candidate. Even the loss of Stephen, though dramatically important, doesn’t really impact the show much, even financially (which seems to be the intent).

        But then again, I was surprised that Graham died in S1!

  20. Casey'sgirl says:

    The guy who plays Justin is a really good actor, far better then BR. He has the looks and charisma to be charming and menacing at the same time. I liked and disliked him from the start I think he’ll make a great mole villain.

    And it’s interesting too that we may get some Casey/Ellie a lone time scenes together first time of the series. I’m really looking forward to it. And the best and scary part of it all is, besides the promo and the synopsis we know next to nothing about this episode, I think it’s going to be epic. 😉

    • jason says:

      good news for the actor playing the justin character, the bar is very low for male recurring guest star – I do not mind him at all – so far

      • atcdave says:

        So far, I’d rate him a step up from Shaw. But we really have seen very little so far.

    • John says:

      I am excited for that whole plot, especially Justin setting Ellie off against Casey and what exactly the Ring’s evil plot is. So excited for next week!

    • joe says:

      Justin surprised me, Casey’sgirl. I thought that he was going to come-on to Ellie!

      The way that Sarah Lancaster played it, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this was the intent. It was nice to come away feeling that both Chuck & Sarah AND Ellie & Devon were very secure in their relationships.

  21. Patty says:

    Has anyone else noticed Dr. Dreyfess (Spelling, I know) has the first name of “Leo” That is a constellation. I am guessing that he has something to do with Chuck’s dad and the original intersect project.

    I think that he helps Chuck get well enough to function but can’t solve the underlying trouble. Probably turns out that someone actually is after the visiting dignitary. That makes Chuck’s reaction over the top but his instincts correct (like the General hasn’t had that problem with him before). She is probably satisfied since her main concern is that Chuck function as an agent.
    Chuck decides that any dream flashes will be investigated discretely in the future. Morgan will do what Chuck wants him to do. Sarah would do what she thinks is good for Chuck. So he asks Morgan to help. Hopefully Dad, Sarah and Morgan compare notes at some point.

    I would not want to be in Chuck’s shoes when Dad finds out where the Intersect 2.0 went!

    • atcdave says:

      I don’t remember seeing you here before Patty, so welcome. If we’ve said before then welcome again!
      I’m betting Dreyfus will be a villain, probably trying to glean secrets from CIA noggins. I’m also thinking Chuck will still have serious problems at episodes end, enter Orion as the only one who sort this stuff out. I do agree, dad’s gonna be ticked when he finds out what Chuck did!

    • joe says:

      Hi, Patty. And welcome!

      Since my degrees are in Astronomy, I don’t mind seeing the astronomical theme (don’t forget Perseus!) continue. I like the idea that someone there has got stars in their eyes too! 😉

      You’ve got me wondering who was the bigger disciplinarian in the Bartowski household; Stephen or Mama B.

      • Patty says:

        Remember, the real Dreyfus was railroaded!

        I think Chucks dad’s idea of discipline might have been explaining how stupid what you did was! That still works on Chuck. 🙂

  22. herder says:

    It’s about time for a bit of last minute prognostication. As I see it there are three main story lines going in: Awesome and Ellie returning from Africa and the Ring’s evil plan involving them; Chuck’s dreams and what they mean; Anna’s return to see Morgan, I’m sure others will develop.

    I think we start with the return from Africa and Awesome’s recovery, maybe doubt being put on Casey somehow. Then we get Anna’s return at the Buymore and finally Chuck and Sarah’s evening at home watching tv, Chuck dozes off and has a dream and wakes up with a start, maybe does something crazy, go to credits.

    I’d like to think that Doc Brown is ok, sort of like the steward on the train, looks threatening but is really pleasant but I think not. I can’t see a psyciatrist whose treatment involves administering needles while the patient is held by two orderlies as benign.

    I wonder if this is the episode where we get to hear Sarah say out loud that she loves Chuck, even if it isn’t to him. I don’t think that we get to see Morgan tranq’d in this episode, unless it is to ruin a date with Anna. I know Chuck was in the Buy More looking for Casey in the Other Guy but when was the last time we saw Chuck actually working at the Buy More? He was there in the Beard, but I can’t recall if he has worked there since.

    Ellie hitting Casey with the frying pan, I can’t wait to find out why. I think that this episode will end on a more ominous tone for Chuck than the last few where he has been a very happy man.

    • atcdave says:

      Yeah herder, I think it will be ominous just because there will be unresolved issues with his health and the intersect. Its too early to be sure on Doc Brown, or even how much of Chuck’s treatment is real vs. “vivid” dreams. My money is on the Doc is a villain.

  23. weaselone says:

    Just don’t let Anna be affiliated with some government or independent espionage faction. Of course, if she happened to have been recruited into the NSA by one John Casey and as a result pulled a Jill and allowed Morgan to believe she was cheating on him in order to pursue her career. If Morgan finds this out it could generate some serious angst in the Chorgan bromance.

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