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It’s A Free-For-All!

Our friend and reader, Mclovin, makes a great suggestion, that we provide a space to discuss anything you wish.

Well, anything even vaguely Chuck related, that is. And here it is. Have something on your mind? Could there actually BE something we haven’t said about the lovely Ms. Walker and/or the dashing Mr. B. yet? Of course there is!

I would suggest someone put up a 3000 word essay on the dynamic Skip Johnson, myself, but that’s up to you!

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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  1. Jen says:

    Great! i’m awesome at discussions of random, useles stuff!

    Still super busy at work. Wish i could be participating of the dusussions going on in the other topcs. I’be been trying my best to read as much of it as i can.

    Wish u all a great day!

  2. Merve says:

    At first glance, Skip Johnson seems like just another character in the Chuck universe, not worthy of a second thought. His build is tall and lanky, and his appearance can best be described as nerdy. But a second look reveals much more about this very interesting Nerd Herder.

    Skip Johnson is an enigma. His character is full of contradiction. His small glasses and calm demeanour seem to indicate that he is introspective and introverted, but his wild, untamed hair and his sloppy style of dress point to a different side of his personality. Perhaps Skip is a bit of a rebel, not content with the kind of “under-realized life” that Morgan describes in “Ex.” He wishes to break out of the metaphorical box in which corporate America has placed him. He sees the Buy More as the kind of Combine that Ken Kesey so aptly described in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. But Skip’s job as a Nerd Herder has not left him with vast resources, so he is forced to express his frustrations in seemingly insignificant ways.

    However, some of Skip’s small moments of rebellion have unexpectedly allowed him to shine. In “Crown Victoria,” he puts his creative talent to use by acting as a DJ at the Buy More Christmas party. Being in charge of the music puts Skip in control of the ebb and flow of events at the Buy More and allows him to stop feeling like just another cog in the Buy More machine. In “Operation Awesome,” Skip fights Morgan’s tyrannical reign as Assistant Manager by participating in Jeff and Lester’s fight club. He fully immerses himself in the experience; despite the visible injuries to his face, he seems content to be combating authority.

    Nevertheless, Skip cannot fight his true good nature, no matter how hard he tries. In “Sensei,” he wins Emmett’s customer satisfaction contest, despite his best efforts not to. He even goes as far as to apologize, “I’m sorry; I tried to be a jerk.” Not only could he not stop himself from helping customers, he also expresses remorse for his actions and for letting his friends down. That is the irony of Skip’s character. He wishes to leave the Nerd Herd behind, and certainly deserves to do so, but his humble nature prevents him from committing anything more than small acts of rebellion, confining him to his dull existence.

    Skip’s journey has been an interesting one. His continued alternating displays of sedition and humility provide a compelling insight into his character. It will be interesting to see where his character is taken in upcoming episodes. Maybe in Season 4, Skip will finally emerge from his shell and leave the stifling confines of the Buy More.

  3. Ernie Davis says:

    Joe, clearly you couldn’t possibly do 3,000 words on Skip Johnson without going into the dramaturgical dyad formed by he and Fernando, and that’s practically a book in itself, so I think I’m going to have to pass on this one.

  4. JC says:

    Chuck vs The Comic Con how has this not happened yet?

    And no Mass Effect 2 jokes? One of the main character is modeled after and voiced by Yvonne. Baldwin voices a character too. I’ve been waiting for that all season.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I’ve been thinking about that too JC. You read my mind. I think we’ll have to wait for S4, but these guys love the meta-jokes, and Sarah actually going to a Comicon with Chuck now that they’re a couple and both of them either standing in front of or doing a double take on a Mass Effect 2 poster would be great. And great product placement. Either that or Sarah could get annoyed that Chuck, or better yet Morgan is spending too much time playing ME2 trying to make it with Miranda.

      • JC says:

        A comic con episode has so much potential for comedy. Get the four leads dressed up in costumes even go the Star Wars route again. Or if they really go meta Firefly.

      • atcdave says:

        One of the stories I mention prominantly in my “Alternate Realities” post, “Chuck and Sarah vs. the Bunker” has just such a Mass Effect 2 joke. Good writing.

      • Chuck604 says:

        @ JC and Ernie
        Yeah I’m kind of wondering if they were going to do some Mass Effect 2 reference since people knew Yvonne and Adam were involved in the game since last fall. Great game to be honest, but haven’t had the chance to play lately. Though the scene at the end of Honeymooners where Chuck and Sarah are listening to Nina Simone is very similar to a scene in the game of Mass Effect 2.

        I think I’ll check out that fan fiction you mentioned Dave. Now that I’ll be spending the next week at home, but I’ll be splitting time between that and taking care of my newborn baby boy. Though mostly the latter.

      • atcdave says:

        congrats Chuck604! Most the friends we have with newborns swear by audiobooks, but that won’t help you with fan fiction! Let me know on the other thread what you think.

      • Chuck604 says:

        Thanks Dave! First child so learning lots. I’ll try and give my thoughts on the fan fics on the other thread, when I have some time. Still in the hospital.

      • joe says:

        Newborn, Chuck604? Wow! Congrats! Your first?

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Congratulations and best of luck Chuck604. You didn’t happen to name your baby Sarah or Chuck did you? 😉

      • Chuck604 says:

        Thanks for the congratulations Joe and CN8. Yup, this is my first child. You know CN8, my wife and I did consider naming him Charles for a split second, but we found a name just as endearing. Though Chuck and Sarah both embody many great traits that I hope we can instill in him and he can one day put forth himself. Again thanks to everyone, my wife and I appreciate all of you for the congratulations. I’ll see you on the boards.

  5. jason says:

    I watch 24 and castle also, I love to compare chuck to castle’s love and comedy plots and to 24’s spy and drama plots.

    In 24 monday, jack bauer ‘mausered’ a female double agent, even for jack bauer that is a pretty brutal thing, for sarah, seems hard to imagine TPTB did that, how did the boards take that at the time? The 24 spy plots are just riveting, I’ll often say ‘wow – did that just happen’ after an episode, yet I don’t think I ever watched an episode over, ever.

    In castle, a full blown double PLI story is being told, the audience seems part of the story, as nearly everyone has discussed it with everyone, leads with each other, with each other’s rivals, with friends, with castle’s mother, etc – plus, the rival’s seem more right for the leads than the leads are for each other? Finally, they just solved a murder where a lady chose the safe man over the man she loved, and both leads stated their ‘case’ to one another versus the ‘case’. Plus, the leads don’t even seem that interested in each other anyhow, especially the lady, who sincerely seems to not care – very different than chuck’s season 3.

    By the way, if chuck followed DWTS’s on monday’s instead of castle, I can only imagine the rating it might put up, chuck is way better – sort of sick what we fans are stuck with in terms of begging for renewal for what amounts to a far better show than most.

    • atcdave says:

      Some very good points comparing shows. I no longer watch 24, too dark for my taste, but some of the parallels are interesting. There was a lot of uproar over the Mauser shooting, but I seem to recall the majority view was that Sarah had done the right thing in a “no win” sort of scenario; and that Chuck was wrong to have over-reacted to it. (OK, maybe that was just my view!) It seemed we were supposed to think Chuck was worried about Sarah being some sort of monster (oh, and we had a seven week break to argue about it); when it seemed to many of us Chuck should have known her better than that. I remember thinking Sarah is capable of doing hard things, and I couldn’t imagine questioning her motives.

      Castle is an interesting comparison. I think the bottom line is that Castle and Becket have no reason to consider each other anything other than friends. Castle has a lifetime of “playing the field”, and Becket has no patience with that. So superficially, they are a poor match. You know I never like triangles (default setting), but Castle just doesn’t bother me as much as Chuck did. I’m still hoping the finish the silliness soon (just noticed last night on my DVR, it is slated to continue at least two more episodes), but it still doesn’t affect me the same way.
      On a more personal level I would add; “nerd gets the girl” is a more compelling theme to me than “millionare playboy gets the girl.” I’m still not sold on Castle being good for her!

    • weaselone says:

      24 is dark and honestly the spy plots are no more realistic than Chuck’s although they do make for good drama and what I view as a dangerous and unrealistic view of the espionage world. I suspect that people can tell the difference between the espionage world on Chuck and the real thing and originally assumed the same for 24…until a Supreme Court justice referenced it in an interview.

  6. jason says:

    I would guess we will get a entire topic on guessing about the finale 3.19’s end point – but any guesses about chuck / sarah

    1 – will not be a couple at the end
    2 – will be same as now
    3 – will be engaged
    4 – will be married
    5 – something else?

    I’m guessing #3 engaged, but holy cow, there were hints in 3.14 of marriage?

    Schwartz / Fedak have been mighty quiet with promos and interviews considering 3.16 is the last episode before the at least initial decision is made about chuck’s fate – it feels to me like they already know – anyone else think that.?

    • Josh says:

      part a) I m leaning towards 2- same as now, but that’s only cause I m not a huge fan of engagements and weddings and all that hooplah

      part b) I doubt they know, but they probably have a pretty good indication. They already did their Season 4 pitch, based on the feedback they got they ‘d have an idea on whether NBC is leaning towards a renewal or a cancellation .

    • atcdave says:

      Jason, my money is on #3, although #4 and #2 are both possible. #1 would just be stupid. I’ll ditto Josh on the fate of the show.

    • John says:

      Sign me up for option #3 Jason.

    • Jen says:

      I’m leaning towards engaged, even though i don’t need them engaged just yet. They just got togheter… this is a beautiful stage to live and enjoy. I could argue though, that after 3 years of loving each other they may not want to keep waiting. I don’t even need them living together just yet either. I just wanted them together already! 🙂
      I’m looking forwrad to that proposal scene though, whenever it happens (C’mon S4!!). This is something that CHuck has been imagining for years, even if it wasn’t with Sarah. Sarah, on the other hand, probably never saw herself being married. Maybe never even saw herself being in love. With as good as Zac and Yvonne are with emotions, and with their chemistry, this is going to be a beautiful scene.

    • cas says:

      I’m going with number 5. I’m sure they have something up their sleeves

    • Josh says:

      Vaguely on topic but I was just linked this … Apparently Zac told Spanish media there will likely be a season 4 though he’s not sure yet

      Article is on ChuckTV here ->

    • herder says:

      I think that a big hint as to the status of Chuck and Sarah at the end of 3.19 will be shown in this coming episode. So far we have had the putting the ring on Sarah’s finger in Honeymooners, “many happy marriagess” and both Chuck and Sarah talking about themselves being together long term in Role Models. If they continue this trend in the Tooth, then at the minimum I would expect an engagement.

      I think that CF and JS either know what is to happen or they know what ratings are necessary for season 4 to happen. They just aren’t allowed to say.

      • amyabn says:

        I’m a little late, but I vote for #3. It would parallel nicely with the end of S1 (Ellie and Awesome) and then the end of S4 could be their wedding (like end of S2).

  7. Rick Holy says:

    O.K. Here’s something REALLY random. I rarely go to the chain book stores – normally order “stuff” on line – but after enjoying a matinee viewing of “THE LOSERS” (I was the only one in the theater on a Thursday afternoon – my “one day off” – and it was my second time going to see the flick), I stopped at one of those chain book stores and browsed through the nerd, I mean Sci-Fi section of the magazines. Stumbled on a mag. called simply “SciFi.” On the cover was, as you’d expect right about now, Iron Man. But INSIDE was a nice interview with Yvonne and C.F. Nothing really new, but some nice shots of Yvonne. And it really emphasizes how “unhappy” the “shippers” were after the last epsidoe prior to the Olympic break. C.F. comments how much he was taken aback by the strong fan reaction. Anyway, if you find yourself anywhere near a book store with a decent magazine selection, pick up SCI FI and check out Yvonne’s interview and pictures.


    Howz that for random?

    • atcdave says:

      I do think Fedak’s belated understanding is very good news if we get an S4 or beyond. It should really make them hesitate before going that route again. As we were discussing above, Chuck fans feel differently about their characters than Castle fans do; maybe because we all have a little bit of Chuck Bartowski in us.

      • jason says:

        rick / dave – sounds like fedak is a bit neurotic – he must have been freaking out at the fans reaction at 3.7, knowing what he had done in 3.8 thru 3.12, especially with sarah and shaw, wonder how I/the fans would have reacted if he had said you think it is bad now, just wait sham is going to be around for a long time – based on my memory I think he really tried to explain himself back then (they’re not in the same place, when one moves on the other will, shaw is sarah’s type is some other universe, etc) – speaking for myself, I was in no mood to listen – I still am not – I wonder if he now gets how far off the mark he was and how much he damaged the show????

      • weaselone says:

        I used to construct things simply for the pleasure of assessing their strength by reducing them to rubble. My suspicion is that Josh Schwartz has a similar urge, but instead of building miniature fortresses out of sand in the back yard and demolishing them with steel ball bearings, he creates fictional couples for whom fans have great affection and then shatters the relationship with PLIs, contrivances, and out of character actions.

      • herder says:

        To give JS credit where due, he does have the ability to create characters that people become deeply invested in. If only the network could saddle him with a co-producer who could rein in his more destructive tendancies without losing the creative spark that brought them into being. Sort of wishing for the best of both worlds.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Jason, I wonder if he lost much sleep over that. He should have, he knew it was just the start and the start was not well received. In hind sight, it was pretty funny watching them try to defend their loss of sanity. Of course, its only funny now because we’re past it.

        I do hope the network themselves will provide the restraint going forward. S4 should be ordered as a spy-couple show.

    • cas says:

      Try this for random.. I don’t watch Gossip Girls but I do occasionally follos JS’ tweeter account. That guy is getting hammered right now by all the GG fans. Apperantly he ruined the characters in GG.hhmmmmmm sound so familiar.

      • atcdave says:

        Apparently he has a reputation.

      • cas says:

        I’m bored so I’m still following. It’s hillarious. He’s telling the fans to be patient and that the finale is going to be epic. Fans are complaining about character being OOC and about some love triangle I think..I don’t know. Sorry for wasting space I just thought it was funny

      • weaselone says:

        I thought he’d already pulled this on GG and ticked off his fan base. Does this mean he went for a round 2?

      • cas says:

        I don’t know about the first one because I don’t really watch GG, but this hatred strike they got going on right now is fairly new

      • JC says:

        What is it about season 3 of Schwartz’s shows.

      • atcdave says:

        So even the teenage girls are now tired of this cliche? How will the man find any work!?

      • weaselone says:

        New reality TV show involving washed up celebrities? It’s sure to be epic.

      • jason says:

        schwartz’s tweet about GG almost identical to his plea to chuck fans – journey vs destination, let the journey complete itself, etc – I wonder if having two fan bases ‘meltdown’ on him within a few months of each other will sink in to him or not – odd think, he seems to be near genius at endearing his fans to a chosen relationship – wonder if he ever has taken the other track where he does not tear it apart – I guess in some ways – he has not near destroyed our sarah the way he did marissa in the OC, although I was not a huge OC fan, I watched some, liked season 1, don’t think I ever watched season 3 or beyond, ever

      • herder says:

        This is one of my concerns about people like JS posting on twitter and the like. I do want to hear what they have to say and I like that there is a forum for fans to question them. But I worry about how long this can last.

        I imagine if everytime JS checks his twitter, he has 20 people saying “you suck”, his incentive to post goes way down.

      • Merve says:

        The whole idea of journey versus destination is silly. Both matter. Both have to be interesting and entertaining. Nobody wants to trudge through knee-high mud to get to paradise, and nobody wants to follow the Yellow Brick Road into a pit of molten lava.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Merve, well said, but of course I want to expand. We often hear about plot driven or character driven shows or drama in addition to journey versus destination. Like the journey must be enjoyable, or at least compelling enough to keep your interest week to week for the destination to be worthwhile both the characters and the plot have to be presented in a compelling fashion. The plot doesn’t matter if you don’t invest in the characters, and if those characters are destroyed to advance an implausible plot line your investment feels more like a ripoff. But at the same time you need to allow the characters to change and evolve, or no real advance in the plot is possible. It’s a tricky balancing act, and one that I think most of us would agree to one degree or another wasn’t done particularly well in the case of Chuck. We all knew Chuck and Sarah would end up together, it was never in doubt. Why did so many of us get so worked up, even though we knew the destination? Because of what the journey was doing to our favorite characters. We felt our investment was being thrown away.

        It seems clear that Josh Schwartz has a great talent, both for creating compelling characters and stories that people really invest in, and for pissing people off by tearing those characters apart to put them in a new place. I think he’d be virtually unstoppable if he were able to moderate his angsty destructive tendencies just enough to keep people invested in the characters and the journey, but not so much that he loses what makes them both so compelling to people. From everything I’ve read he is a master of doing this for about two seasons, and then his instinct for one-upping himself kicks in and he goes too far.

        I look forward to the season finale with some trepidation.

      • jason says:

        ernie – I am from Wisconsin – big sports fan – our coach in the 90’s brought football back to our state – mike Holmgren, a genius football coach, but after a while, he fell into a pattern Wisconsinites refer to as ‘out-Holmgrening’ oneself –

        I think trying to one-up one’s own genius is a destructive pattern with that mega-personality type – greatly limiting the ability to sustain success in any given endeavor, even though said endeavors are often greeted with initial worship by fans and audiences

      • atcdave says:

        Merve and Ernie, both well put. It is sort of silly to seperate journey vs. destination. But it is loads of fun to tease those who try; especially when they try to use it both ways when the fans are loosing heart.
        Kind of ditto that on plot vs. characters. Although I acknowledge a distinction on where the major impetus comes from; in the end, both need to be handled well to create a satisfying product.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I guess I should add that part of the season 3 curse sort of comes from the Hero’s journey template (I know, there I go again…). In a 6 season story, which I’m given to understand is the assumption they like to work from, the main hero is supposed to undergo a metamorphosis, or essentially a death and resurrection. In mythological terms the hero is broken and humbled to re-emerge with a new sense of purpose and mastery. I think they sometimes take the breaking down part a bit far. In the case of Chuck and Sarah I think Chuck was handled fairly well, we’ve always been given a lot more knowledge about his desires and state of mind. Sarah was the confusing one.

      • Merve says:

        This discussion about Schwartz (and Fedak) needing to rein in their show-killing tendencies is interesting because I think that they do have a tendency to take things a step too far. I haven’t been as down on the front 13 as some fans. I haven’t thought of them as awful or pointless. (Maybe that’s because I always saw them as being more about Chuck and Sarah than being about ChuckandSarah, if you know what I mean, but that’s a different matter.) But if I had to pinpoint a flaw in the front 13, it would be that things got taken a little too far.

        There are a lot of examples of things that I think got taken a little too far in this season, and I’d like to discuss a few of them. Please keep in mind that this is all my opinion. (And the standard “I’ve really enjoyed season 3; I’m just pointing out its faults” disclaimer applies.)

        First off, I completely support keeping Chuck and Sarah apart at the beginning of the season, and “Honeymooners” and “Role Models” have only bolstered my belief that getting them together near the beginning of the season wouldn’t have been a good idea. But the separation was taken too far in two respects. It was dragged on for maybe four or five episodes too long. It was also accomplished in a very extreme manner. I haven’t been a fan of the “running away” motif that has been featured this season. There was enough to keep Chuck and Sarah apart from each other without the additional complication of the offer to run away. (You’d also think that Chuck and Sarah would be smart enough to realize that running away wouldn’t work, but that’s an entirely different complaint.)

        I also think that Sarah and Chuck needed to have some doubts about each other. After what happened in “Ring,” of course they would have some trouble knowing each other’s intentions and motivations, and would start to question their past experiences with each other. (It’s one of the many things that I enjoyed about “Nacho Sampler.”) But the doubts about each other’s competence were unnecessary, which is why parts of “Three Words” and “Angel de la Muerte” don’t sit well with me. And as far as expressing those doubts goes, it was unnecessary for them to find other love interests. The issues raised in “Nacho Sampler,” as well as the non-love-interest-related issues raised in “Fake Name,” were enough.

        Now that I’ve thoroughly examined the Chuck/Sarah relationship, there a few other things that I’d like to mention that were taken too far. I think that shaking Devon’s foundations provided some necessary depth to his character, and up until the end of “Nacho Sampler,” I was on board with it. But again, they took it a step too far with the whole Africa thing, and making Devon lose his awesomeness sucked some of the fun out of his character.

        Unlike many Chuck fans, the only episodes in which I didn’t enjoy Shaw’s presence were “Mask” and “Fake Name.” Even though I wasn’t rooting for his character, he was entertaining enough to watch. On paper, getting the most out of a guest star by making him serve several functions seems like a good idea, but you can only build a tower so high before it collapses. Shaw was good as an unorthodox mentor in “Operation Awesome” and “First Class.” He did well as a controversial superspy in “Beard,” “Final Exam,” and “American Hero.” He was absolutely superb as a revenge-crazed psycho in “Other Guy.” And he did it all while providing little bits of humour here and there, which is pretty impressive if you think about it. But Shaw just didn’t work as a love interest because he had to be so many other things at once, and those other things suffered when he was forced to be a love interest. Again, it’s a case of taking things one step too far. If he hadn’t been a love interest, in my view, he would have been one of the most compelling characters of the entire series.

        I’ve really enjoyed seeing Chuck’s development as a spy this season. It’s been one of the highlights for me. But Chuck has had to be passive for a lot of this season in order to let himself be transformed into a spy. He’s had to accept a lot of things that he would have opposed in the past. To a certain extent, this worked. Chuck made choices, and usually those choices involved saying, “yes.” But this passivity got taken a step too far in “Final Exam.” When the hero of a show is forced to accept whatever happens to him, the show loses its appeal.

        Finally, I should also address Sarah’s development, which has been very confusing for a lot of this season. Like I said earlier, Sarah needed to have some doubts. She needed to question some of the things she was doing and why she was doing them. She needed to have some time to figure out how to get what she wanted, and that she could have what she wanted if she just stepped up and seized it. She would have had to figure all of this out through a series of realizations, and it makes sense that they would happen in quick succession, but to have them happen all at once in “Other Guy” was a little much. The other problem I found with Sarah’s arc was that I didn’t need or want to see her completely lose direction, like she did in “Fake Name.” Doubts would have been fine, but a complete loss of faith in herself was unnecessary. If I could go off on a bit of a tangent, many fans misinterpreted this loss of faith as self-loathing and disgust with the spy life, and I don’t blame them because that’s certainly what it looked like. It was a shame that it took until “Honeymooners” to correct that misconception. (But in fairness to TPTB, if she really had been disgusted with the spy life, she could have just quit, and the fact that she didn’t was a good indicator that something else was at play.)

        To be honest, this is a pretty one-dimensional analysis of season 3’s faults, and if I were to apply this same sort of analysis to season 1, I’m pretty sure that I could rip that season to shreds as well. I agree that Schwartz and Fedak have a knack for constructing interesting characters and compelling plotlines, but I think that their tendency to take things to extremes is limiting their full potential.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Merve, I think you’ve articulated my feelings pretty well, with some minor and one major modification. I agree that most of the problems (or our/my opinion of what they were) were more about degree and execution rather than the idea. Chuck and Sarah apart, I could see that and the doubts that some traumatic event would cause doing that, but by keeping them LITERALLY apart they went too far. The root of this I think is that TPTB couldn’t figure out a way to extend the whole mis-communication/they don’t talk device if the two characters interacted. And the reason they needed to keep around the whole they don’t talk/mis-communication device? (Which from here on I’ll refer to with Mo Ryan’s Central Relationship Misunderstanding abbreviation, CRM) For the sole purpose of extending “the journey” a few more episodes. I think that just made it seem they were flogging it to death. This also had an effect on Sarah’s character. As you say she seemed to lose direction. I agree, but I think part of this was because TPTB felt Sarah’s closed off nature helped them sell the CRM, but it also made her look flakey when she opens up to essentially a stranger they hadn’t sold as even a friend, let alone a LI. In addition Yvonne often had little to do other than deliver a line along the lines of “Chuck don’t take this lightly, this is unlike anything else you’ve done…” and then angistily watch or listen to Chuck as he succeeded. I think it was pretty realistic to have Sarah experiencing doubts both about herself and about being a spy given her ambivalence about Chuck entering the spy world and her fears of how he was changing, and her part in making it happen. I think that this is a case where again, the goal of dragging the CRM out hurt “the journey”. If Sarah and Chuck had talked at some point, where she could have echoed Jill’s “don’t let them change you” and Chuck gave an earlier version of “that guy hated himself”, perhaps even with an acknowledgment that they’d sort of given up on each other, it would have gone a long way to making the long journey a bit more realistic and palatable for the fans. I also, as do a lot of us, agree that PLI’s were probably not necessary to keep them apart, but in Chuck’s case Hannah served a real purpose. She made Chuck realize what a jerk he was becoming. Chuck was falling into the habit of using people. Hannah, who was obviously smitten with Chuck (and done very well I might add by Kristen Kreuk) was little more than a pleasant diversion for him, making him into, well if not Carina, at least Cole in his “butter the muffin” phase. They never really showed Sarah interested in that much of a relationship before throwing her into one so ill defined we still can’t figure out what it was. In this case I think there were two big mistakes. Routh and cowardice. I think Shaw and Routh were miscast. I think they needed an older man, perhaps mid-to-late 30’s, and someone who could sell a lot more experienced and charismatic, both as a character and an actor. The cowardice? I think if they felt that Sarah had to be given a realistic choice of the perfect guy for her in the spy life, they needed to sell it a lot better. My guess is everything was sort of ill-defined because they were afraid to define it. If we needed to see Sarah throw herself at the wrong guy (or even acquiesce to the wrong guy) to experience the joy when she came back to the right guy, we need to see two things. Why she thought the wrong guy was better than the right guy (or a clear indication of why she thought the right guy no longer was that highlights a DIFFERENCE between wrong and right guy). And we needed to get at least a hint of what she needed or thought she needed that wrong guy was going to give her. Instead it just seemed confusing and contradictory.

        The last big thing was Shaw. I think him being essentially pushed into a third lead with Casey demoted was a huge mistake and had disaster written on it from the beginning. In addition I found him pretty unconvincing as a mentor, a spy, or a love interest.

      • Merve says:

        Ernie, I might be misunderstanding you, and I apologize if I am, but I don’t think that the prolongation of the CRM was ever one of TPTB’s goals this season, but rather, it was a means to an end. I don’t think that it was dragged out for the sake of being dragged out. It allowed to Chuck to develop into a spy without the complication of being mixed-up in some ill-defined quasi-relationship with Sarah (à la Shaw). My issue is that the prolongation was a little too long for my taste, and if it had to be prolonged, the Red Test was a ridiculous way of doing it.

        To address another one of your points, I wasn’t a huge fan of Hannah. I liked her in “First Class,” when she gave a much-needed confidence boost to Chuck, and in “Nacho Sampler” because she provided an outsider’s view to the insanity of the Buy More. She was even kind of fun for the first half of “Mask.” But she bored me to tears in “Fake Name” when she became a generic love interest, devoid of the personality that made her an interesting character in the first place. Furthermore, if Hannah’s purpose was to show Chuck how much of a jerk he had become, I didn’t buy it because to be quite frank, I didn’t see that Chuck had become enough of a jerk to merit that kind of awakening. Sure, he had been unnecessarily dismissive of Morgan, and that wasn’t very nice, but all the other not-so-nice things that he had been doing were necessary parts of his spy life. (He really didn’t have much of a choice with respect to Manoosh or the museum curator.) And even if he had been a jerk to Morgan, the impact of that revelation was lessened by the fact that Morgan wasn’t present in “Fake Name.” Now, let’s say that I ingore all of that and proceed with the assumption that Chuck was acting unnecessarily like a jerk. Seeing him being told that by a woman who followed him to Burbank even though she barely knew him didn’t carry any weight for me. Honestly, and this is going to sound harsh, if she was stupid enough to do what she did, she deserved what was coming to her. In the end, all Hannah showed me was that Chuck could never have a real relationship with someone who didn’t know about his spy life, and Lou had already done a fine job of showing me that. So to me, both Shaw and Hannah were pretty useless as love interests. That’s not to say that they were useless characters in my eyes. If they had been retooled a bit and not used as love interests, I might have had a more positive view of them.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Merve, I probably wasn’t clear. I don’t think dragging out the CRM was done just for the sake of it. They’ve stated quite openly that their goal was to have Chuck essentially win Sarah in the last episode of the original 13, and wrote a lot of the season and relationship stuff around that goal. With that goal in mind, the journey became rather tedious because they went through more and more contrived ways to preserve the CRM beyond where it was plausible. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

        As for Chuck, no I really agree with most of what you say, he wasn’t much of a jerk. Most of the things Sarah cites were necessary and job related (making Sarah seem really flakey for objecting to them while supposedly admiring Shaw for being a good spy). The one thing I think was different was Hannah.

        I know Hannah seemed a bit stalkerish, but I took that more as a woman who really had nothing else going on, she just lost her job after all, falling for a guy and throwing caution to the wind. If she was in love, and Chuck clearly understood she was by the time he ended things, he was being pretty unfair to her, knowing as we did by the end of Mask that he’d be moving on soon and couldn’t include her in his life.

      • atcdave says:

        Merve and Ernie, both writing at a level that deserves far more distribution than we get here today!
        I know I’ve come to represent the hard core ‘shipper fringe this season, so I’ll try to fulfill my function. I think they were somewhat doomed by any decision to keep Chuck and Sarah apart for most of this season. I just know so many fans who were so excited by Colonel and the end of S2. I think many viewers could have accepted a number of serious problems for Chuck and Sarah as a couple. The changes Chuck must go through in his professional growth was legitimate, even fertile ground to explore. I think the vast majority of viewers could have accepted fights, even brief (one or two episode) estrangements over issues like lying, betraying a trust, and killing. There were many problems with a longer separation. The most obvious is the much discussed chemistry issue and actually not letting the leads share screen time through the middle part of the season. Another biggie is sort of a fan betrayal thing, and I’m not talking entitlement. I mean the large numbers of casual viewers who felt the rug yanked out from under them. They thought they had seen something special at the end of S2, then S3 starts with them being told, “no you didn’t.” I know FOUR people who gave up during 3.01 (sort of five, my wife wanted to quit too, but I wouldn’t let her!) Right from the start, the “traumatic event” was something many viewers wanted no part of.
        As to the long term guest stars themselves, my feelings are somewhat mixed. Kristen Kruek came across very well as Hannah. She was likable and sweet, and certainly a good match for old Chuck. But I don’t see the lessons learned from her character as being anything more than a slight variation on the lessons learned from Lou; namely, bad idea to build a relationship based on lies. It doesn’t even matter if we found Hannah more appealing than Lou; the issue is Sarah, and Hannah ends up being an unwanted distraction that many of us felt should never have happened.
        Shaw is a little more complex. Regardless of BRs strengths or weaknesses, I could accept a specialized tranier/mentor character brought in to help Chuck learn spy skills, at least in theory. In practice, the interplay of Chuck/Sarah/Casey was a major selling point of the first two seasons and reducing that interplay is almost as big a mistake as separating Chuck and Sarah. (If separating Chuck and Sarah is 10 on a 10 point bonehead decision scale, tampering with Chuck/Sarah/Casey is about an 8). An older actor, who could bring a certain authority to the position might have worked better, but a younger actor pulling double duty as a LI is fatally flawed. Simply by being an LI for Sarah, the credibility as a mentor is destroyed.

        I still don’t quite understand what we were supposed to think of Sarah’s journey. The most obvious thing to me was every time she turned to Shaw, she should have been turning to Chuck. As Ernie mentioned, Shaw never seemed to be a friend or partner in any way; how he made the instant jump to LI in the last 8 minutes of Mask is an all time great mystery to me. As mentioned earlier, I could have accepted a number of problems between Chuck and Sarah. While they were at odds I could have accepted Sarah turning to Casey or Carina; but Shaw was just a head scratcher.

      • JC says:

        I think another problem in Sarah’s development this season was she became the villain in a way during the first thirteen episodes. The spy story and Ring were basically non existent so Sarah’s doubt and fears about Chuck became the obstacles for him. And this was achieved by having her jump to the worst possible conclusions about his every action or motivation.

        And once we get to Honeymooners I looked back on her development and it made less sense to me. Obviously she doesn’t hate being a spy , so Final Exam and Fake Name don’t hold much weight anymore. If anything it just seems like all her problems stem from not being with Chuck in some way.

      • jason says:

        amazing analysis work, joining the dozens of excellent things I’ve read trying to rationalize season 3’s psycho sarah arc -when even jace & sepinwall (as well as near all reviewers) wrote reviews of either 11 or 12 trashing essentially the whole season (even started calling shaw names) at that point I quit feeling bad about feeling bad, obviously, the guys who had access and were on board didn’t get it either, because it sucked, a poorly conceived, poorly written, poorly cast, poorly executed arc – at some point a rotten apple is a rotten apple, nothing more, nothing less – I just felt bad because I knew the show was so much better than that, and I as a fan was robbed of an entertaining run of 13 episodes in what might be a 40 or 50 episode show.

      • Merve says:

        JC, I agree with you. Sarah’s problems all have to do with not being with Chuck. That’s probably the most frustrating thing about Sarah’s development this season; it’s defined by her relationship with Chuck, and for her not to find something outside of that relationship while being separated from him seems like a waste of that separation.

        Viewed through that lens, Sarah’s development actually makes more sense to me after watching “Honeymooners.” To be honest, I’m kind of mad at myself for getting sucked into the whole “self-loathing Sarah hates the spy life” thing because it’s not the impression I got from watching the show; it’s something I picked up from reading fan comments. Sarah acted how she did because Chuck was going through ordeals that had the potential to change him into something that she couldn’t love. Her actions were never about Chuck changing into what she hates about herself because, well, she never hated herself. Sure, she felt guilty, and that was apparent, but what I saw onscreen didn’t have to be interpreted as self-loathing. And, as I noted earlier, the biggest indicator that Sarah didn’t hate the spy life was that she never quit it.

        Where all of this sort of loses me is “Fake Name.” She reveals her real name to Shaw in a desperate attempt to hold onto something “real,” but that’s after complaining to him about seeing changes in Chuck. These two issues are tenuously linked at best. I guess that the thought process involved was something along the lines of: “I think that Chuck is changing into something that I can’t love so I can never have anything real with him but I want to have something real in my life and I wonder if there ever was so why don’t I blurt out my real name to Shaw and see if I can regain some sense of reality like that?” That’s a pretty convoluted train of thought. I shouldn’t have to rack my brains that much when watching television. (But to be fair, I was laughing so much at Chuck’s ridiculous assassin impersonation that I might have been a little lightheaded at the time.)

        All this confusion is why Chuck’s development this season has been so much more interesting and straightforward than Sarah’s. Part of this is because of how all of it was set up. At the end of “Ring,” Sarah knows what she wants (i.e. Chuck) but she doesn’t know how to express it (but she comes oh-so-close before Papa Bartowski interrupts). At the end of “Ring,” Chuck knows how to express what he wants (i.e. through his trademark speeches) but doesn’t know exactly what he wants. A journey about finding what one wants is by its very nature simply more interesting than a journey about finding out how to express what one wants. In some ways, Sarah’s journey this season was doomed to be uninteresting from the start. Adding a little confusion did help make the journey more interesting, but it also made the journey a lot more frustrating.

      • atcdave says:

        Merve, your last idea may be the best explanation of the issue I’ve seen. If Sarah’s journey is just about figuring out how to express herself, it is truly underwhelming.
        The self-loathing arguments made sense to me, because I can’t quite figure out why else she was so upset by Chuck’s changing (I think being flattered by imitation is a more normal reaction if self-loathing isn’t involved). Of course Honeymooners blew that out of the water. Perhaps our biggest problem all season was over-thinking things; we weren’t supposed to understand, just accept.

      • Merve says:

        Dave, you raise an interesting point about overthinking things, and one particularly salient example comes from “Nacho Sampler.” (Okay, I know it sounds weird that I’m about to make a criticism of one of my favourite episodes of the series, but hey, I’ve crapped all over “Colonel” before, so just roll with it.)

        “Nacho Sampler” draws a lot of parallels between how Chuck handled Manoosh and how Sarah handled Chuck, the most apparent of which was the line, “Piece of cake.” Both Chuck and Sarah think that their respective assets will be easy to handle, and the irony is that both end up being deeply affected by the experience. But the parallel doesn’t run any deeper than that. It wasn’t meant to be about how Chuck and Sarah actually treated their respective assets. But suddenly the fan base was abuzz crying “retcon!” and complaining that “Nacho Sampler” had essentially rewritten how Sarah had treated Chuck because a lot of people saw something deeper in the parallel that just wasn’t there. I don’t blame them. That’s part of the problem with leaving some degree of ambiguity and not explicity stating things.

        To be honest, I can’t place the blame squarely on TPTB or on the fans. I can’t be mad at the fans for interpreting things how they want to; it’s their right. I also can’t be mad at TPTB. When you’re writing something, sometimes you want to put subtext behind it and sometimes you don’t. It’s impossible to write something where there’s subtext behind everything, and you can’t control how much people will read into what things.

        I guess that’s why I have a “watch-and-think-later” sort of approach to television. I only need for things to make sense at a surface level when I watch and if things make sense at a deeper level afterwards, then that’s just a bonus. One problem with the way season 3 was told was that some of the important things needed to make sense of what was going on were buried in subtext, which led to people looking for subtext where it really wasn’t there. (It’s also a massive problem that I have with season 1 and with parts of season 2, but I don’t really want to get into that.) So TPTB were left wishing that we’d turn our brains on and off at the right moments, but of course that didn’t happen.

      • JC says:

        Merve I totally agree.

        I guess like you I got caught up in the self hating Sarah because I wanted to see more of her beyond the relationship with Chuck.

        That’s why the separation of two earlier in the season didn’t bother me. Show them growing as people outside of each others bubble. We saw that with Chuck but not with Sarah until the ILY bomb was dropped on her.

        And then when I get to her reactions about Chuck changing. It wasn’t about him changing as much as it was about her not being alongside him. Everything she “hated” Chuck does in Honeymooners but its ok now since she’s along for the ride.

        As for Shaw it didn’t bother me that she was with someone else. It was the fact it felt so forced and weird. I didn’t believe they liked each other as friends let alone anything else. So either that was the intention or it was tacked on to delay the inevitable.

        So as much as people complained about Sarah’s character taking a hit (myself included). Shaw was the one that actually did. Once they made him a love interest,
        the whole vengeance crazed spy went out the window until it was needed to finish the story arc.

      • atcdave says:

        Merve, I think I can stay a little mad at TPTB (um, I don’t want to carry this too far, I love the show, just S3 not so much) because so much of the malfunction comes from changing the rules of the show and characters. They were so sure of themselves they did things fans were telling them clearly they didn’t want to see. All the while saying, “trust us, we know what we’re doing.” Oh yes, there was the 3-D chess comment too. They also did things so baffling and illogical — Sarah smirking happily as Shaw clobbers Rafe for no real reason, then whining that Chuck has burned an asset. Not to mention complaining that no one knew her name, when Chuck had previously been begging for that information. Pity the fans who tried to make sense of it all.

        I do understand putting off judgement. I had no problem with waiting for things in the first two seasons. But when presented with changes not to my liking, that made little sense to me, I tried to sort it out. I guess I’m saying I think its a little more than just my right to complain, I feel led into the misunderstanding.

        And I feel bad bringing this up again. We’re past that arc. I don’t believe they will repeat those mistakes. I expect to like the show going forward.

    • cas says:

      What’s done is done. yeah yeah I know. Me personally, I think he took one step too far when they made Sarah ask Chuck to run away with her. Pink slip/3 words should have never happened. An ultimatum like that before a relationship is just plain crazy and her judging Chuck that early on and us not knowing the real reason why until the end of final exam is bogus. They should have gone with the secret ralationship route early on and then as Sarah realizes that Chuck is indeed changing, then have them break up. 313 to 315 would have still had the same affect and 307 might have even been tolerable. but like I said, What’s done is done.

  8. orb says:

    Hey guy, Look how awesome we are!

    I don’t know what exactly this activity is,
    is somthing about donation at St.Jude?
    But anyway it’s great amount of money!

    • John says:

      It was a collection of money done by Chuck fans to Bailey, little Chuck fan. She was asking for it over twitter and we stepped up and donated.

      In case you didn’t know St. Jude is the Children’s cancer research hospital.

  9. Ernie Davis says:

    Oh, just so you don’t think I’m going soft, Honeymooners was so absolutely and clearly a Hero’s Journey structure I’m slightly disappointed nobody has posted on the structure yet. It’s so obvious, the compartment they won’t leave, the tension, the refusal of the call, the dining car and the second refusal, afterward, the morning decision to cross the threshold, the tests and allies when Casey arrives. (sigh) But then this is best left as an exercise for the student. 😉

  10. bundy says:

    I’m wondering what Casey and his daughters relationship is going to be like.Is she gonna know he is her father?Is he gonna tell her?Will he make the first move or will she reconize him from when he help her mother?It will be interesting to see how Casey handles it.

  11. Merve says:

    Since this is the free-for-all post, how about some wild speculation for the last four episodes of the season?

    – Deaths: Awesome? Ellie? Papa Bartowksi? Beckman? Big Mike? Morgan? Reanimated Zombie Shaw? Someone else?

    – The Intersect: Is Chuck flashing in his sleep? Are his “vivid dreams” the same ones that he referenced in “Final Exam?” Is Dr. Dreyfus capable of fixing what’s wrong? Does Papa Bartowski return to fix the Intersect? Or does the Intersect even need fixing? Are the dreams actually an asset? Can the Intersect predict the future? Is the Intersect useful in the bedroom?

    – Other spy stuff: Why did Justin (a.k.a. Shaw 2.0…now with more wood!) poison Awesome? Is the Ring after Chuck’s family? What is Justin’s plan? What did the Ring poisoner in “Angel de la Muerte” mean when he talked about the Ring’s “overarching goals?” Will Ellie find out about Casey, Chuck, Sarah, and/or Morgan and their spy lives?

    – Explosions: Buy More? Castle? The courtyard? Underpants etc?

    – Chuck/Sarah: Break-up? Maintenance of status quo? Engagement? Elopement? Impromptu formal wedding? Brad-Pitt-and-Angelina-Jolie-esque commitment not to marry until it’s legal for everyone?

    – Other relationships: Will Morgan and Anna hook up? What’s in store for Awesome and Ellie? Will Casey reconnect with his ex-fiancée and daughter? What’s next for Big Mike and Bolonia? Will Jeff and Lester decide to cohabitate?

    – Pregnancies: Anna? Ellie? Sarah?

    – Possible crazy twists: Will Chuck and Sarah be forced to become double agents in the Ring? Will the Intersect be removed from Chuck’s brain? Will we find out about the Omaha project and what Sarah’s involvement in it might have been? Will the Buy More be destroyed? Will Ellie become Team Bartowski’s neurologist? Will Big Mike finally stop eating doughnuts?

    What do y’all think?

    • jason says:

      I am mostly interested in the ‘franchise’, I think they will be engaged or married at the end of 3.19 & dancing, zoning back to a montage of past sappy clips while Katharine McPhee – Zachary Levi’s – version of terrified is playing – the end – OR maybe not

      with 5-10 seconds left pan to an expressionless, motionless, wooden figure is watching on a video feed and belts out a thunderous nooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh – end of season 3 – end of series maybe

      at least that is how I would do it

    • joe says:

      Great question, Merve.

      I see dead peo^h^h^h^h^h^h^h… threads developing! I think Chuck & Sarah are indeed headed for an engagement, and I think we’re seeing a whole new Casey, with Morgan as his side kick. And Morgan is quickly becoming the Morgan we always knew he could be. I hope this means more than one episode for Julia Ling in the near future!

      I see Ellie being dragged into the spy world, and Chuck&Sarah (and Devon) trying to protect her more than anything. If Chuck&Sarah need something bigger than themselves to worry about, then family is it.

      And all of this seems to be happening in these last 4 episodes.

      • herder says:

        I agree with most of what you say Joe, but I think I see a big bump in the road for the Casey/Morgan team, namely Casey’s daughter Alex. My suspicion is that Alex will show up at some time in the next few episodes and Morgan will start a romantic relationship with her which will test Casey’s tolerance of the bearded loser. It’s one thing to accept Morgan as a collegue in the spy business, it’s another thing to have him interested in your child. If she is introduced as an intern from the El Segundo school of business and Casey hasn’t acknowleged her as his daughter, then he can’t object on those grounds, but – if I’m right – he won’t be at all a happy camper.

    • JC says:

      The flashback really has me excited. In the previous two seasons we’ve seen how Chuck’s life has always been tied to the spy world. Orion, Bryce and Jill so the most likely candidate is Mama B but it could be something else. Perhaps we’ll see the beginning of the Intersect.

  12. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    Wow – Great reading – enjoyed reading all the predictions and prognosticating…
    I’d be interested in hearing any of the thoughts on the playlist which was posted on NBC. The music in the show is always terrific.
    I’d love to assign a theme song to each of the beloved Characters.
    I’ll start with a couple more obscure examples:
    Jeff – Lynard Skynard ” That Smell”.
    Lester – George Thorogood ” Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job”.
    I’ve certainly got lots of other suggestions – especially for our leads.
    Love the website – and the interactions!
    Cheers – the Gringo Chuck Fan

    • gringochuckfan says:

      Ok – all you Chuckaholics – here are a few more of my ideas… I know its a bit of a take off from Alley McBeal I think – you know the whole theme song for your life thing:
      Starting from my last post –
      Jeff – Lynard Skynard: That Smell
      Lester – George Thorogood: Get a Haircut and get a real job…
      Now for my ideas for the remainder of the cast:

      Chuck – Lynard Skynard: Simple Man
      Sarah – U2 : Mysterious Ways or Kite
      Casey – Fabulous Thunderbirds: Tough Enough
      Big Mike – ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man

      That just leaves Morgan… any ideas???

  13. StrikerChuck says:

    I just watched an episode of Heroes with Both Skip Johnson and the heavy set red haired kid in a comic shop.

  14. samantha says:

    this is kind of random and maybe it was really obvious, but i had a question about the outdoor cafe scene in chuck vs. the other guy. obviously chuck was dressed as a waiter at the end when he came up behind shaw with the gun, but was he also the waiter who came and brought coffee out to the table earlier in the scene? i have heard it said that that was him as well, but sarah and the ring director both saw him, yet I did not think that they reacted in a way that would suggest that he was chuck. also, on the topic of that episode does anyone know what chuck says when he is holding onto sarah on the bridge when shaw is trying to pull her? i know that he says her name but it sounds like he might say something else as well.

    • Paul says:

      I think it was a different waiter. The Ring Director looked directly at the waiter when he dropped off the cofffee. The Director knows Chuck’s face, and would have recognized him. Unless he was intending on double-crossing Shaw, he would have said something.

      When he’s pulling her in on the bridge he’s grunting at the exertion of trying to keep Shaw from pulling her over the rail.

  15. odysszeuss says:

    AHH! Here are you guy’s. could it be possible,
    i really missed a full thread. and you thougth i wouldn’f find you 😉 79 comments?!? that will be a really late breakfast this saturday morning…

  16. Jimmy says:

    I do not like the idea of having an episode titled “Chuck Vs. The Tooth.”

    Why? Because if we focus on some nobody getting his tooth knocked out, we might forget about the time when Chuck yanked John Casey’s tooth out.

    It somewhat upsets me.

  17. JC says:

    So I got bored last night and read some older posts. One by Ernie stuck out to me, about this season and the TPTB giving Sarah a real choice other than Chuck.

    And it got me thinking has Chuck ever had a real choice?

    • Merve says:

      You know what, not really. Lou and Hannah were civilians. Jill was Fulcrum. The only real choice that Chuck ever had was to be a spy or not.

      • 904 says:

        I would say he’s had choices. For the most part he’s been the overt pursuer of Sarah. He’s always been the one to break it off, as well. Sarah appeared mostly content to keep Chuck close via the fake (but really emotionally real for her) relationship. Chuck played the field more than he ever did based on what we know of the time between Jill part 1 and Sarah. He made his choice many times.

      • JC says:

        It is strange that all roads willing or unwilling led him to Sarah. I wonder why they never brought in another female spy as romantic interest for him.

      • atcdave says:

        Dang JC, don’t give them any ideas! I think 904 is right, Chuck’s always had the choice to pursue or not.

      • JC says:

        Trust me Dave even though other love interests never bothered me I’ve even had enough.

        What I was getting at was that none of his interests never had a chance to work out in the long term. Sarah was the only one that had a real choice in Bryce.

      • atcdave says:

        I get it JC, and I agree. Among the things I disliked about the use (multiple meanings intended) of Hannah; the final lesson learned seemed an echo of what he learned from Lou.

      • JC says:

        Looking back it was kinda of waste they didn’t make Hannah a spy. Make her the anti-Sarah, someone who encouraged him in his training.

      • weaselone says:

        This was suggested by myself and may others before the season even starts. Have them each fall for what they believe to be their new type. Bring in Danielle Shaw to train Chuck and be his eventual PLI. Have Sarah date some random cute, nerdy guy from the Large Mart. To cut a long story short, Chuck discovers that a sexy, dangerous spy isn’t enough and Sarah comes to realize that she fell for more than the tall, cute and nerdy in Chuck.

      • Merve says:

        Weaselone, that’s kind of what is happening on Bones right now. It might have been fun to watch on Chuck but it’s definitely not fun to watch on Bones.

      • atcdave says:

        That’s funny Merve. I don’t watch Bones, but I did recently hear there was a lot of fan discontent right now. Apparently its something Chuck fans know all to well!

      • Merve says:

        Bones has made a lot of missteps in the past. They split up the secondary couple for a long time, which would be roughly the equivalent of splitting up Awesome and Ellie. They made the quirky comedic character get tricked into working for the bad guys, which would be roughly the equivalent of Morgan getting tricked into assassinating someone for the Ring. Imagine if they’d done either of things on Chuck!

        The current discontent about Bones is due to the fact that the will they/won’t they dynamic between the two leads has been dragged on for almost five seasons. In the 100th episode, when one of them took a chance on attempting to start a relationship, the other shot him down. Imagine the Prague scene but with an even worse justification for Chuck’s actions. Or worse yet (and perhaps more fittingly), imagine the “do you love me?” scene but with Sarah freaking out and bursting into tears at Chuck’s question.

    • BDaddyDL says:

      She could have chosen Bryce, but she decided to stay. She was leaving for him, and then 2.0 hit. Wait do any of y’all remember the first 10 episodes of season? Its not like we ever talk about them. (sorry I channeled my inner Casey)

  18. Mcvolin says:

    First of two kinds of spy matchups! Sydney bristow was the ultimate super cool super hot super spy before sarah walker came along. And she was cia. So who comes out on top in
    sydney bristow versus sarah walker? Peace.

  19. Mcvolin says:

    Then the second one. sarah walker versus jane smith! Both hot once again, both expert fighters and most important both there weapon of choice are knives. And its another blonde versus brunette battle.

  20. gringochuckfan says:

    I have a Mother’s Day question for yall:
    As it seems that most of our characters seem to have come out of Domestically unstable backgrounds –
    If for some reason – S4 [ pray’n!!!] were to have a big Mother’s Day theme show – who would you want to see play the mom’s for our beloved cast?
    Here’s my suggestions:
    1. Chuck & Ellie – Lynda Carter
    2. Sarah – Meg Ryan
    3. Casey – Betty White
    4. Jeff – Reha Perlman
    5. Big Mike – Eddie Murphy from Big Mama
    6. Lester – his own mom

    • JC says:

      Pretty good picks

      Sarah-Cheryl Ladd

      Chuck & Ellie- Kate Jackson

      • gringochuckfan says:

        Nice – but I have a question:
        Are you stuck on one particular theme track with your picks?

      • jason says:

        jeff – captain jadeway from voyager?

        big mike – lt ohura from original star trek, assuming she is still alive?

      • JC says:

        Ha it seems like that but the reason I picked Kate Jackson was because of Scarecrow and Mrs King. The housewife falls for a spy and becomes one herself.

      • herder says:

        I was thinking Cathy Moriarty for Jeff, Jo-ann Rupp (that 70’s show) for Casey and Oliva Newton-John for Sarah.

      • gringochuckfan says:

        Hey – I really like the Olivia Newton John idea … At first I was thinking that perhaps Sarah’s mom would be the sweet nice fresh faced lady next door –
        but looking at some of these other posts – perhaps we could get more drama and slip into the dark side – if her mother were played by Sharaon Stone

  21. jason says:

    here is my guess – a 22 episode full season pickup, kick off the fall with a labor day marathon on saturday on the sci fi channel – 3million demo all season long as jj abrahms fans and chuck fans form a monday alliance, if those son a guns can only keep the happy faces on sarah and chuck’s relationship for the season – and to answer fedak’s oft asked remark- ‘ where is the fun it that?’ – in the pocketbook baby

  22. Kevin says:

    Hey just to let everyone know that Scifi Wire is reporting from “multiple sources” that Chuck will have a season four.

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