The Epic Game Changing Season 3 Finale Speculation Post

A spoilery look at the promo and a dive into the deep end.

All I can say is thank God we know Chuck is going to be back next fall.  The Chuck-verse is abuzz and ready to both cheer and break out the pitchforks.  You see, some of us get nervous when Schwedak talk of epic game changing throw everything in the blender nobody and nothing is safe endings.  For those of you trying to remain spoiler free, don’t read past the jump.

Well, where do we start?  People have taken this video apart frame by frame looking for clues.  So why should we be any different?  I’ll add my comments later, but you can probably get a general idea from the order of the stills.

An order is implied but not guaranteed.

Chuck Kicks Butt

Ellie's Discovery

Chuck apparently gives up his secret when he rescues Ellie from Justin.

Shaw is Alive

Chuck sees Shaw.  A chase and a subway are involved.  Shaw does not look happy to see Chuck.

How Come His Bullets Work?

Shaw shoots someone.

Apparently someone close to Chuck.

And Ellie.

Beckman Addressing the Panel

Something to do with Chuck appears to displease the CIA and some powerful people.

Chuck and Sarah don’t appear to like the outcome.

Apparently for a good reason.

Is that Shaw, or Justin?

Sarah wants some answers.

Beckman to the rescue?

Band on the run?

Things don’t look good for Morgan.

Things don’t look good for Sarah.

Things don’t look good for Chuck.

Things don’t look good for Shaw.

Things don’t look good for the Buy More!

Let the games begin.


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I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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211 Responses to The Epic Game Changing Season 3 Finale Speculation Post

  1. cas says:

    Since I am the first one here, I am going to go ahead and volunteer to be the one to go to Lisbon and spread Shaws ashes.

  2. JC says:

    Extremely crazy speculation. Probably has zero chance of happening.

    The Ring will be revealed as a Shadow Government within the United States. Team B will go on a rescue mission to get Ellie. The Team or specifically Chuck will be put on trial for treason for a attacking a CIA base.

    1. The picture with the panel. Notice the glowing Ring surrounding the seal? Just darken the room and that’s who Vincent was reporting to.

    2. Beckman defends Chuck but realizes it doesn’t matter because of how high up the corruption goes. She frees him.

    3. Team B on the run. Shaw/Ring know what at threat they pose. They target the Buymore to draw Chuck out.

    4. Cue epic fight as the Buymore crumbles. Fists and Flashes. Chuck is able to do something crazy with the Intersect that’s revealed in the flashback. Bye Bye Shaw.

    • Merve says:

      I like that spec, JC. It goes very well with a possible Beckman death.

    • atcdave says:

      I wonder if that leads to Chuck and Sarah on the run yet again. I would like that, as long as it doesn’t become a season long arc next season.

      • Merve says:

        Or it could lead to Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Devon, and Ellie all being considered outlaws. The CIA/NSA wouldn’t want to kill them because it would raise a lot of questions, but they would be under constant surveillance. It would be very Burn Notice-ish. (Well, at least a bit Burn Notice-ish; I’ve only seen the pilot episode of that show.)

      • JC says:

        It also could lead to them working for a yet to be revealed third party. Former and current spies who know about the corruption within the government. Perhaps led by someone very close to Chuck and Ellie.

      • Merve says:

        Someone close to Chuck and Ellie, eh? Say, Mama Bartowski?

        Hey, someone was going to bring her up eventually. 😉

      • JC says:

        She is the great unknown on the show. Orion seems to know about spy wills perhaps she was his handler. She faked her death to protect her children and her husband. Could be the reason Orion hates the CIA.

        I feel like JJ Abrams now.

      • Lee says:

        JC this one is directed at your third party post. What if that third party was actually Fulcrum and they have secretly been working to take down the corrupt CIA that has become the RIng behind closed doors,

        That would be pretty epic. Chuck and Sarah joining Fulcrum to take down the Ring

  3. atcdave says:

    I get excited just looking at the stills. I think this will be a good time. Its just the thought of that last twist as time runs out that makes my stomach twist up just a little.

  4. joe says:

    Hey, wait! NOW I feel out of the loop here. Is it really possible that Beckman buys it? Is it possible that S4 will be built around Team B being leaderless, on the run from the CIA/US. Gov. and essentially renegade?

    I know Fedak said that everything’s changing, but – Wow! That would be a whole new show.

    • Merve says:

      That would be a real game changer, now wouldn’t it?

      My guess is that Beckman will actually be on Team Bartowkski’s side throughout the finale, but with two minutes left to go in the episode, Beckman will be assassinated by corrupt agents. When Team Bartowski finds out, they realize that they are leaderless and they have been burned.

      The more I speculate about this scenario, the more insane and unlikely it sounds.

      • atcdave says:

        It does sound like a lot of fun. But we spent a lot of time with specs like this late last season, and we were right about NOTHING. (Remember Chuck taking over Rourke Industries).

        That said, Beckman assassinated would be an excellent final twist. We could spend all summer wondering what the fall out will be.

        I still predict Orion as the first big death. Chuck will have his governer (or maybe it will be “mostly” ready with some new glitches of its own). Chuck and Sarah will be OK but they may be seperated. Shaw will be dead (not just mostly dead). I don’t know what will be up with the other characters, except I’m confident Casey will be alive. But some or all of them may be in various locations with different levels of freedom.

      • Merve says:

        Well, since the show seems to like bringing people back from the dead so much, killing off Beckman would be a convenient reason to bring back Graham. 😉

  5. sd says:

    I have been traveling and haven’t seen the promo (I was on the east coast). But I have heard two different versions of what Papa B said…”Chuck, who do you want to remember…or Chuck, who do you want to protect.”

    Here’s my theory on the game-changer…if it’s “Chuck, who do you want to remember…” I think the intersect issues will cause Chuck’s brain to overheat to the point that when he “super flashes” to kill Shaw he loses his memory…cue reset…no memory of Sarah etc.

    Call me crazy…but I have been on multiple planes all day.

    • atcdave says:

      That would be a profoundly lousy ending.

    • odysszeuss says:

      OH! OH! OH! That sounds interesting…
      Chuck loosing his memory. RESET!
      …all gone! No Sarah! No Casey! No everything!
      Restart of the Charah romance at ZERO!
      That could be really cool…
      This time Sarah has to teach Chuck everything about honesty, loyalty, friendship, love etc. etc.
      new PLi’s and Li’s: new brunettes for Chuck (he can not remeber being in a realtionship with Sarah)…
      Sarah is again Chucks handler in a new version, renegade, on the run… cool/so cool…

  6. Rick Holy says:

    Let it be “epic” and “game-changing.” As long as it doesn’t involve any more “triangles” or “parallelograms!!” 😉

    Truthfully, I think some changes are in order with this show. I mean, how much longer can you keep the Buy More around when “the bad guys” know who Chuck is. It would make more sense for the “cover life” to be gone – and either having Team Bartowski operate from a different location, from “on the run,” or from a base similar to Castle, but located somewhere else.

    I’d be surprised to see a Chuck and Sarah husband and wife cover (ala “vs. the Suburbs), as that is going to be the motiff for Abram’s “Undercovers.”

    I like where the show is at, and I think whatever changes they have in store will be GOOD ones!

    (By the way, it looks like we’ll be on next fall the same night/time – and NOT paired with Underovers – at least according to the info. at TVBYTHENUMBERS).

    Anyway, am PSYCHED about Monday’s 2 hour Chuckathon finale (and Sunday’s 2.5 hour ending for LOST). It’s going to be two nights of PURE television heaven!!

    Take care, all. And PEACE!

  7. Crumby says:

    We also know that there are flashbacks of little Chuck and Ellie involded.

    My guess is that it’s either about Mama B or something that links Chuck to the Intersect from childhood. Maybe both.

    Maybe we’ll know why Chuck is supposed to be special when it comes to the Intersect.

  8. Ernie Davis says:

    Well, nothing like a little speculation to start the day, so here’s mine.

    We start out with Chuck rescuing Ellie, and in the process finding The Ring’s base and Shaw, and that the CIA is infiltrated. It is possible that Team B goes on the run at this point with a trumped up charge hanging over Chuck. One possibility is Emmet’s death. If that is the case then I think Chuck decides to turn himself, hence the “trial” and confinement.

    The other possibility is that we have Shaw drawing Chuck out and killing someone, and somehow pinning the blame on Chuck, hence the running, Chuck turning himself in, being freed, or some such.
    I think this is the more plausible scenario given what everyone is wearing in the stills, the same thing as in the location where Ellie, Chuck and Sarah apparently see Shaw kill someone. The only problem is that we see two large men dragging a distraught Chuck away, but that could be temporary. We also know Morgan goes on the run with team B, so he isn’t the first (speculation) death. I’m going with Orion.

    So either by turning himself in or capture Chuck gets bunkered and Beckman comes to see him, either before or after the “trial”. The possibilities are that he is either ordered confined at the trial and Sarah clears his name, leading to his release, or while on the run the team brings down enough of the Ring to clear themselves, but Chuck is fired for his rouge actions.

    With their father gone but the governor still unfinished Chuck and Ellie must team up. Her the neurologist, him the electrical engineer, to finish his work. In the process a flashback to Mom leaving and Dad’s work. They may, in the flashback find Mama B’s lockbox and will, the second death? Or not.

    Two possibilities here. With Chuck out, or the ring crippled Chuck proposes to Sarah (who if Chuck is out decides to retire after clearing his name). This is the supposed happy ending, but Shaw is still out there. He takes the Buy More hostage to draw out Chuck and Sarah. Big epic flash fight with Buy More explosion and one or more of our main characters presumed dead or injured and in a coma, leading to the return of the wills. This might be the big reveal if Chuck reads something in Sarah’s will, or Sarah something in Chuck’s that “changes everything”.

    Tons of possibilities, but here’s my one prediction. The Buy More blow up is in one of Chuck’s flash-dreams, as a warning.

    Of course nothing is certain, and I’m sure we’ll all convince each other and change each other’s minds about a dozen times between now and Monday. But that’s all part of the fun.

    • herder says:

      Great ideas, this’ll just be a quick post as I’m runing late. The Ring had two pieces of information that they shouldn’t have last week. First that Papa B had and intersect and that he had a divice that enabled him to survive with an intersect in his brain. Only Chuck and Sarah knew about the first and no one, CIA included knew about the second.

      So how does the Ring know? my guess is that Mama B told them. I’m guessing the flash backs show Papa B having problems with his intersect and developing a prototype of a governor before Mama B leaves. The game changing climax could be that the evil woman that Chuck has been trying to catch turns and in a homage to The Empire Strikes Back says “Chuck, I’m your Mother”.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I just remembered a point or two. First, I think what we watched last Monday was essentially the first act of a thee act arc following… You guessed it, the Hero’s Journey. The end of last episode had Chuck writing his spy will and Sarah giving Chuck hers. Chekhov’s guns. They will come back.

      Second, in writing his will Chuck was fully committing to being a spy and it’s consequences. In giving Chuck hers, Sarah was fully committing to being with Chuck, essentially giving him her life. Both are crossing the threshold. For the journey that has been laid out Sarah will have to temporarily lose Chuck and Chuck will have to “lose” his life, which I think is the incarceration. Both will emerge stronger to face Shaw a second time and ultimately triumph.

      Third, there were five characters visually referenced when Chuck is essentially reciting his vulnerabilities (i.e. the causes of his metaphorical deaths). They are Sarah, Morgan, Ellie, Papa B, and Shaw. Chuck’s weaknesses and drama and “deaths” will all be related to those characters. Shaw is obvious. Ellie, we know Chuck rescues her and this somehow leads to his incarceration. We’ve seen that both Morgan and Sarah will be at Shaw’s mercy at one point, and there is a lot of spec that Papa B is the one Shaw first kills. But here’s the thing. I fully expect a repeat of The Ring, in that we’ll get the wedding like resolution where Chuck had his life back and re-joined the regular world by helping his sister and Sarah decided to stay. My guess, Chuck proposes, but before Sarah can answer (yes, they’ll go there again) they’ll be called to action for a final showdown or from out of the blue one of them “dies”. Like the ring, the rest of the episode will be the S4 setup. I fully expect Chuck or Sarah to be faux killed or for Chuck to end up in a coma. My money is on Chuck flashes himself into a coma.

      We’ve already seen the setup. Chuck’s realization that Shaw was alive had him in a hospital bed with life support running, and this was an intersect dream. Does the intersect know one of the flashes will eventually “kill” Chuck or put him in a coma? So my money is on Chuck, because it can be dramatic without alienating the fan base, because we know he’ll be back, and it gives Yvonne and Sarah (Sarah and Ellie) the chance to emote like crazy and read his spy will. The final twist, Chuck will have included a Do Not Resuscitate and the season ends with a flatline.

      • jason says:

        yep – have no idea if that will or won’t happen, but that sure could be the outline they follow – I am a shipper and I would like that ending – but I would assume some would not – that ending would bring a fair amount of attention to the S4 start, only flaw is how can they show S4 previews / promo’s, without showing chuck and letting the cat out of the bag?

      • Crumby says:

        A fake death or coma for Chuck could be interesting.

        A coma would probably lead to the team working together in order to save him.

        If his death is faked, it could be interesting to see how everyone has reacted during the summer. In addition to the whole spy reasons for his death of course. And they could play different ways to deal with the loss, through all the characters.
        He’s the only character whose death would really affect everybody.

        A fake death allows to deal with both grief and return which is pretty cool.

      • Crumby says:

        If they go there, I just hope they don’t do the whole Alias thing: you “died” two years ago so I got married.

      • jason says:

        ernie – u seem to be the poll guy – I would be interested in a poll (while you still have a full audience as I assume come June 1st or so traffic will fall off until next season) – what % of the blog fans are categorized as follows:
        1 – 100% shippers – hate all PLI / LI
        2 – Love CS together – understood the PLI stuff and tolerated it – S3 pushed it too far
        3 – like CS together now on, liked all the PLI / LI so far too
        4 – want more PLI / LI for CS, would like CS only to unite at end
        5 – hate cs together, want them to end up with someone different – cole & lou for example

      • Merve says:

        I’m not so sure about those categories. I’m not a shipper – I don’t care if Chuck and Sarah are “together” are not as long as the show remains entertaining – but I also think that outside love interests are really annoying.

      • Crumby says:

        I want CS to be together. I don’t want to see anymore serious LIs for them.
        But I wouldn’t mind an occasionnal break up as long as they’re working on their relationship.
        Even if they’re not together, I’d at least want both of them to not wanna be with anybody else.
        A lot of fan fiction have them separated, often for professionnel reasons, but without PLIs.

        However if the relationhip is definitely settled, I wouldn’t mind PLI played for comedy, or see the return of Jill for example. I think it could be interesting.

    • herder says:

      I like the idea of the spy wills coming into play. Perhaps Chuck is flashed into a coma (his dream) and Sarah is pressed into reading his spy will in the hope that it may shed some light on the intersect to help save him. Instead (and I know I’m sailing close to fanfiction here) it is all about her, how he hopes that before something happens that they have had a chance to marry, have children and have a life together. You can have a scene where Sarah promises that they will have all that if only he comes back.

      Maybe his spy will refers to his chart on the back of the Tron poster that has some intelligence that is relevant. In any event he comes out of the coma, all is well and then the big twist hits (what ever that is).

  9. odysszeuss says:

    i don’t buy the death of orion. so long there is an intersect in future seasons, the story needs his intersect-nerd. if orion dies, the intersect dies with him. is it possible ther is a story without an intersect in season 4? however it’s most likely that shaw kills him. only loud thinking…

    the buy more explosion in a chuck-flash dream as a warning for team B. very good idea. meanwhile i think this seems natural. haven’t thougth about that before.

    • jason says:

      i would think chuck has the intersect in the final showdown with shaw, unless orion gave him some device to pull the interest from both of them at once????

      shaw appears to have no side effects from the promo????

      I still think awesome is dying in the scene where ellie & chuck are crying – since everyone thinks it is orion – orion is too predictable?????

      As for the twist at the end, I just don’t think we care about anyone enough as a fanbase except chuck or sarah, so one or both of them have to buy the farm, I’m going with sarah, since if chuck faux dies, we know he can’t (smallville ending last week, clark is not even listed as a possible death in ausilleo), sarah gives many enough agony to make fedak happy and guarantee bad ratings next season, which seems to be a major goal, have fans hate the show

      • odysszeuss says:

        Jason, i really enjoy your cynical quotes. but anywhere you outed yourself being more provoke then really cynical. i like that 😉

        I’ve really forgotten the possibility of awesome dying. don’t know why. it would fit to orion=intersect. awesome is expandbl…

      • Crumby says:

        I’m kind of curious about Awesome I haven’t seen him in the promo or pics.

  10. weaselone says:

    So my guess based on the promo and the ending last week is that the Ring will use Ellie to blackmail Orion into providing the governor. Cue Team B taking out the facility, rescuing Ellie and exposing Chuck. I think concurrently, the rate of Chuck’s night flashing and the intensity of his dreams will spike upwards causing him ever greater concern.

    I’m going to posit that before going after Team B directly, Shaw will undertake strikes against the CIA, NSA, etc. These strikes will be the obvious work of an Intersect and that coupled with Ring Insiders will result in Chuck being brought in for trial. Unless Chuck has informed Sarah of the problems with the Intersect, she’ll find out about them here as the damage caused be the Intersect and the symptoms including delusions and insanity will be brought up in his hearing. Beckman will defend him.

    Chuck could conceivably lose and be incarcerated only to be broken out by the general and his team, or circumstances with the Ring force his release as part of a last desperate gambit. Chuck is forced to flash often during the fight against the Ring, resulting in increasingly painful and traumatic flashes. As a result, the team attempts to shield him from flashing, but necessity and the eventual threat to the Buy More and Sarah forces Chuck into action. There’s the final fight with Shaw where Chuck risksdeath and flashes without the governor.

    The last 2 minute upset occurs when the Ring, although beaten by Team B succeeds in carrying out it’s coup against the government intelligence apparatus rendering the surviving members of the extended team B outlaws.

    • Stef62 says:

      You could have an ‘Alias Smith & Jones’ scenario where Beckman tells them bring down the Ring, and you’ll receive a pardon. In the meantime all the other goverment agencies are after them

    • Crumby says:

      I like your idea of Shaw doing Intersect strike for which Chuck would be suspect. That’s interesting.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Wow, a lot of good stuff there. The first death we see fits several scenarios; before running leading to a trial then incarceration and running, after running leading to the death and a trial, or after the trial and running, having been drawn back.

      I like the idea of Shaw framing Chuck via intersect and nobody other than team B believing Chuck that Shaw is alive because of the “dementia”. Or even some of team B doubting Chuck because of the “lies” he tells to cover up his problems.

    • Karen says:

      We ‘re all assuming it’s Shaw that’s responsible for the significant death in the finale. How about he’s not, and the CIA takes out one of Chuck’s family members? Dad? Sister (cause of the ring connection), wouldn’t that change the game?

      • Crumby says:

        Yeah I could see Team B somehow going “rogue” because the government doesn’t have the same interest in protecting Chuck’s friend and family than them.

        So there would be two team against the Ring, team B and the legal one, which could lead to the death of a team B member.

        Team B would devastated and angry at the government for not only refusing to protect them and but being in the end responsible.

        Complete loss of innocence there. That could be really dark though. For season 4, I mean.

      • Crumby says:

        Maybe the CIA will kill Sarah and Shaw in his crazyness will sympatizised with Chuck’s pain. Having endured the same loss and betrayal, they will work in tamdem in season 4.

      • atcdave says:

        Not even funny Crumby, not even funny!

      • joe says:

        Crumby, I think I speak for everyone here when I say…



      • Ernie Davis says:

        And Shaw can romance the newly widowed Ellie (he is a major stallion after all) while Chuck finds the CIA team that killed Sarah and puts the moves on the asset’s brunette handler in an effort to lure her to Burbank and drop her in the LA river adjacent to the shell of what once was Warner Brothers studios.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        But Sarah isn’t really dead; I mean who ever is on this show, so she pursues Chuck intent on killing the next brunette that gets near him, but she is sidetracked when she has to save Carina from Shaw, who is having transference issues having learned Carina is Sarah’s best friend. But of course Carina filleted Shaw the first time he used a cheesy pick up line and tried to nuzzle her neck, so Sarah and Carina team up to save Chuck from the evil brunette CIA agent who is really the Ring operative who killed, but not killed killed Sarah.

        Casey got a headache and had to go lay down in his bunk.

      • JC says:

        But just before they reunite we find out Eve Shaw was Chuck and Ellie’s half sister. This causes great angst between Chuck and Sarah. Oddly enough Jill returns asking for Chuck’s help because she’s being hunted down by the Ring. Along the way we find out Bryce is really alive and his death was a triple cross. Jill and him are working together to get back with their exes.

      • jason says:

        graham and sarah had an affair which led to the birth of noah, who is being raised by eve shaw’s parents, who happen to be next door neighbors to the awesome’s, devon is the product of an affair between mrs awesome and eve shaw’s father, who also had an affair with general beckman, while roan was having an affair with even shaw’s mother, hence Roan is eve shaw’s real father.

      • jason says:

        sorry jc, didn’t read your b4 I hoisted mine, I think the story has just failed this season, to the point it merits ridicule – I hope somehow fedak and schwartz’s input into 1`8 & 19 can save the season – at their best, they have been very good, at their worst, not so much, lets hope schwartz and fedak hit the finale on all cylinders?

      • joe says:

        See? See what you started, Crumby???
        Very bad. Now go to your corner!


      • Ernie Davis says:

        But Eve Shaw isn’t really dead. She’s been in suspended animation with Shaw’s unborn child for years. Upon awakening she sets off for revenge against her father’s killer, (Shaw), her own killer, (Sarah), and Shaw’s killer, Carina, who is now dating a very confused Chuck who reconciled with Sarah when it turned out she didn’t kill his half sister Eve, but then broke up because he couldn’t remember which one of them he was related to. Morgan has married Ellie, but Awesome wasn’t really dead. He finally tracked down agent Forest, who he’s been in love with since his bachelor party. Beckman is back with Roan having briefly broken up while Chuck was trying to figure out who it was safe to date. Unfortunately Chuck came to the conclusion that Beckman was his mother upon seeing his father, who isn’t really dead of course, kissing her and asking her to come away for a vacation.

        Casey is still in his bunk with a headache.

      • Merve says:

        I’m not worried about the quality of the finale. Matt Miller, Ali Adler, and Phil Klemmer are all leaving the show, so “Subway” is going to be their swan song. As a writing pair, Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak have established a good track record with the pilot, “Helicopter,” and “First Date,” so “Ring Pt. 2” should be great as well.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I expect you’re right Merve, but I’m sure there will also be some of the trademark maddening aspects in both that will have us buzzing. So I decided to engage in some lighthearted inoculation. After all, it’s supposed to be epic. 😉

      • Merve says:

        What would really be “epic” would be if it were all a dream.

      • JC says:

        So Chuck is still confused and hungry. He decides to stop in at Lou’s deli. But we find out Lou has teamed up with Hannah & Manoosh to get revenge on Chuck.

        They drug him and take him to their boss Cyborg Ted Rourke. Orion and Beckman now fearful for their son enlist Ilsa and Alex who has an Intersect of her own to rescue Chuck and hopefully get Casey out of his bunk. Sarah is now running cons with Jack Burton and Carina.

        Jill killed Bryce for a third time because their plan failed. She goes looking for Vincent who she always had a crush on.

      • Merve says:

        But Vincent has a secret love for Lebanese food, so he runs into Lizzie’s arms.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Roan having lost Beckman to Orion, and Jill, having lost Vincent to Lizzie go on a couples retreat, where they find Shaw didn’t really kill Sydney, she fled the country for Costa Gravas where a certain premier took a shine to her.

      • Crumby says:

        OK guys I’m sorry! Shaw won’t return! 😉

      • Ernie Davis says:

        No way, Carina killed him for sure. Haven’t you been following this? 🙂

        She made sure to see eviscera.

      • Merve says:

        In Costa Gravas, Roan and Jill run into Julius, who fled Los Angeles with his boyfriend after being tranqed on the job. Roan and Jill also find out that Bryce was never cremated; the ashes in the urn that Sarah had with her in Lisbon were actually ashes from Costa Gravan cigars.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Big Mike and Bolonia move to Turks and Caicos where Big Mike opens a bait shop/charter fishing business. Jeffster become a huge hit in Bollywood.

        A slowly recuperating John Casey is confronted one day by a very confused Sarah Walker who tries to seduce him. When he asks what she is doing she can only shake her head saying “I have to, we worked together…” with a distant glazed look in her eyes. A resigned John Casey simply says “I’ll be in my bunk.”

        One Charles Irving Bartowski is briefly institutionalized after “freaking out” about geometric shapes everywhere. There he meets one Sarah Walker, who seems familiar, but he just can’t place her. Sarah is institutionalized after violating a restraining order filed by Carina Miller and her husband Cole Barker. When asked about her stalking she can only answer “but we worked together…” In the institution she meets a cute guy named Chuck, who seems familiar, but she just can’t place him.

  11. Crumby says:

    I think the Ring still doesn’t know about Chuck being the Intersect. When he went to the cabin, Justin’s men didn’t seem to have any idea of who he was.

    I’m thinking Shaw didn’t say anything so that the Ring wouldn’t interfere in his revenge.

    By rescuing Ellie Chuck will divulgue his identity to the Ring.

    • weaselone says:

      Not certain about that. Unless the Ring is on the verge of collapse, it would seem unnecessary to upload Shaw unless they knew they would be facing off against an Intersect agent on the other side.

  12. Crumby says:

    If they end up somehow on the run or off-grid or something non-governmently, the problem would be that there couldn’t be any “normal life”. The government knows their identities and everything.

    I’d prefer having them working for a secret branch of the government, working against the corruption. Everybody could be covered. They’d still be in some way legal and protected but would fight against both bad and good guys.

  13. ChuckTheWalker says:

    Hey, guys! First time posting here, but I’ve been reading these threads ever since the start of season 3. Amazing job on all the analysis, by the way.

    Like you guys, I’m so psyched for next week’s finale that I honestly don’t know what to expect especially the end. Though I want to share just one thought..

    Didn’t any Chuck fan think it would be a good idea that, since Chuck’s basically a superhero himself with the 2.0 this season, TPTB could take a page from the Spider-man comic’s humor element?

    You know, Spidey basically taunts and insults his opponent while battling them from time to time. I feel that with Levi’s comedic talents, he could pull it off while doing Chuck-fu for comic relief. It would be a major nod to the comic book geeks.

    Like: “You know, Shaw, I always knew you would survive that river in Paris. You DO have that wooden plank look going for you.” (wood floats on water, after all haha!)

    • weaselone says:

      I’d considered that, but it doesn’t really seem to be Chuck’s style. I could definitely see Casey doing that while fighting an Intersected Shaw even while Shaw’s Intersect augmented abilities were slowly wearing down Casey’s raw strength and physical stamina, but not Chuck.

      My preference would be for Chuck to ultimately use his head to overcome Shaw. Naturally, I’d want some dramatic Intersect on Intersect action prior to that point with Chuck realizing that Shaw’s insanity and superior physical conditioning balanced out Chuck’s superior control and retention of Intersect data. A draw in the form of a mutual death would be fine with Shaw who would thirst solely for vengeance and would be pushed even further into insanity by his Intersect, but Chuck has friends, family, a sugar bear and a leggy Valkyrie to live for.

      I figure that Chuck could act in a manner that provoked Shaw into a rapid serious of flashes, crippling him. Chuck would then deliver the killing blow and we’d cut to the exterior of the Buymore as it went up.

      • Crumby says:

        I’d like to see Chuck overcome Shaw with his head to. But somehow I’d like it better if they all came to a brainy plan together, as the ultimate influence of Chuck on the team. That could be cool.

    • joe says:

      Good to see you here, ChuckTheWalker. I like that name. Audacious. As Worf (ST:TNG) would say, “I like that in a handle.” 😉

      As for taunting, I like the way Chuck says “Saved the best for last!” to taunt Shaw. Man, this is so unlike the Chuck from S1, it’s amazing and it’s great.

      I should show some restraint, because it may seem like an abrupt turn-around. But I’m really starting to like S3 as much as I did S2 (well, nearly as much). S1 seems sweeter and slower to me now. I really do like the way Chuck, Sarah and especially Morgan have evolved.

      And know what? With 1 second of Casey saying “Alex, I’m your father!” showing on the clip, I think Casey is about to evolve too.

  14. Jen says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read’s everyone’s speculations, but i like Ernie’s idea a lot. SPecially because if the mention of hte wills in this last ep. To me that is pointing us in the direction where either Sarah or Chuck will have to end up thinking the other is dead and will be having to read their will. I’m excited to see C&S face Shaw again. I’m not bothered by him coming back as a villain for this final ep of the season but i don’t really care to see him next season at all.
    I’m also curious as to how early in the ep Ellie will find out the truth about her brother’s spy life and Sarah finding out about the intersect’s effect on Chuck. I hope we get these too resolved quickly so we can move right on tothe action and more plot develpment.

    • atcdave says:

      I think Ellie will find out pretty early, and the first character death death will come pretty early too; half way point of 3.18 is my guess.

    • BeCoolBoy says:

      My guess is that we WON’T see or hear about the wills again. I think that was a one-off plot device which also gave them the ability to have Chuck’s “will” set up the future action. Consider it this season’s equivalent of the back of the Tron poster. That’s my guess, anyhow…

      • weaselone says:

        If we don’t see it or hear about it again, we’ll have to assume he gave it to Sarah. I don’t see any purpose for him to have written it other than for her to have something should he be killed, or succumb to the Intersect.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Yes, I considered that both Shaw and Sarah’s were plot devices to set up Chuck’s prologue narration and as a symbol of him accepting his or Sarah’s death as a possible consequence of the life he chose. I still think that they made enough of a big deal out of them (and that 3.17 was really act 1 of the finale) that they’ll be back

      • atcdave says:

        That would be my guess too. Something dire enough will happen where one of them (probably Chuck’s) will be read.

      • BeCoolBoy says:

        Tell ya why I don’t think so: There is very little that we DON’T know about Chuck, so there’s really no mystery there. Besides, as a spy, Chuck’s “spy will” would be slim pickings indeed at this point.

        And reading Sarah’s spy will out loud to the audience would blow episodes of back story they could use later. And since we’ve alrady heard Sarah say the “I Love You” line, there isn’t that exposition left, either.

        Hence I think the wills have served their purpose. The ONLY way I could see them used again in 18/19 is if one or the other reads it silently and cries. But I just don’t think it’ll drive plot or future exposition by any reading to the audience of the wills.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        BCB, I didn’t assume they would be used for much more than an angsty moment where one thought the other was dead, though there are possibilities I outlined (such as Chuck having a DNR in his). One other possibility is that we get a reveal of some sort in Chuck’s, similar to the Tron poster. We say we know everything about Chuck, but what if he reveals the intersect, just as a for instance, has allowed him to identify or track down his mother, or Sarah’s true identity, or Sarah’s mother. I’m just saying the setup is there. I really don’t expect much more than an angsty tearful Sarah opening Chuck’s, after all, who expects these guys to pass up an angsty emotional moment like that?

  15. Michael says:

    I thought about reading this entry for a while…curiosity won, so I read it a few minutes ago and looked at the promo material. Now I’m looking for someone who can freeze-dry me until next monday. Man, am I excited. Sorry for not being able to contribute anything of value to your discussion, but I’m in a state of mild shock right now…I wasn’t too happy with ‘Living Dead’ (which in the Chuckverse still means ‘damn good entertainment’), but now I’m biting my nails…what are they up to? I guess these are the moments when being a writer is really fun, knowing that a mass of people can’t wait to find out in which direction the story’s gonna turn…

    • joe says:

      Freeze dried, as in Hans Solo? Cool! Me too!

      Actually, I’m more like Woody Allen in Sleeper. 😉

      I know what you mean. I can’t believe this season is almost over – there’s so much I want to see yet!

      What do you think? Did JS&CF assume that they’d get an S4, and left us with cliff hangers like “Either Chuck or Sarah think the other is dead.” or “Shaw killed Stephen or Alex and escaped.” or “Team B. is now outlaw and running from the g’ment.”??? Will S3 end that way – unresolved?

      Maybe they tied up loose ends, but shot alternate cliff-hangers just in case they *did* get an S4?

      Could they possibly resolve EVERYTHING, including a C&S engagement?

      While the words “Gimme closure” are ringing in my ears, the old Stones song “Gimme Shelter” is playing in my head as I see the Buy More explode.

      • jason says:

        joe – I think a jason style (warm and fuzzy) ending will be on the books for 3.19 all wrapped up with about 2 minutes to go & had S4 not come about, we would have gotten 2 minutes of animal house capsules (lester becomes a porn star, jeff starts a designer blue jean company, sarah & chuck retire and have 8 kids, etc) – with a season 4, something very bad happens out of the blue (remember chuck’s will) and the final 2 minutes changes everything – in some ways, I’d rather hate the summer and have a fun fall season, than expect a great fall season all summer & then get crapped on all season like this year was

      • Crumby says:

        I don’t remember where it was (maybe Chuck vs. the Podcast – the episode about Wondercon but I’m not sure) but in an interview CF said that he loved open ending like the one we had last year. So I think the last 2 minutes will change everything, and except if we get 10 more seasons the last 2 minutes of the series may be the same way as well.

      • atcdave says:

        I think Jason may have hit the nail on the head. The nice thing with those sort of “whatever became of..” summaries is they don’t even have to shoot anything to use them.
        Last year though, they gave us a pretty ambiguous ending when they weren’t even sure if they’d be back. So wouldn’t bet on anything with this crew.
        Chuck being presumed dead would be an excellent ending, since we know it can’t be that way, and it gives Yvonne plenty of opportunity to show her range as an actress. And we know it will be fixed quickly in S4.

  16. cas says:

    I’ve surfing around so much lately that I honestly don’t remember. I think I heard or read somewhere that this finale was the original finale they had intended before they knew that they were going to get an additional 6 episodes. If that is the case, then that would explain so much on why certain stories were dragged and re written after receiving the news that they will get an additional 6. That would also explain why Shaw is returning as the ultimate villain (not to annoy fans) in the end and not some random guy. So if all ^these^ are true, then I’m assuming that we will get a happy ending with the exception of the last 2 minutes which I am assuming was their back up plan if indeed they were to get a 4th season.

    • atcdave says:

      I don’t know cas, but Fedak did say they started this season with the Paris hotel as their end point and worked backwards from there. So my guess would be this is all bonus material.

  17. Mclovin says:

    Hey uncle joe. Hehe. still getting used to calling u that. Just a quick brief question that has nothing to do with this post. What colour are yvonne strahovski’s eyes in real life? Peace.

  18. AngelTwo says:

    Well, I dunno what happens in 18/19, but the Diego Garcia maneuver in Honeymooners has certainly paid almost immediate dividends.

  19. lucian says:

    I am curious – do you think that the season will end:
    1) with Chuck and Sarah in a good place with each other
    2) in a pretty bleak place with each other
    3) very much up in the air?

    • Crumby says:

      I think that if they’re not together it will be because of technicalities, such as death or coma or government hunt, something like that.

      Or maybe a some sort of sacrifice like “I love you and because of ??? we can’t be together”.

      • Merve says:

        I’m not a fan of the sacrifice scenario. It’s too Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince-ish for me.

        I don’t think that Chuck and Sarah will be in a bad place at the end of the season finale, but I also don’t think that they’re going to make any progress or get engaged. My guess is that the episodes aren’t very Chuck/Sarah-heavy.

      • Crumby says:

        I also think the ep will probably not be CS heavy, but the game changer could be.

      • BeCoolBoy says:

        If Fedak is to be believed, the big “game changer” was something excised from Other Guy when the order for the back six came in. So logic would dictate it doesn’t actually have anything directly to do with Chuck and Sarah as a couple.

      • joe says:

        I’d sort of guess that someone’s life is in more danger than their relationship.

    • atcdave says:

      I’m betting Chuck and Sarah will be in a “good place”, but their circumstances may be difficult. Like one or both missing or believed to be dead.

    • herder says:

      I think that they will end up in a good place, subject to the big game changer (which I don’t think is relationship related). Along the way there will be plenty of angsty bits and emotional bits.

      The season end has been set up so the issue of Chuck lying should be adressed. The spy wills likely come into play but all that pales in comparison to the return of Shaw. He will be fighting Chuck, he knows that Chuck is a formidable opponent while flashing although I think he underestimates Chuck without the intersect. Shaw never seemed to grasp Chuck’s problem solving skills and his capacity for thinking himself out of a jam.

      In any event if Shaw wants to prevent Chuck from flashing he has to play on his emotions (see Other Guy) so to me it is inconcievable that he won’t taunt Chuck about what happened with him and Sarah after Chuck “had his chance and blew it” it is likely that he will exagerate what went on and Chuck may have to confront Sarah about it so that he can flash. So my guess is that we will hear more about Shaw/Sarah’s romance from both parties.

      That said I still think that they will end up in a good place, maybe new obstacles to overcome but they both will be clear that they will be together and meet them as a couple.

      • JC says:

        If Shaw taunts him about Sarah, Chuck can always use the Eve card. Unlike you I can protect the woman I love.

      • Crumby says:

        Would Shaw brag about being with his wife’s killer?

        I personnaly don’t want to see that at all. It’s a little beneath the show IMO.

      • herder says:

        That is exactly what I expect to see happen, Shaw thinks him self some sort of emotionless uber-spy, Chuck thinks he is emotional swiss cheese. No one knows better than Chuck how emotions can mess up an intersect and he should know how to play Shaw if he starts this game.

      • atcdave says:

        I’m just not sure the writers know how to play Chuck that clever; I’d love to see him outsmart Shaw without Intersect skills, but I bet they can’t figure out how to have him do it.

      • jason says:

        shaw is a far more heroic figure to the creative team than chuck, afterall, sarah chose shaw of her own free will, and very begrudgingly gave him up for chuck’s near whiny, stalking, begging – very rare in the WT/WT for the hero to have to stoop to so much begging, then have the heroine’s lover thrown back in his face for the next 6 episodes by the creative te, I guess that is what this creative team considers epic mythology

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I know I shouldn’t go here…but I can’t help but think how much the season would have been so much better had Shaw been evil all along. I mean they had us primed for it…but they just kept on backtracking and weirding out.

        Oh well. I seem to have forgotten another foreshadowing in my list of foreshadowing (somewhere in this page):
        – Shaw lead-full of bullets. With Chuck the badass with 2 guns.

      • weaselone says:

        Jason, you’re kidding right? For all intents and purposes all Chuck did was lay it out on the table and ask Sarah to make a choice. The stalking was all Morgan, Casey, and Awesome. Chuck just went in and said his peace. Then later he didn’t even reiterate his previous statements. He just told her he loved her and that he hoped she would be there at the train station. There was precious little whining, stalking and begging involved.

      • Crumby says:

        I wouldn’t use terms such as whining, begging and stalking, but he definitely had to chase her.

        – the stake out date
        – the restaurant at union station
        – his calls after his red test
        – his invitation to Rome when he came back to DC
        – Chuck crashing her date with Shaw
        – his ILY speech
        – and the DYLM question

        well, it hasn’t been easy.

        While Shaw, well… he bought her coffee and earrings. Chuck should have given her the chocolate and stuff he showed to Morgan. Maybe it would have work sooner! 🙂

  20. JC says:

    So I was thinking about the showdown between Chuck and Shaw in the Buy More. I really hope they play it out as two people that truly hate each other. None of the “this isn’t you Shaw” crap from Other Guy. No guns just Intersect-Fu, a brutal fight between them going all out. And I know people want Chuck to shoot him again but I hope he Tic Tac’s Shaw or lets him burn. Kinda dark for Chuck but I don’t think people would mind.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      It would be a bit dark, but in a funny way. Chuck beats Shaw to a pulp but doesn’t kill him. Sarah walks up to Shaw and empties a pistol into him. Thirteen shots minimum. She then picks up another and gets Chuck to check for a pulse while she covers him. There is none. They start to walk away, Sarah stops, turns, fires a few more shots until Chuck coaxes her to come along. She stops once more and turns, but Chuck coaxes her along before firing, she looks at him, he relents, she fires a few more, they walk away.

  21. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    Subway will definitely be CS heavy in my estimation. I mean it’s Matt Miller and Ali Adler. They’d have to be dead not to go there, a lot.

    I see these next two hours to be more on the pace of colonel versus say Ring. Where everything is happening in the beginning, then a calm ending and then boom game changer.

    I’m still putting my 500 costa gravas pesos on either Sarah pregnant or being intersected LOL.

    In all seriousness though there have been 3 telling foreshadowing in the last oh 4 episodes or so:
    – the rings in honeymooners
    – the wills in Living Dead
    – Chuck’s “I don’t know what will end up killing me…it may be my emotions that end up doing me in or a slip up trying to protect my friends, or my family wh never wanted me to be a part of this.” so we know that Ellie, Morgan and Sarah will be in danger in the coming epi. It may come to pass that he has to make a choice on who to save.

    Finally Casey…
    I think Casey will find that Chuck was more correct when he said Shaw knows everything about us…including his daughter. I think Shaw will be going for the grand slam in devastation.

    • Crumby says:

      About Casey, when he’s on the floor Chuck is saying “I’ve chosen to be a spy and there’s consequences to that”…

    • joe says:

      There’s one other foreshadowing, Faith. It’s Chuck telling Sarah “You’re not going anywhere. And neither am I.”

      That’s the one I’m counting on.

    • herder says:

      Another bit of possible foreshadowing, from the Honeymooners, Morgan to Sarah: “take care of my boy”. Do we get a similar scene between Papa B and Sarah or has Morgan really passed the Chuck torch to Sarah. It seems that they have set up Morgan as the Oracle of Burbank, his statements are in big part prophesies.

  22. gabbo says:

    Shaw on a subway car, eh? I was really hoping they were going for an homage of the remake of The Italian Job. You know, a Nerd Herder, followed by Sarah’s Porsche, followed by Casey’s Crown Vic. Not exactly a fleet of Minis, I admit. But it could have been funny. Oh, well. Shaw on a subway, it is…

  23. Crumby says:

    Following Chuck’s quote it could give that:

    Chuck –> “I don’t know what will end up killing me” –> could announce his death, fake death, almost death…
    Casey –> “but I’ve chosen to be a spy, and there are consequences to that.” –> the choice he made was his country vs. hs family, hence Alex, but I have no idea what’s gonna happened to her.
    Sarah –> “It may be my emotions that end up doing me in” –> so there would be emotional stuff happening between CS that could messed up the Intersect.
    Morgan –> “or a slip-up, trying to protect my friends” –> Morgan’s life will be in danger, Chuck will have to save him.
    Ellie –> “or my family” –> the same goes for Ellie
    Orion –> who never wanted me to be a part of this. –> Orion will be in danger, possibly end up dead, protecting Chuck.

    I like that they do that kind of quote and edit it that way. I love that kind of stuff.

  24. Jimmy says:

    I think all Shaw wants from Team Bartowski is the light jacket that he left in Castle.

    Whatever happens in the season finale will be a huge misunderstanding.

    • joe says:

      Hi, Jimmy.
      What do you have in mind? A mis-direction to keep us excited all summer?
      Or something more like Mo Ryans Central Relationship Misunderstanding (CRM)?

    • gabbo says:

      He may just want those Tiffany earrings back. I mean, those things are NOT cheap. Even back-from-the-dead superspies are on a budget. And there is no indication that he was able to sublet his penthouse while he was just mostly dead.

      • weaselone says:

        Good point. I feel a little sympathy for him now. Given that Sarah basically abandoned him for another guy who proceeded to shoot him and let him fall in a river, Sarah should probably give the earrings back.

  25. sniderman says:

    I expect an end much like the original Planet of the Apes:

  26. HenryH says:

    My theory on the last two minute cliffhanger? Team B–now Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan and Ellie–will be branded as rogues. And who will convince the government that they are rogue? Shaw, who’ll be believed by Beckman and the CIA, and charged with hunting Team B in Season 4.

    I say this because of a few factors:
    1) The twist was supposed to be for the end of e13. That’s the only logical thing that could be added to 13 since we knew (and saw) the “happy” ending of Chuck and Sarah together in the hotel room.
    2) All of Beckman’s choices this year have been wrong: Shaw, the Turners, tossing Casey and reinstating him only via blackmail, constantly doubting Chuck.
    3) The Other Guy was all about a Casey-Chuck black op on Shaw. And it was notably Casey who reported on the Shaw incident. Last week was also a black op on Shaw without Beckman’s knowledge. I wouldn’t be shocked if Zombie Shaw somehow convinces Beckman that she’s been duped by the traitor Casey; intersect-addled Chuck; and Sarah, who’ll be outed by Shaw for going on the lam with Chuck in Colonel. After all, except for what Casey reported to Beckman about Paris, Shaw was “the best of the best.” It wouldn’t be hard for him to explain everything away and the ever-gullible Beckman to believe him.
    4) It looks like Chuck will have to “invade” a CIA facility to liberate Ellie. It does seem that Justin is, if nothing else, a legitimate CIA type. That’ll just add to his reputation as a dangerous rogue.
    5) This is a repetitive creative team. This would duplicate the “Bryce went rogue” scenario that goes all the way back to the pilot.
    6) My guess is that NBC renewed Chuck on the specific assurance that it wouldn’t look like Undercovers, the new Abrams spy couple show. So since TPTB are probably scared (and should be) of breaking up Chuck and Sarah, the better way to go is make the show about “rogue” spies on the run.

    My guess for who gets offed? Awesome, who’d slow down the rogues, and Casey’s daughter. (That’ll allow Casey to get back his “cold school killer” reputation and be the Team B enforcer in Season 4.) Papa B’s fate will be left ambiguous, so he can come back when needed. Big Mike and Jeffster depart for the music business and the BuyMore and Castle are destroyed. Shaw will, of course, manage to blame their destruction on Chuck, Sarah and Casey, too.

    Of course, I’m probably 100 percent incorrect…

    • joe says:

      My first reaction was “Yes, 100%.” But I’m not so sure now, Henry.

      There’s a lot to be said for the idea that TPTB needs to shake things up creatively – you use the word repetitive. The idea of Beckman being removed from the scene (either by her incompetence or because it would be an evil thing for zombie-Shaw to do) and Team B. going rogue for an entire season would accomplish that, big time.

      But it sure messes with the successful formula (well, for broad definitions of the word ‘successful’, anyway).

      But it seems like what this scenario really accomplishes is the surgical removal of humor from the show, starting with the Buy More, continuing with our wonder woman, the General. Is that right?

      Would they do that? I honestly don’t know. Most of the humor we’ve seen since The Other Guy (and maybe earlier) has been centered in Chuck and in Sarah (of all places!). Why NOT make that change completely?

      Okay, I’m just thinking aloud. What’s your comfort level about that happening?

      • jason says:

        joe – I don’t think NBC is huge on the chuck moronian humor, everytime I read anything about nbc and chuck, the word ‘drama’ is used. I think it would be very appropriate to have chuck, sarah, casey, morgan, ellie (I’d rather see no awesome) go in some way shape or form rogue, solo, etc) – the S4 mission, to figure out who in the top level of the USA government is ring. Team B can produce humor that is not slapstick funny, but the 4 leads are all really funny, with ellie serving as the straight man.

      • HenryH says:

        Joe, Having just looked at the NBC epk, it looks like my going rogue scenario actually IS the plot of the two-hour finale. I mean, it seems clear that Shaw somehow got back in the government’s good graces. So now I don’t know what the end of season twist could be…

        As for going into Season 4, well, I dunno. It really may be out of the hands of TPTB. They’ll give NBC whatever show NBC wanted to buy. As for the humor, I’d miss it. But I missed it for most of Season 3, too. 🙂

        Oddly, I think the Chuck “franchise” was mishandled. While its overall market was small, a really inventive network and studio would have realized that Chuck could have been split into 3 shows: a workplace sitcom called BuyMore; a medical show starting Ellie and Devon; and then a remade, slimmed down spy show. Who among us wouldn’t follow the BuyMore sitcom and the Ellie/Devon medical show, which would have given those shows 5-6 million guaranteed viewers. NBC doesn’t have any shows with that kind of out-of-the-box support.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        HenryH, I always thought something like that would have been interesting. The hook could have been a sort of cross pollination. You’d use a lot of the same sets and actors but produce two hours of TV. Two half hour comedies and a one hour spy comedy/drama/action flic. Buy More, the half hour comedy would have Chuck and Casey and of course Morgan as characters in some capacity, and you’d see Sarah and Ellie and Devon as occasional supporting cast, similar for Chuck, but with roles reversed, etc. The fun would be that in addition to Jeffster, Fernando, and Skip’s hi-jinks most episodes would have Chuck, Casey, Morgan or Sarah do something very weird and unexplained, but not too far from the usual weirdness, just enough to be noticeable. In the one hour Chuck to follow, you’d see that event from the other side. You could do something similar with the Ellie and Devon show. Having them arrive home to find a tiger in the livingroom… OK, maybe a bit less weird than that, but you get the point. 😉

      • weaselone says:

        Nice. NBC’s thirst for a new medical drama and 30 minute comedies sated by Chuck spin offs.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Are you listening WB? Three shows produced for the price of 1.5 – 2, sold as a low priced package with a built in fanbase?!?

        Hope that Buy More set isn’t gone…

      • HenryH says:

        Actually, I THINK each show would have to go off in its own direction with only occassional crossovers and references because the shows would need their own writers and showrunners. And I have never been sure in my own mind if the Ellie/Devon thing was a comedy (Anyone remember Matt Frewer’s great Doctor, Doctor show?) or a one-house medical drama called Westside Medical. But the point was that some of the sets would get reuse and you could drag along some audience to kickstart the shows. That seems to be the thing now. Can you build a franchise of shows like NCIS and Law & Order to carry audiences along.

        And as that endless font of information, lizjames, once told me when I emailed her a few months ago, Warner Brothers actually HAD this sort of set up decades ago. They had a block of police/crime shows called “destination dramas.” Things like Hawaiian Eye, Bourbon Street Beat (New Orleans), 77 Sunset Strip and Surfside 6 (Miami) that were all shot on the Warner lot. And there were crossover episodes using the same characters who suddenly made appearances in the other “city.”

        Could have worked for Chuck, I think. At least as a way to spin-off shows with an audience base.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        So did NBC. I remember as a kid my brother and I watched Dragnet, Adam 12, and Emergency religiously. Occasionally, but not often enough for us there were crossover nights.

      • HenryH says:

        The really odd thing to me is why NO ONE has seen the potential of a sitcom built around the BuyMore. What better place to try a workplace comedy than a big-box electronic store. And Chuck has given the concept the equivalent of two or three back-door pilots.

        And as much as possible, the show was set up. The Nerd Herders, vaguely familiar green shirts. You bring back Anna, maybe Hannah. For that matter, you just bring back Tony Hale as Emmett and forget that he was shot.

        You already had a mall full of recurring characters (Lou, Michael Strahan, etc). And we’d even, somewhere late in the first season, get a look in at Underpants, etc., which I always assumed was the Walmart version of Victoria’s Secret.

        I mean, truly, why don’t network TV types see what is right in front of them sometimes…

      • kg says:

        I did too, Ernie. That troika of shows was produced by the late Jack Webb I believe. Obviously, he chose to star in the Dragnet vehicle himself.

    • odysszeuss says:

      10000000000000000000000 thx for the link, JC !!!!

      • odysszeuss says:

        anyhow, evil shaw is really really good. and charah truly hates him. charah & Team B fighting together against the evil himself shaw. EPIC 😉

    • weaselone says:

      NOOOOOO! Must…resist…spoilers.

      • odysszeuss says:

        DO IT Weasel!!!
        DO IT !!! DO IT!!!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        You’re in the wrong discussion for that Weaselone. 😉

        Luckily I’m at work, where I’ve made sure none of my computers can play video (My people get themselves into trouble if they can). So I can resist. At least till tonight…

        That is unless someone wants to spoil the spoilers.

        Good Lord I need help.

      • Faith says:

        I don’t want to blow the whistle here but doesn’t this belong in the spoiler thread?

        Jeez, my gig on the other boards are getting to me 😉


        Ok so…I have 1 word: and no it’s not Epic. That’s been used more often than Jeff has been drinking.


        OMG. Though I think those are 3 words.

      • jason says:

        watched them – no big spoilers as best I can tell, maybe one thing that I might think was a spoiler, but no tip as to who or what they meant, but I will say, 120 minutes of finale, be prepared for 100 minutes of shaw, he will be THE STAR of season 3 right to the end

      • Faith says:

        Jason, he can be the star of the show all he wants. So long as he becomes a tragic star.

        No delicate bullets for his demise, I want a hand to hand combat battle then a TANK to run him over then get burned by the Buy More explosion and then after that I want him shot, drowned and then eviscerated.

        If he lives through that and comes back for S4, I’m investing in those european clinics. And driving to the WB studious to boycott LOL.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well Faith, I did label this post with a spoilers tag and said it would be spoilerish after the jump. Taking the promo apart frame by frame tends to do that. And it IS an officially approved and sanctioned spoiler, Right? 🙂

      • Faith says:

        LOL. Touche. 😀

      • odysszeuss says:

        @ Faith
        drowning him does not work. he survived the last river. you know that. use the tank twice. perhaps this works better…

      • jason says:

        also, I watched the stuff really quick – but if I recall, still no devon – dun da da dun dahhhhhhhhhhhhh

      • JC says:

        One of the clips could be a major spoiler if you connect the dots.

      • weaselone says:

        Still not going to look at them. So I take it that the 2 hr season finale of “Shaw” is worth watching?

      • odysszeuss says:

        come on JC, as Ernie said above, this thread is officially a spoiler(ish) thread. what do you mean…

      • JC says:

        In the third clip Chuck mentions Shaw has the governor..

      • odysszeuss says:

        OH, OH, this could mean shaw has caugth/killed orion to get it 😦

      • weaselone says:

        I assumed that Shaw ended up with the governor, so it really wasn’t a spoiler for me. If the other side didn’t have it, it would make things way to easy for Chuck.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Did anyone really think they wouldn’t give Shaw every possible advantage and strip away everything Chuck had before the showdown? It wouldn’t be epic otherwise.

        EDIT: Sorry to be redundant Weaselone, we must have posted about the same time.

      • jason says:

        I’m thinking it will be more of a shocker if Papa B doesn’t die than if he does, if shaw kills papa b to get the governor and papa B does nothing else, he was sort of wasted in season 3, I think scotty boy was brought back to do something epic for chuck more around the show’s climax, although papa B was also noticably absent from the NBC release if my memory serves me correctly.

      • JC says:

        Don’t kill the messenger, I did say “could” be a major spoiler. 😉

      • weaselone says:

        Well, he eventually tells Sarah. Better late than never, I guess.

      • jason says:

        the one line that caught me has to do with the team B ‘mole’ – beckman? awesome? only two I can think of? sarah, chuck, casey, morgan not – maybe ellie unwittingly I suppose???? ok, more I think of it, they are probably just referring to ellie?

      • odysszeuss says:

        you mean the mole talk in the interview? wasn’t it about a mole at the set?!? i had really more listen to my english teachers in school…

      • Faith says:

        Ok ok no drowning. Let’s just have him dropped 100 ft from the air onto concrete, then have a train run him over and a rogue Tom Sawyer like satellite eviscerate him. There lmao.

        Well we don’t know for sure if it’s PapaB’s governor or the one he was making for Chuck. Remember that his is 1.0, beta? So he could still be alive. Although not seeing him kind of makes all of this sadder. I think his epic heroic moment will come when Chuck had to make a choice between Ellie, Morgan and Sarah. Although if he’s dead by then…

        You add this to the screenshots and you have your timeline.

      • jason says:

        OD – your english is fine, I only wish my german was 1/10 that good (I am of german descent, my grandfather spoke german as his first language and lived with my parents for 20 years, I could sort of talk to him when I was a kid ‘auf deuthche’) – was the mole reference about the pages in the script, I thought it was in the scene spoilers????? I have to go back and look

      • odysszeuss says:

        thx Jason, meanwhile it’s probably really a bit better. But perhaps you really can watch that interview again. Without my subtitles it’s always much more difficult to get all details. What’s up with that mole they are talking about?!?

      • Karen says:

        Can’t shake this annoying feeling that Shaw will get an ambiguous death, and an option to come back and haunt us in the future. No tanks running over him.

      • drosejr says:

        Also of interest is Sarah/Yvonne as a brunette. Chuck finally gets his wish? Pretty good work by WB’s makeup department there – almost looks real.

    • 904 says:

      No Ellie in the hallway when Chuck drops Justin. He must do it again in a similar hallway later. Or it’s selective editing for the promo.

      And we know that Chuck comes clean with Sarah re: the flashes frying his brain.

      I think Shaw’s going to make a great villain (though I’ve never been really bothered by him, except for the terribly weak come ons. Must have learned them from his copy of “Guide to Getting It On!” And say what you will, but Routh seems like a really nice dude. I feel bad for him in a way. Then again, we were supposed to dislike his character. He’d be pretty dull if as an audience we were indifferent to him.

      Loved Morgan in the first clip. Brings such levity to those situations.

      Chuck as the Russian: awesome. At first, I couldn’t decide if it was Chuck or Casey in disguise. Well done.

      Sarah, in the same scene, looking like Jenny Burton with a new ‘do and without braces.

      Sarah dropping two Ring agents with her business professional look (or well-dressed librarian, without eye glasses?) Hair up and back. Always one of her best looks.

      • weaselone says:

        It was also interesting to see in Chuck’s faulty flash scene that once more Chuck isn’t completely dependent on the Intersect.

      • joe says:

        Did you notice that he gets in his first hit BEFORE he flashes?

      • John says:

        I really liked that he is pretty good without the intersect now. All that boxing with Casey paid off.

      • weaselone says:

        You mean where he disarms and knocks Justin to the ground with the the umbrella hook? It almost makes me wonder why he bothered to flash.

      • John says:

        He probably didn’t want to flash it just happened.

    • joe says:

      Wow! Oh yes. This feels wonderfully spoilerish to me, folks.

      Maybe we’ve speculated correctly, but it feels new.

      As a side note, every bit of Chuck-Sarah interaction has been incredible, and we get a little more of that here.

    • Jen says:

      In that first clicp Chuck says they’ll go into the convention and “expose” SHaw. DO es thsi mean that he comes back and the CIA welcomes him with open arms and believes whatever lies he’ll feed them?

      • weaselone says:

        That’s the impression I get. Casey also mentions paybacks. Maybe Shaw does something to discredit Team B in addition to whatever happens with Ellie.

      • John says:

        That does seem to be the case. The Ring probably has lots of people in the CIA…like Justin perhaps. Maybe Justin really is a CIA agent.

      • Karen says:

        Casey’s payback could be alex related, maybe Shaw/Ring drags her into the mix

      • JC says:

        I really hope they explain how Shaw is able to walk around like it’s no big deal. No idiot ball moments please, I’m looking at you Beckman.

      • John says:

        Beckman is NSA not CIA and the Ring clearly has control of that particular CIA facility.

  27. sd says:


    How do the dots connect? My computer doesn’t like the link…safari keeps shutting down.

  28. gabbo says:

    Anybody think TPTB are clever enough to actually bring in a tank to finish off Shaw? Something like how Otto got squashed by the roller at the end of Fish Called Wanda. I mean, I think it would be HILAROUS if the “I appreciated the tank” link cames true.

  29. gringochuckfan says:

    Someone just sent this link via Twitter:

    Apparently someone has leaked some of the Big Finale footage… not sure where or how…

    Don’t watch all the vid clips unless you’re dying to see the general direction of the Final EP’s.

    I don’t think it gives away enough to ruin the ending… just gives enough to see the general plot.

    • John says:

      Yeah that is too much for me. Seeing a few clips and making guesses is one thing, seeing the general plot laid out for me is another.

      • 904 says:

        FYI for those afraid of too many spoilers: These are the same clips from the press kit (EPK) mentioned earlier.

  30. Josh says:

    The only comment I have is that Sarah out-brunettes the brunettes in Chuck :p

    Finale looks fun by the way, is it Monday already?

    • Faith says:

      Now he has no excuse to get his head turned by any tiny brunette that comes his way after Sarah rejects him.

      Although that leaves the door open to a tiny redhead…damn Ernie’s spec lives again! General Beckman is a tiny redhead LMAO.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Faith, I’m glad you brought it up, because everyone is missing the real importance of Chuck in custody.

        Beckman finally has Chuck in the bunker, and that b*tch Walker is nowhere to be found. Dianne and Chuck; Duck, at last! 😀

  31. Casey's Girl says:

    General Beckman’s involvement in all this is really intriguing I wonder what part she plays in it; Is she on the Team’s side? Or does she turn out to be dirty? I do think Shaw’s going to make an excellent villain, he’s the only bad guy we have who knows everything about the team and he could really cause much suffering for them judging from the promo things are looking desperate.

    I love the ideas for TB going on the run even after this whole adventure. Though maybe defeated, the Ring could still be in control and the team’s identities would be exposed thus forcing them to run from the New Government .Can’t wait for monday 🙂

  32. herder says:

    I think that we should all relax a bit about Shaw’s role in the finale. While I realize that there are good and real reasons to question what TPTB have done with the Shaw character this season, the fact is that this is the big finale that they have been building to (I suspect some of it was held over from 3.13). Remember despite what many thought of the extended Shaw arc I think it is safe to say that most liked what happened in Other Guy.

    I think that it would be most unlikely that Sarah would take up with Shaw again, which was cause for most of the upset. This is a chance for Chuck to stretch his wings, spy-wise and if the intersect is acting glitchy then he will have to save the day as himself, using his wits and relying on those who are close to him.

    Of course there will be some dark bits, but that is necessary for him to come through to the other side. He and Sarah are in a good place and despite some likely questions they have for each other, I don’t see that changing.

    I do see Shaw making a play for the General’s job which will push her even more into Chuck’s corner. Soeme questions that I am interested in are as follows:

    1-How did the Ring know that Papa B has an intersect and how did they know that he had a device that kept him alive. Presumably neither Chuck nor the CIA know these two things.

    2-Was it a Ring mole in the CIA who set up Sarah’s red test to kill Eve Shaw. Again presumably there are Ring moles in the CIA who are supporting Shaw’s return to grace.

    3-Why does the General decide to support Chuck over Shaw (presuming she does) whe she called Shaw a consumate professional and clearly doesn’t think that Chuck is.

    4-How does Ellie find out that she was being used to find her father to lead him into danger and what is her reaction. If she finds out about the spy nest at Echo Park how does she react to Chuck’s life as a spy and Sarah’s role in leading him there. Also what is her reaction to Awesome’s involvement in that lide without informing her.

    5-The Ring targets Chuck’s dad, Casey’s daughter, are any other family members put into jeapordy such as Ellie and Awesome.

    6-What is Sarah’s role in all this, all the leaks and promos seem pretty silent about her. Is she the supportive girlfriend, the kick ass spy, crazy in love Sarah whose guy is in danger.

    7-Who dies, of the villains the candidates are Shaw, Justin, and I would guess the Ring mole (look for a new CIA figure to be prominent in the first hour later to be revealed as the mole. The good guy candidates are: Papa B, the General, Awesome Morgan and Big Mike.

    8-Who unexpectedly shows up, my guess is that a character that we have heard of in the past makes an appearance. My best guess this far is Mama B or Eve Shaw, that or Graham turns out not to be dead after all but really a Ring elder (longshot).

    9-How does the intersect work for Shaw, all along the CIA has said that the intersect was designed for a cool emotionless spy like Bryce. While Shaw might not be emotionless I think that the intersect doesn’t work the way that they expect it to, taht there is something about Chuck that makes him the ideal candidate to have and use the intersect.

    10-Payback, in one of the clips Casey talks about payback for their unsuccesful opposition to Shaw. What form does that take, kidnapping Awesome, Alex and Papa B.

    • Merve says:

      I’m going to speculate and take a shot at answering your questions:

      1. That might be something that they deduced. Maybe the Ring has been conducting Intersect experiments and has noticed that the Intersect can have detrimental effects on the brain in the long term. They may have guessed that Orion has an Intersect in his head, and for him to stay alive for that long, he would require some sort of device to keep himself from serious harm. The problem with that spec is that it doesn’t explain how they that it was called the Governor. The alternative speculation that addresses this plot hole but that isn’t nearly as interesting is that the Governor is an old device that Orion developed while he was still working directly with the CIA.

      2. I’m guessing that this won’t be explained any further. I’m satisfied with the explanation given, even if it was a bit of a cop-out. At best, we might get an explanation of why Red Tests always seem to target double agents or moles.

      3. Because she has taken a liking to Chuck and now trusts him. She may also be aware of the corruption inside the CIA and of Shaw’s link to it.

      4. I think that Ellie may panic a little, but in the midst of all the chaos, she’s going to have to accept it. I think that Ellie’s reactions to the spy world and her husband’s lies will be dealt with next season.

      5. Ellie and Awesome will almost undoubtedly be put in some sort of danger.

      6. Probably some combination of the three.

      7. My guess is that Shaw will be legitimately killed. Justin might be taken into custody by Team Bartowski, but he will be released by the corrupt CIA. That leaves an opening for him to return next season as a new nemesis for Team Bartowski. I’m not sure that TPTB want to close the door on Orion, so even though the promo hints at it, I’m going to say that he will live. I think that Beckman will be killed by corrupt CIA officials while defending Team Bartowski, leaving the option for Team Bartowski to “go rogue” next season. I also think that Big Mike is going to down with the Buy More.

      8. I have no clue. Wouldn’t it be hilarious and ironic if Eve Shaw were actually still alive? I can just imagine Daniel Shaw saying, “Alright guys, abort the evil plan; my wife is still alive.” 😀

      9. Shaw wasn’t in control of his emotions the last time we saw him in corporeal form, so if he comes back the same way as before, then I’d assume that the Intersect is also slightly glitchy for him. If he has become a total psychopath, then he’ll have no problem with it.

      10. My guess is that it involves targeting Alex.

      • Casey's girl says:

        Lol that would be funny Merve but not gonna happen the man’s too much of a psychopath now. Interesting, that Shaw’s moved from ‘Tragic villain’ blech give me a break, into the psycho we see now.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        I’ve had this theory that Eve actually is alive because she faked her death to get out of a bad marriage. She probably wanted to kill him but he had too many friends in high and low places to get away with it so she set herself up as the target of a red test and wore a bullet proof vest.

        I’d love for her to come out of nowhere and shoot him. Maybe have her say she was watching things and have her call Sarah a moron because at least when she was first with him he wasn’t an obvious nutjob unlike when Sarah did. Not to mention Eve didn’t have soemone like Chuck who she had on tape as saying he loved her.

  33. Bob Andelman says:

    You might also enjoy this May 20, 2010 Mr. Media radio interview with ‘Chuck’ co-star Vik Sahay, who plays Buy More employee ‘Lester Patel’ on the popular NBC romantic comedy and spy show. He talks about the season finale, the future of the band “Jeffster,” Yvonne Strahovski, and the new movie he’s filming, Afghan Luke and the Burgundy of Hash, in which he plays a New York Times reporter covering the war in Afghanistan!

    • joe says:

      Hi, Bob. Thank you for this!

      It’s definitely information that I missed.

      Added: I’m impressed with the write-up on your site, Mr. Media! But atm, USTREAM and/or Blogger is frustrating me. I hope to view the interview or at least listen soon.

  34. Lola says:

    two hours till the finale 🙂

  35. Tamara Burks says:

    If season 4 is them traveling on the run and includes Casey’s daughter , wouldn’t it be interesting if she took a shine to Morgan (with Morgan liking her as a friend but thinking of her as Casey’s little girl) .I could see a full frekout on casey’s part as an overprotective papa.

  36. Ollie Sears says:

    Really great read! Truely!

  37. Why does the General decide to support Chuck over Shaw (presuming she does) whe she called Shaw a consumate professional and clearly doesn’t think that Chuck is.

    • joe says:

      Hi, Betting Agents. Good to see you here.

      I’m guessing that the answer is tied up in Beckman’s admission that she “cares for him too.” We sort of like the idea that she’s been a closet ‘shipper all along (unlike Casey, who wasn’t so closeted).

      You weren’t looking for the story to be absolutely, 100% true to life and consistent now, were you? 😉

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