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Thanks to frequent (and appreciated!) commenter JC, we’ve been able to see these very thrilling, spoilerish clipsPlease don’t view them if you want to remain spoiler free.

I won’t speak to anything specific in those clips, but I can’t help but get verbose about my reaction to them, and to most everything that’s gone on since the end of 3.12, Chuck vs. The American Hero. The best one-sentence description I can muster is that every week, the promos and story-line have made me excited for what’s coming against my will.

That makes no sense. Why should I be resisting that feeling of excitement, especially when exciting finishes are de rigueur for shows like Chuck?

It’s because – I’m going to say it outright – there ARE no shows like Chuck.

I have a suspicion that most of the fans tuned in a second time because the first time, they happened to get a glimpse of two things: They saw Yvonne Strahovski and then they either saw something that made them laugh (Zac Levi, or Harry Tang or Jeff & Lester or Buy More antics) or they saw adventure-fireworks. Perhaps it was Chuck flying sideways in his seat out of a Nerd-Herder in Sandworm, or the bomb that didn’t explode (and the kiss that did) in Imported Hard Salami. Or maybe it was Chuck being dropped from about six stories up, and Casey being there to catch him when he falls (it’s touching, really). Don’t underestimate the thrills generated by Sarah fighting Pita Girl Lizzie or Smooth Lau, or Chuck saving Sarah from a lobotomizing Fulcrum Intersect in Suburbs.

Alternately, the two things they saw may have been Yvonne Strahovski and romance; Chuck gently but confidently telling Sarah “Yeah, you do.” when she admits that she never really had anyone who cared for her before, or Sarah barely able to hold back a flood of emotions when Chuck tells her that “As amazing as you are, Sarah Walker, we both know that you will never be normal.” I fell in love with her barely heard whisper “My middle name is Lisa.”, and cheered when Chuck first got up the courage to ask Sarah out on a “real” date. “There’s a hundred reasons why we shouldn’t do this.” she says. Of course. And there’s only one good reason to say yes, Sarah. Everyone whose initial exposure to Chuck consisted of a scene like that said “Those two must get together. I want to see that.”   We really didn’t have to wait so long for that, did we?  Just seems that way.

Assume that on one glimpse you’ll see an attractive character, and then pick any one of those three remaining qualities – Humor, adventure, romance. You’ll be back to get the other two, I’d wager.

The Buy More antics, the real comedy in the show, is now a diversion to me. It’s nice that way, and helps to pace the adventure. Sometimes it even makes a point about friendships and loyalty and even love that compares and contrasts nicely with the main point of any given episode. It works, but as leavening. If the Buy More blows up and is gone for season 4, I will shed a metaphorical tear and move on. In fact, some of us debated that this scenario should have been considered even early in season 3.

But I’ve been made shy, in the sense of someone who flinches from a punch to the arm because of a bruise. It’s the romance that I’m shy about. For weeks now I’ve been more than half expecting Chuck and Sarah to have a major split over some ridiculous misunderstanding, and worrying about those not so ridiculous issues which have not come between them. Yet. I’ll admit I’ve replayed the ‘shipper scenes over and over again; Chuck and Sarah cuddling, touching, exchanging “I Love You”s and trying to show confidence for the sake of the other. I replay them to bolster my confidence in their relationship. Most of all, I replay Chuck and Sarah acting in unison, like partners. Nothing could strengthen their bond more.

So why should I be afraid that this will not last? Oh, it’s because of their history. Time and time again, Chuck and Sarah have gotten close, only to have the rug pulled out from under them (evil TPTB!) or because they’ve reconsidered their future, often for very good reasons. But that shouldn’t make me so fearful that their relationship won’t last. Chuck and Sarah have stuck with it for three seasons now, they’ve seen the worst, and not only has every barrier been overcome, their own internal obstacles proved to be very small. Chuck was never so much of a loser that he couldn’t get away from the Buy More and past Jill. Sarah was never so disconnected from her emotions or so willing to accept her own deceits that she could wear her armor forever. That was present for us to see from the beginning. Objects in the rear view mirror appear much smaller than they are.

Naw. They’re good.

It’s because I like it – where they are – so much. Don’t let this honeymoon end. More, please (and don’t make me beg)! That’s not the reaction I had a year ago, at the end of season 2, when I wasn’t sure at all that I wanted to see the end of Chuck and Sarah finding each other, groping in the dark, thrilling us with each touch of their finger tips. Silly me. They’ve done that enough, and it’s better now than I ever expected. It’s not been easy to relax about those two and their relationship, but now I can almost let myself breath again.

Ah, so the humor is almost superfluous, and the romance is resolved. The attractive characters are there so long and Ms. Strahovski, Mr. Levi, Mr. Baldwin and yes, even Mr. Gomez remain on set. (Opinion: Lose Adam Baldwin or Josh Gomez and the show instantly drops a notch or two in the attractiveness category. Not deadly, but damaging. Very damaging.)

That leaves the thrilling adventures. Like season two, season three has shifted the tensions away from Chuck and Sarah to the spy story for the last half dozen episodes. I love it that when that shift happens their relationship only seems stronger. The promos linked above bear that out.

Wait it Out

Therein lies the reason I feel a resistance to this thrill. It’s just like season two. I recognize that one villain seems like the next, and every PLI seem fungible. But here’s my dark secret. Despite myself, I LIKE IT. The detested Shaw character morphed in an unusual way to be the best villain of the season, and we now love to hate him precisely because of the thing we detested most – his relationship with Sarah. Justin is no worse than Mauser, and we’ve already had our Agent Imhotep rising from the dead. We’ve seen these things before, and there is nothing new under the sun.

Oh, I’m getting soft in my old age. I recognize that it’s merely a device: Justin is attacking with Shaw. I can allow it to work for me as an “Oh Nooooossssssss!!!” moment, even though I know exactly how it works. We have the same things in new combination, generating new thrills. I resist, but only a little, because it’s fun.

I say that as someone who’s spent much more time than he should ruminating and being much too serious about the show. It’s just fun. The show has generated enough good will with me to let me forget the plot holes, laugh at the Tiffany ear rings, and trust that Chuck’s honest lies aren’t too much for Sarah. I’ll let the roller coaster take me to where it will come Monday. Watching the lovers simply smiling at each other and saying “Hi, honey.” (just like I do when I get home from work) makes me smile.

Things are going to change for season 4, and that makes me simultaneously nervous and relieved. Their smiles are the only way I could tolerate this in something that I expect to be merely entertaining. Despite the ridiculous antics and theater, they are real. Just like Sarah said, they are real.

Did I say there ARE no shows like Chuck? Yes. A few have come close, and more than a few have kept me engaged for an hour at a time. Some even keep me engaged for a couple of weeks in a good arc.

But nothing has entertained me quite the same as this.

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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  1. Ernie Davis says:

    Let’s see, there are now about 37 hours and 15 minutes of Chuck episodes (from 1.1 to 3.17 makes 52 episodes averaging very close to 43 minutes each).

    Assuming I can get in 7 episodes tonight (5 hours), 21 each of Saturday and Sunday (15 hours/day) that leaves the last three, Role Models, Tooth, and Living Dead for Monday. Since those three would only take about two hours I could probably move Honeymooners to Monday and still have time for everything before 8PM…

    Luckily I already watched the Intersect, Hellicopter and Tango the last two nights, so I’ll actually have time for bathroom and meal breaks. 😉

    • joe says:

      My wife would kill me if I tried this, Ernie! 😉

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Which perhaps explains why I’m not married. 🙂

        ( Because I do – or so I can do – things like that, not because I did. )

      • atcdave says:

        Its good you ratted yourself out Ernie, I really don’t think my wife would appreciate such a schedule. I’m hoping to get a few episodes in by Monday night, but not the whole enchillada!

        It is embarressing sometimes how many times I rewatch episodes, although not so much between ComiCon and the airing of Other Guy. No surprise, I find myself more enthused for just rewatching old episodes than I have for a while.

        Previews for Monday look very exciting. I just hope in the end I’m looking forward to S4, and not dreading it.

      • Sole says:

        Oh Ernie… You should marry ME!

      • joe says:

        Now why did I just KNOW that Ernie was going to get marriage proposals from this????

        He’s Fishin’ for ’em. That’s why! 😉

      • Ernie Davis says:

        You guys do know I was kidding about all 37 hours 15 minutes by Monday, right? … OK, so I’m just about to start Truth after lunch… But I’m sure I’ll skip a lot of episodes. 😉

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Sorry Sole, my heart belongs to Beckman. 😉

        I am flattered as of course.

  2. jason says:

    joe – much of what you said I agree with. The one thing IMO you are missing the boat on is shaw / routh – he is not a good villain – he causes a non zero percent of real fans to hate the show, not love to hate him, but the show. That crosses a line, and causes shows to get canceled.

    I am a castle lite fan – loved the angsty finish – castle and beckett I barely even know the names of the PLI’s / LI’s – castle and beckett still are the show – I laughed my tail off when beckett’s heart got broke in the finale – this season chuck became about shaw – who happens to be played by a very one dimensional actor (honest truth, if you can’t act, you ‘act’ stiff & brooding & dark & emotionless, that is how it works) – which made it worse.

    I also just started watching fringe, they have a very sarah walkerish lead – she actual has 3 PLI’s floating around, and dead ex who crops up time to time & who she still loves, the chuck like lead male who is the real wt/wt character, and the casey like cop friend (who adores her from afar) – it is great – the two stars still solve all the crimes, just like castle, unlike chuck this season, where chuck and sarah were not allowed to interact at all, other than in some strange nonverbal manner that I don’t think ANY CAST member understood episode to episode

    chuck this season was a mess, you can love to hate shaw all you want cause you are a nice guy, me, I am not so nice, he sucked the life right out of the show this season, and when shaw is on screen, ‘chuck sucks’. Maybe 18 & 19 will work, but for people like me who are slow to forgive, it will work less than it could, and I right now as we speak, am less behind the show than I was after 3.15 ended, because brandon routh collected a pay check to do more chuck episodes.

    • joe says:

      We’re not *that* far apart, Jason. Nuance: More than he was a “bad” hero/PLI/villain, he was used badly. That puts the blame more on the runners and even the networks (his use may have changed substantially when the back 6 were added), and somewhat less on the writing and concept. (None impuned to Brandon Routh, btw.)

      The character was a pain, on screen way too much, and kept Chuck & Sarah separate-when-on screen way too much also. I see it every bit as much as you. But yes, I’m more forgiving than I should be about this. It’s the way I am.

    • atcdave says:

      Believe it or not I’m closer to Joe on this one. I seriously disliked Shaw all season. I wasn’t a huge fan of Routh’s performance but I don’t believe that was ever the fatal flaw. The problem was before the role was ever cast, it was a poor strategic decision to keep Chuck and Sarah apart for most of the season. Everything snowballs from there. I agree with Jason they screwed up in that our dislike of Shaw was often transfered to the show more than the character. I don’t believe any casting issue could have changed that.

      But all that said, I’m ready to see him loose to Chuck again. I don’t know how it will play out. We may see some painful character deaths on Monday, we may even see TeamB professionally disgraced and reduced to a life on the run; but Chuck won the girl, so Shaw has already lost the contest that matters most!

    • JC says:

      Honestly I don’t think any actor could have saved the role of Shaw. The character was all over the place in motivations, skills, loyalty and the worst part was the story ran through him. That’s not Routh’s fault at all. In a interview he talked about how he would play a scene in one episode and then it wouldn’t make sense in the next. Unfortunately since he’s the literal face of the character he takes most of blame.

      • Merve says:

        Agreed. (I find that I’m agreeing with you a lot lately.)

        A character that was supposed to shake up Team Bartowksi’s dynamics, be a superspy, be a mentor to Chuck, be a professional rival to Casey, be a love interest for Sarah, want revenge for his wife’s death, and eventually turn evil was doomed to fail. Brandon Routh might not be the greatest actor on the planet, but I’m actually kind of impressed that he managed to do all of that except for the love interest and professional rival stuff pretty well.

      • cas says:

        yeah.. I tend to feel bad for Brandon Routh more often than not. Then I see his face on the screen and go ” I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU SO MUCH”

      • JC says:


        We’ll always have Justin to disagree about. 🙂

        When Routh played the crazy revenge driven spy, he was good. That’s why I’m open to Shaw’s return in the finale. My only worry is that no matter how good of villain he is people will hate it no matter what. I sure the TPTB expected Shaw to be hated but not for the reasons a lot of people have.

      • Merve says:

        Yeah, I think Routh really nailed the creepy psycho part of the role. He was really good in both “Other Guy” and “Tooth.”

        I tend to think of Justin the same way I think of Mei-Ling in “Sizzling Shrimp”: an interesting character who contributes to the plot in an interesting way, but who is portrayed by an actor that I just don’t like.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I thought he nailed the creepy psycho part pretty well in Mask too.

      • atcdave says:

        And of course, Fake Name. Biggest creep ever.

      • JC says:

        Sucker punching a guy tied to a chair and “My Dessert is contained within your dessert”.
        Who wouldn’t go weak in the knees with that kind of wooing.

      • kg says:

        According to Zac, Routh is a great guy. Apparently, they knew each other before Chuck.

    • Josh says:

      They just tried to do too much with 1 character, and half the things they tried to do contradicted with the other half. Shaw was just impossible to play “right” there was no right way to do a “passe-partout” type character

    • Big Kev says:

      I’m like you, Joe. I’m very much a glass half full guy when it comes to Chuck. I love the show, and I try to find things to love about every episode. If there is a benefit of the doubt to be given, I usually try and give it – a trait which I have to say has been used many times in Season 3. But for all that, I find Shaw irredeemable. In conception, writing, execution and acting, on just about every level, I seriously find it hard to think of a character that has done more damage to any show that I love than this one. And to find that we now have to go through all this again when it should have been done and dusted in 3.13 annoys me, to be honest. It shouldn’t, but it does.
      And yet……and yet…..for all that I cannot stomach the character and can barely avoid laughing at the fact that I’m supposed to believe that he’s still alive, I can’t wait for the finale. I’ll hold my nose at the ridiculousness, because I so want to see how things play out with the characters that I do care about, that are generally well written and well acted, and who have brought me such enjoyment over the last 3 years. I’ll hope that Orion doesn’t die, and that Ellie gets out of the clutches of the Ring both alive and still with a husband and a father. I love the idea of Team B being rogue at the start of Season 4, but there are so many other possibilities and they are all exciting.
      And I’ll cheer when Shaw dies, again, hopefully at Sarah’s hand with an accompanying comment about where he can stick his earrings, and I’ll hope that TPTB have learned their lesson from the whole lamentable saga.

      • atcdave says:

        I do agree Big Kev about the damage done to the show by the Shaw character. But I truly think the romantic involvement with Sarah is the only deal breaker. Of the four households I know of that stopped watching Chuck, EVERY SINGLE ONE mentioned some form of Chuck and Sarah apart as the reason they stopped watching. Their specific breaking points were different, some of them even liked Shaw until Mask.

      • Big Kev says:

        I’m in partial agreement – I hated Shaw/Sarah as much as anyone else. I thought both the PLI’s this season trod tired old ground, but at least Chuck and Hannah were made believable between the writing and the actors. Sarah and Shaw were never that. Their relationship was equal measures of laughable and irritating.
        But I do think that bringing him back is at least as bad, although I accept that most don’t seem to have as much of a problem with it. I’ve been really happy with the show since Beard, so it’s a pill that I could really do without having to swallow. Maybe some Johnnie Walker will make it easier!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Kev and Dave, I think we are looking at an extreme case of what we all know. Chuck has always required suspension of disbelief, a willingness to overlook plot holes, acceptance of paper thin plot lines, and a certain tolerance for stretching characters characteristics, but when they use those things to create something fun and joyous or moving we forgive and enjoy. With the dark times they were doing all of the above and giving us overdone angst for angst sake, so every bit of our good will to believe and forgive was pretty much spent, and the show started to annoy a lot of people. At the end of last season I thought The Ring had stretched credulity to it’s limits, but it was such a fun episode I still watch and enjoy. The test will be whether the new more dramatic direction will be able to deliver us the same feeling of joy and fun and allow us to forgive all the liberties that are always taken to some degree or another.

      • atcdave says:

        Ernie I agree entirely.

    • weaselone says:

      As has been pointed out they never had to do all of the above using the character of Shaw. They could have quite easily and successfully utilized multiple guest stars to fill those roles while limiting the total number of episodes in which Shaw appeared.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Agreed, that’s how he became Poochie. The one character to be everything they needed and save the show.

      • atcdave says:

        And you know my feelings on it, they should have dropped the PLI element entirely. Much of the season can play out with similar themes, while Chuck and Sarah are trying to be together all along. That one element is the focus of discontent for so many of us (and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the people I know who quit watching).

      • Chuck604 says:

        I agree Dave. They could have made the season about Sarah and Chuck overcoming obstacles; whether the hurdles were personal or of a professional nature without using the presence of PLI’s. It really made some of the scenes very contrived in the earlier part of this season. The fact that they separated the two of them for most of the first half when ironically one of the most significant elements that I like about the show is the chemistry they have between Chuck and Sarah.

  3. Mclovin says:

    Hey uncle joe. Gotta another random question to ask u when u got the time. Appreciate u answering the other ones even though they got diddly squat to do with the topic. Let me know? Peace.

  4. AngelTwo says:

    For the only time this year, and strictly for storytelling tactics, I AM interested in Shaw in 18/19.

    I am really curious to see how the showrunners treat any Sarah-Shaw interaction. Is she strictly his hostage? Does she try to reason with him, a la Chuck’s first attempt in Paris? Does she try to capture him? Go for the fast kill? Will they have Shaw taunt her?

    If they kill him, do they try for any jokes like Morgan checking for pulse and stray brain matter? Would they use a tank? (That would be SO cool.)

    And you have to admit that, even if you hate the character, you’re interested in how the storytellers will explain how he’s still alive and how they “rehabilitate” him long enough so that the brass hats believe him and not Team B.

    • atcdave says:

      I agree Angeltwo, those are the things I most look forward to; how did Shaw survive, and what sparks will fly when he interacts with Sarah?

      • lucian says:

        Dave – I don’t believe sparks are possible when one of the interacting elements is wood-based (but I’ll leave that for those of you more scientific-types).

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Ah, you’ve hit on it Lucian. As a Boy Scout dropout I can tell you the following. You can make sparks fly, and start a fire relatively quickly with a flint and steel. With just a piece of wood, just flint or just steel doesn’t do you much good. The whole starting a fire with just wood? It is possible, but it is a long and tedious process to generate the necessary heat.

      • lucian says:

        I think the wood analogy could be almost as good as the dead horse / one trick pony analogy regarding the Shaw character and what didn’t work. Frankly, Yvonne didn’t do a good job selling her commitment to the relationship until it was almost over. It wasn’t dark so much as depressing. This show doesn’t do depressing particularly well.

        I don’t think there are many actors who could have made this plot line work effectively. Ultimately, it probably does come down to budget issues. Trying to make one character do the job of three or four was a really bad idea. That said, my only hope for the finale is a spectacular, epic, awesome, truly unequivocal death for Shaw (hopefully with both Chuck and Sarah taking care of business as a team).

      • weaselone says:

        Why would Yvonne do a good job selling the relationship with Shaw? She was probably in the dark about the level of commitment until she read the script for American Hero.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Both Yvonne and Routh have basically confirmed in separate interviews what I speculated on in my old Chemistry 101 post. When they shot First Class they didn’t know they would be romantically attracted in Mask and that Sarah would turn to Shaw for emotional support starting in Fake Name let alone that they would be a supposedly committed couple by American Hero.

        This is a problem Schwedak needed to address, and the core problem of a guest star evolving into and through several roles over 9 episodes given their absolute paranoia over spoilers. It guaranteed the actors had no chance to set up later developments with earlier scenes.

      • jason says:

        brandon routh – the gift that keeps on giving to the series, here TPTB/NBC are in 3.18 & 3.19 granting him the long interviews & getting his POV across – the show is indeed still shaw not chuck

      • Big Kev says:

        As someone who doesn’t watch a huge amount of TV, I must admit I was surprised to learn just how tight the shooting schedule is on Chuck, and how little advance warning the actors get to assimilate a script, or know about the ultimate direction of an arc before shooting. It seems potentially dangerous to me, for all the reasons that we’ve seen this season on Chuck – although it sounds like it’s pretty standard in scripted TV shows.
        I’m sure he’s serving his own interests to an extent (because his performance this season has been so poor as to be career threatening IMO) but for Brandon Routh to come out and say that he didn’t know where his character was headed from week to week is pretty damning from a showrunning point of view.
        For me, the mechanics of tight shooting schedules just seem to make it obvious that it’s better to tell a smaller story well, particularly if you have only a 13 episode season in which to do it when you start.
        Chuck has always had a tendency to tell too much story, and in Season 2 they got away with it. This season, they did not.
        So I’ll throw in this question without notice – what do we think the lessons are to be learned from Season 3 in terms of structure and plotting, and do we think TPTB have learned them?
        Personally, I hope they treat Season 4 as the last one, and give us a fun, tightly told 13 episode story that wraps up the series. Then, if we get a back 9 or a season 5, it’s a bonus. That’s what I hope. I think my chances of getting that are remote at best!

      • atcdave says:

        I agree with most of your comments Big Kev. The tightness of the shooting schedule is endemic to serial television. I think that’s why movies do a better job with complex character shifts within a story; unless the actors are very well briefed on what their development will be.
        I just generally prefer simpler, shorter story arcs. There’s too much to keep track of week to week when they get ambitious, and I think we clearly saw this season, when multiple writers are trying to interconnect their stories the result is often uneven. Add to that actors who don’t know what they’re doing, and a story going way down a path most fans don’t like anyway, and the results are just bad.

        I always prefer a good resolution at the end of the season to a cliff hanger. I know that’s not what we’re getting this season, but I do wish show runners would wake up and smell the coffee. Cliff hangers are so over-used. They actually make me more likely to delete a show than wait it out. Obviously, for all of us, Chuck doesn’t have the problem of us forgetting what the main story issues were; but I do think more casual viewers are more likely to be annoyed than enticed by a cliff hanger. And when you consider the bubble status Chuck has always had, I sure wish they would try to tell a complete story instead of seeking the dubious “value” of a cliff hanger.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I’ve mentioned this before, and Kev, you might have prompted it (or maybe Merve… Someone with a “v” I think). One of the big problems was that they used to resolve the PLI or whatever within two to three episodes. The longest arc, Orion, was basically 5 because it was resolved by the end of Colonel (and really 4 since Broken Heart was really a standalone except for Sarah finding Chuck’s dad). For the most part that means the actors had the script for the resolution while they were shooting prologue and at most there were two to three writing teams involved. They also had a longer production timeline and budget and time to re-shoot in s2. It is in drawing out things like the fauxmance for 7 episodes, even if you don’t count First Class or Tic Tac, where you are dealing with so many different directors and writers and the characters are so far from the initial episodes that credulity and patience are stretched to the breaking point. It was 9 episodes from the beginning of Sham to the end, and they are still playing the “oh how horrible that Chuck can lie to his loved ones” angst about 11 episodes after it started and 9 after it should have been resolved.

    • joe says:

      Me too! And on top of all that, will there be any sign of fear in otherwise fearless Sarah? – fear for what he could do to Chuck’s psyche? *That* could be dramatic!

      Shaw does strike at the biggest soft spot in Chuck’s heart, after all… Sarah and his family.

    • jason says:

      don’t say that I didn’t warn you guys, now that shaw is back, I can think of dozens of ways for fedak to hurt his audiences feelings, which I think is his primary goal, how about sarah agreeing to willingly leave with shaw at the end to save chuck’s life, the ultimate ending to this season if indeed the final 2 minutes is to twist is for shaw to win afterall

      • joe says:


        Oddly, that scenario doesn’t bug me quite so much (but ask me again if it happens AND we have to wait four months for the resolution). It’s easy for me to imagine that the problem is resolved in the first two minutes when it picks up again.

        The coercion aspects make it redeemable, I think.

      • atcdave says:

        I really don’t think “hurting the fans” is his goal. Although I would agree that what he finds exciting, may not be exciting to most of us. That, we will simply have to wait and see.

        My biggest concern is just that I don’t really care for cliff hangers. On most shows, I just never remember what all was going on. So I spend the first episode after the break going “why did this matter again?” I expect to be a little more on top of things for this show; but I still dislike a four month wait to get a resolution.

      • jason says:

        I’m starting to feel the ending is going to be so distasteful to me, that luckily for me, the entire season has slowly worn down my enjoyment of the show, such that it won’t bother me like it would have had this been a great season – I don’t expect chuck to be great any longer – we are getting lots of hints about the end and very little actual happiness describing it, mostly trepidation?

  5. BDaddyDL says:


    Doesn’t the clip with Sarah kinda lead you to believe that Orien is dead? Shaw has the govenor, and Chuck has to get it from Shaw.

  6. Mclovin says:

    It’s to do with these hottest women in the world lists. There are 3 main ones. The top 99 women, FHM hot 100 & the maxim hot 100. In the askmen & FHM ones yvonne didn’t make the list!!! How on earth is this possible? And on the maxim one she ranked 77th!! 77th!!! Really! REALLY! Lol. What is up with these people. Do they need glasses or what set of standards do they have. These magazines lists are about as bad as brandon rouths portrayal as shaw! One thing is for sure. As sure as we are that the sky is blue, the grass is green & water is wet Yvonne strahovski is BEAUTIFUL! Do u agree with the above? What are your opinions and explanations? Can’t wait to read them. Peace uncle joe.

    • Josh says:

      She a (relative) unknown as far as those magazine’s audiences are concerned

    • joe says:

      Ah, I’ll give you a serious answer, nephew.

      The people who read FHM and Maxim (and I assume are not generally not people who tend to look beyond the surface. They are not the same people who watch Chuck, and tend have different notions about what constitutes the ideal woman. (I doubt that they even consider what makes an ideal man, or how to get themselves closer to their ideal.) So I suspect they picked the 100 prettiest faces from the 110 celebrity females they’ve seen in the tabloids recently.

      I’m not the right age to say what’s hot (or not) with any authority. But from my vantage point, you can go to any college campus and find a hundred girls to fill Maxim’s top 100 list, or FHM’s. That’s not hard.

      But finding someone (female of male) who’s intelligent, strong, sensitive to others, secure in themselves yet willing to grow and change AND beautiful, that’s harder. Sarah Walker fits the ideal. Yvonne Strahovski, I don’t know her as a person, obviously. But it’s clear she has an abundance of talent and (from what I’ve seen on her brief interviews) charm, intelligence and good humor on top of her obvious good looks. Oh, she *is* athletic and graceful too (not opinions – facts!). That counts.

      You can say the same for Zac Levi, Sarah Lancaster, Adam Baldwin and Josh Gomez, I think. At least, I’ve seen nothing to make me think otherwise. I wouldn’t mind having any one of them for neighbors. Somebody like this, who’s much higher on the list, not so much.

    • cas says:

      Plus I don’t think the FHM is an American Magazine. I don’t even know who that #1 girl is. Askmen usually deal with girls that are often in tabloid magazines and party scenes which Yvonne tend to stay away from. She was in Maxim, so were 4 other guest stars on Chuck. Not that I follow any of those..0=)

    • Rick Holy says:

      Can’t believe I’m commenting on this, but as I’ve explained to many folks before, “I wasn’t ALWAYS a priest!” (Not for the first 44 years of my life).

      I don’t care what any of these magazine polls say. Yvonne is #1 in my book! Remember Tom Cruise’s famous line in Risky usiness?
      “Porsche. There is no substitute!”

      Well, as far as classy, intelligent, beautiful, REAL women go, may I propoe the following:
      “Yvonne Strahovski. There is no substitute!!

      And by the way, Joe. GREAT observations about why there is no other show like Chuck. As usual, you’re spot on!

      • Rick Holy says:

        Sorry about the typos above. It’s midnight and I SHOULD be in bed instead of “talking CHUCK” on the computer.

        I blame it on YOU, Joe!

      • joe says:

        Sometimes I think there’s two kinds of people in this world – those who talk Chuck and those who blog Chuck. 😉

        When the summer hiatus starts, we may need to form a support group, Fr. Rick. If the S3 DVDs don’t get released until S4 starts (like they did last time), I’m going to go a little NUTZo. I really, really wanna see the outtakes and alternates.

      • Chuck604 says:

        Yeah I know what you mean Joe. Though I guess I can watch Seasons 1 and 2 over again. Plus I kept the majority of season 3 on my PVR. So that will hold me over until the fall; probably watched Other Guy and Honeymooners maybe more than a dozen times each already.

  7. Faith says:

    I love how you pinpointed American Hero Joe. American Hero was Chuck’s return to glory, the feel good is back (though the official poetic expression doesn’t actually happen until a couple of episodes later lol). Chuck is Chuck again. What’s more he’s better, more mature, more determined.

    I wouldn’t worry about Chuck and Sarah breaking up. It will probably happen but it’ll work for the better. Chuck, the show hasn’t let me down (well much with the beginning of S3) and they always move in a forward progression as it relates to the two of them. Sure there we bumps on the road, a ditch in S3 😉 But at the end of the day Chuck and Sarah love each other and love always prevail. It prevailed over asset-handler, over their pasts, over their insecurities, over their fears. It’ll continue to do so in the future. And through it all they’ll grow ever closer together and we’ll all bask in the joy of their love. And see a little bit of ourselves in them and feel all the better.

    That is Chuck‘s greatest gift, and its greatest strength. Feel good. Come to think of it I’m starting to see Nina Simone’s Feeling Good more fitting and purposeful than I originally figured.

  8. Sole says:

    I tried really hard not to watch the sneak peeks… But I failed! I couldn’t help it. It looks great! Thank god I’ll be out of town for a couple of days so I won’t see anything else, I’ll be back on tuesday. So, see you then! I know I’ll have a lot to catch up when I return… I’m definitely going to want to read all of your opinions!

    Another thing. Have you seen the “Thank you chuck fans” in the promo? Haven’t read any comment about that, or maybe I just missed it.

  9. Mclovin says:

    Uncle joe. Whose picture are u linking me to because it changes each time i go there. Assuming it was rachel bilson? Hello cas, to your question FHM isn’t an american magazine but they do have it’s own version as do other countries in the world. This years number 1 is cheryl cole a british popstar for a second year running. And i have all of her maxim photo’s. lol. On a final couple of notes jordana brewster who played jill finished up over twenty places higher than yvonne. That’s ridiculous. Next yr everyone from here should vote for her and we’ll get a higher ranking. Appreciate all the comments and as always Peace.

    • joe says:

      Heh, Sorry, Nephew. I didn’t realize it was a slow script.
      Lindsey Lohan was the target of my snark.

      I shouldn’t do that. I shouldn’t pick on the defenseless.

  10. odysszeuss says:

    Hi Joe, perhaps this really works for male and female: “They saw Yvonne Strahovski and then…” She’s really adorable. Even the girls seem to like her. It’s all her…
    …however perhaps some boys & girls thougth: “They saw Zac Levi and then…” but that’s perhaps just me 😉

  11. OldDarth says:

    Random Chuck thought – could they be going totally Tony Stark and revealing Chuck’s identity to the public? 😮

    That could be fun. 8)

    • atcdave says:

      Or at least to a full congressional panel (I guess that’s the same thing as public!)

      It would be a unique twist if everyone knew who Chuck was next season.

    • joe says:

      Remember when Superman and Batman would do ANYTHING to keep their identities a secret??? Secret identities just aren’t what they used to be! 😀

  12. F3v3r says:

    Hi. First time poster here. You can call me Fever. Just had to post this:

    I just though of something. Right now it’s pretty unsure where the show is going (since the season finale hasn’t aired yet) right? I just got
    ideas of where the show could go from here:


    1) the General gets killed
    2) the CIA is taken over by a bad guy
    3) Since Team Bartowski doesn’t want to work for the bad guys, they all go rogue
    4) They create their own agency. Like The Ring, except they’re the good guys
    5) next season is about recruiting new people / building the agency etc while fighting evil CIA and other baddies


    Trade #2 to it isn’t the CIA at all, just a company conning people thinking they’ve been working for the CIA, when they’re really working for the bad guys..Or something like that..


    Or more simply, Casey just starts running things after Beckman dies. Everything else is as usual, expect no more buy more and maybe minor changes

    I’m personally hoping for option A) or B) 🙂
    What do you guys think? Do you think one of these things could happen?

    Whould you WANT them to happen?


    • atcdave says:

      Hey Fever (get it?) its always great to see another new poster here. I like your option A. I think that would be a very fun show. Option C could change the show dynamic a lot too, if it means no more Casey on missions. I hope they don’t do that; I like seeing Chuck and Sarah mostly happy together, with Casey in the mix you have instant tension. It lets them have the best of both worlds, bickering and sarcasm, but not between the romantic leads. If Casey were no longer operational (even if replaced by Devon, Morgan, and/or Ellie) the whole tone of the show would change.

      I’m sure you’ve seen from the other specs here, there a lot of different ideas floating around. I’m really too overwhelmed to formulate my own, but I love discussing and evaluating various ideas.

    • joe says:

      Hi, F3v3r. Always glad to see new names.

      That’s not bad! As much as I love the Gen. Beckman character (and Bonita Friedericy as an actress) I sorta kinda like the idea of losing her more than losing Devon. Casey taking over the NSA may be a bit much, though. I like him closer to the team.

      Ever since the end of Lethal Weapon I’ve liked the idea of C&S on the run. That’s me, big time! But Honeymooners tells me they aren’t going to do that. But WITH Casey??? Hey! Maybe. A rogue team has promise, for a least a good part of season 4.

    • Chuck604 says:

      I really like the idea of option A where they are a small group and they are trying to clear their names; while simultaneously taking down the agents that have infiltrated their respective agencies, turning the CIA and NSA against team B.

      • Hope says:

        Yeah like the A-Team, always having to run from place to place, can never stay in one place too long to evade capture and trying to clear their names. Meanwhile there would be rogue spy missions they could do while their at it. I love that scenario.

  13. lucian says:

    I’ll throw in one speculation. There will some kind of redemption for Shaw at the end. It will be a fitting end for the tragic hero (but that is really wishful thinking); it is more likely the case that he is going to be around for a while longer. They just can’t get enough of Daniel. He is the bad guy that never dies.

    • lucian says:

      I forgot to add – we’ll see the spirit images of Shaw, Eve, Bryce and Emmett holding hands and smiling appreciatively while something really heartwarming is going on.

    • weaselone says:

      After killing part of team B, nearly killing Chuck, attempting to kill Sarah multiple times, killing numerous innocent civilians and blowing up the Buy More, Shaw will use his own body to shield an innocent puppy that happens to wander into the store. Chuck, witnessing the act will drag Daniel’s almost corpse out of the store just before it collapses. Ellie and Devon will work feverishly and ultimately successfully to keep Shaw alive.

      Because of Daniel’s sacrifice, Sarah will forgive Shaw him for lying to her and attempting to kill her. She’s still upset at Chuck for withholding information about his health, so she dumps Chuck and agrees to move to DC with him where Beckman has wrangled with the CIA brass to get him a promotion. Chuck, his father dead and Shaw in possession of the only governor, will continue to deteriorate mentally, joining Merlin in the sanitarium shortly before his early and exceedingly painful death. Chuck’s funeral will be sparsely attended with Shaw giving the only complementary eulogy. The show will be renamed Shaw.

      • weaselone says:

        That’s game epic and game changing, right?

      • herder says:

        Weaselone, I’m sensing some ambivilence in your feelings towards the Shaw character. Could it be that you are not entirely thrilled with the way that he has been used this year?

      • lucian says:

        I think you are right except for the name – Mr. and Mrs. Shaw.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I know I was very happy at the way he was used at the end of Other Guy. And I will be happy if they use him the same way again by the end of Ring II.

        For target practice.

      • lucian says:

        In honor of Chuck, Shaw and Sam name their first child Charlie. They bring Charlie to the sanitorium where Chuck lives as often as they can to visit “Uncle Chuck” as they know Chuck’s time is very limited.

      • weaselone says:

        Of course I was thrilled about the Shaw character. The only problem was they killed him off. He’s a much better character than Chuck and now that he has the Intersect there’s no reason for him not to replace Chuck on the Shaw, both as the hero and as Sarah’s love interest.

  14. atcdave says:

    ….Oh and commercials, I predict commercials….

  15. herder says:

    The thing that is still bothering me is how the Ring knew that Papa B had both an intersect and a device that would allow him to withstand it’s effects. Chuck didn’t know and presumably the CIA didn’t know so how did the Ring know? Does the CIA really know and the whole Dreyfuss thing was a way to have Chuck get in contact with his father or does the Ring have some source of knowledge that the CIA and Chuck don’t – Mama B or someone that worked with Orion when he was developing the intersect.

    I think that this issue is tied into the notion of moles in the CIA or the other intelligence services. Presumably a mole or moles will stand up for Shaw on his return, maybe they sent Justin after Ellie meaning that he really is a CIA agent. Again this may play out with the General too, she may realize that the fix is in when Chuck appears before the CIA hearing and realizes how compromised the agency is leading her to spring Chuck.

    In any event I think the finale will be very much a spy story with the Bartowski family (extended version) against the corrupt intelligence services. Perhaps even having Bartowskis on both sides, sort of a Bartowski civil war Mama B and her followers against Papa B and his. Horribly enough this may open the way for Shaw to be a Bortowski relation too.

  16. Tamara Burks says:

    One thing I would love to be brought up is how Sarah kept rewarding Shaw every time he did something bad. All the things brought up that she did with him in Living Dead were after he wanted to blow up Castle with knowing that Chuck was in it and no telling how many people would die in the Buy More when it went up . Maybe have Chuck say sarcastically if Shaw kills someone close to Chuck ” How are you gonna reward him this time Sam?”

    And he’s definitely still mad over the name reveal, I think he let it slide in the interest of keeping her with him.

    Given that last year Sarah told him she was leaving with Bryce after he asked her to go on vacation and he has no reason (Bryce’s claim being unsubstantiated married with her freakout over them taking Bryce’s body does that) he’s left with at least the appearance that she only wanted to be with him because Bryce was dead. And her cutting off all contact after Prague makes it look like she wanted to leave the spy life but was afraid to do it alone and also that she was only willing to be with hm if he gave up everything (his family and friends) while she wouldn’t even tell him her name. Sarah has much less to lose by running . She has no close friends and given her father’s profession she might be able to contact him anyway while Chuck could not do the same with Ellie, Awesome and Morgan.

    There’s also the repeat of that this year where it appears that Sarah was only willing to be with Chuck once she found out that she killed Shaw’s wife (therefore killing thier relationship) . This is bolstered by both the lack of phone call once she decided to go and by her wearing the earrings Shaw bought her during the above mentioned reward.

    And people may bring up Chuck and Hannah but Hannah was an admitted mistake on Chuck’s part and while he slept with her first , once he realized that mistake he ended it quickly instead of leading her on. Sarah hasn’t admitted any mistakes on her part with Shaw.

    • Josh says:

      admit fault is a strange concept when it comes to this. I mean as far as we know Sarah was in a relationship with Shaw, not responsible for Shaw’s actions. Plus pretty much all of Shaw’s actions had some fundamental justification, he was acting like agent protecting his intelligence, not out of a particular desire to kill anybody (pre American Hero).

      Oh and the events detailed in vs the living dead happened after Tic Tac and before American Hero. And keep in mind that obviously we don’t have an actual real time equivalent, Sarah was in a relationship with Shaw for about 6 episodes, round about the same amount of time as she will have been in a relationship with Chuck at the end of the season.So while we didn’t get the Shaw/Sarah relationship to play out front center like the Chuck/Sarah relationship is, IMO it’s naive to assume Sarah hadn’t basically accepted (or discussed) whatever Shaw did with him.

      And on the name reveal, I just don’t see him being mad over it. Plus the whole will thing kinda trumps a first name.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Sure she’s willing to trust Chuck with her death but she trusted Shaw with something while she’s alive.

        There’s also other evidence of her rewarding him. She brought him dinner from a restaurant she visited with chuck after he tried to strangle Chuck and she went out on a date with him after he made her tell Chuck to kill in Final Exam.

        Not to mention that when she thought Chuck was going through what she thought what was the worst day of her life when she did it she refused his phones calls and wasn’t there as even a friend. She froze him out completely even though one of the major differences was that Chuck knew his target was a killer and he tried to take him in (both of which Sarah knew) and Sarah didn’t know who her target was and didn’t try to arrest her.

      • cas says:

        I don’t like Shaw either but him willing to kill Chuck in the Beard and making Sarah give him the order to kill does not make him a bad guy…..proffesionally. He was just doing his job and Sarah knew that. This whole Shaw arguement got me wondering what Bryce Larkins part would have been had Matt been available. It could not have been Shaws role because of Eve. Maybe we would even ended up liking Shaw if Larkin was the PLI and Shaw was just a mentor.

      • atcdave says:

        I do agree with this cas. The deal breaker with Shaw is the love interest part, that’s what makes so much of S3 unwatchable to me. Bryce would have been more credible in the role, simply because he and Sarah had history. Shaw swept her off her feet while being a complete creep; which translates into a demerit for Sarah. Had Bryce been on the scene it would have been easier to say he already held a piece of her heart, however the specific episodes played out. Obviously Bryce would have been handled differently in the whole “murdered wife” scenario.

    • andyt says:

      I agree with some of what you are saying Tamara. I have felt for a long time that Chuck didn’t know that Sarah was going to stay with him in “Ring”. You are right she rejected his vacation offer and said she was going with Bryce. At the reception, Stephen interrupted her before she could tell Chuck she was staying. None of this would lead Chuck to believe that Sarah had chosen him at that time. However, I don’t think that Chuck is angry over the name reveal. While it seems pretty important to us, I think that the way the writers handled it was show that in fact it is not that important. Chuck knows Sarah, Sam is an alien to him. As he said in “Cougars”, he knows Sarah Walker and she is a great person, so I believe that he has basically forgotten about it as should we. Would that some were as forgiving as Chuck.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        I think when he mentioned in Living dead tjhat the password to Shsw’s safe might be her name he showed us that he was still mad. He’s just let it be ignored because he’s afraid she’ll leave . After all she froze him out after he said no to her once even though she rejected him many times.

      • Aardvark7734 says:

        On that point I agree with you, Tamara. The way Chuck emphasized the ‘you’ in ‘your name?’ was pretty clearly intended as a little dig.

    • cas says:

      I think he’s over the name reveal Sarah did with Shaw. Even after knowing her real name and her middle name, (if we go by the tron poster) in American hero, he still made it a point to say “I love you SARAH WALKER, always have”

      • kg says:

        Yes, watch it again. She was only generally shaken emotionally when he forced this admission on her in castle.

        But watch closely, the more he says SARAH WALKER I love you, the more she cracks and begins to tear up. She practically loses it when he says for the fourth time, “I love you SARAH WALKER. I always have.”

        I believe she gets the significance. He loves the woman known as Sarah Walker. He truly doesn’t care about the woman she was. He loves and accepts the woman she is. He’s willing to forget all her mistakes and/or faults.

      • atcdave says:

        Very well put KG. The issue may yet be revisited at some point. But Chuck knows enough about who she is, the details of her past are less important.

    • joe says:

      Hi, Tamara. I don’t recall seeing your handle here. Hope I didn’t miss it earlier. Nice to see you here.

      Like the others, I’m not so sure that Sarah’s actually rewarded Shaw, although it might have felt that way when she kissed him for being “heroic” and sacrificing himself to get the director. Somehow, her telling Chuck “I appreciated the tank.” seemed as big as a reward, considering that Chuck’s efforts were essentially a screw-up.

      One think that I forgetting to mention was that when she handed the will to Chuck, Sarah did a major call-back to Cougars. She was extremely reluctant to go to her reunion as Jenny Burton, because, as she said, “This is me.” The same words came out about the will, too. It’s major.

  17. herder says:

    One thing that just struck me is that when Morgan was confronted by Sarah in the Castle, he said that she knew him better than he did. For Morgan this is huge, remember the Wookie, he was in competition with Sarah about who knew Chuck best, now he concedes that Sarah knows him better than him. Of course he could simply be afraid of Sarah and be trying to mislead her but I think the bearded loser is speaking the truth.

    • joe says:

      Ooohhhh! Forgot that! Good catch, Herder.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I took it as more Morgan trying to deflect Sarah, but there was an element in there essentially admitting she was now the focus of his life.

    • atcdave says:

      I think Morgan will always know more of the details of Chuck’s formative years. But Sarah knows Chuck as an adult and professional.

    • Faith says:

      I like to think if it as a continuation on Morgan’s “take care of my boy” and Sarah’s “I will.” A passing the torch kind of thing. Something that both of them realizes as meaningful and life-changing.

  18. andyt says:

    Since this is the place for wild speculation, I had a thought. Last week Stephen B knew immediately that the case was a spy will and what that meant. This is either further hints that Chuck’s Mom was a spy/Stephen’s handler, but also there is a darker thought. We have been speculating that Mama B. is going to show up eventually. What if she is already dead? Remember, Chuck told Sarah that Mom just split, he never went into details, but it seemed like she just vanished one day. What if she were killed and Stephen kept the info secret to protect the kids. It would also explain why is so angry at first about Chuck being a spy. Even wilder she might have faked her death to protect the family and now she shows up as the part of the baddies. We think that the agnst to come is Chuck/Sarah related, but everything in the back six seems to be more family oriented.

    • joe says:

      That starts to fit nicely, Andy. Still, we’ve seen nothing mentioned of Mrs. B, at least, not directly. I would expect a direct reference to her a few weeks before it became clear that she was returning to Chuck’s world.

      It would be a great story line for S4 or S5 though, wouldn’t it?

      • andyt says:

        I know that’s why all the speculation that she would show up at the end of the finale seemed wrong to me since we would have heard something. Although, I could see them slipping something in after the initial shooting period. When all the buzz dies down. An even wilder thought that I had was: It could also be that Stephen appears to be killed to Chuck at least, but the game changer is him waking up in a Ring facility and a womans’s voice(o.c.) asking him, “Where is Charles?” then fade to black. That would be “game changing” and “epic”

      • joe says:

        I would love it, Andy. Don’t expect it, though. You see, this would really tie Stephen and Chuck’s mom in tightly to S4, and I don’t think we’re going to see Stephen again (at least, not more than once next season).

    • atcdave says:

      I think that’s a good possibility Andy. They seem to be suggesting something unexpected, I think MamaB’s reappearence would qualify. I did notice Orion’s strong reaction to the will, it like there’s a personal significance for him.

  19. crabapple says:

    Hey, first time poster here. And I was thinking about the whole CIA panel thing, and it got me to wondering if all of Team B is being investigated, not just Chuck.

    – I like the speculation that Shaw does something with his Intersect that casts suspicion on Chuck. Or some other activity happens and the CIA starts to call into question Chuck’s loyalty and viability as the Intersect. This would definitely explain Beckman standing in front of the panel and the shots of Chuck in what looks like a cell. But what if it’s not just Chuck?

    – Casey, after all, was recently “retired” and kicked off the team because he went rogue and worked for the Ring. Yes, he captured the Ring Leader (heh) and Beckman restored him, and we know he was never actually bad, but something like that has to stick out to a bunch of CIA/Intelligence bureacrats. Especially if Beckman is under suspicion as well, as that would color all of her decisions regarding the Colonel.

    – As for Sarah, well, we’ve seen now, thanks to Living Dead and American Hero, that she and Shaw were in a fairly serious, committed relationship. It would stand to reason then that there could be people back in DC who question her loyalty and think she might have had something to do with Shaw turning traitor. We know, because we’re the audience, how completely fooled and suckered Sarah was by Shaw (it’s always amazed me how utterly clueless Sarah was around Shaw in Other Guy, not even suspecting Shaw might hold ill feelings toward her even after learning she killed his wife), but it might seem dubious to a bunch of CIA bigshots that one of their best agents had no idea the man she was sleeping with was going to turn traitor.

    So Casey, Sarah, and Chuck all have marks against them. Maybe it’s not just Chuck who comes under fire, but the whole team. I could see the panel, assuming they’re legit which is no safe assumption, just losing all faith in Team B period. Or has this already been talked about?

    • joe says:

      Hi, Crabapple. Nice to see you here.

      Great speculations. But I’m not sure I understand some of the things to which you’re referring. It’s possible I’ve missed some spoilery clips.

      In this one (careful now, it IS spoilery), Chuck and Casey indicates that they’re trying to infiltrate a high-level conference. Could it be that’s where Beckman is speaking? She wouldn’t be under suspicion then, but it would be cool if she had to go underground with them 😉

      Yeah, Sarah was pretty accepting of Shaw – clueless as you put it. But I’m still hesitating to use the word “committed” to describe her relationship with Shaw. Serious, maybe, but I still want to think Sarah saw him as another hero-type who might leave in 5 minutes, like Carina said. It lets me sleep better at night.

      • odysszeuss says:

        Serious, maybe, but I still want to think Sarah saw him as another hero-type who might leave in 5 minutes, like Carina said. It lets me sleep better at night.

        well put Joe,
        that’s exactly the why how TBPT WANTED to show us what’s going on between Shaw and Sam. Professional related Persons having meaningless sex and spending time together because they don’t want to be alone. Both lost partners in the past. For some people that’s all they get in life. But not our heroes.
        What i wanted to say? Don’t know exactly but anyhow Shaw and Sam were in a committed relationship i think. I would say they were unlucky and they had no real basics. But in the spy world the thing Shaw had with his wife murdered by Sam and now Chuck with Sarah seems extraordinary special. Real Love. I thing it’s save to say Sham was a committed relationship without love. A “normal” spy relationship. That’s in for Sarah without Chuck in her life. And she knows that.
        For me it’s let me sleep better thinking Sarah was and is only in love with Chuck, nothing else matters for her. That explains best, she sees no real relevance in the Shaw relationship know she is with Chuck. The earrings and the talking about her time with Shaw. It’s only uncomfortable for her because it hurts Chuck. For her it’s not relevant. She never loved that boy.

      • jason says:

        I loved her line – ‘you ready for this’ – she could just as well been talking about the mark in 3.1 as shaw with the line ‘you ready for this’, or more than likely any of a dozen other situations -the travesty of the super extension of the shaw arc is this ‘fan’ wound has re-opened, here we are on the ‘eve’ of the finale and we are talking about what was the worst single idea in chuck history (that most were recovering from b4 3.17 and the reintro of the fedak epic character shaw) – rather than the finale – things often become unpopular slowly, the shaw character does that to the series – shaw is more a cancer than a heart attack on the series – some may like him, but not near with the passion that others dislike him, and that dislike extends to the show

      • odysszeuss says:

        Yeah Jason,
        normally my position is your opponent in this discussions. But at least we’re all at the same site. Reading the last 50/60 quotes of the last hours (!!!) I’m a bit in a depressing mood. Sometimes thinking about this shaw/sham arc is really sad. but your right. let’s talk about the finale again. something hopefully in a twitter quote:

        Josh Schwartz 76: RT @HitFixDaniel: BTW, “Chuck” finale is very satisfying. I laughed. I was exhilarated. If I weren’t dead inside, I’m sure I’d’ve cried.

        i’m new at this whole twitter thing. but it seems HitFixDaniel had seen the preview and he is “satisfied”…

      • BDaddyDL says:

        Thank you odysszeuss for making the point about the earings, she loves Chuck, her Chuck. When She thought he passed the red test it was one more proof that he was becoming well, Shaw.
        I cant wait for monday.
        My hope is the “gamechanger” is nothing between C/S. I know they will have some relationship problems, but hopefully it will be putt of till next season.

    • atcdave says:

      Hi crabapple welcome! Always great to hear from more voices. I like a lot of your speculation, I think its not only likely suspicion will be directed at the whole team, I think its the most likely scenario. I would tweak your suggestions just a little though; Shaw seems to be back in the good graces of the CIA, so the black mark against Sarah may be her intimate association with Chuck, not Shaw.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      It might be especially difficult for them to swallow esecially given that this is the second time something like this has happened. She had no clue with Bryce either.

      And it was mentioned somewhere here that Sarah may have seen Shaw as her type , the hero who may leave in 5 minutes. I’ve never seen her type as that. Her type always struck me to be men like her father. Guys that really couldn’t be trusted, weren’t too concerned if she was hurt , manipulative and couldn’t tell the truth if thier life depended on it.

      And given her lifelong training in cons, Sarah really shouldn’t have gone off alone with Shaw to Paris (the site of his wife’s death) after finding out he knew about it and she definitely shouldn’t have drank anything around him.

      Plus Shaw struck me as trying to manipulate her from day one starting when she showed her his wife’s rings tp evoke sympathy. I’d love for her to find out that he was seducing her away from Chuck in order to make him a better weapon against the Ring and had no real personal feeling for her other than enjoying the attention. Maybe have it found out that Hannah was somehow part of this plan to split them up and seperate Chuck from love . That would jive with my theory that Shaw somehow set up Awesome to be indentified as an agent in order to distance Chuck from his family.

      It could be unsderstand that Chuck would fall for seduction techniques and be fooled given his limited training but Sarah really should’ve know better, I think.

      • F3v3r says:

        See this is what’s bothering me the most this season, how stupid they have made Sarah seem! I don’t hate Shaw as much as I hate the fact that Sarah was completely oblivious to how he really was, especially in 3.13. She should have at least been somewhat careful and as you say not drink anything near Shaw. I really hope they make up for this in season 4, the characters better be better characterized! Bad storyline doesn’t hurt too much as long as the characterization is good

      • jason says:

        yea but shaw’s desert is contained within her desert – how can a girl resist?

      • Patty says:

        Sarah was able to work with Casey for “killing” Bryce because it was his job. She thought that Shaw was behaving in a similar professional way. This assessment was based on the fact that Shaw was always behaving professionally. Chuck was the only one who saw that Shaw was batty.

        I think that to defeat Shaw Chuck will have to make him flash and realize that Eve was a traitor.

      • atcdave says:

        Tamara, I do think you’re right about manipulating from day one. If you’ve been reading posts here long you may remember the “Shaw’s Evil Plan” series, way back in part 1 I said Shaw’s goal was to break up teamB by discrediting Casey and seducing Sarah. Sadly, any satisfaction from being right was completely erased by Sarah falling for it hook, line, and sinker. We constructed many elaborate scenarios to try to give Sarah the benefit of the doubt, but in the end she was the patsy.

        I am happy to overlook a failed story arc and character path (although you can bet I’ll write some stuff about where all they went wrong over the next couple months) and just move on already, but the writers do make that very hard when they keep bringing the despised character back. And what’s worse, as Jason observed, he isn’t just despised as a villain, our anger has carried over to the writers and show; its a sort of meta-anger all drawn from one botched character.

      • Josh says:

        at this point retconning Shaw further (as in revealing he had sinister intentions from the start) would annoy me. Let me explain. An arc is an arc. Shaw had and arc that spanned through to 13. I shouldn’t have to, indeed I would hate to, having to watch episode 19 to have episodes 5 through to 13 explained. It’s just lousy storytelling. That’s why I hope they just leave it where it is and give us some new Shaw story. That by the way is what mildly annoyed me about the interrogation scene in Living Dead, the fact they felt they had to retcon the relationship cause nobody (pretty much) bought it while it aired 3 months ago. I shouldn’t need to dial my brain back 3 months and change what I saw based on information I ‘m given now, that in my eyes is a major storytelling failure. Especially on a show that lacks live viewers.

      • atcdave says:

        I’m not sure what you’re calling a retcon at this point Josh. It was obvious from Operation Awesome (and again early in First Class) that Shaw felt the team was disfunctional ( a retcon of its own by the way, it had previously been Beckman’s best team) because the agents charged with protecting the intersect since the start of the series, were in fact, protecting the intersect. (Shaw could have more precisely said they weren’t dealing with his new job desciption very well, but we got a shortened largely inaccurate assessment). But at first his motives were unclear. In hindsight it does seem more likely he was stupid rather than evil, yes Casey called it right all along. Regardless of his motives, his objective was to fragment the team, and he did. “Shaw’s Evil Plan” was the name of six posts here where we discussed Shaw’s motives and plans. In the end, we were right about very little. But we did accurately guess his initial objectives. We missed on motives, where things ended up, and most sadly, Sarah’s role in everything.

        I don’t mean to get testy with you, but I don’t see any retcon on my part either.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        I wouldn’t consider finding out that Shaw was using Sarah from the beginning to turn Chuck into a ruthless weapon to be a complete retcon. Shaw having Sarah being the one to give Chuck his red test because he knows (and he states this) that Chuck will do it because Sarah told him to can be considered a indication of this. Shaw’s focus on defeating the Ring could mean thathe’s completely ruthless in getting what he wants and doesn’t care who he hurts in acheving his goal.

        A complete retcon would be finding out that Shaw was a Ring agent of his own free will all along. A partial retcon would be finding out that he was under some sort of control (given all the Manchurian candidate references) or that he was orginally a Ring agent who switched aftyer believing the Ring killed his wife, or a combination of the two partial retcons where he thought he was a CIA agent former Ring agent and they called him up and activated him when they needed him.

      • Josh says:

        dave, those ideas floating around (namely that Shaw tried to get Casey discredited or that Shaw seduced Sarah to somehow manipulate Chuck or that Shaw setup Awesome ) etc etc would constitute retcon for me.

        It’s like we had this basic premise, Shaw is the quintessential by the book CIA agent who went in to make Chuck a spy and Team B more efficient, with a view of using them against the ring. That’s the basic premise of his “fall from grace” in 12/13. Changing that to Shaw came in with sinister motives akin to what Tamara describes wouldn’t sit well with me, for the reasons I detailed above.

        I have read all the posts from around Mask and Fake Name, and contributed my 2c to many of them. The theories that Shaw was manipulating Sarah, that Sarah was playing Shaw cause she sensed something was off etc were fun speculation. At the end of the day that’s not how it played out, Shaw was an “accountant” of an agent, slightly boring and monotonous but he was loyal and his actions were motivated by an emotionless interpretation of the book.Beard for eg, I have to protect my intelligence, Chuck is unfortunately of lower priority or Final Exam, Chuck needs to be able to kill if we (shaw/sarah) are to set him free to be a spy before moving back to DC … All that stuff had one thread through it, I m an agent, my priorities are A B C and my personal emotions towards coworkers are irrelevant. Changing that to I had some weird sinister plan all along, like I said before, would annoy me.

      • atcdave says:

        As I said, sinister doesn’t play into it initially, but I do think breaking up the team was a judgement he made early, possibly at the end of Operation Awesome, certainly by the start of Final Exam. I do agree he was initally just trying to make Chuck a better agent. But he came off as stupid for seperating Chuck from his strengths, he was not able to function when he was isolated and lost self respect (start of Beard). Shaw was trying to create a robot spy like himself, and he failed because he never understood the man.

      • 904 says:

        I like Josh’s thoughts.

        Shaw was a simple character in that he was “by the book.” the quintessential company man with clearly set priorities and expectations. He was portrayed as such purposely (I believe).

        My contention all along has been that Shaw was very uncomplicated, the foil to the emotionally complicated Chuck, and that’s why Sarah turned to Shaw when she felt Chuck drifting away.

        At first she resisted, then grew receptive while she saw Chuck change and couple with Hannah (and basically tell her to take a shot at Shaw in The Mask). It makes sense to me. She felt burned by Chuck, so she has a man showing interest and listening to her who has none of the complications Chuck offered (or so she thinks. This “safest man” is not really the safe choice she believes, an important part of this tragic arc).

        This was a rebound relationship by severely bruised woman. It feels good to be desired, especially after a broken heart. And Sarah was desired by Shaw, cheesy lines and all. Remember, when she felt burned by Bryce in the early days of Season 1, Chuck made her feel good as well. The difference: we root for Chuck). Many of us have engaged in these flings.

        Of course, we know Sarah loves Chuck, and she shows us this by using elements of her relationship with Chuck his proxy Shaw (sizzling shrimp, importance of name reveal, etc.) She even tells us (and Chuck) this in Final Exam: “It’s different than with you.” But, then, her is now different Chuck, so she retracts deeper into her relationship with Shaw and the opportunity in Washington after the Red Test. This is her chance escape; her backup plan.

  20. Patty says:

    oops I meant “AFTER HE “killed” Bryce”. Never try to fix grammer in these tiny boxes!!

  21. Hope says:

    I never liked Shaw ever since we were introduced to him. He seemed sinister from the start and everything bad that he did just screamed future psychopath to me. Not like a serial killer, but one who takes cruel pleasure in making his enemies suffer. I think Shaw really has it in for Team B. Even though Sarah was the only one who killed his wife, Shaw wants to take it several steps upward then getting even with Sarah. I think he wants it all, to strip everything away from the team, for their innocent families to suffer, and last wanting the team themselves dead. Maybe framing them in some way to make them become enemies of the state. My two 2cts.

    • Faith says:

      Let’s make it 4 cents. I agree.

    • atcdave says:

      That I agree with.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      I think Shaw wanted to break up the team in order to have Chuck operating as a lone weapon and he’s highly pissed that he was largely unsuccessful at doing that. He was mostly successful with Sarah.

      It wouldn’t surprise me that he leaked info that Awesome was an agent in order to distance Chuck from his family, or that he leaked info about Casey’s fiance and daughter in order to put them in danger to get Casey off the team, or that he studied Sarah’s psych profile in order to get her further away from Chuck.

      • atcdave says:

        I agree again Tamara. I think it would be quite satisfying to discover what Shaw was schemeing from the start.

      • Merve says:

        It might be sort of interesting for the show to go that route, but I’m not a huge fan of that theory for the same reason that I disliked the “con” theory: it involves withholding information from the audience for the sole reason of hitting them with a big twist later on, but without even hinting at that information. It’s dishonest storytelling. I’d rather have a slightly poorly-told story than a story can just be rewritten because things weren’t exactly what they seemed the first time around.

      • 904 says:

        Like Merve, I much prefer Shaw to be as I mentioned above.

        Under whose guidance would he have been working under to break the team up? Beckman could have split the team up of her own accord.

        To make him a scheming antagonist (for the Ring?) from the outset would be a brutal turn, and make a lot of what followed more shallow and contrived. We would find ourselves dissecting everything he said looking for little hints, and I don’t think anyone is willing to give him that credit.

        I like that finding out his wife’s death was at the hands of the CIA (and Sarah, specifically) turned him. Otherwise, all his actions were staged. That’s a lot of work for the desired payoff for Shaw.

        Simply, I think the CIA requested his presence because he was an expert on The Ring and he could push Chuck to truly become spy material as Casey and especially Sarah weren’t prepared or capable for various reasons to do that. Unfortunately, he didn’t live up to the hype Beckman bestowed upon him beyond his first episode or two.

      • atcdave says:

        I think since so many of us suspected him of being up to no good all along it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to find out that we were right. I do agree I don’t like story telling that relies on going so far back to make sense of it all, in fact, I think I’m one of the few here who regularly claims to prefer more episodic story telling. But my disatisfaction with this season runs deep enough, I prefer some sort of “fix”. I can live with just ignoring a poorly executed story, but the Sham revisited we got last week makes me doubt they’ll ever let it just go away.

      • JC says:

        Honestly I would love for it to revealed he was playing everyone from the beginning. At least the middle part of his arc would’ve made sense. It was hard to swallow watching him be comically inept at everything and yet everyone kept calling him a great spy.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        The ineptness of his character is why I kept thinking we’d find out that he was related to someone in power. It seemed like they pointedly showed that if you are examaning something you are suppossed to use the containment unit in the ep with Manoosh yet in the next ep Shaw examines the Mask without the containment unit and gasses both himself and Sarah.

        The thing that first hit me that was wrong with Shaw was his presence at all.He came there to fix a team that didn’t need fixing at all. They wouldv’e worked things out fine without him. So what if they were difunctional they worked better than any other team!

      • atcdave says:

        I agree entirely Tamara. I know that’s all part of the reason Liz James was saying Chuck ended at Colonel. So much of what we learned in S1 & 2 simply isn’t true anymore; that includes the quality of teamB, the character and quality of Sarah Walker, and lessens learned by Chuck.

  22. Tamara Burks says:

    Ther’s some pictures from the finale on and in one of them it looks like Sarah has the drop on Shaw while he seems to have his hands in his pockets . If she lets Shaw go outright after he cons her and then he kills papa B then that would be one heck of a game changer . Chuck has let many things slide in the interest of keepng peace but I think his father dying because of her would definitely be an obstacle bigger than any pli.

    A good interpretation of that scene would involve him trotting out thier time together and calling her Sam, and her getting angry and telling him he was the biggest mistake she ever made and that she was a fool for being with him for even a minute. He then escapes by using his own skills married with the Intersect enhancements. Which would mean it wasn’t her fault he escaped.

    Though if he kills Papa B there might still be some resentment on Chuck’s part about her involvement with Shaw plus the reason Shaw turned being that he found out that his wife was killed by sarah and ordered by the CIA.

    Season 4 could be all about (Charah wise) them working through the many justifiable issues including Sarah’s penchant for guys like her father, Chuck’s habit of not letting himself get angry and any other problems.

  23. andyt says:

    My last thoughts before the “epic” and “game changing”(I am sick of these terms btw) finale. Many have speculated that the team may become “outlaws” next season. The team in hiding and on the run would be nice symmetry to Pink Slip, everything comes full circle here at the end. Also, it recalls Sarah and Chuck on the run in Colonel and Bryce’s own plan which was to steal the Intersect and go on the run to keep it out of Fulcrum’s hands. This could be the way to save the Intersect; take it into hiding. Just a thought. Everybody enjoy the finale

    • Tamara Burks says:

      Them being on the run including Ellie. Devon, Chuck, Sarah, Morgan , Casey and maybe Casey’s daughter would be interesting. After all they certainly can’t bas out of the Buy More by the end of this season given the spoilers.

      Though there would definitely be the thought of whether or not Casey’s ex (baby’s mamma”, Morgan’s mom and BigMike and maybe Devon’s family (though I suspect they might be the type to know someone in influence or be too high profile to disappear), Sarah’s dad, Ilsa, or Carina might be in danger.

  24. Crumby says:

    So I was thinking about the clip of Chuck and Sarah against Justin. I apologize if somebody said that.

    So considering they’re already after the Governor, Sarah probably what it’s for. And Chuck statement “the flashes are getting worse” isn’t exactly explicit, if you’ve never really talked about his condition.

    So I’m thinking Chuck comes clean at some point earlier, with extended Team B, maybe even Ellie and Awesome. But as the episode goes the Intersect becomes more and more unstable and the flashes more and more painful. But because they have to focus on everything that’s happening he doesn’t say how bad it is becoming.

    One other thought, Chuck is special so what if he/his brain find a way to control the Intersect without the Governor. The Government could really feel threaten by it, especially since Chuck’s concerns doesn’t always are Government’s concerns, when it comes to do the right thing.

    • joe says:

      How about this, Crumby.

      Stephen dies, and Chuck thinks the governer is gone with him. But The Ring is working on a version too, and Shaw (Oh Nooooossss!) is the key to saving Chuck’s life.

      That way, we get to have Shaw around for a few more episodes in S4.

      Hey… wait. WAIT!!!! DON’T HIT!!!!! (Boff – Bash!) OUCH!

    • Tamara Burks says:

      If the flashbacks back to Chuck and Ellie’s childhood somehow reveals that the Intersect was based on Chuck’s brain wave patterns then that might mean that if the 2.0 Intersect hadn’t been altered (as Bryce had said it was) then Chuck wouldn’t be suffering any after effects at all.Though since 2.0 has the same basic substructure as the first version Chuck downloaded then , he’s better able to cope with the effects than anyone else.

      Also this would explain why Papa B was having some after effects but had lived this long . Not only are his brain waves similar to Chucks but he’s done everything he could to avoid flashing. Shaw , however won’t have the advantages that Chuck has in processing the info plus he’s morelikely to go for the lethal flashes (the red ones) and they probably use up more energy somehowand will burn him out faster.

      Also it’s possible that even with 2.0 being screwed with, that having 1.0 (even after it’s removal) prepared the neural pathways for 2.0 and made it easier to it to work , kind of like it being easier to walk down a path that’s been worn down by people’s feet.

      • atcdave says:

        I think we’re overthinking it. My bet is Shaw will adapt to the intersect more quickly and more completely than Chuck ever has. I don’t base that on any internal logic, just pure storytelling. Shaw will be an uber villain and threat immediately. Chuck will squeak out a victory in the end either because of some small advantage related to knowing Shaw, or because Sarah will tip the scales with timely assistance.

  25. Josh says:

    As far as I can tell this hasn’t been posted yet, so here’s a short interview thingee Fedak did with sci fi wire regarding the finale

    10 reasons you must watch the chuck finale

    • odysszeuss says:

      “I’ll say this, season four is about family,” said Fedak.

      that was unexpected. sounds interesting. Josh thx for this link…

    • cas says:

      Tnx Josh! Season 4 is about family? Interesting……

    • Crumby says:

      Thanks Josh!

      I’m excited, and a little scared about the death thing…

      And I like that he mention something about the couple Ellie/Awesome!

      Can’t wait!

      • odysszeuss says:

        well, perhaps the tragic death is:

        Shaw, having a dramatically emotional car accident on the way to the buy more to the showdown with chuck and instead of him Emmett the cyborg is fighting against chuck with his cyborg skills…

    • atcdave says:

      That was some really exciting stuff! I wish they would have handled the show this way all season. The only thing I’m a little nervous about is the character death. Its gotta be Orion or Devon. I like both chacters a lot, but sadly, I hope its Orion.

      • Chuck604 says:

        If it’s Orion, I hope they pull out another Dune reference. Like Chuck shouting out “Father! The sleeper has awakened!”.

        Also I hope that they don’t make Shaw into a Darth Vader type where at the end he realizes what he has done and tries to redeem himself in some way. Though I think with his current state of mind that would be difficult.

      • atcdave says:

        I normally really like redemption stories. But I mainly hope Shaw meets the tank.

      • Chuck604 says:

        Yeah I think they should run him over in an abrams a few times after blowing him up into tiny little pieces.

      • Hope says:

        They said Shaw has completely embraced the dark side. A harvey dent like guy who plays to his own fiddle. Thinking he can control who lives and who dies if any of the team is at his mercy. HA like he even knows the meaning of the word.

        Watch with Kristen said there’s going to be spin tingling scary stuff that’s going to happen. That alone got my blood racing, and I’m scared about the death. So long as it’s not Casey or Sarah…I hope. 😦

      • joe says:

        I had to look up Harvey Dent, and I found this in the Wikipedia:
        Once Harvey Dent, District Attorney of Gotham City and an ally of Batman, he goes insane and becomes the crime boss Two-Face after the left half of his face is hideously disfigured when acid is thrown in his face during a trial; he chooses to bring about good or evil based upon the outcome of a coin flip. Originally, Two-Face was two of many gimmick-focused comic book villains, plotting crimes based around the number two, such as robbing Gotham Second National Bank at 2:00 on February 2.

        Make of it what you will!

      • herder says:

        I think the reference to Harvey Dent was meant to show that Shaw was a good guy who now embraces the bad guy side of things.

      • lucian says:

        The Harvey Dent reference would indicate that we won’t see the end of Shaw this evening – rats! As long as he is a recurring villian, and not a recurring PLI, I am fine with that.

  26. Good afternoon Chuck fans!First of all today is a blessed day because it’s my birthday and hopefully many more to come.Now to my topic.

    Less than seven hours from now the two hour season 3 finale of Chuck in the eastern time zone will be on and the way the promo video clips I saw it’s going to be very exciting and fufilled with suspense and drama.

    Well Joe and fans I was right from last weeks comments that Shaw is alive. Now Shaw and the Ring is going after Team B,Morgan,Ellie,Devon,Casey’s daughter Alex,the workers at the BuyMore which means there is a good chance that Castle will be blown up along with the BuyMore and of course Ellie will finally find out that Chuck is a spy.

    Me personally I’ve never trusted Shaw since he arrived in ep.04 to take over Castle and Team B to begin with and there is no telling how long he’s been a member of the Ring.

    Shaw used and manipulated Team B but most of all Sarah. Shaw made a fool out of her except toward the end of “THE OTHER GUY”when he tried to kill her for killing his wife.

    Finding out now that he’s alive, she is having regrets. about even considering having a personal relationship with Shaw.It was professional but Sarah trusted him too much emotionally when she told Shaw her real first name Sam.

    That’s what happens when you’re struggling with your emotions for the fist time in your life you do not think clearly and that’s when you start making mistakes.Sarah was exposed emotionally by Shaw.

    First of all, what have Shaw done to earn Sarah’s trust to begin with? nothing.Sarah must learn that trust is like respect or love, it’s something that you earned not given.That lesson goes for Chuck as well. Casey never trusted Shaw.

    Shaw told Chuck and Sarah in “Operation Awsome” I know everything about you meaning their strenghts and their weaknesses. The knew that Chuck has a thing for brunnett’s that smiles at him (Hannah). For Sarah she reverted back to falling for the james bond type wanna bees she been partnered with from her past and Shaw took full advantege of the situration up till ep.12 when Chuck and Sarah found their love for each other.

    So what will happen tonight? There will be a fight between Chuck and Shaw winner takes all. Will Ellie and Dveon get hurt or killed trying to save papa B?will Casey save his daughter Alex from the Ring? Will Sarah gets involved maybe gets hurt trying to save Chuck by killing Shaw? Will Papa B meet his tragic end? Will Chuck take down Shaw for good this time? and what about the Ring? I don’t see them going away anytime soon with or without Shaw as their leader going into season 4.

    My best bet is Papa B will die. No matter what happens tonight lives will be affected.

    Season 4 Will be interesting,very interesting in deed.

    • joe says:

      Great specs., Bernard, and happy birthday!

      • Thanks Joe for the complement.

        I won’t be watching tonights 2 hour season 3 finale of Chuck I’ll watching something else but my DVR will be recording tonights season 3 finale of Chuck.

        I will be watching all 19 episodes of Chuck season 3 on my DVR this summer including the last 3 episodes of season 2.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      I’d like to see her say something about those regrets and about making a mistake in trusting Shaw. Chuck admitted his mistake with Hannah fairly quickly but Sarah hasn’t done the same with Shaw. Plus there’s no indication that she actually broke things off officially with Shaw when she was packing to go with Chuck at the end of AH. That wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t felt the need to put in the additional info about Sham in DC. That info also had to make Chuck feel like a fool for his comments about how boring it must have been in DC for her because of Shaw.

      • I’ll agree with your comments 100% Tamara about Sarah needs to admit tonight to Chuck that she did made a mistake trusting Shaw.

        Chuck admitted his mistake with hannah because as a spy getting involved in a personal relationship with a civilian is a no-no in the spy world. He’ll be putting hannah’s life in danger on every mission and be lying and keeping secrets from her.

        Chuck found out the hard way when got involved with Julia Roberts in season 2 “THE EX” “THE FAT LADY” and “THE GRAVATRON” he trusted her too much till he found out that she is a Fulcum Agent and almost got Team B killed.

        Sarah admitted to Casey in the “HARD SALAMI”that she made a mistake getting involved with Bryce Larkin because it started professional but then it became itimate.

        Sarah kept things professional with Shaw.she tried to create something real with him toward the end of the “FAKE NAME” like she had before with Chuck but it wasn’t the same and Sarah knew it.

        Sarah and Shaw emotionally understood each other but there’s no way I would dropped my Real name Sam like she did in the “FAKE NAME” by any chance it might come back to haunt me. Now Shaw is alive and knows her real first name other than Chuck.

        Maybe Sarah will end the relationship with Shaw tonight professional or not by putting a bullet in his head.That’s official enough for me.

        That’s one of many things Chuck and Sarah has started to clean up since they’re involved with each other. Communication,Trusting,Respecting and Sharing with one another going into season 4.

  27. herder says:

    A few thoughts on tonights’ show. There will be deaths, the easy choices are Papa B and Shaw, the longshots are Beckman and Justin.

    Jeffster’s video will be Bon Jovi’s Blaze of Glory, to be played over the Buy More blowing up. I would like to see the show have the nerve to play The Smith’s “Girlfriend in a Coma” while Chuck is in the hospital but I doubt it.

    Someone unexpected will be introduced, my guess is Mama B but it could be Eve Shaw too.

    How deeply involved in the spy world was Papa B? He has heard of Shaw, he knows about spy wills, he picked up on the clues about Chuck’s involvement in the spy life.

    I think that the Ring/Shaw take their payback on the Bartowski clan by kidnapping Alec and Awesome. This is designed to hobble Casey and Chuck, what do they do to get at Sarah? Is part of their payback having Chuck and Morgan arrested for the murder of Emmitt Milbarge.

    Three and a half hours, the clock is moving so slowly.

  28. atcdave says:

    Given that one of Chuck’s problems has been very “vivid dreams”, I wonder if the previews are even less reliable than normal. What if Chuck dreams the destruction of the Buy More, but is actually in time to prevent it? The dream aspect actually makes almost anything possible; I just hope they don’t play it in too heavy handed a manner.

    • joe says:

      It hardly seems possible, but yes, they COULD be less reliable than usual. 😉

      I’m with you on the heavy-handedness too.

  29. Tamara Burks says:

    One of the things I don’t like is that there’s no sign of her breaking up with Shaw. In AH, she kisses him and he walks away to do a suicide mission basically saying that she’s not a reason to live and near the end you see her packing to be with Chuck but then she goes with Shaw and doesn’t call Chuck until she’s already out of town (and her cell is being jammed) .

    Chuck goes to rescue her and sees her hugging Shaw.

    From Chuck’s perspective she choses to be with him only after she found out she killed Shaw’s wife (which is a relationship killer) .He has no reason to believe she truly wants to be with him above anyone else.

    • atcdave says:

      I think that’s one of those things we tend to examine too closely. We, the audience know better, and they have had plenty of time since to talk about it. Sarah has made her feelings for Chuck clear, finally. So I guess that leaves us to assume things have been addressed off camera. I also would have prefered something more clear on screen, but Chuck seems secure enough with Sarah now; if he’s not worried we shouldn’t be either.

    • Faith says:

      I’m not convinced there ever really was anything to “break.” They may have had a sexual relationship, one based on friendship or whatever but whatever it was it always came second to 1. her feeling for Chuck and 2. their missions.

      So when it comes down to it, they were essentially both free agents. “I made a commitment and not just to Shaw” notwithstanding.

    • jason says:

      something about ‘I picked you and was on my way to the train station’ in the DYLM apt scene might have been nice (she did say casey told her – then the ‘my chuck’ and mutual goofy laugh exchange), which might have implied she picked him???), maybe that and the ‘I fell for you before you disarmed bombs with computer viruses’ was the writers way of saying that I guess … I think we will also get complaints that sarah is too over the top for chuck right now – I think the writers have it right now – my argument about it being right would be in 3.18 / 3.19, with no angst, CS seem free to act and engage the plot & the rest of the characters, and the CS dynamic becomes a B or C plot, which really gives the show a bunch of freedom, but also a bunch of stability that seemed lacking in season 3 thru epsisode 13

      • joe says:

        I understand that. But when you get right down to it, Sarah’s been such an inarticulate schnook when it comes to her emotions that for her to explain that much might even seem OOC, ya know?

        Gee! I can think of two incidents when she actually gave a great speech about how she felt, more than a line or two. The first was in Helicopter, near the end, when she told Chuck to either trust her or she was going to walk away (Casey was stunned). The second was her explaining to Chuck when she first fell for him (the DYLM scene). How much more did she say, in LW, for instance, with a half-smile in the fountain scene?

      • odysszeuss says:

        in LW ???

      • joe says:

        Yes. Sorry, Oz. I used too much shorthand. Lethal Weapon, near the end in the apartment courtyard, when Chuck tells Sarah that he *will* get the intersect out of his head, and he won’t let it stop him from being with the woman he loves. Sarah is looking away from him, listening to his words, only saying “I understand.”

        But her half-smile after Chuck says “…the woman I love” speaks volumes.

      • jason says:

        seems sarah is almost more open with casey about her feelings for chuck than chuck – ‘everything I care about is in there’ in the finale, while chuck seems to have morgan – will be interesting when ‘crimes’ have their ‘lovers quarrels’ over alex who they go to if anyone to discuss

  30. odysszeuss says:

    Yep! I get it 😉
    …and don’t forget the i luv u too moment. at least only a few words, no big explanation at all…
    but with this list. that’s all.
    as we speak. did you guys thought, too, that in the “court” scene as Shaw told Sarah that Chuck’s Doc said that Chuck is going crazy. For me it seems that Sarah wasn’t mad or disappointed at all. She only seemed worried about Chuck. And in general: we all discuss this whole lying and double standard think. But Sarah isn’t really affected about this. well in the castle she talked about it a bit. but remember guys at home with your wife’s. if you lie to her and she gets it no matter what the hellfire comes to earth 😉 Sarah normally is really cool with that issue, isn’t she? She only thinks: “i know my Chuck. He always has good reasons doing thinks the way he does. the “truth” doesn’t really matters.” it’s her way of thinking like her (long) speech in Helicopter. That’s really a part of her character. so to say – because of: this list of her speeches: the longest speech is about trust and not about truth… i thougth some days about that…

    • odysszeuss says:

      ohh! oupsie! wrong place! where is the edit button? joe? ernie? dave? grumble, fluch, kawaumbhgh…

      • odysszeuss says:

        i don’t remember who asked anywhere else (wasn’t it Ernie???) but my answer is: for me the style of this site is a very good compromise of a start essay and a following discussion. that’s kind of different. it’s not a forum. it’s not a classic fan site. BUT you guys spend very much time with this page, so do some (chuck-related) advertises and you can earn some bucks to defray the costs. AND a user name log in for editing my own quotes. for me that’s it.

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