He’s In Charge

No, He Isn’t

We know their stories now.

Like a child, Chuck let life roll over him, a lot. He got to Stanford, got way-laid big time by Bryce and Jill, but takes it like a man whipped puppy and proceeds to lick his wounds for five years in the Buy More. Then A Comet Appears. Chuck has to decide exactly how much he’s going to let things just happen to him and exactly how much wants to take charge of his life. Although his first reaction has always been to resist reaching out to grasp the things he wants, and although that’s not going to change, we’ve seen now that Chuck not limited by his first reaction any more. He’s grown up.

Sarah’s like that too. As a child, she was buffeted by things way beyond her control; her father and then the CIA in the form of Langstan Graham. Sarah’s a fighter though, and she reacts by becoming strong, hard as steel. She’s coated herself with it. A Comet Appears and Sarah finds out that there’s a few things that all her strength and skill can’t overcome; Chuck is one of those things. Her first reaction may always be to protect herself, but now we’ve seen that Sarah’s not limited by her first reaction any more than Chuck is. Together they can act impulsively and rashly, and then together they can change their mind.

It’s not just those two characters. Before he’s fully adult, Casey is shown things he cannot control either. His reaction is to put duty first, always first. Life doesn’t roll over him because there is no “him” to roll over. There is no lie, because there is no truth. There is only duty. If they get on the list at all, his desires come second. Casey is the ultimate spy, a machine, cold-school and his center is angry for good reason. A Comet Appears and that’s been changing slowly but surely. His first reaction may always be to shoot first and then say “Don’t move.”, but even Casey can deal in a new way with people in his life like Morgan, and more importantly (I think we’ll see), like Alex.

We know all this, and have talked about it before. Chuck and Sarah and Casey are fully empowered adults now, yes? They are in charge of their fates but only as much as any adult can be, and that’s imperfectly. Fate is throwing them as many curve-balls as it can. This is not unlike real-life, where difficulties and even tragedies happen to good people, and then are followed in all unfairness by more at the worst possible time. It happens, probably to all of us, to one extent or another.

One of my favorite bloggers, Neo-NeoCon, writes about the horrific accident that occurred over the weekend (and our prayers are for them and even more, for the survivors).

She writes:

The survivors all were situated by chance near the breaks—they saw a hole or crack, made an almost instantaneous decision, and jumped out.

We like to think that we control our destinies. And to a certain extent we do—but not to as large an extent as one might think or wish.

That’s real life. We get a chance to take the right fork or the left never knowing what’s around the bend. There is a chance to choose, but most of the time the choice is made blindly, with no guarantee that it’s the right one.

If there’s any one reason that I continue to be inspired by Chuck the show, it’s because despite being unbelievable and the unrealistic, it’s believably true about people and realistically true about life. That’s good storytelling. I see those people (I AM those people) and I experience the same friendships, loyalty, screw-ups and loves, if not quite so dramatically. I won’t lie, on occasion it’s been exactly that dramatically. The flaws and shortcomings seem to pale in comparison.

And when step out into the world tomorrow morning, I’ll remember that I’m not completely in charge either.

– joe

Also: One of our regular commenters (I’m not sure that this person wants to lose anonymity just yet) has a request. While working on Chapter 2 of an original Fan Fic, this person would be grateful if a few of you would serve as “beta testers” for the effort. If you’d like to take the time to offer a critique and suggestions and can do this in relatively short order, please let me know by e-mailing to jmj(dot)buckley(at)verizon(dot)net, and I’ll be more than happy to act as a go-between. Just provide your contact information.

Once again, my thanks to Faith for the space for music, which is, of course, A Comet Appears by The Shins.

One hand on this wily comet,
Take a drink just to give me some weight,
Some uber-man I’d make,
I’m barely a vapor


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  1. Mclovin says:

    Hey uncle joe. Hope u feeling better. Here’s another question for you. Im still new to this site so maybe u have answered it before but here it goes! Since it’s t e end of season 3 i’d like to go back to season 1. What made you take an hour out of your life to watch the pilot episode of chuck? And which particular scene if not the entire episode got u hooked on the show and made u watch the rest of the season? My favourite scene hands down was the one with chuck and sarah on the beach with the particular u referenced here playing in the background. Looking forward to reading yourlong and insightful review. Peace.

    • joe says:

      Surprisingly tough question, nephew!
      I saw the pilot rather late, maybe after S2 had already started, and after I had seen about 8 or 10 episodes, I think. What I remember striking me was their date, when Sarah tells him that she comes with baggage, and later when she says that she “doesn’t know music”. I thought it was sweet that this obviously perfect (in Chuck’s eyes) woman was genuinely admitting her flaws. I love the way Levi and Strahovski interacted.

      I recall that everything from the scene on the roof top until the end was amazing! Great action, great dialog. “You – you need me.” And I loved the ending on the beach.

      The scene that got me hooked, though, wasn’t in the pilot. It was somewhere between Crown Vic when Chuck demands to know what the kiss meant and Santa Claus when he gives her the bracelet. I became fully conscious of the fact that I’m obsessed by the end of Best Friends.

  2. Mclovin says:

    particular song

    • joe says:

      Oh! So many. The first was Skinny Love, and then I picked up on A Comet Appears, God & Suicide, Furr and of course, Creature Fear.

  3. lizjames says:

    Lovely piece, Joe.

  4. Casey's girl says:

    Hey Joe, when you say ‘He’s in Charge’ do you mean Chuck’s the leader of the pack?

    • joe says:

      Naw. I mean, he’s “in charge” of his life, now. He is, but it’s limited.

      Notice how at one time or another, they all seem to be supremely in control? Sarah in The Pilot, Casey in Helicopter and Chuck in Dream Job? They seem to be, but really, they aren’t.

  5. Hope says:

    I like what you said about the Team and I agree completely. They’ve all changed, and it’s for the better. Both Casey and Sarah, before they met Chuck were pretty tortured and troubled people. In fact all of our good guys are from broken homes, some,having no families of their own, troubled pasts, ect. I love,even though the gang are adults, they’ve banded together to create their own adopted family. They love each other and their loyalty to each other is touching really, enough to melt a heart of stone. Except Shaw, as he has no heart to melt. I can’t wait for tonight.

    • joe says:

      Hi, Hope! Good to see you again.

      I’ve been watching NCIS, and they make a point in their promos to call the ensemble a “dysfunctional family”. I’m not so sure. They’re more like a tribe that has no life outside of their work. (But it is a useful short hand for the concept, I suppose.)

      Family is clearly more important in Chuck, explicitly so. Compared to S2 (and even to S1), there’s been somewhat less emphasis on that this season, I think, despite Stephen’s return. But I hope they return to that.

      Of course, I’d love to see that mean the start of Chuck’s own family with Sarah. 😉 That would be a great way to show their continued evolution, right?

      • Hope says:

        Right. It’s fun being here. 🙂

      • Crumby says:

        You know I wouldn’t say that there is less emphasis on family this season. I think they talk more about a family that you choose than a biological family though.

        With Stephen’s return I felt like even though Chuck loves his father, he’s not really a part of his life. Finding him and knowing he’s not (completely at least) crazy, makes Stephen leaving after Ellie’s wedding even more painful for him. Obviously Stephen is out of the loop. He doesn’t know about Chuck and Sarah, he doesn’t about Africa, etc. And Chuck said it: “I know he loves me. He just doesn’t know me.”

        Chuck starting his own family is happening, I think, with him growing up this season. To me his family he’s the one we’ve seen having diner at the end of Operation Awesome.

        Ellie is Chuck’s family not just because she’s his sister. She’s always been there for him. She’s supported him. Seeing her reaction about her leaving her little brother to go to Africa, and you understand there’s a big difference between Ellie and Stephen. They’re not just related, Ellie and Chuck choose to make being related means something.

        Chuck also explained to us in Best Friend that Morgan was family. The way he reacted to the truth and how he acted since then really proves that I think. Also when in the first season Ellie seemed more annoyed than anything else by him, it feels like he’s not just Chuck’s family now. He’s Ellie and Devon’s too. He’s also become friend with Casey, and completelu acknowledged Sarah’s place in Chuck’s life.

        Casey has changed too, you said it really well. This season he’s been Chuck’s friend. He’s told him when he did good, he’s told him when he was proud of him etc. And after Tic Tac, and what Chuck and Sarah did for him and his family, and being put out the team, he really accepted that yes he’s their friend, and in the Chuckverse it pretty much means family. And so he was there to tell Chuck that it wasn’t to late to go after Sarah, he was there to tell Sarah about the mole, he was there for Morgan too, and we’ve seen he’s there for Ellie too. Not just last week, he was already there in Tooth, asking how Devon was doing.

        And well Sarah, she already knew what Ellie, Morgan and Devon means to Chuck. She’s taking her place in the family now as well. I’d like to see a little more interactions with Morgan, Ellie and Awesome though. But to me, she’s got their back since the pilot when on the roof she said: “What about his friend, his family, what about his siter?” She may not have had the answers back then, but at least she asked.

        So yeah I think this season we’ve seen a family comes all together, a different kind of family. And with Ellie finding out, and the team working together against Shaw, it will comes full circle.

      • joe says:

        Great post, Crumby. And you got me thinking.

        I was trying to say that the emphasis hasn’t been on family so far in S3. We’re going to see young Ellie and young Chuck tonight, and that’s all about family, right? Perhaps they’re doing exactly what I hoped, and putting that grace note back.

        You know, it was great to hear Sarah finally say “I love you.” to Chuck. But what remains is for her to be tightly in the Bartowski family. After the scene at the end of Marlin (the end of S1, really) where Sarah is on the outside looking in and longing for “family”, the perfect way to end S3 would be to actually have her on the inside now, I think.

      • Hope says:

        Yeah I loved that moment with her and Casey looking in with both having a wistful and longing look at Chuck, Devon, and Ellie, wishing they could have a family to belong to. Now as we’ve seen from Operation Awesome, the Bartowski sibs and Devon have taken them in even Morgan as extended members of the family. I love that TPTB treat the family/loyalty to your friends theme so highly it’s refreshing after all the crud we see now on TV these days.

      • Crumby says:

        That would be a great parallel Joe!

      • compromisedcover says:

        Greetings everyone!

        I’m just so giddy having learned from the new Scifi Wire interview of Fedak that season 4 will be about family. Was just really excited about this teaser I have to post! Yeah, I missed the family dinners this season.

      • Crumby says:

        Yeah looks like we nailed it! Family time!

  6. Ernie Davis says:

    Hey Joe, I agree with almost everything in this post, which means it’s obviously a great post. 😉

    This got me thinking about something that had been nagging me a bit. All the drama about Chuck not telling Sarah about the possible, and then confirmed effects the intersect was having on him. The first thing was that Sarah clearly knew this was a possibility, since Beckman told her and Casey that it was the the doctor’s first diagnosis. That Chuck didn’t mention it right after the ILY was completely understandable, even justified IMHO.

    The drama seems to be about Chuck needing to tell Sarah he could be dying, but Sarah knows he could be taken from her at any time. That is the other big meaning of the spy wills. Sarah said the thing that got her thinking was that she almost lost Chuck. Her reaction was to talk to him about it and give him her spy will; herself. To me this is the big acknowledgment that she understands they aren’t in control, much as they try, but Sarah then lets Chuck comfort her with the promise neither of them are going anywhere.

    They both know he can’t keep that promise, highlighted by the fact that the very next thing Chuck does is sit down and prepare for his eventual death, but dwelling on the reality that they’re both on borrowed time is no way to make a life in the time they have. I think Chuck gets a pass on keeping his secret. It’s no revelation to Sarah that he could be dying or that she could lose him. It’s just a reminder of what they live with every day.

    • 904 says:

      Man, that’s deep. Upon reflection, I think you nailed it, even if the writers don’t know that’s what they did with the last scenes.

    • jason says:

      ernie – I think the spy wills are to prepare us for a death, one of the little four (ellie, awesome, casey, morgan) or / and papa B.

      I think the lying is not to wedge chuck and sarah, but the death will be linked somehow to the lying.

      I think ellie’s actions are going to lead to the death(s), and chuck and sarah will learn that they can’t lie / deceive among the inner team B cricle anymore. It is possible if sarah knew chuck’s reveal it would have saved the life, and maybe sarah is still holding something back from chuck, although it appears to me, sarah has pretty much done the poker equivalent of ‘all in’ on chuck and her relationship with him.

      We’ll know more tonight.

      I am still baffled after how negative and dark this season was, again HOW????? can fedak justify a dark ending to this season – maybe it won’t be as bad as I think, after 3.7/8, and 3.11/12 – my tolerance for bad has risen that is for sure, almost to epic proportions.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Jason, I think they are to work on several levels. At least the possibility to do so is there. In one sense they were the perfect plot device for Chuck to set up the prologue. On another it was a great bit of symbolism that Sarah gave “herself” to Chuck, finally acknowledging where we all saw things going. I think they are going to come back, and I agree, they will probably be somehow related to a death. Perhaps we’ll see Papa B had one prepared, or we’ll see Mama B’s.

        Yes, we will know more tonight. 🙂

      • jason says:

        I still found it interesting that awesome was not in chuck’s description of how chuck’s death might occur, and also how the concept of not knowing what hit him was expressed. If you think of it, the two shocking deaths in the show, emmits and mauser both really hit sudden, like chuck described as he was writing his will.

        Would you / or others be happy or sad if a minor player was killed, say big mike or jeff rather than awesome, papa B or say morgan or ellie or casey? Or would you rather it be chuck or sarah, and have them show back up next season?????

      • joe says:

        Great thoughts, Jason.

        After the way S3.0 ended so up-beat (with the scene in Paris, I started to think that TPTB had developed a bit of a taste for happy endings (or, at least weren’t addicted to cliff-hangers so much). I’m not so sure right this second.

        Ernie has a great point. I would guess that if there is even the slightest hint that Mama B. is going to make an appearance, it’s going to be perceived as positive. The season won’t be remembered as quite so dark after that, no matter what else happens.

      • Crumby says:

        Yeah Jason, Awesome has been really absent. He wasn’t showed during Chuck’s monologue and he’s nowhere to be found in the promos.

    • joe says:

      You did nail it, Ernie, thereby proving that yes, you are a discriminating and imposing intellect. Of course, agreeing with me doesn’t hurt… 😉

      But I’m going to suggest that there’s yet another level of profundity here. It’s a conflict between what I’ll call an optimistic view of the world/universe vs. a pessimistic one. Some of us will translate that to a religious vs. atheistic (or at least, agnostic) view. Both get pretty deep pretty fast. And once you get to a certain stage in your life (ahem!) it’s easy to see everything in those terms.

      Chuck, btw, is a natural optimist (an idealist). Isn’t he? Casey is the pessimist (he’d call himself a cynical, hard-nosed realist). Sarah shifts between the two (and thinks of herself as the most practically realistic of the three, I think). All three see their world-view as a practical, appropriate and even proven (as in, “It’s always worked for me!”) image of reality.

      Cool how they complement each other, isn’t it?

      • jason says:

        the 3 of them are ‘magic’ on the screen together, it really is too bad that the ‘interrogation’ scene was wasted on irritating some people, they could have easily written that to let themselves off the hook & still pleased the crowd it was written to, I guess I should credit fedak, he has shown no propensity to take the ‘easy’ way out this season???

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Joe, I’ll add to our blossoming mutual admiration society by pointing out that you’ve just identified a key to Team B’s dynamic (and another reason Casey can’t die). Going back to the very beginning they are id, ego and superego. Chuck is the moral center and the idealist, Casey is the instinct (initially) operating in a moral vacuum (as you’ve pointed out, that seems to be changing), and Sarah the pragmatist is what moderates the both of them into a working team.

      • Crumby says:

        You know I’ve love the interrogation scene so much because it was really good to see the 3 of them together again. I’ve missed that.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I think the interrogation scene, in addition to being hilarious, also points out this dynamic.

        Casey, the cynic, expects nothing better from Sarah than acting on her, let’s just say baser instincts, as she’s apparently done, or at least gained a reputation for in the past.

        Chuck the idealist is still putting Sarah on a pedestal and refuses to believe this is a part of Sarah. Chuck makes excuses and heads off questions on Sarah’s behalf, clearly not wanting to hear about this part of Sarah’s past, or even acknowledge it’s existence.

        Sarah, while clearly uncomfortable recognizing that side of herself, and especially uncomfortable dwelling on it in front of Chuck recognizes she needs to do so for the mission.

      • Chuck604 says:

        One of the things I really liked about this season as people have mentioned is the change in Casey. I think being around Sarah and, especially Chuck, has rubbed off on him. I think in the Tic Tac was a big turning point for Casey; he was prepared to be thrown in prison or worse. But the way Chuck and Sarah compromised themselves to save Casey’s family made him realize that it’s not all about duty, friends and family are important enough to not be duty bound.

    • atcdave says:

      Ernie your comment on Chuck’s impossible promise to Sarah just got me thinking about the nature of such promises and couples. I think you are right about Sarah (and the audience) knowing exactly how to take such a promise. In a marriage ceremony we say “till death do we part”. Its a carefully considered way of saying forever. We know we really can’t control what the future holds, but til death is the closest to an eternal vow a human can make. I know the thing I often promise my wife is “I will never choose to leave you.” (especially as she’s been dealing with an old friend going through a divorce). Same idea as till death. I think Chuck’s simple words can be taken in the same way. They both know Chuck can’t actually promise eternity, especially not in their line of work. But by saying neither of them is going anywhere, he is coming as close to that promise as he can.

      • joe says:

        It’s amazing how you *want* to make that promise, though. Isn’t it? Every cell says that you will do absolutely anything, and yet you just know you can’t.

      • Chuck604 says:

        Once in awhile it does happen though Joe, on the rare occasion it can be beautiful thing. Though when one passes on to the next life is hardly under anyone’s control more often that not.

  7. Crumby says:

    Oh there’s also something I’m really looking forward in this finale –> the music! Last year we got “Looking at the sun”, “Mr. Roboto” and “Christmas TV”. How awesome was that?

    • sd says:

      Hi Crumby…

      I am too…I think I read somewhere that three new Band of Horses songs will premiere during the finale.

      • joe says:

        Fantastic! I’ve become a BIG fan of BoH!

        And I have yet another bleg. I’ve searched in vain for a (legit) copy of Christmas TV for my iPOD. Could anyone point me to a copy? Tnx!

      • sd says:

        Hi Joe…

        I downloaded from itunes when I heard it for the first time last season…is it no longer on itunes?

      • Crumby says:

        Great News!

      • kg says:


        There are a some legit versions on YouTube.

      • cas says:

        I listened to all the songs in their new cd trying to figure out which 3 they would use in the episode, and what scenerio they would use it in.

  8. Hope says:

    I heard that Casey/Sarah have some more partnermance together tonight. YAY. I love those two together, Adam and Yvonne have somehow managed to telepathecly (sp?) communicate with their eyes, they can say so much together just by a look without saying a word.

    • joe says:

      Partnermance. Yet another perfectly cromulant word, Hope! 😉

    • Crumby says:

      We’re definitely in for another mind hug!

    • Mike says:

      It’s funny, I watch Chuck with my family and my 10 year old could really care less about the Chuck/Sarah relationship stuff. For some odd reason, she’s really been obsessed since the end of American Hero with the Casey/Sarah relationship. She thinks Casey needs a hug. Now. She just about flipped out when he stepped out from behind the doctor in Tooth and Sarah just smiled at him. She was screaming “Give him a hug!”. If they ever move beyond the “mind hug” she might just explode.

  9. kg says:


    Several folks have mentioned they would like to see conversations and interactions between Ellie and Sarah.

    And it appears as though Chuck’s secret will be revealed to her tonight. In addition to some shock, she’s also going to be angry that everyone else had an inkling except her. She may also be angry that Justin used and duped her.

    You would think that most of her anger would be directed at Chuck, the closest person to her in the circle. Wouldn’t you think this would be a perfect opportunity for Sarah to provide a buffer between brother and sister and help explain Chuck’s difficult and complicated position from another woman’s perspective?

    You’re absolutely right that Sarah gazed through that window (Marlin) with longing eyes. She would love to be a sister to/for Ellie. I think Sarah’s liked Ellie all along, but it was safer to keep a respectable distance.

    Now, is the time for them to become close for real. Secrets are being revealed. The chips are on the table. Family/team B is being attacked. Psycho/zombie/intersect Shaw is on the loose.

    • Crumby says:

      Ellie could be mad at Sarah too. She’s supported her and Chuck and Sarah’s relationship all along. She could see has the “incarnation” of all this spy stuff that has kept Chuck far from her.

      But even if she felt that way, I’d love for Sarah to talk to Ellie anyway, and make it somehow ok.

      She’s the one who taught Chuck about the greater good, and Ellie has the same sense of duty than her brother. I think she’d know exactly what to say as she’s the one that always had to tell Chuck why he had to lie, and try to make it ok.

      • kg says:

        Yes you’re right Crumby. Ellie would undoubtedly have some anger directed at Sarah, too. But Sarah is Sarah and she CAN make it OK.

        Sarah has not only accepted Chuck’s love and given herself to him, she’s done everything in her power to protect him from certain inevitabilities beyound her control. And it was Sarah and even Casey who helped Chuck to quit feeling sorry for himself, to stop underachieving and eventually become a person of importance outside the circle, a legitiame American Hero if you will.

      • Crumby says:

        Yeah even if she’s angry at first Ellie knows what a great influence Sarah has been on Chuck.

    • Hope says:

      She would be angry as it would totally understandable even justified, but she’d be scared too, as their enemies are evil, cruel, and down right ruthless in their efforts to crush Team B and everyone they love. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all comes down, and interested if The Ring Elders will come into play in season 4, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that’s the plot they’re going for next season. Very exciting 🙂

      • kg says:

        I find the term Elders very interesting Hope. I don’t know if you watched Charmed or not.

        But if you did, I’m sure you recall the Elders on that show. The ones Leo White Lighter reported too and eventually he became one. They were seemingly good, but not always universally. Anyway, they had too much power which I think necessitated the emergence of the Avatars.

      • jason says:

        hope – have you posted here before, if not welcome, there is a Faith who often posts here, I don’t think we have a charity (yet) – next up, maybe earth, wind, fire and of course RAIN! We have a clergyman also, Father Holly – what a wonderful blog site!

      • Hope says:

        I have but only under an alias. Casey’s Girl? if your familer with the name. I’m a huge fan of Casey as he’s so awesome. 🙂 Thanks for letting me tag along on this site. It’s fun.

      • atcdave says:

        Well Hope, we’ll cancel Jason’s welcome then, you’re an old timer! Just kidding, keep on posting uder any name. We know Faith has at least three identities, so schitzophrenics welcome!

    • joe says:

      The character of Ellie has just become interesting!

      I’m the oldest in a fairly large family, so I really lack a good idea of what an older sister might mean to a younger sibling. Big brothers I know about, I think, not because of my own position, but because of a few older cousins.

      Ellie could realistically go either way; she could get tremendously angry or tremendously supporting. Both seem to be within her character, and I have no idea which will happen WHEN she learns Chuck’s secret. Perhaps Chuck doesn’t know either. I love the idea of Sarah acting as intermediary; that would be a fantastic reply to the conversation they had in Angel at the beginning of the season.

      One thought. I’m starting to get frightened now that we’ll be left hanging with the scene we’ve seen in the promo – Chuck saying “I’ve left the best for last.” If they end the season that way, I WILL be upset.

      • Crumby says:

        I think that it will finish on a revelation. Probably something we haven’t heard about yet.

        The “I’ve left the best for last” scene seems to be the western kind of scene Fedak is talking about in the Sci-Fi interview. I think after that Chuck run and slide on the ground while Shaw jump over him (or the other way around I don’t remember).

      • Hope says:

        the Clash of the Intersects is going to be badass. And what if Chuck has the Governor but it’s not a watch… a ring maybe? Just a thought that intrigues me to no end. 😉

      • jason says:

        i am thinking of this as more of a hope than a ‘read’ – my hope is ellie – being older – had some idea what was going on with papa and mama B back in the day visa vi the spy life – hence – I hope she reacts for different than anger or betrayal – but morgan already acted cool about it, so I would almost have to guess ellie will freak out – I’m still hoping that ellie will be ok with chuck the spy – my #1 hope – shaw is gay – sarah and shaw were cover BF / GF – heck – if the my desert line can work in network tv, why not sarah’s cover BF is gay?

      • Crumby says:

        Hey Jason, that’s interesting! What if Ellie knew more than we thought (flashbacks)? She seemed to not know much about Papa B actibities when Justin talked to her about it, but she could have known something about Mama B. Could be part of the big revelation.

      • joe says:

        You know what I like? There’s something about Levi, the way his eyes flash when he “plays” Charles Carmichael or flashes. His eyes ignite and you can see the confidence within. You see it when he says “I saved the best for last.”

        Very cool.

      • Hope says:

        Lol, yeah, ZL is good at playing the nerd, shy, scared, bumbling (seasons 1 & 2) but,as Charles Carmichael he’s like a different man, brave, fearless, confidant. He’s still Chuck Bartowski but the courage and confidence is showing more. Zach is getting more talented with every season and very hot I might add. Mad props. 🙂

    • Crumby says:

      I loved what they’ve done with Ellie this season. Even though she didn’t have much in the beginning of the season, and that’s a shame, with the back 6 it’s better.

      But you know, she’s always been a shipper, so that’s a good thing in my book!

      Her fountain speech in Tic Tac “he’s the best choice I’ve ever made” was great!

      She was great in American Hero too, with the return from jail scene and then the pet talk “Sarah’s special”.

      Her reaction to her leaving for Africa and leaving her little brother was great. And then her reaction to CS “back” together.

      She’s now in the spy story and I like that, I’m looking forward to her reaction. Whatever it is, she’s gonna be a badass in the end, I’m sure.

    • Crumby says:

      Hey Ellie mad at Beckman could be cool too! I’d love to see her completely crossing the line, and Beckman just back off! That could be hilarious!

      • joe says:

        😉 I like that idea a lot – Ellie’s standing up to Beckman when Sarah and even Casey can’t!

      • jason says:

        ellie mad at sarah for a little while could be really funny too, sarah slightly scared, slightly hurt, trying hard to impress ellie, etc – could lead itself to that ‘shipper’ sarah – ellie moment that has to be coming sooner or later?

      • Crumby says:

        You know what Ellie being annoyed at everyone and throwing picks at everybody could be hilarious!

        I mean she can pretty much be “angry” at everybody!

        I think it would be great to play it for comedy, because I think Ellie will go along with the gang whatever feelings she has. I think she’s like Chuck, always doing the right thing.

  10. kg says:

    Chuck 604

    In terms of Tic Tac, I think Casey (much like Chuck and Sarah learned in Honeymooners that it’s OK to have it all – be together and be spies together) through the efforts and sacrifices by Chuck and Sarah for a special friend, also realized that his choices don’t always have to be either or.

    Duty is essentially paramount for Chuck BECAUSE OF friends and family.

    And Sarah, since she met Chuck, gets it too. Remember what she told plywood earlier in the season to back Chuck up? “It helps sometimes when you know you have something to lose.”

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