Love Suits

And Is Well Tailored

People who are reflexively insecure (can you say “Chuck?”) tend to wonder why they are so awkward when it comes to relationships. People who have been badly distorted and confused about their own independence (can you say “Sarah?”) or stubborn in pursuit of other goals (“Casey?”) have nearly the same perception. They can feel unlucky or let down. At times it seems none of them feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s only a matter of how well they tolerate it in the short run.

And tell me.  Who is immune to that?

Guest poster Jem (aka Faith and ChuckNewbie8) notices that they should try on something else.

– joe

I believe it was ATCDave who first made me realize that Chuck is about relationships and there isn’t a more significant aspect in those relationships than love. Through love Chuck, Sarah, and yes even Casey have changed, evolved, improved. What can you say “love suits” them, I guess.

Since the quote was directed at Sarah, I’ll begin with her. Has she ever looked more radiant than in Honeymooners? This picture in particular?

But it’s more than skin deep, it’s more than the emotions, it’s an evolution into that real girl Chuck once joked about. One who can imagine a future with someone, one who can do more and be more than just the job and what the job dictates, one who is genuinely happy. We know she was never good at “this” (this being verbalizing her emotions), and we know that she has her beat-Chuck’s-love-with-a-stick moments (“Why would we do that?” included) but what we didn’t know is that being with Chuck, falling for Chuck has really set her free. It’s never going to be easy for her to verbalize her feelings, but there’s an openness to her that wasn’t there before, a “kind of a release” that just fits, suits ;-). If there ever was a moment that captured this perfectly it was the beginning of Tooth when they were watching Spies Like Us and she’s awkward in the normalcy and humor, but you can just feel the comfort in having that someone in her life like Chuck. The freedom. And when Chuck lost all hope, it’s Sarah that did her best to infuse hope to Chuck. Reminiscent of DeLorean, when once Chuck had to convince her that her Father’s actions aren’t her own, Sarah tries to give comfort to Chuck by doing the same. Sarah has never been a talker, she’s not built that way, she’s been more of one to act, but in this moment of weakness…on the midst of their greatest downfall she gives the man she loves the only comfort she can bring and that is hope. “We’ll figure something out.” I love who Sarah has become. “Love suits” her.

As for Chuck, well Casey said it best, “I don’t know when it happened but our boy became a man.” Chuck was always “special,” his father even remarked as such. He was always a hero, always a great guy. One that would help out a despondent ballerina rather than flirt with a very attractive and interested woman. One that would risk it all for his family, his friends, his loved ones. That hasn’t changed. But loving Sarah, and being secure in that love has changed him, for the better. Matured him, made him self-actualize. Remember all those, “I’m just Chuck Bartowski, not a hero,” “I doubt I’m going to be charming anyone,” and my personal favorite: “I’m a normal guy, who wants a normal life and as amazing as you are Sarah Walker, you will never be normal”? They all painted a picture of a guy insecure about himself, about his dreams, his role in life and most of all his “special”-ness. This is the same guy that couldn’t figure out a font for his 5 year plan, couldn’t think beyond the pain of the past, and the Buy More present. You fast forward to Living Dead and not only is he verbalizing a belief in his own worth, “the CIA believes in me, they think I’m special,” he’s also acting more mature, more confident and with more conviction. Who didn’t take pause at his, “I don’t need a watch to beat you Shaw. Come on aren’t you a little curious? I know I am. Don’t you want to know how your intersect stacks up to mine?” The same guy who cowered behind table settings at his sister’s wedding reception hall complaining about the silverware (understandable as it may be) is now stepping up to the plate. And he’s doing it while retaining his humanity. Meeting Sarah, having fallen in love with her, made all this possible. Ellie was the first to notice it, “everything seems to be moving along with Chuck and you (Sarah) had everything to do with that.” “I just know what a great guy Charles Bartowski is and sometimes I don’t think he knows it” is all the more apt now than when Ellie said it first in Tango. Because now he knows, and now he’s acting to keep it, keep her, have it all. And it’s because of love.

Casey isn’t going soft but he’s becoming more human. I tried to pinpoint the exact moment in time it all changed for Casey and apart from hesitating to shoot Chuck’s picture in First Date, he hasn’t really softened towards Chuck all that much, if at all. But where love has affected Casey is tied to the past. We know he made a choice between love and duty, one that he has never questioned but being around Chuck and being an honorary member of Chuck’s family, he’s been made to question that choice and work his way towards mending the hurts of the past. He’s learned that the choice isn’t always one or the other, it’s more complicated that that. He’s actively sought his daughter, he has committed treason (Casey, all American G-man, committed treason!) for his former fiancée, and he’s exhibiting Sugar Bear tendencies in more than just the bedroom. This Casey can hug even with his man-parts. Though it remains debatable whether love suits him 😉

Why does this all matter? Why does love matter? Because sometimes “it helps to know what you’re fighting for” and in a lot of ways this is exactly why we (ourselves) fight for a renewal. Love. So it’s a sight to behold seeing our beloved characters change for the better because love suits them.

– Jem (aka Faith)


About Faith

Eternally faith-ful at least as it relates to my beloved Los Angeles Lakers. Yes that's where the username comes from. Other than that self-professed Chuckaholic, Laker blogger and part time internet addict. Ok, full time.
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34 Responses to Love Suits

  1. JC says:

    I have disagree on one point and that’s Casey softening towards Chuck. I think it was in Tic Tac that he really realized that Chuck was his friend.

    And Casey’s actions in Final Exam and American Hero are him looking out for that friend.

    • Merve says:

      I’d say that Casey developed a sort of friendly respect for Chuck as far back as “Nacho Sampler,” but I’d agree that it was at the end of “Tic Tac” that Casey started thinking of him as a friend.

    • Paul says:

      I actually think it started a lot sooner than that, likely in Undercover Lover.

    • atcdave says:

      He even admitted some respect for Chuck in Truth; but actual affection is harder nail down.

    • Hope says:

      Not only as a friend, but like an older brother figure too. And I agree on all points about Casey. He hasn’t gone soft, but he’s definitly become more human. Like the past has become better for him to bare now then it was earlier. He’s even begun to hug, and even putting a hand on Chuck’s shoulder the season 1 & 2 Casey would never have done that. I noticed in the Tooth He put a hand on Sarah’s back for a moment. I’ve been loving the change in him over the seasons. Especially the way he interacts with the rest of the Bartowski clan.

    • Patty says:

      I think that in Tic Tac when Casey chose to confide in Chuck and Sarah was the point where he made the greatest change. Up to that point he was unwilling to trust anyone on a personal level. He had been willing to be there and support Chuck and Sarah before, but at this point he was willing to accept their help. I think that he was even surprised at how far they were willing to go to help him.

  2. jason says:

    we have crimes, we have molex, we have sallie, we had sham, we have walkertowski, diane and chuck (I forget ernies shipper term for them) but the one that really has been noticeable since honeymooner is ‘sasey’, casey treats sarah more like his little sister than near any character on tv, the tesaing in 3.17, the I won’t talk you out of it in 3.14, the you finally found a good one in 18/19 and sarah asking ‘john, are you ok’ in the restuarant in 3.14, the goodbye look she gave him in 3.14, the meeting at doc dryfus’s in 3.16 – sarah is giving john all those ‘sarah subliminal looks she used to reserve for chuck – of course, chuck doesn’t need the subliminal stuff anymore, he is getting the full crazy in love sarah treatment.

    love does suit this show – but I would use a different word, warmth – there is a level of warm feelings among the main cast that just totally went away in the shaw arc, it came back in 3.14, will probably stay in season 4, don’t know if it will be enough to save the show or not.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Dianne and Chuck are of course “Duck”.

    • Hope says:

      Yeah I’ve seen those looks. Sarah hasn’t been the only one with the sisterly looks, Casey’s been giving her plenty of brotherly ones back. And that’s been one of the small on going highlights int he back six for me. I love how tight Adam and Yvonne are as friends they look at each other without saying a word yet you can tell they can say plenty with their eyes instead of their words.

    • Crumby says:

      The mind hugs are certainly a Casey-Sarah thing! 🙂

  3. Ernie Davis says:

    I loved this Faith. 😉

    Something interesting happened this season. Yvonne has talked about the ridiculous shooting schedule and how it wears everyone down. She’s basically said her only priority when shooting is sleep. As the front 12 shot before Christmas she looked more and more worn down. Maybe some of it was intentionally highlighted for effect, but I noticed it.

    When shooting resumed for Other Guy in mid January the time off had obviously helped. Yvonne looked like a new woman, and it played perfectly into the plot.

    • joe says:

      Ernie, I was hoping that what you just described was entirely in my imagination.

      Perhaps it wasn’t. And at the time, it *did* seem that they were getting through the original 13 at a rather fast pace. Being absolutely clueless about “the business”, though, I assumed it was more or less normal.

      • OldDarth says:

        I too found that Zac and Yvonne looked more and more fatigued as the season went on.

        Didn’t notice any bounce back for either of them in the back 6 though.

      • joe says:

        Oh yeah. I’d have to take the time to re-watch S1 carefully, but I’m convinced that not only did the scripts call for more (and more difficult) fight scenes from the actors, both of those stars did far more of their own stunts too. I realize that YS has been very involved up to now, but she seemed to hit a new level. ZL perfected the girlish scream in S1. Elbow smashes like the one Chuck gave Shaw in the Buy More was probably something new in his acting repertoire.

        If they were exhausted by the end of the shooting schedule, I understand why.

  4. atcdave says:

    Really great post Jem. I’m always a sucker for this kind of talk. When we can “feel the love” combined with humor and action, Chuck is my favorite show ever. Nothing else even comes close. I know I’ve gone on at length about my disappointment through much of this season; it was there, and it still is. But when they are doing what they do best, like from 3.13 – 3.19, nothing is better.

  5. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    Thanks guys! This was actually supposed to have Ellie, Morgan, etc. But it got too long lol.

    JC and Merve, I do agree that Casey has softened some (which is why I said, “all that much” lol) but I think in his case it’s a gradual thing and one that’s really more noticeable in how he acts towards other people. Namely how he perceives the life decisions he made and what he wants out of life from here on out. In terms of that “moment” my closest moment pick has to be Predator. He didn’t just side with his “team” he lied for them.

    Jason, starting from “you called me your partner” in Truth, this is a long time coming lol. In a lot of ways Casey is responsible for where Chuck and Sarah are as a couple today. All those taunts, teases made them realize what they feel for one another and do something about it. Casey is the biggest shipper there is lol.

    Ernie, I don’t know about the shooting schedule but in a lot of ways I think how she looked and how she was portrayed was on purpose. I think we talked about how we haven’t seen her smile until that one moment in mask…of all things. Mask! Then came the boom. So it’s done on purpose (stupidly ;-)) to portray conflict and devastation. One of season 3’s biggest mistake is to devoid us of that warmth, that love. And in doing so they deprived Yvonne of her radiance lol.

    Dave, for sure.

    • joe says:

      Too long, Faith? Us??? Never! 😉

      Great post! I’m a sucker for this topic (but you knew that).

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Faith, I agree some was intentional, like dressing her in black with her hair up so she looked pale and thin, but she’s basically said she was getting pretty worn down by 3.12. I think the costumers and makeup people just allowed some of that to come through and highlighted it occasionally to enhance that the non-smiling Sarah was not in a good place emotionally. Just like Shaw’s red rimmed eyes always gave him a creepy look, I don’t think it’s all by accident.

    • Hope says:

      And another thing. Casey had always put duty to the government and country first. But after the Tic Tac he’s been betrayed so many times and the government’s been currupted he’s learned to put his team/family a head of that. He’s risked his freedom and his life for those he cares about now that his loyalty is to his friends and loved ones first and country second only to that. Chuck said it best ” Nothing is more importent then family” in the ring part 2 and Sarah in Op: Awesome ”It helps to know you have something to loose.” just thought I’d throw that in.

  6. Freddy J says:

    I also have to disagree that Casey didn’t soften towards Chuck until Tic Tac. In Chuck vs. the Colonel you can see Casey pursuing Chuck and Sarah with an almost abnormal zeal which didn’t seem to fit in with his assignment. When Chuck confronted Casey about his loyalties Casey snaps back something to the affect “you didn’t ask me!” He was hurt to not be included into the team. It took me until the third time watching that ep. to catch it but it’s there. Everyone should go back and check it out. A case can also be made that all 3 seasons have been about his relational evolution with Sarah, but that’s another topic. I think season 3 has been a gradual shift in Casey in view toward Chuck and in his overall values.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I think it’s clear Casey sees something like potential in Chuck as early as Helicopter when Chuck figures out how to locate Sarah. This continues to the point where by Truth he has some admiration for Chuck, and by Marlin he’s willing to see the rules bent for him. He sees him as a partner by The Ring when he gives him his personal number, and by Tic Tac he sees him as a friend.

  7. Freddy J says:

    forgot to mention….great post!! Kudos

  8. Yves says:

    Somehow, I disagree about Casey, softening on Chuck. On the contrary, I think it is that Chuck toughened quite a bit.
    No matter what, Casey is the typical 80’s movie military hero (Even Beckmann told him “Wake up, Casey. The 80’s are over”). He does the job, that’s it. In the Tic Tac, he has just chosen the counter-assignment. At the expense of a career that IS his whole life.

    In First Date, Casey expresses his regrets to Beckmann in the only way he can: ” He served his country honorably”. That’s what matters to him in the first place.

    I won’t list all of the occasions where we can see this, among the three heroes, Casey is mostly the one telling the other what they don’t want to hear. In Pink Slip, he told Walker:

    Ca: Kid’s still in love with you.
    S:I promise you Casey, he’s NOT in love with me.
    Ca: Come on. Don’t know what happened between the two of you. Don’t want to. Just saying: I’ve seen men with their fingernails pulled out, treated more humanly than you did that kid.
    S: I was just doing my job!
    Ca: Job is over. Put him out of his misery. He deserved that much.

    For Casey to say something nice about Chuck, we must be on the verge of Armaggedon. A this point in the season, Chuck & Sarah, are. Emotionally speaking.

    All the same in Nacho Sampler: Casey is the one to comfort Chuck after he burned Manoosh, in his way: “Only way to deal with burning an asset: Johnny Walker. Black”. Why Casey? Because Sarah is stunned. Because she had planned to take the hard part of the job on her, no to comfort Chuck after loosing himself.

    In Fake Name: Casey says two things. First, “you did a good job, Chuck. I’m proud of you”. And then, about Chuck’s dinner: “Walker, helping you get laid. Weird, huh?”. Casey says good things to Chuck. Sarah does not show up at the end of the day, and by the end of the episode, she will fall for Shaw, and Hannah will be gone (more likely, Chuck pushed her away). Once again, the universe appears upside down. We fans enraged.

    All American Hero, Things become to return to normal. Chuck is a hero, Chuck is weilling to rescue Shaw just to ensure Sarah’s safety, then goes for her. Once angain, Casey is the messenger to set things right. “Kid’s not a killer. Just not wired that way.”

    Next step: In the Other Guy, when C>huck is panicking: “Focus, Bartowski. (…) Long before that, you were smart, and I brought this Intel so YOU can figure where Shaw is”. It’s not about the Intersect. Casey leared to respect Chuck’s process.

    • joe says:

      Those are great examples, Yves, especially the scene in First Date that you referenced.

      Casey’s had a soft spot for Chuck that’s been there for quite some time.

  9. jason says:

    faith – nice writing by the way – some ‘love’ related questions – with an impending 13 episode arc – cancellation looming – does anyone think episode 13 will be an engagement? a wedding? this season, it seemed having CS consummate their relationship in 13, allowed the story to go in another direction for the last 6 – an episode 13 engagement would probably be a very happy chuck ending if cancelled, but might even give NBC a reason for the last 9 – to end with a wedding???? or even a nice reason to crank out a 2 hour movie???

    • joe says:

      Please allow me to stick in my two cents about this one.

      I’ve been shrieking ever since The Ring pt.2 ended that 13 episodes is just not enough. There’s too many rich story lines now, too many incredible characters that we want to see again and too many regulars that we don’t want to lose.

      Sigh. But someday it will. Sadly, that could come in only 13 episodes. If that happens, besides being too quick, I imagine that they end it on their engagement and save the wedding for a feature length movie.

      A 22 episode season gives them hope for an S5, so they might delay a wedding for the end of that season. TPTB like to drag things out that way. 😉

    • atcdave says:

      I think they will go for an engagement in either 4.11 (the likely break for Christmas) or 4.13 (most likely scenario). I really had expected it by the end of this season, so I wouldn’t be shocked if we got an engagement much earlier with a wedding by 4.13.

  10. Hope says:

    Of all the character growth this season, Casey and Morgan have been the highlights.

    I liked during the Shaw arc when Sarah was too ingrossed about her new BF and Chuck had no one to turn to except Casey, he was there for Chuck when Sarah couldn’t/wouldn’t. He was the one who set things straight fro Sarah relieving her fears about Chuck being a killer. and her saying ”Casey, thank you” wasn’t only about him telling her the truth, it was a BIG ”thank you for being there when I wasn’t, for being his and my friend, for looking out for him and me, I will never betray you” kind of thank you. One I think Casey understood. And countless other things this season made me love Casey the more. Kudos to Adam Baldwin the man’s a legend.

    • joe says:

      He is. Seems to be a pretty fine fellow IRL too.

      You made me realize that Beckman has undergone some pretty dramatic growth too, Hope. This season, she not only ‘blessed’ Chuck & Sarah’s becoming a spy-couple (and get the Turners to teach them to do it better), she also admitted that she cared for Chuck too.

      This from the woman who trusts no one.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Adam Baldwin did much the same thing in Firefly. He took an initially unsympathetic character and made him into something of a fan favorite.

  11. Cas says:

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