In Case of Emergency…

You Never Know When Disaster May Strike

Just this past Friday, Ernie and I had a wake-up call, literally.  A tremendous, powerful and destructive earthquake devastated the metropolitan DC area.  (Here’s proof! –A picture of the devastation.)

Between that and the weird news that about 73,000 blogs were shut down (actually, the plain English wording says 73,000 WordPress blogs, but it’s not clear that the author actually understands English (the preceding is a paid, political announcement!)) I thought that it’s time we have this site backed up.

Well, that’s not actually practical.  But I have taken some measures to insure that in the event of a plague of locust, frogs or any other sign of the impending apocalypse and zombie takeover, we will be here to service you.  Just like Jeff.

If you discover that this site has become unavailable, Don’t Freak Out.  Try ChuckThis – the Backup Site at blogger, and someone from the CIA or NSA will be around shortly to provide further instructions.

Or Cheese-Puffs.  Whichever comes first.

– joe


About joe

In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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9 Responses to In Case of Emergency…

  1. gabbo says:

    Speaking of disasters, what happened to lizjames’ Her home page is gone and Emails to her are not answered, which is very odd because she was always gracious and immediate in her replies. Has disaster fallen? Or did the blowhard, know-nothing Ernie succeed in driving her away?

    • joe says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Gabbo. I have faith that she’s alright, but I’ve heard nothing either.

    • aardvark7734 says:

      Still no news on “Articulate Schnook”? Been several days of steady 403 errors.

      Not that I’m expecting anything serious, just some kind of hosting provider mix-up, but still…

      It’d be good to have some word on what’s going on.

      • joe says:

        Sorry, aardvark. No news. 😦

      • BDaddyDL says:

        it seems Frea’s websight is also down. Since I liked getting spoilers for fates from there, im pretty bummed.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        It looks like Frea has switched to a group blog.

      • joe says:

        I have some news on Articulate Schnook.

        Liz James is a professional, and has clients. Apparently, a new one presents the potential of a conflict between her business and private efforts, like her blog. Of course, she would definitely want to keep the potential from becoming actual (and I don’t blame her)!

        Unfortunately, this means Articulate Schnook will be on hiatus for the while.

        I’m sure she’ll be back when she’s able.

      • aardvark7734 says:

        Thanks for the info, Joe!

        I didn’t see this until today, was out of town and not checking the email account this blog sends notifications to. 🙂

        No complaint about Liz’s decision, although she will be missed. 😦

  2. kg says:

    Joe I’m just glad you and Ernie are both OK. The health of the site is secondary.

    Considering the circumstances, you have earned the right to self-indulge, even binge on the cheese balls.

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