Firefly Rewatch Episode 11: Trash Day

Yes another week, another caper for our doughty crew.  Despite their hard luck existence it’s sometimes fun to see one of their plans come together and actually work, well… as planned.  Sort of like Ariel, but without the betrayal and last-minute rescue.  Unfortunately with a visit from a past acquaintance we expect anything but.  For those who haven’t watched yet, we’ll save the rest for after the jump.

“So, you guys have met?” – Monty

Saffron, or as we prefer Mrs. Malcolm Reynolds is back, and appears to have moved on.  Unlike the men she marries Saffron seems the marrying kind.  Which tends to cause some confusion when Mal and his old army buddy Monty meet on a smuggling run exchange and find that their better half is the same woman.  Our Mrs. Reynolds.  Clearly she’s up to no good, and Monty leaves her for Mal to deal with.  He’s not falling for any of her whiles this time.  Mal is on to her schemes.  Her whiles, her pleading, her appeals to greed, none of them seem to work on Mal.  For now at least.  With Saffron we know one thing, when one approach doesn’t work, she’ll find another.

Inara is starting to learn how the other half lives.  No work for weeks, she depends on the Captain’s schedule to take her somewhere near a planet where there are lonely rich yet appropriately hygienic men (Mal’s words).  The problem is, Saffron got to Mal first.  He’s in no mood for a woman’s whiles.  And basically anything an attractive woman says to him about now is going to raise alarms with Mal.  He just survived an encounter with the dark side.  Eventually we get to it.  Mal seems gun-shy after his last encounter with a displeased former client.  They need work and Mal needs to get his mojo back.  Nothing to focus the mind and get your head in the game like a deal with the devil.  Luckily Mal stashed her on board.

Our intrepid crew, or at least those not confused by Saffron’s presence, aren’t inclined to be the trusting type.  Inara especially, is not happy.  And lets it be known that they are all likely to be dupes, and that Saffron will betray them.  But Mal will be there with her all the time.  What could go wrong.

The plan.

Simple as can be.  While Mal and Saffron sneak in to the floating estate Serenity hovers below so Jayne and Kaylee can stand on top to re-program the garbage disposal unit  so that when they drop the priceless Lassiter into the garbage to avoid the tagging and sensors at all the other exits they can send the disposal unit not to go to reclamation but to their coordinates where they can later retrieve the loot at their leisure and as a team.  What could be simpler?  What could go wrong?

Well first there’s Jayne, then there’s Yolanda.

OK, Jayne first.  Seems Jayne and high voltage don’t mix.  In a somewhat tricky process of standing atop the hovering Serenity trying to insert a circuit board into the trash container Jayne manages to get himself knocked cold.  Well the good Dr Tam is there to take care of him.  Too bad he’s been locked in his room with River, the psychic, with nothing to talk about except the bounty on their heads and Ariel.

The twist

Oh yeah, Yolanda.  Well, as I said YoSafBridge is the marrying kind.  We’re not sure there’s anyone in the ‘verse not married to her.  Seems there’s a reason Yolanda has such intimate knowledge of this particular estate.  It’s hers.  Well her husband’s.  That would be her first (we think) husband.  Or her real husband.  Or… Well it’s a puzzle.  The guy she apparently ditched to start a life of crime.  The one guy that still loved her.  The one guy she didn’t have to ditch.  So her biggest job was the one place she could have walked into no questions asked.  Sort of.  Seems Yolanda’s husband isn’t under any illusions either.  He called the feds the second he saw her, making her and Mal’s escape a bit interesting.  Seems YoSafBridge and Mal do make a good team in some ways, but come on, you know the double cross is coming.

But speaking of double crosses, there’s one that needs tying up.  Jayne it seems is at the good Dr. Tam’s mercy.  He’s in a dangerous profession, so Simon makes a deal that Jayne seems to already have understood.  We’re on the same crew, so you trust me, and I’ll trust you.  Having made his point to Jayne that trust is a good thing a new level of understanding between the two has been reached.  Plus River can kill him with her brain.

The double cross

Mal has finally met Saffron.  And so it seems a bit odd that he lets her tears get to him.  He understands who she is.  So how is it she gets his gun?  Well, she isn’t the killing kind.  She just puts men in a position where dying comes easy.  In Mal’s case that means naked in the middle of the desert while she goes to retrieve the Lassiter, having made sure Serenity would be late for the rendezvous.

The other twist

Oh yeah, Inara said she might as well join the gang.  What, you thought she was kidding?  Seems Saffron thinks pretty highly of herself, but Mal’s done worse than see her naked.  He’s played a player.  Nothing like outsmarting the devil to get your Mojo back.

Yep, that went well.  Mostly.

About Ernie Davis

I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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6 Responses to Firefly Rewatch Episode 11: Trash Day

  1. jason says:

    I’ve recently begun putting together a list of my all time fav movies for my son – he is doing the same for me. I right now have serenity on it, but was thinking of putting the 2 mrs reynolds eps in its place, although ariel & jaynestown would be solid also.

    Mal evidentily was raised in a nudist camp, he looked like he had no intention of doning a robe any time soon as the credits rolled.

    Clever plot, although the garbage pickup reprogramming should have been done differently & the actual heist was just so-so – Irina at the end – I must just be a sucker for the female lead romantic interest (if she even is) cause I can’t get enough of her

    Loved the doc setting jayne straight, and river – river -river – if we only had gotten to know thee (she actually can kill jayne many ways some of which have not even been invented)

    One thing, the show is written in a manner that I like all the characters most all the time, or by the end of each ep at least, none of the 12 hrs and 55 minutes of …. OK atcdave, I’ll get over it….for now.

    By the way dave – if you or ernie or anyone else who is a thin man fan, which of the thin man movies is your favorite? I kind of like the donna reed one, but that might be because every christmas my son starts imitating jimmie stewarts “mary, this and mary that” – its a wonderful life will be on both of our lists.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      What’s so great about both epis (Mrs. Reynolds and Trash) is how Inara acts on both of them.

      I HAD no idea there was some subterfuge going on…I just thought she was acting like her jealous self. I LOVED the twist.

      The last scene with naked Mal was classic.

      Great picks, the both of them 🙂

  2. atcdave says:

    This was a great episode; hmmm, seems I’ve said that before during this review. Trash is just fun from beginning to end, lots of good dialogue, funny double-crosses, and a badly sun-burned Mal. I love a good laugh, and this episode delivers.

    Jason, the first Thin Man movie I saw was the third one (“Another Thin Man”), so I suppose I’ll pick that just because its always the first to me. I’m not always into “kid” humor, but the whole birthday party with the mobster’s kids is so funny. Many years later I saw the first Thin Man and was shocked (shocked I tell you!) by how much of the humor was alcohol based, but I guess it was made right after prohibition was revoked; and they kind of cleaned up their act when the kid got involved. Bottom line is I loved them all, perhaps its time for a Thin Man rewatch….

  3. Rick Holy says:

    ANYTHING with Christina Hendricks in it is GOOD! Other than Firefly – and now Madmen – I haven’t seen her in anything else – but she’s thoroughly entertaining.

    Just watched Serenity – AGAIN – this evening with a friend who I got hooked on Firefly, but who hadn’t seen Serenity. Seeing it on Blu Ray on a Hi Def big screen TV. Almost heaven!! 😉

    I think if Firefly was produced TODAY, it would have a long if not pretty good run. It would be perfect for one of the non-broadcast cable channels. So much of network TV is just the same recycled stuff. The “unique shows” like Firefly, just don’t (didn’t) stand much of a chance of surviving on broadcast TV where “the norm/same old, same old” rules. (What was the most watched show last week: THE BACHELOR or BACHELORETTE. Dear Lord, people watch any kind of crap these days!

    Thank God for DVDs of shows like Firefly – and word of mouth. Otherwise I would never have heard about the series – and wouldn’t be deriving so much enjoyment from it.

    Two P.S.’s. #1. I was wearing a Serenity Tee Shirt at a restaurant a week or two ago. The server noticed it and told me that she and her family LOVE Firefly. #2. My niece – a sophomore in college – saw me wearing the same shirt and mentioned that her roommate showed her the movie on DVD last year. So I bought her the Firefly DVDs and she said she and her roommates are going to have “Firefly” nights this school year.

    So the show lives on!!

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      Great TV never dies…that’s what’s so great about them. Chuck, Firefly, Pushing Daisies…timeless one and all.

      And as long as there are those like us who are aficionados with discernible taste, they will continue to live on through us. And thank God for it 😉

      Well us and DVDs haha.

  4. OldDarth says:

    Very fun episode.

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