So What Are You Watching?

I got to thinking about this topic this morning after reading one of the questions (posted on the S4 Spoiler page) posed to Ausiello regarding Chuck’s chances for a back 6-9 episode order.   I responded that it will depend on how Chuck’s ratings go, as well as how well or poorly NBC’s other shows perform.  The season 4 premiere is September 20th, which (thankfully!) isn’t that far away.  I am going through Chuck withdrawal and it isn’t pretty!  It also doesn’t help that the other shows that I watch are finishing up their summer seasons this week (Burn Notice in particular). 

I’ve already gone over things I think could help the show, with getting folks to watch  as being number one.  Also realizing that Chuck’s future depends as much on the success or failure of everything else on tv, I wanted to find out what you are planning to watch.  More after the break.

The fall tv schedule has a lot of new shows.  The entire line up of network shows can be found here:  Note that I said network shows.  More and more people are finding their entertainment on cable.  My personal tv choices are: Chuck, NCIS, White Collar, Covert Affairs, and Burn Notice.  Only two of my five main shows are on network tv while the other three are on the USA Network.  I will occasionally watch CSI and The Mentalist, but they really haven’t held my attention and are not “must see” or “appointment”  television.  The USA shows also air in shorter seasons, but you typically get two seasons a year.

The only new shows I’m planning on checking out are Undercovers, the new spy couple show by J.J. Abrams, which will air Wednesdays on NBC, and Nikita on the CW.  I will, of course, be comparing Undercovers to Chuck and I get the feeling that my watching that show will be short lived.  I was a huge fan of La Femme Nikita with Peta Wilson, so I know I will also be making comparisons.  I guess that is a strength of Chuck-there really isn’t anything out there like it.  I just wish more people appreciated it for what it is.

Other than that, I don’t really have the time or interest in anything else. What about you?  What are you watching currently and what do you plan to watch?


About amyabn

My name is Amy and I'm in the active Army as my profession. I love the show Chuck and want to see it succeed for many seasons to come. My twitter handle is amyabn.
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55 Responses to So What Are You Watching?

  1. jason says:

    Great ? – I try to watch one show (or an old movie) per night just prior to bed or a movie, tivo, dvd’s, netflix, etc are a wonderful thing, Chuck is the only show I watch live.

    I currently am watching monk for the first time, burn notice, eureka, warehouse 13, and leverage. In the new season, I will add smallville, fringe, castle and chuck.

    Funny, they all to a certain degree have a wt/wt, none of which I care about all that much except for chuck – I don’t like the smallville lois, and wish KK came back and stole superman away.

    Monk will be over for me soon, several of the shows were on for the summer, Fringe is on the bubble for me (don’t like the new storyline) and smallville is in it’s last season.

    Undercovers, the other monday NBC shows, and friday night lights are all candidates to make my list at some point.

  2. JC says:

    Right now I’m watching White Collar which has become my favorite show. The whole cast is fantastic. Bomer is going to be a huge star if he lands a major movie role. Covert Affairs is good, I wasn’t sold on Piper Perabo as CIA agent at first but she’s been great. But its Chris Gorham that makes the show. Its funny since he was the star of Jake 2.0, Chuck’s TV ancestor of sorts.

    In the fall other than Chuck I’ll be watching Community, Fringe and Human Target. The only new shows I’ll be watching are Undercovers,Detroit 187 and The Walking Dead.

  3. Ernie Davis says:

    Chuck is really the only show to be appointment TV for me in about a decade. I must admit though that since getting drawn into the Chuck fandom I’ve picked up a few shows others have talked about. Most of these are either via OnDemand or DVR’ed.

    I like to catch Covert Affairs and/or Burn Notice Saturday mornings while I eat breakfast, though I’m not really a Piper Perabo fan. Kind of like with Dead Like Me I like the material enough to tolerate the actress’ performance that I’m otherwise not crazy about.

    I’ve picked up both Big Bang Theory and Community as good choices for the DVR. I tried Fringe and Warehouse 13 for a while, but sort of faded away on both.

    Faith got me hooked on Legend of the Seeker, just in time to see it canceled. Thanks a lot Faith. 😉

    • Faith says:

      LOL. You’re welcome,

      Canceled or not, it’s fantastic 😀

      Now if only those stars were to guest star on Chuck…

  4. the shrink says:

    Wow I just realized I may watch too much Tv. Paging get a life. But it makes me happy so screw it. I watch most of USA programing. White collar, Covert Affairs, Burn Notice of course. Still stuggle with Royal Pains. I tried Persons unknown which started strong but now is a train wreck. Minus one from the NBC new shows. Leverage is great. Man V Food.. Warehouse 13, Eureka, Top Chef (lost the man card on that one) Glee, Modern Family, Thank God for DVR turns a 30 minute show into 22 minutes. Big Bang Theory.. still like me some House. Funny thing is most of these shows I picked up after Chuck had its big delay.

    It helps when you hometown does not have any sports teams.. Oh wait I forget about the Detroit Lions and Tigers and Pistons. Let me revise GOOD sprots teams.

    Remember JC Dont believe the hype about Detroit in Detroit 187.

    • joe says:

      Speaking of sports, it could be worse, Shrink. You could be from Buffalo. 😉

      I really, really enjoyed Royal Pains it’s first season (except they really need to scotch that poor excuse for a theme song). This season I can’t help but feel that they lost their way by breaking up *all* the relationships, at least temporarily. As much as I liked Henry Winkler 39 years ago, he hasn’t done much for me as Eddie R.

      But their version of relationship angst is clearly resolving itself (Hank and Jill are a nice, if low-passion-level couple, and Evan & Page are good together). I keep my expectations low and just enjoy it as a prelude to sleep.

    • amyabn says:

      Hey, at least we have the Red Wings! Keep the faith, Shrink!

    • JC says:

      CJ Spiller has looked great in the preseason Joe. That gives me hope, now all we need is a QB, offensive line and defensive line. You know what never mind. 😉

  5. Merve says:

    Next season, I’ll continue to watch Chuck, Cougar Town, Community, White Collar, and 18 to Life. I’ll no longer be watching How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Modern Family, or Bones, all of which used to be great but now suck bigtime. I might check out Undercovers and No Ordinary Family, but curiosity more than anything is driving me to check out the former; it looks like it’s going to be a trainwreck, and I want to laugh at it as it happens.

  6. Matt says:

    Sounds like everyone here has similar tastes. Right now I am watching Burn Notice, White Collar, Covert Affairs, and Eureka. DVR-ing Warehouse 13 and Royal Pains, but have yet to watch them.

  7. joe says:

    I’m a little surprised that no one here has mentioned Glee. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes myself, and I understand what the hoopla is all about. It’s pretty good. And Jane Lynch has been great in everything she’s been in.

    But it’s also not Chuck fan’s cup’o tea. Not sure why that is, but it seems to be true.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I think a few of the folks over at Castle Inanity are Gleeks in addition to being serious Chuck fans. I’ve never seen it. It just doesn’t sound appealing to me for some reason. But then that’s true of a lot of TV hits.

    • Crumby says:

      Glee is fun. Jane Lynch is hilarious. I like Jayma Mays’s character as well. She made me laugh so hard in the second episode when she sang “All by myself”! I still laugh thinking about it! 🙂 Here’s the link.

      Plus the music is good.

      But the storylines aren’t that good. It’s just feel good entertainment for me.

      • Frea O says:

        Yeah, half of CI are Gleeks. We’re unashamed of this fact even if the show got kind of terrible toward the end with the plot developing so fast and characters not getting the time they deserved and–ooh, shiny, Journey medley!

        ((Yeah, that’s pretty much my entire thought process while watching Glee.))

        I personally will be tuning in Thursday night with popcorn and my computer, cell phone, and landlines unplugged/turned off for the premier of the third season of Fringe. That, Commmunity, Glee, Chuck, and Castle are my preferred lineup. I’m so frakking excited for Olivia Dunham to escape and get back to this universe, you have no idea (poor mxpw, who has to listen to me talk about how excited I am).

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Wait, they do Journey medley’s !?!

      • Crumby says:

        And they did “Leaving on a Jet Plane” before Jeffster. I can’t believe I kinda prefer the Jeffster version…

      • Frea O says:

        🙂 The whole point of the season finale was so that they could do a medley of “Faithfully,” a mash-up of “Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin'” and “Any Way You Want It,” and the song that neeeeeeeever gets talked about in conjunction with Glee: “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Or as it sounds when Jayma Mays says it “Don’t Start Believing.” Oh, and there was plot stuff happening, too, but it doesn’t matter because it’s not a Journey Medley!

        I feel like “Leaving on a Jet Plane” is way overdone, but I credit Jeffster with being more ironic about it than the Glee cast. 😛 And until Glee can do a fight in the showers to Prodigy’s “Smack My Bi— Up,” no show tops Chuck’s musical talents.

      • Crumby says:

        They might just do that this season with Will and Emma’s dentist!

  8. amyabn says:

    As horrible as it sounds, I almost feel like jumping on the “which shows will fail first” bandwagon and start prognosticating like they do over at tvbythenumbers. I enjoy that site and that is where I try and track the ratings. Also horrible is the hope that a few of NBCs other shows tank (sorry actors, writers, crew!) so Chuck looks better. It is a dog eat dog world. I really hope all of the casting decisions will be a draw for new viewers and we can get the numbers up.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I just want NBC’s other Monday night shows to fail. That should be sufficient. 😉

      • jason says:

        ernie – I am pretty sure the expectation is the other two NBC shows are going to kill chuck – that the 9pm show is expected to be remarkable, and the 10pm show has a very weak time slot, and should ride on the 9pm show’s coat tails or something to that effect. Chuck’s timeslot is just too difficult. I hope this opinion is wrong.

  9. jason says:

    amy – I am a proponent of something called “The Law of Abundance”, that one’s immediate sphere of influence need not be a zero sum game, or that promotion we all seek does not have to come at a co-worker’s expense, etc, etc.

    Applied to Chuck, it is my hope that the 9:00 show (can’t recall the name) indeed is great, and that Chuck’s ratings are pulled up by the 9:00 show and that Chuck fans help the 9:00 show, so both win. My guess is if that show pulls a consistent 4 demo (vs last season chuck 1.9 to 2.5) and Chuck makes a 3.0-3.5, Chuck will not only survive, but be given credit for part of the other show’s success.

    I think this is a better POV to go into the season with, than hoping Chuck eeks out a 2.2 to 1.8 win over the other NBC shows?????

    But then again, I may be wrong?

    • Crumby says:

      The name of the show is The Event.

      • amyabn says:

        @Crumby:I have found the promos for The Event to be really irritating. It’s like they are trying too hard to be the next Lost.

        @Jason: I like your theory, but as it applies to tv, I don’t think the 9 p.m. show generally helps the 8 p.m. show. I only base this on things I’ve read on tvbythenumbers and the way they describe programming is that the lead in show (in this case, Chuck) is supposed to help The Event, not the other way around. We’ll see what happens!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        It’s funny you should mention Lost. I remember somebody trying to sell me on it in about the second or third season. After hearing about it I was determined to never watch an episode. It sounded to me like the writers were making it up as they went along and would string out the mysteries and add new “shocking twists” constantly, and then maybe if they had some warning that the show was ending via a drop in the ratings, because people eventually tire of stories with no progress or resolution in sight, they’d take a stab at trying to lure viewers back by revealing the secrets behind the mysteries. Was I wrong? I’ve already decided I’m not watching The Event.

      • jason says:

        could be amy, lets just hope it all works out for chuck, regardless of the other stuff.

        the new season 3 of fringe feels ‘losty’ to me, I don’t think I am going to like it very much

      • Crumby says:

        It’s really hard to see what The Event will look like. As I don’t live in the US anyway, I watch online so I’ll wait to see what people say about it.

        I loved Lost. I’ve seen it all. It’s one of the greatest show I’ve seen, even though, quite frankly, I didn’t understood the Series Finale all that well…

        I did felt like they had no idea where they were going in Season 2. The storylines were too long, it became boring to me. I actually stopped watching at the time. (Also French TV sucks, and they don’t know how to air TV Shows, but that another problem.) But I cought up during the strike, Season 3 was better especially the last episodes and the cliffhanger was huge. From there I really liked what they’ve done. The show really re-invented itself every year and it was so unique. Great characters and great cast too.

        But to be fair if I had studied Lost like we study Chuck around here, I probably would have gone crazy. Too much mysteries.

      • OldDarth says:

        “It’s funny you should mention Lost. I remember somebody trying to sell me on it in about the second or third season. After hearing about it I was determined to never watch an episode. It sounded to me like the writers were making it up as they went along and would string out the mysteries and add new “shocking twists” constantly, and then maybe if they had some warning that the show was ending via a drop in the ratings, because people eventually tire of stories with no progress or resolution in sight, they’d take a stab at trying to lure viewers back by revealing the secrets behind the mysteries. Was I wrong?”

        Yes. An awesome series with some of the most powerfully emotionally moments ever.

        Beautifully written with a superb cast. Lost was a weekly episodic television with cinematic quality. The Blu-Rays are stunning.

        Finally Michael Giacchino scored some of the best TV series music ever.

        No series has ever moved more on an emotional level.

        As for making it up as they go along, never knew that writing that way was not allowed. The third season of Breaking Bad took exactly that approach and was brilliant.

        Definitely plan to give, ‘The Event,’ a try-see.

        Not a Glee fan. I can watch the musical segments if the song is something that appeals to me but the rest of the show is downright cringeworthy.

        Current shows I like:
        Breaking Bad
        The Big, Bang Theory
        White Collar
        Covert Affairs
        Burn Notice

        Hmmm, might be watching too much TV.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Nothing wrong with making it up as you go along, if done carefully. If you aren’t careful however Darth becomes Luke and Lea’s father and suddenly that kiss in Empire seems a little creepy.

        Lost was very popular, so I have no doubt it was a well done show. My point was that it wasn’t to my tastes. I’m not crazy about the shows that get carried layering new mystery on new mystery and never seem to be bothered to give any resolution to the meandering plots.

      • atcdave says:

        Just had this discussion with some friends the other day. I really need a resolution. Shows like Chuck and Burn Notice manage fairly well by resolving most major elements each season, while leaving some hooks for what is to come. I really dislike the epic cliffhanger at season’s end (ala Smallville, Alias and Lost). I resent the requirement to remember what was going on for four months. I also really dislike the feeling they’re just trying to top themselves each season. I vastly prefer feeling like each season was at least outlined and thought through. That and the old “Journey vs. destination” argument. I can enjoy the journey, but I require some sense of the destination being in sight. If you know the destination won’t be achieved until the show is over, well, it sort of ruins it for me (Fugitive, Gilligan’s Island, Hulk, Lost all suffer this problem to me).
        I like episodic and short arc story telling. We could go on about various strengths and weaknesses, but in the end I think its all preference.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Dave I have to say that I agree with just about everything you said. Weird, huh?

      • atcdave says:

        Hey Ernie, that doesn’t happen much anymore!

  10. hiswings says:

    Does sound like we all are watching very similar shows. My favs right now are Chuck, NCIS, NCIS-LA, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Dark Blue, Leverage, with a little Burn Notice and Royal Pains. Also, noted that only 3 are on network tv with the others all on cable.

    Agree that Matt Bomer is going to go far, and that Chris Gorham really makes Covert Affairs fun. Am finding the new mix with Tricia Helfer on Dark Blue to be a little distressing – I liked it when Carter was more of a loner.

    I am praying that with all the top-notch actors that Chuck has been able to snag this season will lure viewers back in droves. I have to say tho that Nicole Ritchie and Steve Austin weren’t tops on my list – but if they draw the viewership – then I say “Bring it On!!”

    As far as the new shows hitting the airwaves, the only ones that really seem to be fresh out of the box for me is No Ordinary Family and perhaps The Cape. I’m not into the 30 min. comedy sitcoms or reality tv. They are almost like Comedy Central with a backdrop and they tend to pander to the comedians to carry the show – always preferred Alec Baldwin in more serious roles – as a funny man – just doesn’t do it for me. And Steve Carrell and Tina Fey REALLY don’t do anything for me – sorry!! I do Like Rainn Wilson though.

    The one show I was really disappointed to see get cut a year and a half ago was the Eleventh Hour with Rufus Sewell – I know stories got to be the same ole, same ole but I really liked the chemistry of the characters/actors and felt they could have expanded more.

    My husband thinks I’m a tv-aholic now and complains when I shush him for a particular show. If we had a DVR, he might divorce me!! HA! Oh well, Chuck has my heart and I will continue spreading the word to my friends about tuning in.

  11. Crumby says:

    I watch a lot of shows but the ones I’ll will check out as soon as they came back aren’t numerous: Chuck, Friday Night Lights, Bones, oh and Dexter. Can’t wait to see what they’ve done in Season 5!

    I’ll probably watch Glee, HIMYM and TBBT as well, but probably not on a weekly basis.

  12. atcdave says:

    I mostly like Amy’s list above. I would add Psych, by far my favorite pure comedy in many years. It does fall flat when they try to get more serious, but I like the normal balance. There is just enough enough story to care how each episode ends, but its mainly about the laughs.
    I’d also add Castle. very similar vibe to Chuck, maybe just a little more mature.

    • Crumby says:

      Castle works very well and is very enjoyable. But I feel like it doesn’t invent anything. I’m not often surprise while watching.

      • atcdave says:

        I suppose you’re right Crumby, it is formula television. But they handle the formula very well…

      • Crumby says:

        Oh yeah agreed! I’m catching up on S2 right now, and it’s quite good!

      • atcdave says:

        As an aside, I don’t really track Castle spoilers, but what I have heard sounds like they’re going the Chuck S3 route. It will be interesting to see if there is outrage among the faithful like we saw with Chuck. For me its not quite as compelling because I neither relate to the lovable rogue (at least not like I do the nerd) nor laugh myself stupid every episode like I do with Chuck. Even so, I expect not to like it much if the whole season dwells on a triangle. But will I be more inclined to quit watching because I don’t care as much to start with; or will the whole thing just bounce off for the same reason. It will interesting to see.

      • Crumby says:

        I haven’t been looking for spoilers either but I’ll be interested to see how they play the PLI thing. And in Bones too.

        But unlike in Chuck they won’t break the partnership. They still will do their thing together, and we’ll just see them going home with someone else. CS barely talked to each other for half a season…

  13. OldDarth says:

    Like Castle and Warehouse 13 too. Psych is a no-go for me. Too light and the lead is downright annoying.

  14. jason says:

    so many of you watch burn notice, I thought the summer final (ep 12) handled the wt/wt scene where fiona told micheal she kissed jessie better than I could have imagined – It is very seldom I can say that about a tv show’s wt/wt. If burn notice chooses to, that scene probably allows the wt/wt to go on for another season or two without becoming too infuriating. Was that just my take, or did other see it that way too?

    Not the best part of the interchange, when fi tells micheal she needs to go find jessie, micheal’s answer ‘but, fi – he might kill you’, answer ‘ok, then I’ll take your mom along, ….’

    When fi described her feeling for jessie as real, just not the way he would like them to be – far stronger than sarah telling chuck ‘it is different’ – if anything the fi – micheal connection grew stronger as result of the conversation, a very adult conversation by the way, a very DRAMATIC conversation.

    much like morgan, the mom used to really irritate me, now she is like gold in that show, although morgan still irritates me, I have to admit, he is growing on me.

    • atcdave says:

      I agree Jason, I liked the way the “triangle” was handled on Burn Notice this season. Mainly because it wasn’t one. Jesse was smitten with Fiona; Fiona “liked” him, that was all. Mom made the statement several episodes back “in the end, its always Michael and Fiona.” And the show (and characters) were faithful to that. Plus, they never made a big thing of it. Jesse was truly a “PLI”. As always, I didn’t like the presence of the character; but neither the character nor TPTB earned that special sort of dislike “certain other” writers have earned for themselves.

      I can see comparing mom to Morgan. Much of her humor is based on being annoying. But I don’t think I’ve ever disliked Madeline.

      • Merve says:

        My intense dislike of Madeline is part of the reason that I gave up on Burn Notice. I know it’s silly, but the chain-smoking really bothered me.

      • atcdave says:

        To me the chain smoking is “gross out” type humor. And they play it well, like with her trying to eat salad or exorcise while hanging on to a cigarette. My dad is the same way, its a family joke he’ll only stop smoking when he’s in the hospital. Like I said, its gross, but I get it.

      • joe says:

        Hum… I’ve seen enough movies from the 30s and 40s to know that it was once considered something akin to sophisticated and elegant. Think Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. It’s also peculiar that in movies like The Thin Man drinking to excess was considered knee-slappingly funny stuff. Times have changed.

        Welcome to the 21st century (says the man who doesn’t own a cell-phone).

      • JC says:

        Drinking to excess and chain smoking sounds like my weekends in college.

      • jason says:

        joe – just watching the original thin man movie shows the viewer how much times have changed with the smoking and the drinking, one thing hasn’t – myrna loy circa 1930’s is a pretty woman then and now, I used to indeed laugh at all those old ladies named Myrna, no more

      • joe says:

        Roger that, Jason.

        And it wasn’t just her (fabulous good) looks, either. She had a kind of attitude in 1936 that made me wonder why women ever thought they had to be subservient.

        If Chuck and Sarah want a partnership to emulate, I’d give them Nick and Nora over Max and 99 or Jonathan and Jennifer Hart any day.

      • Merve says:

        @Dave: I can sort of see that. I just wish that I found it funny. But just to be clear, that’s not the main reason I dislike Madeline. I just find her annoying in general, and I feel that she’s just shoehorned into the plot. (To be fair, I gave up on Burn Notice about halfway through the second season, so maybe they got better at integrating her into the plotlines later on.) Sorry, I could complain all day about why I don’t really like Burn Notice, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, since a lot of people seem to like it.

        @JC: Your college days sound a lot more interesting than mine. They’d be the same as mine if you replaced “drinking” with “eating junk food” and “chain smoking” with “playing video games.”

      • joe says:

        Merve, mine were least interesting of all. My excessive drinking was pretty much limited (by lack of $, IIRC), to a blow-out directly after the last final of the semester. And this was pre-video games (uh, pre-computer? Pre-handcalculators!)

        So for drinking -> Philadelphia Cheese-steak Hoagies and for Chain Smoking -> Playing Billiards in the rec. hall.

        Made me the nerd I am today!

      • atcdave says:

        Among the things I love about the Thin Man movies is Myrna Loy. She is beautiful, strong and funny. Add the kick-butt element and Yvonne Strahovski isn’t so different. Of course, some of the difference is just the times. But a strong character is still a strong character.

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