For The Shipper In All Of Us: Top 3 Romance Episodes

Come on.  You know you love it.  You’re a big softy and love to see the romance play out on the screen.  It’s safe here, you can be honest with us.  We love love and we want our favorite couple to be happy together.  It’s been a long road with a lot of detours for various polygons and predicaments that kept them apart, but we knew they were made to be together.  Join us in re-living the most SQUEE inducing moments, after the jump.

While not a romance per se, Chuck does like to tug at the heartstrings.  And not just with Chuck and Sarah.  Think of the Awesome’s awesome wedding(s) or Morgan and Anna getting back together in Best Friend.  Or who can forget Big Mike and Bolognia.  Or my favorite, Dianne and Roan.  Even Casey had Ilsa.  Yes, with Chuck love is always in the air.  But let’s be serious.  There really is only one couple for all us shippers of whatever degree.  It’s all about Chuck and Sarah.  So, here are out picks for the most romantic episodes so far.

Ernie’s Picks

Some of these are easy, it’s the third pick where things get tough.  Chuck Versus The First Date and Chuck Versus The Seduction are some of the more obvious picks, or Chuck Versus The Suburbs with its vision of that oh so perfect life that both Chuck and Sarah are treated to, however briefly.  But others can expand on those if they like.  I sort of picked what I thought were the milestones of the Chuck and Sarah journey to coupledom.

Chuck Versus The Truth Kind of counterintuitive I know, but this was the episode where Sarah had to admit her feelings to herself.  And Chuck, well both he and Sarah know how he feels.  A bit of heartbreak for Sarah, but a lesson learned, sort of.  She may actually need to fight for something she wants some day.

Chuck Versus The Colonel Who can forget that sleepy morning in Barstow, finally away from everyone and everything that gets in their way.  A wonderfully shot scene where passion takes over once they realize there is nothing to stop them from having what they want, each other, at least for a moment.  I love the pause where Chuck looks down at Sarah, half to re-assure himself that this is really happening, almost waiting for Sarah to stop it.  Then the smile as he realizes she doesn’t want to stop any more than he does.  Caution is thrown to the wind, except for (ahem) a few needs that manage to interrupt them.  I love the look on Sarah’s face as Chuck retreats to the bathroom.  It says both I can’t believe I’m doing this and I’m really glad I’m doing this at the same time.  A false start in the end, but a start nonetheless.  Finally the doubts were gone about how they felt.  (Only to be briefly re-introduced for the relationship reset) Now they just have to figure out what to do about it.  Easily one of the tops for the romance.

Chuck Versus The Honeymooners I know, far too easy, but also obvious.  All the romantic longing and wishing, all the misunderstandings, the lack of communication and the miscommunication finally was put aside and our favorite couple got what they wanted.  Each other.  So for three days, based on the amount of sustenance required, they shut out the world and celebrated being together.  Of course eventually they had to leave the compartment.  Now they just need to make it work in the real world.  Well as the final scene in Chuck’s room shows, they made a good start.


Amy’s Picks

Chuck vs. the First Date. Chuck works up the nerve to ask Sarah out on a real date. Sarah has the nerve to say yes.  Squee!  The date was really sweet.  I loved Sarah milking Chuck for compliments and returning one, confirming that Charles Irving Bartowski is, in fact, fantastic.  Sarah’s reaction when she thought Chuck had been dropped off the roof was amazing, and the clear pain on both of their faces when they had to call off the dinner at Chucks was touching.

Chuck vs. The Colonel. Sarah commits treason and runs with Chuck.  The hotel scene, from start to end.  The look Sarah shot to Chuck with her heading into the shower, the next morning.  Squeee!  The scene in the Castle holding cell, “Two beds?”  Yet another interruption.  The look between Chuck and Sarah after Stephen confirms he removed the Intersect, and finally, the verbal acknowledgment that it was, in fact, real.

Chuck vs. the Honeymooners. From start to finish, we had love, intimacy, honesty, humor, insecurities, selflessness, and commitment.  Oh, and one heckuva fight scene.  I think it rates higher than the fight scene with Sarah and Bryce in Nemesis.  Finish the episode with Nina Simone and some snuggling.  To me, that scene was the sexiest of the series (so far!).  Enough said. 😉

Joe’s Squee Moments

Oooohhh it’s hard to argue with those choices! The best I can do (almost!) is quibble and list my runners-up!

And my first runner up, one that didn’t make my top three, would be Chuck vs. The Broken Heart. Sarah got 49-B’d (is that now a verb???), but shows her commitment to Team B. and to Chuck by stealing government assets (super-computer time, to help Chuck find his dad) and helping to save him. Besides showing that she’s still tough by threatening to kick some Alex Forrest butt, Sarah proves herself by considering Chuck’s safety as well as the success of the mission, just as he would do. Did she learn that from him? You bet. Sarah shows that she’s been changed by Chuck every bit as much as he’s been changed by her, and that’s a squee moment.

I have to make my second runner-up the episode that Amy put in her top three; Chuck vs. the First Date. Sarah’s scream when Chuck is dropped from the edge of the building is heartrending. The date is even more perfect than their first cover-date. But what sells it is Chuck overcoming his insecurities to even ask her out, along with Sarah being just demure enough to demonstrate that despite everything she believes, a date with Chuck is exactly what she wants. Every guy who’s ever been a teen and asked a girl out wants to have that moment.

My third runner-up has to be Chuck vs. the Lethal Weapon because of the final fountain scene. Chuck tells Sarah that he will not let the Intersect stop him from having a normal life and being with the woman he loves. Is Chuck talking about Sarah? He doesn’t explicitly say so.  Yet Yvonne’s amazing flicker of a smile shows that they both believe he is. They don’t even touch, but boy do they communicate.

And the three that make my list are:

Chuck vs. The Best Friend – A great overall episode with one of the best fight scenes ever takes us to the climax when Chuck seems to be blown to smithereens in the Herder. They could have missed a beat here, but the timing, the editing, the acting, everything was perfect when, just as if he was expected, Chuck appears behind Sarah a fraction after the boom. Yvonne’s/Sarah’s reaction to the explosion and to his re-appearance is unforgettable. But then, for ‘shippers, it gets better. In one of her few moments of openness to Chuck, Sarah apologizes for being “insensitive” to the importance of his friendship with Morgan. “I never had someone to care for me.” she admits. Already you’re thinking ahead to Chuck’s perfect response; “Yeah, you do.” just as Jeffster/Toto sing the lyric “-Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you.” Forget other public displays of affection. Hand-holding is the most tender, meaningful and wonderful type of connection I’ve ever experienced. I’m sure it was for you, too. Sarah looks down at their entwined fingers in a moment that some have found a little mysterious, but she gives an expression that resonates with me. She seems a bit concerned, a bit off and worried, like she’s saying to herself “I think I am in trouble now.  I am “all in” and I am in over my head. What do I do now?”

Chuck Vs. The Colonel – I have no way to disagree with this choice. I can only add to what the others have said by mentioning the wonderful music in the motel scene – Bon Iver’s Creature Fear, of course, and the hand play in the morning. Oh yes, it’s real, Chuck. It doesn’t make me go squee. It makes me sigh.

Chuck Vs. The Honeymooners – I suspect it’s a universal experience; the first realization that someone has the same intense feelings for you that you have for them. You think – you hope – you know, and everything feels like a promise. It’s a bit like slipping a gear. Those emotions should be too much and coming too fast, yet somehow they aren’t. Everything you’re doing isn’t right, yet everything is perfect. That’s exactly what I saw throughout The Honeymooners. This time it’s not a dream and no one is going to wake up. It’s only going to get more real, and it’s only going to get more wonderful.

Dave’s Picks

While romance was not initially among the things that drew me to this show, by the end of S1 I was completely hooked on the combination of warm friendship and repressed emotion that existed between Chuck and Sarah.   I would love to include an S1 episode on my list,  but I can’t.   It was only simmering,  and later seasons became far more overt.   While the third choice is again a hard one,  here are my top three romantic episodes,  as of today.

Chuck vs. The Colonel – Okay,  total no brainer here.   Until Honeymooners,  I thought the Barstow motel scene was pretty intense.   It was so satisfying to see Sarah finally let loose enough to let this happen.   And of course,  at the time we thought this episode actually mattered.   That TPTB proceeded to squander the enthusiasm and good will of their fans after this episode is a separate issue.   This episode gave us a perfect moment.

Chuck vs. The Honeymooners – There’s really no way to not put this episode on the list.   We can debate how many episodes a year should be like this one,  but for romance it doesn’t get any better than this.   Starting with the seven meals Chuck and Sarah share on a four hour train ride (always makes me laugh) to the sweetest end scene I’ve ever seen on television,  this episode will show up on a later list of mine;  like any of you doubted it!

Chuck vs. The First Date – This was a tougher choice.   About four episodes were candidates for this spot.   But in the end;  I love Chuck asking Sarah out,  Sarah’s happy yes,  the laughing and teasing on the date itself, and Sarah’s reaction when she briefly thinks Chuck is dead;  this is a very sweet episode.  And as the S2 premier,  it sets the pace for most of the season ahead.   While S1 kept things more friendly,  in S2 there was clearly deep feelings at work.

And now dear readers, as usual, it’s time for you to have your say.  Comment and vote to your heart’s content.  Well you can only vote for your top three, but comment all you want.


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I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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83 Responses to For The Shipper In All Of Us: Top 3 Romance Episodes

  1. Crumby says:

    I was thinking Mask, Fake Name and American Hero. The Sham romance was SO good…

    More seriously: Honeymooners, Colonel and First Date FTW as well.

  2. Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

    In no particular order:
    – Colonel
    – Honeymooners
    – First Date

    Honorable mention to Other Guy, a good episode in itself but doesn’t cut the mustard as a satisfactory conclusion to a woeful plotline. It needed more leadup or buildup in the previous episodes.

    • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

      Ninja’d by Crumby 🙂

    • atcdave says:

      I was thinking exactly the same thing about Other Guy Joseph. It almost made my list. But too much of Shaw and too many bad memories.

      • jason says:

        I am surprised about the other guy too – I think it shows how poorly the shaw misery arc was received by some of us – the epic conclusion to the misery arc – the game changing destination – just not enough good to counteract all the bad it represented

        3.13 not even on my radar for romantic, I still FF thru most the entire episode, know where the I apprec the tank line is, the apartment scene, the elevator spy scene, then I FF to the paris hotel, I really don’t like the bridge scene very much at all, seems really stupid to me

      • Crumby says:

        And there was still all the drama over Chuck’s first kill. Like you said Dave, too many bad memories…

      • bundy says:

        I agree about the too much Shaw part and bad memories.But there are alot of great parts too.Sarah finally admitting that she loves Chuck.Probally the first time in her life she has said that to someone.The it’s gonna happen you and me part.The shut up and kiss me in a hotel in Paris;the city of love.It might of had it bad parts but those scenes more than make up for them.

      • atcdave says:

        I do understand Bundy; as I said, it almost made my list. But in the end I felt there were other episodes (specifically First Date) that really moved me without the baggage.

  3. Ernie Davis says:

    The REAL top three are Marlin, Predator and Tooth. In the first two Dianne almost had her Chuck in the love bunker before that b—h Walker got in her way. In Tooth Chuck’s true feelings were finally revealed when he dreamt of Dianne and showed his jealousy toward the other man.

    With Dianne showing up in Burbank (and showing some leg I hear) it sounds like this will finally be the season for us Duck shippers. 😀

    • Crumby says:

      It really sounds like Anniversary will be our Honeymooners, Ernie.

    • atcdave says:

      Must control gag reflex….

    • Crumby says:

      Predator was their first meet in person. It was so touching with her “I can’t lose you, Chuck. I need you” speech. But I don’t think she tried to have him in her love bunker then.

      She did in First Kill. Having Chuck’s ex-girlfriend around must have gotten to her. But seriously Dianne, asking Walker to do it?

    • herder says:

      Why is it that when ever you guys talk about Duck I get a mental image of the scene in the Austin Power movies when Dr Evil and Frau Barfifina get together accompanied by the music ” Lets Get It On”.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      OOOOhhh, herder, I’m sending you a Duck shipper decoder ring for that one! Duck shippers now have a theme song. I need to make a fanvid right now.

      And Crumby, please, I may need yours back. Don’t you remember the squee moment in Predator where Dianne, on the plane tells Chuck “Pack your bags, you’re leaving with me.”

    • joe says:

      [Joe shoves Dave away and races for the porcelain throne.]

      Move over, Dave. I’m wretching already! 😉

  4. jason says:

    honeymooners #1 romantic show, the train room scene – who says they ate 3 times a day, that may have been 7 to 10 days, the ‘that was you in the room’ sceme, the underated morning after leg draped over chuck’s, sipping coffee, and the wide eyed look with the line ‘what’s the plan’, the charles in the dining car, the fake wedding ring scene, the vows taken twice, riding a motorcycle together in an unorthodox manner. the swing fighting scene, the retire and unretire from the spy world gig, the ellie chuck I got someone, the beckman scene where both chuck and sarah stand up for themselves and each other, and the final ‘feeling good’ moments – this creative team may overwrite shaw, morgan, sarah in season 1/2, etc, but when they decided to overwrite romance, it left this fan ‘feelin good’

    the pilot – the beach scene – the first walk – the first dinner – the first exposure to music and music ?’s – sarah asking for more time to protect chuck from casey – sarah protecting chuck from casey – the ballerina scene – the my phone must still be broke – probably was even some I missed, going off memories, but still – it set the table for the very hooked shipper crowd to want more

    best friends – sarah’s reaction when chuck was supposedly dead – the you got me, hand holding scene, how that CS friendship was compared to chuck and morgan’s friendship in that scene, really nice stuff

    hon mention – will just do one – delorean – when it was real for sarah (her dad) she calls Chuck her boyfriend, not her partner, not her friend, not the guy who works next door to her and stalks her – later her dad calls himself a great judge of people and tells her what CS have is real – by the way, this episode could have probably aired as 3.15 or 3.16 (with maybe a tweek or two) without missing a beat they were that much a couple?

    • Crumby says:

      I have to mention that spending 7 or 10 days in a train to do Paris-Lyon is REALLY a lot of time.

      3 days is already way too much… 🙂

      • jason says:

        darn it crumby – I have already explained this, sarah and the conductor had a little conversation (much like the sarah and morgan conversation a few episodes later) – THAT trip from paris to Lyon took 10 days – LOL

      • atcdave says:

        Crumby, aren’t you one of our French posters?

        Maybe the train spent a lot of time waiting on a side spur, or had mechanical problems, or maybe they rode the same route back and forth several times!

      • Crumby says:

        Yes I’m French. Paris-Lyon usually takes 2 hours. You can maybe do 4 with slower trains but…

        The truth is they didn’t leave Paris from the good train station. The one they left from – Montparnasse – is used to go west, and they were going south. So I’m thinking maybe they made a little detour… That would explain they took let’s say a day.

        Then French railroad men are always on strike, so they might have won another day with that.

        For the third day… I don’t see it. Sorry.

        It was kind of funny to watch though as a French. And they made Lyon look like a little village in the middle of nowhere, which was also very funny.

      • atcdave says:

        I love the railworker strike! OK, between leaving from the wrong station and getting stranded for a couple days we’re good! I feel much better now.

      • Crumby says:

        Anytime Dave! 😉

      • joe says:

        Ah, this is the kind of detail that makes this group great, Crumby!


      • odysszeuss says:

        Aces! Crumby
        from me, too!!! 😉

    • atcdave says:

      Interesting choice with the Pilot.
      My only complaint with Honeymooners is the length of time; the first stage of the trip is from Paris to Lyon, which French posters on this site have confirmed is about four hours. It just makes me laugh is all. Chuck and Sarah had a decadent food orgy at the start of the episode! Yes, I know that’s not really how it was meant to be. They could have made the trip to Moscow or something for a more believable three days.

      • atcdave says:

        I don’t think France is actually big enough to take three days going anywhere, never mind the adventure afterwards!

      • joe says:

        Dave, they *did* have to keep their strength up, you know. Hence, all the meals… 😉

      • atcdave says:

        Actually I think after all that food in only two hours (per Crumby) all they could do is wallow around a bit. dang, I forgot about the railworkers strike again! I’m sure Chuck needed lots of high energy food since he clearly wasn’t using a walker later.

      • herder says:

        I don’t know, they could have gone from Paris to Lyon via Lisbon, I’m sure that would have taken three days.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Well as far as I remember there were three breakfasts, so I’m sticking with 3 days. And while Chuck did look a bit shaky the last time he answered the door he didn’t need a walker yet. So it was a slow train. Remember they also went to Dubai and back in a matter of hours, so it works both ways.

      • Eli says:

        I counted the nights and they gave me 5 days.

        I always thought they made a detour through the Czech republic or someting 🙂

    • Rick Holy says:

      Even before I got to your comment about the Pilot episode, I was thinking “PILOT!” Not just for all the reasons you listed – which are “spot on” – but for Sarah telling Chuck in S3,ep.13, (and I’m paraphrasing here): “I fell for you a LONG time ago – somewhere between you fixing my phone and difussing bombs with computer viruses!”

      If my ever fading memory serves me, that all took place during the Pilot. Plus, just the way she looked at him and could see the goodness in his heart when he helped the little ballerenia in the Pilot episode. “You had me at hello.” How about, “You had me at the ballerenia!”

      Good choices all the way around!

      • Rick Holy says:

        I don’t think I spelled “ballerena” correctly, but I think you catch my drift.

      • atcdave says:

        Great point Rick, the Pilot is even more important now knowing it was so important to Sarah.

      • BDaddyDL says:

        yes the pilot is my first pick. I often thought that is where her walls came tumbling down. Chuck showed he was a true Hero, not by doing dangerous things, but saving people because it was needed.
        Chuck, well I think he fell in Love on a certain beach at the end of the episode.

        I will always think of seaon 3 with a *, why because as painful as the angst was, my other 2 favorite episodes were from season 3.

        Other guy has to be on the list for romance. Never have I seen 1 word mean so much on a TV program. To borrow a phrase “yes” was the squee heard round the world. Then the final scene of other guy is the steamiest non sex scene that I have ever seen. Sarah being the one…wow.

        Finally, I am not sure how someone does not pick Honeymooners. The smile that chuck gives Sarah when they decide to stay spies, When chuck says were together, and of course, well , the rest of the episode. A veritable Cherah fest.

        I know some of this may have been said, but there it is.

    • thinkling says:

      The Pilot isn’t necessarily in my top 3, but it is significant, kind of like birthdays. The day I was born wasn’t the biggest birthday bash of my life, but without that day, there would’ve been no parties at all. So, very acceptable choice. Sarah, the consummate professional, is taken off-guard. She really never has met anyone quite like Chuck (seduction). She is captivated from the Ballerina moment on and drawn into a real relationship on their first date, in spite of herself. (And we know all of this from Yvonne’s amazing face, which is worth 2 good writers and a thousand words.) It was not at all the “piece of cake” she was expecting.

      As for the time thing. I think the Chuckverse is full of eddies and portals and warps (oh my). The never-ending train trip – an eddie of shear delight and the trip to Dubai – a portal to a strange world indeed. But the one I can never quite figure out is the day Papa B left 10(?) years ago … Ellie would have been 21 and in college, so why all this whining about pancakes? Does that strike anyone else as strange? (Sorry, but someone opened the can of time worms)

  5. Bernardo says:

    All great pics, so I´m just going to throw some honorable mentions:
    Chuck Vs. The Marlin: for the rooftop scene, plus an awesome proposal!
    Chuck Vs. The cougars: Chuck know who she is: a girl he likes to share a cheeseburger with. I think that the last Sarah smile of the episode was one of the most sweet moments in the whole show, until the snuggling at the end of honeymooners.
    Chuck Vs. the american hero:Just for Chuck´s final “I love you” speech and their first real kiss since Prague. Plus, we all know that Sarah was chosing to leave with Chuck until Shaw came.

  6. Merve says:

    Ehh…romance isn’t something I care much about. I’d go with:

    Sandworm: Sarah encouraging Chuck for his job interview, Chuck and Sarah’s first real photo together

    Undercover Lover: Casey deserves a little bit of lovin’ too. The Devon/Ellie subplot was cute.

    Seduction: The entire episode was basically about romance. Again, the Devon/Ellie subplot was cute.

  7. Faith says:

    That third one is just hard to pick.

    Who can argue against the truth in Truth; or the “when you meet someone you care about it’s just hard to walk away” in Lethal Weapon; the hand hold-Africa scene in Best Friends; the “pick a scene, any scene” in seduction, the breakup in Break-Up, the “My Chuck” DYLM in Other Guy; the “please, I’m fantastic” date in First Date; and the dinner and dancing in the pilot?

    So many lovely choices to pick from, and that is why I ♥ chuck.

  8. OldDarth says:

    #1 – tada! No surprise here.

    Chuck Vs the BreakUp – nothing says true love more than be willing to give up the one you love

    Chuck Vs The Cougars – Chuck pouncing, at first, on any tidbits about Sarah’s past but adroitly stepping back and being totally supportive when he realized how painful it was for her to revisit her path.

    And for being quite happy to share a cheeseburger with her.

    Chuck Vs The DeLorean – Chuck giving Sarah a shoulder to lean on and make sure she realizes she is not responsible for her father’s action.

    And for promising to her dad to look after Sarah.

    Honorable mentions:
    Chuck Vs The Other Guy: Chuck rescuing Shaw because he knew how much Shaw meant to Sarah.

    Chuck Vs The American Hero: Chuck saving Sarah from Shaw.

    Chuck Vs The HoneyMooners: great payoff to the consummation of the Chuck and Sarah relationship.

  9. rac2873 says:

    Honeymooners and Colonel FTW But I really loved Tooth.

    Maybe it is just me but I feel The Tooth with Sarah saying I love you and begging the doctor to save Chuck because she loves him and Sarah opening up to Chuck about her feelings. I really loved that episode.

    It was a real growth episode for Sarah.

    • atcdave says:

      You’re right about that! Sarah’s profession was beautiful. I thought the episode was damaged a little by Chuck’s lying, but overall it is a good choice.

      • amyabn says:

        I liked her “confession of love” but the scene felt rushed. I had the same feeling regarding the end of Role Models, with her breathy explanation of her freak out about moving in. Small nitpicks, really, but they just seem to stand out.

    • Crumby says:

      I loved Tooth too. The all episode deals with Sarah expressing her feelings but also with Chuck’s abandonment issues. He’s still afraid that Sarah would leave at some point, but he’s reassured at the end with her ILY and “I’ll always come back for you”.

      And that episode is funny.

  10. herder says:

    Ok, I’ll say the Colonel and Honeymooners for reasons already mentioned. My third has yet to be mentioned and either I am way off base or I’m misreading the question. I think that a romantic episode should show why these two characters should be attracted to each other. I’ve picked as my third Santa Claus, start with the beginning the “prepare to be heartwarmed” scene at the Orange Orange and end with the giving of his mother’s charm braclet “…this is supposed to be for a real girlfriend…I know” scene. The latter is one of the single most romantic scenes in the whole series and speaks to the depth of their unspoken bond.

    The odd thing is that considering the shite that they put us through in the first twelve in season three that 3.13 isn’t one of the most romantic. But to me, one of the failings of that episode and the arc is that it doesn’t explain why Sarah choses Chuck or for that matter why he wants to be with her so much. At the end they are together without explaining or showing why they want to be together. It accepts the premise in Colonel that they should be together and that they want to be together without explaining what the problems in the first twelve were or how they had been overcome.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Herder, you have an uncanny ability to cut me to the bone. You’ve just verbalized something that has bothered me for a long time.

      But first, Santa Claus, wow, great pick! I can’t believe we all missed it. Probably the downer ending.

      OK, so the rest of it. (sigh) I used to post a lot of rather scathing criticism when I felt it appropriate. I backed off for a long while for two reasons. People were taking it beyond criticism to personal, and people were taking the criticism to rather absurd levels. There were times when you would have thought this was the worst show on TV from some of the comments. Despite my disappointments with the unintended consequences of the story and what it did to a show I’d invested heavily in, I never thought the show was BAD. It just went from Olympian heights to a pretty decent show in my opinion. So I sort of backed off, and on occasion tried to defend the idea that there was a story being told, however poorly we might think it was being executed. But here’s the thing. I wrote a post on this some time back, and I think they basically did what I feared. Considered S2 enough explanation on why they needed to be together after spending months telling us S2 wasn’t enough to form the basis of a relationship.

      Consider. Chuck still doesn’t know the red test was the worst day of Sarah’s life. Chuck never heard why she couldn’t be with him if he killed, and then suddenly could after he saved her.

      Sarah chose Chuck after Shaw rather showily “gave her back” in American Hero, then turned out to be a traitor. She also only chose Chuck after he became a spy and they could be a team, making Chuck about #5 after Bryce, sort of Chuck, almost Cole, Shaw, and then Chuck again. I’m starting to feel sorry for Casey.

      The reset at the end of the front 13, while more satisfying, is nearly as jarring as the one at the end of S2/start of S3.

      • herder says:

        Think about Sarah’s speach at the beginning of the episode, after Chuck’s “Sarah do you love me”, aside from the bit about Casey telling her that he didn’t pull the trigger being the bes news she ever heard all of it could have fit after the Colonel.

        She didn’t go with Shaw because she knew Chuck would have a red test (after all Shaw had a red test too so that wasn’t a deal breaker). So presumably she thought he had something that Chuck didn’t or that she thought he didn’t. Romance implies an indication of atractive qualities in the parties, I didn’t understand the attractive qualities of Shaw in the first place, why they turned out to be wrong, what those of Chuck were and why they won out in the end. So for me this wasn’t a romantic episode. My point was that after all that had gone on before, one would expect that it would be exceedingly romantic but it wasn’t.

      • JC says:

        By 3.12 I had no idea why Chuck wanted to be with Sarah. She doesn’t trust him to share anything about herself. Her love comes off conditional. If he strays from the idea of her Chuck, he’s not worthy of her.

        She never explained herself for any of her actions. Chuck on the other hand had to take all the blame once again.

        Like my g/f said Sarah is lucky she’s hot or she would die alone.

      • Crumby says:

        JC, it goes both ways. Chuck doesn’t share anything with Sarah either at the time and he chose his job over her.

        When he finally decided he wanted to be with her, in Final Exam, they almost kissed, only the red test separated them.

      • JC says:

        Crumby every time Chuck has found out something about Sarah it’s been unwilling on her part. Both her first and middle name. Jack Burton and her life as Jenny Burton. Her Red Test and why it was the worse day of her life.

        Chuck on the other hand has always told her almost everything. In S3 the only time she wanted to talk was in Beard and it was talk to us.

      • Crumby says:

        I agree JC about the personal stuff. The first stuff Sarah said willingly was “you know how I grew up”… in Honeymooners and it was more an excuse than anything. The spy will was better.

        I just wanted to point out that Sarah’s actions have been criticized during that middle arc, but Chuck wasn’t perfect either.

        All Chuck has shown Sarah was why he chose to do this (and he did this only partially) and that he really wanted to be a spy. She interpreted everything badly, but did he say anything that would reassure her before Tic Tac? They barely talked to each other and it was always about missions. She didn’t go to him at the end of Nacho Sampler, well wasn’t it what he wanted? If not he could have gone to her. He’s the one that chose this life after all. And he’s choosing to live this life alone as much as she is. In Mask, he’s agreeing with her when she says that she’s gonna stand in his way “not just professionally”. They both gave up on each other at that point. Sarah almost died in Fake Name and she went to Shaw after that. Ugh! But did Chuck go to Sarah? No. He could have. He’s seen how bad Sarah was, he’s heard what she said to Shaw about him changing and stuff. After Beard he’s supposed to know he loves Sarah, did he do something about it in Tic Tac? No.

        He did however chase her from Final Exam to Other Guy. But before that, Sarah had no reason to want to be with Chuck either.

      • JC says:

        I agree Crumby, Chuck wasn’t perfect by any means.

        Fake Name is a weird episode. The way it was written or edited. After the scene with Rafe getting shot it cuts away.

        You’re right they gave up on each other. But Sarah lost faith in Chuck. She didn’t voice her concerns to him as a friend. She treated him like a child. How do you approach someone who sees everything you do in the worse possible light.

        In Fake Name he breaks up with Hannah. In Beard Sarah knows Hannah is gone and suddenly she wants to talk to Chuck while she’s with Shaw. She can’t have it both ways. In Tic Tac as Casey points out she’s going to DC to be with Shaw and when tries to say something she cuts him off. Why didn’t she go to him then? Chuck has to do everything while Sarah is a passive observer.

        But lets be honest, S3’s relationship trouble could’ve been solved by a five minute conversation. The not talking, over reactions, etc were just poorly devised ways to keep them separated until 3.13.

      • Crumby says:

        But lets be honest, S3′s relationship trouble could’ve been solved by a five minute conversation. The not talking, over reactions, etc were just poorly devised ways to keep them separated until 3.13.

        I’m right there with you.

    • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

      herder – regarding 3.13

      This is where the episode fails me as well. Sarah has a 180 moment at the end of 3.12 and that’s supposed to be enough. – NOT

      Chuck and Sarah needed time to “reconnect” for the 3.13 to play out as a satifying finale to the arc.

      • herder says:

        A small prediction, in the first episode there will be a bit of dialouge that echos what Zach said at comic-con that despite what happened last year the love was still there.

    • Nerdette says:

      I picked vs. the Santa Claus as No. 3 (behind the Colonel & the Honeymooners, of course), too! The charm bracelet scene was very heart-warming, which is cool considering Season 4 and the search for Mama B. When she sees that charm bracelet on Sarah (or with her or in her possession)… “be prepare to be heart-warmed” by flashbacks! 🙂

  11. Rac2873 says:

    As for Sarah was acting, we all know she is really bad at relationships and her fling with Shaw proved. She was so mad at Chuck for Prague and throwing her chance at a real life away she just pushed him away. Chuck
    It’s simple, the heart wants what the heart wants. He never stopped loving Sarah all this time. He just tried to move on, we all knew that failed.

    As for the name reveal, that was a giant plot device. It has no impact who Sarah is now. It just served the purpose of driving them further apart and for Chuck to be devastated enough to go into a depression. I am sure Sarah’s past will come back with Heather and this time things will be different.

    • JC says:

      Except Sarah doesn’t want a real life. She wants Chuck and to be a spy. All that disdain for the spy life she expressed in the first thirteen is forgotten about once her and Chuck become a spy couple.

    • jason says:

      the characterizations in season 3 of both chuck and sarah were game changingly, epically, miserable – I still love both characters separate and together, but I disdain the way the story was told in season 3 – TPTB may only have 13 more episodes worth of story to tell, will be interesting to see what they choose to tell in that timeframe?

  12. Gord says:

    Man it was tough to pick just 3. I ended up going with Colonel, Other Guy, and Honeymooners; but I would like to give honourable mention to Truth, First Date, Cougars, Delorean, Suburbs, Broken Heart, and American Hero.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Everyone seems to pick Colonel and Honeymooners. Look at the poll results. I’m not surprised of course, they clearly were on a whole other level for the romance. It’s always the third pick that is tough.

  13. rac2873 says:

    I was just watching the deleted scene and just read a fic and I am convinced nothing ruins a good romance than lying.

    Chuck lied, lied and lied some more to Sarah in S3 and he will probably continue to lie. I just read a much anticipated chapter of a fic I really liked and the author set up Chuck and Sarah to lie to each other and keep secrets and it made me want to stop reading it.

    I hate faux angst, hopefully Season 4 Chuck stops lying to Sarah and the writers finally drop the faux angst.

  14. thinkling says:

    Picking Chuck favorites is just really hard, especially in the Shipper/Romance category, b/c the love is always there, even if expressed in negative terms, like jealousy or anger or pain.

    I’m going to cheat a little and skip over Honeymooners and Colonel, since they have been unanimously inducted into the Shipper/Romance Hall of Fame. That leaves me three more spots (Chuckverse math).

    Ahh, season 2 … I could easily pick 6 and have several left over from season 2. How to decide. The differential here will be episodes that show us something new or move the relationship forward in some way.

    The Cougars. ~For this episode (the last half, anyway), Chuck sheds his cover and becomes the very real boyfriend, and Sarah seems to rest in his love. ~Sarah aludes out loud to her having fallen in love with Chuck (shower scene, “You’d be surprised”). ~For the first time, Chuck really realizes that Sarah loves him. While Ratner is talking about getting a beautiful girl to fall in love with him, Chuck is watching with adoring eyes as Sarah slow-mo’s into the room, and she gives him that intimate look – a lover’s secret smile. The look of realization on Chuck’s face when he tells Ratner that sometimes the nerd gets the girl …that look tells me that he knows it’s true. The last scene is one of the best. By the end of the episode the covers are back in place, but their hearts are in a new place.

    The Ring. Romance throughout (as well as drama, action, and hilarity). The vacation conversation is exquisite and exquisitely played. The scene in Chuck’s bedroom after the wedding disaster is a testament to their core relationship. Plus any scenes shared by Papa B. and Sarah have a family/bonding feel to me. And of course the beach wedding exudes romance. Watching Sarah watching Chuck is priceless, and when she decides she’d rather spend her life with him than continue in the CIA … *sigh*. Sarah has followed her heart past the point of no return. Then in a very O. Henry-ish twist, Chuck decides to give up his normal life to become a spy because of and for Sarah, who just decided to give up the spy-life to have a normal life with him. Again, their love has pushed them forward into new territory.

    The Break-up. Feelings are center stage in this episode. ~Chuck’s are on his sleeve and all over his face, as usual. ~Sarah’s are unusually visible, particularly to Bryce, who doesn’t like coming in second. ~Distinctions between real feelings and spy feelings are voiced (twice by Bryce) and demonstrated (Sarah doesn’t hesitate in whizzing a bullet past Bryce’s ear to kill a baddy, but with Chuck’s ear it’s a different matter). ~Sarah chooses Chuck over Bryce at every turn and even lets Chuck know that with her he is not second to Bryce. This is different from her choice in Nemesis which was more difficult for her. In Nemesis, she was uncomfortable with her feelings. Not any more. She’s quite sure about them. And this break-up is the converse of the one in Truth. Truth’s break-up was a real break-up of a fake relationship. This time around it’s a fake break-up of a real relationship.

    So, those are my three … besides Honeymooners and Colonel, of course 😉

    • joe says:

      Truth’s break-up was a real break-up of a fake relationship. This time around it’s a fake break-up of a real relationship.

      Of all the times I’ve replayed those scenes in my head, I never once caught that, or put it in quite those terms. Beautiful, Thinkling.


  15. King Chuck says:

    First date

    Though I must say that after last season I care a lot less about this “epic” romance than I did after season two.

    I really, really hope that the new season will bring that feeling back.

  16. Eli says:

    What? No love for Vs. the Three Words? Not even a honorary mention?

    Chuck learns through Carina (of all people, but on the other hand, who else could do it?) that Sarah loves him (a detail he already should know, but that for some reason eluded him.) Sarah learns that Chuck did love her, but sacrificed his love for something bigger, because Sarah taught him that.

    It is romantic, no in the “they lived happily ever after” way, but yes in the sense of the two main character knowing the feelings of the other at the same time. They just didn’t talk about them to each other *sigh*

    • atcdave says:

      I think to many of us Three Words is about cynical manipulation by TPTB. It played well at the time but promise to “fix it” was not realized. For those of us who wanted to see Chuck and Sarah together, this episode is a false promise. It took ten episodes from here before we saw anything like real progress.

      I’m not at all denying your right to find romance here! I think its awesome some viewers were enjoying various aspects of the season all along. I’m just saying why some of us really hate Three Words.

      • thinkling says:

        I think if I hadn’t still been reeling from Pink Slip, I might have like Three Words better the first go round. It served the purpose of letting us know that Sarah still loved Chuck, and it gave us hope that they would still end up together, but at that point I was too heart-broken to feel very heart-warmed.

        The other thing is that whereas there were some badly needed romantic reveals, the romance was second hand (seen in the scenes with Carina and Sarah or Carina and Chuck). Oh, and I found Chuck to be kind of annoying in that episode. It’s an episode I’ve appreciate more after rewatching it, though.

      • Eli says:

        @atcdave But since Chuck and Sarah did get together 10 episodes later, I don’t have such problems. What can I say? I’m easy to please (OK, this sounded a little weird :-))

      • King Chuck says:

        At the end of season two I was a major shipper for Chuck/Sarah. When they finally got together in season three, that feeling was completely gone. Last seasons angst drove it straight out of me.
        Honeymooners brought some of the love I had for this couple back. But Living dead killed it completely. That’s why I personally find that the most romantic scenes are in the two previous seasons.

        Just my opinion of course.

      • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

        KC – I agree, Chuck and Sarah HAD an epic romance. Last season took the EPIC out of it, and replaced with “pretty much the same as every other TV romance”. Whatever was special about it had one foot out the door when Hannah and *&%# for Brains showed up and the other foot walked out when “Sam” made an ill-advised appearance (I just can’t let that one go).

        (I’ll always say that what should have been a very intimate moment between Chuck, Sarah and yes, most importantly the fans (read “me”, for the lawyers), was reduced to essentially a non-event, that needs to be fixed somehow.)

        Have improvements been made? Some. But whatever was there is S1 and S2 isn’t back yet.

        It’s funny, I listened to the Sword of Truth books has year while driving, and thought the two main characters had an EPIC romance. (At least through the first 3 books). Lately, I started watching Legend of the Seeker expecting the epicness to come through on the screen, it’s good but nowhere near the romance that WAS on Chuck. The (what I call) “specialness” of Chuck and Sarah was squandered in S3.

        I hope to be able to “fall in love” with my two favorites characters again in S4. A feeling I sorely missed last season. The story being told will can only be better if the relationship is “special” again.

  17. King Chuck says:

    That is exactly the reason why I’ve decided to watch season 4, though I initially had no inclination whatsoever to watch another season of Chuck. I hope to get that feeling back that the romance between Sarah and Chuck is indeed as ‘awesome’ as I thought it was in the first two seasons. Basicly I want to watch season 4 so I can forget season 3!

    • atcdave says:

      I’m mostly optimistic guys. I have some concerns, and I’m really not sure they’ll ever really address our S3 concerns. But at this point I think that’s for the best (meaning, I still don’t think they get what we all so miffed about anyway). Let’s forget about it and get back to the good stuff. Chuck and Sarah are together now, I expect we’ll have a good time watching them grow together in the crazy world they live in.

      • thinkling says:

        That’s where I am. I’m hanging on to the fact that they are together and getting their couple feet. Things getting couple-y has to be good, right. If we read the s4 spoilers without any s3 baggage, I don’t think we’d be so worried. And I think you’re right, Dave, that a lot of our worries stem from the fact that we still don’t think they get it the totality of what upset us about s3. I also don’t think they realize how low their credibility still is with a lot of fans. They don’t have very many benefit-of-the-doubt tokens in the fan bank. I’m on board anyway, in spite of my doubts, b/c of the really good things I’ve heard. They’ve taken bold steps for the story line, and CS are together. so I’m excited about s4.

      • King Chuck says:

        Forgetting about last season won’t work for me. Simply too much has happened that I dislike too much to just ignore it. At least, it won’t work for me. I do however look forward to season 4. Though I’m less inclined to wait for the good parts as I did with last season. My anger from last season is almost gone, but I’ve noticed that it’s not only replaced by excitement for the next season, but by apathy also. I care a lot less fot this show than I once did. Perhaps it’s just my way of protecting myself for possible disappointment. There are, however, a lot of guest stars this season that I’m excited about. Timothy Dalton, Dolph Lundgren, Armand Assante and of course Linda Hamilton.
        The original Sarah Connor is in Chuck…how cool is that!

      • atcdave says:

        King Chuck I think a lot of us feel that way. I too am excited about S4 in 12 days, but the extreme excitment I felt late in S2 is gone and will probably never return. Oh well.

        I now get more excited about the community here and fan fiction than I actually do about the show.

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