Twenty Questions

For Season 4

We’re still thinking a lot about season 3 of Chuck, but it’s only a mere three weeks from the start of a brand new adventure. Don’t know about you, but my imagination starts to work overtime when I think about the possibilities inherent in the “Orion Cave”, the relationship between Ellie and Sarah, Jeffster on the run, Greta, and what has to be the mother of all unknowns (arrrgggg! – Sorry!), Mary Elizabeth Bartowski. Which way will they go with all that? So many questions, and only Morgan’s beard holds the answers.

Friend and frequent commenter Ed (you know him as Jason) has put together a list burning questions that are begging for answers and asks “What’s yours?” I wonder that same thing! We going to speculate, I’m sure. But, what are we going to speculate about this season?

– joe

Since comic con, a list of questions have been nagging me and the list is seemingly growing, thought I would write the questions down and start speculating about some answers as well as make a personal check list as the season unfolds.

About a quarter of my ?’s were predictably about CS, another quarter about the rest of the cast, a quarter about the spy plot, and the final quarter a mixed bag, I put them in that order for convenience.

How about everyone else, am I missing key questions? Anyone willing to supply some speculation for season 4? I have some in mind, but thought I’d leave the list mostly as questions before I started spitballin some answers. Less than four more weeks and the season will start to reveal itself, I can hardly wait.

1 – I’ll jump right to the chase, will (when will) Chuck tell Sarah the truth about Orion and Orion’s secret liar?

After the jump I have nineteen more unanswered questions to wrestle with?

2 – Will Chuck and Sarah be happy at the end of most episodes, in other words will the CS fighting be serialized or brought to resolution with each episode?

3 – If Chuck is not a government spy and Sarah is, how can they go on most missions together (which was implied in Fedak’s comment about being on screen together)? They can’t just bump into each other each mission can they?

4 – Will (when will) the Chuck / Morgan / Sarah living arrangement change?

5 – Will (when will) CS get engaged / married?

6 – Just how many scenes will Morgan be in? He lives with CS, he will be Casey’s primary partner, he will have LI, he will be in the scenes where Casey freaks out about Alex’s LI, he is going to be Orion’s partner, he is a ‘suit’ at the Buy More hence will have to interface with Greta, that is a lot of Morgan time?

7 – What will the nature of the Chuck / Ellie relationship be? What will the nature of the Ellie / Sarah relationship be?

8 – How much screen time will the expecting parents (Ellie and Devon) get? Will that be their main arc, or will they be involved with the spy side and search for mom?

9 – What will the natures of the Morgan / Alex, Alex / Casey and the Morgan / Alex / Casey relationships be?

10- Will Casey be back on the bench, in terms of screen time, as he was for most of season 3’s first arc?

11 – How will (or will) Morgan play into the strong CS & Casey chemistry on missions – Chuck was the comic, Sarah the straight man, and Casey the observer / commentator supplying well timed quips – seems hard for Morgan to find a role?

12 – Will (when will) Jeffster be back at the Buy More, or maybe will they be something else – perhaps a touring rock band?

13 – Will Mama B be good or bad? Will the answer as to ‘Why? (did she leave her family)’ be epic or ill-conceived?

14 – Will Mama B encourage / help the search for her, be indifferent or unaware, or hinder the search?

15 – What will the nature of the relationship among the 5 players be – the big bad, Mama B, Orion, Team B, and the government be? Will the spy story be epic or ill-conceived?

16 – Will Shaw return? If so, how polarizing will his return be? Is there any chance his return could be written in a satisfying manner, both to those who loved and those who did not love his arc?

17 – Will Chuck have better demo numbers than last year, and / or how will it compare to the other shows on Monday night NBC?

18 – Will Chuck get a back 9, and get renewed?

19 – Will episode 4.13 be written in a potentially satisfying series ending manner?

20 – How will the season be received by the fans? What issue(s) will dominate the discussion 5 or 10 episodes into the season?

Those are just off the top of my head, amazing how many ?’s the show leaves me with. I will end by wishing everyone a great season four!



About joe

In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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47 Responses to Twenty Questions

  1. atcdave says:

    Dang Jason, you are an inquisitive sort! To me the most pressing questions revolve around the Chuck/Sarah/Orion/CIA stuff. I really would hate to see Chuck run any kind of deception with Sarah, but it seems pretty likely he will; at least for a while. My bet is it will get sorted out by 4.03 or 4.04. And then will both be CIA or both be private? My money is on Chuck returning to the CIA, but my confidence is fairly low on that.
    We do know Chuck/Sarah/Casey are the only characters who will be in every episode of S4, which I consider to be very good news (I consider them the only indespensible characters). But it does seem Morgan has an awful lot on his plate for a part-timer. And so far we know very little about the awesomes except for baby business.
    The ratings will be a huge issue this season, just like every season before! I honestly think the odds are against Chuck getting an S5, but we do have this chance to beat those odds. By talking up the show to everyone we know and supporting “Chuck” merchandising we might get another extension.

  2. JC says:

    Will they address the name reveal?

    What are the implications of Chuck getting an Intersect as a child? And what was the whole reboot thing?

    Omaha Project???

    How connected to the spy world is the Bartowski family?

    Will Chuck still be a walking doormat this season?

    • JC says:

      Just thought of a couple more.

      Is MEB known throughout the spy the world under an alias?

      If Chuck hadn’t been kicked out of Stanford was his partner going to be Sarah?

      Orion left to protect his children, did MEB leave to prepare them? Especially Chuck.

      Has she been keeping tabs on her family like Orion?

      Bryce was working Orion, did MEB have an agent we’ve already met working for her?

  3. amyabn says:

    What can Heather Chandler Ratner have on Sarah/Jenny that would still be able to affect her?

    Don’t ask me why, or where in my brain this is coming from (it is totally speculation) but what if Jenny was pregnant her senior year or Heather heard she had a kid in college? I keep thinking that Graham as her mentor/protector/guide could have taken the child in so Sarah could go to college and train. Now Sarah has it revealed. Sarah isn’t a stranger to her daughter, Samantha, calling and visiting when she could. Mrs. Graham (remember Graham got blown up S2E1) can’t take care of her anymore and Sarah needs to evaluate if she and Chuck can/will. Could add to the family dynamic in a whole new way.

    • jason says:

      geez amy – renmind me never to cross you – that is downright evil, yet very real life, yikes, would make for great drama, do you think such a dramatic CS issue would be good for the show and / or would it make the show good for you? I so am rooting for in order comedy. romance, spy stories and last of all drama this season, we’ll start getting answers soon enough. Being part of this community of fans made me realize how difficult the show must be to create, as fans we all love the show, but for a wide range of reasons, how do you play to your base when you have 3 or 4 different bases?

      • amyabn says:

        Jason, I look at having a young child in the mix as giving TPTB the ability to write all of the above.
        Sarah has a purpose outside of Chuck and being a spy. She and Ellie grow as moms. Ellie has had to be one to Chuck growing up and is expecting. We don’t know much of Sarah’s mom.

        You know Chuck will be the goofy doting dad. Casey will be the overprotective uncle and will get to experience some of what he missed with Alex.

        I keep imagining Sarah, Ellie, and Samantha coming into the BuyMore to tell Daddy about her first day of school. Sarah tells Chuck not to freak out and little Sam tells Chuck she has a boyfriend, she kissed him, and he ran away. He shoots Casey a look, freaking out, while Casey acts all sweet to get the little boys name and starts running it through the computer. enter Alex and Casey quips that Chuck should just wait until Sam gets older!

        Imagine Chuck handing Sarah paperwork so he can adopt Sam. How about listening to Chuck sing her to sleep off camera through the baby monitor walkie talkie deal, watching Yvonne emote as she so well does.

        You know kids are introduced all the time in shows and rarely seen. They could hire an older, retired spy lady to be the after school nanny.

        just food for thought.

      • jason says:

        wow amy – those are heart warming, romantic, & funny the trifecta of things I love about chuck – thanks for opening up my eyes to those possibilities – if the teacher (that’d be Joe) ever assigns a class writing project, – can I be on your team?

      • amyabn says:

        Of course! I appreciate the kind words. I guess my perspective on the challenges of having a child in the spy life is much like what it I like for those of us in the military. It brings all of those elements I’ve tries to describe.

      • atcdave says:

        I just think its too early for that. In another couple seasons that might be a fun story line, but for now I’d rather just see Chuck and Sarah deal with life together.

      • joe says:

        A class writing project, Jason??? Oh boy. I see 47 versions of Shaw getting gunned down repeatedly by Chuck AND Sarah while Casey smirks, followed by Diane and Chuck riding off into the sunset.

        Or somethin’


      • Crumby says:

        Gunned down? What about the Tank, Joe! 😉

      • joe says:

        Oops! Sorry, you’re quite right, Crumby. We’d all appreciate the tank.

    • Crumby says:

      I hope they’re not going down that road because there’s no way they got time to address something like this properly. It would just be another unresolved thing.

  4. Crumby says:

    1/ Will the things we’ll learn about Sarah’s backstory be MamaB-related or independant?

    2/ Are they going for a MamaB/Orion and CS parallel?

    3/ What are those stuff that Orion did that governments are afraid to do?

    4/ Is Chuck going to take over Orion’s work or will he disagree with some of it and do his own thing?

    5/ How many episodes will Alex be in?

    6/ What does Alex do now? CIA, NSA, FBI, something else?

    7/ Are they finally give us some Sarah family scene with Ellie and/or Awesome and/or Morgan?

    8/ Will Carina be back?

    9/ What does GRETA means?

    10/ When will Sarah be in on the OC? Whan will Casey? When will Ellie and Awesome?

    11/ Will we get to see Little Awesome aka AJ (Awesome Junior)?

    12/ Will Dianne finally reveal her feelings to Chuck?

    • jason says:

      crumby & JC – I thought 20 ?’s was an outrageous amount, after reading your posts, I am not so sure there aren’t a couple of humdread ?’s one could ask – I can’t wait to start getting answers. I wrote this about a week ago, 2 more came to my mind:

      1 – will CS discuss season 3’s inconsistencies, OOC actions, hurtful actions, etc ever, more than once, etc

      2 – who will be this seasons big bad?

      3 – related, now that t dalton has signed on, what will his role be, how long will he be on, how much screen time will he soak up?

    • Crumby says:

      Also will Casey talk about his ex-fiancé? He’s reunited with his daughter, so will his ex know he’s alive? Is Alex going to keep this from her?

    • Crumby says:

      New ones.

      14/ Does Ellie have also “Intersect abilities”?

      15/ Will Awesome Junior be in danger because it’ll be Bartowski’s next gen?

      16/ Is Chuck getting the Intersect as a child the reason why MEB left?

      • Ernie Davis says:

        That last one is a good question. The flashbacks in Subway/RingII seem to suggest the timing is right about the same, strongly hinting that it may have been the precipitating event.

      • Crumby says:

        Yes the flashbacks and Chuck’s saying to Ellie that he thought their mum left because he broke her bracelet.

      • Crumby says:

        I kind like the idea that the baby could have a role in the spy story. It could be a good way to bring Ellie and Awesome back on those stuff, but really involving them and not just dealing with them because of Ellie’s family spy activities.

  5. Gord says:

    How about : will we meet more of Sarah’s family (sister, mother)?

    As for Chuck getting back in the CIA, I think that is going to happen in the first episode based on the spoilers we have seen/read.

    I’m also thinking that we might see a Chuck/Sarah engagement in the very first episode – Vs The Anniversary. I was thinking that what would be a more perfect time to pop the question than on the anniversary of when you first met. Then we see wedding planning throughout the season.

    Finally, baby awesome is going to be babies awesome – fraternal twins (boy and a girl). I’ve got nothing to back that up, just a hunch. I think the birth will coincide with Chuck finally finding Mama B (probably 4.13). Also with any luck we will see Woody and Honey in the birth episode as well.

    • Crumby says:

      I’m with you on Chuck being back with the CIA in the first episode.

      I like the idea of the engagement on their anniversary but I want Sarah to know about the OC first.

      I don’t think Sarah has a sister. It was a cover story, like Chuck in Role Models talking about her brother. TPTB said that we wouldn’t see Sarah’s mom in S4, but maybe S5 if they get one.

      Awesome babies! Awesome!

      • jason says:

        that might mean ep 4.13, a wedding, an emergency delivery of a awesome baby, the big baddie flexes his muscle somehow in the spy finale, ma bartkowski is found and her secrets revealed, morgalex comes out of the closet and the papa bear is more than a little grumpy, jeffster signs a huge studio deal, that sounds like a pretty decent checklist of action

      • Crumby says:

        I hope they find Mama B sooner than 413. I don’t like when they do separated stories, like in Role Models. I want to see Mama B with Chuck and Team B.

    • atcdave says:

      Gord my optimistic friend! I like your take on things, except my money is on the wedding a little sooner. Either November sweeps or 4.11 for the Christmas break.

    • joe says:

      Very cool speculations, Gord! Love it. I would really like to see a Chuck-Sarah engagement as early as they can make it, mostly because I think there’s an unlimited number of stories that flow from that point. Until then, there’s only one.

      About Mary Elizabeth, one thing really has me going lately. Re-watching the Jill arc from S2, I realized how they had the character first appear to be an antagonist to Chuck, then a protagonist (that is, someone on his side), then ant- then pro- then…! I got dizzy. Same thing with Bryce. We were meant to be spun around, not knowing for sure how either would eventually come out, good or bad. And of course, that was repeated with Shaw (well, except for the fact that we all knew from the first he was going to turn out to be the ultimate villain).

      Are they going to do that with Mama B too??? Not necessarily. Stephen was on Chuck’s side from the beginning. But I have a fear.

      That’s my big question for S4.

      • Crumby says:

        We didn’t really know for sure that Orion was on Chuck’s side from the beginning. And was he anyway? He protected his family but what was he doing exactly?

        I’m excited about this part of the story, and I hope they make Team B figure it out together.

    • Matt says:

      Do I sense a Star Wars tie in Luke/Leia twin situation in your post?

      As far as anniversary goes, I think it is going to be something like Chuck/Ellie’s version of “Mother’s Day”. I think it is too early in relationship “real relationship” development to see Chuck pop the question. I’d love to see it happen in season 4, just not this early.

      As far as Mama B being good or evil, I think she left for the same reason Papa B/Orion did. They both left to protect their children. A mother who keeps a motherhood (luck charm) bracelet for 20 odd years, is a mother who would do anything to protect her kids. I don’t see any other explanation for keeping the bracelet. This should make the “bracelet spotters” on Sarah down-right giddy.

  6. Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

    You guys and gals have it all wrong. 😉

    The most important questions is whether Diane will be wearing a skirt (to show some leg) or pants.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      (Rubs hands and lets loose an evil cackle from his secret lair.)

      Another Duck shipper has been recruited… Soon we’ll control the world!!!

      What? The Ring and Fulcrum are gone. We need a new big bad.

      • atcdave says:

        I never doubt that Duck ‘shippers are a force of pure evil. But Ernie, Joseph was just celebrating his own Diane obsession, he didn’t say anything about Chuck….

      • Ernie Davis says:

        If only you knew the power of the Duck side…

      • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

        Oh P U 🙂

      • hiswings says:

        I just have that sneaky feeling that Mama B will be the baddie this season. I think Stephen’s reason for “doing it all for her” was his way of trying to turn her back to the good side. So far we haven’t seen any consistent new guest star to fit the bill of the “evilness,” as much as I want Mama B to be good, I think it all points to the bad. Sorry, for such dark premonitions, am just afraid to get my hopes up too much!!

    • joe says:

      The evil is amongst us. We may be nearing time to assemble a duck intervention task force. ;P

  7. Merve says:

    What the heck is going on with Omaha?

    Why did Mary leave?

    What is the significance of Mary’s broken necklace?

    How did Orion operate as an independent spy?

    Will Casey get closure with Kathleen?

    And finally, it’s inevitable, so it’s not a question of “if” but a question of “when.” When will Sarah accidentally see Morgan walking naked around their apartment?

    • joe says:

      How did Orion operate as an independent spy?
      That *has* to be Chuck’s big question, at least at the beginning!

      And finally, it’s inevitable, so it’s not a question of “if” but a question of “when.” When will Sarah accidentally see Morgan walking naked around their apartment?

      Yes, it’s inevitable. But the answer to “when” has to be “Not before Casey does!” 😉

  8. Ernie Davis says:

    Will Carina be back?

    How will Sarah react to a series of attractive women in stripperific nerd herd uniforms working closely with Chuck?

    Will Chuck get too used to the look that says “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”?

    • jason says:

      I seem to recall having read the couch ‘look’ was a misprint, the title is couch ‘lock’ – has anyone else read such???

    • jason says:

      I googled couch lock chuck, it sure appears some are reporting the title to be couch lock, also, found this info I did not know:

      “Urban Dictionary: couch lock
      Being so stoned that you can do nothing but sit on the couch laughing at stoner movies.”

      • joe says:

        Now *this* is “news you can use.”

        Thanks, Jason. We’ll try to stay on top of this.

      • sniderman says:

        Ah, and if the couch is where the weapons are kept (Role Models), it stands to reason a “couch lock” may come into play. (Remember Chuck’s warning to Sarah about “What if Morgan had found this?”)

  9. herder says:

    One thing that I was a bit unsure about is how much of the story does Ellie know. Initially she got the story from Awesome who never knew about the intersect. After that she went to Morgan, who told her what? Did he mention about Papa B being in the spy world, did he mention the intersect, did he mention Bryce’s involvement and that Casey and Sarah initially were there to protect Chuck.

    Or does Ellie simply know that her brother was a spy and that she doesn’t like the business. Remember neither Awesome or Ellie have really seen Chuck’s intersect abilities; Ellie really hasn’t seen anything and what Awesome has seen he thinks is a product of Chuck’s training in Europe.

    In other words, is the intersect still a secret that Chuck is keeping from Ellie and Awesome.

  10. Crumby says:

    17/ What’s up with the suits?

  11. jason says:

    Will Chuck and olivia munn have a faux burnette moment, and / or causing sarah to have a sarah the lioness moment?

    Will chuck and stacey klieber have a faux blond knockout (love that WWE reference) moment and / or causing sarah to have a total freak out?

    How will TPTB handle the faux sarah and whoever moments, and / or will the fans totally freak out?

  12. jason says:

    Gotta add another question, will sarah get a girl friend this season? She needs one so she can tell the audience what is on her mind, casey just doesn’t cut it, the conversations gotta be two way, not a very reluctant to talk sarah, asking a guy who has trouble stinging two grunts together to help her talk thru her problems.

    • jason says:

      as of 4×1, 2 of 3 questions were answered in a great way with the 3rd looking good, but it appears casey will again be sarah’s girlfriend (the only compelling role shaw served in season 3) as sarah pondered ‘casey did u ever have a long distance relationship’?

      Several other ?’s answers are taking shape, the 2.1 viewing number with no promo puts chuck write back onto that bubble that it seemingly has existed on its entire history. After viewing 3.1, I don’t think morgan will move out EVER, when he and alex get married, alex will live with casey and morgan will stay with CS, afterall he and chuck are BBF’s and someone has to be around to interrupt CS’s makeout sessions at home, otherwise they would never quit to go on spy missions.

      as far as how morgan fits with the team, it appears chuck will for the most part not be ‘bumbling’ but rather spy cool and that morgan will supply much of the team comedy – a pretty big change – seems like a fair amount of football fans here, would seem like moving allpro QB peyton manning (or chuck) to WR catching the ball, so Joe (or morgan in this analogy) could become QB

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