Season Three Discs

As of today,  9/7/2010,  Season three is now available on DVD and Bu-Ray.   It comes out to four discs on the Blu-Ray set,  and five for the DVD.

For those who are HD fans I have one very good piece of news,  the inferior menu structure from the first two seasons has been fixed;  it now loads much like a DVD to a top menu,  they no longer start with the autoplay of the first episode in the disc.  Sure,  everyone who routinely sits down to watch seven episodes at a time will be inconvenienced by this,  but for the rest of us its an improvement.

The contents are similar to past seasons.  Deleted scenes for some episodes (yes the same scenes that have been floating around the internet for a while) are present on each disc for the appropriate episodes.   While the final disc includes an overview featurette,  with some very good interviews (my favorite,  Brandon Routh explaining how Chuck being saved by a fan campaign means the fans should have some say in the show.  Don’t think about it too much,  your brain may explode) called “Chuck-Fu and Dim Sum”.    Very little effort is made to explain the season or the fan reaction,  but I suppose this is not the place for it anyway.

There also a Jeffster Mockumentary and the mandatory gag reel.   I thought the gag reel was better than S2,  not as good as S1;  some very funny stuff here,  especially the much discussed Jeff in Shaw’s shower moment.

– Dave


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I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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  1. OldDarth says:

    ” Brandon Routh explaining how Chuck being saved by a fan campaign means the fans should have some say in the show. ”

    Say sure. Control? Absolutely not.

    • atcdave says:

      I don’t believe anyone here has ever advocated fan control. That’s never how the art business works.

      • OldDarth says:

        Hmm, well then I don’t understand Routh’s comment. All fans have say in their shows.

      • atcdave says:

        Of course they have a say, whether its indirect via simply watching or not; or more pointed commentating. But the irony of the actor who’s character was absolutely not wanted by a most significant and vocal portion of the fan base, acknowledging we should have some say, is amazing to me. Don’t get me wrong, I have never blamed Brandon Routh for what I think of S3; but he is a sort of symbol of what I disliked about the season.
        Ideally, the storytellers will adapt their story to their audience. But with S3 we have an artistic equivalent of a “damn the torpedoes” moment; and here we have the symbol of all that went wrong, commenting on their fundamental responsibilities as entertainers to their audience. too funny.

      • jason says:

        he seems like he has jumped on the sword somewhat nobly for the show’s season 3 story, I assume he will be back for the epic gamechanging season 4 dramatic thriller at the end, I hope to a certain extent he is given a role he can handle, and some lines that to a certain extent redeem him,

        18 & 19 served him reasonably well, but still, he was way over his head –

        funny – much of chuck s1/s2 spoofed the classic spy notion, chuck screaming like a girl, casey grunting with no ‘bondy coolness’, and the girl having to deal with all the trouble, sarah was jane bond s1/s2.

        I think if shaw had been a spoof, he would have been ok at that. I guess he sort of was with the shooting himself, poisoning sarah and himself, getting spotted at the dance, creepy sarah stalking and the desert within desert stuff, trying to self destruct the intersect on his 4th mission in charge, beating up the intersect in a jealous rage in the 3rd mission he was in charge, trouble was the showrunners asked us to take it seriously – almost like the writers were spoofing the showrunners with the entire cast and a good portion of the fandom going WTF?

        I don’t know, seems this show can’t shake the 800 lb gorilla in the room.

      • atcdave says:

        You do mention one thing Jason I always find a little intriguing; like, I’m sure there’s some dirt we haven’t heard. Much of the middle of S3 was so laughably bad, and then so many of the writers left the show, I just wonder if there was some serious resentment about the c**p they were forced to write. We may never know, and in a way it doesn’t matter (if they’re done with that stuff), but I do wonder.

        I also do think Brandon Routh is a good guy. He did “protest his innocence” just a little when commenting he didn’t know where the story was heading until he saw scripts. But earlier he had commented how much he would be hated by Chuckdom for his role. Of course either way, its not really his fault. The fault is with the minds that conceived the story.

      • OldDarth says:

        Routh’s real life comments and the lightning rod his character became for personifying everything that was wrong to those that did not like Season 3 is a perfect example of the large gap between reality and fiction.

        Sadly most blur that line and take it out on not just the Shaw character but the Routh person.

      • jason says:

        OD – Yvonne gets rewarded for her ‘epic’ (I know you love that word) portrayal of fictional sarah with real life movie roles and fan support, giving her real life popularity and income for her fictional characterization – no real blur there, as have thousands of fictional actors before giving fictional performances and getting real life credit – individuals on this blog did not create this system – the world did – Routh did very poorly as fictional Shaw – he is now paying the real life price of criticism – your comment is somewhat naive – you are not that good at this to be so condescending to others – although I do enjoy your columns & would encourage others to read them

      • OldDarth says:

        Sorry Jason – disagree with you on the Routh thing on every front.

        Routh has just finished two major movie roles and is keeping quite busy. And Chuck fans have sadly trashed Routh the person in a very immature manner IMO.

        As to whom is being condescending to whom…..

      • jason says:

        @OD – that’s more than fair! Dave – sorry for hijacking your thread and taking things OT. How soon b4 CD sales become known vs expectations, days, weeks, months?

      • atcdave says:

        Lou, I do want to point out we’ve done very little of that here. Although we are divided on how well we think Routh did with the material available; I have not seen anyone here make their dislike for the character into a personal dislike for Brandon Routh. The man is entitled to his pursuit of a paycheck the same as anyone else. Shaw will never be a loved character, and Routh will face a certain stigma from that, but I’ve not seen that applied to the actor as a person on this site.

      • Buy More Associate says:

        I have noticed that every supposed Chuck fan with Darth in their names don’t really pay attention to the facts. They just make up nasty names for people who disagree with them. So why should you be surprised when he claims that people have been attacking Routh the person. There has not been a single word of that on this blog. Literally, not one word. But as I say, facts rarely matter to supposed Chuck fans named Darth.

      • atcdave says:

        BMA we don’t need to assume the worst of Lou either. He never said we had. I just wanted to be clear that whatever portion of fandom his complaint was directed at has not been vocal here. I appreciate his reminder that it is a fine line to tread.

      • Big Kev says:

        Which BR comments are you referring to? I must have missed them.
        I do agree that some have taken to trashing Brandon as a person, which is completely unacceptable – although I don’t think there has been that much of it on this blog.
        In my case, all I can say is that I’ve seen him as Superman, and I’ve seen him as Shaw. IMO he’s been poor in both (for both writing and acting reasons) – which means that I’m now reluctant to go and see Scott Pilgrim, despite good reviews. It’s certainly not personal, because in every interview I’ve seen he comes across as a lovely bloke, but for me he’s 0 for 2 in his roles so far, and that will inform my viewing choices going forward.
        I suspect there aren’t enough people who share my views to do real damage to his career, but too many repeats won’t be doing him any favours.

      • atcdave says:

        Big Kev we were discussing his comment from “Dim Sum” feature on the S3 discs. He says (referring to the fan campaign that saved the show after S2) that it should “give fans a voice in the show.” Didn’t mean to make too big a thing of it; I just found it ironic since as soon as we first heard about the course S3 would take, many fans (yes, that means me!) were pretty vocal about not wanting the “love trapezoid” or any other geometric shape. Here the guy symbolizes what I most disliked about the season, and he’s saying we should have been listened to.

        Ironic. It also speaks pretty well of his character.

      • JC says:

        Everything I’ve heard about him says he’s a great guy. Extremely nice to fans and such. I’ve been critical of his acting but that’s not a reflection of him personally. He didn’t write the dialogue or do any the plotting of the season. Its unfortunate he takes the majority of the blame.

      • Big Kev says:

        Thanks for the clarification.
        Maybe I just have a natural tendency to see both sides of an argument, but having listened to the comments, I can understand why TPTB would think along those lines.
        I think, in TPTB’s eyes, that the season was designed as a reward to fans. The reward was to put Chuck and Sarah together, at the end of what they knew could be the final episode of the series. I can quite believe that they thought that would be seen as a thank you to the fans who saved the show. They’re on record as saying that they designed the season around the endpoint (which I think was a huge mistake, but that’s another discussion) – and I can see how they thought putting Chuck and Sarah together would be an acknowledgement that the fans who saved the show were listened to. We were given what we wanted, after all, unlike the fans of most other shows. In TPTB’s eyes, Shaw’s defeat was supposed to be seen as the means to deliver that reward to the fans – Chuck and Sarah together – so to have Brandon vocalise that sentiment actually makes some sense.
        As we’ve discussed in many threads, the problem came when people began to jump ship figuring that the journey wasn’t worth the reward, even when enough spoilers were released to let everyone know that the reward was coming.
        I think there is always going to be a disconnect between what TPTB think they gave us in Season 3, and what we wanted as fans. The Comic Con comments about lessons being learned implied that the disconnect may have been lessened a bit, but my guess is that if you were to talk to Schwedak 10 years from now, they would maintain that in the end they gave the fans what they wanted.

        On a related topic, I’ve seen references to an interview that Brandon gave in which he implies that he was confused about the motivations of his character because there were so many changes made in the writers’ room, but I haven’t been able to find an original source for this interview. Can anyone assist?

      • Kisku says:

        While writing for his character has often been poor, he didn’t help at all to elevate the material, so for me his acting has been poor as well. I don’t judge him as person, only as an actor and for me he has been severly miscasted here.

        And btw what movies you are refering to, if Scott Pilgrim, he has there only small suporting role, if about Dylan Dog – this movie has flop written all over it and whatever little information i’ve seen abour it, ppl who saw it say it’s bad and Routh has been miscasted as well…

      • OldDarth says:

        Yes this site has been very good at not attacking, Routh the person. I am talking about other forums ie the NBC one for example and on twitter.

        My apologies as well for setting this thread down unexpected threads.

        BTW, how about that picture of Chuck and Sarah on the inside sleeve of the DVD/BR S3 sets!

      • OldDarth says:

        BMA, so its a Darth thing with you is it? That explains it! 😉

        PS – sorry about those Star Wars movies too.

      • JC says:

        No apology can make up for Jar Jar Binks.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Hey OD, as long as you don’t care about characters, plot or acting Phantom Menace through Revenge of the Sith had some great stuff. 🙂

      • OldDarth says:

        There are prequels? I only recognize the Old stuff. 😉

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well then you only need to apologize for the frickin’ teddy bears. 😉

        Han shot first.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Big Kev, I think TPTB only partially get what went wrong last season. They keep saying they learned their lesson about “putting someone between Chuck and Sarah”; well, good. But that’s only part of it. I think so much of the fan base wanted to see Colonel as the defining moment, and S3 destroyed that from the very beginning. As I’ve said, they ended the season (or at least 3.13) where they should have started. I think the biggest problem was they were slaved to an obsolete outline, that should have been accelerated after the way S2 ended, the chemistry obvious onscreen, and the weak ratings.

        In a way, what’s past is past. I expect things to be more to my liking in S4. But we may have lost several million viewers for good. And most of those who left would have likely been very happy viewers if S3 had been handled differently.

      • atcdave says:

        And OD, no apology needed! This has been an intersting and useful little diversion. I sure didn’t expect so much discussion on a thread about the discs!

      • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

        Dave – I don’t know about outdated storylines or what goes on in the writer room. The C&S relationship is not ALL the show, I get that, but it sometimes appears that the story was not adjusted to the fact that the lead actors have just obscene chemistry together and portrayed a (romantic) relationship that was easily the most compelling one on TV.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Dave, I may be mis-remembering, but my take was that before season 3 a lot of the fans thought the mistake would be another round of PLI after Colonel, not the not making them a couple right away. While Colonel was a good starting point for the two of them to start actually, you know, talking, I was pretty much assuming that even without other PLI’s Chuck’s re-intersecting and trying to become a spy would make for a rocky road. In my view at the time it was precisely putting people between them again that was potentially (and became) problematic.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Joseph, that’s a big part of my obsolete outline comment. I think they’re following an outline they came up with long before they realized the chemistry there would be on screen. Maybe they still don’t get that. Add to that, I think they sped up the relationship a bit at the end of S2 to allow for the possibility of it being over. And those two things made the S3 reset just feel wrong.
        And of course I agree the show is about a lot more than just Chuck and Sarah. But to me, they are the emotional heart of the show; and I really don’t enjoy anything else when the heart is malfunctioning.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I do want to add a caveat to my last point. One of the problems, and perhaps one they don’t want to acknowledge openly, is that even with the fans willing to go along with the PLIs one more time the Shaw arc came off as poorly done at the least and excessively long and soapish to boot. Maybe that’s the part people feel they don’t get yet.

      • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

        Oh no – the whole “the killer of my wife who I’m hell bent on getting revenge for is my actually present day lover” is total and complete soap opera.

        But by episode 12 the story didn’t matter anyway.

      • jason says:

        was cruising around the internet a bit, I think season 4 is going to be 85% plus a shippers dream come true, last season the first 12 hrs and 55 minutes, might have been close to 0%?? – LOL

      • Teresa says:

        The season 3 failure has nothing to do with Brandon Routh or the PLIs. It was just poorly conceived, poorly written and poorly executed. Chuck is pretty much the only straighforward show in memory where the showrunner had to do interviews to tell viewers what they were watching (Shaw is a real choice for Sarah etc). This is unprecedented and all the proof any sane person needs with regards to the failings of S3. Whatever story they wanted to tell, it was badly written, badly told and woefully badly received.

        The fact most of the critics and “fandom leaders” were too scared to acknowledge how bad S3 was as it aired and waited for S3.5 to start airing before admitting S3’s failings, to my mind, says just ignore these people in future, they have an agenda.

      • atcdave says:

        I think that’s a great point Ernie. There were some of us (OK, me) who would never have been happy with another round of LIs. But the way it was executed only meant they started loosing people right away. Those who were more willing to give TPTB the benefit of the doubt became disillusioned as the season went; so by the end, almost everyone was unhappy to some degree. I think the resolution (3.13) was more relief than satisfaction.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Dave, this thread is getting unweildy now, but just to re-cap. TPTB seem to be on board with your feeling, putting someone between Chuck and Sarah was a mistake. Now granted, they seem to be coming to that conclusion more from fan reaction than as a mistaken direction creatively, if you can parse their tone correctly, but it seems to me, they got it from that perspective and have essentially said so to the fanbase. I’m trying to understand if I understand what some of us are saying they (TPTB) still don’t quite get.

        I think it’s clear that most people here didn’t think the production was up to the standards we’d come to expect, from writing to casting to performances and all the rest, but I don’t see how TPTB, who make their living convincing people to spend millions on their creative instincts and decisions, can go much further in apologizing without comitting career suicide.

      • Eli says:

        If somebody was curious to know why the writers left, don’t search for obscure motives and conspirations, some points of this discussion explain it.

        The writers were offered new shows, they could choose them or wait for Chuck to be renewed. The problem is… the perspectives didn’t look well. NBC didn’t say a word about their renewal as they were weighting up the pros and cons. The ratings were tanking, especially after Chuck and Sarah got together (yes, as hard as it’s to believe for some fans, there are people who think they’re boring and that their cuteness destroyed the show.) And what is worse, fans were saying everything sucked, the show sucked, the writing sucked, they had destroyed the best tv show ever, they were (for some people) traitors, they had ruined everything, RUINED it, the fans were dissapointed and said they weren’t willing to save the show once more (yes, there were people that said this, more than what fans want to remember.)

        So if your show’s ratings are dropping and the fans say you suck, what do you do? You can’t expect the show to be renewed.

        It’s as simple as that.

        About the DVDs… How are the episodes distributed? I ask because if episodes 7 to 11 are in the same disc I know there will be fans that will directly burn it 😉

      • atcdave says:

        First, let me come out strongly in favor of long onwieldy threads!? And I agree TPTB get that putting someone between Chuck and Sarah was a mistake, and that they are unlikely to do it again.

        But what I think they don’t quite get is, its more about what we want to see than what we don’t want to see. I want to see Chuck and Sarah together for most of the episode. Just saying “they’re a couple now” is inadequit. I want to see them work together, have fun, and be a good team. Its OK if they occasionally argue or miscommunicate, but Chuck and Sarah on screen together is what I want. A secondary thing is I want to like and respect both characters.
        I’m spelling all that out because when they talk about Chuck keeping Sarah out of the loop about Orion business and going on missions with Morgan; it sounds like they still don’t get it. This isn’t as big a deal as LIs. And I expect they will actually correct this situation as the season goes. Its just mildly disappointing.

        So they say they get it now; and then they present spoilers that look like they don’t get it. sigh.

      • atcdave says:

        Yes Eli, at least on the Blu-Rays those episodes are all together. Suffice to say, after watching the deleted scenes once, I will likely never remove disc two from the box again.

      • JC says:

        Yep, it’s not like the TPTB can admit that S3 wasn’t up the same standard as the previous seasons. So they latched onto the idea of PLIs and the darker tone as the reasons for the fan unrest. Hopefully they realize it was more than that because if they make the same mistakes again they’ll be facing the same fan reaction.

    • King Chuck says:

      If fans save a show and have something to say, TPTB should listen!
      The fans spoke and nobody listened! Yeah, to tell people not to close the book at chapter 7 or more of that crap when it was already too late.

    • Zsjaer says:

      Season Three discs? i`ll pass, thx but no.

      • King Chuck says:

        Hi Zsjaer.
        So this is where you went.
        Nice to ‘see’ you again.
        You know me from the NBC boards as Talmondreda.

  2. JC says:

    So how is the picture quality on the Blu-ray? It wasn’t worth paying more for S2, hopefully it’s better for S3.

    • atcdave says:

      I only have the Blu-Rays, so its hard to be sure. With an upconverting DVD player the difference is often small anyway; I honestly notice more difference in sound than picture. For me, this is replacing my AppleTV versions (720p vs. 1080p) and I do notice some improvement in picture.

  3. joe says:

    Just finished S2 of my on-going Chuck marathon. Do I have great timing, or what?

    Oh yes, this is great news. One of the best things I found, with the DVDs is being able to identify the correct music and identify it properly with the scenes. Chuck TV was very helpful for S3 by starting to do that for us, but I find it to be a valuable exercise to see exactly what the music was saying for important moments.

  4. Teresa says:

    Refuse to pay any amount of money to reward WB for Chuck Season 3. Sorry.

    • atcdave says:

      I do understand the sentiment. I already bought the good episodes through iTunes, and sure wasn’t nuts about rewarding their S3 efforts. But I see it as an investment in the future. The discs represent the revenue stream which has a direct impact on the show’s long-term viability. And I want there to be a long-term!

    • King Chuck says:


      No way in h..a very hot place, I will ever buy this!

      I see OD is still defending this season as he was over on the NBC boards. I’ve enjoyed many a discussion between DN1 and OD. I agreed with DN1 every single time!

  5. kg says:

    Just finished watching Three Words. Did we ever figure out exactly what made the general so worried at the end as Shaw was perched on the edge of her desk?

    Why she felt the need to tell them something? To prepare the team for something big?

    • atcdave says:

      “Biggest idiot spy since Maxwell Smart heading you way!” At least that was the rough draft of the message Shaw wouldn’t let her send.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Hey, don’t run down Maxwell Smart that way!

        OK, my theory was that Shaw basically planted Devon’s name as the spy so he could use him as a ring mole. Kind of the same thing that got his wife killed when you think about it. It’s one way the confusion over Devon and Chuck sort of makes sense. The problem is that the Ring poisoner knew Chuck made him at the embassy ball, but went after Devon anyway. A bit clumsy and confusing, but hey, it was a fun couple of episodes.

        Given the deleted scene the concern Dianne had for her Chuck may have been with Shaw’s plan to make Chuck prove himself in the field by tossing him in the deep end handcuffed.

      • Crumby says:

        Dianne was just being overprotective. She was that Walker was out and tried to get Chuck in her love bunker again!

  6. Robert H says:

    Just a quick question off topic but somewhat related. I had read sometime ago of a Chuck CD of
    music from the show was going to be made. Read of it
    at Anybody else ever hear of this and if so what is its status if any?


    • joe says:

      That’s an excellent question, Robert. I just checked out Tim Jones‘ blog, and in July he wrote:

      Thanks to all of you for sending me suggestions for the upcoming soundtrack. We’ve got more than enough and I want to thank every fan who helped. I’m working on it as quickly as I can but I’ve got some new changes and projects taking a huge amount of time.

      I think that means it’s in the works, but it’s going to be a while. It’s my understanding (and I may be wrong), it’ll be a compilation of his music used in the show (the familiar themes that we hear in every episode) not the tunes by other bands that we generally rave about.

      I’m definitely looking forward to getting that CD someday and expect that it’ll bring back moods and feelings years and decades after the show is gone.

      BTW, turn up your speakers or wear your headphones when you visit Tim’s blog. It’s got tons of excellent music right there for your enjoyment.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        I’m happy with an instrumental/score album. There are some nice mellow tunes in Chuck of which there just aren’t any other way to get them. So again, sweet! 🙂

      • PeterOinNJ says:

        I have all of S3 on my iTouch and last week while on a long drive, I hooked it up in my car and listened to American Hero – I put the Touch in it’s case so I wouldn’t be tempted to watch.
        If you really want to get a real appreciation for Tim’s work, do yourself a favor and try this. The music painted the scenes for me, enhancing the drama, the tension, the heartbreak. It was amazing and I plan on trying this with all the other episodes as well!

      • joe says:

        Heh! Maybe we need a bumper-sticker, Peter. “Friends don’t let friends drive while flashing!”

        Oh, wait… 😉

      • Crumby says:

        I also want the Jeffster’s songs!

        The score is amazing. Looking forward to that album.

  7. ChuckNewbie8 says:


    re: Routh. Roouth is a fan first and foremost…so he’s reacting as such. I may not have liked anything he did during the season, including but not limited to his acting but I think he more than anyone understands that putting yet another roadblock between Chuck and Sarah in the manner they did was largely unfavorable.

    • atcdave says:

      I agree with most of that Faith. I actually feel bad for Routh the way things unfolded. Its funny that he gets it better than Schwedak.

    • King Chuck says:

      True. Routh has always said that he’s a fan and I believe him.
      I also think he’s an incredibly nice guy who played a sh**y part extremely bad.

      Ed. Family board please.

  8. herder says:

    I saw the ad for the season three disc set twice on the Comedy channel here in Canada last night (watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report). So I’ve seen more promos for last season than for this season so far this week.

    • atcdave says:

      Sunday night football starts this week, hopefully they will promote it then. Its NBC’s best rated show and the audience is a pretty good match.

  9. PeterOinNJ says:

    I picked up my set yesterday and immediately set to watching the deleted scenes. Not sure why – maybe just looking for more insights, some clarification maybe. I was surprised by the scenes that were featured. They went a long way to reinforcing the story that was told in each episode. Unlike some of the scenes from the S2 DVD – pizza & wine in the courtyard deleted from Seduction or Sarah batting away the bouquet in Ring – these didn’t change the tone or give a conflicting message about the episode.

    And – I came away strangely depressed. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for because it just isn’t there. It was what it was – and with that the the S3 book is closed. The new book gets opened two weeks from yesterday – rejoice and move on!

    • Rick Holy says:

      “Move on.” So far that’s the best thing I’ve read on this thread! 😉 Rehashing the same stuff from S3? I think that accomplishes about as much as giving a constipated person a dose if immodium!
      But since everybody else seems to be “going back,” I’ll toss this out for ya’lls consideration:

      Would the (negative) view about Shaw [again, nothing against B.R. He’s just an actor for cryin’ out loud] expressed by a number of fans have been different if Shaw was “only a bad guy” and NOT “a bad guy who hooked up with Sarah?” Just wonderin’.

      I DID actually throw in the “special features” CD to watch the gag reel and other stuff – and did catch Brandon Routh’s comment. It was rather ironic.

      And as far as DVD vs. Blu Ray. I’m one of the “Chuck idiots” that bought BOTH versions. Kind of like buying the Subway sandwiches and the tee shirts, mugs and all the other stuff. The ratings are never going to be great, so every little bit of “help” I can give the show as far as contributing to either NBC’s or WB’s bottom line, I’m willing to do. (Until, of course, the show eventually gets axed).

      But looking ahead. Season 4 looks to have the makings of a great season – maybe the best so far – especially with the “find mom” theme and the list of great guest stars that have been announced so far.

      I’m going to enjoy – SAVOR – each episode as though it was the last, because as we’re ALWAYS “on the bubble,” this could actually truly be the last. What was the rating for the S3 finale? 1.7? When we started with a 3.0 and in the previous two seasons had averaged around a 2.4/2.5. SOMEHOW NBC and WB must still be making enough of a profit on CHUCK, but as far as I’m concerned, S4 is PURE GIFT – and I’ll treat it as such.

      Take care, all. Peace! And “Keep on Chuckin!”

      • atcdave says:

        I agree with most of this Rick but …umm… the thread was originally about the S3 discs, I think its inevitable we will talk about the past season a little!

      • King Chuck says:


        I don’t need immodium! I need better Chuck episodes to easy my aching stomach.

        B.R. played Shaw terribly. No emotion, just one expression, no motivation. But that could easily be because of bad writing and/or directing. Just my opinion of course.I had the feeling that Routh sometimes just didn’t know what he was doing. Furthermore there was just NO chemistry between him and Yvonne Strahovski. And of course people tend to be more agitated about his character because he was also used as a li interest to Sarah. Because that’s exactly what a lot of fans didn’t want to see. Certainly not without any indication in the show that this would come to pass. So we can talk about what if’s till we’re blue in the face but this is what happened.
        Now I take it you’re a big fan. Buying both dvd and blu-ray set? Never did that for any show or movie for that matter. But if it makes you feel good, go for it. For me talking about season three with other people made me feel somewhat better, it made me interested in Chuck again. Because they let me vent my anger and frustration, I’m going to watch season 4 while initially I had no intention of doing so. I don’t want to insult or agitate anybody, I just want to give my opinion just like you did. It’s not that I wanted to dislike this season when it started.

      • Rick Holy says:


        Don’t disagree with you about the episodes. There are a number of them on BOTH sets of discs I purchased that I WON’T be re-viewing. But there also are some keepers that will get viewed multiple times. I see your point about the lack of Shaw/Routh and Sarah/Strahovski chemistry. Maybe as the “shipper” that I am – and I don’t consider myself an “uber” shipper, just a shipper – maybe I was subconsciously content to NOT see chemistry between them! 😉

        Being the Chuck optimist, I’m thinking that your stomach will ache less this season as I’m anticipating better episodes. I just hope that the ratings don’t continue the downward spiral from last season – or we may not get the chance to see all of what’s in store for S4.

      • King Chuck says:

        Hi Rick.

        I think you’re right about season 4. But I’m staying away from the spoilers! Everytime I thought that it couldn’t get any worse last season, I saw a spoiler that made me think “Oh no, they wouldn’t!” and then they did it anyway. So perhaps when I just don’t know anythingh beforehand, I’ll look at things differently and enjoy the show more?

        Cause in the end, that’s all I want.

  10. Robert H says:

    Thanks Joe for the info regarding my cd/music question. I kind of thought it would take a while.
    Just hope it comes out before the end of Season 4
    with all of the speculation going on regarding the show’s fate, even before the episodes air. Really
    appreciate it.

    By the way I picked up my DVD for Season 3 last night but haven’t looked at it. As mentioned before
    will let you know how it hits me rewatching a 2nd time, thanks.

  11. atcdave says:

    Over sixty comments on the discs thread, this is officially amusing. The good news is people are getting excited as we approach the new season!

  12. Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

    I think it says something that the S3 DVD’s I purchased on Tuesday are still sitting in the wrapper on the kitchen counter.

    This wasn’t the case with S1 or S2.

    (Maybe it just says that it’s time to clean the kitchen counter.)

    • atcdave says:

      The gag reel alone is worth it Joseph! Oh and the Jeffster documentary is plenty fun too.

      In the Blu-Rays disc three starts with 3.13, so I could almost just pitch discs 1 and 2. OK, I admit, I’ll probably want to watch 3.03 and 3.04 again! But disc two serves no useful purpose.

      • kgl says:

        While disc two contains a couple of episodes i rather skip, it also has two really good episodes – the Beard and Tic Tac.

      • atcdave says:

        Both were fun in places, but given the emotional baggage they come with its unlikely I’ll watch either again. For me, S3 consists of 3.03, 3.04, 3.13-3.19. The rest doesn’t play well for me.

      • kgl says:

        That’s fair.

        For me they’re simply to good to ignore, especially Tic Tac.

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