Can You Handle The Truth?

A Guest Post

One of the biggest eye-brow raisers of the last season was Chuck lying well and often to his friends, to his family and even to Sarah. Did I say “eye-brow raiser?” We hated it!  The fact is, this is a big deal in the story.  In one guise or another, Truth with a capital T has always been a major theme in Chuck, and that’s not going to change. It’s not going away, even if we start to use the word “truth” less and the word “lie” more, and  this guest post from Faith (aka ChuckNewbie8 aka our favorite NBC mod) addresses this issue. Please be aware; this post is going to refer to stuff that gets just a little spoilery below the fold.

– joe

SPOILER ALERT (just a little one)

It wasn’t that long ago that these words were uttered by Sarah: “I never asked you to believe me, I asked you to trust me.” That was from Helicopter, 2 episodes into the first season and ever since then the issue of trust has grown larger than the elephant in the room.

So why trust Sarah? She has lied to Chuck several times, be it lies of omission or outright lies,

Chuck: “this thing you and me, our thing under the undercover thing, is this ever going anywhere?”
Sarah: “I’m sorry Chuck, no.”

That was from Truth. And then of course there’s Beefcake’s

Chuck: But that’s just another lie, we will never really be together.
Sarah: (silence)

Is it any surprise that when it came to looking for his father he left her out of his search?

Sarah: Why didn’t you tell me? Chuck, your search for Orion was a rogue operation. You know how dangerous that is??? VERY!
Chuck: …and I didn’t tell you.
Sarah: And you didn’t tell me.

Lies aren’t new for Chuck. Not anymore. After all he learned from the best, her. But somewhere in the convoluted lines of lies there’s a far more nefarious enemy, mistrust.

Sarah: “We’re still a good team right, you still trust us?”
Chuck: “I trust you” (a damnable lie! 😉 )

The irony is that the woman whose whole life has been a lie has always trusted one thing, one person and that is Chuck.

Casey: “Agent Walker, who do you trust to bring out a rogue satellite more, some burn out loser playing a video game, or an air force ICBM?
Sarah: “I trust Chuck.”

When she was mad at him for Bryce and Nemesis she still trusted him in Crown Vic and against orders from her own superior, she trusted him enough to help find his Dad in Colonel. Trust doesn’t come easy for Sarah Walker but she trusts Chuck and in her own way strives to earn his trust despite the lies.
Then came S3. For a lot of people S3 is the wildcard. A season where who they were has been forgotten and who they have become is contemptible. We’ll leave that discussion for another day but the issue of trust remained prominent. Sarah didn’t trust Chuck to retain his humanity amidst all the danger and the deception, Chuck didn’t trust Sarah to stick by him after all is said and done. Needless to say, trust remained an issue. No more so than in Living Dead.

Sarah: “So what he (doctor) say?”
Chuck: “He said that I’m fine.”

Yes, Chuck was being caring and the timing certainly didn’t help but at the end of the day Chuck didn’t trust Sarah. He continued not to trust her all the way until the truth was revealed, by Shaw.
By most accounts truth and lies will remain an issue all the way into Season 4. There are rumblings of Chuck’s search for Mama B, one where he excludes Sarah altogether:

“Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) go on a rogue globe-spanning mission to find Chuck’s mom. Meanwhile, Sarah…”

Now there is no concrete proof that the issue of trust will continue to create conflict between Chuck and Sarah in S4, but it’s a possibility that makes sense with what we have learned and heard and know. In the end the issue here isn’t whether Chuck tells the truth or not. Just like it never was about the lie he committed in Living Dead but the continued lack of trust. He didn’t trust Sarah enough to tell her his fears. He didn’t trust her to stick by him and believe his crazy theory regarding the assassination. And despite her willingness to rescue him and “come back for” him, in the end he still didn’t trust her. He trusted her enough to give her his heart, but no more. He trusts Morgan though. He once told Sarah, “before you got here and long after you’re gone, Morgan is my family.” Apparently trusts comes easy with family and not so much with those you love (that aren’t family).
So where do we go from here? Chuck is bound to act mistrustful of Sarah in the coming season. There’s no way around it. This is an issue that has remained (this post is proof) the frontmost of all issues so there really isn’t any way around it. But in the coming season Chuck’s continued question of Sarah’s faith in him needs to come to a head. If he withholds the truth from her, if he lies, if he doesn’t trust her, he needs to face the consequences. “You’re sleeping on the couch, Chuck!”



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Eternally faith-ful at least as it relates to my beloved Los Angeles Lakers. Yes that's where the username comes from. Other than that self-professed Chuckaholic, Laker blogger and part time internet addict. Ok, full time.
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  1. Nerdette says:

    Thank you for the post! Excellent dissection of the issue of trust.

    I have one comment/theory, though. Chuck is excluding Sarah from the search for Mama B, but I do remember reading somewhere/someone had mention the reasoning may be given the fact that she is also still a CIA agent, any knowledge of the search may create a conflict of Sarah’s emotional and professional interest. Perhaps his not telling her about it is not simply because of his mistrust of Sarah or questioning Sarah’s faith in him, but more because he doesn’t want to put her in that difficult position or create trouble for her, until he was sure of what he was really dealing with first?

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      I can buy that. Chuck is a good enough person to put her needs above his own. But even that leaves a bad taste in my mouth somewhat. He needs to rely on her the way he unquestionably does with Morgan. She’s proven herself time and again that if it comes down to what is important to him and what is the job, Chuck always wins out. Always. That’s enough reason to trust her with everything. Including his search for his mom.

      I guess I’m sensitive to that line, “before you got here and long after you’re gone, Morgan is my family.” When is it gonna be Sarah’s turn? Haha.

      • atcdave says:

        Faith, I think a couple things you said really hit on why Chuck’s lying is so bothersome. From the beginning we know he doesn’t like it, while Sarah is OK with lying. While Sarah proved her worth and trustworthyness IN SPITE of her lies; Chuck seems to have gone the other way, and become more of a liar and less trustworthy. It would seem Sarah has proven she deserves the same measure of trust Morgan gets, yet she still doesn’t get it.
        I guess the start of S3 destroyed whatever whatever progress she had made, just one more reason to hate that season. I suspect these issues will be dealt with pretty quickly, but I hate that things were left hanging in that way and Chuck is going to start the new season with his worst side forward.
        At least the spoilers we’re seeing look like things will be addressed quickly. I expect this to be a far more satisfying season then last season was.

  2. Eli says:

    Great post.

    The truth is (pun intended) that we don’t know if Chuck is lying to Sarah in Season 4, we speculate, but don’t know for sure.

    About the lying in season 3, especially in the back six, it is expected from somebody with Chuck’s issues. We tend to think that Chuck is the average guy, but that’s not just it: 1- the average guy lies too (yes, normal people lie, even to loved ones, it happens); and 2- Chuck has deep abandonment issues. He doesn’t trust Sarah because he can’t trust she’s going to stay. It doesn’t matter how many times she says she loves him and that she’s with him all the way (and the problem with Sarah is that she’s distant by nature, so she doesn’t say it often enough.)

    Chuck will always expect Sarah to left him and Sarah will always need for Chuck to need her. Those are the shadows of their relationship.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Great post Faith, and Eli, I like your theory. Mostly because it matches something I’ve been thinking about. 😉 Chuck’s abandonment issues explain Prague, and perhaps go a long way to explaining why he chose to become a spy. We just missed it because we were focused on Sarah’s comitment issues. At the wedding, when Chuck first asks Sarah on vacation and she says she’s leaving with Bryce the next day we all saw the devestation on Chuck’s face. From then until Sarah asks him to run Chuck never knows Sarah to be thinking of anything other than going back to spy life. Her leaving him at the end of the assignment was almost expected. So exactly what is he giving up to be a spy? Well the home and family, but he’s wanted out of the BuyMore and Burbank for quite some time. For a guy afraid of forming attachments with people who will leave him (mom, dad, Sarah and even Morgan now to be a Hibachi cheff) or who will betray him (Bryce, Jill) a life of adventure with no deep attachments might hold some appeal at some level, even if not consciously. He’ll be leaving them before they leave him.

      So Sarah asks Chuck to run. Of course he says yes. Now think of where Chuck’s head is at. The entire history of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship has been of growing close and being pushed away. In other words, being abandonded repetedly. Suddenly, hours after telling him she was leaving the next morning, she’s there asking him to run away. He’s gotta think he’s setting himself up for a fall, and a big one at that. So much as he may love Sarah and the idea of running with her and being with her, does he believe it will ever happen?

      Now, what got me thinking about this was the deleted scene in Tooth where Sarah is drinking alone. She did give up on Chuck. She may not have been happy about it, but she was back in spy mode telling herself she couldn’t get emotionally involved in the decision. She was ready to let Chuck rot until Morgan intervened. So, had that scene been left in, now what do we think of Chuck keeping secrets from Sarah. Remember his initial reluctance to involve Sarah and his explanation to Morgan; “Things are very good between us right now and the last thing I want is for her to think I’m [Morgan – crazy]”. Suddenly it looks like Chuck’s lack of trust wasn’t unjustified. That change in tone is probably one of several reasons the scene was scrapped.

      We often talk about Chuck as the emotionally healthy one of the pair, but as Tooth shows he’s far from it. He has neuroses on top of issues about his father and Sarah both, and at this point he’s still apparently waiting for Sarah to leave him too, even if subconsciously.

      Now we get to the meat of it. How was Ellie able to basically tell Chuck not to be a spy? She’s the only person who never left, and nagging as she is, never gave up on him. Even Sarah was ready to go to DC just a few months ago. So what does the end of the season bring back into full light? Probably the most traumatic event of Chuck’s childhood. His mother leaving. It will be interesting to see how Chuck resolves some of the fears and questions that surround his search for mom.

      • JC says:

        I’ve always said Chuck’s issues always get glossed over by the show. I’ve even thought that deep down Chuck and Ellie only trust each other. But I never put the idea of being a spy held some appeal to Chuck by letting him leave people before they do it to him. Kudos Ernie.

        Lets hope the MEB situation gives Sarah some understanding the same way Jack Burton did Chuck.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Of course it’s all speculation just for fun. Try to put actions in a different context till you find one that fits for you.

      • JC says:

        No doubt, what we see as viewers the TPTB might not even consider. Personally I want them to explore Chuck’s abandonment issues but there’s a good chance they won’t.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Actually part of why I was thinking about this is because he’ll likely find out two things this season. One, why his mother abandoned the family, and two whether that was a good thing or not. I don’t see how those don’t deal with Chuck’s issues. We certainly saw his daddy issues come to the forefront.

      • JC says:

        I don’t know, they rarely go in depth with Chuck’s issues on the show compared to Sarah or even Casey. I just hope if they do it’s explored instead of a few throwaway lines.

      • Buy More Associate says:

        The problem with your analysis is that you are applying Season 3 stuff to the previous two seasons.

        For two seasons, Chuck’s goal was to get the intersect out of his head and go back to his previous life. At first, he’s willing to sacrifice Sarah to get it (fountain speech in BREAK-UP. Then he wants to get back to normal AND have Sarah (fountain speech in LETHAL WEAPON). Sarah is simply ALL IN all of Season 2 from FIRST DATE on.

        And they BOTH get exactly what they want at the end of COLONEL. It’s real, full stop.

        But starting with RING, in essence the beginning of Season 3, everything that has gone before is simply ignored. Suddenly Sarah is leaving even though she has what she wants (Chuck) and Chuck is no longer sure about Sarah because of it. And suddenly he wants to be a spy. It’s all a creation to drive Season 3.

        The problem with that Season 3 creation, of course, is that each can have what they want, but TPTB simply ignore that, too. “They” want to make Chuck a spy, which SHOULD be good for Sarah, but suddenly she wants to run away. And Sarah wants to run away with Chuck, but suddenly Chuck wants to be a spy. It’s all manipulation to drive the plot through the first 13.

        Again, like or dislike Season 3 as you will, but it is a BIG mistake to make believe that Chuck and Sarah’s actions up to and through COLONEL bear any relation to their actions starting with RING.

        As for the deleted TOOTH scene, I would suggest that you may be inserting stuff that is NOT there. Sarah has concluded that Chuck is best left where he is for now/for the time being. And she’s not happy about it. It’s Morgan who suggests that Chuck would rot there forever. You can’t assume Sarah has abandoned Chuck forever. Which is probably another reason why the scene was cut. Not only does it conflict with the important tease scene in LIVING DEAD, it conflicts with her “I’ll always come back for you” line when she, Casey and Dryfuss rescue Chuck.

        It’s why I say (again) the scene should never have gotten to the filming stage in a season working on such a tight budget. Hell, with the money they wasted filming that scene, they could have hired Brandon Routh so we could have another episode with Shaw in it 🙂

      • Buy More Associate says:

        BTW, one of the great advantages of recently having reread this entire blog is that last year’s posts are relatively new to me.

        And, Ernie, it’s why I can recall that it was YOU who first pointed out how OOC/out of the blue Sarah’s decision to leave with Bryce was in RING. You, in fact, were generally the only person to suggest RING had problems because of that scene. It was a fairly consistent point of yours in the early months of the blog.

        Of course, we now know that they were setting up the Season 3 stuff. But that is, almost by definition, an example of plot driving character. Her initial decision to leave with Bryce was NOT consistent with anything that went before in the show. It was all to set up Chuck’s, er, confusion about her real intentions.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        BMA, I must say that this reminds me of some very long conversations I had with your favorite blogger Liz James, and some of her friends. The discussion got quite heated at times, but it was a lot of fun.

        I’d love to address much of what you said, but this brings up some important issues that really should be addressed in a post in it’s own right rather than another 2,500 words on an already unweildy thread. So if you’ll bear with me as I take on yet another writing project (sigh), I’ll try and get something posted fairly soon.

        Oh, and reading this entire blog, impressive. I don’t think I can say the same, and I’m responsible for more than a few of those words. 😉

  3. OldDarth says:

    One can only hope that the lying is brought to a head ASAP and then the show moves past it.

    • atcdave says:

      I completely agree OD. This is a plot device that got old almost as soon as it started. While we can expect a certain amount of deception as coming with the job; I don’t want to see a whole season of Chuck undermining his key relationships with misplaced deceipt. It seems, right now, Morgan is the only one getting the unvarnished truth from Chuck. I really want to see Sarah brought into that level trust; and Ellie in everything except certain mission specific stuff.

      Since the show started, Chuck’s lying has consistantly been the biggest obsticale to me actually liking him as a character. I feel the same way, though not quite as strongly, about Sarah. So I HOPE this will be handled better this season than last.

  4. Joeeph (can't be Joe) says:

    Nice post.

    Trust was indeed one of the biggest casualties of S3. Our two favorite character loss complete faith in each other.

    I’ve always said that although Chuck and Sarah are together there is still something missing that was there in S1 & S2. Maybe it’s the trust they had in one another.

    I’m with OD, and most of everyone else, in hoping the lying gets resolved really really quick. Otherwise it will get old really really quick.

    • jason says:

      I posted the episode 2 synopsis in the spoiler section, might mean better news of the truth / trust front:

      There were several striking truth trust issues in season 3, much like the shaw / sarah love affair, my guess is the truth stuff hit us all a bit different. For me, sarah telling chuck she did not believe him about his red test may have been her biggest single WTF moment for me as a fan. For chuck, not working out the ‘no I can’t’ with sarah at prague was the one issue I don’t get, although the deleted scene in the tooth was simply cringeworthy, as was most of the last 4 were all of a sudden morgan replaced sarah as chuck’s go to gal.

    • alladinsgenie4u says:

      Most of us want the lying to stop-especially to Sarah. And as you say – it gets old really quick. Although IMO it got old, way back at the ending of Season 3.

  5. aardvark7734 says:

    Nicely put together, Faith!

    One comment, re: “Apparently trusts comes easy with family and not so much with those you love (that aren’t family).”

    Well, there’s one easy way to fix that! 😉

  6. Jan says:

    The scene in Living Dead, where Casey confronts Sarah on her relationship with Shaw was a telling scene for me. And, I think, has implications in Chuck’s trust of Sarah. She told Chuck that her trip to D.C with Shaw was just business, when it clearly was not. As Faith has admirably pointed out, this is just one of several important lies that she has told him since Season 1.

    It just adds to reality that both have been guilty of being less than truthful in the relationship. This has led to trust issues from both Chuck and Sarah.

    These are not insurmountable, imho. And, I agree with Old Darth, that they need to be addressed early in Season 4.

    • atcdave says:

      Although Jan, the most significant difference I see is Sarah’s deceptions mainly predate her real relationship with Chuck; while Chuck was still coming up with new lies after they were together.

      I don’t like either character lying to the other, but for that reason, I’m still more bothered by Chuck.

      Hopefully it is well managed this season, I’m encouraged a little by the 4.02 episode description we’ve seen.

  7. joe says:

    Just an FYI. Re: Episode 4.06, I put some casting news from Ausiello into the Spoiler Page for S4.

    I must say, the casting awesomeness continues!

  8. OldDarth says:

    How timely.

    ScreenJunkies interview – take heart ZacharyLevi interview lying handled w ‘transparency’ in S4 –

    • alladinsgenie4u says:

      For some reason, the site is blocked for me. Can you please give a gist about what the interview says. Thanks in advance.

    • atcdave says:

      Thanks for the link OD. They seem to be bending over backwards to affirm that Chuck and Sarah’s relationship is “safe”; yet they aren’t really saying much about the lying. On the one hand I understand they don’t want to say how the story is going to go; but I do wonder if they understand what we’ve been concerned about.

      12 days until we start finding out! I did a happy dance last night when I saw Chuck was now showing up on my DVR’s “to do” list.

    • JC says:

      Its nice to see Ellie won’t be completely in the dark again. It’d be cool if we got a scene at the end of 4.01 that shows her and Chuck have been working on it together.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        You know in a completely hypocritical fashion (ok, not really) I have no problem with Chuck lying or hiding anything from Ellie. Ellie is family and the trust there is absolute but in an irrational way the fact that she’s a civilian and Sarah is not is to me the distinction. Ellie doesn’t need to know because it would hurt her. Sarah needs to know because it would her not to.

      • atcdave says:

        Of course we saw in the back six last season that lying to Ellie is actually foolish too. I’d like to see a lot less of it this year. I mean, simply not discussing mission specifics is one thing; but lying about who he works for makes little sense at this point.

      • JC says:

        Well the Orion Cave isn’t just Chuck’s legacy but hers too. Orion mentions that the people he was fighting would come after Chuck and Ellie. In fact she should find out before anyone else. And I’m sorry but the hunt for MEB is more Ellie’s business then Sarah’s.

    • Merve says:

      Thanks for the link, OldDarth. Chuck lying to Ellie was and is my biggest problem with what’s to come. This assuaged my fears somewhat.

  9. OldDarth says:

    For alladinsgenie4u:

    “Chuck” makes its return September 20, but we can give you hints about what’s happening in the episode airing October 25. They’re six episodes into the fourth season and we caught up with Zachary Levi while was on a break doing some PR for his Disney animated film, Tangled.

    Season three ended with Chuck coming clean to Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) about his spy career, and resigning from the CIA. The fact that there’s a season four means there must be more spying and more secrets, but they’re not jumping the shark.

    More after the jump…

    “[It’s going] much better than I expected to that extent,” Levi said. “Secrets are being kept but there’s still some transparency with it. So I’m not having to do the same thing I’ve had to do. It’s a little bit different. I can’t really talk about too much of it because, well, they can’t fire me or maybe they could.”

    No Chuck fan was probably happier than Levi when Chuck told Ellie the truth. He was concerned that the fourth season would return to a formula of keeping secrets from his sister. Don’t worry, fans, they’ve got a whole new take on pulling things over on Ellie.

    “There’s still a little bit of that but it’s done in a slightly different way. She’s still in on it to some extent so it’s not like a complete keeping her in the dark about things. She’s in on it.”

    This season has Chuck’s mom (Linda Hamilton) return, forcing Chuck back into work. Levi hasn’t gotten to work with Hamilton yet because Chuck can’t find his newly discovered mom right away. Expect to meet Hamilton’s new character in the season premiere, and then again in episode six.

    “She’s back now in episode six. She was in episode one. Now she’s in this one that we just started today. I can’t talk about it but she’s back. She is back in episode six.”

    At least Chuck and Sarah’s (Yvonne Strahovski) relationship is safe. They just got together, the last thing Sarah needs is a kick-ass spy mother-in-law to deal with. “I think she just cares about Chuck.”

    It is very heartening that the show seems aware about the fan’s worries about the lying.

    • alladinsgenie4u says:

      @OD – thanks a lot for posting the interview.

      Keeping Ellie in the know with some transparency – maybe he rejoins the CIA and tells her he is doing it so as to search for Mama B.

      “At least Chuck and Sarah’s (Yvonne Strahovski) relationship is safe. They just got together, the last thing Sarah needs is a kick-ass spy mother-in-law to deal with. “I think she just cares about Chuck.”

      hmm kick ass spy mother in law – is that just a typo or should we read something into that.

      So Mama B will be like a mother bear – protecting Chuck – that’s awesome. Maybe when the time comes, Sarah will face an interrogation from Mama B about her relationship with Chuck.


      • atcdave says:

        Well, we know now MEB will not be on screen from 4.02-4.05. And then the mother-in-law quip. It seems like something interesting may be happening pretty early on, like maybe when MEB returns in 4.06 “Aisle of Terror.” hmmm, not quite how I remember my big day, but then I didn’t have Freddy Krueger meddling in my life either!

    • joe says:

      Ah, many thanks for the transcript and the link above, OD. Appreciate it!

    • herder says:

      I’m a bit suprised that no one has picked apart the use of mother-in-law, is your boyfriend’s mother your mother-in-law or do you have to be married to qualify for that term.

      • atcdave says:

        I was trying to get at that a little herder. It may mean nothing, just messing with us; but it may be a revealing slip. I think they are now working on 4.06. Will it, or something right before it, be a VERY big episode?
        Or perhaps its just a reference to something happening ahead yet. I’m surprised more folks haven’t been all over it too.

      • aardvark7734 says:

        I think there’s a lot less energy in the fandom going into this season, Dave. While it could be just the natural course of things after a show has been around for four years, I don’t believe so.

        It’s more like the optimistic fans’ excitement has been tempered by last season’s disappointment. They’re feeling a little reticent to get too excited lest they experience that big fall again. It’s a natural thing, even rodents become averse to pushing the little lever when it stops doling out food pellets and starts delivering electric shocks.

        As we’ve oft said these last few months, nothing will fix things other than a slow rebuild of trust.

      • thinkling says:

        It sounds good to me any way you slice it. It could just be more marriage allusions like we’ve had in the past. Or it could portend great things to come. Or it could just be a given in the Chuckverse that everyone views their relationship as permanent and expects that ultimately that’s how it will be.

        I’ll be surprised (quite pleasantly, I might add) if they are actually married by 4.06. But the sentence does bring a smile to my heart.

      • jason says:

        the boredom with the words sister in law is that I doubt there are more than a handful of fans out of every one hundred that believe anything said about the show by TPTB or actors after what they said, then what they did in the first 12 episodes of season 3.

        Only way to surprise me (and probably win me back to liking TPTB), have CS get married at the end of episode 4×1 or on the island of Costa Gravus in 4×4? – LOL

      • Merve says:

        Speculation: 4.06 features a Halloween-themed Big Mike/Bolonia wedding. Bonus points to the show if Big Mike dresses up as a boat captain or a shipping magnate.

        Shipper bonus: Seeing Big Mike and Bolonia getting married makes Chuck and Sarah realize that they want to get married too. The wedding happens in 4.21 or 4.22 (because I refuse to consider a world in which Chuck doesn’t get a back 9 order) and yay! Everybody’s happy.

        Two weddings in one season, you say? Stranger things have happened.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        @Merve – “The wedding happens in 4.21 or 4.22 (because I refuse to consider a world in which Chuck doesn’t get a back 9 order) and yay! Everybody’s happy.”

        You are not alone in refusing to consider Season 4 without a pickup of the back 9.
        Team Back Nine FTW!! . LOL.

      • atcdave says:

        I understand the loss of enthusiasm Aardvark, I feel it big time and I hate to get too excited about the show right now. But even so a Chuck/Sarah wedding would make me very happy, and make up for a lot of past frustrations.

        Now a Big Mike/Balognia wedding would be exciting in its own way, Aisle of Terror indeed. But I don’t think it relates to the mother-in-law slip.

  10. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    To everyone: thank you for the kind words.

    My purpose for this topic isn’t necessarily to pick sides. I think the line, “lying isn’t new to Chuck. He learned from the best, her” says it all. We forget sometimes that although Chuck is an amazing human being he’s no less scarred than her (Ok he’s less scarred) but that he’s Chuck. We expect more…we expect honesty, we expect love and we expect him to put her (feelings) above his own insecurities.

    I don’t know how many of you guys were around when I went on a rampage during Living Dead (if a yawn could yawn does not describe it 😉 ) but even back then there were excuses for the lies, just like there will be one in the future. But again that’s not the point. The point is trust.

    • PeterOinNJ says:

      Hope I’m not pulling this song out one to many times, but I’ve often thought this Billy Joel song should be Chuck & Sarah’s song because it’s always been a matter of trust.
      Thought I’d share the verse that speaks to me after reading this entry:
      “Some love is just a lie of the soul
      A constant battle for the ultimate state of control
      After you’ve heard lie upon lie
      There can hardly be a question of why
      Some love is just a lie of the heart
      The cold remains of what began with a passionate start
      But that can’t happen to us
      Because it’s always been a matter of trust”

      • Faith says:

        fantastic and on point. No need to worry about repetition lol.

        I’d like to think that Chuck and Sarah’s love isn’t like that but maybe it’s closer to that than I fear.

    • alladinsgenie4u says:

      I remember, I remember. 😉 You had some petty strong views on that matter.

      It’s like everything has come together for C/S (relationship wise etc etc) albeit one major issue – trust. I would love to see that “trust” back in full force. Even if it requires them having a fight over the “lack of trust” issue to get there. This is honest angst – it’s welcome.

      • atcdave says:

        I would agree Genie this is a more legitimate use of angst than the dreaded triangles. I feel the need to post these reminders from time to time; even if I’m unhappy with certain story elements or issues I’ve heard about for this season, I’m far happier than I was a year ago. The stuff we’re discussing now is minor by comparison, and may turn out to be non-issues, or even good drama. And we will know very soon!

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        LOL. You guys know me too well.

        Yes indeed…this stuff, these roadblocks, they’re at least real and aren’t manufactured. The issue of trust is something that most couples go through at some point in their relationship. I actually do like some aspects of this story-telling (I think I said that as well back in the spoiler page once upon a time) but there are limits. At some point (like I said, again ;-)) Chuck must pay…by sleeping on the couch! 😀

      • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

        I’m sure Diane would have a spare room. 😮

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Faith, we lost a lot of Faith in the writers last season, maybe that’s why we are worried now. But I expect to be well pleased with S4!

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Yikes, I always forget to log out…this is why there are like 5 names up there for one little ‘ol me lol. Sorry about that.

        @Joseph. Mystery solved! This is the chance she’s been waiting for! I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a hand in this whole thing…someway, somehow. In fact I bet she kidnapped MamaB knowing full well Chuck would keep it a secret and drive a wedge between him and Sarah LOL.

        Duck lives!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Let’s see, if Chuck is Stephen and Sarah is Mary, and Timothy Dalton is Bryce, was Beckman Carina? She is a bit of a man-eater…

      • atcdave says:

        There goes Ernie and all his dirty Diane fantasies again…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Hey! My love for Dianne is pure and wholesome. Just like Chuck’s. Dianne on the other hand is a bit kinky. 😉

      • herder says:

        In the gag reel, when Chuck was talking to the General while her friend was at the fridge he did have a blow up doll. Maybe they thought letting Diane’s racy side show was too much for us to handle.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Herder, I was refering to that and her comment “It’s a little kinky” in the gag reel. That’s my Dianne. Eventually Chuck will grow bored with the leggy Valkyrie with an aversion to clothing and want something more interesting. 🙂

      • herder says:

        Well, Charles did leave Lady Di for what’s-her-name, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for lightning to strike twice.

  11. joe says:

    Every time I read over the dialog you quoted, Faith, the poignancy of those scenes come back. They’re not minor, cast-off lines. Such a powerful dynamic!

    I love the way you ended the post. We have no guarantee that these deceptions won’t continue. I’m convinced they will, for a while.

    But two things; these are not careless lies. When Chuck withholds something from Sarah he’s trying to protect her. And when she, the master of deception that she is, lets Chuck believe something he wants to believe, it’s because she thinks it’s necessary for his well being too. And secondly, they’re both pretty good at finding out the truth anyway. I can’t believe that they’re going to bother to try and hide anything from each other much longer (talk about your wasted effort).

    Really the only mistrust they have is that the other will be hurt too much by the truth. In other words, they both do have the best of intentions.

    Well, okay, Chuck’s been a little cowardly. He did admit to Morgan that he’d rather not put stress on their relationship just yet; understandable when you have something to lose. He’ll get over that.

    • Jan says:

      Great post, Joe. And wonderful sentiment. I’m very excited we only have a short time to see how the next chapter evolves

    • thinkling says:

      You said what I’ve been trying to figure out how to say, Joe. I think their basic trust is still intact.

      Sarah has settled into the new relationship with candor and openness. It’s Chuck whose lying has taken on new life. And that’s what bothers me. However, like Joe said, I think it’s b/c he didn’t want to disrupt the happiness, especially Sarah’s joy over a “future” with him. It will need to be addressed and/or never happen again. Just make it stop!

      We don’t know for sure about the search for mom. It could be that Sarah already knows (that’s what I’m hoping, but not necessarily expecting) and that her mad face in the S4 promo is b/c he’s gone on his own mission and put himself in danger. That’s a look we’ve seen many times before. If he is keeping the whole search for his mom from Sarah, it will be b/c of the delicate position it would put her in. Although, even that can’t continue. And it looks like it won’t.

    • joe says:

      Thank you both!

      Hum… I know what people mean here. Chuck is supposed to be guileless. It shouldn’t be in his character to act deceptively. Yet part of growing up is knowing exactly how to impart the truth. It shouldn’t be used like a hammer, right?

      Honestly, I had a harder time with Chuck lying to Morgan and instructing Devon to lie to Ellie during the Hannah episodes than I had with him not telling Sarah that his flashes *might* be frying his brain.

      Working secretly on a mission is something else, though. I have to admit, I’m happy to see the synopsis for 4,02 today.

  12. OldDarth says:

    Heads Up! Gray Jones of Chuck Vs The Podcast is taking questions for an upcoming interview with Chris Fedak.

    If you want to participate you can either twitter your questions to him via his twitter id – @GrayJones or email them to:

    Sunday is the cutoff date for questions.

  13. amyabn says:

    Faith, great article! Sorry it has taken me so long to weigh in. I do feel that the back six pushed Sarah (very rapidly) around a corner in the relationship and there is no turning back. I don’t like the prosepect of Chuck keeping things from her-the hurt on her face in Predator was telling. I also am glad that Ellie will only sort of be in the dark. That would be a rehash.
    My only hope (to quote Gen B) is Morgan G. Grimes. Odd, I know, but he seems to be the one who can get Chuck to be honest. For a guy who’s only long term relationship is his BFF, Chuck, the guy has been very insightful. I also love Sarah intimidating him in Castle 😉 so I would like to see more of that type of thing. Morgan is Chuck’s conscience when it comes to Sarah, and Sarah and Morgan get closer. maybe they can bond over a “we miss Chuck” moment.

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