Good Mom/Bad Mom

Talk About Your Bad Timing!

I’m excited about tonight’s upcoming episode, and the discussions have been running rampant over several threads. We’ll be opening a different thread tonight just to discuss Chuck vs. The Suitcase so I feel like I’m flooding the field with another quick post.

But here, today I ran across BuddyTV for the first time, and it’s kept me busy most of the afternoon. Staff writer Laurel Brown brings up a great question and debates, with herself(!), about the reasons that either is possible – Is Mary Elizabeth Bartowski one of the good guys, or not?

And you can vote on it! So far, with 1 vote in (mine!) 100% say that she’s probably good, and has her reasons.

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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13 Responses to Good Mom/Bad Mom

  1. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    I’ll just chant the mantra from Season 1…
    Things aren’t always what they appear.
    Just seems to work on so many levels of this show.

    Actually – all we do know – is that the CIA were trying to track down Orion for years and years…
    but I don’t think that story line was ever really resolved – other than SJB was the brains behind the Intersect project [ once upon a time].
    So MEB must have kept a very very low profile –
    if even this new Russian group is relatively unknown. hmmm come to think of it –
    Who have they know ANYTHING about so far????

  2. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    I hear we don’t get to see her until episode 6. I’m bummed. I don’t care if she’s good or bad at this point, MamaB is full of win.

    • jason says:

      Faith – I don’t recall where I read it, but it appears Linda H would like to be a series regular, if she gets her way (why wouldn’t she) – she almost has to be a good guy – unless maybe she becomes the recurring big baddie, which doesn’t seem right to me, but then again…..

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        If she’s DarthVader…DanaVader? she could so be a recurring bad guy. Either way, yeah I too (not just her) would love for her to be a series regular.

        Unfortunately in one of the interviews (as well) she said she was told from the get-go “just so you know, we kill off our characters” leading her to go every week and look at the script and exclaim, “Oh good, it’s not this week!”

        Wonder if we can get a campaign started…save MamaB haha.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        @CN8 – RE: the part where TPTB told Linda that they killed off their characters

        She needn’t worry at all. I bet they didn’t tell her the next part – Sure, we kill off our characters but bring them back again (and again)from the dead.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Heh, I could see Mama B joining team B. Chuck, I told you to bring a sweater… Russia is cold. Sarah, dear, you really should consider some pants suits and sensible heels… Don’t you grunt at me John Casey, I’ve taken down bigger men than you! Morgan? what is our rule about answering Chuck’s cell phone?

      • jason says:

        a bit off topic (mamab on the team sparked the thought), but since a couple of you guys and gals are lurking around – any chance beckman gets a chance to show us some beck-fu this season?????

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        lol she’s not that kind of mom remember? More like…

        “Sarah dear, don’t you think you’re holding that gun wrong?”
        “Chuck, leave this mission to the professional…women” haha.

        @Jason, Beckman? Fu? WTH? I cannot wait!

        Though I can’t really see that…she is liable to just shoot them and be done with it lol.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Hey, she could develop or re-develop a maternal streak. After all, who pictured Sarah channel surfing in stocking feet?

        You’re probably right though, it’s more likey Sarah have you considered .40 caliber hollow points?

        And actually the Morgan line probably belongs to Sarah. 😉

      • Jan says:

        I forget where the interview was, but Linda was amazing. “I was a bad mother…get over it.” Should make for some great holiday moments.

    • atcdave says:

      I don’t see any way MEB is a baddie. We may be left to think she might be for a while. But on this show? Chuck’s mom? Naw…

      The worst she’ll be is a burned out version of Sarah. Like, undercover too long, no longer sure who friends and foes are, but she’ll come around completely for her kids or grand-kid.

  3. kg says:

    She’s seen Chuck partially in action and must have deduced he’s some kind of agent. And obviously she knows he’s looking for her.

    May or may not know he’s the human intersect. I would venture to say no.

    Also wonder if she knows her husband was shot to death.

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