Observation Post: Chuck vs. The Suitcase

Episode 4.02 is getting ready to air on the East Coast!  After you view, it’s time to share your thoughts on suitcases, super models, catwalks, and cat fights!

Joe adds: And your thoughts on Yvonne in a red wig! Inquiring minds want to know! 😉

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My name is Amy and I'm in the active Army as my profession. I love the show Chuck and want to see it succeed for many seasons to come. My twitter handle is amyabn.
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265 Responses to Observation Post: Chuck vs. The Suitcase

  1. Ernie Davis says:

    Well the haircut doesn’t suit her, but there is something about redheads and Chuck…

  2. gameagain says:

    “Day 184. Still runnin’ from the po-po.”

    I have not laughed that hard in a loooong time.

    • gameagain says:

      Other random thoughts:
      – So that was Bronson’s big part? No lines, and just one sideways glance?
      – Why are Chuck and Sarah still in the apartment and not living in Chuck’s apparently empty boyhood home? You know, the location of the Orion Cave?
      – The return of the Buy-Morons. And Morgan’s reasoning behind their return. Both awesome.
      – The lies to Ellie escalate with every one else lying to her face in some manner tonight. No likey that.

      • amyabn says:

        I was wondering about the house too. Maybe Sarah will get all settled at the apartment and when things heat up between Alex and Morgan, they get out of the way and have them stay at the apartment.

      • andyt says:

        I think the Orion Cave is just a store house of tech goodies and info. Chuck doesn’t want Ellie to know too much yet about the search for Mom. Also, he knows that she may have very strong feelings about the house( and he believes that they are very negative).

        As far as the “lies” to Ellie, it would appear that she is lying to everyone as well. She told Devon that the only family she needs is Chuck and himself; yet, she is secretly looking at the family album while he sleeps. Clearly, she does want her Mom in some fashion around for the pregnancy. It was wistful scene to me pregnant with unresolved longing, hurt and deep love.

      • joe says:

        Ellie’s been lying to herself, Andy. I absolutely loved that scene with her going the box.

      • BdaddyDL says:

        In a word, budget. To move there would require new sets. lotsa money.

      • Merve says:

        @gameagain and @BDaddyDL: Also, it’s just easier to have the six main cast members all in one place. It’s easier for storytelling, and the show doesn’t need contrived reasons for people to be at each other’s apartments.

      • kg says:

        Gameagain I think there’s a fairly simple solution to your last item about Ellie and the team work of lies.

        Chuck needs to set aside some time, sit with Ellie AND Sarah and tell her the truth. This could satisfy two problems – the other the apparent distance and perceived lack of trust between her brother’s girl friend and her bridesmaid.

        Ellie is still protective of Chuck and concerned about his safety and welfare. She and Awesome are both doctors who save lives.

        Admittedly dangerous, Chuck needs to convince Ellie that he and Sarah save lives but in a different manner and realm. He needs to impress upon her how important their work is.

        Together, I think Chuck and Sarah can convey the feelings and respect they have for each other. That they would do everything in their power to work together and protect one another.

        I’m not saying it would be easy. She did lose her father to this line of work afterall.

        But TPTP could certainly base a big chunk of an episode around this theme. Ellie’s right to know, it’s relative importance to the free world and Ellie and Sarah getting together and having some real dialogue beyond “Is my husband safe with you.”

      • atcdave says:

        Some great comments KG. I’d love to see Chuck (and Sarah?) approach the Ellie situation from the perspective of how many people they can help. That’s the whole rationale Chuck used for his involvement to both Sarah and his dad.

        I do find it funny Ellie has expressed no concern (yet) about what Sarah does for a living. While admittedly she is just her brothers girlfriend; she would now qualify as a long term girlfriend (not sure how much Ellie knows about their actual history together) and likely future sister-in-law. At some point her meddling interest in Chuck should start to spill over on Sarah; Unless, Chuck and Sarah can convince her of both the importance of the work they do and their skill at it.

        Not that I’m eager to see too much of this on screen, but some acknowledgement of it needs to be made.

  3. amyabn says:

    Wow. I found myself laughing out loud a lot! The episode flowed better for me this week and I was thrown by the double trip to Milan (I wasn’t expecting it). That had to have been one of the best fights they’ve done on the show! Well done ladies!
    Awesome was, well, obnoxious and not awesome. Sorry, just my opinion. I loved that Chuck didn’t push Sarah on the unpacking. Great scenes between them. Loved that Morgan is the new manager and continues to provide relationship advice, whether you want it or not!
    Quibble: Sarah and Ellie still seem distant-even sitting next to one another on the couch. And Ellie’s line about having her family (Chuck and Devon) and leaving Sarah out, well, I didn’t like that either. Jeffster confirmed the Chuckiverse timeline so Sarah has been a full fledged girlfriend for a long time. I’m just not feeling like Ellie has accepted it.
    I’ll have more in depth feedback later after I watch it again 🙂

    • andyt says:

      Amy, I have felt since the end of last season that they might play with the idea that Sarah and Ellie are distant to each other. Remember, Ellie knows the truth that their “relationship” was a fake for those first few years. Also, she trusted Sarah as a bridesmaid and now she knows the truth. I think Ellie does not trust entirely, which was a nice visual cue for the whole suitcase metaphor about not setting down roots. Ellie might not trust Sarah to set down roots and commit to Chuck for the long term. I think it was perfectly natural for her to exclude Sarah from the family thought. Sarah is her brother’s girlfriend not his wife. Ellie might believe that she will never go past girlfriend stage, so why include her in a statement that is not factually true or even emotionally true at that moment.

      Did everyone catch the “achilles heel” at the end? It is marriage and kids that ultimate commitment that someone like Sarah would have trouble making given her background.

      • atcdave says:

        I agree the marriage and kids will be the bigger issue. But “Achilles Heel” suggests a fatal flaw. I don’t believe Chuck and Sarah will ultimately have an Achilles Heel.

      • weaselone says:

        I only watched the last half of the episode, but what I saw I like for the most part. I agree that the idea of marriage and children is probably an Achilles heel. Chuck is obviously looking forward to that, Sarah’s just gotten to the point where she’s willing to share her life with one person and fill a closet. She’s not read to don shackles (in her case a wedding ring).

        I think it was somewhat contrived at the end. Sarah had just made the step of moving clothing into the closet, as opposed to living out of her suitcase. I don’t see Chuck speaking out about marriage and children after she made that gesture.

      • SWnerd says:

        Agree weaselone, but Chuck seemed to stick his foot in his mouth several times during this episode (and in a lot of episodes really) so I guess it’s consistent.

      • gameagain says:

        Yes, it seems that this season’s “angst generator” will be Sarah’s reluctance to enter into marriage/start a family. Chuck stresses the important of family and home, and as he watches his sister starting a family, I have a feeling this is something he’s gonna want to discuss with Sarah regularly. And Sarah, well, she’s not one to settle down. Took her 8 months before she finally emptied her suitcase. And now kids? Marriage? Of course she’s freaked out. It’s the classic “We’re moving WAY too fast for my comfort” situation. And it’ll cause friction in upcoming episodes.

        Clever TPTB. They gave the shippers the relationship they wanted, and now it’s the relationship itself that may drive a wedge between Chuck and Sarah.

      • atcdave says:

        Obviously the Marriage/children issue could be too clever for TPTB own good. It was funny at the end of Suitcase, and I’m sure it will come up again. But it will get tiresome if dragged out too long.

        My bet is it will be a big deal next week; but by/during 4.04 we will see real progress.

      • BdaddyDL says:

        Guys remember this IS NOT 3,0. Chuck and Sarah will be together the whole season. Having kids and marriage is a huge deal.

        Give them time, C/S at being passive aggressive, its them. We know they will work it out. Remember, the big thing is finding mom.

      • Paul says:

        I think the issue of moving way to fast, at it’s heart, stems from Sarah’s life experience and abandonment issues. Even in last season, before she moved in, she was very much “why mess up a good thing?” If you don’t settle down, don’t make commitments, you can’t get hurt when they are ultimately taken away.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Paul, and that is what was so great and so heavy about this episode for me. On that alone, I’m tempted to put it at my top 5.

        I don’t agree about it being role models redux…it was far more intense, and far less conflict for the sake of conflict. I mean come on “Why would we do that?” is nowhere near the depth that is all that was explored with the suitcase, with the future, with the picture.

      • thinkling says:

        I agree with Dave. Marriage and kids is an issue to work through, not an Achilles heel. And I think they will. But for Sarah it will take a little time. It’s a big step for someone who’s never had a home. I see her as wanting *everything* with Chuck, but she is a little scared. She has no experience or role model for this type of life. Until Chuck, she couldn’t imagine it (Tooth). She has a preconceived idea that she won’t be good at it (Crown Vic). So, baby steps. She’ll get there, and once she does, she’ll be all in.

        An Achilles heel – a fatal flaw that will destroy them … no, not gonna happen. A vulnerable spot in their relationship that enemies could exploit, one that they’ll have to get a handle on and work together to guard and protect … that’s a possibility. I have a feeling someone may try to exploit it soon.

        And, yes, I think 4.04 will bring some more significant progress to the relationship … maybe even the lying.

      • DaveB says:

        I think TPTB could come full circle on the issue of marriage and baby. But I think it would be something that closes the show. Sarah runs away, Chuck finds her on the beach watching the sun rise:

        Sarah: I can’t run away from this, can I?

        Chuck: Not from me. (shoulder bump) Trust me, Sarah.

      • weaselone says:

        I think that while the issues dealt with in this episode are the same as those we saw in Role Models, it’s unfair to level a criticism at the redundancy. These types of issues rarely just go away. They come up again and again in real life. Sarah’s not going to get over her anxiety about forming connections and her past just because she brought a suitcase into Chuck’s life. Casey’s not going to get over his personal isolation simply because circumstances drove him to reveal himself to Alex and the Bartowski family invited her to a party where he was present. These are issues we can reasonable expect to see play out over the course of the season.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        DaveB I absolutely love that idea. Maybe have it happen after Chuck proposes. She doesnt answer but runs away instead. Ok, I fully acknowledge such a scenario has angst darts all over it but I still love it.

      • atcdave says:

        DaveB & Faith, I do love the idea of the beach scene. I think it should come near the tail end of the series; Chuck and Sarah have likely been married for a couple seasons, but then Sarah finds out she’s pregnant and is forced to think about having a child and leaving her job, leading to the beach scene. It wouldn’t have to be that angst filled (although with these writers it likely would be), I mean even mostly happy people sometimes need time to think about big life changes.

        But what a perfectly framed way to end the show!

  4. OldDarth says:

    Pretty pedestrian episode that felt very forced and weirdly off at times. People that believe putting the leads together kills a show would use this one as an example.

    When Jeff & Lester are the funniest part of the episode. .well, not a good sign.

    And where the heck was Bronson? One scene? Ouch!

    • Frea O'Scanlin says:

      I agree with everything Old Darth said, except in, like, Oppositeland. Cos I personally thought the episode was magnificent. I have not laughed that hard since “Role Models.” In no way do I believe that this episode would ever be used as an example of happy leads=showkiller. The fight scenes were amazing, Chuck and Sarah were hilarious, sweet, and yes, the conflict was a liiiiiittle bit of a reset from the issues they covered in “Role Models,” the damage it did to my enjoyment of the episode was minimal.

      Okay, I’ll admit it: I loved it because of Sarah. Not only did she get dialogue in a scene with Ellie, Awesome, Chuck, and Morgan, but she got to wisecrack, use an accent, fight on a catwalk. We saw her use her brain to get out of trouble (shooting the shower door), we saw jealousy, nerves, some soul-searching…abject terror (hee!). Working with Chuck to figure out where the chips were. And Chuck! Bumbling and trying to do the right thing and his mouth only getting him into more trouble, but he too had his moments of ingenuity! Morgan saving the Buy More once again, Jeffster (sigh, did they really have to come back?), good, real conflict with Ellie…

      I am so glad my show is back. I wish every episode could be like this one. They actually discussed issues! Like adults! Great movement on the characters, hilarious dialogue, epic fight scenes? Sign me up!

      • atcdave says:

        I’ll agree Frea, I thought this was a very strong episode. The “suitcase” was a bit of a recycle from the “moving in” theme of Roll Models; but in the end it was sweet, and a small issue.

      • OldDarth says:

        Happy for you Frea. Revel!

      • joe says:

        Frea, I noticed that they took the photograph-in-the-suitcase idea right from “Fates”!

        Jeff and Lester made me laugh, but *that* made me smile.

      • joe says:

        Oops. Forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the 45 seconds of Random Cool Moves, Frea! Thanks.

      • herder says:

        It is amazing how good a comic actress Yvonne is, it seems a waste how little they used this part of her character for the first two and two thirds years. From the look that she gave Chuck with the photo of the supermodel to the “are you kidding”, her look as Lou Ferigno is declaring his love and “put on some clothes”. They are allowing her to be funny instead of doing only dramatic/action sequences and it adds to the show greatly.

      • atcdave says:

        Herder I agree entirely. She spent most of three seasons (at least until 3.13) hardly ever being funny. Now we’re treated to a laughing/smiling/smirking/wise cracking Sarah. And I do mean treated, this is wonderful.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Oh man I still have this goofy smile on my face from the swimsuit scene. Even Beckman agrees she was quite fetching, but apparently Sarah has a much higher jealousy impulse than Diane 😉

      • Ernie Davis says:

        It’s all part of Dianne’s master plan. First make Sarah jealous. Second, totally desensitize Chuck to beautiful women by surrounding him with them at all times… Some day he’ll stop noticing.

        As I said I liked the Sarah jealousy bit, but I really wanted her to say something to Chuck. There is comedy gold in a jealous Sarah. Chuck putting his foot in it regarding other women is well established ground, Sarah calling him on it directly has yet to be explored.

    • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

      OD and I don’t agree often but I agree something was off, at least for the first half of the episode. From repeling into Sofia’s room onward it was better. I think after last week the episode seemed slow, but then practically anything would.

      The picture scene was excellent. To me better than DYLM.

    • dnm says:

      Agreed with your pedestrian and forced comments for the most part in first the 30 mins, felt it flowed a lot better after that time period.
      I guess the writers had to start introducing all the various story lines and that’s where it may be was off or felt a tad ordinary. Still all in all I cannot complain when I get a little bit of everything in an episode.
      Fight scene was great and the scenes with C/S in the last 30 were a lot better for me.
      I believe they end up cutting a lot of the quest star scenes for time. Olivia Munn scenes apparently were cut and I cannot believe Pinchot was only in that 1 extremely small scene

    • Gringo Chuck Fan says:

      Bronson probably went the same way as Greta last week… cutting room floor.
      BUT – how could you not like that EP.
      Forced??? Weirdly Off??? – Not with you on that one.
      I will admit it certainly had a different flow – or feel from last week. My guess is that the ‘shipper’ universe will squee themselves to sleep tonight.
      There was a spec that Chuck and Sarah in bed together will replace the old fountain scenes – only its nice to see them have honest dialogue.

      And I’m so happy that really – Chuck wasn’t lying to Sarah this week!

    • joe says:

      OD, I was extremely glad about so many things in this episode. Great fight scene, good spy-story, the way Morgan interacted with Beckman to “save” the Buy-More, the Return of Jeff & Lester, and most especially the return of Skip Johnson (I was so worried!).
      Oh, and Chuck&Sarah actually talked at length. Fantastic!

      And I also see the beginnings of some great interaction between Sarah and Ellie and Mary Elizabeth in a way that threatens to become – dare I say it – epic.

      But in an odd sort of way I understand and agree with you. I really don’t care for Chuck & Sarah bickering, I think (and I’m surprised at how little it takes to make me feel weird). Chuck’s little “Who knows? Maybe…” at the end took me by surprise as much as it did Sarah. But – oops! Was that thin ice we just slid onto? We’ll see.

      • atcdave says:

        Joe, I do think that will be central the “rough spot” we expect to see next week. But I still expect a speedy resolution; either by the end of 4.03 or early 4.04. Not sure at this point what the speedy resolution will mean (engagement, or just not talking about it for a while).

      • joe says:

        I’m hoping you’re right, buddy.

      • OldDarth says:

        I don’t mind bickering, well not too much 😉 , but this was old ground covered last season in Role Models; which if you remember was my least favorite of the back 6 from Season 6.

        Add in the Casey reset with Alex and the dreaded Awesome in daddy overdrive mode and it just made for a tough episode for me to slog through.

        More importantly though the majority of you here are happy which is great to see.

        My sweet spots were hit last season and it is time for others to have fun.

        The promo for next week’s episode looks awesome and I expect something more in tune with my taste buds.

      • OldDarth says:

        er Season 3. Sorry.

      • herder says:

        There were a number of little throw backs to previous episodes, Sarah’s “…longer than a normal girl” references both Break Up and Suburbs, I almost expected Chuck to say “and we both know you are not a normal girl”. I really liked the line “..you are my home, always have been…” it ties into when she fell for him in Other Guy, they are allowing Sarah to grow, I’m actually pleased that she isn’t suddenly the perfect girlfriend.

        I also liked that Ellie misses her mother, it allows her to have more adult, more dramatic bits rather than just the nag. Awesome needs to man up a bit, but he is suspicious of Chuck and the Buy More as a normal person would be. It’s strange, his “you guys could be next” is a typical Awesome comment, blunt and honest and it didn’t bother me although Morgan’s blurting about Sarah not unpacking did bother me a bit ( what does he do, check out their closet when Chuck and Sarah aren’t there).

        Oh yeah and a great sight gag about the wind machine which usually follows Sarah around. And the Nerd Herders entrance, sort of the Wrong Stuff, a bit like Big Mike leading the team into the Beverly Hills Buy More. Not a lot of Casey, but last episode was a big one for him and it seems to be setting up a parallel story to Sarah’s of his setting down roots.

        Oddly this episode is growing on me the more I watch it. A lot happened in the margins and it seems like it is setting up a bunch of stories for this year.

      • aardvark7734 says:

        “More importantly though the majority of you here are happy which is great to see.

        My sweet spots were hit last season and it is time for others to have fun.”

        What a beneficent and unselfish attitude – I applaud you for it. Where were you with this after Role Models last season? We could have avoided a lot of typing! 😉

      • OldDarth says:

        “What a beneficent and unselfish attitude – I applaud you for it. Where were you with this after Role Models last season? We could have avoided a lot of typing! ;)”

        I have always operated on the principle of respecting other people’s opinions.

        And took that as a given.

        Your responses over the past season made it clear that that needed to be posted, rather than assumed on my part, in order to make sure that others understood that I was not being dismissive of others opinions but rather simply disagreeing.

      • thinkling says:

        I think the rough spot of marriage, etc will be smoothed over like unpacking. Chuck will make it clear that he loves Sarah and wants to marry her but can wait for her to catch up. He waited a l-o-n-g time for her to unpack, and I don’t think it will take as long for her to warm up to the idea of marriage.

      • Paul says:

        I think we can already see where the endgame for the season is going: it’s either going to be C/S becoming seperated (breaking up, captured,etc) which would be show suicide. Or it’s going to end up with them getting engaged/married. Personally I think it’ll be the latter, but with a twist. It will be Sarah, overcoming her issues, asking Chuck to marry her….

      • herder says:

        Paul, I think that they are setting Sarah up for a Mama/Papa B type of decision, do you leave to protect those you love. I think that they are setting Chuck up for the same type of decision and that he breaks with his parents to protect those he loves by being with them.

      • atcdave says:

        Herder/Paul, good observation. Right now the whole not repeating the sins of the fathers seems to be a major theme going back quite a ways.

        I would love to see Sarah take the initiative on engagement. Seriously, there can be no doubt Chuck is ready, its all about waiting on Sarah. I’d love to see them play on the role reversal again and have her play the man through the whole situation. But as we’ve observed here a lot recently, the show is mainly focused on Chuck. I honestly don’t expect them to give Sarah such a leadership role in Chuck’s life. In spite of superficial role reversal, she will always be the “little lady” in major decision making issues (Chuck will always have to take initiative to force life change for the two of them).

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      You know OD, I understand completely. I suppose this is why to me Chuck is so awesome. It speaks to several different tastes, and does so in most cases all at the same time.

      This episode was heavy on the relationship, less on the mythology, action. And what I loved (the relationship, the emotional growth) and others (like Frea, etc.) loved about it isn’t necessarily what some others would. Just like I didn’t much care for Tom Sawyer but others did.

      In the end, Chuck still touches a cord in all of us and that is why we keep on coming back. Even through those we consider not of our taste.

      • OldDarth says:

        Exactly ChuckNewbie8.

        It is a testament to the show that it is able to appeal, more often than not, to a wide range of tastes.

      • atcdave says:

        Seriously, CN8 didn’t care for Tom Sawyer? Wow! That’s easily in my top 15 of S2! And here I thought we were exactly the same!

    • amyabn says:

      OD, I went to NBC this morning and they have pics from the episode. Clearly they cut stuff out because you will see Bronson and a red head (not Sarah) and it seems that Chuck and Sarah were impersonating them. Check it out!

    • Sirisaac says:

      I would have to agree with you OldDarth. The first have of the episode felt like they were trying just a little bit too hard. I did like Morgan’s interaction with General Beckman quite a bit, but Awesome and the baby was a bit much, Lou Ferigno was a little disappointing as well. I normally grade an episode based on how quickly I rewatch and I have not felt compelled to rewatch yet. All in all though, still an encouraging start to the season over the first two eposides.

  5. jason says:

    if you can’t enjoy that episode, you probably should watch lost reruns, I loved it, they recovered from weaker 3.18 & 3.19 with this pair of stronger episodes – wow – thank you PTB

    • OldDarth says:

      Is that what you watched last season?

      Sorry to have a differing opinion than you. Glad you like the episode.

      Too bad you feel the need to shoot a dart because my opinion differs from yours.

      • jason says:

        that was an ‘odd dart darth’ comment – should I choose to shoot a dart in your comments I probably could – you seem fairly defensive over your posts – not sure why you would be – you are somewhat brilliant aren’t you? Back to football – play nice now!

      • OldDarth says:

        Night Jason. Sweet Chuck dreams.

    • amyabn says:

      @Jason-please leave the critiques to the work we see on the screen and not fellow posters. “darts” at people are not what we are striving for here- healthy discussion is. Everyone is welcome on the blog with their opinions about the show. And that, imho, is what makes our site special. Thanks!

      • jason says:

        amy – I kind of feel wronged here, not the other way around – but ok – I will stop – ask joe sometime if he remembers how I started here – it is an interesting story

      • amyabn says:

        Jason, I don’t have any background and I am sorry if you feel you’ve been slighted. I guess I’m just a “can’t we all get along” type! 🙂 Hope you have a great day and will continue sharing with us your insights.-amy

      • atcdave says:

        I think at one time or another many of us have posted things that pushed a little close to the line. Its easy when we all get excited about the show we love, but don’t quite agree what we’re excited about!

        The trick is to not slam another fan and poster and respect their opinion. I sure don’t want to get into who started what, again I’m sure I’ve bruised feelings on occasion. But we can always work on acknowledging our opinions are just that, opinions.

        As a community we should value each others opinions and right to have them. I love having Jason (and others) to agree with; and OD (pretty sure he’s the only one!) to argue with. Just kidding about OD being the only one I argue with, I’d hate to leave Merve feeling left out!

    • Rick Holy says:

      Actually, as I go through “Lost withdrawal,” I’ve been watching all the episodes again starting with Season 1. Makes me realize how unique this show was. 😉

  6. atcdave says:

    I thought this was total blast of an episode. Funny, exciting, and sweet. This is the show I fell in love with, more please!

    Loved the too perfect Buy More.
    Over protective Devon was very funny, but maybe played a gag too long.
    I love the way Chuck and Sarah are plying off each other. We get moments of tension (like Chuck ogling the model who isn’t half as pretty as his girlfriend) or not having very considerate last words (!!); but its played for fun and we never doubt the strength of their relationship.
    Funny how Sarah has a much harder time fighting women than men, especially smaller/lighter women (really, think about it, we’ll see another next week!)
    Really glad to see the old Buy Moron’s back.

    Minor issues. The suitcase was a do over from Roll Models; but it was so well played in the end I hardly mind (especially the photo in the suitcase).
    I get the feeling most of Bronson Pinchot’s part was cut.
    Laid on the lies a little thick to Ellie, I’m glad they’ll get past that quickly.
    Where’s Big Mike?

  7. gameagain says:

    It seems that Ellie and Sarah still aren’t very close, even after Chuck and Sarah have been a couple for 8-9 months. It’d be nice if there was an upcoming scene where the two of them enter into some kind of friendship or bonding moment. After all, Ellie and Sarah have known each other in some manner for 3-4 years in the Chuckoverse. You’d think they’d have established some kind of rapport.

    Perhaps Sarah may make some kind of inroads with Ellie by sharing something with her that she’s not shared with anyone else. Her full real name or some background info that Chuck (and the viewing audience) is not privvy to. If Sarah was able to have a “sisterly confidant,” that may go a way toward establishing Ellie’s trust in Sarah and Sarah’s family comfort with Ellie.

    • joe says:

      Game, I have a theory brewing in my head – Sarah and Ellie will come together, and it’ll have everything to do with Mary Elizabeth.

      • atcdave says:

        My bet is sooner, I think they’ll be talking friendly in Costa Gravis.

      • joe says:

        Possibly, Dave. I won’t be too surprised to see the start of Sarah and Ellie becoming closer next week.

        But I still expect to see drama over the three most important women in Chuck’s life trying to fit into one family. Oh – Sorry Ernie. Four, when Diane walks in and drags Chuck away for a solo mission.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah I do think MEB will be a grenade in the mix. And I wouldn’t rule out issues being brought up more than once. I just really think Sarah and Ellie will be playing nice by the end of 4.04.

      • BdaddyDL says:

        Well very soon hey all go on a rip together so either then or before I hope some of this is worked out. Hopefully Chuck takes Sarah’s side

      • amyabn says:

        @Joe, I don’t know about Diane. Looks like she realized the strength of our leggy valkyrie and has slinked off to rework her plan to steal Chuck, leaving the Buy More to Morgan.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Gosh I hope Dianne isn’t banished back to DC. I like her in pastels as opposed to the Air Force uniform. And while Dianne seems to have softened a bit on Sarah I hope she doesn’t give up on her Chuck. Especially now that she has a reason to spend time with Chuck, in the castle. Alone. 😉

        Joe, it’ll be Sarah sent on a mission while Chuck and Dianne spend some quality time together. It just needs to happen this season. You Charah shippers are spoiled, you don’t know how rough it is to be a Duck shipper these past three years. 😉

      • herder says:

        On a slightly more serious note, I would like to see the General out on a mission with Chuck to see both the good and the bad. Last year’s comment of his mission reports sounding like James Bond at times and like Jerry Lewis at others is accurate. I think the General would be more like Casey in her inability to understand Chuck, she would love the results but hate the methods.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Herder, being serious I thought that Subway/Ring II were two of the strongest Beckman episodes we’d had because she was a lot more invested in the team. I also liked her feisty attitude as they had to drag her out of her office as she was shredding doccuments. I could see TPTB putting the character to better use on occasion based on that precedent. But I would also miss the cringe inducing late night teleconferences they were just starting to get good at. The next best use of Beckman was, I thought, in predator. Again, while I miss the fun of the teleconferences and the reactions Bonita Friedericy seems to do a lot better with the mateial when she’s able to interact directly with the other castmembers.

      • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

        Plus, the General seems to be able to scare the crap out of everyone, except maybe Morgan.

        Chuck has somewhat “corrupted” Sarah and Casey since S1, I wonder if the General is next? Hanging with the gang in Burbank can’t be good for keeping your distance.

  8. Casey's girl says:

    Loved it. I thought it flowed much smoother then last week. The gang seemed to get back to the roles we’ve been used too.

    -Awesome freaking out about the baby was so funny and adorable

    -I loved Ellie looking through the photo album of her parents and herself and Chuck when they were little. Seeing SB again in the pics made me want to cry I miss him so much. 😦

    -Chuck was a little annoying with his talk about you know what but he was so sweet at the end.

    -Sarah’s fight kicked butt and had me cheering. 😉

    -Jeffster’s return was a success and so funny, the way Jeff could like eight tranqs man, that’s more then Casey took last time.

    -Speaking of Casey, not enough of him I thought. But what there was I loved very much, his scene with Chuck (very happy to see Adam and Zach working together in the same scene again)”Hey Alex, it’s me dad, *smile*glad to hear your voice too” Awww. 🙂 I was squeeing so hard it was too cute.

    -Morgan was pretty Bad*** on the Buy More glitch and that sequence had me grinning.

    This season’s off to a great start and I can’t wait for next monday already.

    • joe says:

      I had the same reaction to seeing PapaB again, CG. I can’t help but think that Bakula and Hamilton on the screen together would have been fantastic. They might have had as much chemistry and Zac and Yvonne.

      For a moment I thought that we might see Mekenna Melvin as Alex tonight. Can’t wait for that!

    • atcdave says:

      I also really liked the photos. I was wondering how much Photo Shopping vs. old pics of the actors were actually used, it looked great.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Based on the 80s and 70s hair I’d say they were real photos just photoshopped for specific scenes/together. It is one of the things I love most about Chuck…attn to details.

        Speaking of, is it me or is there less music this season? Probably goes along with the budget.

    • Paul says:

      I loved the Buy Moron’s slow-mo/wind entrance….only to have it cut to Morgan holding an electric fan! Josh Gomez is sooooo gonna steal this season! 🙂

  9. herder says:

    I think it was a bit slow at the start, but once it got going it went really well. Some very funny bits, Morgan still doesn’t know or understand boundries. One thing that they seem to be making a point of this year is that Chuck and Sarah are really comfortable with each other, even when argueing it’s a spat, not something life or death.

    Jeff and Lester were very funny, as was the old spice guy. Chuck is a dolt for bringing up marriage and children the way that he did and Yvonne’s reaction was great. In some ways it is a bit of a retread of the Role Models plot but necessary for where I think that they are going with the story. Chuck is all about family and Sarah, except for a bit of yearning in Crown Vic hasn’t a clue about what she wants and how to go about getting it.

    As to Sarah and Ellie, I think we see that in Coup D’etat. I think we may get a bit of bonding between the two about missing mothers and how that affects how they have lived their lives.

    Although Suitcase was funnier than the season opener, I liked Anniversary more, if that makes any sense. I’m still going to rewatch it a nomber of times this week and that is something that I couldn’t say about most of last year.

  10. Merve says:

    Other than the beginning, which was really slow, and the ending, which went on forever, LOTR-style, this was a pretty good episode. I absolutely loved the scene where Ellie looked the old photo album, and Morgan explaining to Beckman how the Buy More should be run was hilarious. The show still isn’t up to its season 1, 2, or 3 average, but this episode was an improvement over last week’s, so at least we’re headed in the right direction. (Now, all we need to do is get Big Mike back into the mix. ;))

    • atcdave says:

      I think S2 will be the show’s peak; I just kind of feel like we won’t get back (budget cut is a big part, the show still feels cheaper than it used to). I think we’ll always disagree about S3 though. I love the current mix of action, humor, and romance.

      • Merve says:

        For me, S3 was a quality roller coaster. It had a lot of the best episodes and a lot of the worst ones.

        As for the budget, I was actually surprised at how nice the party and fashion show sets looked. The production staff are getting better at doing a lot with a little.

  11. atcdave says:

    Bears win! Bears win!

    Wow! This night keeps getting better and better!

    • jason says:

      congrat’s dave – bitter loss for packers – did not watch all of chuck intently as I was watching the football game closely, seemed like ‘time’ was emphasized again, I wonder if ernie may be on to something with his proposed two years into one theory – I guess time will tell?

      I loved all the CS interplay – a bit of role models, a bit of even the mask bickering – I like that – too bad jeff and lester didn’t get lost for the entire season – too much morgan, not enough casey – but CS stole the show, just what I like – how many times or references are they going to make to marriage, kids, engagement, etc – seems like tptb are having fun teasing the fans who like CS – might be an all time best – until next week at least – LOL

    • BdaddyDL says:

      I thought the first 20 minutes was an average Chuck episode. The last 40 were fantastic.
      I want to go over it again before I postt more, but I have a question. After Honeymooners and now this one I think LeJudkins is using S/C bed as their fountain.

    • atcdave says:

      Yeah Jason, bad loss for the Packers, they really killed themselves with penalties.

      It sure looks like the Bed will be the discussion spot this season; works for me. Its kind of an end of the day/mission/show thing. I doubt they’ll do that every episode; but often would be nice. Very Chuck/Sarah heavy episode, kind of how I want them to normally be.

    • Lucian says:

      I’m still waiting (depressed Lions fan).

      • joe says:

        Are you kidding??? Us Bills fans are still working on Christie’s kick being wide right by 6 inches!!!

        (and for the non-initiated, that’s a reference to 1991, Superbowl XXV!)

      • atcdave says:

        Well Lucian, I predict that now that Calvin Johnson understands what constitutes a catch in the NFL the Lions will win at least one game this season!

        Sorry, football humor. Don’t they host someone really weak like the Bills in two weeks (kidding, sorry Joe! I meant the Rams).

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Calvin Johnson, meh. I still remember Plaxico Burress’ first reception as a pro. (He was playing for the Steelers) He caught a beauty, a very difficult catch over the middle for a critical first down, went down to the ground in the effort, got up untouched, and spiked the ball. Jacksonville recovered.

        The fact that he later shot himself didn’t surprise me.

      • atcdave says:

        Funny Ernie; football is not rocket science!

        I suppose most of that is situational awareness, which isn’t quite the same thing as intelligence (but is related!).

      • Lucian says:

        Plaxico was an MSU guy (explains alot)

  12. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    Just a very quick thought…how much do I love the snippet about the picture.

    It’s no secret that’s like my upmost fav thing next to the bracelet (it’s my avatar over at my.nbc) so bringing it back = stroke of genius for me.

    That is all (for now).

    • Paul says:

      If Sarah has treasured that pic since S2, for the reasons she gave. I think it puts to rest the debate of when she chose to go to Chuck in American Hero.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Good call back. Yeah you have to read between the lines with Sarah and that one little, somewhat forgettable act is huge. It’s huge for her.

        Just like (I know this will be debated ad nauseum) it’s huge for her just to have moved in.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      Did that episode feel like Break Up to you guys? I don’t mean the whole, “oh my god they’re going to break up” Not even…but the punch. Break up is and remains one of my most favorite episodes ever and this had that same feel to me. It was serious, fun, but intense. Dealt with the future, what is, what is real.

      Not quite the speech that Chuck unleashed in Break Up, but Sarah’s equally revealing speech at the end there packed an equally powerful and emotional punch. But in a positive, “I love Chuck” way.

      The more I think about it, the more I’m loving this episode…hence the time I need to really consider it lol

      • Merve says:

        To be honest, I liked Sarah’s speech in this episode more than I liked Chuck’s speech in “Break Up.” Sarah’s speech actually made sense.

        It feels a little soon for Chuck and Sarah to be dealing with the future (marriage, kids, etc.), but I’m choosing to look at this positively. If they face this head-on and get it out of the way quickly, then the show can move on to the more interesting stuff (i.e. Mama Bartowski) faster.

      • atcdave says:

        I actually agree with the sentiment Merve. I don’t like when they leave major personal issues hanging to the last minute; it makes it harder for me to enjoy the action, humor, and main story line. I’d much prefer to see the personal stuff resolved quickly; by putting the characters in a happier place it makes it easier to show them laughing and enjoying their own adventure, and its easier for me to enjoy it too.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Well Sarah’s speech is a lot more positive…she’s holding all the keys after all, always have lol.

        I think you can think of it two ways: one it’s not too soon because they’re indeed very serious. Two, this is a build up to what they’re working on this season. It felt like the latter to me. A very important, intense and emotional buildup.

        Dave, normally I’d agree with you but in this situation, it being their achilles heel I think I would like it if they took their time with it. Obviously there isn’t going to be an easy fix and to do so would just rob them as a couple of realism and a foundation. Having said that I think there can be conflict but there can be happy at the same time. To me this conflict is one that we haven’t explored before and because it’s been there from the beginning, it’s due. Not only is it due, it’s not contrived. That’s what draws me the most.

      • PeterOinNJ says:

        “..this is a build up to what they’re working on this season.” I enjoyed last nights episode – I just can’t seem to shake the notion that the entire episode is a set up for what is coming for these two ~ “A very important, intense and emotional (set)up.”
        Let me quickly add that I don’t see them returning to old formulas again (read PLI’s), but I do think that the issues they will confront will be deeper and may be more difficult to work through – and as a result more satisfying when they do. To quote and obscure song lyric, “You know it’s alright somethin’s happening. Hold tight it might be lightning”.

    • thinkling says:

      Hey, CN8, speaking of the bracelet, I wish they had Photoshopped it into one of the pictures in Ellie’s album.

  13. Sole says:

    This ep go to favorites, Laugths, action, romance, melancoly, It had everything i love. Of couse, I knew rigth away that it would end with Sarah finally unpacking, but still. Lauren and Rafe have just won the best writter’s award from me.

  14. JC says:

    Great episode had a S2 vibe to it.

    Loved they brought up some of Chuck and Ellie’s issues. The Saran and Chuck bickering worked surprising well, hopefully Sarah’s issues aren’t dragged out throughout the whole season. I have to wonder if it comes to a head when Sarah and MEB have their confrontation. Does she see herself in similar situation as MEB if she would marry.

    It’s great they’re giving Yvonne actual dialogue and comedy bits. Her character is so much better when we don’t have interpret facial expressions to figure out what’s going on in her head. And her Falcon Punch at the end of fight was great.

  15. alladinsgenie4u says:

    Hey there! Just finished watching the episode. When it ended – I had this huge heartwarming feeling.

    1. The fight scene with Kurkova was awesome to say the least. I was sad when it ended. Both Yvonne and Kurkova have serious gymnastic moves. Loved it.
    C/S worked perfectly as a team.

    2. The things I look out most on the show are the relationships and character interactions – they were aplenty in this episode. Loved all the Ellie/Devon scenes. The scene with Ellie looking at the photos was so poignant and sad. Outwardly she may resent her mom, but she misses her badly.

    3. Morgan and the Buy More – the whole Buy More angle was well played, also Jeffster’s comeback was nicely scripted. If Morgan is the new manager, I guess Beckman will spend more time in Castle – where she is obviously comfortable.

    4. Casey finally calling his daughter – sweet. And Morgan has been in touch with Alex – the sly devil.

    5.Bronson Pinochet – completely wasted. Isaiah Mustafa was hilarious. Lou Ferrigno – so, so.

    Now for all things C/S

    Loved Sarah’s irritation even at the hint of Chuck looking at a different woman.
    Totally loved their banter – Chuck was pure Chuck – running his mouth under stressful conditions. They should have gone for the Spiderman kiss. It would have been great.

    And the last scene was just so awesome. My shipper heart nearly exploded.That photo was so important to Sarah – call back to American Hero where she had the photo on the table while packing – subtle hint that she had already decided to leave with Chuck.

    Sarah’s reaction at the end just about perfectly set up the “bumps” in the next episode.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      Very well said there Alladins.

      If this is the kind of shipper lore we’re in for the rest of the season? I don’t think “I love it” sums up how I will feel lol.

    • atcdave says:

      Great comments AG4. Agree with all, especially your take on the guest stars. Jealous Sarah was VERY funny, much funnier than jealous Chuck (hope we don’t see much of that this season).

      • thinkling says:

        What I love about jealous Sarah is that it’s nothing new. What’s new is that now she can be openly jealous, and that is such a hoot …much better than all that suppressed jealousy in s1&2. I have a feeling Chuck jealous wouldn’t be quite as bad now that he too has the right to be jealous.

      • atcdave says:

        You might be right Thinkling, and either way as long as they’re laughing about it in the end its not such a big deal. I just love Chuck squirming (“is she naked?” “I didn’t notice”) while Sarah steams.

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, Chuck squirming is fun. He never had to do that before, b/c Sarah didn’t have the right to be jealous. Their faces were priceless after GB’s comment on Sophia being “fetching.” (Oh, is that what they call it?)

        I also love the spidy kiss rejection. She wasn’t mad; she had a smirk on her face. She was just playing with him. They are so good together … and even better “together!”.

      • atcdave says:

        They are great together, I just re-watched again last night; I think this was the best episode since Honeymooners, at least to my sappy taste.

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, *sigh*

    • Merve says:

      I have to agree with you on the photo album scene. It was probably my favourite part of the episode. (Maybe that’s just my unabashed love for Sarah Lancaster talking…)

      • atcdave says:

        Funny Merve, I didn’t think you normally liked the more sentimental and sweet stuff. I know I did, but I’m a fully accredited sentimental fool.

      • Merve says:

        I’m not a robot! 😉 As a general rule, family stuff works well for me, and romance is a mixed bag.

        I loved that scene because it was really well-done. Plus, it showed that even though Ellie wants to be independent, and her role is to be everyone’s anchor to sanity and normalcy, it’s still hard for her to let go of the notion that she wants a proper family, that she wishes her parents were still around (possibly to be grandparents to her future kids). That’s an interesting internal conflict that I hope the show explores more.

        Three seasons down the road (because Chuck will still be on the air then in my version of the universe), it’ll be fun to hear Ellie’s kid say, “Grandma is a spy?”

      • thinkling says:

        I hope Chuck sticks around long enough to have some grandma spy moments

  16. kg says:

    Moran reminds me of Alfred Pennyworth from Batman fame. He just runs everything from behind-the-scenes. He’s unorthodox and goofy, but very timely and clutch. Seasons three and four, continues to get things done.

    Sarah telling Chuck that “you’ve always been my home,” was huge.

    In spite of his goofs on the mission and his big mouth getting him into a little hot water, Chuck never wavers or ceases to forget how Sarah is everything to him. Tonight, it’s shutting her behind a closed door so that he may take the bullets and not her.

    Such a different place than we were in January. It’s awesome. Again, can’t wait until next Monday.

    • Casey's girl says:

      I loved that ”you’re my home Chuck, you always have been.”such a sweet heart melter of a line it’s beautiful.

      P.S. I liked the Family night in the den but it could’ve been way better with Casey there. Guess the poor guy has reason to feel like an outcast.

  17. odysszeuss says:

    yepp! i really liked it!!! funny, how they use sarahs hair + make up to show us her insecures about that relationship issus. the kickass supermodel type sarah walker, she always looks kind girly in these moments…

  18. jason says:

    But, I suppose there will be a few negative drama queens come out of the closet and trash the CS centric theme – but I love the direction the show is going, couldn’t be more pleased, from what I read, I am not alone.

    random google on reviews went 4 for 4 liking the episode, then looked for sepinwall’s – he seemed to like it too, spot on with his comment that sarah’s ‘put some clothes on’ would have made a great 5 second promo during sunday night football.

    Any takers on what the 18-49 demo might look like?

    • OldDarth says:

      ‘few negative drama queens come out of the closet and trash the CS centric theme’

      Another dart, tinged with hyperbole and rather transparent personal slurring, and another example of undermining one’s own viewpoint.

      Again, glad for you that you are enjoying the show.

      It is not necessary to do so at the denigration of viewpoints that do not align with yours.

      • jason says:

        ? – Thanks – I’m glad your glad – you don’t seem that happy however – you telling me the truth? – LOL

      • atcdave says:

        C’mon guys let’s play nice. I know you’ve both insulted each other before and don’t agree on what you want to see from the show. But bottom line is you’ve both been hooked by the same program, you’re probably more alike on your taste than you want to admit!

        “This is supposed to be a happy occasion! Let’s not bicker over who killed who.”
        – King of Swamp Castle

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Nerd points for the MP reference. 🙂

      • OldDarth says:

        Dave I have been playing nice. If not, please show me specifically where I have not and I will note it for future reference.

      • atcdave says:

        Thanks Ernie, I can nerd (?!) with the best of them!

        OD, please take no offense; I really don’t want to lay specific blame because I’m sure I’ve started a spat or two myself. And I don’t feel like going back and sorting out the specific history on this one. I’m just asking everyone to play nice. I think sometimes we can say things in a provocative way; or even a way that one single person finds provocative, that leads to a downward spiral.
        Again, I don’t know who said what first, and we know disputes sometimes start on other sites and carry over here; but we value all our posters and visitors here. Whoever started something hardly matters, its a team effort to end our disputes in a classy way. I like to think we have a good reputation for that here; and its on all of us to keep it up.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Kumbayaaaaa. Say it with me 😉

        I’m sorry, I use humor to defuse a tense situation lol.

        How about that last scene huh? *Squee*

        P. S. I know it’s pg and Chuck so there will never be gyrating bodies but honestly did you expect there to be some sexual intimacy before they actually slept? Ok time to return to my immature corner now haha.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Faith, I have to say it is a testament to their chemistry that they can be so comfortable and natural together. It really helps sell the romance. And if you notice it’s Yvonne who is taking the lead in a lot of cases, putting Zac’s hands on her hips or around her waist. It seems to me she’s become a lot more confident and comfortable with certain aspects of her job (i.e. being the hot chick with little clothing). Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂

      • atcdave says:

        And Faith I’m pretty sure there’s a 30 minute gap that was cut right out of that scene…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Actually, given Sarah’s freakout with the talk of a baby she might just develop a sudden headache, lest she follow in Ellie’s footsteps!

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Dave, 30 minutes? LOL.

        Ernie, I know what you mean. I can’t help but think they’re so good at their job that they can actually make millions believe they’re really in love but at the same time you have to consider that something as plain chemistry. They have it in truckloads. There was a short shot where she moved his hand that I thought was kind of funny.

      • BdaddyDL says:

        I have to admit when I saw that scene I knew the show could only go so far, but then I thought if you really want that scene to happen, I am guessing you will find it soon in a fanfiction site near you.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:

      Jason early word is 1.9 to which I reply expletive!

      And just to make clear such a number in my opinion has nothing to do with what actually took place…because what was was lovely, simply lovely.


  19. Ernie Davis says:

    Well I’ve only watched twice, so these are initial impressions and some reactions to other peoples comments.

    I didn’t think the pace was slow or off. I thought a pause after the whirlwind of last week to take stock was appropriate. We got to see some of the Chuck and Sarah as a couple dynamic. I loved the conspiritorial whispers in the livingroom, Sarah letting the green eyed monster slip out a bit, Chuck still able to put his foot in it with great alacrity, and the most famous Chuck and Sarah dynamic of them all, Chuck is full speed ahead, Sarah clings tenatiously to the status quo. I didn’t mind the call back to Role Models, it showed that for Sarah progress is a slow and painful process, which makes a LOT of sense for her character. I also thought the arguments took on a slightly more mature or developed nature. You can see that both Chuck and Sarah have their insecurities and are aware not only of their own, but each others and are trying to deal with them. Sarah first defending her lack of unpacking, then starting to unpack, Chuck stopping her. Chuck putting his foot in it then trying to make it up to Sarah while on a mission. Chuck tossing Sarah on the bed, Sarah letting him be in control a bit rather than Kung Fu-ing him into submission. 😉 Also loved Sarah’s freak out at the end. Once again Chuck thinking full speed ahead once one issue is resolved puts his foot in it and freaks Sarah out. My guess is there’s a discussion on the kids issue soon.

    Morgan Grimes is becoming the ultimate observer of human nature. It also makes sense with his character being oddly knowledgable of all things Chuck. Morgan is just a supercomputer when it comes to collecting information on people and their interactions, so it seems only natural that his Chuck obsession turns to an unnervingly intimate knowledge of the Chuck and Sarah dynamics. It’s also both totally Morgan and hillarious that he outs them in the worst possible situation at the most inconvenient time. Revealing that Sarah has yet to unpack in front of Devon and Ellie just as they’re celebrating family and coupledom and having hopeful thoughts about Chuck and Sarah…priceless and hillarious. Likewise Morgan’s sweet talking Dianne into getting the old Buy Morons back was the perfect New Morgan moment.

    Awesome and Ellie. OK, I’ll get this out of the way. I’m assuming the timeline is still close to last week from comments about Sarah moving in 8 months ago. Devon, Ellie, you are doctors. Put down the stupid stick and back away. How do you not notice a pregnancy till the second trimester? You were either trying or you weren’t. If you were trying, you might notice something like that. If you weren’t, well missing two periods and the morning sickness might tip you off to something going on with Ellie.

    OK, Awesome the planner and worrier, I’m cool with that. He does tend to treat everything like a race to the finish. Of course he has the nursery already set up. The maybe you’re next comment, again, totally him, unknowingly setting up Chuck and Sarah for relationship embarassment and angst is what he does.

    Ellie is still pretty freaked about the spy thing based on her jumpiness from last week and her embracing Chuck’s boring and safe life at the Buy More (now that she knows the alternative career path available to him). She’s also probably a bit more damaged by Mom’s leaving that we know based on her late night reminiscing and Devon’s comment about how she raised Chuckwhen she was just a teen herself. I think they’ve plowed some fertile ground for Ellie with everything from the Sarah dynamics to the mom issues…all of the mom issues.

    Casey, could have used more, but I loved the bit about the Versache Yves St. Laurent incident (stab one guy with a stilletto…). I like that Casey still finds a way to needle Chuck even while they’ve obviously developed a real friendship. The dynamic is both familiar and new without seeming forced. This episode was more set up for him though, so I’ll let that one ride.

    Old versus new Buy Morons. First my slight quibble. I understand exaggeration for effect, but I think they’ve danced on the wrong side of the line on occasion when it comes to the Buy Morons. The entrance was just a bit too much with Jeff and Lester. I get it, they’re creepy. The pratt-fall and wind machine were however hillarious. Of course Morgan had to grab the fan. Everyone knows the wind Machine is now at Chuck and Sarah’s from Sarah’s intro last week.

    Guest stars… Bronson Pinchot, probably as someone said got left with a cameo and a lot of material on the cutting room floor. Isaiah Mustafa and Karolina Kurkova were about perfect in their roles. Lou Ferrigno didn’t have a lot to do, so … Meh. Awesome girl-fight, and I loved the way Chuck covered Sarah as if it were some weird fashionista runway thing. Yvonne got to do her Project Runway turn and strut on the catwalk, so everyone goes home happy.

    I put it a step above last week, and on a par with some of last season’s best after my initial viewings.

    • atcdave says:

      Great job with a few sort comments there Ernie. Pretty much agree entirely. I think Jeff and Lester were played as grotesque opposites of the somersaulting CIA Buy Morons Beckman was using; but yeah, I think they went a step too far with both.

  20. Casey's girl says:

    Great post ITA. I gave this a A- over last week. Looks like season 4 is going to be the best yet.

  21. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    One other personal reference for Chuck vs the Suitcase: 4.02
    When Casey has to empty his tranq gun on Jeff –
    I was actually hoping for a WKRP recall –
    the EP where Dr. Johnny Fever takes the sobriety test…
    only the more he drinks – the faster his reactions.
    I was hoping to see/hear Jeff become smarter – sound more articulate after each dart…
    I think they missed an opportunity there!

  22. Ernie Davis says:

    Not great news, but not a disaster. Chuck’s ratings slip by a bit.

    • Gringo Chuck Fan says:

      Well – good news bad news… of the 3 NBC shows on Monday Night – Chuck fell the least.
      Chuck was off about 5%, the Event and Chase fell off even more.

      • Gringo Chuck Fan says:

        Oh – and we haven’t started the Fall Baseball Playoff season yet either! –
        so we have that to look forward to as well.

        Chuck just can’t seem to catch a break. Never mind, We’re being treated to a great season – good story – and EXCELLENT cast.

    • atcdave says:

      I saw that. I think Chuck is working with its core audience now, probably few “casual viewers” left. With the rest of the line-up sinking faster and Chuck holding pretty steady we’re in OK shape. I’d feel better with higher numbers, but I’m not worried yet.

  23. herder says:

    Ratings: 1.9 demo for Chuck, 2.9 for the Event and 2.1 for Chase. I’m hoping we move up to 2.0 in the finals

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Thanks Herder. We apparently co-posted.

    • herder says:

      Berman’s numbers had us at 2.0 for the last half hour so I’m hopeing for rounding up. If we can hold steady at 2.0 with litterally zero promotion that will give Chuck a claim for some promotion and maybe some gains.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        At this point holding steady would be a victory considering how much help Chuck is getting from the network (who by the way seem to have no problem using Chuck to relentlessly plug The Event).

        I know it’s not a generous impulse, but I really want to see Chuck hold or rise all season as Undercovers, The Event, HIMYM and others all fall to lower than Chuck numbers. Mostly because it’ll p*ss off all the right people.

      • JC says:

        Actually I’m happy about those numbers. Chuck gets almost zero promotion and probably costs half as much The Event and Chase yet its numbers aren’t that worse.

        I can see the Event losing even more viewers which would in turn as a lead in for Chase would drop its numbers even more. If Chuck can hold around 2.0, I could see a back six pickup and maybe another season.

      • Rick Holy says:

        Believe me, I’m TRYING to watch THE EVENT and give it every possible chance. They built it up so much as a “fix” for all of us LOST fans who are now “Lost” without our LOST. But truthfully, it’s too “all over the place.” And what makes for good “serialized” TV, is that you take an interest in the characters and their stories. So far the characters/stories on “The Event” have been rather a snore. I can see “The Event’s” numbers continuing to decline.

        With that being said, Chuck can still survive being a “low budget” show. I still think that Subway is going to come in here somewhere with Big Mike at the helm.

        One thing – I’ve heard in the past that Chicago is a pretty decent market for Chuck fans as far as Nielsen numbers go. Considering CHUCK has a “male-skewed” audience, and considering the Bears and the Packers were on last night, I’m not surprised that there would be at least a slight drop in the overall ratings with the “sucking sound” of CHUCK viewers in Chicagoland turning in to the Bears over CHUCK.

        Let’s see what happens next week.

        Keep on Chuckin’ all.

        And for what it’s worth, liked the episode. Not one of the best ever, but again, heading in a nice direction. I especially liked the part with Ellie looking through the photos of her mother (and father) when she and Chuck were just kids. I think being in the “motherly way” is making Ellie think of her own mom. Makes me think it will all come together nicely (hopefully) when “Mama B” is eventually “found” and returned to the fold.

    • herder says:

      Ok, final numbers are in for last night, 2.0 demo 5.375 million viewers the exect same demo as last weeks finals (there were 5.8 million viewers). So this is my pep talk/drinking the Kool Aid. The last time Chuck was on in the fall was season two, I am going by memory with some of the numbers as wikipedia took the demo numbers off the Chuck entry.

      First date got a 2.7 demo and 6.8 million viewers, Seduction (second episode of the year and one of my personal favorites) had a 2.2 demo and 5.9 million viewers. If I remember correctly there were a few weeks at 2.3 then a steady climb to 2.6 demo and 7.5 million viewers by Christmas.

      That year the competition was DWTS, House, HIMYM/TBBT and Chuck went up. 2.0 and 5.375 million is not good, but it is very similar to two episodes in two years ago and I’m willing to bet that it will be one of the only NBC shows not to decline in ratings, all this with no promotion. I think that things will look a lot better by mid November and I think we get the back six or nine.

      Here endeth the rant.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Yeah, better. Still the scare stays with me.

        BTW the NBC boards (well some of the members including yours truly) will be doing a rewatch tonight at 1030pm est and we’ll be watching through NBC.com, commenting simultaneously.

        Revenue is important and I figure we have to do what we can, even if it’s little. So everyone that can watch again and again and again 😉 over at NBC.com please do. Believe me when I say NBC does notice (read: it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re swayed or not swayed on retaining/cancellation but they do notice our level of activity).

      • atcdave says:

        Obviously better numbers would be better (!!). But holding steady may be good enough. I am glad Chuck is holding its core audience with no promotion at all. I still can’t believe they aren’t running promos during Sunday Night Football. It looks like Event and Chase may be fading rapidly, if Undercovers follows suit Chuck may start looking great just from not failing.

      • weaselone says:

        Didn’t Undercovers only premier with a 2.0 in the key demo, albeit with a higher total viewership?

      • herder says:

        Undercovers opened with a 2.1 demo and 8.7 million viewers, less than Mercy in the same slot last year. I don’t like to cheer for the failure of something that people have worked hard at but at the moment Chuck’s competition is Chase, Undercovers and Outlaw, the Apprentice may open another slot, but that will likely go to either the Marriage Ref or Minute to Win it. The demos of the last episode for those last four have been 2.1, 2.1, 1.1 and 1.4.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Schadenfreude. n. Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. [German]

        Not the noblest of feelings, but I gotta admit, I’m feeling it.

      • weaselone says:

        If we could just get Chuck another couple of demo points. It’s not enough for the other shows to all shrivel up and die. If Chuck were to run at around a 2.3 or even a 2.2 it would go a long way towards getting a back 9 and perhaps even a 5th season.

      • atcdave says:

        I really hate to wish ill of others; I do, very nasty, bad Dave. Bad, bad Dave.

        But dang that makes me happy.

      • joe says:

        Seems early yet.

        I have a growing feeling that the direction Comcast will take (when they take control) is totally unknown.

        I hope they tend towards timidity and will do very little that can be deemed “drastic.”

        I fear they’ll try to clear the decks. That’s seldom a good business move, but this is Comcast we’re talking about here.

      • herder says:

        So far this week Chuck is the only NBC show to hold it’s numbers, Parenthood dipped so much that it has joined the shows in Chuck’s pack. This is part one of what I see as necessary for the back 6 or 9. The next part is for Chuck to start gaining in the ratings. Strangely I’m quite sure this will start happening in the next week or two.

        And yes schadenfreude is not the nobelest of feelings but it is very human ( and I thought it was a guilty pleasure at the …).

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I agree with you Weaselone, but Undercovers is a special case. A lot of us felt like JJ Abrams was trying to steal the show Chuck was moving toward being before they got there, thus capturing the potential audience for that show before Schwedak managed their overly long reset, resulting in the death of Chuck. Who needs two spy couple shows after all.

        We not only got our fourth season, but it seems that Undercovers could actually save Chuck by tanking, giving us a fifth season if, as you say, a few other things go right.

        Schadenfreude is sweet, if not exactly noble.

      • weaselone says:

        I’m curious as to how things will look in two more weeks. If Chuck holds onto it’s 2.0 or even increases it will probably end up with higher ratings than Parenthood and Chase. That would leave SVU, LA, and The Event as higher rated 1 hr dramas. Of course, we have no idea where LA and The Event will finally stabilize. They could be playing in 2.0 land with Chuck by then with only SVU holding on to ratings in the mid 2s to low 3s.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Mondays may be a wasteland but Wednesdays are proving almost as toxic as Fridays.

        Let’s hope they don’t move Undercovers to our spot in a last ditch attempt at resuscitating a dying show. While most would welcome Chuck on a different slot, I actually believe that the competition and our numbers against said competition works in our favor.

        BTW ditto on that sche-slep whatever that word is haha.

      • joe says:

        I agree, Faith.

        When’s sweeps? November? Really, are they going to make any decisions before then?

        Chuck has one other thing going for it – it’s ratings are pretty consistent. One thing businesses hate is uncertainty, and with this show the fan-base is known to be solid. Chuck with a 2.0 nielsen is not the same thing an Undercovers with a 2.0, because you know whose fans are returning.

      • atcdave says:

        If they would at least run a couple Chuck promos during Sunday Night Football I bet we would pick up another .2 or so easy! Besides its the Bears – Giants this Sunday, and you all know Bears fans have good taste!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well lets see, if Chuck, the reluctantly renewed perpetual bubble show schedule fodder gets some promos and all of the sudden starts beating relentlessly promoted shows like The Event, Undercovers and Law and Order: Topeka, which were going to revive the network, wouldn’t a lot of people at the network look pretty silly?

      • weaselone says:

        I suppose that would depend on whether they suggested renewing Chuck or decided to push the other shows…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well one thing is clear, whoever has the power to decide presently has sided with those who think promoting Chuck is the wrong choice.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        From Mo Ryan on Twitter: Everything Undercovers does has been done better elsewhere & this wk charactrs went from blah to cloying/actively annoying. #NBCfail #IAmOut


      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        To play devil’s advocate here: while NBC knows that promoting Chuck will lead to an uptick in rating points that uptick is usually no higher than 3.0’s+ and it’s often fleeting. Hence the lack of promotion. I think when it comes to Chuck they’re satisfied with the consistency and what they call ALI (audience loyalty index).

        Where our greatest argument against that lies is exactly that ALI, something that Undercovers may never have. But at the same time the unknown may be the most attractive thing for NBC in the end.

      • weaselone says:

        At this point we can’t really expect NBC to pull out an advertising blitz for Chuck in the hopes that it will miraculously catch fire and become the breakout hit NBC has desperately been looking for. I would never recommend that level of advertising, as NBC would never see a return on that investment. It might be nice to see a few clever adds run infrequently at times where a few potential new viewers and some ex-fans would be tempted to give the show a shot. It might yield a few demo points which would be good for both Chuck and The Event which would have the advantage of slightly stronger lead in.

      • atcdave says:

        Faith and Weaselone, I do think you are right about what’s happening. Chuck will never be a blockbuster hit, but it seems to hold pretty steady numbers with little or no marketing. As long as the network is weak overall, that is fine. But if stronger performing shows come along Chuck will be jetisoned quickly.

        I would like to see a nominal level of advertising so casual viewers won’t forget; that’s why I suggest a spot or two for Sunday Night Football.

        The sad thing is the wasted chance that was S3. We had high fan excitement, good critical reviews, favorable buzz in the entertainment media, and strong promotional support from the network; and the opportunity was squandered with a poor quality product. THAT may be why the network won’t go all in again. Very sad.

      • JC says:

        Yep, with Sarah in less and less clothing every week all they need to do is run a few promos during football.

        Hot chicks fighting and using guns. Mondays at 8pm.

      • weaselone says:

        I’m not certain they could have Yvonne in less without moving to cable and I’m not certain I would want to watch the show if they did.

        You’re right about the promotion though. This last episode probably would have been a good one to try to draw in some additional male viewers with promises of half-naked models and Yvonne. Maybe through in some Captain Awesome and Captain Old Spice for the ladies.

      • JC says:

        I didn’t mean she should be in less clothing by any means. It just seems like they’re doing that. From micro mini skirts in Anniversary to full blown lingerie scene in Suitcase. Might as well use it to draw in men from football.

      • Faith says:

        In my opinion Chuck pretty much has the male audience cornered. What they really need to do is sell Chuck to the female market. These are the same “demo” that watches Dancing with the Stars, et al. And these are most often the difference between just ok ratings and high ratings.

        Note: I’m not inferring anything in terms of the female viewer’s intelligence…I know plenty of women that watch Dancing with the stars who also watch scripted shows…the problem is that not enough of them are being sold to watch shows like Chuck. While in Chuck we get our own set of eye-candy (per episode if you really take note) there needs to be more. My opinion? Sell the crap out of the Chuck+Sarah relationship. What sold Greys Anatomy to the initial fanbase isn’t the crazy plots and the beyond impossible cases…it’s the romance.

      • weaselone says:

        I’m not certain that Dr. McAwesome has the same ring to it as McDreamy, McSteamy, etc. 🙂

        I didn’t mean to insinuate that you expected Yvonne to shed ever more clothing as the season progressed, just that it seemed we have now reached a point where Yvonne shedding more clothing has become a near impossibility.

      • Merve says:

        You have to remember: NBC promoted Chuck a lot prior to the season 3 premiere. After the premiere, promotion slowed to a trickle. Once the Olympics started, there was essentially no promotion. Now there’s even less. All NBC knows is what happens when they promote Chuck like crazy and then just stop promoting it. They don’t know what would happen if they just promoted it like a regular show. (Well, they kind of do. There was season 1, of course, but new shows tend to receive more promotion than returning ones.)

        Heck, some of NBC’s other shows are getting slaughtered right now. Undercovers pulled a 1.6 on Wednesday. Ouch. The Apprentice pulled a 1.4 last night. It looks like Chuck is running just fast enough to outrun the bear’s potential victims.

  24. PeterOinNJ says:

    So just one little comment here – any one else notice that Chuck didn’t do the lying last night? When confronted by Devon about the perfect employees at the BuyMore, first Casey then Sarah both stated that Chuck was not in the spy game – but that the Buy More was their cover. Sarah’s was most significant because Chuck was standing right there.
    We can argue that it’s a lie of omission, but as Zac said in an interview, it’s different.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I did notice how the team has stepped up and taken on most of the burden of deceiving Ellie. All Chuck has had to do is say yep or right or some other non-commital thing. It was fun to see the team sparing Chuck the emotional burden of lying to Ellie.

    • thinkling says:

      Yes, I loved that, b/c it was very team-like. Casey in particular has never done this before. Sarah has, but this time she did it so easily. It had a different feel than Living Dead when she covered for him … probably b/c they now have the no-secrets-no-lies rule functioning.

    • atcdave says:

      It is an interesting dynamic. I wonder how it will play out when Ellie gets read in. I’m guessing it won’t be until 4.06 when we actually see MEB again.

      • thinkling says:

        I’m thinking that 4.04 is going to be a revelation to Ellie concerning C&S. I just feel like this couples’ trip will move all that story along, including the Ellie/Sarah relationship (one way or the other).

      • atcdave says:

        I certainly expect some sort of Sarah/Ellie conversation in Costa Gravis. But the scene we saw of Chuck talking to Ellie was very “mom” oriented, which is why I say not until 4.06. Maybe 4.05 as they set up what comes next. But 4.04 sounds more like a stand alone to me; apart from some character issues I bet they stay away from main arc stuff (pure speculation of course, I know nothing).

      • thinkling says:

        Good point about the mom issue. I only say 4.04 because it looks from the previews like Ellie may get an eye full of CS fight/spy action. But previews can be very deceptive.

        There are definitely some elephants in the room, now. But they are friendly elephants, unlike s3.

      • atcdave says:

        Oh yeah, I really want Ellie to see Chuck and Sarah wipe out a room full of bad guys, that would be sweet. And maybe it would help her understand her brother is a big boy, and Sarah is his main lady now.

      • thinkling says:

        Exactly. Long overdue, I’d say.

      • Faith says:

        Bachelorette party!

        I’ve been plugging something like that for YEARS now…here’s hoping!

      • herder says:

        Bachelorette party, Sarah and Ellie, throw in Mama B and the General and, just to keep things from getting boring, Carina. Four spies and Ellie, a great chance to rid her of that aversion to spies.

  25. Rick Holy says:

    Not to veer off the tracks of this thread – and if someone’s already mentioned this, SORRY. But our friends at Chucktv.net are reporting that none other than SUMMER GLAU is going to guest star on CHUCK as G.R.E.T.A. in episode 8. I’m thinking it’s going to turn out to be one of my favorite CHUCK episodes EVER. Putting Adam Baldwin (Jayne) and Summer Glau (River – one of my favorite TV characters EVER) from FIREFLY together on CHUCK? I can state on good authority that it’s going to be a “little bit of heaven!” 😉

  26. thinkling says:

    “Chuck” is 2 for 2. What a great episode. If I don’t stop smiling soon, people are going to wonder if there’s something in my OJ beside oranges.

    Chuck vs the Suitcase … three words: Fun / Spy-Couple / Roots.

    FUN: Wow, two weeks in a row. If I could put a banner over s3.1-12, it would probably say “Where’s the fun?” (Some things were funny, but not fun.) Looks like s4 has brought back the fun!

    The suitcase. They got me. I sure never saw this coming.

    Sarah. Funny Sarah, like all the way through. You have a little lead time … Is she naked … Put some clothes on. Funny faces, instead of sad faces. This must be really fun for Yvonne. It sure is for us.

    Morgan. Totally not thinking when he tells everybody about Sarah not yet unpacking, and then covering with “snow pea?”. Enlightening “Dianne” on how to run the Buymore. Giving Casey the signal to tranque Jefster.

    The Buymorons. Jeff and Lester passed out on the trolley … totally normal. I guess they can be sort of fun. Why is it we want them back? Oh yeah, so the Buymore doesn’t get any more awards for excellence. Can’t have the Better Business Bureau snooping around all the time, can we?

    Chuck and his mouth. His heart is in the right place, but his mouth gets him in so much trouble, and the more he talks the worse it gets. It was fun to have that Chuck back.

    As for the spy stuff, it was just so much fun. It wasn’t as intense as Anniversary. I never thought CS were in that much danger, so it was just fun! The fights, bumbling awkward Chuck, Chuck vs the naked spy. The mystery model (anyone else want Ellie to see the cover in the grocery-store check-out line?)

    SPY-COUPLE: This episode was very spy-ish (to use a Sarah word) and very couple-y (to use an Yvonne word), and the two came together in all things Chuck and Sarah. I like the look that passes between CS at the mention of Volkoff. Their good work together as acknowledged by GB. And the final meshing of couple and spy: “Feels good to be back at work” … “Feels good to be home.”

    Milan, the setting, and the mission all seemed so spy like, and it was wonderful to see CS back in the spy couple role, flirting and carrying out the mission. Loved the banter as he came down the steps. Couple issues emerging, then being shoved aside for the mission. Sarah’s freedom to be openly jealous and flirtatious. And it’s all the more fun b/c it’s not a cover. Chuck’s confidence, Sarah’s trusting him as a partner. Going down by rope to break into the presidential suite. The almost spidy kiss. The teamwork. Tranque gloves! The fights! Chuck’s open pride and adoration after Sarah wins the fight. Her seeking him out in the crowd and visibly relaxing once she sees him. His applause – “Bravo, bravo.” Bravo, indeed!

    ROOTS: The exploration of roots by all the major characters provides rich emotional texture for one of the most touching episodes of Chuck.

    Spies don’t put down roots. That’s the rule. Me thinks the Casey doth protest too much. Casey may not have roots in Burbank, but he does in Team Bartowski, though he’d never admit it. And now, thanks to Chuck and Morgan, he is going to have a go at putting down some family roots with his daughter … awwe. (But I do keep wondering about Kathleen.)

    Ellie is trying to deny her roots and pretend they’re not important. She protests too much as well. Watching Ellie go through her memory box was heart-squeezing (a great scene for Sarah Lancaster). How can she contemplate motherhood without thinking about the mother who left her? How can she start a family without thinking about her own roots and the family that started out with love and happiness and normalcy … and how deep-down she still carries the loss of that. [And we have to wonder about the conflict that finding MEB will bring to Ellie.]

    Chuck and Sarah working through this issue was CS and “Chuck” at its best. For me the last scene beats all the others for shippiness on Chuck to date. It’s sweet, romantic, sexy, playful, and intimate. The picture that she wants to keep in her suitcase at all times, b/c it makes her feel comfortable, safe … wow. The woman who can take on a small band of terrorists with her fists needs Chuck to feel safe. It was a timid admission of vulnerability and dependence on someone. “You should know that you’re my home Chuck. You *always* have been.” This says as much as any ILY.

    Having been an expat for 26 years, I learned early on that my sense of home resided in relationships rather than places. The other thing I’ve seen often are people who come to join an overseas work but never unpack … emotionally. They don’t stay long. I don’t really see the unpacking issue as a retread of Role Models. I see it as symbolic. Sarah is unpacking much more than a suitcase with Chuck. It is breathtaking to see the person she is allowing herself to be with him. She is unpacking her life, her emotions, and her heart. She is putting down roots in a relationship and coming home to Chuck.

    If these two episodes are indicative of where we’re going this season, then I am packed and ready to go.

    • ChuckNewbie8 says:


    • aardvark7734 says:

      Damn, thinkling. 🙂

      I knew from your first post I loved your PoV. Sarah is unpacking herself, not just a suitcase. It’s gripping, powerful and so representative of why I think her journey is more compelling (to me) than Chuck’s path to hero.

      It’s everything I wanted to see in earlier seasons but was denied. I’m just loving it all.

    • herder says:

      Excellent and thoughtful review thinkling, the only thing that I would add is that Chuck and Sarah actually talk, about what is bothering them and why. I’m not talking about the stuff about the suitcase in Milan, I talking about Chuck saying why she doesn’t want to unpack in Burbank. About her life on the road with her father and how one dress isn’t going to break them.

      Then especially at the end, Sarah explains about where her home is, how having his picture makes her feel safe (loved). Then Chuck follows it up with telling her his fears brought on by Morgan’s odd ideas. These are adult conversations brought out by three years of background with these characters and yet it still fits the show and the stories that are being told. I am very impressed.

      • thinkling says:

        Yes, yes, yes. Isn’t it great that there is real communication going on! Actually that there is real everything going on.

    • atcdave says:

      Thank you very much Thinkling. Excellent post, love your thoughts on why I loved this episode so much. I’d like to retain your services for expressing all my opinions.

      They really did a great job this week; and I’ve never been more excited for the season ahead.

      • kg says:

        Yes. Well done thinkling.

        Yvonne really sold the passion and emotion with her voice and of course facial expression in telling Chuck he’s represented home for her from the very beginning. Very real. Very convincing. I was moved. Of course, most would tell you it doesn’t take much to move me. LOL.

        The last time I saw a reasonable facsimile concerning Chuck was when she appealed to Chris Lloyd in Tooth.

        Chuck’s most earnest moment with her in my estimation was during American Hero after he rescued Shaw and was “blunt.”

        The later scenes in Other Guy were obviously wonderful, but by then we were expecting things to unfold the way they did.

        While I appreciated all the cute, romantic and sweet moments and interactions of season one and two between these two, and will fondly recall them all when this show inevitably ends, there was never any continuity from moment to moment.

        We would think that Chuck was making progress and that Sarah was beginning to crack, but undoubtedly something always prevented them from going to the next level. Chuck gave up easily and Sarah regrouped and toughened up and fortified her walls.

        It is true that these two leads have not solved or dealt with all of their individual issues. But it is heartwarming to see how much love and respect they share for one another. How they cover for one another. How they protect one another, how they each would die for the other.

        The bickering is genuine, but it never leads to something ugly that would destroy or break them up. The relationship is important enough now that they work and talk about their problems. They always seem to find a good place.

      • thinkling says:

        @Dave: Haha, thanks, does this mean we have a one track mind?

        @KG: Yes. Yvonne sold the scene, and as amazing as her face always is, for me it was her voice in the “you always have been.” How does she do that?

        Seeing the “real relationship” is heartwarming and so refreshing and such a relief.

        Sarah said, “When you’re under cover, you’re still you, but the details are different.” As I watch this season, I find myself thinking back on s1&2 and finding the roots of C&S now in C&S then and C&S then somewhere inside the people they are now. With Sarah what we saw was real. What she showed us was who she was/is. (I still see lots of the old Sarah in the new Sarah.) But what we didn’t see, what she couldn’t show us, that was there all along, is now emerging and delighting us. And of course some of it is coming to life for the first time ever.

        Yup, I’m really loving s4.

  27. BdaddyDL says:

    Frea and MXPW have a weekly back and forth session every week on their blog/website/author instruction manual Castle Inanity. This week was really good, in fact the following section makes me laugh every time:

    Frea: I don’t think Sarah’s suitcase holding her entire wardrobe is that ridiculous, personally. Clearly, she’s Mary Poppins — an interdimensional suitcase? Not a problem. It goes hand in hand with the army of magical hair and make up elves that follows her around, making sure her makeup is never anything less than perfect (really, would it kill her to wear a self-moisturizing mask to bed every once in awhile? Falling asleep in full makeup like she did there at the end is bad for your skin!). Now, if Sarah could bust out some showtunes, send us through a sidewalk painting, and dance on the rooftops of London, my entire world would be SET.


  28. JC says:

    Random Musing after my third viewing

    I’m a huge Morgan fan but they used him too much. I loved his interactions with Beckman but I wish the suitcase issue would’ve been discussed with Ellie. They’ve could have used it to highlight Chuck’s abandonment issues but the writers never seem to want to explore that for some reason.

    I wish they had used something else other then her suitcase as metaphor for putting down roots. I know what they’re doing but Sarah not unpacking anything after eight months is far fetched. It would’ve saved complaints about resets and rehashed stories if they had done it differently.

    I wonder if there’s a reason why they keep Ellie as this line between the spy and real world. Like others have said it’s weird how she treats Sarah, its not cold but indifferent. Is this part of something bigger or do the writers just think its not important. I know the TPTB like Ellie and Devon as the normal couple but Ellie’s life just like Chuck’s has been tied to spy world forever.

    I know they love to put Yvonne in revealing outfits for ratings but her in the white shirt at proved you don’t. Seriously she’s never looked better on the show.

    • atcdave says:

      I also like Morgan, but I think he is often over used. He’s funny as comic relief, not so good to build a story around. But I was mostly OK with his use in Suitcase, Anniversary went too far.

      Agree the suitcase seemed redundant with the moving in issues of Roll Models. I get that Sarah has some serious commitment issues, but its already getting a little old; especially knowing we’re about to get it full blast with marriage/kids talk.

      Ellie really seems petty/silly obsessing over Chuck’s “safety” sometimes. And Chuck seems even sillier by not setting her strait. He’s an adult who should be free to make his own career decisions. Casey was right about him in Anniversary; of course the fact a character has voiced those concerns on screen makes me think the writers get it and the issue will be addressed.

      I don’t want to complain too much about how they dress (or don’t dress!) Yvonne; but seriously I’d like to be comfortable watching the show with my wife. If we had kids it really might be an issue.

      • JC says:

        The Sarah commitment issues don’t bother me, it’s just they use the same old “You know how I grew up” line. That’s getting old, if you’re going to milk something at least explore it completely. If

        I agree with Chuck needing to set Ellie straight but I do understand his hesitation about it. Ellie’s first real exposure to the spy world was being used by Justin, watching her father die and almost losing Chuck. I can see her being completely scared by him being in the CIA. I’m hoping MEB makes her realize that being a spy is in the Bartowski family blood. And that Chuck and Sarah won’t make the same mistakes as her parents.

    • herder says:

      I find myself wondering if the white shirt was the same one as she wore in Paris, and if so does she keep it because it too makes her feel safe?

      • thinkling says:

        I wondered the same thing Herder. And I think the shirt contributed to the intimate feel of the whole scene.

      • Merve says:

        I’m pretty sure that the white shirt was intended to be a Risky Business reference, but it kind of fell flat because Bronson Pinchot spent only 3 seconds on screen.

      • joe says:

        I started to wonder if the scene on the bus in Anniversary wasn’t a shout out to The Graduate.


      • BDaddyDL says:

        that is a great idea. The problem with overtly saying something like that is that things like that tend to have a mind of their own. IE the bracelet.
        Btw if you want a spoiler on the bracelet go to the latest Chuck Vs the podcast for some spoliers about 4.7 where bracelets are important

  29. thinkling says:

    OK. Just a sort of fun, trivial observation. Did anyone else notice that this year Milan Fashion Week was held in the Wilshire Grand? Art Auction … Tango … ring any bells?

    • JC says:

      And Sophia’s hotel room looks a lot like our favorite PLI’s loft.

    • amyabn says:

      I noticed that too, when I saw the stairs.

      I also had the random idea that it would be funny if the guards Sarah beat up at the Costa Gravas embassy had the magazine with her on the cover and wanted her autograph (while being both amazed and afraid of her at the same time!). Ellie would get an earful!

      • thinkling says:

        @Amy: That’s hilarious. Leading into it with lots of furtive glances – so that all 4 of them wonder what’s going on. ROTFL I think Costa Gravas is going to be loads of fun.

        I didn’t notice the loft, JC. But apparently they traded their suction thingies for repelling gear … smart move.

    • patty says:

      Actually I was a bit worried the the folks who work for Volcof (sp?) would be passing around that cover since it should not be hard for them to make the connection between Sarah and the arrest of their arms courier.

      • Merve says:

        I think the writers just threw the magazine cover in there to acknowledge how large of a plot hole it was to have Sarah and Sophia fighting on the catwalk without consequence. It’s as if the writers were saying, “Hey, Chuck is full of plot holes. So what? You love it anyway.” 🙂

      • thinkling says:

        Patty, I think pretty soon, magazine or no, Chuck and Sarah are going to find themselves in Volkoff’s crosshairs. After all Chuck is the master spy giving them grief, who found their base, took out a bunch of men, saved Sarah and Casey, and wiped out their smart-building. If they were after him before … well, I think the stakes will go way up before it’s over.

      • thinkling says:

        Patching plot holes … doesn’t the city do that? Oh, wait, that’s pot holes.

        Whatever the motivation, it was funny. They could get more mileage out of it, but I don’t know if they will.

      • Faith says:

        “Master spies, whom expertly used public transportation”

        Does not get old.

      • thinkling says:

        Right, Faith. Public transpo could be good for a few more laughs.

        Maybe Volkoff will do special training so *their* spies can expertly use public transportation.

      • atcdave says:

        I don’t know, did you see Sarah’s look on that bus? I think Chuck’s days on public transportation are over; unless he does another mission with Morgan!

      • thinkling says:

        She was not a happy camper. I don’t think public transpo will EVER be in Sarah’s mission strategy. I mean the woman drives a Porsche. (Where is it, BTW?) But it might be funny if they got stuck with public transpo a time or two … a fun gag.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well we’ve seen Casey washing the Crown Vic in the parking lot. Sarah washing her Porsche could be interesting (now that we know Casa Bartowski has a wind machine too). 🙂

        So do Chuck and Morgan get Nerd Herders or do they get the Pacer back once they pay off $900.00 as part of the $43,000.00 they owe?

      • thinkling says:

        Definitely Nerd Herders, Chuck anyway. If the Nerd Herder is upgraded as much as the Buymore, it could be very fun.

        Morgan can have an upgrade from a bicycle to a Vespa.

      • weaselone says:

        If Chuck’s smart he would have negotiated that $43,000 dollars away as part of his signing bonus.

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Well there’s your twist to “why” Cubic-Z. Chuck can’t afford anything else! LOL.

      • joe says:

        Maybe this DOES belong in the speculation post, but really.

        How do you suppose that Chuck is going to afford a real ring???

        Well, okay. He’s on the CIA payroll again (and we’ve seen that can be fairly lucrative). Now if Chuck doesn’t spend too much looking for his mother. Oops. Already has.

        Is an engagement going to be delayed for budgetary considerations? Ummmm – I wouldn’t but it past ’em. And that *does* sort of sound like Chuck – cautious, sensible, never buying Europasses on a whim…

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Joe, there is a very easy fix for “that”

        MamaB’s engagement ring/heirloom. Done! 😀

      • Merve says:

        On Chuck, money tends to matter whenever it’s convenient. Sometimes it matters a lot (e.g. “DeLorean” and “Anniversary”), and sometimes it doesn’t matter at all (e.g. “Honeymooners”). Of course, if you think about it too hard, you’ll start to wonder how Chuck could afford such a nice apartment on Buy More wages. Then you’ll start to wonder how Sarah affords her wardrobe. And then you’ll start to wonder how Sarah can fit all her earthly possessions into one suitcase (which has nothing to do with money, but I’m just going with the flow here). Eventually, you’ll start to wonder how Sarah managed to live in a hotel room with no kitchenette for two and a half years, which will lead you to wonder how she was experienced enough in the kitchen to make a fancy omelette in “Suburbs.” Then you’ll imagine that she woke up in the middle of the night to look up omelette recipes and make a few failed practice omelettes before the actual breakfast.

        It’s best not to think about it too much.

      • herder says:

        Maybe that’s why Morgan says she has an aversion to clothes, she only had a few that she keeps in the suitcase. Or maybe it’s a Harry Potter type suitcase that can contain enough clothes to account for the fact that I don’t think we have seen Sarah wear the same thing twice since she moved in with Chuck. As for cooking skills, the CIA agents at the Buy More all seemed to have extra-ordinary abilities and efficiencies, maybe it is a requirement of the job. I bet the Old Spice Guy or any of the other agents could whip up a fancy omelette at the drop of a hat (ok maybe not Olivia Munn).

      • thinkling says:

        @CN8: Heirloom ring … my thoughts exactly!

      • weaselone says:

        I would prefer that Sarah not be a particularly good cook. Lacking a few skills adds depth to the character. I rationalize it this way:

        1. The Souffle was made by the CIA.
        2. She can’t cook for the most part.
        3. The exception is breakfast. She’s a wizard with omelets and breakfast meats. (Her father didn’t get up out of bed earlier enough to con people out of breakfast, so he had to make do with the eggs they lifted the night before)
        4: The potato salad was store bought.
        5. She has decent food presentation skills which helps her sell herself as a class A domestic housewife when necessary.

      • Merve says:

        Speaking of food, how does Sarah feed herself? When she lived in the hotel room, she didn’t have the facilities to prepare food. I guess that she ordered in a lot. Maybe that’s why she developed an affinity for junk food. We see her consuming hot dogs, soft drinks, pizzas (without olives), sizzling shrimp, frozen yogurt, cheeseburgers (with extra pickles), and chocolate croissants. The only healthy thing she has ever eaten on the show is blueberries…and she even wanted to have them with cream! Ellie and Devon really need to educate Sarah about proper nutrition.

  30. herder says:

    Oh and one last comment for Joe, on the red hair thing, definitely falls behind her natural blonde and the brunette wigs from the Ex and Subway. Having said that Yvonne still makes almost any other woman in the show look like chopped liver. The best comment that I have read about their look was that Chuck and Sarah were doing a Boris and Natascha impression.

    • atcdave says:

      Perhaps I just have no taste; but I found it very funny when the model made the comment about liking the red because it distracted from her face. I guess we could call that a double meaning right? I’m sure she only meant to compliment Sarah on her spy-craft (yeah right, that’s it). But I loved the thought of the too skinny severe looking woman slamming a woman who really is pretty (that and the “touching my perfection” line; she was truly twisted an evil!).

      • joe says:

        Red is a good look for you. It distracts from your face.

        I loved that line! In what universe could that be said about Sarah (with a straight face)??!! 😉

      • JC says:

        Its the same thing as when they act Chuck like isn’t good looking when compared to Bryce, Cole or Shaw.

      • Waverly says:

        Are we sure she said “distracts from your face”? Maybe she said “detracts from your face”.

        Either way, I thought it was meant to be an insult.

      • joe says:

        Heh! It just dawned on me that we heard Chuck say in season 1 “Red’s not really my color. Or Salmon or whatever that is…”

        Poor Sarah is never given a chance to get a big head.

      • atcdave says:

        I think that was Break-Up Joe (2.03); but yeah, its kind of sad if she actually believed that. Could she have misunderstood why Chuck’s mouth hit the floor when she walked out in that?!

  31. weaselone says:

    I also think it’s interesting to see that while Chuck has gotten generally positive reviews from the fans on this site for the last two episodes, other sites seem to be far more critical. That is essentially the flip of what occurred last year when this site was far more critical and decried as a hive of scum, villainy, bad Chuck fans, negative Nancies and other fouler things by those frequenting the other sites.

    Given that Chuck hemorrhaged ratings faster than a man with the misfortune to be run through a wood chipper last season, I take that as a good omen. If those that frequent this outpost of Chuck civilization like what they see and the cheering squads are comfortable enough to offer genuine critiques of the show we might be in the position to pick up some viewers throughout the season.

    • joe says:

      Well, we’re an articulate bunch! Intelligent, perceptive, discerning, kind to our mothers and good looking too, Weasel! 😉

    • herder says:

      That is sort of my reason for optimism about both the show and it’s chances. I think that this site gets a good representation of the fan base as a whole rather than just a vocal minority ( although we are a minority in how vocal we are, but I digress). I beleive the good feeling most of us have with what we have seen will be reflected in increased ratings. I think that the show is reconnecting to those fans who left last year and bit by bit will get a sufficient number of them back.

      I sort of stopped rewatching episodes in September ’09 when TPTB seemed to be saying that what had happened in the past wasn’t connected to what was to come. Last year, of the first thirteen there was little repeat viewing (why watch something that doesn’t leave you feeling good). Even the back 6, Honeymooners and Role Models got the season two treatment as did the finale, but Living Dead and the Tooth, not so much. Now, with these first two episodes I again feel the way that I did in season two starting with Suburbs and especially those great last six episodes. Further I sense from the comments that others are recapturing that sense of excitement and fun (granted some never lost it) now if only that can get out to those who have given up on the show or at least put it at the end of their record list.

      • atcdave says:

        Herder we are of like minds. I just hope we can turn into enough excitement to get our numbers up, at least a little. If Chuck is trending upward, while the rest is tanking, it has to help for a longer run.

  32. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    The closing scene of Sarah [ with her beautiful wide eyes] reminds of the song “Behind Blue Eyes” by the Who – [ of course]


    I wish TPTB would find a way to include a couple old classic songs for some us that are still live’n in the past….
    ” But my dreams,They aren’t as empty
    As my conscience seems to be…”
    …”No one knows what it’s like
    To feel these feelings – Like I do
    – And I blame you “…

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